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Book Reviews, Club News, Cover, Editorial, Interesting gliders, Obituaries, SSA News, West words

Book Reviews
W.T. Royce, Cloud Reading for Pilots, by Ann Welch, January-February, page 29
H.A. Namtry, Book Review: Gliding, by Derek Piggott, November-December, page 23

Club News
B.M. Ryan, ed., Club News, September-October, page 28
B.M. Ryan, ed., Club News, November-December, page 22

Rose Marie Licher, Arizona Soaring Association's new soaring site and a TG-3, photo by Rose Marie Licher, January-February
P.M. Bowers, Schweizer 1-19 after C flight, photo by Peter M. Bowers, March-April
J. Oberlerchner, Musger Mg 23, photo by Josef Oberlerchner, May-June
F. Matteson, Zugvogel on tow, photo by Fred Matteson, July-August
T. Henderson, HP-8, 1-21; photos by Tom Henderson, September-October
XM-1 designed by James Marske; Breguet 905, French standard class, photo by Lesgourgues, November-December

P.A Schweizer, 100% support for the internationals, July-August, pages facing 1
Every sailplane soaring again, September-October, pages facing 1
P.A. Schweizer, November-December, pages facing 1

Interesting gliders
P.M. Bowers, January-February, page 18
P.M. Bowers, March-April, page 25
P.M. Bowers, May-June, page 27
P.M. Bowers, July-August, page 25
P.M. Bowers, Gyro Gliders, September-October, page 27
P.M. Bowers, November-December, page 31

W.S. Ivans, Jr., In Memoriam R.F. Symons, May-June, page 10
E.O. Menefee, In Memoriam John B. Sawyer, September-October, page 23
E. Southee, In Memoriam William R. Enyart, November-December, page 26
Dr. Edward P. Warner, November-December, page 26

SSA News
January-February, page 24
March-April, page 22
May-June, page 22
July-August, page 22
September-October, page 30
November-December, page 25

West words
B.M. Ryan, January-February, page 21
B.M. Ryan, March-April, page 21
B.M. Ryan, May-June, page 19
B.M. Ryan, July-August, page 21

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