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Book Reviews, Club news, Cover, Editorial, Interesting gliders, SSA News, Safety First, The idea corner

Book Reviews
G. Steuer, Aerodynamische Profile, by Dr. F.W. Riegels, March-April, page 32

Club news
B.M. Ryan, ed., January-February, page 16
B.M. Ryan, ed., March-April, page 14
B.M. Ryan, ed., May-June, page 20
B.M. Ryan, ed., July, page 14
B.M. Ryan, ed., August, page 16
B.M. Ryan, ed., September, page 14
B.M. Ryan, ed., October, page 14
B.M. Ryan, ed., November, page 18
B.M. Ryan, ed., December, page 16

H.A. Damron, Douglas Soaring Club Pratt Read sailplane at El Mirage, California, photo by Houston A. Damron, January-February
W. Taylor, Schweizer 2-22c at Torrey Pines, Ca, photo by Bill Taylor, March-April
E. St. Aubin, Seattle Glider Council Schweizer TG-2, photo by Earl St. Aubin, May-June
Antelope Valley Soaring Club's TG-3A at El Mirage, July
R.F. Nowakowski, TG-1 Cinema at Kennewick, WA, photo by R.F. Nowakowski, August
W. Taylor, L-K at Torrey Pines, photo by Bill Taylor, September
E.J. Walty, Minimoa, photo by E.J. Walty, October
P.M. Bowers, Olympic Soaring Club's DFS Olympia, photo by Peter M. Bowers, November
P.M. Bowers, Modified Bergfalke II, photo by Peter M. Bowers, December

A message from the president, January-February, pages facing 1
H. Selvidge, Something for everyone, March-April, page 3
H. Selvidge, Plans for Soaring Magazine, May-June, page 3
H. Selvidge, Dark days at the Air Force Academy, July, page 3
H. Selvidge, Meets vs Meetings, September, page 3
H. Selvidge, Soaring science and technology, October, page 3
Harner B. Selvidge, Winter opportunities, November, page 3

Interesting gliders
P.M. Bowers, January-February, page 23
P.M. Bowers, March-April, page 30
P.M. Bowers, May-June, page 26
P.M. Bowers, July, page 18
P.M. Bowers, DeHavilland EG-2, August, page 19
P.M. Bowers, September, page 17
P.M. Bowers, October, page 19
P.M. Bowers, November, page 14
P.M. Bowers, December, page 18

SSA News
January-February, page 28
Directors' Meeting, March-April, page 24
May-June, page 23
July, page 13
October, page 17
November, page 16

Safety First
J.M. Robertson, compiler, Accident report, September, page 18

The idea corner
F.B. Friedewald, November, page 15
F.B. Friedewald, compiler, Turn and Bank Indicator, December, page 20

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