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Canadian News, Club news, Cover, Editorial, Interesting gliders, Letter, SSA News

Canadian News
J.M. Robertson, compiler, Safety first;The Gray Hair Department, June, page 11
D. King, ed., July, page 12
D. King, ed., Gliding in Canada, November, page 13
D. King, ed., December, page 15

Club news
B.M. Ryan, ed., January, page 16
B.M. Ryan, ed., February, page 16
B.M. Ryan, ed., March, page 16
B.M. Ryan, ed., April, page 16
N. Delp, ed., May, page 16
N. Delp, ed., June, page 16
N. Delp, ed., July, page 16
N. Delp, ed., September, page 16
N. Delp, ed., October, page 12
N. Delp, ed., November, page 14
N. Delp, ed., December, page 16

P.M. Bowers, Briegleb BG-6 owned by Bob Forker; photo by Peter M. Bowers, January
P.M. Bowers, Flat-top L-K at Wenatchee, WA; photo by Peter M. Bowers, February
Dave Blanton's L-K over Winfield, Kansas, March
P.W. Heasley, Irv Prue flying Prue Two at El Mirage, photo by Paul W. Heasley, April
P.M. Bowers, Peter Riedel from Mercer Island, WA, flies a 1-26; photo by Peter M. Bowers, May
H.M. Dittmer, L-K of Wichita Soaring Assn.; photo by Henry M. Dittmer, June
F.L. Hall, Fred Matteson test his design sailplane M-1 over San Francisco Bay; photo by Fred L. Hall, July
J. Fiedler, Schweizer 2-22C of Les Arnold's soaring school at Fremont, photo by Joe Fiedler, August
C.E. Brown, Slingsby Skylark 3F flown by Col A. Deane Drummond; phoo by Charles E. Brown, September
D.D. Blanton, Harland C. Ross in his Ross R-6; photo by David D. Blanton, October
R.W. Mozer, Schleicher Ka-6BR soars over Adrian, Michigan; photo by Rudolf W. Mozer, November
Schweizer 1-23H-15 flown by Bernie Carris, December

H. Selvidge, The soaring sixties, January, page 3
Harner Selvidge, Soaring pilots and sky-diving, February, page 3
Harner Selvidge, Report of directors' actions, March, page 3
Harner Selvidge, The SSA and the FAA, April, page 3
Harner Selvidge, The decline of meteorology, May, page 3
Harner Selvidge, The challenge of British soaring, June, page 3
Harner Selvidge, The country club approach, July, page 3
Harner Selvidge, Soaring and the soft sell, August, page 3
Harner Selvidge, 27th National The national soaring championships, September, page 3
Harner Selvidge, Directors' qualifications, October, page 3
Harner Selvidge, The 2000th US C badge, November, page 3
Harner Selvidge, 44 exciting months, December, page 3

Interesting gliders
P.M. Bowers, The L-K, February, page 12
P.M. Bowers, Interesting gliders: The Bowlus Baby Albatross, March, page 18
P.M. Bowers, May, page 18
P.M. Bowers, The British General Aviation "Hotspur" Mk. II, June, page 19
P.M. Bowers, Interesting gliders: The Cinema, July, page 11
P.M. Bowers, Interesting gliders, September, page 20

Clara Hirth, Mrs. Hirth Writes, February, page 20
J.L. Anast, Invitation from the FAA, April, page 20
B.H. Carmichael, Carmichael's Defense, April, page 20
J. Greenbaum, Greenbaum gets specific, April, page 20
I. Prue, Wants Standard Class, April, page 20
R.E. Schreder, Dislikes Standard Class, April, page 20
J. Greenbaum, Greenbaum gets specific, concl.., May, page 20
F. Matteson, Standard Class, July, page 20

SSA News
January, page 14
June, page 14
July, page 14
September, page 18
October, page 16

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