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Book Reviews
T.E. Sharp, Understanding Weather, by O.G. Sutton, March, page 17
P.B. MacCready, Jr., Meteorology for Glider Pilots by C.E. Wallington, September, page 15

Canadian News
D. King, ed., January, page 19
D. King, ed., February, page 18
D. King, ed., March, page 16
D. King, ed., April, page 16
D. King, ed., May, page 16
D. King, ed., May, page 18
D. King, ed., June, page 16
D. King, ed., July, page 16
D. King, ed., August, page 14
D. King, ed., September, page 16
D. King, ed., October, page 16
D. King, ed., November, page 18
D. King, ed., December, page 16

Club news
N. Delp, ed., January, page 16
N. Delp, ed., February, page 16
N. Delp, ed., March, page 14
N. Delp, ed., April, page 14
N. Delp, ed., May, page 14
N. Delp, ed., June, page 14
N. Delp, ed., July, page 14
N. Delp, ed., August, page 12
N. Delp, ed., September, page 14
N. Delp, ed., October, page 15
N. Delp, ed., November, page 15
N. Delp, ed., December, page 15

A.Y. Owen, A.J. Smith in his LO-150 at Odessa, Texas, January
Henry Dittmer, Cherokee II of Wichita Cherokee Soaring Club, February
Dita Aldott, Alex Aldott in a Breguet 901s, March
Rich Kurre, Schweizer 1-26 soars near Lobmaster Field west of St. Louis, April
Joe Fiedler, Les Arnold's School Schweizer 2-22C at Fremont, May
Dita Aldott, Alex Aldott in Kit Drew's Schleicher Ka-6B, June
Jim Parrott, Hal Bovenkerk takes off on a winch tow in his Schweizer 1-23D, July
C. Ekdahl, Graham Thomson takes off on aero tow from Taft,CA, August
Henry M. Dittmer, Airmate HP-10 of Joe Emons at Wichita Nationals, September
George Uveges, The Briegleb BG-12B Flown by Designer W. G. "Gus" Briegleb, October
Wolf Mix, A Schweizer 1-23H-15 Standard Class flies near Brantford, November
R.S. Winslow, Vern Oldershaw's O-2 sailplane at Tehachapi, CA, December

P.F. Bikle, A message from the president, January, page 3
B.L. Moore, Let's sell soaring - and SSA, February, page 3

Feature Articles
B. Paiewonsky, The handling characteristics of sailplanes - part 1, January, page 6
J. Reynolds, Snowbird meet, January, page 10
P. Wills, The epilogue of the Oklahoma cow, from Flight, January, page 11
O-M. Bilaniuk, Shock absorbent wing suspension for gliders, January, page 14
L.A. Niemi, A report on the Sisu 1 and Sisu 1A sailplanes, February, page 4
J.H. Lambie, 310 km. in the Fauvel, February, page 7
B. Paiewonsky, The handling characteristics of sailplanes - part 2, February, page 10
H. Drew, Uniform trailer connections, February, page 12
R.E. Schreder, The HP-10 high performance sailplane, February, page 14
R.H. Johnson, Test flying the Sisu 1 sailplane, March, page 3
H.M. Sims, Summary of Silver C flight, March, page 5
T.W. Sanford, Jr., 1961 Torrey Pines meet, April, page 3
P.M. Bowers, Photographing gliders - part 2, April, page 4
P.F. Bikle, Wave flight to 46,267 ft, April, pages 6,7
C.D. Cone, Jr., The theory of soaring flight in vortex shells - part 1, April, pages 8,9,10,11,12,13
P.A. Schweizer, Report on Schweizer Aircraft Corp., May, page 3
P.M. Bowers, In-flight sailplane photography - part 1, May, page 6
C.D. Cone, Jr., The theory of soaring flight in vortex shells - part 2, May, page 8
P.M. Bowers, In-flight sailplane photography - part 2, June, page 4
C.D. Cone, Jr., The theory of soaring flight in vortex shells - part 3, June, page 6
H. Roemer, 373 miles in a 1-26, July, page 4
J.C. Wolfe, Briegleb Soaring School, July, page 9
E. Dommisse, Performance camp at Kimberley, August, page 3
G. Derujinsky, Gold C distance, August, page 4
D. McNay, Taft 4th of July weekend soaring contest, August, page 5
T. Page, Soaring holiday in the Swiss alps, August, page 6
V.M. Saudek, Gamboling in Nevada, August, page 8
E.C. Nilsson, It's no dope (Eonnex Fabric), August, page 9
H. Navoy, 28th annual US national soaring championships, September, page 4
C.A. Moeller, New Performance Test Method, October, page 3
S.V. Starr, The Flight of the Turtle, October, page 4
V.M. Saudek, Some comments on sailplane design, October, page 6
J. Gray, 1st annual eastern open soaring championship, October, page 10
A.J. Smith, The 28th national soaring championships, November, page 4
V.M. Saudek, Some comments on sailplane design - part 2, November, page 9
R.E. Huppertz, "Sky Sailing", A New Documentary Film About Soaring, December, page 4
P.B. MacCready, Jr., Improving thermal soaring flight techniques, December, page 6
D. McNay, Elsinore fall soaring contest, December, page 12

O. Zauner, 1-26 assembly in 5 minutes?, April, page 19
W. Mix, Total energy variometer operated by pitot pressure, August, page 16
P.A. Wilson, An electrically recording barograph, March, page 8
G.S. Gianelloni and J. Randall, A Trailer for Sailplanes, May, page 17

B.J. Pobtocki, Ann in Poland, January, page 18
G. Applebay, Practical information needed, January, page 18
G.E. Congdon, Longfellow Knew, January, page 18
G.F. Squillario, C #2000 Reports, January, page 18
J. Crumpton, SSA Associate in Australia, January, page 18
C.H. McElfish, Dangerous Parachutes, March, page 18
J.F. Norton, Citizen's Band Radios, March, page 18
J.R. Schmidt, Winch Towing Operation, March, page 18
P.A. Wills, Wills on the Midwest, March, page 18
R.E. Treasurer, The Part Clubs could Play, March, page 18
S. Feuersanger, A Word of Caution, March, page 18
G. Vass, Hawaiian Report, April, page 15
H.E. Lyon, April, page 15
L.R. Hanselman, Variometer Ideas, April, page 15
Bob Forker, Ceconite 103 FAA-Approved, May, page 16
F.C. Snider, Activity in Egypt, May, page 16
H.S. Thompson, Old Pursuit Pilots?, May, page 16
J.C. Lincoln, Soaring Art in Glas, May, page 16
R. Sirretta, Standard Class, May, page 16
Parachute Explanation, May, page 16
B.H. Atherton, Cone's Vortex Theory, July, page 19
C.B. Lehman, Gift from Down Under, July, page 19
F.P. Turner, First Sailplane Ride, July, page 19
R.A. Becker, Cone's Vortex Theory, July, page 19
T.P. Wheeler, Shock Absorber Patented, July, page 19
G. Applebay, Any Volunteers?, August, page 19
J. Randall, Darwin's observations, August, page 19
P. Killmier, New Editor for A.G., August, page 19
P. Pallmer, Czech Gliding Film, August, page 19
S. DuPont, Soreing/soaring/Soaring, August, page 19
W.E. Smull, Proudly, Yet Humbly, August, page 19
B Smith, Thanks for Help, September, page 18
D. Padgett, Directory Error, September, page 18
G. Ryning, Trailer Chain anchor, September, page 18
J.I Spoiler, Total Energy Units, September, page 18
DeL. Alcorn, Jr., FAI Soaring Badge Flight, September, page 19
C.A. "Gus" Street, Jr., South Carolina News, October, page 19
D.S. May, Promoting Soaring, October, page 19
G.B. Moffat, Jr., Check Flight Articles, October, page 19
I. Zariello, Congratulations from Poland, October, page 19
L. Tors, Request for a Pen Pal, October, page 19
S.V. Starr, Good Soaring Site, October, page 19
D. Harris, Will Lend Old Book, December, page 18
J. Marske, Marske's Flying Wing, December, page 18
J.I. Burke, Cross-Country Experience, December, page 18
Wolf Mix, T.E. Compensators; Barograms, December, page 18

SSA News
March, page 12
SSA News, July, page 13
August, page 10
September, page 12
October, page 13
December, page 13

J.M. Robertson, Safety first The Gray Hair Department, August, page 18
J.M. Robertson, Safety first The Gray Hair Department, December, page 17

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