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Book Reviews
P.F. Bikle, Where No Birds Fly, by Philip Wills, January, page 7

Canadian News
D. King, ed., January, page 18
D. King, ed., February, page 23
D. King, ed., Canadian News, March, page 15
D. King, ed., April, page 21
D. King, ed., May, page 20
D. King, ed., June, page 20
D. King, ed., July, page 20
D. King, ed., September, page 20

Club news
N. Delp, ed., January, page 17
N. Delp, ed., February, page 20
N. Delp, ed., March, page 20
N. Delp, ed., April, page 18
N. Delp, ed., May, page 18
N. Delp, ed., June, page 18
N. Delp, ed., July, page 18
N. Delp, ed., August, page 15
N. Delp, ed., September, page 18
N. Delp, ed., October, page 13
N. Delp, ed., November, page 16
N. Delp, ed., December, page 18

Henry M. Dittmer, Bob Brown on tow during 1961 Nationals in his Rebel made from Jenny-Mae and Prue 215, January
Charles M. Fielder, Cherokee II built and being flown by Stan Hall, February
Alex Aldott, Neal Ridenour in the Schleicher K-7 sailplane, March
Henry M. Dittmer, John Randall on final approach in his Schleicher Ka-6Cr, April
Ross A. Taylor, Jr., Briebleb BG-12 built from kit by Winston Smith landing at Chillicothe, May
Sandor (Alex) Aldott, Alvin H. Parker in his Schweizer 1-23H at Odessa, Texas, June
Sandor (Alex) Aldott, Brian Maaters at Odessa flying one of the schools' Schweizer 1-26's, July
Charles E. Brown, British Sailplane Slingsby Skylark 4, August
George Uveges, Dick Johnson's Adastra, September
Sandor A. "Alex" Aldott, Dale May flying his French Breguet 905 Fauvette Standard Class, October
Sandor A. "Alex" Aldott, Prototype Schweizer 2-32 with Dita Aldott and Bernie Carris near Elmira, November
Robert Lee Moore, Bob Kruse flying the Schweizer 1-23 of Cascade Soaring society, December

Feature Article
R.H. Johnson, Notes on the development progress of the sailplane Adastra, January, page 4
B.H. Carmichael, Possibility for a one foot per second sinking speed, January, page 8
R.H. Parker, The sailplane T-Bird, its design philosophy, February, page 16
B.W. Mozer, Horace Greeley was wrong, March, page 6
R.T. Allemann, Notes on the dilemma of deviation from course line, March, page 12
F. Robbins and J. Parker, 1962 Torrey Pines meet, April, page 5
R.E. Schreder, The HP-11, April, page 6
G.M. Wilburn, Silver C altitude flight description, April, page 7
P.A. Schweizer, Schweizer Aircraft Corp. report, April, page 10
S.V. Starr, Possible performance improvements for 1-23 series sailplanes, April, page 14
G. Asdel, First gold distance San Francisco Bay area, May, page 6
T.E. Sharp, The problem of sailplane radios, May, page 8
F.X. Wortmann, Concerning an improvement of the 63-618 airfoil, May, page 10
J.J. Audette, 395 miles from Pincher Creek, Alberta, June, page 6
R. Sundquist and G. Abels, The 1961 expedition to Buena Vista, June, page 10
J.H. Lambie, 397 kilometers in the Fauvel Wing, June, page 12
J.E. Hard, You can't soar a 1-19, July, page 6
G.E. Coder, Jr., Red River roulette, July, page 10
F. Daams, A rare bird, The Falcon, August, page 5
R.T. Allemann, W-2 form, August, page 8
W.C. Holbrook, 5th annual Mid-Atlantic soaring meet, August, page 10
F.J. Sweet, SSA plaques now in National Air Museum, December, page 8

Going for distance
R.E. Schreder, ed., Going for distance, July, page 22

K.E. Saufnauer, Portable nicopress squeeze, July, page 16

I.V. Voigt, A Fine Example Set, January, page 21
J. Marske, Flying Wing correction, January, page 21
M. Buswell, Cost of Physicals, January, page 21
R. Miller, Our Energy, January, page 21
R. Woods, News fom Down Under, January, page 21
D.S. May, Subscriptions for Schools, February, page 22
G. Deibert, Reason for No Bishop Bid, February, page 22
G. Thomson, PZL Instruments, February, page 22
H.L. Kirkpatrick, Opposed to Physicals, February, page 22
P. Page, Birds Soar in Wave, February, page 22
T.J. Winkler, News from Hawaii, February, page 22
D.M. Ashford, Performance Measurement by Decelerating Level Method, March, page 22
J.L. Brown, Radio Frequence Stability, March, page 22
L.C. Yund, Kitten in the Kit, March, page 22
S.M. Hall, Request for Construction Details, March, page 22
C. Sunderland, LO-150 Coincidence, April, page 22
Capt F.R. Grafton, If you wear a gliding badge, April, page 22
R.L. Moore, Remembering SSA, April, page 22
S. Hall, New Zealand Cherokee Saga, April, page 22
A.C. Bemis, Stirrings in Vermont, May, page 22
R. Allemann, Hawk Soaring in Wave, May, page 22
Rene Comte, Comte May Bring ELFE PM3 to U.S. Nationals, May, page 22
B. Masters, Apathy Toward Instruction, June, page 23
G. Thomson, Muddlesome Mixed Units, June, page 23
L. and D. Samuelson, Silver Safety Pin Award, June, page 23
Offers to Crew at Nationals, June, page 23
D. Stevens, Down, But Not Out, November, page 22
G.D. Sterling, Handicaps, November, page 22
H. Christie, Thanks to the Tribe, November, page 22
R.M. Petry, Team Contributions, November, page 22
D. May, All's Well That Ends Well, December, page 22
J.C. Lincoln, The Legacy of Jon Carsey, December, page 22
R.N. Pratt, Subscriptions for U.S.O.'s, December, page 22
S.A. Aldott, Badges on SSA Emblems, December, page 22
Nationals Corrections, December, page 22

H.M. Claybourn, Jon D. Carsey, soaring's friend, November, page 19

SSA News
March, page 19
SSA News, December, page 17

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