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Book Reviews
V.M. Saudek, Reminiscences and bygone predictions:Tom Swift and His Sky Train, by Victor Appleton, December, page 17

Canadian News
D. King, ed., January, page 22
D. King, ed., February, page 18
D. King, ed., March, page 25
D. King, ed., April, page 20
D. King, ed., May, page 18
D. King, ed., June, page 20
D. King, ed., July, page 20
D. King, ed., August, page 20
D. King, ed., September, page 19
D. King, ed., October, page 20
D. King, ed., December, page 18
D. King, ed., November, page 22

Club news
N. Delp, ed., Club News, January, page 21
Club News, February, page 16
Club News, March, page 22
April, page 18
Club News, June, page 18
P. Harvey, ed., Club News, July, page 18
P. Harvey, ed., Club News, August, page 18
P. Harvey, ed., Club News, September, page 20
P. Harvey, ed., Club News, October, page 18
P. Harvey, ed., Club News, December, page 14

Sandor A. "Alex" Aldott, John J. Randall soaring his Schleicher Ka-6BR over Odessa, January
S.A. Aldott, Dale S. May in his French Fauvette Standard Class sailplane, February
Sandor A. "Alex" Aldott, Wally Scott circling in a Schweizer 1-26 over Odessa, March
South African BJ-2 Assegai designed and built by Pat J. Beatty and W.A.T. Johl, April
Eugene G. Bartes, Fred Hefty over the Tehachapi Mountains, May
S.A. "Alex" Aldott, First Production Sisu 1A near Dallas, June
S.A. Aldott, Dr. Wylie Mullen flying the club Schweizer 1-23H, July
Alex Aldott, "New" RJ-5 flown by Bernie Carris; has all metal fuelage and empennage, August
Dita Aldott, Alex Aldott flying Adam Witek's Foka 4 sailplane, September
Tom Hurst, Don Aitken in his Schweizer 1-26 over Mission Peak near Fremont, October
George Uveges, William G. "Gus" Briegleb in his BG-12B ove Eel Mirage, November
Alex Aldott, Al Parker in his Sisu 1A, December

Feature Article
H.C. Higgins, The thermal index, January, page 8
R.F. Litle, Jr., Off to the races, January, page 12
R.F. Litle, Jr., Off to the races - part II, February, page 8
R. Olmedo and G. Abels, The Argentine Super Albatross, March, page 5
O.T. Foz, The 1963 world soaring championships, March, page 6
S. Emons, Crewing in the Mojave desert, March, page 20
D. Lobmaster, Missouri diamond, April, page 6
T. Lee, Horizontal vs. vertical gliders, May, page 5
R. Forker, T-Bird test flight, May, page 6
P.A. Schweizer, Report on the 9th world soaring championships, May, page 8
D. Lobmaster, Thermal marking, June, page 5
R.H. Johnson, Touch and go over the pampas, June, page 6
F. Robinson, X-C via Tehachapi wave express, July, page 8
B. Beebe, The perils of Bruce and Marina Beebe, July, page 12
N.J. MacLeod, Mid-Atlantic regional soaring championships and 6th annual mid-atlantic states soaring meet, August, page 6
L.M. Licher, 30th annual US national soaring championships, August, page 8
P.F. Bikle, 557 miles! Sun Valley to Swift Current, September, page 5
E.H. Butts, Pacific northwest regional soaring championships, September, page 12
D. McCormick, The 15th Canadian national soaring championships, September, page 16
H. Selvidge, A salute to the 1-26, October, page 5
R.M. Licher, 5 hours from Sun Valley, October, page 6
W.E. (Tony) Doherty, Jr., 9th annual 1-26 regatta, October, page 10
D.W. Aitken, Jr., An appeal to all persons interested in the 1-26, October, page 12
W.A. Scott, 443. 5 miles by 1-26, October, page 15
M. Dreher, Auxiliary turbo-jet engines for sailplanes, November, page 8
C.E. Burson, Jr., Lennie pins and the Symons wave memorial, November, page 10
A.H. Parker, 490 miles; new world goal with the Sisu, December, page 8
R.H. Johnson, A Skylark's view of the US national contest, December, page 10

H.D. Hutchison, Air tight gap seals, January, page 18
S. Du Pont, Airspeed Indicator The Delta airspeed anticipator, April, page 17

F. Lilly, Tips Appreciated, February, page 19
H. Selvidge, Tow Hitches, February, page 19
D.W. Aitken, Jr., The thermal index, May, page 23
G. Abels, Abroad with the Team, May, page 23
G. Grieshaber, Covering Material, May, page 23
R. Miller, Antivortex Propellers, May, page 23
A.H. Uhalt, Check-Pilot Reports, June, page 23
G.G. Barnes, Soaring in Greece, June, page 23
J.S. Johnson, Proud Parent, June, page 23
R.V. Hawker, Team Fund Contributors, June, page 23
B. Seabury, Solicitation: Club Members Wanted, July, page 23
M.G. Petitt, Transitorized Gyro, July, page 23
G. Thomson, Variometers and Knots, September, page 24
M. Coverdale, Sad news from LISA, September, page 24
R.S. Barnaby, Barnaby's Thanks, September, page 24
B. Beebe, Exciting Meeting, October, page 22
E.J. Reeves, Record or Picket?, October, page 22
J.W. Chenbrough, The Kleenex Caper, October, page 22
K. Hugus, Tom Swift on Soaring, October, page 22
R.K. Awtrey, Correction, Please!, October, page 22
W.F. Kelsey, NW Regionals, October, page 22
G. Booth, Canadian Air Scouts, November, page 13
L.C. Yund, Appeal to 1-26 Pilots, November, page 13
R.L. Moore, A Sad Loss, November, page 13
W.P. Iggulden, Australian Clarification, November, page 13
All-Points Alert!, November, page 13
D.C. Johnson, Clearance for Wave Flights, December, page 22
F.J. Lilly, Buena Vista Camp, December, page 22
L.P. Krahenbuhl, Mexico Clubs Double, December, page 22
P. Wills, 1965 World Championships, December, page 22
S. Du Pont, Auxiliary Power, December, page 22

C.M. Rosenblum, Benjamin H. Cohen, February, page 14
In Memoriam: Benjamin H. Cohen, February, page 14
C. Walters, In Memoriam: Robert R. Moan, May, page 17
B.M. Ryan, In Memoriam: Jane H. Eldredge, October, page 17
G.E. Coder, Jr., A Pilot's Pilot: Karl Baur, December, page 16
Daniel M. Johnson, December, page 20

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