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Canadian News
D. King, ed., Canadian News, January, page 22
D. King, ed., Canadian News, February, page 21
D. King, ed., Canadian News, March, page 21
D. King, ed., Canadian News, April, page 24
D. King, ed., Canadian News, June, page 23
D. King, ed, Canadian News, July, page 22
D. King, ed., Canadian News, August, page 23
D. King, ed, Canadian News, September, page 25
D. King, ed, Canadian News, October, page 23
D. King, ed.., Canadian News, November, page 23
D. King, ed, Canadian News, December, page 22

Club News
P. Harvey, ed, Club News, January, page 18
P. Harvey, ed., Club News, February, page 18
P. Harvey, ed., Club News, March, page 18
P. Harvey, ed., Club News, April, page 22
P. Harvey, ed., Club News, June, page 22
P. Harvey, ed., Club News, July, page 20
P. Harvey, ed., Club News, August, page 22
P. Harvey, ed., Club News, September, page 24
Club News, October, page 22
R.H. Fuller, ed., Club News, November, page 22
R.H. Fuller, ed., Club News, December, page 21

Jim Goss, Kranich III owned by Lilienthal Soaring Club of California, January
S.A. Aldott, Dick Schreder flying his self-built prototype HP-11, February
Robert Lee Moore, Larry Welch flies his Scheibe Bergfalke II/a55 sailplane near Wenatchee, March
S.A."Alex" Aldott, J.C. "Red" Wright of Odessa flies his 1-23G sailplane in West Texas, April
David Mobley, Most numerous United States Sailplane -- Schweizer 1-26, May
Charles E. Brown, Slingsby Dart soars over British countryside, June
"Alex" Aldott, John Slack flies his LO-180 over Napervill, IL, July
George Uveges, George Coder flies his Standard Austria "One Yo-Yo" over McCook, August
"Alex" Aldott, Al Parker bound on his 1,036 km World Distance Record in his SISU, September
S. "Alex" Aldott, Wylie Mullen's Prue Super Standard in a thermal over Illinois, October
Alex Aldott, Paul Bikle flies his Prue Standard, November
S.A. Aldott, Paul Schweizer flies a Schweizer 2-32 during the Nationals, December

Feature Article
F.X. Wortmann and K. Schwoerer, Summary of the influence of the airfoil polar on the performance of sailplanes, January, page 6
P.M. Bowers, Some comments on modern soaring - heresy or horse sense?, from Towline, January, page 8
F.X. Wortmann, Some laminar profiles for sailplanes, January, page 14
D.W. Aitken, Jr., 1-26 class national championships, February, page 8
FAI soaring awards rules and procedures, February, page 11
D.B. Webb, Diamond height at Sugarbush, March, page 11
F.H. Matteson, Standard Austria for 1964, March, page 12
S. Fritz and C.V. Lindsay, Lee wave clouds photographed over the Appalachians by Tiros V and VI, March, page 14
J.C. Wright, A letter to Ed, April, page 8
P.A. Schweizer, Schweizer Aircraft Corp. report, April, page 10
G.B. Moffat, Jr., The modern sailplanes, June, page 5
D. McNay, Southern California soaring championships, part I, Taft, CA, June, page 8
S. DuPont, Helisoar HP-10 kit sailplane, June, page 10
K.S. Coward, The D-8 sailplane, June, page 14
T. Page, Glider pilot ratings - the growth pattern, July, page 5
G.W.E. Brown, A rough retrieve, July, page 8
G.B. Moffat, Jr., The modern sailplanes, part II, July, page 10
31st annual US national soaring championships, August, page 8
G.B. Moffat, Jr., The modern sailplanes, part III, August, page 14
R. Cooke, and R. Montgomery, A simplified hangar design, August, page 18
A.H. Parker, Pioneering the 1000 kilometers, September, page 7
R.H. Johnson, Record distance flights - comparison and comments, September, page 10
T. Lange, The weather during Parker's flight, September, page 12
W.A. Scott, Goal flight beyond 500 miles, September, page 13
J.A. Kelley, The 16th Canadian national soaring championship, September, page 20
S.A. Hall, Project Cherokee II - final report, part 1, October, page 7
W.E. (Tony) Doherty, Jr., 1964 10th annual 1-26 regatta Harris Hill, Elmira N.Y., October, page 10
J.C. Wright, The Marfa, Texas, soaring camp, November, page 6
T. Page, Soaring potential in Wyoming, November, page 11
S.A. Hall, Project Cherokee II - final report, part 2, November, page 12
C.V. Lindsay, Type of weather favoring cross-country soaring, December, page 6

G.R. Kent, W. E. Muschinske, R. J. Rechs, I. Jacobsen, J. LaLomia, R. Thompson, S. Kohler, Heresy or Horse Sense?, February, page 22
R.H. Herschede, PT-22 Towplane?, February, page 22
S. Starr, 1965 World Championships, February, page 22
R.F. Budge, M. Shober, R.M. Licher, R. Miller, V.M. Saudek, Heresy or Horse Sense?, March, page 22
S. DuPont, Powered Sailplanes, March, page 22
V. Swierkowski, Wortmann's Airfoils, March, page 22
C.D. Glattly, Chapter Rebate Rebated, April, page 25
D.Davis, R. Yarrows, Heresy or Horse Sense?, April, page 25
G. Thomson, In Defense of the Ka-6, June, page 24
K Danielson, Wet Waves, June, page 24
R. Miller, Help Wanted, June, page 24
R. Schor, Glider Training Road to Freedom, June, page 24
E.D. Seymour, Record Hours, July, page 23
G.W. Lauman, New Soaring Site, July, page 23
W. Allen, He Dreams of Soaring, July, page 23
Zep Aero, Letter from Zep Aero, July, page 23
H. Gabet, South of the Border, August, page 24
G.H. Wiederkehr, Airfoil Sections, September, page 26
G.H. Wiederkehr, Elfe vs Cherry Tree, November, page 24
J. and G. Rhine, A Letter from Mrs. Jim Rhine, November, page 24
J.D. Ryan, Letter of Apprecition to FAA, November, page 24
P.Wills, Performance Measurement Pitfalls, December, page 23
S. Wolff, Lead Sleds and Hollow Logs, December, page 23

OSTIV News, June, page 15

P.J. La Freinier, In Memoriam: Edward J. Robinett, February, page 23
In Memoriam: Youston Sekella, March, page 9
Leslie Howard, March, page 9
N.L. Moore, In Memoriam: Capt. H. Stanley Moore, April, page 20
R. Fenton, W. Hearst, F. Friedewald, S. David Lobmaster, April, page 20

Safety Corner
M. Coverdale, Safety Corner, December, page 13
M. Coverdale, Safety Corner, June, page 22

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