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Book Reviews
Book Review: Soaring for Diamonds by Joseph C. Lincoln, January, page 33
Book review: The Clouded Sky by John Iggulden, January, page 33
H. Selvidge, The Story of Gliding, by Ann and Lorne Welch, December

Canadian News
D. King, Ed, Canadian News, January
D. King, Ed, Canadian News, February
D. King, Ed, Canadian News, March
D. King, Ed, Canadian News, April
D. King, Ed, Canadian News, May
D. King, Ed, Canadian News, June
D. King, Ed, Canadian News, July
D. King, Ed, Canadian News, September

Club News
R. Fuller, Ed, Club News, January
R. Fuller, Ed, Club News, February
R. Fuller, Ed, Club News, March
R. Fuller, Ed, Club News, April
R. Fuller, Ed, Club News, May
R. Fuller, Ed, Club News, June
R. Fuller, Ed, Club News, July
R. Fuller, Ed, Club News, September

S.A. Aldott, SSA President John Ryan flying a Sisu 1, January
Three 1-26s soar over Kutztown, PA, February
Heinz Suizer, Swiss Elfe MN-R open class sailplane, March
A.S. Aldott, Dick Johnson and his Skylark 4, April
S.A. Aldott, Schweizer 2-25 and K-7 over Pike's Peak, May
S.A. Aldott, Chicago Glider Club's Schweizer 2-32 over Joliet, June
S.A. Aldott, Wallace A. Scott soars his Ka-6 over Odessa, July
Robert L. Moore, Slingsby Dart owned by Richard Delafield and flown by Tom Davis, August
S.A. Aldott, Sailplanes in Take-off line at Nationals in Adrian, September
S.A. Aldott, LtCol Christiansen and Capt W. Leland in a Schweizer 2-25 near Pikes Peak, October
S.A. Aldott, Dale May over Chicago in his Sisu 1A, November
Dita Aldott, Sandor "Alex" intorducing Dr. Edward Laszlo to soaring, December

P.A. Schweizer, Youth must fly, April, page 61

Feature Article
H.J. Zacher and H. Merklein, Flight performance measurements of sailplanes, January
R. Delafield, The Slingsby T-51 Dart Soaring Pilot Report, January, pages 19,19
The Huetter H-301 Libelle, February
R. Burk, The 7th annual Rocky Mountain soaring contest, February
P. Paul, translator, Across the Andes in a sailplane, February, page 9
E.G. Minghelli, The Prue II-A, March
R. Castrodale, Flying with a German soaring club, March, pages ,10,22
H. Nelson, CAP Cadets Soar in New York, March, pages 39,58,61
I. Prue, The story of the Prues, April, pages ,
P. Riedel, Large oaks from small acrons grow, April
W.L. Snodgrass, The floating aileron An Investigation and Proposed Use on a Sailplane, May, pages 1,,52
P.A. Schweizer, Schweizer Aircraft Corp. report, May, pages ,58
J.D. Graves, Dr. W.B. Klemperer-His Years in America, June
Dr. Wolfgang B. Klemperer He Discovered Elmira, June
F.B. Smith, A pressure demand oxygen system for the 1-26, June
R.L. Wick, M.D., A Five-year History of Sailplane Accidents, June, page 59
D. Lamont, Meanwhile Back at the Pass, July, pages 11,,31
C.M. Drew, 304 mile wave flight in a BG-12, July, pages 59,20
F. Melsheimer, Antenna systems for sailplanes, July
H. Drew, World soaring championships, August, pages ,20
S. Hall, The Hoerner wing-tip, August, pages 1,25
R.R. Winn and T. Page, 32nd Annual US National Soaring Championships, September
C.D. Glattly, The 1965 Western Regional Soaring Championships, October
E. Byars, 8th Annual Mid-Atlantic regional soaring meet, October, pages ,7
D. Lamont, Decisions, decisions, decisions, November, pages ,11,55.6
R.H. Johnson, 1965 world gliding championships, November, pages ,25
T. Falk, The first annual 1-26 nationals, December, pages ,21
J. Hartley, Whither thou goest, December, pages ,3
B. Briggs, The balm of Gilad, December, pages ,7
D. Svec, Second place winner, December, pages 11,55
R.L. Moore, The Phoebus - a pilot's report, December, pages 42,38
S. DuPont, Sailplane glide test method, December

T. Page, Apologies to Region 10, January
W. Wiberg, Transcontinental Tows, January
G.B. Moffat, Jr., George Moffat Replies, February
Capt. R.S. Barnaby, Crosscountry auto tow, March
G. Arents, Ignorance is not Bliss, March
T. Sharp, Soaring Hams, March
E. Byars, Eastern Waves, May
Capt. R.S. Barnaby, Memories of Klemp, May
J. Cannon, Wave Soaring Baron, May
R.J. Rechs, Re: Comments on Spins, May
K. Hill, D-8 Progress, May
D.S. May, SISU, The Greatest, July
H.E. Lyons, Soaring in Iceland, July
J.D. Ryan, The Handicap Problem, July
R. Alleman, Gear-Up Signal, July
E. Seagars, SSA Charter Flight 1965, August
F.R. Grafton, The Power of the Wave, August
B. Foster, In Praise of Thermal-G, August
G.A. Kulstad, Soaring In Venezuela, August
W.F. "Bud" Briggs, Kudos to Winston Smith, October
M.A. Bagshaw, MD, An Open Letter to the Nevada Soaring Assn., October
Name withheld, Sore at Soaring, October
P. Kirby, Another Solo, Age 14, October
A. Seidler, Scoring soaring's Sorehead, November
E. (Klemperer) Orloff, Thanks to the SSA, November
G. Locke, Crewman Anybody?, November
P.C. Sinclair, Thermal Spacing, December
S. DuPont, Variometer Query, December

In Memoriam: Dr. Ernest E. Allaby, March, page 39
In Memoriam: Fred Hefty, Sr, March
In Memoriam: Dr. Wolfgang B. Klemperer, May
G.R. Wilson, Eulogy to Alex, Alex Dawydoff, September, pages ,53,7
In Memoriam Alex Dawydoff, September
W. Winter, Remembering Alex, Alex Dawydoff, September, pages 60,53

Safety Corner
M. Coverdale, Safety Corner, July
M. Coverdale, The Safety Corner, November

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