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Aldott, Dita
Sandor "Alex" intorducing Dr. Edward Laszlo to soaring (Covers) [Sailplanes\Schweizer\SGS 2-32], December
Aldott, Sandor A. "Alex" (a.k.a. Sandor A. Aldott, Sandor A. (Alex) Aldott, Alex Aldott, S.A. Aldott, Sandor (Alex) Aldott, S.A. "Alex" Aldott, "Alex" Aldott, S. "Alex" Aldott, S.A."Alex" Aldott, Sandor A. "Alex" Aldott, A.S. Aldott)
SSA President John Ryan flying a Sisu 1 (Covers) [Sailplanes\Sisu 1], January
Ben Green soars his Standard Austria over Odessa (photo) [Sailplanes\Standard Autria], January
Powerful stick thermal Dr. Hartmut Schmidt in a look (photo) [Sailplanes\Ka-6], February
Dick Johnson and his Skylark 4 (Covers) [Sailplanes\Skylark 4], April
Schweizer 2-25 and K-7 over Pike's Peak (Covers) [Sailplanes\Schweizer\SGS 2-25; Sailplanes\K-7], May
Chicago Glider Club's Schweizer 2-32 over Joliet (Covers) [Sailplanes\Schweizer\SGS 2-32], June
Wallace A. Scott soars his Ka-6 over Odessa (Covers) [Sailplanes\Ka-6], July
Sailplanes in Take-off line at Nationals in Adrian (Covers) [Competitions; Sailplanes], September
LtCol Christiansen and Capt W. Leland in a Schweizer 2-25 near Pikes Peak (Covers) [Sailplanes\Schweizer\SGS 2-25], October
Dale May over Chicago in his Sisu 1A (Covers) [Sailplanes\Sisu 1A], November
Alleman, R.
Gear-Up Signal (Letters) [Equipment\Landing Gear Switch], July
Arents, G.
Ignorance is not Bliss (Letters) [Commentary], March

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Bagshaw, M.A., MD
An Open Letter to the Nevada Soaring Assn. (Letters) [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs], October
Barnaby, Capt. R.S.
Crosscountry auto tow (Letters) [History; Launching\Automatic Tow], March
Memories of Klemp (Letters) [People\Dr. Wolfgang B. Klemperer], May
Bowers, P.M.
Building the Bowers Bantam [Sailplanes\Bantam], November, pages 4,6
Briggs, B.
The balm of Gilad (Feature Article) [Competitions\1-26], December, pages ,7
Briggs, W.F. "Bud"
Kudos to Winston Smith (Letters) [People\Winston Smith], October
Burk, R.
The 7th annual Rocky Mountain soaring contest (Feature Article) [Competitions\Regional], February
Byars, E.
Wave wear [Techniques\Wave Soaring], February, pages 59,7
Eastern Waves (Letters) [Techniques\Wave], May
8th Annual Mid-Atlantic regional soaring meet (Feature Article) [Competitions\Regional], October, pages ,7
Record Record [Instruments], October, pages 28,7

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Cannon, J.
Wave Soaring Baron (Letters) [Techniques\Wave], May
Castrodale, R.
Flying with a German soaring club (Feature Article) [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs; International\Germany], March, pages ,10,22
Church, G.W.
Gear-up landings, a new soaring problem [Safety], May, pages ,9
Claybourn, H. Marshall (a.k.a. M. Claybourn, H.M. Claybourn)
Black Forest wave camp [Techniques\Wave Soaring], May, pages 9,59
Coverdale, Miles (a.k.a. M. Coverdale)
Safety Corner (Safety Corner) [Safety], July
The Safety Corner (Safety Corner) [Safety], November
Crowell, H.P.
Fall soaring rally [Competitions\Local], April

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Dawydoff, A., ed.
Facts vs rumors [Safety], January, page 19
Delafield, R.
The Slingsby T-51 Dart Soaring Pilot Report (Feature Article) [Sailplanes\T-51 Dart], January, pages 19,19
Doherty, W.E. (Tony), Jr. (a.k.a. W.E. Doherty, Jr., T. Doherty)
Soaring double header [Competitions\1-26], December, pages ,19
Douglas Aircraft Co.
Dr. Wolfgang B. Klemperer Soaring Pioneer (photo) [Obituaries; People\Dr. Wolfgang B. Klemperer], June
Drew, C.M.
304 mile wave flight in a BG-12 (Feature Article) [Techniques\Wave Soaring], July, pages 59,20
Drew, H.
World soaring championships (Feature Article) [Competitions\World], August, pages ,20
DuPont, Stephen (a.k.a. Stephen Du Pont, Stephen du Pont, Steve DuPont, Stephen duPont, S. DuPont, Steve du Pont, Steve Dupont, Steve duPont, S. duPont, S. Du Pont, S. du Pont, Steve Du Pont)
Variometer Query (Letters) [Instruments\Variometers], December
Sailplane glide test method (Feature Article) [Performance], December

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Falk, T.
The first annual 1-26 nationals (Feature Article) [Sailplanes\Schweizer\SGS 1-26; Competitions\1-26], December, pages ,21
Feierabend, L.B.
Gold C altitude at Wurtsboro [Awards\Badges; Flights], January, pages 3,21
The Wurtsboro Wave [Meteorology\Wave], March, pages ,21
Flaglor, K.
Is horse power horse sense? [Sailplanes\Cherokee II], February, pages 9,22,23
Foster, B.
In Praise of Thermal-G (Letters) [Commercial Operators], August
Fuller, R., Ed
Club News (Club News) [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs], January
Club News (Club News) [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs], February
Club News (Club News) [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs], March
Club News (Club News) [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs], April
Club News (Club News) [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs], May
Club News (Club News) [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs], June
Club News (Club News) [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs], July
Club News (Club News) [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs], September

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Glattly, C.D.
The 1965 Western Regional Soaring Championships (Feature Article) [Competitions\Regional], October
Grafton, F.R.
The Power of the Wave (Letters) [Techniques\Wave], August
Graves, J.D.
Dr. W.B. Klemperer-His Years in America (Feature Article) [Obituaries], June
Greenwald, M.S.
Bonanza tow [Launching\Aerotowing], October, pages 1,25

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Hall, Stanley A. (a.k.a. Stan A. Hall, Stan Hall, S. Hall, S.A. Hall)
The Hoerner wing-tip (Feature Article) [Aerodynamics\Design], August, pages 1,25
Hartley, J.
Whither thou goest (Feature Article) [Crewing], December, pages ,3
Hill, K.
D-8 Progress (Letters) [Sailplanes\D-8], May

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Ivans, William S., Jr. (a.k.a. W.S. Ivans, W.S. Ivans, Jr., Bill Ivans)
Excise Tax on Club Dues [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs; Taxes], August

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Johnson, Richard H. (a.k.a. Dick Johnson, Richard Johnson, R.H. Johnson, R. Johnson)
1965 world gliding championships (Feature Article) [Competitions\World; International\Great Britain], November, pages ,25

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King, D., Ed
Canadian News (Canadian News) [International\Canada], January
Canadian News (Canadian News) [International\Canada], February
Canadian News (Canadian News) [International\Canada], March
Canadian News (Canadian News) [International\Canada], April
Canadian News (Canadian News) [International\Canada], May
Canadian News (Canadian News) [International\Canada], June
Canadian News (Canadian News) [International\Canada], July
Canadian News (Canadian News) [International\Canada], September
Kirby, P.
Another Solo, Age 14 (Letters) [Youth], October
Kulstad, G.A.
Soaring In Venezuela (Letters) [Venezuela], August

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Lamont, Doug (a.k.a. D. Lamont)
Meanwhile Back at the Pass (Feature Article) [Competitions\Flights], July, pages 11,,31
Decisions, decisions, decisions (Feature Article) [People\C.M. Mears; People\P.G. Bikle; People\G. Thomson; Competitions], November, pages ,11,55.6
Lee, T.
How I beat Mother's Day [Sites], July, page 51
Lester, D.
Eagleville and Garland Pack [Commercial Operators], October, pages ,,10
Licher, Lloyd M. (a.k.a. L.M. Licher, L. Licher)
The SSA office [Soaring Society of America\Soaring Magazine; Soaring Society of America], May, pages 53,54,33
Locke, G.
Crewman Anybody? (Letters) [Crewing], November
Lyons, H.E.
Soaring in Iceland (Letters) [International\Iceland], July

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MacIntyre, R.
Second New Zealand soaring championships [International\New Zealand], April, page 39
MaCintyre, R. (a.k.a. R. Macintyre)
New Zealand News [International\New Zealand], December
Mahar, P.J.
1965 C.A.P. encampment [Training; Youth], October, pages 35,58,61
Martz, E.V.; with W.S. McEwan
Rudder pedal extension for Schweizer 2-22 and 1-26 [Sailplanes\Schweizer\SGS 1-26; Sailplanes\Schweizer\SGS 2-22; Construction], August
Masaki, M.; with B. and E. Massey and translators
An interview with Francois Henry [International\France; People\F.L. Henry], December, pages 26,22
Massey, B. and E.; with M. Masaki and translators
An interview with Francois Henry [International\France; People\F.L. Henry], December, pages 26,22
May, D.S.
SISU, The Greatest (Letters) [Sailplanes\SISU], July
McEwan, W.S.; with E.V. Martz
Rudder pedal extension for Schweizer 2-22 and 1-26 [Sailplanes\Schweizer\SGS 1-26; Sailplanes\Schweizer\SGS 2-22; Construction], August
McNeill, R.V.
Rockwall Soaring Council [Airports and Gliderports], July, pages ,3,1
Melsheimer, F.
Antenna systems for sailplanes (Feature Article) [Radios\Antennas], July
Merklein, H.; with H.J. Zacher
Flight performance measurements of sailplanes (Feature Article) [Aerodynamics\Performance], January
Miller, R.N.
Soaring International Year Book [Literature], September, page 33
Miller, Richard H. (a.k.a. Richard Miller, R.H. Miller, R. Miller)
1-26 Association news [Sailplanes\Schweizer\SGS 1-26], March
1-26 Association news [Sailplanes\Schweizer\SGS 1-26], April
Editorial [Editorial; People\Alex Dawydoff], October
Minghelli, E.G.
The Prue II-A (Feature Article) [Sailplanes\Prue II-A], March
Moffat, George B., Jr. (a.k.a. George Moffat, G.B. Moffat, Jr., G. Moffat, George B. Moffat)
George Moffat Replies (Letters) [Magazine; Sailplanes\Performance], February
Moore, Robert L.
Rudy Allemann's Ka-6 and Ed McClanahan's 1-23 H (photo) [Sailplanes\Ka-6; Sailplanes\Schweizer\SGS 1-23H], March
Slingsby Dart owned by Richard Delafield and flown by Tom Davis (Covers) [Sailplanes\Slingsby Dart], August
Paul Pallmer soars his new Prue Super Standard (photo) [Sailplanes\Prue Super Standard], September
Moore, Robert Lee (a.k.a. R.L. Moore)
The Phoebus - a pilot's report (Feature Article) [Sailplanes\Phoebus], December, pages 42,38
Mosher, D.A.
New FAA Radio Equipment Proposal [Federal Aviation Administration; Radios], July, pages ,38,21
Mozer, Rudolf W. (a.k.a. R.W. Mozer, R. Mozer)
Introducing the Ka-6E [Sailplanes\K-6E], October, pages ,38

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Nelson, H.
CAP Cadets Soar in New York (Feature Article) [Youth; Training], March, pages 39,58,61

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Orloff, E. (Klemperer)
Thanks to the SSA (Letters) [People\Dr. Wolfgang B. Klemperer], November
Orr, M.
Trailer-winch [Construction\Winches; Equipment\Trailers], August

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Page, T.
SSA high altitude program [Training], January, page 58
Apologies to Region 10 (Letters) [Soaring Society of America\Oxygen Liaison], January
Altitude Training Moving Ahead [Training\Oxygen], March
Page, T.; with R.R. Winn
32nd Annual US National Soaring Championships (Feature Article) [Competitions\National], September
Parker, R.H.
Comment on spins [Safety], April
Paul, P., translator
Across the Andes in a sailplane (Feature Article) [International\Chile], February, page 9
Prue, I.
The story of the Prues (Feature Article) [People\I. Prue; Sailplanes\Jennie Mae; Sailplanes\Prue Standard; Sailplanes\Prue Super Standard; Sailplanes\Prue Two; Sailplanes\Prue 160; Sailplanes\Prue 215], April, pages ,

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Rechs, R.J.
Re: Comments on Spins (Letters) [Training\Spins], May
Riedel, P.
Large oaks from small acrons grow (Feature Article) [History], April
An unsuccessful balloon ascension [Sailplanes\Blue Mouse; History], October, pages ,2
Ryan, John D. (a.k.a. J.D. Ryan, John Ryan)
President's message [Soaring Society of America], January, pages ,53
President's message [Soaring Society of America], March, pages ,53
CVSM report [FAI], June
The Handicap Problem (Letters) [Competitions\Handicapping], July

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Schweizer, Paul A. (a.k.a. Paul Schweizer, P.A. Schweizer)
Youth must fly (Editorial) [Youth], April, page 61
Schweizer Aircraft Corp. report (Feature Article) [Manufacturers\Sailplanes; Sailplanes\Schweizer\SGS 1-26; Sailplanes\Schweizer\SGS 2-32], May, pages ,58
Seagars, E.J. (a.k.a. E. Seagars)
SSA Charter Flight 1965 (Letters) [Charter Flight], August
Seidler, A.
Scoring soaring's Sorehead (Letters) [Competitions\Scoring], November
Selvidge, Harner (a.k.a. H. Selvidge)
The Story of Gliding, by Ann and Lorne Welch (Book Reviews) [Literature], December
Sharp, Ted E. (a.k.a. T.E. Sharp, T. Sharp, Ted Sharp)
Soaring Hams (Letters) [Radios\Ham], March
Sinclair, P.C.
Thermal Spacing (Letters) [Meteorology\Thermals], December
Smith, Bernald S. (a.k.a. Bernald Smith, B. Smith, B.S. Smith)
ABC program "C" badges [Training], June, page 58
Smith, F.B.
A pressure demand oxygen system for the 1-26 (Feature Article) [Sailplanes\Schweizer\SGS 1-26; Equipment\Oxygen], June
Snodgrass, W.L.
The floating aileron An Investigation and Proposed Use on a Sailplane (Feature Article) [Aerodynamics\Design; Construction\Sailplanes], May, pages 1,,52
Stark, R.
I solo on my fourteenth birthday [Youth], August, page 61
Starr, Sterling V. (a.k.a. Sterling Starr, S.V. Starr, S. Starr)
New Procedure for the Selection of National Championship Site [Competitions], March, pages 11,54
Suizer, Heinz
Swiss Elfe MN-R open class sailplane (Covers) [Sailplanes\Elfe MN-R], March
Svec, D.
Second place winner (Feature Article) [Competitions\Flights], December, pages 11,55

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Teale, E.W.
Historical Notes [History], December
Thompson, D.L.
1965 Torrey Pines meet [Competitions\Local\Torrey Pines], April, pages ,55
translators; with M. Masaki and B. and E. Massey
An interview with Francois Henry [International\France; People\F.L. Henry], December, pages 26,22

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Uveges, George (a.k.a. G. Uveges)
Prue Super Standard piloted by designer and builder (photo) [Sailplanes\Prue Super Standard], February

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Wiberg, W.
Transcontinental Tows (Letters) [History\Aero Tows], January
Wick, R.L., M.D.
A Five-year History of Sailplane Accidents (Feature Article) [Safety], June, page 59
Wilson, G.R.
Eulogy to Alex, Alex Dawydoff (Obituaries) [People\Alex Dawydoff; Soaring Society of America\Soaring Magazine; Obituaries], September, pages ,53,7
Winn, R.R.; with T. Page
32nd Annual US National Soaring Championships (Feature Article) [Competitions\National], September
Winter, W.
Remembering Alex, Alex Dawydoff (Obituaries) [People\Alex Dawydoff; Soaring Society of America\Soaring Magazine; Obituaries], September, pages 60,53
withheld, Name
Sore at Soaring (Letters) [American Soaring], October

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Yund, L.C.
1-26 trailering [Equipment\Trailers; Sailplanes\Schweizer\SGS 1-26], February, pages ,61
1-26 Association news [Sailplanes\Schweizer\SGS 1-26], February
1-26 Association news [Sailplanes\Schweizer\SGS 1-26], August, pages ,61

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Zacher, H.J.; with H. Merklein
Flight performance measurements of sailplanes (Feature Article) [Aerodynamics\Performance], January

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A Generous Gift [Donation; People\Dale May], January
Long Soaring Flights [Flights], January
SSA Election Results [Soaring Society of America], January
Wave Flights [Techniques\Wave], January
New State Records [Records\State], January
World Record News [Records\World], January
Tow Hitches for Cessnas [Equipment\Tow hitches], January
Workers for 1965 Nationals [Competitions\National\Workers], January
OSTIV congress [OSTIV], January
Book Review: Soaring for Diamonds by Joseph C. Lincoln (Book Reviews) [Literature], January, page 33
Book review: The Clouded Sky by John Iggulden (Book Reviews) [Literature], January, page 33
International F.A.I. Badges for Soaring [Awards\Badges], January
Three 1-26s soar over Kutztown, PA (Covers) [Sailplanes\Schweizer\SGS 1-26], February
Dale May's Gift to the SSA [Soaring Society of America\Contributions; Sailplanes\Breguet 905 Fauvette], February
Attention - Cherokee Owners [Sailplanes\Cherokee; Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs], February
Correction [Correction], February
Current Requirements for Aircraft Radios [Radios; Regulations], February
The Huetter H-301 Libelle (Feature Article) [Sailplanes\H-301 Libelle], February
Team Fund Contributors [Competitions\World Team\Contributors], February
World soaring championships [Competitions\World], February
Margaret Bisner solos at age 14 shown with instructor Fred Harris (photo) [Youth], February
Bibliography on Soaring [Literature], February
Long Soaring Flights [Flights], February
Wave Flights [Techniques\Wave], February
International F.A.I. Badges for Soaring [Awards\Badges], February
Magazine Mailing Date [Soaring Society of America\Magazine], March
National Notes [Competitions\National], March
SSA Research Program [Aerodynamics\Low Speed], March
SSA midwinter directors meeting [Soaring Society of America\Directors], March, page 53
Sealed-Bid Procedure for Disposing of SSA's Fauvette Sailplane [Soaring Society of America\Contributions; Sailplanes\Breguet 905 Fauvette], March
Soaring Reprint Project [Soaring Society of America\Reprints], March
Team Fund Contributors [Competitions\World Team\Contributors], March
New Features for Soaring [Soaring Society of America\Magazine], March
Schempp-Hirth SHK [Sailplanes\Austria SHK], March, page 3
International F.A.I. Badges for Soaring [Awards\Badges], March
In Memoriam: Dr. Ernest E. Allaby (Obituaries) [Obituaries; People\Ernest Allaby], March, page 39
In Memoriam: Fred Hefty, Sr (Obituaries) [Obituaries; People\Fred Hefty], March
Hosting the 1967 World Soaring Championships [Competitions\World], April
OSTIV Airworthiness Requirements [OSTIV], April
Sisu Production Ceased [Sailplanes\Sisu], April
Sailplanes soaring on ridge lift at Torrey Pines (photo) [Sailplanes; Competitions\Local], April
Dr. Klemperer honored at gold badge banquet [Awards\Eaton; People\Dr. W.B. Klemperer], April, pages 59,2
Libelle Correction [Magazine\Correction; Sailplanes\Libelle], April
Lost By-Line [Magazine\Correction; People\Sterling V. Starr], April
Record Activities at Dansville, N.Y., Airport [Soaring], April
CAP flying program [Training; Youth], April, pages 58,61
Magazine Data [Magazine], April
Bibliography on Soaring [Literature], April
Sealed-Bid Procedure for Disposing of SSA's Fauvetter Sailplane [Soaring Society of America\Sailplane\Breguet 905 Fauvette], April
Wave Flights [Techniques\Wave], April
Team Fund Contributors [Competitions\World Team\Contributors], April
International F.A.I. Badges for Soaring [Awards\Badges], April
1965-66 SSA State Governors [Soaring Society of America\Governors], May
Attention - U.S. Sailplane Builders [Literature; Builders], May
National Notes [Competitions\National], May
In Memoriam: Dr. Wolfgang B. Klemperer (Obituaries) [Obituaries; People\Dr. Wolfgang B. Klemperer], May
Klemperer Memorial Fund [Memorials], May
Table of all state soaring records as of April 15, 1965 [Records], May
Team Fund Contributors [Competitions\World Team\Contributors], May
New Lennie Pins Holders [Awards\Lennie Pins], May
Wave Flights [Techniques\Wave], May
International F.A.I. Badges for Soaring [Awards\Badges], May
FAA Acts on SSA Proposals [Federal Aviation Administration\Regulations], June
Record News [Records], June
Renewal Time [Magazine], June
SSA's Annual Meeting Set [Soaring Society of America\Meeting], June
SSA Directors to meet [Soaring Society of America\Directors], June
Dr. Wolfgang B. Klemperer He Discovered Elmira (Feature Article) [Obituaries; Sites\Elmira], June
New SSA Life Members [Soaring Society of America\Membership\Life], June, page 50
Films and Photos [Photography], June
New SSA Instructors [Training], June
SSA Chapters Down 6, Up 3 [Soaring Society of America\Chapters], June
Team Fund Contributors [Competitions\World Team\Contributors], June
Magazine Data [Soaring Society of America\Magazine], June
S.A.C. Officers for 1965 [Soaring Society of Canada], June
Use of Restricted Category Airplanes for Glider Towing [Federal Aviation Administration\Regulations], June
Two Place KAI-19 [Sailplanes\KAI-19], June
Long Soaring Flights [Flights], June
New Personalized Sevice for the Soaring Pilot [Suppliers\Soaring], June
Wave Flights [Techniques\Wave], June
International F.A.I. Badges for Soaring [Awards\Badges], June
Long Soaring Flights [Flights], July
Wave Flights [Techniques\Wave], July
World Championships News [Competitions\World], July
Powered Blanik [Motorglider\Blanik], July
Soaring at Hangar Session [Soaring\Hangar Session], July
5-minute C Badges [Awards\Badges], July
A diamond from Switzerland [Sailplanes\DFS Olympia], July, page 19
Bibliography on Soaring [Literature], July
Team Fund Contributors [Compeitions\World Team\Contributors], July
OSTIV News [OSTIV], July
International F.A.I. Badges for Soaring [Awards\Badges], July
Alpine Soaring Expedition Cancelled [Soaring], July
Turbojet Powered Sailplane Test Flown [Motorglider\Prue 215], August
ZeroZero Romeo Film Festival Winner [Film], August
Dean Svec - Champion [Competitions\National], August
New State Records [Records], August
10th OSTIV Congress [OSTIV], August
Columbia Basin soaring meet [Competitions\Regional], August
Long Soaring Flights [Flights], August
Materials Available [Soaring Society of America], August
Team Fund Contributors [Competitions\World Team\Contributors], August
International F.A.I. Badges for Soaring [Awards\Badges], August
Edelweiss Certificated [Sailplanes\Edelweiss], September
SSA Directors' Meeting [Soaring Society of America\Directors], September
Al Hastings, First U.S. Soaring Champion, Dies [Obituaries; People\Al Hastings], September
Magazine Mailing Date [Soaring Society of America\Magazine], September
The Humble Mailing [Soaring Society of America\Public Relations], September
Beebe Wins Western Regional Championships [Competitions\Regional; People\Bruce Beebe], September
Historical Plea [History\Archives], September
In Memoriam Alex Dawydoff (Obituaries) [Obituaries; People\Alex Dawydoff], September
Sailplane Certification Procedures Up for Review [Sailplanes\Certification], September
Team Fund Contributors [Competitions\World Team\Contributors], September
32nd annual US National Soaring Championships - Table of Scores - 1965 [Competitions\National], September
Materials Available [Soaring Society of America], September
Long Soaring Flights [Flights], September
Soaring's New Editor, R.H. Miller [Soaring Society of America\Soaring Magazine; People\R.H. Miller], September, pages ,53
Klemperer Fund Contributors [Soaring Society of America\Contributions], September
H-301 Libelle Licensed [Sailplanes\H-301], September
International F.A.I. Badges for Soaring [Awards\Badges], September
Bibliography on Soaring [Literature], October
Salem, New Hampshire, Memorial Day Meet [Competitions\Local], October
Know your directors, B. Greene [Soaring Society of America\Directors], October, page 25
Magazine Mailing Date [Soaring Society of America\Magazine], October
Long Soaring Flights [Flights], October
International F.A.I. Badges for Soaring [Awards\Badges], October
F.A.I. Awards Delayed [Awards], October
News Notes [People\Richard Jauch; People\John Ryan; People\Dean Svec; People\Jan Wroblewski; People\Francois Henry; People\Dave McNay; People\Jack Jordan; People\Jack Laister; People\Walt and Jack MacFarlane; People\Tony Terrigno; People\Paul Schweizer; People\Al Kaplan], October
ABC program [Awards\Badges], October
Long Soaring Flights [Flights], November
Bibliography on Soaring [Literature], November
Call for Agenda Items [Soaring Society of America\Directors], November
First Libelle Arrives [Sailplanes\Libelle], November
State Records [Records\State], November
Nationals Announcement [Competitions\National], November
New SSA Committee [Soaring Society of America\FAA Airworthiness and Licensing Committee], November
Progress report on the Lillybelle [Sailplanes\Libelle H-301], November
News Notes [People\Irv Prue; People\Ed Butts; People\George Bromley; People\Stan Hall; People\Len Niemi; People\Ernie Schweizer; People\Wally Leland; People\Richard Eppler], November
International F.A.I. Badges for Soaring [Awards\Badges], November
Wave Flights [Techniques\Wave], December
CVSM Meeting [CVSM], December
Magazine Mailing Date [Magazine], December
The Book of Ruth [Student Pilots], December
Archives Plea [Archives], December
News Notes [News], December
Bibliography on Soaring [Literature], December
Contest Numbers [Competitions\Contest Numbers], December
Renewal Time [Membership], December
International F.A.I. Badges for Soaring [Awards\Badges], December
Long Soaring Flights [Flights], December
Nationals Bidding, 1967 [Competitions\National], December

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