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Abels, L.G.
Pairs Flying (Letters) [Soaring], April, page 8
Aldott, Sandor A. "Alex" (a.k.a. Sandor A. Aldott, Sandor A. (Alex) Aldott, Alex Aldott, S.A. Aldott, Sandor (Alex) Aldott, S.A. "Alex" Aldott, "Alex" Aldott, S. "Alex" Aldott, S.A."Alex" Aldott, Sandor A. "Alex" Aldott, A.S. Aldott)
Al Parker in his Sisu over Odessa [Sailplanes\Sisu], March, page 10
Altberg, John
K-6 soaring at McCook, Nebraska (Cover) [Sailplanes\K-6], July, cover
Anttila, A.
UTU - Finnish fiberglass sailplane (Feature Article) [Construction\Sailplanes], October, page 14

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Baird, J.
More Brickbats (Letters) [Commentary], April, page 8
Banak, G., translator
Poland (World News) [Sailplanes\Zefir-3], July, page 17
Edward Makula talks [People\E. Makula], November, page 15
Barnaby, R.S.
The Cape Cod caper [Launching\Shock-Cord; Literature], January, page 21
A thirty-year backward look (Feature Article) [History\American], September, page 19
Beebe, Bruce; with William S. Ivans, Jr., John Marsh (a.k.a. J. Marsh) and L. Gould
Nevada soaring symposium [Techniques\Desert Soaring], June, page 28
Bonotaux, L.A. "Pete"
Looking Backwards (Letters) [History], November, page 8
Bradley, D.
What can possibly go wrong with a simple retrieve? (from Sailplane and Gliding) (Feature Article) [Crewing; Literature], November, page 18
Budachs, V.A.
Canadian Consternation (Letters) [Soaring Society of America\Soaring Magazine], February, page 8
Burr, H.E.
LP-49 Technical Information Reprint from The Thermal [Sailplanes\LP-49], July, page 14

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Chamberlin, K.
The cloud (Feature Article) [Safety; Techniques\Cloud Flying], April, page 20
Chandler, T.; with E. McClanahan
The Hutter Libelle - two impressions [Sailplanes\Libelle H301], June, page 24
Chandler, T.J.
Help! (Letters) [Competitions\Sites], February, page 8
Charchian, L.
William F. Placek [Obituaries], July, page 3
Chivre, R. and Y.
Welcome to France (Letters) [International\France], December, page 8
Clark, W.E., Jr
A Pointed Protest (Letters) [Commentary], June, page 8
Claybourn, H. Marshall (a.k.a. M. Claybourn, H.M. Claybourn)
About Bill Cleary [People\W.B. Cleary], February, page 11
Task selection [Competitions\National], August, page 17
Second annual 1-26 championships (Feature Article) [Competitions\1-26], December, page 15
Claybourn, H. Marshall (a.k.a. M. Claybourn, H.M. Claybourn); with W.M. Foley and A.H. Uhalt
Nationals Coverage (Letters) [Competitions\National], October, page 8
Cleary, William B. (a.k.a. W.B. Cleary, W. Cleary, William Cleary)
Three diamonds in a 1-26 (Feature Article) [Awards\Flights; Sailplanes\Schweizer\SGS 1-26], February, page 10
Coder, G.E.
Brickbats to the Editor (Letters) [Commentary], April, page 8
Colton, S.V.
Jack Laister revisited (Feature Article) [People\J.W. Laister], July, page 10
Colton, S.V.; with Doug Lamont (a.k.a. D. Lamont)
The historic 33rd National (Feature Article) [Competitions\National], August, page 10
Comte, R.
Materials [Construction\Sailplanes], December, page 13
Coverdale, Miles (a.k.a. M. Coverdale)
(Safety corner) [Safety], January, page 21
(Safety corner) [Safety], February, page 28
(Safety Corner) [Safety], March, page 28
(Safety corner) [Safety], April, page 29
(Safety Corner) [Safety], May, page 30
(Safety corner) [Safety], July, page 27
(Safety corner) [Safety], September, page 28
(Safety corner) [Safety], October, page 24
(Safety Corner) [Safety], November, page 26
(Safety corner) [Safety], December, page 17
Crowell, Paul
K-6E in flight near Miami (Cover) [Sailplanes\K-6E], September, page 9
Cruce, M.C.
How many towplanes? (Letters) [Launching\Aerotow], May, page 8

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Dachille, F.
Spin Recovery (Letters) [Techniques], August, page 8
DeKnock, M.A.
Oops (Letters) [Errata\Badge], January, page 6
Delafield, R.
Diamant test pilot report (Feature Article) [Test Flying; Sailplanes\DFS Olympia], December, page 12
Dion, M.C.
Oops Again (Letters) [Soaring Society of America\Soaring Magazine], September, page 8
Dolza, J.L.
Meet the soaring Lone Ranger [Launching\Winch], May, page 26
Dornan, Don
Holiday Soaring School 2-32 (Cover) [Sailplanes\Schweizer\SGS 2-32], June, cover
Downie, Don (a.k.a. D. Downie)
Bowlus Super Albatross at Torrey Pines (Cover) [Sailplanes\Bowlus\Super Albatross], January, cover
Caveat Aviator (Letters) [Commentary], March, page 8
Dreher, M.
Powered Gliders Aloft with a set jet (Feature Article) [Sailplanes], January, page 18
DuPont, Stephen (a.k.a. Stephen Du Pont, Stephen du Pont, Steve DuPont, Stephen duPont, S. DuPont, Steve du Pont, Steve Dupont, Steve duPont, S. duPont, S. Du Pont, S. du Pont, Steve Du Pont)
Sailplane Simplicity (Letters) [Sailplanes\Design], February, page 8
Fly by winch [Launching\Winch], March, page 26
Voice of Dissent (Letters) [Soaring Society of America\Soaring Magazine], May, page 31
Winter Wind Warning (Letters) [Wind], November, page 8

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Ebentheuer, I.; with D. Stevenson
The German National Championships (Feature Article) [Competitions\Germany], September, page 10
Emrich, Linn
Cecil Craig soaring his LK-10A near Mount Ranier (Cover) [Sailplanes\LK-10A], May, cover

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Falconar, C.B.
GTA-130, a kit-built towplane [Aircraft], February, page 16
Farrar, D.F., Jr.
One for the birds (Feature Article) [Aerodynamics; Birds; Construction\Sailplanes; Vanderbilt University], April, page 16
Firth, John (a.k.a. J. Firth)
Life with Fodder (Letters) [Commentary], November, page 8
Foley, W.M.; with A.H. Uhalt, H. Marshall Claybourn (a.k.a. M. Claybourn and H.M. Claybourn)
Nationals Coverage (Letters) [Competitions\National], October, page 8

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Gairns, D.
1966 Canadian national soaring championships [International\Canada], October, page 10
Gelinsky, C.
Long Flights (Letters) [Flights], August, page 8
Georgeson, D.
World championship reflections [International\Australia; Competitions\International; Techniques\Thermal Soaring], October, page 29
Gianelioni, G.
Deep rigging in a Diamant mine [Sailplanes\DFS Olympia], January, page 11
Gilmer, G.W.
Robert E. Campbell [Obituaries], September, page 6
Glattly, C.D.
Glattly's Report (Letters) [Competitions\National], October, page 8
Gould, L.; with William S. Ivans, Jr., John Marsh (a.k.a. J. Marsh) and Bruce Beebe
Nevada soaring symposium [Techniques\Desert Soaring], June, page 28
Graham, R.C.
Overseas Sites (Letters) [Sites\International], September, page 8
Graves, J.
Call for Committee Chairman [Soaring Society of America\Volunteers], March, page 27

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Haenle, E.; with H. Lasch
The high road to tomorrow (Feature Article) [People\B. Stender; Sailplanes\BS-1], November, page 10
Hall, Stanley A. (a.k.a. Stan A. Hall, Stan Hall, S. Hall, S.A. Hall)
Men at work (News Notes) [Sailplanes\Ibex], January, page 24
On the use of polyurethane foam (Feature Article) [Construction\Sailplanes], July, page 25
Hardy, P.
Soaring's Weakness (Letters) [Soaring Society of America\Soaring Magazine], December, page 8
Hayes, H.G.
More Spin Recovery (Letters) [Techniques], August, page 8
Heasley, Paul W.
Wave clouds in the lee of Mount Ranier [Flights\Waves], October, page 13
Heimgartner, T.
Swiss Diamant with pilot Rene Comte (Cover) [Sailplanes\Diamant], December, cover
Henry, F.L.
No title [International\France], January, page 23
Hicks, F.L.
Radio Regulations [Communications], April, page 9
Hill, K.
D-8 Evaluation (Letters) [Sailplanes\D-8], November, page 8
Humphrey, H.H.
Quotable Quotes [Quotes], May, page 13

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Irving, Frank G. (a.k.a. F.G. Irving, F. Irving, Frank Irving)
Speeds in rough air (Letters) [Structures; Techniques], May, page 8
Variable-geometry gliders (Feature Article) [Performance Calculations; Aerodynamics; International\Great Britain], September, page 22
Sigma Progress (Letters) [Sailplanes\Sigma], October, page 8
Ivans, William S., Jr.; with John Marsh (a.k.a. J. Marsh), Bruce Beebe and L. Gould
Nevada soaring symposium [Techniques\Desert Soaring], June, page 28

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Jensen, C.; with John Marsh (a.k.a. J. Marsh)
Weather during the 33rd [Competitions\National; Meteorology], August, page 30
Johnson, D.C.
Two-lennie flight in a 1-26 [Awards\Flights; Commercial Operations; Sailplanes\Schweizer\SGS 1-26; Techniques\Wave Soaring], February, page 13
A thirty-year diamond [Awards\Flights], February, page 14
Johnson, Richard H. (a.k.a. Dick Johnson, Richard Johnson, R.H. Johnson, R. Johnson)
Epitaph to an Austria (Feature Article) [Sailplanes\Austria; Safety], June, page 14
Subsequent investigation and analysis [Safety; Sailplanes\Austria S], June, page 16
Austria addendum (Letters) [Sailplanes\Austria; Safety], July, page 8
Jones, T.
A Point Made (Letters) [Soaring Society of America\Soaring Magazine], June, page 8

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Kahl, F.
Marfa diary (Marfa Soaring Camp) [Commercial Operations], February, page 26
Katinszky, Elemer A. (a.k.a. E. Katinszky, E. Katinzsky)
Diamonds a go-go (Black Forest Gliderport) [Awards\Flights; Techniques\Wave Soaring; Commercial Operations], February, page 14
Murphy's third law [Techniques\Cross Country], March, page 24
Unfair Competition (Letters) [Techniques\Cross Country; Sailplanes\Libelle], November, page 8
Kern, G.A. (a.k.a. G. Kern)
Safety and Training (Letters) [Safety; Instruction], March, page 8
The sailplanes of Egon Scheibe (Feature Article) [People\E. Scheibe; Sailplanes\Bergfalke III; Sailplanes\L-Spatz III; Motorgliders\Motorfalke; Motorgliders\SF-27], May, page 22
Kerr, R.
Welcome to New Zealand (Letters) [International\New Zealand], December, page 8
Kolstad, P.
Ah, Youth! (Letters) [Youth], August, page 8

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Laajanen, M.
Pen Pal Anybody! (Letters) [Social], September, page 8
Laird, M.
Sailplane Fleet (Letters) [Sailplanes], November, page 8
Laister, J.W.
Laister Sailplane Products [Sailplanes\LP-49], June, page 17
Lamont, Doug (a.k.a. D. Lamont); with S.V. Colton
The historic 33rd National (Feature Article) [Competitions\National], August, page 10
Lasch, H.; with E. Haenle
The high road to tomorrow (Feature Article) [People\B. Stender; Sailplanes\BS-1], November, page 10
Lattimore, H.
I learned about soaring from that (continuing series) [Techniques\Cross Country], October, page 16
Leitch, I.
The South African national championships [International\South Africa], April, page 24
Lesher, C.
More Parcell Post (Letters) [Soaring Society of America\Soaring Magazine], November, page 8
Levinson, A.C.
18th annual Wright memorial glider meet [Competitions\Local], July, page 28
Licher, Lloyd M. (a.k.a. L.M. Licher, L. Licher)
One way to Yucca (Feature Article) [Awards\Flights; Techniques\Cross Country], January, page 12
Board of Directors Meeting [Soaring Society of America\Directors], August, page 31
Barogram preparation [Awards\Flights; Federation Aeronautique Internationale; Equipment\Instruments\Barograms], October, page 26
Licher, R.M.
A she-gull's eye view (Feature Article) [Competitions], September, page 16
Lincoln, Joseph C. (a.k.a. J.C. Lincoln)
Who Flew First? (Letters) [History], May, page 32
Vacations & Vandalism (Letters) [Techniques\Cross Country], July, page 8
Loudon, K.
Oops! (Letters) [Soaring Society of America\Soaring Magazine], September, page 8

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MacNicol, A.
The MacNicol Nomograph for silver distance flights [Sailplanes\Mu-22; Performance Calculations], May, page 27
Old LK's never die [Sailplanes\Mu-22; Sailplanes\LK], July, page 13
LK Correction (Letters) [Sailplanes\LK], August, page 8
Marsh, John (a.k.a. J. Marsh); with C. Jensen
Weather during the 33rd [Competitions\National; Meteorology], August, page 30
Marsh, John (a.k.a. J. Marsh); with William S. Ivans, Jr., Bruce Beebe and L. Gould
Nevada soaring symposium [Techniques\Desert Soaring], June, page 28
Matteson, F.H. (a.k.a. F. Matteson)
More Practical Articles (Letters) [Soaring Society of America\Soaring Magazine], January, page 6
Sailplane Standards (Letters) [Sailplanes], August, page 8
McClanahan, E
Destruction Testing (Letters) [Testing], June, page 8
McClanahan, E.; with T. Chandler
The Hutter Libelle - two impressions [Sailplanes\Libelle H301], June, page 24
Miller, Richard H. (a.k.a. Richard Miller, R.H. Miller, R. Miller)
Editorial [Soaring Society of America\Soaring Magazine], January, page 7
Who you are and what you want [Soaring Society of America\Soaring Magazine], April, page 12
The Challenging Skies, by C.R. Roseberry [Literature], December, page 17
Miller, W.T.
Introducing the Tern [Sailplanes\Tern], February, page 20
Moeller, C.A.
Opie Blanchard Passes (Letters) [Obituaries], March, page 8
Moffat, George B., Jr. (a.k.a. George Moffat, G.B. Moffat, Jr., G. Moffat, George B. Moffat)
More Modern Sailplanes (Feature Article) [Sailplanes\K-6e; Sailplanes\Dart; Sailplanes\Edelweiss C-30; Sailplanes\Austria SH; Sailplanes\Austria SHK], March, page 20
Reno retrospective (Feature Article) [Competitions\National], December, page 20
Mooney, W.
Winch Warning (Letters) [Launching\Winch], May, page 32
Morauski, R.
Bravo for Bowers (Letters) [Soaring Society of America\Soaring Magazine], February, page 8
We awta towed it diffrunt (Feature Article) [Literature], October, page 18
Mozer, Rudolf W. (a.k.a. R.W. Mozer, R. Mozer)
Introducing the AS-12 (Feature Article) [Motorgliders\K-11 Motorsegler; Sailplanes\AS-12; Sailplanes\K-6e], March, page 12
Sailplane examination and maintenance techniques [Maintenance and Repair], July, page 15
ASK-13 - Mercedes of the two seaters [Sailplanes\ASK-13], November, page 24
Murphy, J.R.
Keep it Simple (Letters) [Youth], February, page 8

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Nielson, K.
33rd national - Crewing Retrieve problems [Competitions\National; Crewing], August, page 25

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Owens, D.H.
Thermal soaring - Southwest style (Feature Article) [Techniques\Thermal Soaring], May, page 10

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Page, P.
Variometer Audio-Page [Equipment\Instruments\Variometers], July, page 24
Page, T.
Group-accident insurance for SSA members [Insurance\Life], October, page 22
1966 midwest regional soaring contest [Competitions\Regional], December, page 23
Parcell, Gil (a.k.a. G. Parcell)
Sour Grapes (Letters) [Commentary\Badges], September, page 8
Placek, B.
Thanks (Letters) [Commentary], November, page 8
Plaskin, V.
New gliders [Sailplanes\KAI-17; International\USSR], April, page 10
Poynter, D.F.
Sailchute or paraplane? [Equipment\Parachutes], March, page 17
Prue, I.
Sailplane launching at the 33rd [Competitions\National], August, page 11

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Reeves, E.J.
How to win friends and influence farmers [Literature], January, page 19
Reupke, K.
M-1 status report [Sailplanes\M-1], December, page 18
Rhoades, C.R.
Dragonfly vs. Motor Spatz (Letters) [Sailplanes], June, page 8
Riedel, P.
Flying the Motorsegler (Feature Article) [Motorgliders\K-11 Motorsegler], March, page 13
Ryan, Bertha M. (a.k.a. Bertha Ryan, B.M. Ryan, B. Ryan)
33rd National - Statistics Table of scores [Competitions\National], August, page 18
33rd National - Comments of a scorer at Reno [Competitions\National], August, page 22
Ryan, John D. (a.k.a. J.D. Ryan)
Let's swing [Equipment\Instruments], May, page 12
Clarifications (Letters) [Sailplanes\Foka], May, page 31
Grim statistics [Safety], December, page 11
Ryan, Max
No title [Sailplanes\Boomerang ES 60], April, page 25

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Santee, D.
K-8 from a kit [Construction\Sailplanes; Sailplanes\K-8], October, page 20
Saudek, Victor M. (a.k.a. Victor Saudek, Vic Saudek, V.M. Saudek, V. Saudek)
Thermalling [Techniques\Thermal Soaring], April, page 26
The Fix [Equipment\Instrumentation\Barographs], September, page 21
Scheurer, B.
Greetings! (Letters) [International\Vietnam], August, page 8
Schreder, Richard E. (a.k.a. R. Schreder, Richard Schreder, Dick Schreder, R. Schreder, Richard Schreder, R.E. Schreder)
The winner's tale [Competitions\National], August, page 29
Building metal sailplanes [Construction\Sailplanes], October, page 25
Building metal sailplanes [Construction\Sailplanes], December, page 26
Seagars, E.J. (a.k.a. E. Seagars)
In Memoriam Carl V. Brinkman, Sr. (Obituaries) [Obituaries], November, page 3
Segarra, J.M.
Safety Helmets (Letters) [Safety], January, page 6
And Still (Letters) [Commentary], April, page 8
Selvidge, Harner (a.k.a. H. Selvidge)
Aviation Weather, by US Gov't. Printing Office (Book Reviews) [Literature], January, page 23
The Gliding Book, by various authors (Book Reviews) [Literature], September, page 29
Shaman, H.
And Still More (Letters) [Commentary], April, page 8
Shapland, O.C.
Club News [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs], December, page 3
Showalter, D.
Tern Plans (Letters) [Sailplanes\Tern], April, page 8
Shumake, Bill
New Chapter Formed [Soaring Society of America\Chapters], January, page 29
Slater, W.N.
Three years in the life of the Dart (Feature Article) [Sailplanes\Dart], February, page 18
Smith, R.
Advisory Advice (Letters) [Federal Aviation Administration], June, page 8
Soaring International
Herman Stiglmeier soaring the Finnish Vasama over Inyokern (Cover) [Sailplanes\Vasama], October, cover
Soaring International Photo
One of Three Fokas flying in U. S. flown by owner Hugo Taskovich (Cover) [Sailplanes\Foka], August, cover
Steinhoff, E.
A thirty-year diamond, Johnson, D.C. [Awards\Badges], February, page 14
Stevenson, D.; with I. Ebentheuer
The German National Championships (Feature Article) [Competitions\Germany], September, page 10
Struthers, J.A.
Long Flights (Letters) [Flights], June, page 8

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Thomson, X.; with X. Wessel
New Libelle Trailer [Equipment\Trailer], February, page 9

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Uhalt, A.H.; with W.M. Foley, H. Marshall Claybourn (a.k.a. M. Claybourn and H.M. Claybourn)
Nationals Coverage (Letters) [Competitions\National], October, page 8
Uveges, George (a.k.a. G. Uveges)
Harold Hutchinson and Prue 215 complete contest task at '58 Nationals (Cover) [Competitions\National; Sailplanes\Prue 215], February, cover
Paul Bikle soaring an Austria SHK with San Gabriel Mountains in background (Cover) [Sailplanes\Austria SHK], April, cover
Torrey Pines midwinter soaring meet, 20th year [Competitions], April, page 14
Jack Jordan soaring LP-49 over hills east of Lake Elsinore (Cover) [Sailplanes\Laister LP-49], November, cover
K-6 soaring over rocks [Sailplanes\K-6], December, page 10

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Welch, Ann (a.k.a. A. Welch)
Historical Notes [Crewing; History], April, page 23
Wentorf, R.H., Jr.; with J.C. "Red Dog" Wright (a.k.a. J.C. Wright and J.C. "Red" Wright)
Parcell Post (Letters) [Awards\Badges], October, page 8
Wessel, X.; with X. Thomson
New Libelle Trailer [Equipment\Trailer], February, page 9
Williams, A.C.
Ted Chandler flying his Libelle over San Antonio (Cover) [Sailplanes\Huetter H-301 Libelle], March, cover
Wortmann, F.X.
Drag reduction in sailplanes (Feature Article) [Aerodynamics; Performance Calculations], June, page 10
Drag reduction in sailplanes, part II (Feature Article) [Aerodynamics; Performance Calculations], July, page 20
Wright, J.C. "Red Dog" (a.k.a. J.C. Wright, J.C. "Red" Wright)
Travels with Red Dog (Feature Article) [Commercial Operations; Competitions], February, page 22
Red Dog's Rebuttal (Letters) [Competitions\Sailplanes], July, page 8
Marfa - 1966 [Commercial Operations; Competitions], November, page 20
Wright, J.C. "Red Dog" (a.k.a. J.C. Wright, J.C. "Red" Wright); with R.H. Wentorf, Jr.
Parcell Post (Letters) [Awards\Badges], October, page 8
Wright, S.
Listen to the wind [Literature], May, page 27

Y     (up to table of contents)

Yund, A.J.
Noblesse Oblige (Letters) [Youth], June, page 8
Yund, L.
Footprints in the sky [Awards\Flights; Commercial Operations; Techniques\Wave Soaring], February, page 15

None     (up to table of contents)

New NAA Head [National Aeronatuic Association], January, page 3
Turn Point Panels [Competitions\Turn Point Panels], January, page 3
State Soaring Records [Awards\Records\State], January, page 4
Wave Flights [Flights], January, page 4
Peter Riedel, last survivor of the Rhoen (Feature Article) [People\P. Riedel; International\Germany], January, page 8
Quotable Quotes [Quotes], January, page 10
Historical Notes [History], January, page 11
No title (Aeroclassic Photos by George Uveges) [Air Shows and Demonstrations], January, page 14
Historical Notes [History], January, page 20
Nationals Notice [Competitions\National], January, page 21
Archives Plea [History\Archives], January, page 22
Another Miracle Material (News Notes) [Materials], January, page 24
Men and Ships (News Notes) [People; Sailplanes], January, page 24
Model Matters (News Notes) [Model], January, page 24
Historical Notes & Quotable Quotes [History; Quotes], January, page 25
Random Notes (News Notes) [Miscellaneous], January, page 25
International F.A.I. Badges for Soaring [Awards\Badges], January, page 27
International F.A.I. Badges for Soaring -- Canada [Awards\Badges\Canada; International\Canada], January, page 27
Long Soaring Flights [Flights], January, page 27
Try for State Records [Awards\Records\State], January, page 27
Material Available [Soaring Society of America], January, page 29
Airworthiness & Licensing Committee Progress [Licenses], February, page 5
State Soaring Records [Awards\Records], February, page 5
International F.A.I. Badges for Soaring [Awards\Badges], February, page 6
New Radio Subcommittee Chairman [Soaring Society of America\Committees], February, page 6
Election Results [Soaring Society of America], February, page 9
The World's Sailplanes Available [Literature], February, page 9
Archives Plea [History\Archives], February, page 12
Quotable Quotes [Youth], February, page 12
Assistant Executive Secretary Wanted by SSA [Soaring Society of America\Staff], February, page 15
Federal air regulation changes [Federal Aviation Administration; Licenses\Pilot], February, page 25
SSA Photo Display [Soaring Society of America], February, page 26
Nationals Announcement [Competitions\National], February, page 27
Quotable Quotes [Quotes], February, page 27
Bids for 1-26 Nationals [Sailplanes\Schweizer\SGS 1-26; Competitions\1-26], February, page 28
Air Museum (News Notes) [Museums], February, page 29
Club News (News Notes) [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs], February, page 29
More Auguries, More Anticipation (News Notes) [Sailplanes; Glasflügel], February, page 29
Revival at China Lake (News Notes) [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs; Sailplanes\HP-11], February, page 29
ABC Program [Awards\Badges], February, page 31
Schleicher Deliveries [Sailplanes], February, page 31
Wave Flights [Flights], February, page 31
International F.A.I. Badges for Soaring -- Canada [Awards\Badges\Canada; International\Canada], February, page 32
New Schleicher Dealership [Dealers], March, page 4
Updating SSA Item #'s [Soaring Society of America], March, page 4
Wave Flights [Flights], March, page 4
Helms Awards (Hall of Fame) [Awards\Helms], March, page 7
State Soaring Records (Letters) [Awards\Records\State], March, page 8
1966 SSA Directory [Soaring Society of America\Publications], March, page 9
Volunteer Wanted [Soaring Society of America\Volunteers], March, page 9
Lilienthal medal awarded to Al Parker [Awards\Lilienthal; People\A.H. Parker], March, page 11
Mid-winter directors' meeting [Soaring Society of America\Directors], March, page 15
Historical Notes [History], March, page 16
Quotable Quotes [Quotes], March, pages 16, 27
SSA Photo Display [Photos], March, page 28
Convection (News Notes) [Meteorology], March, page 29
More Zap at CAP (News Notes) [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs\Civil Air Patrol], March, page 29
News from Abroad (News Notes) [Competitions\International], March, page 29
SSA Cross Section (News Notes) [Survey], March, page 29
The Optimum Circling Polar (News Notes) [Aerodynamics], March, page 29
ABC Program [Awards\Badges], March, page 31
Early Renewal Prizes [Membership], March, page 31
International F.A.I. Badges for Soaring [Awards\Badges], March, page 31
Two OSTIV Courses [OSTIV\Instruction], March, page 31
1966 SSA State Governors [Soaring Society of America\Volunteers], March, page 32
ABC Program [Awards\Badges], April, page 4
Club News [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs], April, page 4
German Nationals Invitation [Competitions], April, page 6
International F.A.I. Badges for Soaring [Awards\Badges], April, page 6
Long Flights [Flights], April, page 6
1957 (1967) Nationals Bids [Competitions], April, page 9
Third New Zealand gliding championships [International\New Zealand], April, page 24
New Board Member [Soaring Society of America], April, page 27
Know your soaring centers (Holiday Soaring School) [Commercial Operations], April, page 28
Second annual 1-26 championships [Competitions], April, page 29
News Notes [Miscellaneous], April, page 30
Advertising Deadlines [Soaring Society of America\Soaring Magazine\Advertising], April, page 31
Bibliography on Soaring [Literature], April, page 31
Free Advisory Circulars [Federal Aviation Administration], April, page 31
March Mailing [Soaring Society of America\Soaring Magazine], April, page 31
Reprint Service [Information], April, page 31
Stevenson-Ebentheuer [Equipment], April, page 31
Youngest Silver Badge Holder [Awards\Badges], April, page 31
Sailplane Fleet [Sailplanes], May, page 4
Schempp-Hirth Expands [Manufacturers], May, page 4
Bibliography on Soaring [Literature], May, page 7
International F.A.I. Badges for Soaring [Awards\Badges], May, page 7
International F.A.I. Badges for Soaring -- Canada [Awards\Badges\Canada; International\Canada], May, page 7
Nationals Notes [Competitions\National], May, page 9
Schweizer Aircraft Corp. - report for 1965 (Feature Article) [Manufacturers\Sailplanes; History\American], May, page 14
Know your soaring centers -- Thermal-G-Ranch Gliderport [Commercial Operations], May, page 17
Summary of long soaring flights of 1965 [Techniques\Cross Country], May, page 21
Quotable Quotes [Quotes], May, page 27
State Soaring Records [Awards\Records\State], May, page 28
Table of all State soaring records [Awards\Records\Flights], May, page 29
Materials Available [Literature], May, page 32
Wave Flights [Flights], May, page 32
Nationals Notes [Competitions\National], June, page 3
International F.A.I. Badges for Soaring [Awards\Badges], June, page 4
Long Soaring Flights [Flights], June, page 4
World Championships [Competitions\International], June, page 6
Archives Announcement [History\Archives], June, page 9
SSA Chapter Rebates [Soaring Society of America\Chapters], June, page 9
Warning! [Safety], June, page 13
Auto tow. Kern County Soaring Society (Feature Article) [Launching\Auto], June, page 21
British Championships (News Notes) [Competitions\International\British], June, page 30
Men at work (News Notes) [Design], June, page 30
Random Gusts (News Notes) [People; Sailplanes], June, page 30
The Final Solution (News Notes) [Design\Drag], June, page 30
The not so new news dept. (News Notes) [History], June, page 30
ABC Program [Awards\Badges], June, page 31
Glasfluegel Expansion [Manufacturers], June, page 31
The Sailplane Fleet [Sailplanes], June, page 31
Wave Flights [Flights], June, page 31
Bibliography on Soaring [Literature], July, page 3
First Phoebus Arrives [Sailplanes\Phoebus], July, page 3
ABC Program [Awards\Badges], July, page 5
International F.A.I. Badges for Soaring [Awards\Badges], July, page 5
International F.A.I. Badges for Soaring -- Canada [Awards\Badges\Canada; International\Canada], July, page 5
Long Soaring Flights [Flights], July, page 6
Next Year's Nationals [Competitions\National], July, page 6
The Sailplane Fleet New Sailplanes, Sailplanes changed hands, sailplanes under construction [Sailplanes], July, page 6
Licensing clarification [Federal Aviation Administration; Licenses\Sailplanes], July, page 9
Communist China (World News) [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs; Instruction], July, page 16
England (World News) [Competitions; People\Anne Burns; Sailplanes\Austria SHK], July, page 16
France (World News) [Sailplanes\WA-50], July, page 16
Germany (World News) [Pilot Statistics], July, page 16
Ireland (Dublin) (World News) [Launching\Ground], July, page 17
Italy (World News) [Sailplanes\M200], July, page 17
Cape Cod Capers (News Notes) [Sites\Cape Cod], July, page 30
Fiberglass Fandango (News Notes) [Materials], July, page 30
Project Sigma (News Notes) [Sailplanes\Sigma], July, page 30
Sic Itur Ad Astra (News Notes) [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs], July, page 30
California Regonals [Competitions\Regional], July, page 31
News Release [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs], July, page 31
OSTIV Course [OSTIV; Instruction], July, page 31
Wave Flights [Flights], July, page 31
End of towing waivers in sight [Launching\Aerotow; Federal Aviation Administration], August, page 3
New Multiplance Record by Edward G. Minghelli [Awards\Records], August, page 3
International F.A.I. Badges for Soaring [Awards\Badges], August, page 5
Canadian News [International\Canada], August, page 6
Foka Certified [Certification], August, page 6
Long Soaring Flights [Flights], August, page 6
National Championships Abroad [Competitions\International\Poland], August, page 9
The August Issue [Soaring Society of America\Soaring Magazine], August, page 9
International F.A.I. Badges for Soaring -- Canada [Awards\Badges\Canada], August, page 32
Materials Available [Soaring Society of America], August, page 32
Bibliography on Soaring [Literature], August, page 33
The Sailplane Fleet [Sailplanes], September, page 3
International F.A.I. Badges for Soaring -- Canada [Awards\Badges\Canada; International\Canada], September, page 5
Long Soaring Flights [Flights], September, page 5
Multiplace Speed Record Established [Awards\Records\Multiplace], September, page 6
Register Available [Sailplanes], September, page 6
1967 Nationals [Competitions\National], September, page 9
Schleicher Designations [Sailplanes], September, page 9
The Welcome Mat [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs], September, page 9
Technical Symposium [Symposium], September, page 15
Historical Notes [History], September, page 25
1966 mid-Atlantic regionals [Competitions\Regional], September, page 26
Northwest regional soaring contest [Competitions\Regional], September, page 27
Improved Technology (News Notes) [Technology\Fiberglass cover], September, page 29
Outward Bound (News Notes) [Aircraft\XB-70], September, page 29
International F.A.I. Badges of Soaring [Awards\Badges], September, page 30
State Soaring Records [Awards\Records\State], September, page 30
Wave Flights [Flights], September, page 30
Austrian Nationals [Competitions\International\Austria], October, page 3
Bibliography on Soaring [Literature], October, page 3
OSTIV Weather Course [OSTIV\Instruction], October, page 3
State Soaring Records [Awards\Records\State], October, page 3
ABC Program [Awards\Badges], October, page 5
Material Progress [Materials], October, page 5
New Feminine Goal Record [Awards\Records\National\Feminine], October, page 5
Accident Reports [Safety\Accidents], October, page 6
International F.A.I. Badges for Soaring -- Canada [Awards\Badges\Canada; International\Canada], October, page 6
Twoplace Record Approved [Awards\Records\National\Two-place], October, page 6
Eastern Open Results [Competitions\Regional], October, page 9
Newest -- and Youngest -- Diamond Pilot [Youth], October, page 9
Historical Notes [History], October, page 11
The Explorer [Sailplanes\Explorer; Equipment\Instruments; Sailplanes\Schweizer\SGS 2-32; People\K. Schribner], October, page 12
Historical Notes [History], October, page 21
Quotable Quotes [Quotes], October, page 21
Historical Notes [History], October, page 25
Mid-winter Marathon [Techniques\Cross Country], October, page 25
Long Flights Reminder [Awards\Flights], October, page 26
First-Class Thinking (News Notes) [Commentary], October, page 27
Hear it Now! (News Notes) [Information], October, page 27
Low-altitude Orbit (News Notes) [People\James H. Bede], October, page 27
Random Notes (News Notes) [People], October, page 27
Roll Your Own (News Notes) [Meteorology], October, page 27
Stop! (News Notes) [Equipment\Antennas], October, page 27
Long Soaring Flights [Flights], October, page 28
The Sailplane Fleet [Sailplanes], October, page 30
International F.A.I. Badges for Soaring [Awards\Badges], October, page 31
Wave Flights [Flights], October, page 31
New SSA Chapter [Soaring Society of America\Chapters], October, page 32
1966 SSA State Governors [Soaring Society of America\Volunteers], November, page 3
Elections [Soaring Society of America], November, page 4
New Facets to Diamant [Manufacturers; Sailplanes\Diamant], November, page 4
SSA Chapter Rebates [Soaring Society of America\Chapters], November, page 4
Oxygen Training Eligibility Broadened [Instruction\Oxygen], November, page 5
Long Soaring Flights [Flights], November, page 6
Record News [Awards\Records\World], November, page 6
Wild Wave Week Ends [Waves], November, page 6
A Word of Thanks [Soaring Society of America\Soaring Magazine], November, page 9
Lilienthal award to Makula [People\E. Makula; Awards\Lilienthal], November, page 15
New Soaring Clubs [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs], November, page 25
Soaring's new cover [Soaring Society of America\Soaring Magazine], November, page 26
Historical Notes [History], November, page 27
Directors Meeting Date Changed [Soaring Society of America], November, page 28
SF-27 Certificated [Sailplanes\SF-27], November, page 28
State Records [Awards\Records\State], November, page 28
The Sailplane Fleet [Sailplanes], November, page 28
ABC Program [Awards\Badges], November, page 29
International F.A.I. Badges for Soaring [Awards\Badges], November, page 29
International F.A.I. Badges for Soaring -- Canada [Awards\Badges\Canada; International\Canada], November, page 29
Apolgies to Thomson-Wessel [Dealers], November, page 30
New SSA Life Members [Soaring Society of America\Membership], November, page 30
SSA Chapters [Soaring Society of America\Chapters], November, page 30
Materials Available [Soaring Society of America], November, page 31
Chapter News [Soaring Society of America\Chapters], December, page 3
Erratum [Awards\Badges], December, page 3
Sierra Wave Camp [Techniques\Waves; Sites\Truckee-Tahoe], December, page 3
Wave Flights [Flights], December, page 4
Fierce Civil Strife The Mighty Knights of the Embarras [People], December, page 5
National Geographic Story [Publicity], December, page 5
New SSA Instructors [Instruction], December, page 6
Record News [Awards\Records], December, page 6
SSA Committees [Soaring Society of America], December, page 6
Hear, Hear! (Letters) [People\B. Ivans; People\S. DuPont], December, page 8
New Soaring Schools [Instruction], December, page 9
Battle of the Giants (News Notes) [People], December, page 25
Faster, Faster, Faster (News Notes) [Competitions\Local], December, page 25
New Fire for an Old Feud (News Notes) [Competitions\Regional], December, page 25
There's Fiberglass in your Future (News Notes) [Materials; Sailplanes\Design], December, page 25
Thermal Detection (News Notes) [Equipment\Instrumentation], December, page 25
Gift subscriptions [Publicity], December, page 26
ABC Program [Awards\Badges], December, page 28
The Sailplane Fleet New Sailplanes, Sailplanes changed hands, retired sailplanes [Sailplanes], December, page 28
International F.A.I. Badges for Soaring -- Canada [Awards\Badges\Canada; International\Canada], December, page 29
Long Soaring Flights [Flights], December, page 29
SSA Directors to Meet [Soaring Society of America], December, page 29
International F.A.I. Badges for Soaring [Awards\Badges], December, page 30
Soaring Mailing [Soaring Society of America\Soaring Magazine], December, page 30
Bibliography on Soaring [Literature], December, page 31
Renewal Time [Membership], December, page 31

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