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Bailey, N.S.
1957 Midwest meet [Competitions], January-February, page 12
Barbour, R.D.
The Thermal G - a new soaring center [Commercial Operations], May-June, page 8
Battle, J.M.
The South rises again [Competitions], September-October, page 8
Beck, M.R.
Wurtsboro wave to Gold C altitude [Awards\Flights; Wave Soaring], November-December, page 17
Bennis, S. and G.
Memorial Day week end soaring meet [Competitions], July-August, page 17
Bowers, P.M.
(Interesting gliders) [Sailplanes\Lo-150], January-February, page 18
Schweizer 1-19 after C flight, photo by Peter M. Bowers (Cover) [Sailplanes\Schweizer SGS 1-19; Awards], March-April, cover
(Interesting gliders) [Sailplanes\Dragonfly], March-April, page 25
(Interesting gliders) [Sailplanes], May-June, page 27
(Interesting gliders) [Sailplanes\Schweizer SGS 2-8], July-August, page 25
Gyro Gliders (Interesting gliders) [Sailplanes\Gyro], September-October, page 27
(Interesting gliders) [Sailplanes\Daimler L-15], November-December, page 31
Bowmar, B.; with Victor M. Saudek (a.k.a. Victor Saudek, Vic Saudek, V.M. Saudek and V. Saudek)
Cross-country in Nevada [Crewing; Cross-Country Soaring; Safety], March-April, page 5
Bromley, D.S.
In memoriam to Robert Symons [Literature], May-June, page 11
Brown, J.L.
Sailplane radios and the antenna [Radio Equipment], May-June, page 7

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Carmichael, Bruce H. (a.k.a. Bruce Carmichael, B.H. Carmichael, B. Carmichael)
Book Review: Fluid-Dynamic Drag by Dr. Ing. S.F. Hoerner [Literature], July-August, page 26
Experimental investigation of a thick laminar airfoil [Aerodynamic Design], November-December, page 6
Carter, L.
Mississippi State College Glider Club [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs], May-June, page 25
Claybourn, H. Marshall (a.k.a. M. Claybourn, H.M. Claybourn)
Mississippi waves? [Wave Soaring], November-December, page 15
Cosgrove, M.C.
SSA insurance program [Insurance], January-February, page 16

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Drew, H.
A new winch for the Vultures [Launching\Winch Towing], May-June, page 2

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Entz, P.H.
A new regional contest proposal [Competitions\Regional], November-December, page 3
4th annual Pacific Northwest soaring contest [Competitions\Local], November-December, page 4
Eppler, E.; with H. Naegele
Plastic sailplane FS-24 Phoenix [Sailplanes\Phoenix], July-August, page 2

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Falconar, C.B.
Wetaskiwin soaring meet [Competitions; Canada], July-August, page 19
Canadian News [Canada], November-December, page 30
Forker, R.
The 1958 world soaring championships task point system [Competitions], May-June, page 14
Friedewald, F.B.
Spiraling around St. Louis [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs], July-August, page 18
Second annual Illini soaring contest [Competitions], November-December, page 18

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Gray, J.
1958 northeastern soaring contest [Competitions], September-October, page 20
Gray, J.H.
Salesmanship [Publicity], September-October, page 7

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Heatley, E.R.
1st annual Tulsa Skyhawks soaring contest [Competitions], July-August, page 7
Henderson, T.
HP-8, 1-21; photos by Tom Henderson (Cover) [Sailplanes\Schweizer SGS 1-21; Sailplanes\HP-8], September-October, cover

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Ivans, William S., Jr. (a.k.a. W.S. Ivans, W.S. Ivans, Jr., Bill Ivans)
In Memoriam R.F. Symons (Obituaries) [Obituaries], May-June, page 10

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Lambie, J.H.
Plans to explore the Elsinore shear line with the OSTIV grant [Meteorology], September-October, page 24
Licher, Lloyd M. (a.k.a. L.M. Licher, L. Licher)
FAI soaring awards rules and procedures [Awards], March-April, page 14
25th annual US national soaring competitions [Competitions\National], September-October, page 10
Licher, Rose Marie
Arizona Soaring Association's new soaring site and a TG-3, photo by Rose Marie Licher (Cover) [Covers\Soaring Site], January-February, cover

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MacCready, Paul B., Jr. (a.k.a. P.B. MacCready, Jr., P. MacCready, Jr.)
Optimum airspeed selector [Sailplanes; Instruments], January-February, page 10
Matteson, F.H. (a.k.a. F. Matteson)
Zugvogel on tow, photo by Fred Matteson (Cover) [Air Tow], July-August, cover
1958 world soaring championships [Competitions], July-August, page 10
McNay, D.E.
Flight testing the modified 1-26 [Sailplanes\Schweizer SGS 1-26; Test Flying], November-December, page 2
Menefee, E.O. (a.k.a. E. Menefee)
NCSA Memorial Day soaring contest [Competitions\Local], July-August, page 27
In Memoriam John B. Sawyer (Obituaries) [Obituaries], September-October, page 23
Mooney, W.
Flat on my face [Literature], September-October, page 28
Moore, Robert Lee (a.k.a. R.L. Moore)
Northwest memorial day soaring meet [Competitions\Local], July-August, page 16
Diamond C altitude in Washington [Wave Soaring; Awards\Flights], November-December, page 16

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Naegele, H.; with E. Eppler
Plastic sailplane FS-24 Phoenix [Sailplanes\Phoenix], July-August, page 2
Namtry, H.A.
Book Review: Gliding, by Derek Piggott (Book Reviews) [Literature\Book Review], November-December, page 23
Nowak, J.
Toledo glider club, Adrian, Michigan [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs; Sites\Adrian], July-August, page 8

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Oberlerchner, J.
Musger Mg 23, photo by Josef Oberlerchner (Cover) [Sailplanes\Musger Mg 23], May-June, cover

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Perrucci, J.
1957 Snowbird meet [Competitions], January-February, page 14
Pratt, W.H.
1957 French soaring season [International\France], January-February, page 8
French Sailplanes [Sailplanes\Wassmer Wa 20; International\France; Sailplanes\Breguet 902], May-June, page 4

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Reeves, E.J.
Twenty years ago [History\American], March-April, page 20
Twenty years ago [History\American], May-June, page 20
Twenty years ago [History\American], November-December, page 20
Reeves, E.M.
Twenty years ago [History\American], January-February, page 20
Twenty years ago [History\American], July-August, page 20
Robertson, J.M
1957 accident analysis [Safety], May-June, page 9
Accidents and the CAA [Civil Aeronautic Authority; Safety], July-August, page 24
Safety First Whither statistics? [Safety], November-December, page 28
Robertson, J.M.
Safety First [Safety], January-February, page 18
Royce, W.T.
Cloud Reading for Pilots, by Ann Welch (Book Reviews) [Literature\Book Review], January-February, page 29
Ryan, B.M., ed.
Club News (Club News) [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs], September-October, page 28
Club News (Club News) [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs], November-December, page 22
Ryan, Bertha M. (a.k.a. Bertha Ryan, B.M. Ryan, B. Ryan)
(West words) [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs], January-February, page 21
(West words) [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs], March-April, page 21
(West words) [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs], May-June, page 19
(West words) [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs], July-August, page 21

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Sanford, T.W., Jr.
The 12th Annual Torrey Pines meet [Competitions], March-April, page 2
Saudek, Victor M. (a.k.a. Victor Saudek, Vic Saudek, V.M. Saudek, V. Saudek); with B. Bowmar
Cross-country in Nevada [Crewing; Cross-Country Soaring; Safety], March-April, page 5
Sawyer, J.B.
Safety first A word, to the Other Guy [Safety], September-October, page 26
Schreder, Richard E. (a.k.a. R. Schreder, Richard Schreder, Dick Schreder, R. Schreder, Richard Schreder, R.E. Schreder)
The 1958 nationals from the cockpit of the HP-8 [Competitions\Flights], November-December, page 12
Schweizer, E.
The Schweizer 1-30 [Airplanes\1-30; Powered Aircraft], November-December, page 11
Schweizer, P.A
100% support for the internationals (Editorial) [Competitions], July-August, pages facing 1
Schweizer, Paul A. (a.k.a. Paul Schweizer, P.A. Schweizer)
Schweizer sailplane developments [Sailplanes\Schweizer SGS 2-22; Manufacturers\Sailplanes; Sailplanes\Schweizer SGS Sailplanes\Schweizer SGS 1-23; Commercial Operations; Sailplanes\Schweizer SGS 1-26; Sailplanes\Schweizer SGS 1-29; Training], March-April, page 17
(Editorial) [Editorial], November-December, pages facing 1
Selvidge, Harner (a.k.a. H. Selvidge)
Diamond prospecting in the Mojave desert - Part 2 [Awards\Flights; Cross-Country Soaring], January-February, page 2
Serafin, John (a.k.a. J. Serafin)
Report from Leszno [Competitions; Poland], May-June, page 16
Shattuck, E.
Tweedie [Club; Youth], November-December, page 31
Smith, F.E.W.
Safety [Safety], March-April, page 26
Southee, E.
In Memoriam William R. Enyart (Obituaries) [Obituaries], November-December, page 26

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Tobin, T.M.
You and a TG-2! [Training], January-February, page 6
Turnbow, J.W.
1958 central Texas soaring meet [Competitions\Local], September-October, page 6

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Wilson, P.A.
Sandbagging the Ross Racer [Competitions; Sailplanes\Ross Racer], September-October, page 2
Wood, H.F.
Tenth annual Wright memorial glider meet [Competitions\Local], September-October, page 4

None     (up to table of contents)

A Fable [Editorial], January-February, pages facing 1
25th National Bishop to host 1958 Nationals [Sites; Competitions], January-February, page 13
US international soaring team [Competitions], January-February, page 19
(SSA News) [Soaring Society of America], January-February, page 24
Soaring Magazine [Soaring Society of America\Soaring Magazine], January-February, page 25
What's in it for me? [Editorial], March-April, pages facing 1
The new FAI standard class [FAI; Standard Class], March-April, page 7
25th annual US national soaring competitions Rules and Regulations [Competitions], March-April, page 8
Preparations for the 1958 nationals [Competitions; Sites], March-April, page 12
US international soaring team [Competitions], March-April, page 13
(SSA News) [Soaring Society of America], March-April, page 22
News briefs [Sailplanes\Mu-22; Awards\Lilienthal Medal], March-April, page 24
Terminology [Editorial], May-June, pages facing 1
15 Meter class [Competitions], May-June, page 11
Report from Bishop [Competitions; Sites], May-June, page 12
25th Annual U.S. national soaring competitions contest organization [Competitions], May-June, page 13
Final results [Competitions], May-June, page 17
(SSA News) [Soaring Society of America], May-June, page 22
25th annual US national soaring competitions [Competitions], July-August, page 6
(SSA News) [Soaring Society of America], July-August, page 22
Every sailplane soaring again (Editorial) [Editorial], September-October, pages facing 1
25th National - Statistics 25th annual US national soaring competitions - table of scores - 1958 [Competitions], September-October, page 16
(SSA News) [Soaring Society of America], September-October, page 30
XM-1 designed by James Marske; Breguet 905, French standard class, photo by Lesgourgues (Cover) [Sailplanes\Bruguet 905; Sailplanes\XM-1], November-December, cover
Jurio Tsuchiya [Obituaries], November-December, page 18
Mooney's D.D. [Sailplanes\Dust Devil], November-December, page 21
(SSA News) [Soaring Society of America], November-December, page 25
Dr. Edward P. Warner (Obituaries) [Obituaries], November-December, page 26
1-26 one design regatta and meeting of the 1-26 association [Competitions; Sailplanes\Schweizer SGS 1-26], November-December, page 27

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