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Book Reviews, Cover, Interesting gliders, SSA News, Safety first, Twenty years ago, West words

Book Reviews
H. Selvidge, Flying is My Life/ The Sky My Kingdom, by Hanna Reitsch, September-October, page 24
H. Selvidge, The Airman's World, by Gill Robb Wilson, November-December, page 33

Ambrosini "Conguro" and AVM "Gheppio" photo by Giorgio Apostolo, January-February
Schweizer 1-26 at TSA, March-April
New Sailplane Design, photo by Fred S. Lord, May-June
Stan Smith at competition, photo by Rose Marie Licher, July-August
Les Arnold, Champion, and Nelson Nummingbird, photo by Rose Marie Licher, September-October
Laister-Kauffman at Torrey Pines, photo by Rose Marie Licher, November-December

Interesting gliders
P.M. Bowers, March-April, page 15
P.M. Bowers, May-June, page 23
P.M. Bowers, September-October, page 23

SSA News
January-February, page 24
March-April, page 20
May-June, page 28
July-August, page 30
September-October, page 1
September-October, page 16
September-October, page 22
November-December, page 28

Safety first
J.M. Robertson, compiler, July-August, page 33
J.M. Robertson, compiler, Safety First, September-October, page 13
H. Selvidge, November-December, page 19

Twenty years ago
Twenty Years Ago, January-February, page 26
Twenty Years Ago, March-April, page 22
E.J. Reeves, Twenty Years Ago, May-June, page 32
E.J. Reeves, Twenty Years Ago, July-August, page 28
E.J. Reeves, Twenty Years Ago, September-October, page 21
E.J. Reeves, Twenty Years Ago, November-December, page 20

West words
L.M. Licher, January-February, page 21
L.M. Licher, March-April, page 18
L.M. Licher, May-June, page 31
B.M. Ryan, July-August, page 29
B.M. Ryan, September-October, page 20
B.M. Ryan, November-December, page 21

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