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Cover, Editorial, Interesting gliders, Letter, SSA News, Spiraling with E.J., West words

D-34 Sailplane, photo by Martin Deskau; Hanna Reitsch in Zugvogel, photo by Martin Deskau, January-February
Elfe-III, photo by Heimgartner, March-April
Exhibit at Henry Ford Museum, photo courtesy Henry Ford Museum, May-June
Sailplanes at Smaden, Switzerland, photo by Maurer, July-August
Jenny Mae, photo by R.A. Smith; Breguet 901, photo by F.H. Matteson, September-October
Super-Elfe, photo by Heimgartner, November-December

F.J. Sweet, March-April, pages facing 1

Interesting gliders
P.M. Bowers, May-June, page 13
P.M. Bowers, Interesting gliders, July-August, page 18
P.M. Bowers, September-October, page 22
P.M. Bowers, November-December, page 30

N. Kadmon, Soaring readers write, January-February, page 25

SSA News
January-February, page 20
March-April, page 32
May-June, page 20
July-August, page 22
November-December, page 30

Spiraling with E.J.
E.J. Reeves, January-February, page 16
E.J. Reeves, March-April, page 16
E.J. Reeves, May-June, page 16
E.J. Reeves, July-August, page 16

West words
L.M. Licher, July-August, page 18
L.M. Licher, November-December, page 27

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