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Rene Breguet, Design for a glider trophy executed by Ernfred Anderson of Elmira and exhibited by him in the administration building on Harris Hill during the 1937 National Soaring Contest, January
Carl Thompson, The Delaware Soaring Society's Waco primary above Bellanca Field near New Castle, Delaware, February
Hans Groenhoff, A utility soaring over Mt. Meenagha, in the Ellenville area, accompanying Art Ramer's article, March
Al Hoeflich, Dan Sanborn soaring his two-seater Grunau 8 at the Altamount Pass Site of the Northern California Soaring Society, April
Possibly from the article "Soaring Flight in Nature" by L.J. Lesh, reprinted from Model Airplane News, May
Antelo Devereux, Minimoa at the 1937 National Contest, taken with a red filter, June
John Robinson's "Robin", July
Stan Corcoran and his "Cinema", August
US Navy, A Franklin PS-2, probably at Pensacola, Florida, September
Hans Groenhoff, October
A.F. Hoeflich, November
A.F. Hoeflich, December

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