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Aggar, F.
Glider degravitation [Launching\Winch], March, page 4

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Baily, R.A.
Wild flowers and soaring [Competitions], July, page 2
Barnes, F.C.
Soaring sites - IV - the Tejon Ranch [Sites\Tejon Ranch], April, page 4
Barrette, R.W.
Protection for the sailplane owner [Insurance], May, page 5
Barringer, L.B.
The soaring test pilot - IV [Sailplanes\Goppingen-3 Minimoa; Test Flying], April, page 6
Tennessee and Texas, first report of the Texas expedition [Sites\Texas; Sites\Tennessee; Techniques\Thermal], May, page 2
Distance over the plains [Flights\Record; Sailplanes\Goppingen-3 Minimoa], June, page 2
Texas thermals [Sailplanes\Goppingen-3 Minimoa; Sites\Texas; Techniques\Thermal Soaring], June, page 6
White Mountain winds [Sites\White Mountain], December, page 2
Bonotaux, L.A.
Washington, May, page 12
Breguet, Rene
Design for a glider trophy executed by Ernfred Anderson of Elmira and exhibited by him in the administration building on Harris Hill during the 1937 National Soaring Contest (Covers) [Cover], January, cover
Brown, H.H.
Gliding and soaring with a light plane [Powered Aircraft], September, page 3
Buxton, J.
Soaring sites VIII - Palos Verdes Hills [Sites\Palo Verde Hills], September, page 6
Moonlight soaring [Techniques\Night], December, page 5

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Dawydoff, A.
Russian record flights [Sailplanes\Mak-12; USSR], February, page 10
Dawydoff, A., translator
Cloud crashing [USSR; Sailplanes\Kai-4], April, page 9
Devereux, Antelo
Minimoa at the 1937 National Contest, taken with a red filter (Covers) [Cover], June, cover

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Enyart, W.R.
SSA Executive news [Sailplanes], January, page 12

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German Research Institute for Sailplanes at Darmstadt
The Habicht aerobatic sailplane [Sailplanes\Habicht], January, page 6
Groenhoff, Hans
A utility soaring over Mt. Meenagha, in the Ellenville area, accompanying Art Ramer's article (Covers) [Cover], March, cover
(Covers) [Cover], October, cover

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Hamilton, D.
Soaring sites V - Big Meadows, Virginia [Sites\Big Meadows, Virginia], May, page 8
Hasse, E.G.
Cross country soaring [Cross-Country Soaring; Sailplanes\Goppingen-3 Minimoa], January, page 2
Hoeflich, A.F.
(Covers) [Cover], November, cover
(Covers) [Cover], December, cover
Hoeflich, Al
Dan Sanborn soaring his two-seater Grunau 8 at the Altamount Pass Site of the Northern California Soaring Society (Covers) [Cover], April, cover

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Keeler, H.F.
School construction [Construction\Sailplanes; Training], September, pages 4,

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Laister, J.W.
The Laister sailplane [Sailplanes\Laister], December, page 4
Lange, K.O.
Looking back on the 8th annual national soaring contest [Competitions\National], February, page 8
Lesh, L.J.
Soaring flight in nature [Birds], May, page 6

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Montgomery, L.D.
Thermal soaring over flat country near Detroit [Techniques\Thermal], July, page 5
Morse, R.
A dream that became a reality [Sailplanes], April, page 2

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Patton, H.H.
The Carnegie Tech Flying Anvil [Sailplanes\Flying Anvil], April, page 3

R     (up to table of contents)

Ramer, A.A.
Ellenville Soaring sites - III [Sites\Ellenville], March, page 6
Wurtsboro Soaring sites - III [Sites\Wurtsboro], March, page 6
Rastorgoueff, V.
Three world distance records [USSR], January, page 11
Reidel, P.
Power sailplanes, the next step in soaring [Sailplanes], February, page 2
Robinson, J.B. (a.k.a. J. Robinson)
Medical Aspects of Flight Wave Soaring Altitude over the desert [Flights\Desert; Physiology; Flights\Altitude], June, page 5
The sailplane "Robin" [Sailplanes\Robin], July, page 4
Soaring sites VII - Torrey Pines Mesa [Sites\Torrey Pines], July, page 8
Ross, H.C.
7000 feet in a secondary glider [Sailplanes\Ross-Stephens RS-1 Zanonia], November, page 6

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Schempp, M.
The Goevier two-seater sailplane [Sailplanes\Coevier], March, page 1
The Goevier two-seater sailplane [Sailplanes\Goevier], May, page 4
Schultz, A.B.
Soaring sites II - future possibilities of Michigan Sand Dunes [Sites\Michigan, Sand Dunes], February, page 4
Schweizer, Paul A. (a.k.a. Paul Schweizer, P.A. Schweizer)
The Schweizer two-place all-purpose sailplane [Sailplanes\Schweizer SGS 2-8], November, page 4
Setz, W., translator
High performance sailplane "FVA 10" [Sailplanes\FVA 10], February, page 6
Southee, E.R.
Soaring sites VI - Elmira, New York [Sites\Elmira], June, page 8
Stanley, R.M.
Washington test flight [Sailplanes\Ross Ibis; Test Flying], September, page 2
The Stanley sailplane [Sailplanes\Stanley], October, page 6
Stevens, E.
My first flight in a hang glider [Hang Gliders], April, page 10

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Thompson, Carl
The Delaware Soaring Society's Waco primary above Bellanca Field near New Castle, Delaware (Covers) [Cover], February, cover

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US Navy
A Franklin PS-2, probably at Pensacola, Florida (Covers) [Cover], September, cover

W     (up to table of contents)

Waters, G.
Soaring sites - I - the Altamount Pass site [Sites\Altamount Pass], January, page 4

None     (up to table of contents)

First anniversary [Bureau of Air Commerce; Soaring Society of America\Soaring Magazine], January, page 1
The soaring test pilot flies the Wolf intermediate sailplane - II [Sailplanes\Goppingen-1 Wolf; Test Flying], January, page 3
[Soaring Society of America]January, page 12
Harris Hill improvements [Sites\Harris Hill], January, page 12
Power soarer [Sailplanes], February, page 1
[Sailplanes\Condor]February, page 2
The soaring test pilot III - Don Stevens flies the Corcoran sailplane [Sailplanes\Corcoran; People\D. Stevens; Test Flying], February, page 7
[Soaring Society of America]February, page 12
The first national gliding and soaring conference [Conferences and Conventions], March, page 1
Two days in Washington [Conferences and Conventions], March, page 2
[Soaring Society of America]March, page 12
Soaring and meteorology [Meteorology], April, page 1
The Bowlus Baby Albatross [Sailplanes\Bowlus Baby Albatross], April, page 7
Reassurance by radio [Instruments\Avionics; Training], April, page 8
The Asiago GP-2 training sailplane [Sailplanes\Asiago GP-2; International\Italy], April, page 12
[Soaring Society of America]April, page 13
Possibly from the article "Soaring Flight in Nature" by L.J. Lesh, reprinted from Model Airplane News (Covers) [Cover], May, cover
Soaring and publicity [Publicity], May, page 1
[Soaring Society of America]May, page 12
Have we turned the corner? [Flights\Award], June, page 1
John Robinson's "Robin" (Covers) [Cover], July, cover
9th National - Rules and Regulations This year's contest [Competitions\National], July, page 1
Sailplane instruments and their arrangement [Instruments], July, page 6
(SSA News) [Soaring Society of America], July, page 12
Preliminary list of prizes and awards [Competitions\Awards], July, page 12
Stan Corcoran and his "Cinema" (Covers) [Cover], August, cover
We are going ahead [Competitions], August, page 1
The story of the most successful contest: 9th National Distance, altitude, duration [Competitions\National], August, page 2
Pilots and sailplanes they flew [Competitions], August, page 8
Standing in contest [Competitions], August, page 8
New Silver C pilots and their performances [Competitions\Awards], August, page 9
Prizes and awards [Competitions\Awards], August, page 9
Rules and regulations 1938-American Open soaring contest [Competitions\National], August, page 12
Year round trophies [Awards], September, page 1
The soaring test pilot flies the Ross Ibis [Sailplanes\Ross Ibis; Test Flying], September, page 8
(SSA News) [Soaring Society of America], September, page 13
Points award system [Competitions\Awards], September, page 99
Smooth sailing [Competitions], October, page 2
an account of the 5th annual glider meet of the Associated Gliding Clubs of New Jersey, Fifth and finest [Competitions\Local], October, page 8
Schley Glider Field Soaring sites IX - Schley Glider Field. [Sites\Schley], October, page 9
The Darmstadt 30 [Sailplanes\Darmstadt 30], October, page 10
Statistics of the 1938 American Open soaring contest [Competitions\National], October
State records [Records], November, page 1
The Polish sailplane "Komar Bis" [Sailplanes\Komar Bis], November, page 7
New German sailplanes [Sailplanes\Berlin B-6; Sailplanes\Chemnitz C-11; Sailplanes\Condor II; Sailplanes\Horten III], November, page 8
A review of 1938 [American History], December, page 1
The "E-3" two-seater high-performance sailplane [Sailplanes\E-3], December, page 6
The soaring test pilot flies the "Komar Bis" [Sailplanes\Komar Bis; Test Flying], December, page 7
White Mountain: Soaring sites - X [Sites\White Mountain Airport], December, page 8
Gliding and soaring clubs and associations in America [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs], December, page 9
(SSA News) [Soaring Society of America], December, page 13

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