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Auburn, R.J.
Building the Sun Spot [Sailplanes\Sun Spot], June, page 8

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Bailey, R.A.
Soaring in Southern California [Competitions\Local], November, page 2
Barnes, F.C.
Seven hours in a two-seater [Competitions\Flights], April, page 2
Barringer, L.B.
Brief taste of soaring abroad [People\W. Hirth; International\France; International\Germany], February, page 6
Silver C pilots at the contest [People\H.N. Wightman; People\A. Dumestre; People\S.W. Smith; People\E. Melhose; People\J.K. O'Meara; People\C.J. Decker; People\J. Pyragius; People\P. Riedel], July, page 2
Wings over Wurtsboro [Competitions\Local], November, page 6
Bellak, T.
Man made thermals [Techniques\Thermal Soaring], June, page 5
Blech, W.
1937 meet on the Wasserkuppe (Gliding and Soaring Bulletin) [International\Germany], December, page 3
Minimoa to 13,000 feet [Sailplanes\Goppingen-3 Minimoa], December, page 3
Bonotaux, L.A.
Gliding and soaring at Greenwood Lake [Sites], April, page 6
Brown, W.P.
Hunting thermals by a sea in the desert [Techniques\Thermal Soaring], December, page 2

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Decker, C.J.
Cross country [Flights\Cross-Country Soaring; Competitions\Flights], February, page 2
DuPont, R.C.
Distance with return [Competitions\Flights], January, page 8

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Groenhoff, H.
Wings over Ellenville [Sites], May, page 6

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Haase, E.G.
From the Wasserkuppe to Stuttgart [International\Germany], December, page 8

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Jensen, C.
The Jensen two-seater high performance sailplane [Sailplanes\Jensen], December, page 7

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Lehecka, E.A.
Elmira to Richland - 109 1/2 miles in 5 1/2 hours, July, page 2
Elmira to Richland - 109 1/2 miles in 5 1/2 hours [Competitions\Flights], September, page 2
Liddell, W.
Soaring in Northern Ireland [International\Ireland], September, page 6
Luebker, C.W.
Soaring in Chicagoland [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs], May, page 8
Luepke, R.T.
Arizona possibilities [Sites\Arizona], November, page 3

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Mehlhose, E.
Auto towing to 2600 feet [Launching\Autotow], March, page 8
Montgomery, L.D.
Liquid indicator for vertical speed [Instruments\Variometers], September, page 4
Mytton, Frances
Daring glider pilot [Literature], April, page 10

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Nessler, E.
Distance flight in France [Flights\International; International\France], May, page 2

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Pierce, P.
Hang and go fly [Sailplanes], June, page 2

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Ross, H.C.
Soaring across the Poconos [Competitions\Flights], October, page 6
Designing the Ross-Stephens sailplane [Sailplanes\Ross-Stephens RS-1 Zanonia], October, page 7

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Schultz, A.B.
Soaring the send dunes [Sites; Techniques\Ridge Soaring], February, page 7
Stresses in auto towed glider flight [Launching\Autotow], May, page 5
Setz, W.
The 18th Rhoen soaring contest [Competitions\International; International\Germany], November, page 4
Slatter, A.C.
Gust soaring [Techniques\Dynamic Soaring; Techniques\Ridge Soaring], July, page 10
Sweet, F.J.
University of Michigan Glider Club [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs], June, page 6

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Wightman, H.N.
135 miles in a utility glider, condensed from Gliding and Soaring Bulletin, December, 1936 [Competitions\Flights], March, page 2
Wills, Philip
Concerning altitude [Techniques\Cloud Flying; Techniques\Instrument Flying], August, page 4
Dunstable to Dover [International\Great Britain; Hjordis], December, page 14
Plane Sailing [Movies], December, page 16

None     (up to table of contents)

Take-off [Military; Instruction], January, page 1
Elmira's aviation ground school [Instruction], January, page 3
New setting for Eighth Annual National Soaring Contest [Sites; Competitions\National], January, page 3
Three modern sailplanes [Sailplanes\H-17 Utility; Sailplanes\Goppingen-1 Wolf; Sailplanes\Goppingen-3 Minimoa], January, page 4
Soaring in America [American History], January, page 6
Activities at Northern California SS [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs], January, page 10
(SSA executive news) [Soaring Society of America], January, page 13
Soaring for sport [Safety], February, page 1
Some interesting two-place sailplanes from home and abroad [Sailplanes\Buxton Transporter; Sailplanes\Goppingen K-4; Sailplanes\Kranich], February, page 4
Kits The H-17 kit [Sailplanes\H-17 Utility; Sailplanes\Construction], February, page 5
Barbara Rhodes [Obituaries], February, page 9
(SSA executive news) [Soaring Society of America], February, pages 13,53
"Hangover" from gliding days of 1920 and 1930 [Instruction], March, page 1
Bossi Aero-Cycle [Sailplanes\Bossi Aero-Cycle], March, page 4
[Soaring Society of America]March, page 8
[Soaring Society of America]March, page 12
America's position in motorless flight [American History], April, page 1
Rhonsperber high-performance sailplane [Sailplanes\Rhonsperber], April, page 4
Airplane training in a motorless plane [Instruction], April, page 5
Florida Record Bdg-1 Airplane training in a motorless plane [Flights\Record; Flights\Cross-country], April, page 5
[Soaring Society of America]April, page 11
8th National - Rules and Regulations SSAExecutive [Competitions], April, page 11
The Sailplane and Glider [Literature\International; American History], May, page 1
ABC Sailplane [Sailplanes\ABC], May, page 4
[Soaring Society of America]May, page 8
Fernandina crash [Safety\Accidents], May, page 9
News flashes from abroad [International], May, page 10
News flashes from abroad [Sailplanes\Kirby Kite; Nemere], May, page 11
Ode to the Swoose, May, page 11
[Soaring Society of America]May, page 12
SSA Executive news [Competitions], May, page 12
Cloyd Artman (Obituaries) [Obituaries], May, page 13
Sailing and soaring [Sailboats and Sailing], June, page 1
New Briegleb utility [Sailplanes\Briegleb BG-2], June, page 4
[Soaring Society of America]June, page 12
8th National SSA (Executive news) [Competitions\National], June, page 12
Snake River crash [Safety\Accidents], June, page 13
Eighth Annual National Soaring Contest [Competitions\National], July, page 1
Bowlus-duPont Utility Gliders and sailplanes at the contest [Sailplanes\Bowlus Baby Albatross], July, page 5
Gliders and sailplanes at the contest [Sailplanes\ABC; Sailplanes\Rhonbuzzard; Sailplanes\Albatross I; Sailplanes\Bowlus Utility; Sailplanes\Briegleb BG-2; Sailplanes\Buxton Transporter; Sailplanes\Cadet UT-1; Competitions; Sailplanes\Condor; Sailplanes\Franklin; Sailplanes\Goppingen-1 Wolf; Sailplanes\Goppingen-3 Minimoa; Sailplanes\Gross 4-Place; Sailplanes\H-17 Utility; Sailplanes\Kestrel; Sailplanes\Schweizer SGS 1-6; Sailplanes\Pruefling; Sailplanes\Rhonsperber; Sailplanes\Ross-Stephens RS-1 Zanonia; Sailplanes\Universal 2-Place; Sailplanes\Zogling], July, page 5
New member [People\P. Riedel], July, page 12
[Soaring Society of America]July, page 13
SSA Executive news [Competitions], July, page 13
Post-contest impressions [Competitions], August, page 1
Two weeks of soaring [Competitions], August, page 2
Foreign news - the Musger MG-9 [Sailplanes\Musger MG-9], August, page 10
Foreign news - the design of the King Kite [Sailplanes\King Kite], August, page 10
Prizes and awards [Competitions\Awards; Awards\Competitions], August, page 12
[Soaring Society of America]August, page 13
1937 Midwest soaring contest [Competitions\Local], September, page 8
News from clubs and members [Safety], September, page 8
The international soaring contest [Competitions\International; International\Germany], September, page 10
Foreign news [Sailplanes\Grunau Baby II; International\India], September, page 11
[Soaring Society of America]September, page 12
SSA Executive news [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs], September, page 12
Soaring in nature [Birds], October, page 1
Up on the wind - down on the sand [Competitions], October, page 2
Some notes on the Albatross [Birds], October, page 8
[Soaring Society of America]October, page 13
Soaring over level country [Techniques\Thermal Soaring], November, page 1
The Auto-glider [Sailplanes; Instruction], November, page 8
A review of 1937 [American History], December, page 1
Britannia soars, an account of the British national competitions [Competitions\International; International\Great Britain], December, page 4
The soaring test pilot flies the Franklin PS-1 utility glider [Sailplanes\Franklin; Test Flying], December, page 9
Gliding and soaring clubs and associations in America [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs], December, page 13
[Soaring Society of America]December, page 16
[People\J. Holsclaw]Unknown, pages preceding 1

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