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'Coot', Richard Otis, Jim Sprandel, Kevin Renshaw,
Photography Showcase Soaring (Photo Showcase) [Photography\Sailplanes\Equipment], June, pages 41,42

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Adams, Lew
Two Topics (Soaring Mail) [Magazine\Soaring Tech; Web Page\Videos], November, page 4
Adams, Mark
Monty Sullivan,Ray Gimmey, Stuart Larimore Wait for the Tow Plane (Covers) [Competition\18 Meter Nationals], February, cover
Alexandrescu, Andreea; with Karin Schlosser
2013 Open Class, 15 Meter Nationals and Region 9 Super Regionals (Feature Article) [Competition\Nationals\Open Class\15-Meter], September, page 32
Alles, John
Alex Stald's Solo Flight (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\First Solo\Alex Stald], February, page 53
Anderson, Scott
Simplifying the Sporting Code (Soaring Mail) [Rules\Sporting Code], August, page 4
Angelou, James
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Cameron Ellis], June, page 53
Apfelbaum, Jonathan
Schleicher ASH 25 (Centerfold) [Sailplane\Schleicher ASH 25], August, pages 30,31
Arnold, Sarah
Thank You for Supporting Sarah (Soaring Mail) [Contribution\Competition\Sarah Arnold], December, page 3
Atzigen, Lukas von
The U.S. National Aerobatic Glider Championships An Introduction (Feature Article) [Competition\National\Aerobatic], April, pages 38,39
Axckley, Rick
Dan Bullock Solo Flight (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\First Solo\Grant Dunkelman], February, page 55

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Bahnsen, Greg
First Solo (Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Christopher Gresham], January, page 52
Glider Rating Added (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Robert Spitzer], February, page 48
Puget Sound Rating (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Robert Spitzer], February, page 48
A Productive September (Soaring Milestones) [Training\New Pilots\Jon Howell\Kai Wang; Tow Pilot\Al Rubin], February, page 50
Bard, Roger
OLC Critic (Soaring Mail) [Competition\OLC], February, page 4
Bastian, Yves
A Tale of Three Diamonds (Feature Article) [Badges\Diamond], June, page 18
Bennett, Francis
Privacy, Please (Soaring Mail) [Poetry], November, page 3
Bernaby, Frank
Spinning Suggestions (Soaring Mail) [Training\Spins], March, page 3
Condor Advice to MAC Users (Soaring Mail) [Simulation\Condor\MAC], May, page 4
Blacksten, Raul
Joe Lincoln (Clio's Wings) [History\Joe Lincoln], January, page 60
1920 Rhön Competition (Clio's Wings) [History\Competition], February, page 60
Boehnke, Robert
Not Facebook (Soaring Mail) [Magazine\Flight Lines\Winch; Reverse-cable], April, page 7
Ground Launch Experience (Soaring Mail) [SOARING\Flight Lines], September, page 6
Boettger, Gordon (a.k.a. Gordon "Gordo" Boettger)
Guru of the Sierra Wave (Covers) [Sailplanes\18-M Jonkers JS-1B; Mountains], December, cover
Brainerd, Carl; with Daniel L. Johnson (a.k.a. Daniel Johnson, Dan Johnson, Dr. Daniel L. Johnson) and Pierre Swick
Clarification Requested (Soaring Mail) [Air Compressibility; Cloud Base Air Temperature], July, page 3
Bramesfeld, Goetz
31st OSTIV Congress (Feature Article) [Conference\OSTIV], March, page 32
Brown, Sarah
Breach of Peace A Glider Pilot Soars into Trouble (Feature Article) [Regulations\Punishment], March, page 20
Burgard, Steve
Solo at Fourteen-Years-Old (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\First Solo\Alexandra Burgard], March, page 52
Burton, Tony
Saving the Poor Badge Pilot (Feature Article) [Badges\Regulations], May, pages 40, 41
Buschmann, John
SSA/CAP Glider Program (Feature Article) [Training SSA/CAP; Youth], June, page 26
Bush, Lane
Rose City Checkride (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Perry Walker], March, page 53
The SSA's Online Sailplane Tracking Program (Feature Article) [Web\Tracking], July, page 22

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Carlson, Richard (a.k.a. Rich Carlson)
Thumbs UP? Let's Go! (2013 Safety Program) [Safety\Human Error], January, page 10
(2013 Safety Program) [Accidents\Training\Human Factors], February, page 10
2012 Accidents as Reported by NTSB (2013 Safety Program) [Safety\2012 Accidents], April, page 14
Carter, Joe
Soaring Warbirds (Feature Article) [Sailplanes\Military], June, page 32
Cartier, Joe
The Soaring Warbirds (Feature Article) [History\Gliders], August, page 36
The Soaring Warbirds (Feature Article) [History\Gliders], September, page 19
The German Glider Invasion of Crete (Feature Article) [History\Glider Invasion\Crete], October, page 36
Cheadle, Grant
Photographs Hph 304CZ (Covers) [Sailplane\Hph 304CZ\Randy Teel], May, cover
Cheek, David
Add-on Rating in Texas (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Peter Schumann], March, page 52
Third Generation Solo (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\First Solo\James Montgomery], March, page 55
Clerkin, Rhonda
New Glider Pilot Logbooks (Soaring News) [Books\Logbook], July, page 7
Cocatre-Zilgien, Jan
Yellow Bus Solo (Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Emma Cocatre-Zilgien], February, page 51
Cochrane, John H. (a.k.a. John Cochrane)
A Radio Revolution? Pilot to Pilot Communication in Regionals (Contest Corner) [Competition\Equipment\Radio], February, page 24
Colacevich, Sergio
2012 Truckee Contest: The Story (Feature Article) [Competition\Regional\Truckee], January, page 32
Collum, Bill
Forgotten Pioneers of Aviation (Soaring Tech) [History\Cayley\LeBris\duTemple\Montgomery\Herring], February, page 16
Fly-By-Wire (Soaring Tech) [Controls\Digital], April, page 43
Compton, Burt
Soaring Safety Foundation (2013 Safety Program) [Safety\Airworthiness Directives], September, page 43
Corbett, Paul
Tehachapi, California (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\First Solo\Turner Williams], April, page 53
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Tiffany Cutler], June, page 52
Coulliette, Roy
Turf Soaring Line Boy Solos (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\First Solo\Blake Michael Pottle], February, page 54
Coulthard, Jimmie L.
Let's Go Gliding at EAA AirVenture (Soaring Mail) [Promotion\EAA AirVenture\Launching\Display], April, page 4
Coyne, Chuck
Winch Launch of AGCSC 2-33 at Jacumba, CA (Covers) [Launch\Winch; AGCSC], January, cover
Winch Launch Training (Flight Lines) [Launch\Winch\AGCSC], January, page 4
Using Condor Simulation for Cross-Country Training (Flight Lines) [Cross-Country\Condor], February, page 2
(Flight Lines) [Gliders\BG-12/16; Prue Standard; Diamant], March, page 2
(Flight Lines) [Magazine\Photography], April, page 3
Prue Super Standard Annual Inspection (Front of the Grid) [Maintenance\Annual Inspections], May, page 2
The Silent Wings Museum (Feature Article) [History\World War II], May, page 26
On Oxygen (Flight Lines) [Safety/Oxygen; Equipment\Oximeter], June, page 2
Autobiographies (Flight Lines) [Books\Soaring\Auto-biography\Don Slotten\Jim Richards], July, page 2
Soaring the Prue Super Standard in the Mojave Desert (Flight Lines) [Soaring\Mojave Desert], August, page 2
Gliding to Space? (Feature Article) [Launch\Future; NASA], August, page 32
Cell Phone Photography Banned? (Flight Lines) [Digital Photos\Cameras\Cell Phones], September, page 2
Planning a landing around storms (Flight Lines) [Weather\Desert], October, page 2
(Flight Lines) [Mojave Desert\Winter Soaring], November, page 3
Soaring Birds Related to Human Soaring Pilots (Flight Lines) [Soaring Birds\Ravens], December, page 2
Craig, Russell
Counting Hours (Soaring Mail) [Magazine\Error], October, page 3
Cramer, Warren
New Glider Instructor (Soaring Milestones) [Training\CFI-G\Shmuel Lamm], February, page 50
Croce, Jim
Schlusemann Solos (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Tyler Schlusemann], March, page 53

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Daniels, Bill
Ground Assault! Can the Winch-Launch movement Revive U.S. Soaring? (Feature Article) [Launch\Winch], January, page 20
Launching a New Column (Winching World) [Launch\Winch], May, page 43
Fairlead/Guillotines and Winch Drums (Winching World) [Launching\Winch], June, page 38
Powering a Winch (Winching World) [Launching\Winch], July, page 34
Hardware (Winching World) [Launching\Winch], August, page 40
Glider (Winching World) [Launching\Winch], September, page 16
Playing Well in Public (Winching World) [Launch\Winch], October, page 40
Winch Operation at Public Airports (Winching World) [Launch\Winch], November, page 34
Check Out and Sign Off (Winching World) [Launch\Winch], December, page 38
Dashew, Steve; with Glenn Holden, William Rosenthal and Jon Yuhas
Soaring Photo Showcase (Photo Showcase) [Sailplanes\LS10A\Discus 2B\Zuni\1-26], July, pages 38,39
DeRosa, John; with Tom Kreyche, Bob Thompson, Frank Piermarini and Alicja Omanska
April Showers (Photo Showcase) [Weather\Rainbows\Rain], April, pages 24,25
Djurisic, Maja
WSPA Accepting Seminar Bids for 2015/2016 (Soaring News) [Seminar\WSPA], July, page 6
Doyle, Tom
Safety Column Comments (Soaring Mail) [Safety\Spins\Training], January, page 6
DuCharme, Mark
Getting Social (Selling Soaring) [Promotion\Social Networks], January, page 36
Welcome to the Web (Selling Soaring) [Promotion\Web], May, page 12
Getting Social (Selling Soaring) [Promotion\Social], June, page 37
A Tale of Two Schools (Selling Soaring) [Schools\Evaluation], July, page 12
A Tale of Two Schools (Selling Soaring) [Promotion\Schools], September, page 41
CFIG Marketing Toolbox (Selling Soaring) [Promotion\Cards\Social Media], October, page 12

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Eckey, Bernard
Decision Fatigue (Feature Article) [Safety\Cross-Country\Fatigue], October, page 28
Ekman, Leonard
Flagrant Overreaching (Soaring Mail) [AOPA\South Carolina\Sheriff], April, page 4
Elber, Frauke
Solo Again (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Re-solo\Bill Bissett], January, page 53
Even Goddesses Make Mistakes (Soaring Mail) [Magazine\Clio'Wings\Zugfogel], February, page 5
Soaring Warbirds (Soaring Mail) [Gliders\Germany\Post WWI], November, page 3
Ernst, Dan
Transition to Full Scale Gliders (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Tommy Childress], February, page 51

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Fong, Keith
Winching Words (Soaring Mail) [SOARING\Winching World], September, page 4
Fuglsang-Petersen, Elke
Reports on OLC Magazine (Soaring News) [Reports\Competition\OLC], April, page 12

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Galway, James
Playing it Forward (Soaring Mail) [Promotion\Magazine\Libraries], October, page 3
Galway, Jim; with Charles Waldo, Colin Lamb, Collin Marshall and Glenn Holden
(Photo Showcase) [Sailplanes\Sunset], March, pages 38,39
Gibbs, Gretchen
Perfectly Beautiful and Such Fun - The Anne Morrow Lindbergh Challenge Trophy (Soaring News) [Awards\WSPA\Anne Morrow Lindbergh], April, page 10
Gibbs, Gretchen; with Greg Hodgins
Women Pilots Get their Kicks Over Route 66 (Feature Article) [Seminars\WSPA\Moriarty, NM], October, page 22
Godfrey, John
A Sea Change in the USA Racing Scene? (Contest Corner) [Competition\Changes], February, page 24
Good, John F. (a.k.a. John Good)
32nd World Gliging Championship in Argentina (Feature Article) [Competition\World\Argentina], April, page 32
Greenwell, Eric (a.k.a. E. Greenwell); with Dan Reagan
Clear Vision Panels Stay Warm and See Clearly When Cold-Weather Flying (Feature Article) [Equipment\Canopy], December, page 32
Guciski, Herman
ATP-Rated Pilot Completes First Solo (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Adam Lockamy], March, page 55
Gudgel, Dan
National Weather Service History (Weather to Fly) [Weather\NWS], March, page 10
The National Weather Service Modernization and Associated Restructuring (Weather to Fly) [Weather\Forecasting], April, page 16
The Lifted Index Analysis Chart (Weather to Fly) [Weather\Lifted Index], August, page 11
Date-Time Groups (Weather to Fly) [METAR Meteorological Code], September, page 10
Encoded Advisory Points (Weather to Fly) [Weather\Location Ids], November, page 32
Publication History and Index (Weather to Fly) [Weather\References], December, page 12
Gudgel, Dan; with Ron Shenk
Why the Sunny Side? (Soaring Mail) [Thermal Location Under Cloud], July, page 4

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Harden, Laurie
Solo at 17 (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\First Solo\Grant Dunkelman], January, page 52
SoaringNV Solo (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\First Solo\Alex Garic], January, page 53
Swiss Solo (Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Pascal Schadegg], January, page 53
Hasness, Rollin
Badges & Records (SSA and FAI Awards) [Awards\Badges], January, page 44
Badges & Records (SSA and FAI Awards) [Awards\Badges], February, page 44
Badges & Records (SSA and FAI Awards) [Awards\Badges], March, page 46
Badges & Records (SSA and FAI Awards) [Awards\Badges], April, page 48
Badges & Records (SSA and FAI Awards) [Awards\Badges], May, page 53
Badges & Records (SSA and FAI Awards) [Awards\Badges], June, page 46
From the SSA Badge and Record Committee (Soaring News) [Equipment\GPS Position Recorder], July, page 6
Badges & Records (SSA and FAI Awards) [Awards\Badges], July, page 46
Badges & Records (SSA and FAI Awards) [Awards\Badges], August, page 48
Badges & Records (SSA and FAI Awards) [Awards\Badges], September, page 48
Badges & Records (SSA and FAI Awards) [Awards\Badges], October, page 48
Badges & Records|Questions|Current Approved Flight Recorders (SSA and FAI Awards) [Awards\Badges], November, page 44
Badges & Records (SSA and FAI Awards) [Awards\Badges], December, page 46
Hazelrigg, George
Skyline Transition Pilot (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Stephen Polk], February, page 54
Transitioning Solo (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Steven Polk], March, page 52
Hendricks, Jim
Computer Enhanced Photo of Schempp-Hirth Standard Cirrus (Covers) [Sailplane\Standard Cirrus\Lawrence Field, TN], November, cover
Herkert, Bryce
The CAP - A Key to Soaring Growth (The Condor Corner) [Training\Youth\CAP], May, page 28
Herkert, Bryce M.
CAP Cadet Solos at 15 (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\First Solo\Jordan Caldwell], March, page 54
Hill, William G. (a.k.a. Bill Hill, Billy Hill, W.G. Hill, William Hill)
EB and Me (Feature Article) [Pilot\W.G.Hill; Sailplane\EB-28], July, page 30
A Paradigm Change? (Feature Article) [Safety\Seminars\Preparation], September, page 39
Hindman, Edward (Ward)
A Model Solo Flight (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Fernando Vitonni], February, page 50
Hodgins, Greg; with Gretchen Gibbs
Women Pilots Get their Kicks Over Route 66 (Feature Article) [Seminars\WSPA\Moriarty, NM], October, page 22
Holden, Glenn
Caproni A-21S Lancaster, South Carolina (Centerfold) [Sailplane\Caproni A-21S], April, pages 30,31
Holden, Glenn; with Charles Waldo, Colin Lamb, Collin Marshall and Jim Galway
(Photo Showcase) [Sailplanes\Sunset], March, pages 38,39
Holden, Glenn; with William Rosenthal, Steve Dashew and Jon Yuhas
Soaring Photo Showcase (Photo Showcase) [Sailplanes\LS10A\Discus 2B\Zuni\1-26], July, pages 38,39
Humphrey, John
Wrong Right of Way? (Soaring Mail) [Magazine\Comment], December, page 4

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Imrich, Thomas
Forgotten Pioneers (Soaring Mail) [Magazine\History\Glider pilots], April, page 6
Irish, Kevin
Cadets Soar at Flight Academy (Feature Article) [Training\Youth\CAP], November, page 18

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Johnson, Daniel L. (a.k.a. Daniel Johnson, Dan Johnson, Dr. Daniel L. Johnson)
Mindset Experience Governs Action (Soaring RX) [Safety\Attitude], January, page 12
Fooling Ourselves (Soaring Rx) [Accidents\Misperception\Misunderstanding], February, page 12
Attention vs Skill (Soaring Rx) [Medical\Attitude], March, page 14
What Shivering Means (Soaring Rx) [Medical\Symptoms], April, page 20
A Thunderstorm Commotion (Soaring Rx) [Safety\Mind], May, page 14
The Pregnant Pilot - Only a Woman Can Be a Mom (Soaring RX) [Women\Safety\Pregnancy], June, page 12
One Less Roadblock to Medical Certification (Soaring Rx) [Medical\Certification], July, page 9
Secret Betrayal: Ourselves, the Air (Soaring RX) [Safety\Control loss], August, page 8
The Tumescent Personality (Soaring RX) [Health\Aging\Medicine], September, page 12
Over-the-Counter Incompetence (Soaring RX) [Medical\Fatigue], October, page 8
Break-Off (Soaring Rx) [Medical\High Altitude\Isolation], November, page 10
A Silent Cognitive Crash (Soaring RX) [Safety\Medical\Pills], December, page 14
Johnson, Daniel L. (a.k.a. Daniel Johnson, Dan Johnson, Dr. Daniel L. Johnson); with Carl Brainerd and Pierre Swick
Clarification Requested (Soaring Mail) [Air Compressibility; Cloud Base Air Temperature], July, page 3
Johnson, Dennis
Dealing with the News Media (Feature Article) [Media\Contacts], November, page 14
Johnson, Jim Sprandel, Cliff Hilty, Gus
Soaring Photo Showcase (Photo Showcase) [Weather\Clouds\Storm\Rainbow], December, pages 36,37
Johnson, Tom
The Hard Deck (2013 Safety Program) [Safety\Training\Low Altitude], May, page 10
The To-Do List (2013 Safety Program) [Safety\Checklist], October, page 6
Children of the Amoeba (2013 Safety Program) [Safety\Instrumentation\Flight Recorders], November, page 48
In the Unlikely Event … (2013 Safety Program) [Safety\PT3 Awareness], December, page 11
Jones, Alvin
Staying in Touch (Soaring Mail) [Magazine\Currency\Daniel Johnson; Frank Paynter; Scott Manley], April, page 4
Joss, John
In Memoriam: Doug Armstrong (Soaring News) [People\Doug Armstrong], May, page 8

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Kalinsky, Omri
Texas Soaring Association Solo (Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Tim Raven], March, page 55
Kerns, Carl
Winch Launch Fun (Soaring Mail) [Launch\Winch], February, page 4
Just Couldn't Wait (Soaring Mail) [Training\Winch], March, page 3
Kilian, Herb
Look Ma, No Circling (Feature Article) [Soaring\Technique], June, page 22
Kinne, Rodney
Add-On at Marshall Soaring (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Commercial\Tom Noyes], February, page 51
Klauder, Phil
Kelly Sample at the controls of PGC's Grob 103 in Flight (Covers) [Sailplane\Passenger], September, cover
Klemperer, Walt
HP-18 Polar Curve (Soaring Mail) [Performance\HP-18\Polar], April, page 7
Knickerbocker, Shawn
The FAA's New Glider Flying Handbook (Soaring News) [FAA\Book], December, page 10
Kolstad, Ralph E. (a.k.a. Ralph Kolstad)
Daniel Sazhin, 2012 Kolstad Scholarship Award (Soaring News) [Scholarships\Kolstad\Daniel Sazhin], January, page 7
Kolstad Scholarship Plaque (Soaring Mail) [Scholarships\Kolstad], March, page 4
The History of the Kolstad Scholarship Award (Feature Article) [History\Kolstad Award], October, page 18
Krebs, Peter
A Clarification (Soaring Mail) [Safety], August, page 3
Kreyche, Tom; with John DeRosa, Bob Thompson, Frank Piermarini and Alicja Omanska
April Showers (Photo Showcase) [Weather\Rainbows\Rain], April, pages 24,25

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LaBerge, Lynda
Meadowlark Add-on Rating (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Wayne Hutchens], March, page 54
LaBerge, Lynda and Phillip
First Solo Flight at Age 14 (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\First Solo\Hank Persons], February, page 53
LaBerge, Phillip (a.k.a. Philip LaBerge)
Commercial Rating Added (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Commercial\Bob Cockrell], February, page 53
Lamb, Colin; with Charles Waldo, Collin Marshall, Jim Galway and Glenn Holden
(Photo Showcase) [Sailplanes\Sunset], March, pages 38,39
Lamm, Shumuel (a.k.a. Shmuel Lamm)
Soaring to the Heights: A Grass-roots Initiative Takes Wing (Feature Article) [Promotion\Soaring\Wurtsboro], August, page 16
Soaring to the Heights Info Offered (Soaring Mail) [SOARING\Soaring to the Heights], September, page 4
Landucci, Lou
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Walter Lueke], June, page 53
Langenfeld, Mark
Certainly Certificated (Soaring Mail) [SOARING\Typo], September, page 6
Larson, Marty
Private Rating (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Craig Erickson], January, page 48
Latson, John
Bill Ruehle flies his AW 27 above Texas Soaring Association (Covers) [Sailplane\ASW 27], July, cover
Layton, Denise
The Annual SSA Membership Meeting and Awards Banquet (Feature Article) [Meetings\SSA Membership; Awards\SSA], April, page 26
The 2014 Eagle Fund Campaign Funding SSA and its Programs (Announcement) [Contributions\Eagle Fund], November, page 21
The 2014 Eagle Fund Campaign Funding SSA and its Programs (Announcement) [Contributions\Eagle Fund], December, page 10
Leffingwell, Rick
September Moonrise at Sunset (Covers) [Sites\Bishop; Sailplanes], April, cover
Liles, Danny
John Robertson, Private Pilot (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\Private\John Robertson], February, page 48
Linnekin, Dennis
Team Flying Has its Time Arrived? (Contest Corner) [Competition\Team Flying], February, page 28
Litt, Baudouin (a.k.a. Baude Litt)
Clouds and Scenery from a Sailplane (Photo Showcase) [Sailplanes\Scenery], August, pages 42,43
Livingston, John
A Good Day At HXF (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Peter Boulanger], January, page 48
Another Wisconsin Soaring Society Solo (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\John Davenport], January, page 48
Love, Betty; with Bertha M. Ryan (a.k.a. Bertha Ryan, B.M. Ryan and B. Ryan)
Neil A. Armstrong Pilot, Astronaut, Engineer, Explorer SOARING PILOT (Feature Article) [People\Neil Armstrong], May, page 21
Ludwig, Richard
Cockpit Safety (Soaring Mail) [Safety\Spins\Cockpit construction], April, page 8

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MacIntyre, Ross
Simplifying the Sporting Code (Soaring News) [Sporting Code\Simplification], June, page 6
Maleady, Richard
Happy New Year (Thoughts from the Chairman) [Holidays\New Year\Bio; Safety; Volunteers], January, page 2
SSA Board of Directors Meet in Houston, Texas (Thoughts from the Chairman) [SSA\Management], April, page 2
Manley, Scott
Winch Training Preparation (The Condor Corner) [Simulation\Launch\Winch], January, page 40
Potpourri - II (The Condor Corner) [Simulation\Condor\Update], March, page 42
Teaching Yourself to Fly Gliders (The Condor Corner) [Simulation\Self-Instruction], May, page 45
Condor Flight School and Scenario-based Training (The Condor Corner) [Simulation\Training], July, page 40
More Simulation Based Options for the Self-Directed Glider Rating Candidate (The Condor Corner) [Simulation\Self-Directed], September, page 44
KidVenture 2013 & My Condor Story (The Condor Corner) [Simulation\EAA\Youth], November, page 38
Marco, David
Safety Issue (Soaring Mail) [Magazine\Comment], December, page 4
Marshall, Collin; with Charles Waldo, Colin Lamb, Jim Galway and Glenn Holden
(Photo Showcase) [Sailplanes\Sunset], March, pages 38,39
Martin, Sue
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\FirstSolo\Wes Boughton], June, page 54
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Pavel Skrabal], June, page 55
Matsumoto, Yuko
New Commercial Glider Pilot in Hawaii (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Commercial\Darwin Gamblin], February, page 49
Mayes, Noelle
Dan Wilson Solos (Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Dan Wilson], February, page 52
Williams Soaring Centers First Glider Pilot of 2013 (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Saber Zell], March, page 55
McElwee, Bill
Dr. Dan's September Column (Soaring Mail) [Magazine\Compliments], November, page 3
Miller, Bruce
(Photo Showcase) [Sailplane\ASW-20B], February, pages 31,32
Milne, Hugh
West Wave Window, Minden, NV (Centerfold) [Wave Soaring\Minden], November, pages 30,31
Mitteli, John; with Frank Paynter
Team Flying in Condor with TA & BZ (The Condor Corner) [Simulation\Condor\Team Flying], February, page 36
Molidor, Gerry; with Anne Mongiovi
SSA at EAA AirVenture (Soaring News) [EAA AirVenture], July, page 6
Mongiovi, Anne; with Gerry Molidor
SSA at EAA AirVenture (Soaring News) [EAA AirVenture], July, page 6
Moran, Wally
New Low Country CFI-G (Soaring Milestones) [Training\CFI-G\Richard Watson], February, page 51
More, Ed
Pyrocumulus Comments (Soaring Mail) [Government\Bureaucracy], March, page 4
Mroz, Winfried, MD
Old School (Soaring Mail) [Magazine\Launch\Winch], April, page 7
Murphy, John
You Tube Soaring Videos (Soaring Mail) [Sites\Squatchie Ridge, TN; Videos], April, page 6
Murray, Josh Knerr, Ernst Peischl, Renny Razzoni, Jim
Sailplanes in Flight and on the Ground (Photo Showcase) [Sailplanes\Flight\Ground], October, pages 38,39

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Neal, Deonna
The Craft of Flight Instruction Part 1: Know Thyself (Feature Article) [Training\Flight Instruction], May, page 17
The Craft of Flight Instruction: Ground School Learning What to Value (Feature Article) [Instruction\Ground], June, page 16
The Craft of Flight Instruction: Flight Training:Four Dimensional Thinking (Feature Article) [Instruction\Flight], July, page 15
The Checkride: Assessing Professional Judgment (The Craft of Flight Instruction) [Instruction\Check Ride], August, page 14
Newell, Jay
Another Winch Fan (Soaring Mail) [Training\Winch], March, page 4
New Iowa Commercial Pilot (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Commercial\David Ackerman], March, page 51
New Iowa Glider Pilot (Soaring Milestones) [Training\private\Kelley Farrar], March, page 52
Nixon, Hank
How to Prepare for and Fly Your First Contest (Feature Article) [Competitions\Beginners], February, page 20

O     (up to table of contents)

Omanska, Alicja; with John DeRosa, Tom Kreyche, Bob Thompson and Frank Piermarini
April Showers (Photo Showcase) [Weather\Rainbows\Rain], April, pages 24,25
Otis, Dick
Cirrus Over Fort Royal, Virginia (Centerfold) [Sailplane\Schempp-Hirth Cirrus], December, pages 30,31

P     (up to table of contents)

Pandit, Devesh
Developing Personal Minimums for Glider Pilots (Feature Article) [Safety\Boundaries], December, page 24
Parker, Michael
Great Basin of Records An Explosion of Records in Nevada and Utah (Feature Article) [Records\Nevada\Utah], July, page 16
Paulin, Gary
2013 Region 8 Contest (Feature Article) [Competition\Regional\Region 8], September, page 36
Paynter, Frank
Learning From Your Own Fatal Mistakes (The Condor Corner) [Simulation\Mistakes], August, page 45
Condor Scenery Creation (The Condor Corner) [Simulation\Display], October, page 43
Condor Cross-Country Training Program Redux (The Condor Corner) [Simulation\Cross-Country], December, page 40
Paynter, Frank; with Jim Rise
Condor X-C Training ProgramReport (The Condor Corner) [Simulation\Cross-Country], June, page 42
Paynter, Frank; with John Mitteli
Team Flying in Condor with TA & BZ (The Condor Corner) [Simulation\Condor\Team Flying], February, page 36
Petach, Paul
Catalina Correctors (Soaring Mail) [Magazine\Error\NASA\Pontiac], October, page 4
Peters, Andrew
Rolladen-Schneider LS3 Sunflower Gliderport, Kansas (Centerfold) [Sailplane\LS3], October, pages 30,31
Pfiffner, Richard
The Craggy Aero Ultimate LeTM Flight Computer (Soaring News) [Equipment\Flight Computer], February, page 6
Piermarini, Frank; with John DeRosa, Tom Kreyche, Bob Thompson and Alicja Omanska
April Showers (Photo Showcase) [Weather\Rainbows\Rain], April, pages 24,25
Pinsky, Mark
Private Pilot Glider at Age 16 (Soaring Milestones) [Youth\Private\Brian Pinsky], January, page 52
Pitsenerger, Jeanne
Shenandoah Solo (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\John Adkins], January, page 53
Powell, Boom
Sea Breezes East (Soaring Mail) [Weather\Sea Breeze\Virginia], February, page 4
Pruitt, Paul
Skyline Soaring Club Solo (Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Evan Dosik], March, page 52

R     (up to table of contents)

Reagan, Dan
Caesar Creek Cross-Country Camp and Region 6S Contest (Feature Article) [Camps\Cross-Country\Caesar Creek\Competition], February, page 32
The Carolina Wave Project Thoughts of a Beginner Wave Pilot (Feature Article) [Waves\North Carolina], November, page 24
Reagan, Dan; with Eric Greenwell (a.k.a. E. Greenwell)
Clear Vision Panels Stay Warm and See Clearly When Cold-Weather Flying (Feature Article) [Equipment\Canopy], December, page 32
Reditsch, Christian
What Soaring Means to Me (Soaring News) [Winning Essay], July, page 7
Reid, Jayne Ewing
18 Meter Class Nationals Lancaster County, South Carolina May 8-17, 2013 (Feature Article) [Competition\Nationals\18-Meter], September, page 22
Reilly, David
Commercial Rating Added (Soaring Milestones) [Youth\Commercial\Dave Reilly], February, page 49
John D. Williams Solos (Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\John Williams], February, page 49
Merlin Soaring Solo (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Vince Foley], February, page 49
Reinecke, Gene
Winter Soaring Musings from Utah (Soaring Mail) [Winter\Brainstorming\Planning\Goals], April, page 6
Remde, Paul
LAK-17B FES-18 2012 FAI World Gliding Championships, Uvalde, TX (Centerfold) [Sailplane\LAK-17B FES], March, pages 30,31
Renda, William
Adventures in Transponders (Soaring Mail) [Equipment\Transponders], May, page 5
Rent, Tom
New Commercial Rating for MSC (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Commercial\Richard Moreus], January, page 52
Renter, Bob
Condor Comment (Soaring Mail) [Simulation\Condor; Silent Wings], February, page 5
Richards, Jim
Book Ends (Soaring Mail) [Book\Review The Road to Narromine], September, page 3
Ridenour, Ron
PowerFlarm, Finish Cylinders and Towplanes (2013 Safety Program) [Equipment\PowerFlarm; Techniques], June, page 10
The ABCs of Thermalling in a Gaggle (2013 Safety Program) [Thermalling\Gaggles], August, page 44
Rihn, Dan
Condor Confusion (Soaring Mail) [Simulation\Condor], May, page 3
Rippstein, R.
Fifteen-Year-Old Colin Knechtl Solos (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\First Solo\Colin Knechtl], February, page 50
Rise, Jim; with Frank Paynter
Condor X-C Training ProgramReport (The Condor Corner) [Simulation\Cross-Country], June, page 42
Robinson, Norm
Counting Hours (Soaring Mail) [Flight Tests\Time], December, page 3
Rohig, Walter "Pete"
Mindset Versus Judgment (Soaring Mail) [Safety\Judgment], June, page 3
Rosenthal, William; with Glenn Holden, Steve Dashew and Jon Yuhas
Soaring Photo Showcase (Photo Showcase) [Sailplanes\LS10A\Discus 2B\Zuni\1-26], July, pages 38,39
Rozzoni, Renny
LAK-17B FES Flight Impressions (Feature Article) [Sailplane\LAK-17B FES], March, page 24
Rudloff, Uwe
Eric is a Private Glider Pilot (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Eric Steinle], January, page 50
Zeb is a Commercial Glider Pilot (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Commercial\Daniel Tannas], January, page 50
AJ Solos (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\AJ Vilt], February, page 49
From Rescue Pilot to Commercial Glider Pilot (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Commercial\Gale Stoffregen], February, page 52
Ruefer, Beda
Painful Discussions (Soaring Mail) [Equipment\Comfort], January, page 6
Ruggiero, Larry
TG-7A Connection (Soaring Mail) [Safety\Training], September, page 4
Ruprecht, Judy
Claim Check (Feature Article) [Badges; Records\Software], May, page 19
Ryan, Bertha M. (a.k.a. Bertha Ryan, B.M. Ryan, B. Ryan)
Remembering the Past (Soaring Memories) [History], January, page 46
Remembering the Past (Soaring Memories) [History], February, page 42
Remembering the Past (Soaring Memories) [History], March, page 50
Remembering the Past (Soaring Memories) [History], April, page 52
Remembering the Past (Soaring Memories) [History], May, page 56
Remembering the Past (Soaring Memories) [History], June, page 48
Remembering the Past (Soaring Memories) [History], July, page 45
A Correction (Soaring Mail) [People\Neil Armstrong; Magazine], August, page 4
Remembering the Past (Soaring Memories) [History], August, page 50
Update - Neil Armstrong's Soaring Life (Soaring News) [People\Neil Armstrong], September, page 7
Remembering the Past (Soaring Memories) [History], September, page 50
Catalina Correctors (Soaring Mail) [Magazine\Error\NASA\Pontiac], October, page 4
Remembering the Past (Soaring Memories) [History], October, page 50
Remembering the Past (Soaring Memories) [History], November, page 50
Remembering the Past (Soaring Memories) [History], December, page 50
Ryan, Bertha M. (a.k.a. Bertha Ryan, B.M. Ryan, B. Ryan); with Betty Love
Neil A. Armstrong Pilot, Astronaut, Engineer, Explorer SOARING PILOT (Feature Article) [People\Neil Armstrong], May, page 21
Ryan, Bertha M. (a.k.a. Bertha Ryan, B.M. Ryan, B. Ryan); with Sterling V. Starr (a.k.a. Sterling Starr, S.V. Starr and S. Starr)
Helen R. Dick (1919-2012) (Soaring News) [Obituary\Helen Dick], March, page 6

S     (up to table of contents)

Salvo, Bob
Capturing Thermals Adapting Technology and Tactics (Feature Article) [Technique\Thermals], May, page 36
Saxon, Erik
Practical Test Completed (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\Private\Jack Flanagan], January, page 53
New Pilot in Michigan (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\John Warren], January, page 54
Northwest Soaring Club Solo (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Neil Wilson], January, page 54
Solo in Michigan (Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Greg Chance], January, page 54
Schlosser, Karin; with Andreea Alexandrescu
2013 Open Class, 15 Meter Nationals and Region 9 Super Regionals (Feature Article) [Competition\Nationals\Open Class\15-Meter], September, page 32
Schoolcraft, Joey
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Carrie Brewer], June, page 52
Schroeder, Bernard
Condor Corner Contacts (Soaring Mail) [Simulation\Contacts], July, page 3
Schwartz, Ron
Safer Soaring (Feature Article) [Safety\Dissimilar Training], November, page 12
Seaborn, W. John (a.k.a. John Seaborn)
Book Review: Desperate to Fly (Soaring News) [Book Review\Kai Gertsen], November, page 6
Shain, Murray
My Swan Song (Feature Article) [Health\Quitting], July, page 20
Shenk, Ron; with Dan Gudgel
Why the Sunny Side? (Soaring Mail) [Thermal Location Under Cloud], July, page 4
Silvestri, Joe
Seminole Lake Solo (Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\William Lee], March, page 53
Lander Kennedy Solos at Air Sailing (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Lander Burns], February, page 53
Skog, Jim
Safety Issues (Soaring Mail) [Safety\Training], May, page 6
Skog, Jim; with Tony Turiano
SSA Poetry Club (Feature Article) [Poetry\Soaring], June, page 28
Slotten, Don (a.k.a. D. Slotten)
Good Old Days (Soaring Mail) [Launch\Auto\Winch], April, page 8
Auto Tow 101, Elsinore Style (Soaring Mail) [Safety\Auto Tow], June, page 4
Bits and Pieces of a Life Lived Long (Soaring Mail) [Book\Review Bits and Pieces of a Life Lived Long], September, page 4
Smith, Bernald S. (a.k.a. Bernald Smith, B. Smith, B.S. Smith)
You (SSF) [Safety\Fatalities], March, page 8
Factors that Caused Accidents (2013 Safety Program) [Safety\Accidents], July, page 37
Smith, Jeffrey L.
Started the Year Right (Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Hayley Smith], March, page 56
Snyder, Tom
New Commercial Rating Added (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Commercial\Mark Russell], January, page 52
Solo in Chilhowee's 2-33 (Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Sandy Snyder], January, page 53
Working lift on Chilhowee Ridge near Benton,TN (Covers) [Scenery\Chilhowee; Sailplane\ASW-28], March, cover
Sobieski, Jaroslaw
Soaring Courtesy of Mother Nature, in Numbers (Feature Article) [Aerodynamics\Green], April, page 37
Soldan, Neil Chism, Steve Rander, Charles Waldo, Jim Sprandel, Rafael
Gliders on the Ground and in Flight (Photo Showcase) [Photography\Gliders], November, pages 36,37
Sousa, Manny
My Last Dogfight (Feature Article) [Maneuvering\Unintentional], October, page 32
Sprandel, Jim
Our Club's 2-33 Repaint (Feature Article) [Restoration\2-33; Club\Kendallville, IN], August, page 28
Squires, Greg
FAA Manager Gets Glider Rating (Soaring Milestones) [Youth\Commercial\Randy Loveless], February, page 52
SSA Office
Call for SSA Director Nominations (Soaring News) [Administration], July, page 6
Starr, Sterling V. (a.k.a. Sterling Starr, S.V. Starr, S. Starr); with Bertha M. Ryan (a.k.a. Bertha Ryan, B.M. Ryan and B. Ryan)
Helen R. Dick (1919-2012) (Soaring News) [Obituary\Helen Dick], March, page 6
Statkus, Steve
Caesar Creek Solo (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Shelby Ewell], March, page 56
Stephens, Jason
SSA Promotes Soaring at EAA AirVenture 2013 (Feature Article) [Conventions\EAA], October, page 16
Stewart, J.P.
Hi-Ho Hi-Ho off to Ohi-ohhh?! Wait...Florida! (Feature Article) [Camp\X-C\Seminole Lake Gliderport], August, page 19
Striedieck, Karl H. (a.k.a. Karl Striedieck)
Ground Launch Options at Eagle Field (Feature Article) [Launch\Winch\Eagle Field], January, page 24
Stutzmann, RJ
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Dan Senecal], June, page 52
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Paul Dittes], June, page 52
Sullivan, John
Three Schweizer TG-7A motor-gliders of the Tuskegee Airmen National Historical Museum (Covers) [Sailplanes\Schweizer TG-7As], June, cover
Schweizer TG-7As Flying Over Detroit, MI (Centerfold) [Sailplanes\Schweizer TG-7As], June, pages 30,31
Swanson, Loren
Soaring on Parade (Soaring News) [Promotion\Glider\Trailer], August, page 7
Swick, Pierre; with Carl Brainerd, Daniel L. Johnson (a.k.a. Daniel Johnson, Dan Johnson and Dr. Daniel L. Johnson)
Clarification Requested (Soaring Mail) [Air Compressibility; Cloud Base Air Temperature], July, page 3
Swiderski, Greg
Can Gravity Take you UP in the Air (Feature Article) [Launch\Gravity\Ridge\Poland], January, page 27
Refresh and Fly Safely (Feature Article) [Safety\Refreshers], May, page 32
The Thrill of Flying Out (Feature Article) [Cross-Country], August, page 23
Szemplinska, Maria
2013 18-Meter Nationals (Centerfold) [Sailplane\ASG-29-18], September, pages 30,31

T     (up to table of contents)

Tabery, Ronald S. (a.k.a. Ron Tabery)
Team Flying One Perspective (Contest Corner) [Competition\Technique], February, page 25
Tamayo, George
(Soaring Mail) [Equipment\Comfort], January, page 6
Temple, Gaynell
2014 SSA Convention:Reno Nevada (Soaring News) [Convention\Reno], July, page 6
2014 SSA Convention: Reno, NV (Soaring News) [Convention\Reno], October, page 4
Thompson, Bob
Lift Markers (Feature Article) [Soaring\Thermals\Markers], January, page 30
Global Warming/Climate Change, Aerosols, and Soaring (Feature Article) [Climate/Weather/Pollution], December, page 16
Thompson, Bob; with John DeRosa, Tom Kreyche, Frank Piermarini and Alicja Omanska
April Showers (Photo Showcase) [Weather\Rainbows\Rain], April, pages 24,25
Turiano, Tony; with Jim Skog
SSA Poetry Club (Feature Article) [Poetry\Soaring], June, page 28

U     (up to table of contents)

Umphlette, C.B.
Am I a Soaring Pilot? (Soaring Mail) [Pilots\Soaring], September, page 3

V     (up to table of contents)

Vihlen, Steve
USAF Capt. Andy Davis Pilots an SGS 1-26B near Wolf River Airport, TN (Covers) [Sailplane\Schweizer 1-26B], October, cover

W     (up to table of contents)

Wahl, John
Strut Service Fan (Soaring Mail) [Maintanence\Trailer\Strut], February, page 4
Waldo, Charles; with Colin Lamb, Collin Marshall, Jim Galway and Glenn Holden
(Photo Showcase) [Sailplanes\Sunset], March, pages 38,39
Walter, Joe
Safer Soaring Close Encounters of the Unwanted Kind (Feature Article) [Safety\Near Miss], October, page 26
Warrington, Chris
Phoenix LSA Motorgliders, Melbourne, Florida (Centerfold) [Sailplane\Motorglider\Phoenix LSA], May, pages 30,31
Watsham, David
Flying the Ridge (Feature Article) [Soaring\Techniques\Ridge], February, page 38
Watson, Daniel
For the Record (Soaring Mail) [Score\Handicap\1-26D], August, page 3
Wentworth, James
OnStar Suggestion (Soaring Mail) [Equipment\OnStar], October, page 3
Whelan, Bob
Training and Safety (Soaring Mail) [Safety\Safety\Responsibility], April, page 4
Williams, John
A New 16-Year-Old Pilot (Soaring Milestones) [Youth\Private\Michael Misson], January, page 49
Another Condor Convert (Soaring Mail) [Instruction\Simulation], December, page 4
Vermont Civil Air Patrol's Total Immersion Glider Flying Academies (Soaring News) [Training\Youth\CAP\Camp], December, page 9
Wilson, Jack
No Spin, No Solo (Soaring Mail) [Training\Spins], March, page 3
Wilson, Terence
NorCal Solo (Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Fabian Bruning], February, page 51
Nor Cal Student Solos (Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Brian Roach], March, page 53
New Private Rating (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Fabien Bruning], March, page 56
Wittmayer, Mark
A Doctor Dan Fan (Soaring Mail) [Magazine\Soaring Rx], December, page 4

Y     (up to table of contents)

Yuhas, Jon; with Glenn Holden, William Rosenthal and Steve Dashew
Soaring Photo Showcase (Photo Showcase) [Sailplanes\LS10A\Discus 2B\Zuni\1-26], July, pages 38,39

Z     (up to table of contents)

Ziegenfeler, Dale
OOPS Landing Out at Freehold, NY (Feature Article) [Cross-Country\Land-Out], November, page 24
Zimmerman, Leigh
2013 Perry Region 5 North Contest Report (Feature Article) [Competition\Region 5N\Perry, SC], July, page 26

None     (up to table of contents)

U.S. National Aerobatic Championship (Soaring News) [Competition\Aerobatic\Jason Stephens\Sherman, TX], January, page 8
navITer News (Soaring News) [Equipment\Software\SeeYou], January, page 8
Fall, 2012 Soaring Society of America Board Meeting in Charlotte, NC (Soaring News) [SSA\Meetings\Charlotte, NC], January, page 9
New Digs for SoaringNV (Soaring News) [Commercial Operators\SoaringNV\Minden], January, page 9
2012 Regional and National Contest Winners (Feature Article) [Competitions\Champions], January, page 16
(Contributions) [Contributions\Eagle Fund], January, page 45
Contests and Special Events (Soaring Calendar) [Calendar], January, page 47
A New CFIG (Soaring Milestones) [Training\CFIG\Brian Fromme], January, page 48
First Solo in North Carolina (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\First Solo\Marvin Newlin], January, page 49
New Iowa CFIG (Soaring Milestones) [Training\CFIG\Craig Blumer], January, page 49
Red Wing Soaring Association Solos (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Jesse Rich\Gary Duclos], January, page 49
Check Ride Passed (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\John Auchincloss], January, page 50
Glider Rating Added-On (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Mario Jimenez], January, page 50
A New Commercial Glider Pilot (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Commercial\Pete Zaccagnino], January, page 51
CFIG Check Ride Checked Off (Soaring Milestones) [Training\CFIG\James Curry], January, page 51
Commercial Rating Earned (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Commercial\Don Enea], January, page 51
Private Rating Added (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Larry Cohen], January, page 52
Glider Rating Added (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Ramzi Hijjawi], January, page 55
Christmas Display Glider Display (Soaring News) [Promotion\Parade], February, page 7
Glider Pilot and CFI Receives Wright Brothers Master Pilot Award (Soaring News) [Awards\FAA\Master Pilot], February, page 8
Mountain High Service Bulletin MHB-060210 Rev. 1112 (Soaring News) [Maintenance\Service Bulletin], February, page 8
VSA Establishes Archive for Research and Permanent Storage (Soaring News) [VSA\History\Archive\Illinois], February, page 8
Eagle Fund (Contributions) [Contributions\Eagle Fund], February, page 40
Contests and Special Events (Soaring Calendar) [Calendar], February, page 46
Two New Private Pilots in One Day (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Vlad Camaev\Doron Sherman], February, page 50
"Bucket List" First Solo Accomplishment (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Commercial\Keith Hilton], February, page 52
New Commercial Glider Pilot Rating (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Commercial\Robert Holman], February, page 52
Patrick Parnell, Commercial Pilot Glider Rating Tow Pilot Gets Glider Rating (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Commercial\Patrick Parnell], February, page 52
Cumberland Solo (Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Bill Foy], February, page 54
Final Glide (Soaring Milestones) [Obituaries\Tom Yarbrough; Obituary\Davidson Luehring; Obituary\Edwin Summers; Obituary\William Davis; Obituary\William Cangero; Obituary\Alan Nicol; Obituary\Jack Keener; Obituary\Ray Hall; Obituary\Emil Kissel; Obituary\Rolin Brookins; Obituary\Torey Williams; Obituary\Mario Piccagli; Obituary\James Marker], February, page 55
2012 Champion Listing Corrections (Soaring News) [Magazine\Correction; Competition], March, page 6
Wing Rigger Model 8 (Soaring News) [Equipment\Assembly], March, page 8
Third Edition of Advanced Soaring Made Easy Now Available (Soaring News) [Books\Soaring], March, page 9
Eagle Fund (Contributions) [Contributions\Eagle Fund], March, page 40
Contests and Special Events (Soaring Calendar) [Calendar], March, page 47
Cumberland Solo (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Bill Foy], March, page 51
First Solo (Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Dan Bullock], March, page 51
Cypress Soaring Solo (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Lewis Hykes], March, page 53
Glider Rating Add-on in Georgia (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Stan Carpenter], March, page 55
Final Glide (Soaring Milestones) [Obituaries\Clarence See; Obituaries\Stephen James Volk; Obituaries\Robert MacHveen], March, page 56
SSB's Latest Solo (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\First Solo\Alex Young], March, page 56
OLC -League 2013 (Soaring News) [Competition\OLC\2012 Results], April, page 11
Rampless Hangar Dolly (Soaring News) [Equipment\Dolly], April, page 12
Spread the News About Soaring (Soaring News) [Promotion\Let's Go Gliding\Newspapers\Conversation], April, page 12
(Contributions) [Contributions\Eagle Fund], April, page 42
Contests and Special Events (Soaring Calendar) [Calendar], April, page 49
Columbia, Connecticut (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\First Solo\Jason Ashton], April, page 53
Jacksonville & Clermont, Florida (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Commercial\Jay Lawrence], April, page 53
Marion, Ohio (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\First Solo\Alexandra Bond], April, page 53
Quitman, Georgia (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Duane Woods], April, page 53
Jacumba, California (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Benjamin Bleichwehl], April, page 54
Lake Elsinore, California (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Commercial\Joel Heft], April, page 54
Boulder, Colorado (Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Omar Dickenson], April, page 55
Byron,California (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Van Henson], April, page 55
Columbia, Connecticut (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Commercial\CFI-G Written\Scott Ashton], April, page 55
Llano, California (Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Mark Fredette], April, page 55
Quitman, Georgia (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Jim Allmon], April, page 55
Final Glide (Soaring Milestones) [Obituaries\Kitty Houghton\Richard Mathieson\William Lesley\Robert Warden\Dale May\Alexander Rossulek], April, page 56
Llano, California (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\John Holland], April, page 56
Llano, California (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Commercial\David Cabot], April, page 56
Llano, California (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Joel Garris], April, page 56
Llano, California (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Commercial\Mike Mangold], April, page 56
Midlothian, Texas (Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Jason Elliott], April, page 56
Minden, Nevada (Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Grant Swift], April, page 56
New SSA Youth Committee Chairman (Soaring News) [Management\Committees\Youth\Tony Condon], May, page 8
Club News (Soaring News) [Clubs\Chicago-Land Glider Council\Safety Seminar], May, page 9
Knock off the Dust (Soaring News) [Safety\First Flight], May, page 9
New SSA/Civil Air Patrol Cooperation (Soaring News) [Organizations\Civil Air Patrol], May, page 9
(Contributions) [Contributions\Eagle Fund], May, page 39
Contests and Special Events (Soaring Calendar) [Calendar], May, page 49
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Dan Wilson], May, page 54
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Glider Solo\Jeffrey Kember], May, page 54
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Cade Cavanagh], May, page 54
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\LarryAllen], May, page 54
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Scott Dupuis], May, page 54
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Hiro Nakayama], May, page 55
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Jack Perdew], May, page 55
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Daishi Nawate], May, page 55
Final Glide (Soaring Milestones) [Obituaries\Doug Armstrong\Obituaries\David McAseu\Obituaries\Gary Gammal\Obituaries\David Boyce], May, page 55
Major Change at Kolstad Century Awards (Soaring News) [Awards\Kolstad], June, page 6
(Contributions) [Contributions\Eagle Fund], June, page 47
Contests and Special Events (Soaring Calendar) [Calendar], June, page 49
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Paul Bushrow], June, page 52
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Ryosuke Kunisada], June, page 53
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Yamamoto], June, page 54
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\Glider License\Nikolas Kispert], June, page 54
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Robert Montgomery], June, page 55
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Mo Molavi], June, page 55
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\John Folks], June, page 55
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Eric Sorensen], June, page 55
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Tim Moran], June, page 56
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Mark Hopkins], June, page 56
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Cormac Kelly], June, page 56
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\First Solo\Matthew Garrison], June, page 56
Final Glide (Soaring Milestones) [Obituaries\JamesFee\H.D.Michelsen\Eddie Hoglan\Taylor Brown\William Weeks\Leonard Lacaze\Ray Crockett\Harold Broomell\John Dugan\Linden Bahnsen], June, page 57
New Ratings (Soaring Milestones) [New Ratings\Commercial\Santiago Lopez\Brian Temporowski\Graham Meist\Ed Filemyr\Tom Irlbeck], June, page 57
Kolstad Award Update (Soaring News) [Awards\Kolstad], July, page 6
Chicagoland Glider Council Youth Grant (Soaring News) [Grants\Christian Reditsch], July, page 7
Two Michael Wallace Memorial Scholarships Awarded (Soaring News) [Awards\Wallace\Bridget Murphy\Elizabeth Bell], July, page 8
(Contributions) [Contributions\Eagle Fund], July, page 48
Contests and Special Events (Soaring Calendar) [Calendar], July, page 49
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Kenji Kuroiwa], July, page 52
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Add-on\Tom Walsh], July, page 52
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Cecily Combs], July, page 52
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Gray Mancini], July, page 52
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Jeremiah Pate], July, page 52
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Chance Lawry], July, page 52
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\Private\Garrett Stanley], July, page 52
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Commercial\Ian McFall], July, page 52
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Roger McVeety], July, page 53
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Matthew Gast], July, page 53
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Brian Thomas], July, page 53
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Jim McCullough], July, page 54
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Todd McMichael], July, page 54
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Paul Spillane], July, page 54
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Tory Tolton], July, page 54
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Tony Edwards], July, page 55
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Casey Horgan], July, page 55
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Add-on\Jimmy Pogue], July, page 55
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Todd Thornton], July, page 56
Final Glide (Soaring Milestones) [Obituaries\James McClelland; Obituaries\Otto Zauner; Obituaries\Olin Myers; Obituaries\Charles Weinert; Obituaries\Betty Loufek; Obituaries\Vincent Petruso; Obituaries\Richard Procj; Obituaries\Alan Young; Obituaries\Winslow Lewis; Obituaries\F.E. Harrigan], July, page 56
New Ratings (Soaring Milestones) [New Ratings\CFIGl\Karl Striedieck\Aaron Scicluna; Commercial\Ron Sadler\Daniel Schulz\Mike Keefe], July, page 56
Boeing 747 Towing Gliders to Launch Rockets (Covers) [Launch\Future], August, cover
2014 SSA Convention: Reno, Nevada (Soaring News) [Convention\Reno\2014], August, page 6
Cam Martin Wins VSA Journalism Award (Soaring News) [Awards\VSA\Journalism\Cam Martin], August, page 6
Last Chance to Qualify (Soaring News) [Competition\Grand Prix], August, page 6
Kolstad Award Update (Soaring News) [Awards\Kolstad], August, page 7
SSA Exposure at EAA AirVenture 2013 (Soaring News) [Convention\EAA], August, page 7
(Contributions) [Contributions\Eagle Fund], August, page 47
Contests and Special Events (Soaring Calendar) [Calendar], August, page 51
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\MacKenzie Campbell], August, page 54
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Mark Moore\David Bourne], August, page 54
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\First Solo\Kevin Johnsen], August, page 54
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Tom Orsini], August, page 54
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\First Solo\John Clift], August, page 54
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Justin Mensen], August, page 54
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Kyle O'Connell], August, page 54
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Andrew Chant], August, page 54
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Michael Althaus], August, page 54
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Tyler Bragg], August, page 54
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Mason Killebrew], August, page 55
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Hugh Davies], August, page 55
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\John Lerchen], August, page 55
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Second Solo\Chuck Kraisinger], August, page 55
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Li Yang], August, page 55
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Eric Winston], August, page 55
(Soaring Milestones) [New Ratings\CFIG\Randy Loveless\Commercial\Orin Acker\Edward Linch\Marco Ferraris], August, page 55
(Soaring Milestones) [Obituaries\Helmut Lelke\Frank Conner], August, page 55
Sarah Arnold Wins Bronze at Women's World Comp (Soaring News) [Competition\World\Sarah Arnold], September, page 7
Yard Creek Soaring Helps Celebrate 4th of July (Soaring News) [Promotion\July 4], September, page 8
(Contributions) [Contributions\Eagle Fund], September, page 46
Contests and Special Events (Soaring Calendar) [Calendar], September, page 51
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Eric Lauzon], September, page 53
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Harry Windberg], September, page 53
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Casey Horgan], September, page 53
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Neil Williams], September, page 53
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Melanie Marcola], September, page 53
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Alain Daumas], September, page 53
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Anneliese Vetter], September, page 53
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\Private\Tyler Cunningham], September, page 53
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Michael Wetsman], September, page 54
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Ira Steinberg], September, page 54
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Peter Applegate], September, page 54
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Nate Leben], September, page 54
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Aniceto Rivera], September, page 54
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Tom Traeger], September, page 54
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\First Solo\Dak Davis], September, page 54
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Irving Jones], September, page 54
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Julian Heinrick], September, page 54
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Greg Daviscourt], September, page 55
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Richard Starke], September, page 55
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\First Solo\Isaac Wachholz], September, page 55
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Second Solo\Julian Heinrich], September, page 56
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\Private\Mason Phillips], September, page 56
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Doug Harriman], September, page 56
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Merrick Cohn], September, page 56
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Michael Langness], September, page 56
(Soaring Milestones) [New Ratings\Commercial; New Ratings\Commercial\Katie Berky; New Ratings\Commercial\Al Fullerton; New Ratings\Commercial\Dave Rizy; New Ratings\Commercial\Hiro Nakayama; New Ratings\Commercial\Jeff Resnick; New Ratings\Commercial\William Prescott], September, page 56
Final Glide (Soaring Milestones) [Obituaries\Leland Duke; Obituaires\Robert Lindeman; Obituaires\Martin Rothwell; Obituaires\Frank Conner], September, page 56
Bultman Scholarships Awarded (Soaring News) [Awards\Bultman\Bridget Murphy\Nathan Simon], October, page 4
The Aviators to Feature Soaring (Soaring News) [TV\PBS\Aviators], October, page 4
(Contributions) [Contributions\Eagle Fund], October, page 46
Contests and Special Events (Soaring Calendar) [Calendar], October, page 51
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Sam Lemberger], October, page 52
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\First Solo\James Hildebrand], October, page 52
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\\Youth\First Solo\Kyle Witmer], October, page 52
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\John Pericich Jr.], October, page 52
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Robert Zitnick], October, page 52
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Woody Woodward-Roth], October, page 53
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Chuck Kraisinger\Chris Panek], October, page 53
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Joby Wieser], October, page 53
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Eric Haupt], October, page 54
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\John Doermer], October, page 54
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Andrew Brown], October, page 54
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\First Solo\Zach Babb], October, page 54
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\Private\Chad Frerichs\McKinley Smith], October, page 54
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Scott Wheaton], October, page 54
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Joe Stevralia], October, page 55
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\First Solo\Noy Anisman], October, page 55
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Alain Daumas], October, page 55
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\First Solo\Lorianne Shultz], October, page 55
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Andrew Purkeypile], October, page 56
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Alyssa Jhones], October, page 56
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Nathan Switzer], October, page 56
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Alejandro Leda], October, page 56
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Joseph Smith], October, page 56
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Cynthia Thai], October, page 56
(Soaring Milestones) [New Ratings\Commercial\Justin Sadeghian; New Ratings\Commercial\Matthew Heller; New Ratings\Commercial\Tom Swanson; New Ratings\Commercial\Li Yang], October, page 56
Final Glide (Soaring Milestones) [Obituaries\Gilbert Lozano; Obituaries\Oliver Ramsey Jr.; Obituaries\Warren Whitford; Obituaries\Robin Fleming], October, page 56
First Homebuilt Aerotow (Soaring News) [Sailplaen\Homebuilt\Motorglider\Terry Wells], November, page 6
SSA Regional Director Elections (Soaring News) [SSA\Management], November, page 6
Atlantic Soaring Launches Cadet Ride Program (Soaring News) [CAP\Youth\Atlantic Soaring Club], November, page 7
(Contributions) [Contributions\Eagle Fund], November, page 43
Contests and Special Events (Soaring Calendar) [Calendar], November, page 49
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\Certificate\Michael Higgins], November, page 51
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\First Solo\Gabe Abbe], November, page 51
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Tom Camilli], November, page 51
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Kevin Waldroup], November, page 51
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Jake Vaughn], November, page 51
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Maurice Ledoux], November, page 52
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Certificate\Ryan McMaster], November, page 52
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Bruce Wallace], November, page 52
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Brett Young], November, page 52
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\First Solo\Joey Bowen], November, page 52
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Ben Markus\Cyrus Sigari], November, page 52
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Amit Kumar], November, page 52
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Ben Diachun], November, page 52
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\FirstSolo\Seuoia Chun], November, page 52
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\First Solo\Robert Barolow], November, page 52
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Steve Streiker], November, page 53
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\First Solo\Private\Felix Drescher], November, page 53
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Rich Canby], November, page 54
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Steven Garner], November, page 54
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\Solo\Matt Irish], November, page 54
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Thomas Wimberley], November, page 54
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\First Solo\Nathan Wissing], November, page 54
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Scott Schiffres\Brian Walsh], November, page 54
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Boyang Zhang], November, page 54
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Perry Beaver], November, page 55
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Mike Boska], November, page 55
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Jerome Schmidt], November, page 55
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Chuck King], November, page 55
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\ABC Badges\Kevin Loughnane], November, page 56
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Deleena Noble], November, page 56
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Bill Wright], November, page 56
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Skip Popiak], November, page 56
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Ray Clemmer], November, page 56
(Soaring Milestones) [New Ratings\CFI\GJohn Molumphy; New Ratings\Commercial; New Ratings\David Ravetti; New Ratings\Brendan McAndrew], November, page 56
Final Glide (Soaring Milestones) [Obitaries\William McFarlane; Obitaries\Bruce Conrad; Obitaries\Donald Blackman; Obitaries\James Mahon; Obitaries\John Morse; Obitaries\Jeffery Riddlebarger], November, page 56
Michigan Summer Soaring Camp 2013 (Soaring News) [Training\Youth\Camp], December, page 8
The 2013 U.S. National and Regional Champions (Photography) [Competition\Champions], December, page 22
(Contributions) [Eagle Fund\Contributions], December, page 45
Contests and Special Events (Soaring Calendar) [Calendar], December, page 48
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Rome Harding], December, page 52
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Commercial\Casey Horgan], December, page 52
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Rob Banta], December, page 52
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Tom Orsini], December, page 52
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Michael Langness], December, page 52
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Transition\Robert Thomas], December, page 52
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Lee Trotter], December, page 53
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Chuck Kraisinger], December, page 53
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\First Solo\Logan Sperber], December, page 53
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\First Solo\John Jones], December, page 54
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\First Solo\Anna Stehlik], December, page 54
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Filip Przybysz], December, page 54
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Bob Ferguson], December, page 54
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Keith Skeen], December, page 54
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Chuck Boustead], December, page 54
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Bobby Mrosko], December, page 54
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Alan Brown], December, page 54
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Josh Glaab], December, page 54
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Scott Malherbe], December, page 55
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Kevin Waldroup], December, page 55
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Ben Title], December, page 55
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Commercial\Merrick Cohn], December, page 55
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\Private\Holly Dotson], December, page 55
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\CAP\First Solo\Alec Beliveau], December, page 55
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\First Solo\Austin McCalmon\Alex McCalmon\Bradley Webster\Chris Courtney\Eamon Christmas\Keegan McKenna\Payton Veilleux], December, page 56
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\Private\Grant Dunkelman], December, page 56
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Brian Maisler], December, page 56
(Soaring Milestones) [First Solo\Honglin Dong], December, page 56
(Soaring Milestones) [New Ratings\Commercial\Ben Markus\Michael Westman\Michael Brewer\Stephen Freedman], December, page 56
Final Glide (Soaring Milestones) [Obitaries\Robert Schmall\Roger Sherron], December, page 56

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