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Abell, Michael; with Scott Manley + MyCondor Story (The Condor Corner) [Simulation\Condor\Instruction], July, page 46
Abernathy, Mike
Cloudstreet:Soaring the American West - An Update (Feature Article) [Cross-Country\West\Cloudstreet; Video], February, page 29
Adams, Mark; with Mark Gibson
Sailplanes Lined up for Competition Launch (Photo Showcase) [Competition\National\Parowan\Ephrata], March, page 37
Alexander, Pete; with Mark Keene, Ronald S. Tabery (a.k.a. Ron Tabery) and Rick Sheppe
World Gliding Championship Leszno 2014: Pilot and Crew Reflections (Feature Article) [Competition\World\Leszno], November, page 26
Alexandrescu, Andreea
News From Growth and Development Committee (Growth and Development) [SSA\Committees\Growth and Development], May, page 42
News from the Growth & Development Committee (Soaring News) [SSA\Management\Growth and Development], June, page 4
Allen, Frank
Sharing Club Newsletter Content (Soaring Mail) [Clubs\Newsletters\Soaring Club of Houston], July, page 3
July Issue in June? (Soaring Mail) [Magazine\Delivery], August, page 4
Armstrong, Dan
Award Winner (Soaring News) [Awards\OSTIV Plaque\Bruce Carmichael], May, page 5

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Barber, Piet
Rolladen-Schneider LS-4 on final at Woodstock, VA (Covers) [Landing\Sailplane\Woodstock, VA], September, cover
Barber, Steve
6T: A Love Story (Feature Article) [Sailplane\Schleicher AS-W19B\First Sailplane], September, page 18
Bard, Roger G.
No National Standard Class Contest (Soaring Mail) [Competition\National\Standard], October, page 4
Berge, Carolyn
The Ballad of John Sullivan, a Brave and Crafty Pilot (Feature Article) [Poetry\Flight\People\John Sullivan], May, page 23
Besing, Paul
Important Details (Soaring Mail) [Training\Nomenclature], June, page 3
A Couple of Corrections (Soaring Mail) [Magazine\Corrections], July, page 4
Bick, Eric
An Emerging Desire to Fly In Contests (Feature Article) [Competition\Attraction], March, page 32
Preparing for the Hunt (Feature Article) [Competition\Preparation], April, page 20
The Hunt Minimizing the Pain (Feature Article) [Competition\Preparation], May, page 37
The Hunt (Feature Article) [Competition\Strategy\Avenal, CA], June, page 38
The Kill (Or Maybe just "The Competition") (Feature Article) [Competition\Strategy\Avenal, CA], July, page 20
Black-Nixon, C. Dianne (a.k.a. Dianne Black Nixon, Dianne Black-Nixon, C. Dianne Black Nixon)
The 2014 U.S. Team (Feature Article) [Competition\World], February, page 26
The U.S. Team - Open Class, 18 Meter and 15 Meter, 33rd FAI World Gliding Championship, Leszno, Poland (Feature Article) [Competition\U.S. Team\Poland], May, page 14
Blackburn, Andy
Gliders, Midairs and FLARM (Feature Article) [Safety\Mid-Air\Flarm], May, page 24
Bogdanovich, Pedja
Flight Tracking Reaches New Heights (Feature Article) [Cross-Country\Tracking], August, page 14
Bokma, Alan
(Soaring Mail) [Magazine\Liberal], February, page 6
Boyce, John
Calling Dr. Johnson (Soaring Mail) [Medical\Air Sick], February, page 4

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Cannon, Woody
The Joy of OLC (Soaring Mail) [Competition\On-line\Spontaneity\records], May, page 3
Carlson, Richard (a.k.a. Rich Carlson)
2013 Accidents as Reported by NTSB (2014 Safety Program) [Safety\Reports\Accidents], April, page 6
The Dreaded Stall/Spin Accident (2014 Safety Program) [Safety\Stall/Spin], June, page 7
Three Strikes and You Are Out! (2014 Safety Program) [Safety\Stall/Spin], July, page 8
Stamping Out the Low Speed Approach (2014 Safety Program) [Landing\Approach], November, page 8
Carrera, Faustine
FAI News (Soaring News) [Video\FAI], August, page 5
Caselli, Chris; with Jim Sprandel, Lady Deidre and David Mockler
Sailplane Photography - Phoebus A, Grob Twin Astir, AG-29 (Photo Showcase) [Photography\Sailplanes], January, pages 40, 41
Chapman, Paul
(Soaring Mail) [Training\Tests\Failure rate], February, page 6
Chidekel, Phil
Another Reason to Fly a 1-26 (Feature Article) [Competition\1-26 Fun Meet\Youth], March, page 18
Clark, Jim
Magazine Likes and Dislikes (Soaring Mail) [Magazine\Articles], October, page 4
Clark, Ron
Bob Thompson/Rogue Air Fans (Soaring Mail) [Magazine\Rogue Air Currents], December, page 3
Clarke, Ron
Congrats and a Photo ID (Soaring Mail) [Magazine\Article\Photo ID], April, page 4
Clayton, Harry
The Preflight (Feature Article) [Safety\Preflight], October, page 33
Colacevich, Sergio
Inadvertent Low-Turn Spins (Feature Article) [Safety\Spins], February, page 34
Alby Near Kitty Hawk (Feature Article) [Cross-Country\Icon\Alby], July, page 14
Collins, Brian
100 Days... 100+ SSA/CAP 1st Flight Certificates (Feature Article) [Training\Youth\SSA/CAP], January, page 27
Compton, Burt; with Pat Costello
The Value of Club Management (2014 Safety Program) [Safety\Clubs\Accidents], May, page 6
Condon, Tony
Gone With the Wind (Feature Article) [Cross-Country\Mid West\Downwind Dash], July, page 16
Bultman Scholarships Awarded (Soaring News) [Scholarships\Bultman], October, page 4
Conklin, Kevin
Valley Soaring Club, Middletown, NY (Covers) [Towplanes], March, cover
Conte, Tom
Support for more FRIC Efforts (Soaring Mail) [Training\Instructor\Renewal], April, page 4
Cook, Dan
The Unseen Stall (Soaring Mail) [Magazine\Stalls], December, page 3
Coombs, Reba
Welcome Back to Minden (Feature Article) [Competition\Nationals\18-Meter], August, page 19
Costello, Pat; with Burt Compton
The Value of Club Management (2014 Safety Program) [Safety\Clubs\Accidents], May, page 6
Courtney, Chris
Schweizer 2-33 Towing Behind a Pawnee at Sugarbush, VT (Covers) [Aero Tow Launch\Pawnee\2-33\Sugarbush], December, cover
Coyne, Chuck
Resolutions (Flight Lines) [Perspectives\Airlines; Resolutions\First-timer rides], January, page 2
Just Do It. Now. (Flight Lines) [Promotion\Don't Delay; Act Today!], February, page 2
Winter Catalog Perusal (Flight Lines) [Equipment\Catalogs], March, page 2
Trailer Time (Flight Lines) [Equiptment\Trailer], April, page 2
Another Lost Gliderport (Flight Lines) [Gliderports\Krey Field], May, page 2
Postponed (Flight Lines) [Sailplane\Maintenance], June, page 2
Familiarization with new airport and mountain flying (Flight Lines) [Training\Field Check\Mountain Familiarization], July, page 2
Racing Sailplanes (Flight Lines) [Promotion\Sailplanes\Racing], August, page 2
Racing Sailplanes (Flight Lines) [Promotion\Sailplanes\Racing], September, page 2
Classic 'Pencil' Dust Devil Photographed at Crystal Airport (Covers) [Thermals\Rogue\Crystal], October, cover
Editor Says Good By (Flight Lines) [Editor\Farewell\Thanks], October, page 2
Mentored Cross-country with Land-out (Flight Lines) [Cross-Country\Land-out], November, page 2
Winter work on X-C Simulations and Trailer Preparation (Flight Lines) [Seasons\Maintenance\Trailers], December, page 2
Craig, Russell
Counting Hours (Soaring Mail) [Training\Tests], February, page 4

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Daniels, Bill
Weather to Winch (Winching World) [Launch\Winch\Weather], January, page 42
(Winching World) [Launching\Winch], February, page 44
Winching Safely (Winching World) [Launch\Winch], March, page 46
Appropriate Training Needed? (Soaring Mail) [Safety\Training\Stalls/Spins], April, page 3
Operating Procedures (Winching World) [Launch\Winch], April, page 42
Getting Scientific (Winching World) [Launch\Winch], June, page 46
The Fixer-Upper (Winching World) [Launch\Winch\Maintenance], August, page 48
Can a Club Build Winch? (Winching World) [Launching\Winch], September, page 41
(Winching World) [Launch\Winch\Cost], October, page 46
Excitement and Fun for Youth Launching with Winches (Winching World) [Pilots\Youth\Excitement], November, page 48
Deck, Jim
League of Silent Flight Request (Soaring Mail) [Models\Launch], January, page 4
Decker, Steve Vihlen, Jerry Lane, Jim Hard, Garry Dickson, Lane
Benton, TN; Aguilla, AZ; Zambrota, MN; Owens Valley, CA; Parowan, UT (Photo Showcase) [Sailplanes\Scenery], September, pages 36,37
Dee, Stephen (a.k.a. Steve Dee)
Taking a Look at "Powered Gliders" and the ASA (2014 Safety Program) [Motorgliders\ASA], October, page 6
Deidre, Lady; with Jim Sprandel, Chris Caselli and David Mockler
Sailplane Photography - Phoebus A, Grob Twin Astir, AG-29 (Photo Showcase) [Photography\Sailplanes], January, pages 40, 41
DeRosa, John
ChicagoLand Glider Council Youth Grant Awards (Soaring News) [Awards\ChicagoLand Youth\Anna Stehlik], June, page 5
Dezzutti, John (a.k.a. J. Dezzutti)
The 2014 Region 2 North Soaring Contest (Feature Article) [Competition\Regional\2 North\Wurtsboro], November, page 32
Diehl, Ted
Suggestion for Magazine Column (Soaring Mail) [SOARING\Column\Used Sailplanes], January, page 5
(Soaring Mail) [Magazine\"Global Warming"], February, page 6
Disma, Hans
Which Winch? (Soaring Mail) [Magaxine\Winch], May, page 3
Doherty, William (Tony)
Class of '48 (Feature Article) [History\Schweizer Aircraft Corporation], December, page 24
Doyle, Tom
Dear Editor (Soaring Mail) [Safety\Wing Drop], January, page 5
DuCharme, Mark
Marketing Planning (Selling Soaring) [Promotion\Planning], February, page 14
Duke, John; with Scott Manley and Nyal Williams
A Major Breakthrough - Nyal's Squib - My Condor Story (The Condor Corner) [Simulation\Instruction], March, page 48
Dutilly, Bob
Mother Nature on her own Schedule (Soaring Mail) [Magazine\Letters to the Editor\Climate Change], May, page 4

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Eatman, Doug
Region 5 South 2014 at Cordele (Feature Article) [Competition\Regional\Cordele], August, page 8
Eckey, Bernard
Interview with Ulrich Kremer from Schleicher (Feature Article) [Sailplanes\Schleicher], March, page 34
Elber, Frauke
2014 WAPA Scholarship Raffle (Soaring News) [Scholarship\Funds], January, page 10
Clarifications (Soaring Mail) [Magazine\unidentified bystander\Brian Sprekley], March, page 4
Elber, Frauke and Wolf
Article Update (Soaring Mail) [Magazine\Update], July, page 3
Elber, Frauke; with Wolf Elber (a.k.a. W. Elber)
Flying with the Masters in the French Alps (Feature Article) [Soaring\Mountains\France], May, page 18
Elber, Wolf (a.k.a. W. Elber); with Frauke Elber
Flying with the Masters in the French Alps (Feature Article) [Soaring\Mountains\France], May, page 18
Ellis, Greg
Soaring Beyond Limitations (Feature Article) [Training\Physical Limitations], August, page 32
Enevoldson, Einar
If You Fly Really Slowly (Soaring Mail) [Aerodynamics\Circling], November, page 3

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Fisichella, David
Danger-Warnings Wanted (Soaring Mail) [Safety\Warning signs], March, page 3
Fisichella, David; with Scott Manley and Nyal Williams
Barnaby Lecture, Condor Reluctance, My Condor Story A Fledgling Condor (The Condor Corner) [Simulation\Condor\Barnaby Lecture], January, page 44
Fletcher, Scott C. (a.k.a. Scott Fletcher)
Making Carolina Soaring Association's Winch Drum #4 (Feature Article) [Launching\Winch\Construction], January, page 32
Disaster on the Way to Perry and the Road to Recovery (Feature Article) [Trailering\Accidents], August, page 36
Franco, Ron
Back from the Moon (Soaring News) [Ride\Astronaut\Charlie Duke], December, page 6
Fransworth, Gordon Boettger, Colin Gettliffe, Gary
Western Waves Ruby Mountains, California, Colorado Hills (Photo Showcase) [Photos\Waves], December, pages 38, 39

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Gallagher, William E.
The Flight of the Schweizer SGP 1-1 1930-1989 (Feature Article) [History\Schweizer\SGP 1-1], December, page 14
Gaw, Alden
By Any Other Name (Soaring Mail) [Magazine\Nomenclature\Certified], September, page 3
Gerhardt, Mario; with Scott Manley
SSA Reno + My Condor Story (The Condor Corner) [Simulation\Training], May, page 46
Gibson, Mark; with Mark Adams
Sailplanes Lined up for Competition Launch (Photo Showcase) [Competition\National\Parowan\Ephrata], March, page 37
Godfrey, John
Air Space Alert! How Air Space is all CARFed up (Feature Article) [Air Space\Fires\CARF], September, page 27
Good, John F. (a.k.a. John Good); with Rich Owen
2014 Senior Soaring Championship (Feature Article) [Competition\Senior\Seminole Lake, Florida], June, page 14
Goodrich, Jim
Schweizer 2-32 at Air Sailing, Nevada in the winter (Photo Showcase) [Sailplane\Schweizer 2-32], December, pages 30, 31
Gudgel, Dan
The Area Forecast Discussion (Weather to Fly) [Weather\Forecast], February, page 16
Lenticular Clouds (Weather to Fly) [Clouds\Lenticular], March, page 10
Turbulence (Weather to Fly) [Safety\Turbulence], August, page 44
Degraded Visibility (Weather to Fly) [Weather\Visibility], October, page 44
Atmospheric Hydrometeors (Weather to Fly) [Visibility\Hydrometeor], November, page 44

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Hale, Nicolas
A Great LVVSA Experience (Soaring Mail) [FAST\Las Vegas Valley Soaring], October, page 3
Hasness, Rollin
Badges & Records (SSA and FAI Awards) [Awards\Badges], January, page 52
Badges & Records (SSA and FAI Awards) [Awards\Badges], February, page 50
Badges & Records (SSA and FAI Awards) [Awards\Badges], March, page 53
Badges & Records (SSA and FAI Awards) [Awards\Badges], April, page 51
Badges & Records (SSA and FAI Awards) [Awards\Badges], May, page 51
Badges & Records (SSA and FAI Awards) [Awards\Badges], June, page 50
Badges & Records (SSA and FAI Awards) [Awards\Badges], July, page 51
Badges & Records (SSA and FAI Awards) [Awards\Badges], August, page 51
Badges & Records (SSA and FAI Awards) [Awards\Badges], September, page 50
Badges & Records (SSA and FAI Awards) [Awards\Badges], October, page 50
Badges & Records (SSA and FAI Awards) [Awards\Badges], November, page 52
Badges & Records (SSA and FAI Awards) [Awards\Badges], December, page 51
Heckman, Brian
Likes the Online Soaring Archive (Soaring Mail) [Magazine\Archives], June, page 3
Likes Online Archive (Soaring Mail) [Web Site\Archive], July, page 4
Hersen, Diana Hayes, Justin McMaster, Scott Lance, Fran├žois
Sailplanes, Tow, Clouds, Mountains (Photo Showcase) [Sailplanes\Scenery], May, pages 40, 41
Hill, William G. (a.k.a. Bill Hill, Billy Hill, W.G. Hill, William Hill)
Fast Moving Fighter Jet Hits Glider (Feature Article) [Safety\Collisions\ATC\Transponders], April, page 14
Dances with Eagles (and Buzzards, if I Must) (Feature Article) [Soaring\Birds\Eagles], June, page 26
Howard, Beverly
Disappointing Response (Soaring Mail) [Magazine\Electronic\Volunteers], May, page 3
Howard, Jason
Searching for a Back Issue (Soaring Mail) [Magazine\Back Issue\Raspet], February, page 7
Hunter, John
Dual Kudos (Soaring Mail) [Magazine\Soaring RX\Cover], July, page 4
Huppertz, Laura Karlin,Dick
Let Gravity Go; Question Gravity; The Dance of Soaring (Soaring Poetry Corner) [Poetry], July, page 19
Hurtt, Franklin
My Friends, Ernie, Paul and Bill Reflections of the Early Years (Feature Article) [History\Schweizers\Early Years], December, page 20

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Ingraham, Don
Commercial Winchery in Minnesota (Winching World) [Launching\Winch], May, page 43

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Johnson, Daniel L. (a.k.a. Daniel Johnson, Dan Johnson, Dr. Daniel L. Johnson)
CFIG Marketing Toolbox,Part Two (Selling Soaring) [Promotion\CFIG], January, page 14
Friendly Fear (Soaring RX) [Medical\Fear], January, page 35
(Soaring Mail) [Magazine\Climate Change], February, page 7
Mental Fatigue: Adjust or Stop? (Soaring RX) [Medical\Mental Fatigue], February, page 18
Why We Blunder in the Turn (Soaring Rx) [Safety\Medical], March, page 13
Ten-Hut! Cockpit Attention Disorder (Soaring Rx) [Safety\Medical\Situational Awareness], April, page 8
How to Spin Unintentionally (Soaring RX) [Safety\Spins], May, page 8
Max Gross Weight (Soaring RX) [Safety\Health\Weight], June, page 8
Hand Follows Gaze (Soaring Rx) [Safety\Misperception], July, page 10
Optical Age Spots (Soaring Rx) [Medical\Eyesight\Macular Degeneration], August, page 40
Aerobatics - Dangerous? (Soaring RX) [Aerobatics\Risk Management\Preparation], September, page 7
Some Effects of Cold (Soaring RX) [Environment\Cold], October, page 8
Am I Addicted? (Soaring RX) [Addictions\Soaring], November, page 10
Bob Thompson/Rogue Air Fans (Soaring Mail) [Magazine\Rogue Air], December, page 3
Hearing, Listening, Understanding (Soaring RX) [Safety\Discussion], December, page 8
Johnson, Richard H. (a.k.a. Dick Johnson, Richard Johnson, R.H. Johnson, R. Johnson)
Record Distance Flights - Comparison and Comments (Feature Article) [History\Records\Distance], July, page 40
Johnson, Tom
The Unseen Stall (2014 Safety Program) [Safety\Stalls], August, page 6
That Was Stupid (2014 Safety Program) [Safety\Training], September, page 6
Introducing Risk (2014 Safety Program) [Safety\Risk], December, page 11

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Keene, Mark; with Pete Alexander, Ronald S. Tabery (a.k.a. Ron Tabery) and Rick Sheppe
World Gliding Championship Leszno 2014: Pilot and Crew Reflections (Feature Article) [Competition\World\Leszno], November, page 26
Kellet, James C. (a.k.a. J.C. Kellet, Jim Kellet, Jim C. Kellet, Jim Kellett, James Kellett)
Graphic Grabber (Soaring News) [Trailer\Aft picture], March, page 6
The 2014 Virginia Soaring Associations' Soaring Summit on Safety (Soaring News) [Safety\Soaring Summit], March, page 7
Kidd, Scott Manley, Tom Berry, Robert
Exciting Training Developments at Harris Hill + My Condor Story + Thank you Frank Paynter (The Condor Corner) [Simulation\Condor\Training], September, page 43
Knauff, Thomas (a.k.a. Tom Knauff, T. Knauff)
Developing a Discipline (Soaring Mail) [Safety\Cross-country\Final Glide\Pattern], March, page 3
Knowles, Doug
Google It (Soaring News) [Competition\Ephrata], December, page 6
Kolstad, Ralph E. (a.k.a. Ralph Kolstad)
2013 Kolstad Scholarship Award Winner (Soaring News) [Awards\Kolstad\James Peer Stewart], February, page 12
Kolstad Award Countdown (Soaring News) [Scholarships\Kolstad Award], May, page 5
Kolstad Award Countdown (Soaring News) [Awards\Kolstad], July, page 7
Kolstad Award Countdown (Soaring News) [Awards\Kolstad\Deadline], August, page 5
2014 Kolstad Scholarship Awarded (Soaring News) [Scholarships\Kolstad], December, page 5

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Lang, C.
Kudos to Billy Hill (Soaring Mail) [Magazine\Feature Article], June, page 3
Lange, Ed
The Weather During Parker's Flight (Feature Article) [History\Records\Weather], July, page 42
Layton, Chuck Coyne, Denise
The 2014 SSA Convention Reno, Nevada (Feature Article) [Convention\Biannual\Reno; Awards], April, page 26
Layton, Denise
2014 Director Election Results (Soaring News) [Management\Directors\Elections], October, page 4
Leffingwell, Rick
L-23 Super Blanik, Inyokern, California (Photo Showcase) [Sailplane\Blanik; Scenery\Mountains], July, pages 30, 31
Tom Bjork and Dan Gonzales and ASH 30 Mi, White Mountains, NV (Centerfold) [Sailplane\ASH 30 Mi; Scenery\Sierra Nevada], September, pages 30, 31
Photo ID, Please (Soaring Mail) [Magazine\Centerfold Photo], November, page 3
Licher, Lloyd
AES Memories (Feature Article) [Clubs\MIT\Aeronautical Engineering Society], September, page 38
Loschiavo, Paul
Angle of Attack (Soaring Mail) [Instrumentation\AOA Indicator], August, page 4
AOA? (Soaring Mail) [Magazine\Question\Instruments], September, page 3

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Maleady, Richard
A Membership Update (Management) [Membership], November, page 53
Manley, Scott; with Mario Gerhardt
SSA Reno + My Condor Story (The Condor Corner) [Simulation\Training], May, page 46
Manley, Scott; with Michael Abell + MyCondor Story (The Condor Corner) [Simulation\Condor\Instruction], July, page 46
Manley, Scott; with Nyal Williams and David Fisichella
Barnaby Lecture, Condor Reluctance, My Condor Story A Fledgling Condor (The Condor Corner) [Simulation\Condor\Barnaby Lecture], January, page 44
Manley, Scott; with Nyal Williams and John Duke
A Major Breakthrough - Nyal's Squib - My Condor Story (The Condor Corner) [Simulation\Instruction], March, page 48
Martin, Archer
The Elder Schweizers Some Memories (Feature Article) [History\Schweizers], December, page 17
Masters, Dale
Your Lying Eyes (Soaring Stories) [Perception\Altitude\Distance], September, page 24
Mental Fatigue (Soaring Stories) [Safety\Fatigue], November, page 42
Matejcek, Glen
Looking for Altitude (Soaring Mail) [Sites\Altitude], August, page 4
Mattice, Jeff
Adirondack Soaring Club Wave Camp (Covers) [Sailplanes\Wave Camp\Adirondack Soaring Club], June, cover
Sailplane Returns to Lake Placid Airport after a Day of Chasing Wave in the Skies Above New York (Centerfold) [Sailplane\Duo Discus\Adirondack Soaring Club], June, pages 30, 31
McFall, Ian
CAP Social Media (Soaring News) [Media\CAP], December, page 5
McGrath, John
(Covers) [Competition\National\15-Meter], August, cover
ASH-31Mi 2014 18-Meter Nationals, Minden, NV (Centerfold) [Sailplane\ASH-31Mi], August, pages 30, 31
McKee, Joy
New to the Crew A Neophyte's Report (Feature Article) [Competitions\Champions\Sarah Kelly], January, page 16
Messner, Bob
Youth Programs at Sugarbush Soaring (Feature Article) [Training\Youth], August, page 26
Michalowski, Bozena
Pegasus 101A at Wurtsboro, NY; 2014 Region 2 North Contest (Centerfold) [Sailplane\Pegasus 101A], October, pages 30, 31
Milavic, Jack
(Soaring Mail) [Training\Tests\Standardization], February, page 4
Miller, Keith
Region 10 Contest Report (Feature Article) [Competition\Regional\Houston], March, page 22
Region 10 South Contest Report, 2014 Soaring Club of Houston, Waller, Texas (Feature Article) [Competition\Regional\Waller, TX], December, page 41
Mocho, Mark
Final Results for the 2014 World and US OLC League (Feature Article) [Competition\OLC\League], October, page 38
Mockler, David; with Jim Sprandel, Lady Deidre and Chris Caselli
Sailplane Photography - Phoebus A, Grob Twin Astir, AG-29 (Photo Showcase) [Photography\Sailplanes], January, pages 40, 41
Moos, Joan
Cathedrals; Wings; Today I'll Rise and Touch the Clouds (Soaring Poetry Corner) [Poetry], June, page 22
Waxing Poetic (Soaring Mail) [Magazine\Poetry\Author\Thank-you], September, page 3
More, Antonio Gemma
Jonker JS1-C w/21m Tips and Jet Sustainer Over Tullahoma Regional Airport (Centerfold) [Sailplane\Jonker JS1-C], March, pages 30, 31
Murray, Jim
"Selfie" in Flight near Golden, CO (Covers) [Sailpane], May, cover
Murray, Lee
Using Model Gliders to Build SSA Membership (Feature Article) [Models\Promotion], June, page 24
Extending the Life of Lead-Acid Gel Cell Batteries (Feature Article) [Maintenance\Batteries], July, page 33

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Nadas, Ian
Hanging on to Dreams (Feature Article) [Cross-Country\Persistence], February, page 22
National Soaring Museum
Spalinger S-18 Landing at Harris Hill, NY (Centerfold) [Sailplane\Vintage\Harris Hill], May, pages 30, 31
Neff, Brian
One More Way to Damage Your Glider (Soaring Mail) [Damage\Wind], October, page 3
Newall, David
Share the Experience Photo Contest (Soaring News) [Contest\Photos], July, page 6
Newfield, Steve
More June Gloom (Soaring Mail) [Magazine\Sailplanes\Call Signs], August, page 4
Nuss, Dave
Soaring Promoted at Ohio Air Show (Soaring News) [Air Show\Promotion\Soaring], July, page 7

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O'Rourke, Merel
Roadmap to Your Private-Pilot-Glider Certificate (Feature Article) [Training\Pilot Certification], September, page 32
Opitz, Mike
War Stories (Soaring Mail) [History\WW II\Rudy Opitz], April, page 3
Owen, Rich; with John F. Good (a.k.a. John Good)
2014 Senior Soaring Championship (Feature Article) [Competition\Senior\Seminole Lake, Florida], June, page 14

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Parker, Al
To E.J. Reeves: Pioneering the 1000 Kilometers (Feature Article) [History\1000K\Al Parker], July, page 36
Paynter, Frank
Condor Competition Review (The Condor Corner) [Simulation\Competition], February, page 46
Natural Point Track IRS Pro Configuration (The Condor Corner) [Simulation\Condor\Display], April, page 46
The Condor Cross Country Soaring Center (The Condor Corner) [Simulation\Cross-Country], June, page 48
Pickens, Ed
Seen Overseas (Soaring Mail) [Afghanistan\Sign], January, page 4
Pirotta, Kai Talarek, Renni Rozzon, Susan Wonderling,Randy Teel, Roberto
(Photo Showcase) [Sailplane\Airports\Clouds], October, pages 42,43
Polinsky, Mitch
Record Flying in the Great Basin in the Summer of 2013:How Did This Happen? (Feature Article) [Cross Country\Records\Nevada], March, page 38
Purves, Keith
Schreder HP-16T, Logan, Utah (Centerfold) [Sailplane\Schreder HP-16T], January, pages 30, 31

R     (up to table of contents)

Reagan, Dan
Downwind Dash (Feature Article) [Cross-Country], January, page 20
Rebuck, Mark
Kolstad Scholarship Update (Soaring Mail) [Champions], January, page 4
Reinecke, Gene
Winter Soaring Musing From Utah (Feature Article) [Off-Season\Dreaming\Planning], January, page 24
Weak Wave Days on the Wasatch (Feature Article) [Soaring\Wave\Wasatch], April, page 16
Rendel, Paul
Self Portrait Depicting Flying in a Soaring Contest (Covers) [Art\Sailplanes\Self Portrait], November, cover
Strange Territory (Centerfold) [Art\Sailplane\Terrain], November, pages 30, 31
Ridenour, Ron
2014 SSA Convention Safety Stand Down Meeting Surely You Can't be Serious (2014 Safety Program) [Convention\Safety], January, page 8
No Worries! I'm insured. (2014 Safety Program) [Insurance\Cost], February, page 13
Robertson, Gerard
Collision Avoidance (Feature Article) [Safety\Collisions], March, page 26
Romberger, Sue
FAI Silver Badge (Soaring Mail) [Awards\Silver], November, page 5
Rozzoni, Renny
Soaring Site of the Month - Moriarty Municipal Airport (OEO) - Moriarty, New Mexico (Feature Article) [Sites\Moriarty, NM], June, page 32
Ryan, Bertha M. (a.k.a. Bertha Ryan, B.M. Ryan, B. Ryan)
Remembering the Past (Soaring Memories) [History], January, page 49
Remembering the Past (Soaring Memories) [History], February, page 52
Remembering the Past (Soaring Memories) [History], March, page 52
Remembering the Past (Soaring Memories) [History], April, page 50
Remembering the Past (Soaring Memories) [History], May, page 52
Remembering the Past (Soaring Memories) [History], June, page 54
Remembering the Past (Soaring Memories) [History], July, page 52
Remembering the Past (Soaring Memories) [History], August, page 53
Remembering the Past (Soaring Memories) [History], September, page 52
Remembering the Past (Soaring Memories) [History], October, page 51
More AES Memories (Soaring Mail) [History\Clubs\MIT\Aeronautical Engineering Society], November, page 3
Remembering the Past (Soaring Memories) [History], November, page 54
Remembering the Past (Soaring Memories) [Historyi], December, page 52

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Salvo, Bob
Tuning/Flying & Loving the Genesis-s, a Flying Wing (Feature Article) [Sailplane\Genesis-2], June, page 43
Sayer, Richard
"It Never Happened Before." Why? (Teaching Soaring) [Safety\Instruction], October, page 41
Physical Sensations in Stall Maneuvers (Teaching Soaring) [Training\Sailplanes\Stall], November, page 41
Checks - Pre-Flight, Pre-Take-off, Clearing, etc. (Teaching Soaring) [Instruction\Safety\Checks], December, page 47
Sazhin, Daniel
So You Have Landed out ... Now What? (Feature Article) [Cross-Country\Out-landing], July, page 26
Scharf, Luke
Paper or Pixels (Soaring Mail) [Magazine\Digital], March, page 4
Schiff, Barry
Turn Rate Turnabout (Soaring Mail) [Magazine\Safety\Correction], September, page 3
Schoch, Arch
Back Issues Available (Soaring Mail) [SOARING\Available], January, page 4
Seiderski, Greg
Jump ... or Wait? About Extreme Soaring Accidents (Feature Article) [Safety\Accidents\Bail-out], September, page 12
Sheppe, Rick; with Pete Alexander, Mark Keene and Ronald S. Tabery (a.k.a. Ron Tabery)
World Gliding Championship Leszno 2014: Pilot and Crew Reflections (Feature Article) [Competition\World\Leszno], November, page 26
Short, Jim
The Vintage Sailplane Association Celebrates its 40th Anniversary (Feature Article) [Divisions\Vintage Sailplane Association], April, page 37
More Than Nostalgia ... (Feature Article) [Gatherings\Schweizer Homecoming], December, page 27
Silvestri, Joe
When Words Collide (A Fishy Story) (Feature Article) [Sailplane\Eagle\Fish], September, page 22
Smith, Bernald S. (a.k.a. Bernald Smith, B. Smith, B.S. Smith)
That Little Word Safety (2014 Safety Program) [Safety\Motivation], January, page 12
Safety measured by Insurance Losses (2014 Safety Program) [Safety\Insurance], March, page 9
Smith, Richard
Cloudstreet (Soaring Mail) [Magazine\Article\Cloudstreet], April, page 4
Sprandel, Jim; with Lady Deidre, Chris Caselli and David Mockler
Sailplane Photography - Phoebus A, Grob Twin Astir, AG-29 (Photo Showcase) [Photography\Sailplanes], January, pages 40, 41
Stringer, Jeff
Magazine Likes and Dislikes (Soaring Mail) [Magazine\Graphics], October, page 4
Swiderski, Greg
Cool Ops Table (Soaring News) [Operations\Headquarters], February, page 12
Swiderski, Marcin F.
Central Ohio Soaring Association's 1-26 being prepped for flight (Covers) [Sailplane\Schweizer 1-26], July, cover
Szemplinska, Maria
Brenda Seaborn working on the grid, 2012 15-Meter Nationals at Mifflin (Covers) [Sailplane\Contest\Pilot], February, cover
ASG 29 Whiteface Mountain, Lake Placid, NY (Centerfold) [Photography\Sailplane\Scenery], February, pages 30, 31
Sailplane and Soaring Scenes (Photo Showcase) [Photography\Sailplanes\People], February, pages 40, 41
Soaring - Photo Showcase (Photo Showcase) [Photography\Key], February, page 42

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Tabery, Gena
WGC 2014, Leszno, Poland (Feature Article) [Competition\World\Leszno], November, page 14
Can the U.S. Team Win at the WGC? (Feature Article) [Competition\World\Leszno\Winning], November, page 28
Tabery, Ronald S. (a.k.a. Ron Tabery); with Pete Alexander, Mark Keene and Rick Sheppe
World Gliding Championship Leszno 2014: Pilot and Crew Reflections (Feature Article) [Competition\World\Leszno], November, page 26
Takacs, John
Blundering Turns (Soaring Mail) [Magazine\Soaring RX\Stalls], May, page 3
Teifke, Dan
Somewhere to Soar: Darrington, Washington (Feature Article) [Sites\Darrington,WA], October, page 34
Thomason, Scott
Carolina Soaring Association's Grob 103 Twin Astir Launch Sequence (Covers) [Photography\Sequence\Launch], January, cover
Thompson, Bob
Rogue' Air Currents (Feature Article) [Meteorology\Dust Devils\Turbulence\Virga], October, page 20
Liked the October Issue (Soaring Mail) [Magazine\October], December, page 4
Tyler, Geoffrey
CAP Kudos (Soaring Mail) [Magazine\Youth\CAP], March, page 4

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Urbanowski, Vin
A Perfect Day (Feature Article) [Youth\Education\Engineering\Soaring], October, page 12

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VanGrunsven, Richard
Windmilling Drag (Soaring Mail) [Magazine\Self launching sailplanes], December, page 3

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Wallace, Arthur (a.k.a. Art Wallace)
Online FIRC - If not now, when? (Soaring Mail) [Instruction\FIRC], February, page 3
Scholarship Deadline (Soaring News) [Scholarships\Wallace\Youth], March, page 6
Walter, Joe
Safer Soaring (Feature Article) [Safety\Procedure], February, page 21
Safer Soaring (Feature Article) [Safety\Proactive], March, page 16
Safer Soaring Common Sense, Common Practice (Feature Article) [Safety\Common Sense], April, page 12
Safer Soaring (Feature Article) [Safety\Focus], June, page 12
Willden, John
Seeing L-13 Chat (Soaring Mail) [Blanik L-13\Experimental], January, page 5
Williams, John
Flight Review Requirements for CFIs Have Been Revised (Soaring News) [Rules\FAA], January, page 10
Williams, Nyal
Thanking Dr. Dan (Soaring Mail) [Magazine\Soaring RX], July, page 3
Williams, Nyal; with Scott Manley and David Fisichella
Barnaby Lecture, Condor Reluctance, My Condor Story A Fledgling Condor (The Condor Corner) [Simulation\Condor\Barnaby Lecture], January, page 44
Williams, Nyal; with Scott Manley and John Duke
A Major Breakthrough - Nyal's Squib - My Condor Story (The Condor Corner) [Simulation\Instruction], March, page 48
Wilson, Jack
Suggesting "S" Turns (Soaring Mail) [Safety\Spoilers], January, page 3
Windham, Anse
Schempp-Hirth Ventus B,Bishop, TX (Centerfold) [Sailplane\Ventus B], April, pages 30, 31
Wood, Tim
Hot Air and Global Warming (Soaring Mail) [Magazine\Global Warming], February, page 6
A Record Setting Glider Flight in Canada's Columbia Valley (Feature Article) [Cross-country\Records], December, page 32
Wrosz, Sylvia
Turbo Thermals and Heavy Metal (Winching World) [Launching\Winch], December, page 48

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Yametz, Ramy
Wave at 18,000 feet over Medoncinos near Williams, CA (Covers) [Selfie\Ramy Yanetz], April, cover
Yaswen, Gor
Glider (Feature Article) [Poetry\Flight], May, page 12

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Long Time Glider Pilot (Soaring News) [People\Bill Brinkman], January, page 10
Sixty-Year TSA Members (Soaring News) [People\Ken "Jake" Jacobs\Oats Schwarzenberger], January, page 10
Wings & Wheels Under New Management, at New Location (Soaring News) [Business\Wings & Wheels], January, page 10
(Contributions) [Contributions\Eagle Fund], January, page 45
(Contributions) [Contributions\Eagle Fund], January, page 48
Contests and Special Events (Soaring Calendar) [Calendar], January, page 50
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Add-on\Mark Houser], January, page 53
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Alan Murray\David Sherrill], January, page 53
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Jim Rickey], January, page 53
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Add-on\Bill Schomas], January, page 53
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Add-on\Jimmy Lee], January, page 53
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Anicerto Rivera], January, page 54
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\License\Stan Los], January, page 54
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Alex Scaperotta], January, page 54
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\First Solo\Ruti Faibisoff], January, page 54
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Anders Backlund], January, page 54
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Kaitlan Brown], January, page 54
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Eddie Coutras], January, page 54
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Zack Morris], January, page 55
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\First Solo\Joy Thornburg], January, page 55
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Kevin Price], January, page 55
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\James Allen], January, page 55
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\First Solo\William Liebbe], January, page 55
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Fernando Vittoni], January, page 55
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Scott Malerbe], January, page 55
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Noel Chun], January, page 56
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Howard Ragsdale], January, page 56
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\First Solo\Nick Amendola], January, page 56
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Steve Novak], January, page 56
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Christina Adkins], January, page 56
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Bob Petty], January, page 56
(Soaring Milestones) [New Ratings\CFI-G\Louis Glaab\Ian McFall; Commercial\Merlin Stevens\James Clark\Chuck Waldo], January, page 56
Final Glide (Soaring Milestones) [Obituaries\Joseph Flattery; Obituaries\Donald Slotten; Obituaries\George Myer; Obituaries\Don LaCross; Obituaries\Paul Jennings], January, page 56
Kyle Mathes-Orr Nominated to Attend the U.S. Naval Academy (Soaring News) [Scholarships\AF Academy], February, page 12
(Contributions) [Contributions\Eagle Fund], February, page 42
Contests and Special Events (Soaring Calendar) [Calendar], February, page 48
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Alex Gomez], February, page 53
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Honglin Dong], February, page 53
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Kevin Wheeler], February, page 53
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Eric Robinson], February, page 53
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Tom Savory], February, page 53
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\First Solo\Brent Bauries], February, page 54
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\First Solo\Kyle Barnes], February, page 54
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Lee Slinger], February, page 54
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Glider Rating\Peter Jarvis], February, page 54
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Glider Rating\Gary Herr], February, page 54
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Brooke Billinski], February, page 54
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\James Garrett], February, page 54
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Tim Raven], February, page 55
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Kaitlin Brown], February, page 55
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private Hayley Smith], February, page 55
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\Solo\Ben Shaw], February, page 56
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Doug Steele], February, page 56
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Gary Mason], February, page 56
(Soaring Milestones) [New Ratings\CFI-G\Wolfgang Mueller; Commercial\Brian Maisler], February, page 56
Final Glide (Soaring Milestones) [Obituaries\Robert Eldridge\James Behrends\Robert Bowden\Steven du Pont\Harris Schurmeier], February, page 56
"Test" Glider Student Pilots (Soaring News) [Commercial Operators\SoaringNV\Youth\Employees], March, page 6
Connecticut Soaring Association (Soaring News) [Club\Accomplishments\Donations\Awards], March, page 7
First in '14 (Soaring News) [Clubs\Tidewater Soaring Society], March, page 8
(Contributions) [Contributions\Eagle Fund], March, page 44
Contests and Special Events (Soaring Calendar) [Calendar], March, page 54
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Ernie Havner], March, page 56
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Bruce Fitzpatrick], March, page 56
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\First Solo\Summer Thompson], March, page 56
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\First Solo\George Haire], March, page 56
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Falconer Tom Savory], March, page 56
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Jeff Kirby], March, page 56
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\First Solo\Erin MacNeil], March, page 56
Gliding Achievement and Final Glide (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\First Solo\Logan LaLonde], March, page 56
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Andrew Tubbiolo], March, page 57
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\TransitionSolo\Jamie Klopp], March, page 57
(Soaring Milestones) [New Ratings\Commercial\Garrert Meriwether\Ron Olson], March, page 57
Final Glide (Soaring Milestones) [Obituaries\H.G. Helbig; Obituaries\John Lederer; Obituaries\Richard Schuman; Obituaries\Francis Bennett], March, page 57
Another SoCal Gliderport Lost (Soaring News) [Facilities\Gliderports\California City], April, page 5
New SSA Executive Committee Members (Soaring News) [SSA\Management\Executive Committee], April, page 5
(Contributions) [Contributions\Eagle Fund], April, page 49
Contests and Special Events (Soaring Calendar) [Calendar], April, page 52
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\First Solo\Gage Morgan], April, page 54
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Joe Venick], April, page 54
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\First Solo\Anke Radloff], April, page 54
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Parks Honeywell], April, page 54
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Al Jones], April, page 54
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\CFIG\James "JP" Stewart], April, page 54
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\First Solo\Lorenzo Loche], April, page 55
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\First Solo\Rachel McKay], April, page 55
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Trey Bergman], April, page 55
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Hiromu Tamura], April, page 55
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Yuki Utsumi], April, page 55
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Bill Weiser], April, page 55
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Brandon Herr], April, page 55
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Ryoma Miura], April, page 56
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Andrew Szabados], April, page 56
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Josh Eis], April, page 56
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Richard Hrusovsky], April, page 56
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Tom Koch], April, page 56
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\First Solo\Allen Miller], April, page 56
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Frank Crocevera], April, page 56
(Soaring Milestones) [New Ratings\CFIG\Gary Forister\LarrySilveman; Commercial\Nate Leben], April, page 56
Final Glide (Soaring Milestones) [Obituaries\Robert Nady\Rex Furney\Gerald Beaty], April, page 56
Final Glide (Soaring News) [Obituaries\Joseph Pacini; Obituaries\Chelun Huang], May, page 5
John Earlywine Honored (Soaring News) [Training\Master Instructor], May, page 5
(Contributions) [Contributions\Eagle Fund], May, page 50
Contests and Special Events (Soaring Calendar) [Calendar], May, page 53
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Commercial\Randy Blair], May, page 55
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\Solo\Keisha Holback], May, page 55
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\First Solo\Olivia Ackley], May, page 55
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Thomas Zammataro], May, page 55
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Wayne Daniel], May, page 55
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Daniel Barcay], May, page 55
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\First Solo\Jaden Wass], May, page 55
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Yosuke Okami], May, page 56
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Charles Locke], May, page 56
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\David Brooks], May, page 56
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\First Solo\Guillaume Pelaud], May, page 56
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Peter Sunder], May, page 56
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Andrew Verdes], May, page 56
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Col Paul Beienke], May, page 56
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Wayne Woldt], May, page 56
Dr. Don Johnson Receives Tuntland Award (Soaring News) [Awards\Tuntland\Dr. Don Johnson], June, page 4
(Contributions) [Contributions\Eagle Fund], June, page 51
Contests and Special Events (Soaring Calendar) [Calendar], June, page 52
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Casey Sanders], June, page 55
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Arnie Frankenburger], June, page 55
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Mike Jones], June, page 55
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Commercial\Bernie Poulin], June, page 55
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Andrew Chant], June, page 55
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Greg Carrier], June, page 56
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Commercial\Pete Sunder], June, page 56
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Glider Rating\Xavier Zavatsky], June, page 56
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\First Solo\Hogan McInturff], June, page 56
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Glider Rating\Tom Traeger], June, page 56
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Brian Price], June, page 56
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\CFIG\Edward "Ned" Linch], June, page 56
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Nic Nicholson], June, page 56
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Commercial\Joel LeFebvre], June, page 56
Final Glide (Soaring Milestones) [Obituaries\John Krey; Obituaries\John Wastvedt; Obituaries\Bob Deleon; Obituaries\Conrad Kay; Obituaries\John Mackie; Obituaries\Peter Dolan; Obituaries\Hugh Cohen; Obituaries\Judge Hal Lattimore], June, page 56
Call for SSA Director Nominations (Soaring News) [SSA\Management\Directors], July, page 5
Making Soaring a Family Legacy (Soaring News) [Committees\Growth & Development], July, page 5
The OLC Needs your Help in the USA (Soaring News) [Competition\Online\Reporting], July, page 5
Official Contest Announcement (Soaring News) [Contest\Photos\Announcement], July, page 6
Thank you Carolina Soaring (Soaring News) [Gatherings\Joe Nall Week\Volunteers\Carolina Soaring], July, page 6
Volunteers Wanted! (Soaring News) [Gatherings\EAA AirVenture\Volunteers], July, page 6
Final Glide (Soaring Milestones) [Obituaries\Erwin Long\Obituaries\Robert Knauff\Obituaries\George Sterling], July, page 7
Middle School Glider Visit (Soaring News) [Youth\Promotion], July, page 7
(Contributions) [Contributions\Eagle Fund], July, page 50
Contests and Special Events (Soaring Calendar) [Calendar], July, page 53
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Sophie Cienski], July, page 55
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\CFIG\Steward Ayotte], July, page 55
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Josh Fisher], July, page 55
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Add-on\Jeff Richardson], July, page 55
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Chris Reilly], July, page 55
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Michael Herrera], July, page 55
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Carl Engel], July, page 55
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Christopher Bott], July, page 55
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Duane Woods], July
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Neil Humphrey], July
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Daniel Dyck], July
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Nicolas Sekies], July
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Mike Sorenson], July
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\Reese Cocrane], July
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\John Van De Pol], July
Final Glide (Soaring Milestones) [Obituaries\John Wastvedt], August, page 5
(Contributions) [Contributions\Eagle Fund], August, page 50
Contests and Special Events (Soaring Calendar) [Calendar], August, page 52
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Cory O'Neel], August, page 54
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Russell Schwartz], August, page 54
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\First Solo\Hannah Ploch], August, page 54
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Keith Overstreet], August, page 54
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Commercial\Stuart Cartin], August, page 54
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Steve Woodruff], August, page 54
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Kelsey Ishimoto], August, page 54
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Commercial\David Lobdell], August, page 55
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Chris Nye], August, page 55
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Commercial\Casey Sanders], August, page 55
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\CFIG\Ron Heller], August, page 55
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\CFIG\Will Matthews], August, page 55
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\CFIG\Kyle Strunk], August, page 56
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\CFIG\Ty Gunnlaugsson], August, page 56
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Commercial\T.R. Wright], August, page 56
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Peter Lawson], August, page 56
Final Glide (Soaring Milestones) [Obituaries\William Pace\Steven Rhule\Edward Toohey\Jeff Knell\Richard Dibble\Thomas Rathbone\Thomas Holloran\Robert Bauer], September, page 4
Pegasus Becomes Lazarus! (Soaring News) [Sailplanes\Pegase], September, page 4
Sixth International Vintage Sailplane Meet (Soaring News) [Meet\Vintage\Elmira\2016], September, page 4
VSA's New Social Site (Soaring News) [Social\VSA], September, page 4
History is Made (Soaring News) [History\Four Generations\Alex, Sean, Manfred, Herbert Franke], September, page 5
Contests and Special Events (Soaring Calendar) [Calendar], September, page 49
(Contributions) [Contributions\Eagle Fund], September, page 50
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\CFIG\Ty Gunnlaugsson], September, page 53
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\CFIG\Will Matthews], September, page 53
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Chris Busch], September, page 53
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Rebecca Colby], September, page 53
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\CFIG\Kyle Strunk], September, page 53
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Jim Rushing], September, page 53
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Jeff Jewell], September, page 53
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Commercial T.R.Wright], September, page 53
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\First Solo\Eleanor Renshaw], September, page 54
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private Add-on\Peter Lawson], September, page 54
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Neil Humphrey], September, page 54
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Yodo Osamu], September, page 54
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\Private\Richard Davis], September, page 54
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\John Tompkins], September, page 54
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\CFIG\John Guillot], September, page 54
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Jacob Gerbino], September, page 54
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Arnie Frankenburger], September, page 54
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Nathan Tardif], September, page 55
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Ernest Benner], September, page 55
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Jeff Melgaard], September, page 55
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\First Solo\Maxwell Edison Halkenhauser], September, page 55
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Commercial\Richard Smolinski], September, page 55
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Sam Windsor], September, page 55
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\CFIG\Casey Sanders], September, page 55
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Anneliese Vetter], September, page 55
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Judson Vandiver], September, page 56
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\First Solo\Brandon Snow], September, page 56
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Dan Zenger], September, page 56
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\David McMaster], September, page 56
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Commercial\Jeremy DeBon], September, page 56
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Yasuo Akiyama], September, page 56
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Frank Gose], September, page 56
(Soaring Milestones) [Private\Martin Collier], September, page 56
Final Glide (Soaring Milestones) [Obituaries\Rokki Roberts\Michael Hutchison\Harold Klieforth\Ralph Douthit\Ray Franchamps\Robert Drew\Ron Carter\Jorge Estevez Morfi\Ciprian Ivascu\Oliver Benson], October, page 5
The 2014 Michael Wallace Memorial Scholarship awarded (Soaring News) [Scholarships\Wallace], October, page 5
SSA Announces First Dues Increase Since 2002 (Announcement) [Announcement\SSA\Dues], October, page 32
(Contributions) [Contributions\Eagle Fund], October, page 48
Contests and Special Events (Soaring Calendar) [Calendar], October, page 49
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Daniel Dyck], October, page 52
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\John Siemans], October, page 52
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Tom Holben], October, page 52
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\CFIG\Patrick Good], October, page 52
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Henri Dolnikoff], October, page 52
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Tugan Eritenel], October, page 52
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Sam Parker], October, page 52
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Robert Montgomery], October, page 52
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Matt McGuire], October, page 53
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Alex Stahl], October, page 53
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Noah Reitter], October, page 53
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Powell Stone], October, page 53
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\First Solo\Ceara Berry], October, page 53
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Dave Ruskauff], October, page 54
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Bruce Zivic], October, page 54
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Commercial\Tory Tolton], October, page 54
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Sierra Jackson], October, page 54
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Jason Ogle], October, page 54
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Charles Locke], October, page 54
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Marie-Claire LaBerge], October, page 54
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Conor Mooney], October, page 54
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\FirstSolo\Joe McGill], October, page 55
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Chris Busch], October, page 55
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\First Solo\Tom Wolfe], October, page 55
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Commercial\Dick Bevington], October, page 55
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Griffin Gluck], October, page 55
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Pablo Saso-Perkins], October, page 55
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Chris and Christine Patton], October, page 55
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\Private\Noy Anisman], October, page 55
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Blake Sortor], October, page 56
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Tony DiBasio], October, page 56
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\First Solo\Nick Bermudez], October, page 56
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\First Solo\Noah Eudy], October, page 56
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\First Solo\Dody Ditchfield], October, page 56
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\First Solo\Eric Sirles], October, page 56
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\First Solo\Daniel Ward], October, page 56
Congratulations to FAI Award Winner Judy Ruprecht (Soaring News) [Awards\Tissandier\Judy Ruprecht], November, page 6
FAA Allows Cameras Like GoPro Or Nflight To Be Mounted Externally On An Aircraft (Soaring News) [Regulations\Cameras], November, page 6
HP-24 Project Creates Buzz (Soaring News) [ESA\Sailplane\HP-24], November, page 6
Perlan Project Wins Aerokurier OLC Silver League 2014 (Soaring News) [Award\OLC\Silver League], November, page 6
A Good Painting Starts With a Vision of a Moment in Time (Soaring News) [Artist\Paul Rendel], November, page 7
Final Glide (Soaring Milestones) [Obituaries\Robert Smedley\Michael McCarron\Robert Ball\James Spelman\Werner Sommer], November, page 7
(Contributions) [Contributions\Eagle Fund], November, page 51
Contests and Special Events (Soaring Calendar) [Calendar], November, page 51
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Mark Fredette], November, page 55
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Eric Grubel], November, page 55
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\Private\Jaden Wass], November, page 55
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\"A" Badge\Ken Whittemore], November, page 55
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Alex Ryan], November, page 55
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Commercial\Wiebe Gortmaker], November, page 55
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\John Heston], November, page 55
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Jason Hannon], November, page 56
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Bill Heisler], November, page 56
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Tommy Webster], November, page 56
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\First Solo\Clay King], November, page 56
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\Add-on\Stefan Arnone], November, page 56
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Gene Wedge], November, page 56
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\"A" Badge\Pat Combs], November, page 56
Cadet Scholarship Awarded (Soaring News) [Scholarships\Cadet\ErikPetschauer\Honorette Remling\Jeremiah Medina\Austin Bowers], December, page 5
New Wings & Wheels Website (Soaring News) [Commercial Operators\Web Site], December, page 5
Final Glide (Soaring News) [Obituaries\Richard Glover\Muswar Ahmad\Layne Self\A.C. Goodwin\Arnold Skopil\Doug Marshall\Adrian Collins], December, page 6
Wing Rigger Acquired by MM Fabrication LLC (Soaring News) [Sailplane\Assembly], December, page 6
SSA Announces First Dues Increase Since 2002 (Announcement) [Management\Dues], December, page 7
75th Schweizer Anniversary Story (Feature Article) [History\Anniversary\Schweizer], December, page 12
Growth & Development Committee Activity (Committees) [SSA\Committees\Growth & Development], December, page 40
(Contributions) [Contributions\Eagle Fund], December, page 50
Contests and Special Events (Soaring Calendar) [Calendar], December, page 53
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Keith Powers], December, page 54
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Dan Akselrod], December, page 54
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Hakan Saplakoglu], December, page 54
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Richard Wilkening], December, page 54
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Justin Oaks], December, page 54
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Commercial\Don Grillo; Private\Craig Zimmerman], December, page 54
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Jerry Lees], December, page 54
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Andrew Wills], December, page 54
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Commercial\Jared Bixenman], December, page 55
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Commercial\Darin Martin], December, page 55
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\First Solo\Yeager Dance], December, page 55
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\First Solo\Hannah Dougherty], December, page 55
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Yasup Uehara], December, page 55
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Commercial\Jerzy Szwagrzyk], December, page 55
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Commercial\Horacio Gutierrez], December, page 56
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Check\Alex Moore], December, page 56
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Lee Barber], December, page 56
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Rating\Mike Foale], December, page 56
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Scott Marshall], December, page 56
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\CAP\Solo\Kyle Anderson\Bryan Lilly, Justin Oaks\Garret Anderson], December, page 56
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\CAP\CFIG\Jim McCarthy], December, page 56

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