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Alexander, Jaime
Mike Boska Solo (Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Mike Boska], February, page 49
Paul Ambrose Adds a Commercial Glider Rating (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Commercial\Paul Ambrose], February, page 49
Alexandrescu, Andreea
Let's Go Gliding (Soaring Mail) [Promotion\Food tasting\Sun N Fun\Events], July, page 6
Anderson, Colln
Blue Ridge Soaring's Rollanden-Schneider LS-6B in action (Covers) [Sailplane\Rolladen-Schneider LS-6B], November, cover
Anisman, Noy
Soar Truckee Private Pilot Check Ride (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\Private\Anders Edwards], October, page 50
Annear, Spencer
Library Gift Subscriptions (Soaring Mail) [Awards\Scholarships], September, page 3
SBR Soaring Before Radios (Soaring Short Stories) [Cross-Country\Equipment], December, page 24
Armbruster, Dave
Participating (Soaring Mail) [Contests\Participation\Follow-up], August, page 4
Augustin, Marc
On Tow Towing at the 2012 World's Gliding Championships (Feature Article) [Competition\World\Towing], October, page 24

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Bard, Roger
Contest Contrasts (Soaring Mail) [Competition\History\Participation], September, page 3
Biter, Cleon
Solo at Fourteen (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\First Solo\Brooks Dickerson], March, page 51
Bjork, Tom
Crop Circle Mystery Explained (Soaring Mail) [Wave; Landing\Crops], February, page 4
Black-Nixon, C. Dianne (a.k.a. Dianne Black Nixon, Dianne Black-Nixon, C. Dianne Black Nixon)
George Who? (Soaring Short Stories) [Crewing], December, page 25
Triumph Over Adversity (Soaring Short Stories) [Crewing], December, page 25
Blacksten, Raul
Zanonia (Clio's Wings) [History\Sailplanes\Zanonia], January, page 60
Glides Somewhat Less Probable (Clio's Wings) [History], February, page 60
Slingsby (Clio's Wings) [History], March, page 60
WW II Glider Operations (Clio's Wings) [History\WW II], April, page 60
Alianti Italiani (Clio's Wings) [History\Italy], May, page 60
The Arvin Meets (Clio's Wings) [History\Arvin], June, page 60
Early Soaring in Japan (Clio's Wings) [History\Japan], July, page 55
This Month's Topic: Richard C. duPont (Clio's Wings) [History\People\Richard duPont], August, page 60
This Month's Topic: Old Glass (Clio's Wings) [History\Sailplanes], September, page 60
This Month's Topic: EoN (Clio's Wings) [History\Manufacturer\Elliotts of Newbury], October, page 60
To the SSA Membership (Soaring Mail) [Magazine\Clio's Wings], November, page 7
Homebuilt Sailplanes (Clio's Wings) [History\Homebuilt], November, page 60
Women Soaring Pilots (Clio's Wings) [History\Women], December, page 60
Blair, Fred
Two New Private Ratings at Greater Houston Soaring (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Adrian Richter\Sam McDowell], June, page 54
Boerner, Raul
Winter Solo at Black Forest Soaring Society (Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Mark Johnson], March, page 53
Boettger, Gordon (a.k.a. Gordon "Gordo" Boettger)
Scenes of various wave clouds (Photo Showcase) [Clouds\Lenticular\Cap\Roll], January, pages 30,31
Transponder Advice (Soaring Mail) [Equipment\Transponders; Safety\Procedures], April, page 6
Bond, James
She's Soloed at 14 (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\First Solo\Alexandra Bond], December, page 49
Branum, Don
Air Force Cadets Soar to Record Gliding Season (Soaring News) [Students\Military], March, page 8
Britton, David
Happy Cadet (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\First Solo\Nikos Styles], January, page 52
Buker, Terry
Safety First (Soaring Mail) [Safety\Reminders], August, page 4
Bush, Lane
Busy Badge Weekends (Soaring Milestones) [Training\A, B, C Badges\Daryl Hickman], July, page 54
Chris Rudd Solos (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Chris Rudd], July, page 54
Byard, Jeff
IVSM 2012 Elmira's International Vintage Sailplane Meet (Soaring Mail) [Gatherings\International; Vintage], May, page 7

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Carlson, Mike
Silly Season Logic Error? (Soaring Mail) [Safety\Accident timing], November, page 4
Carlson, Richard (a.k.a. Rich Carlson)
Report and Recommendations (2012 Safety Program) [Safety\Fatalities\Insurance Claims], April, page 9
The New Silly Season (2012 Safety Program) [Safety\Proficiency], September, page 8
Carpenter, Dave
Aero Solo Club Solo (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Greg Kester], February, page 50
Carraway, Rich
A New Private Pilot at Caesar Creek (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Rik Ghai], January, page 54
A Big Day at Caesar Creek (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\First Solo\Adam Wilson], August, page 54
Carton, Dave
CFI-G Rating (Soaring Milestones) [Training\CFI-G\Jerry Smith], July, page 55
New Private Pilot Rating (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Colin Skinner], November, page 49
New Pilot in Vermont (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Colin Skinner], December, page 48
Clark, Robin
Ray Galloway Retires From Racing Scene (Soaring News) [People\Ray Galloway], July, page 10
Cleveland, David
Three-Way Flier (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Russell O'Brien], September, page 54
Salt Lake City Solo (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\First Solo\Stuart Gleason], October, page 49
Add-On Rating Achieved (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Cory Anderson], November, page 52
Cochrane, John H. (a.k.a. John Cochrane)
Got altitude? Safety Glides (Feature Article) [Safety\Glides\MacCready], April, page 32
Participation & Nationals (Feature Article) [Competition\National], June, page 32
SF Bay Photos (Soaring Mail) [Magazine\Photography\San Francisco Bay], December, page 4
Cochrane, John H. (a.k.a. John Cochrane); with Hank Nixon
Reply to Participating (Soaring Mail) [Contests\Participation\Follow-up], August, page 6
Collum, Bill
Letters - Design, Shuttle, Lifting Bodies,Wings, Insurance (Soaring Tech) [Technology\Letters\History], January, page 11
GPS - Part 1 (Soaring Tech) [Technology\Equipment\GPS], March, page 14
GPS - Part 2 (Soaring Tech) [Technology\Equipment\GPS], April, page 12
ADS-B (Soaring Tech) [Equipment\Instrumentation], May, page 9
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (Soaring Tech) [Aircraft\UAV], June, page 12
The Sailplane Airliner (Soaring Tech) [Airline\Boeing 787], July, page 15
Transponders (Soaring Tech) [Equipment\Transponders], August, page 10
Maintenance Tracking (Part 1) (Soaring Tech) [Maintenance\Records], September, page 9
Maintenance Tracking (Part 2) (Soaring Tech) [Maintenance\Records], October, page 8
Gifts and Gadgets (Soaring Tech) [Gifts\Soaring], December, page 12
Compton, Burt
A New Signpost at Marfa (Soaring News) [Memorabilia\Sign\Marfa], June, page 9
Soaring Safety Foundation Trustee (2012 Safety Program) [Operations\Aero Towing], October, page 14
Condon, Tony; with Bob Whelan
Too Much Fun (Feature Article) [Gatherings\Camps\Cross-Country], February, page 20
Conte, Tom
UAV Aircraft and Airspace Concerns Shared (Soaring Mail) [UAV\Maintenance\Hi-jack], August, page 6
Cook, Bob
Wurtsboro Solo (Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Glider Solo\Doug Butler], January, page 51
He's Back in a Big Way (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Commercial\CFIG\Dave Rosenblum], February, page 50
Dino Solos (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Dino Valaoritis], February, page 52
Solo at 15 (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\First Solo\Antonia Lovjen], June, page 55
Cook, Charles
A Piedmont Solo at Fourteen (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\First Solo\Reece Cocrane], March, page 51
Coon, Doug, Sr.
Elliot Queale Solo (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Elliot Queale], January, page 53
Corbert, Paul
Joey's Checkride (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\Private\Joey Schoolcraft], May, page 54
Corbett, Paul
Solo at Fifteen (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\First Solo\Joey Schoolcraft], February, page 48
Successful Solo (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\First Solo\David Senecal], February, page 48
Heidi Stoeppler Solos at Skylark North (Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Heidi Stoeppler], March, page 51
New Glider Rating (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Glider rating\Robert Wade], August, page 52
New Private Pilot at Skylark North (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Heidi Stoeppler], August, page 55
Commercial Rating Received (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Commercial\Geoff Marshall], September, page 52
Another Private Rating Reached at Skylark North (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Blendon Walker], September, page 53
First Solo, Sam Range (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Sam Range], October, page 50
Billy Thalheimer's Solo Flight (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Billy Thalheimer], October, page 54
Private Glider Check Ride Passed (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Sam Range], November, page 54
Corbin, Bill
14-Year-Old Solo Glider Pilot (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\First Solo\Lee Slinger], July, page 55
Coyne, Chuck
Send Lawyers, Guns and Money (Flight Lines) [Airports\Hemet-Ryan], January, page 3
Progress Report BG-12/16 (Flight Lines) [Sailplanes\BG-12/16; Restoration], February, page 3
Dave Nadler drops water during 2011 18-Meter Nationals, Hobbs, NM (Covers) [Sailplanes\Antares 20E-18\Competition], March, cover
Convention, Safety, Let's Go Gliding (Flight Lines) [Conventions; Promotion], March, page 3
ASG-29-18, Hobbs, New Mexico (Centerfold) [Sailplanes\ASG-29-18], March, pages 30,31
Chutes - from childhood to adult - repack, egress, etc (Flight Lines) [Safety\Equipment\Parachutes], April, page 3
Happy Anniversary (Flight Lines) [SSA\Anniversary], May, page 3
Reno's a Big Hit Once Again (Feature Article) [Gatherings\Convention\Reno], May, page 29
A Prue Story (Flight Lines) [Sailplane\Prue Super Standard T], June, page 4
Land Out Accident Video Documentation (Flight Lines) [Safety\Accident Documentation], July, page 4
(Flight Lines) [Training\BGR\Situational Awareness], August, page 3
First Flight (Flight Lines) [Sailplane\Prue Super Standard "T"], September, page 2
Various Varios (Flight Lines) [Instruments\Variometer], October, page 4
Painful Prue Flights (Flight Lines) [Sailplane\Prue Super Standard], November, page 3
Prue Projects (Flight Lines) [Sailplanes\Prue; Winter Work], December, page 3
Coyne, Chuck; with Pete Rendek, Jeff Duhaime and Glenn Holden
(Photo Showcase) [Sailplanes; Towplane], February, pages 33,34
Cramer, Warren
"Old Guy" is New Pilot! (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Steve Bartlett], April, page 54
New Soaring Convert! (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Commercial\Carlos Berl], April, page 54
No Longer Afraid of Flying (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Denis Muradov], May, page 51
Airplane Pilot Learns to Soar (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Dan Poccia], May, page 53
Crawford, Elliot
A New Private Pilot at Mile High (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Kate Kennedy], July, page 54
Croce, Jim
New Solo at Wabash Valley (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Christian Wilhite], February, page 54

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Daniels, Bill
OLC Adds Excitement to Soaring (Front of the Grid) [Competition\OLC], May, page 2
Davis, Tony
My First Outlanding (Soaring Short Stories) [Cross-Country\Crewing], December, page 26
de Russy, Ken
Hang Glider History (Soaring Mail) [History\Hang Gliders], February, page 6
Deane, Peter
Preparation for the Argentina World Championships, January 2013 (Feature Article) [World Competition\Argentina\Preparation], November, page 18
Deck, Jim
Radio Control Model application to UAVs (Soaring Mail) [UAV\Maintenance\Hi-jack], August, page 7
Denny, Maxwell
Prescott Soaring Solo (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Elijah Brown], May, page 54
DeRosa, John
Spring Cleaning and Battery Testing (Feature Article) [Maintenance\Batteries], February, page 27
Strokes & Soda (Soaring Mail) [Medical\Strokes], March, page 4
Donoghue, Jay
Two New Pilots at Atlantic Soaring (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Walter Litzenberger\Brendan McAndrew], August, page 54
Private Rating Earned (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Dmitry Mishin], October, page 54
Drescher, Dick
A 15-Year-Old Solos (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\First Solo\Felix Drescher], September, page 51
Driessen, Jan
Solo at Truckee, California (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Blake Sortor], November, page 49
DuCharme, Mark
Selling Soaring; Opportunities Abound (Feature Article) [Promotion], August, page 21
Selling Soaring: Get in the News (Feature Article) [Promotion\Publicity], October, page 18
Who Are You? (Selling Soaring) [Promotion\Soarinng], November, page 10
Duhaime, Jeff; with Pete Rendek, Glenn Holden and Chuck Coyne
(Photo Showcase) [Sailplanes; Towplane], February, pages 33,34
Duke, John
Simulation-based Flight Instruction (Soaring News) [Instruction\Simulation], May, page 4
Dunning, Robert
Region 2 North (Contest Corner) [Competitions\Region 2 North\Wurtsboro], January, page 21

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Earlywine, John
Commercial Add-On Rating (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Commercial\Mike Meister], March, page 51
Solo at Seminole Lake (Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Charlie Hunter], May, page 52
Added a Rating (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\David Waymire], July, page 54
Commercial Rating (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Commercial\Mike Nichols], July, page 54
Solo Time In Central Indiana (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Tim Woenker], September, page 52
Commercial Add-On Rating (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Commercial\Lou Koelsch], September, page 55
Glider Rating Added (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Richard Smith], December, page 54
New Private Pilot Glider at CISS (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Gardiner Dennis], December, page 54
Tim Woenker, Private Pilot Glider (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Tim Woenker], December, page 54
Elber, Frauke
How to Attract Young People (Club News) [Clubs\Youth], January, page 43
(Club News) [Clubs\Construction\CFIG Camp\Awards], February, page 44
(Club News) [Clubs\Photography\Magazines\Crew], March, page 45
Youth Activities at York Soaring Association (Club News) [Clubs\York Soaring Association], April, page 42
ChicagoLand Youth Grand | What Soaring Means to ME (Megan Hart) (Club News) [Clubs\Youth\ChicagoLand\Megan Hart], May, page 43
Cold Congrats (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Nick Kurland], May, page 52
Two Tidewater Solos (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Shannon Ennis\Jacqueline Justice], May, page 55
(Club News) [Clubs], June, page 39
Youth Glide USA by Jim Herd (Club News) [Youth], July, page 48
(Club News) [Clubs\Youth\Scholarships\Tidewater Soaring], August, page 39
Life in a Glider Club (Club News) [Clubs], September, page 39
Ephrata 2012 Dust Up (Club News) [Training\Learning\Mentoring], October, page 38
50 years of Blue Ridge Soaring Society (Club News) [Clubs], November, page 38
Good Places to Fly (Club News) [Clubs\Sites\Lakeview, OR\Caesar Creek, OH\Tidewater, VA], December, page 37
Scholarship Winner Solos (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\Private\Paul Todd], December, page 50
Ellison, Carl
A Super Senior (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Brandon McDowall], October, page 50

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Fish, David
Fact or Parable? (Soaring Mail) [Medical\Cold\Dehydration; Reply by D. H. Johnson], June, page 7
Fisher, Glenn
Solo at Fourteen-years-old (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\Bob Marcellari], May, page 54
Franke, Manfred
2009 Region 6 North at Ionia, MI (Covers) [Competition\Regional\Ionia], December, cover
Fuglsang-Petersen, Elke
IGC-OLC-League World-League Total 2012 (Soaring News) [Competition\IGC-OLC-League\Albuqurque Soaring Club], December, page 9
Third Glider Pilot in the Family (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\Solo\Jonas Fuglsang-Petersen], December, page 48

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Garavglia, Gary
Freshman Solos (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\First Solo\John Robertson], April, page 52
Gardner, Tim; with Marianne Guerin
The 2012 Air Sailing Sorts Class Contest (Feature Article) [Competition\Region 11\Air Sailing], December, page 19
Garner, James K. (a.k.a. Chip Garner)
First Flight Impressions: Windward Performance DuckHawk (Feature Article) [Sailplane\DuckHawk], August, page 24
Cold Solo (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\First Solo\Zach Sevison], February, page 54
Gifford, Chuck
Loves the April 1-26 Cover (Soaring Mail) [Magazine\Cover], July, page 6
Gill, Corky
New, Younger Soaring Pilots (Feature Article) [Youth\Promotion; Training\Harris Hill], August, page 36
Gossfeld, Tim
Encouraging Good Choices (Soaring Mail) [Safety\Judgment], July, page 6
Grecco, Joseph
Lucky on the 13th (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Commercial\Joe Grecco], March, page 52
Greenman, Mark
CAP Solo (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\First Solo\Natalie Budner], January, page 52
Cadet Solos (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\First Solo\Campbell Dollarhyde], January, page 52
CAP Member Gets Private Glider Rating (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Nathan Hutchison], September, page 54
Private Pilot at 16 (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\Private\Nathan Hutchison], November, page 50
Greenwald, Mike
Bob Higginson flying his ASW-24 over Chicago Glider Club (Covers) [Sailplane\Schleicher\ASW-24; People\Bob Higginson], October, cover
Greenwell, Eric (a.k.a. E. Greenwell)
Pacific Northwest Summer Wave (Feature Article) [Wave\Northwest], March, page 28
MGL Avionics V6 Aviation Radio Transceiver (Feature Article) [Equipment\Radio], November, page 32
Griffin, Todd
DG-300 over South Carolina (Centerfold) [Sailplanes\DG-300], February, pages 30,31
Gudgel, Dan
Mountain Wave Forecasting (Weather to Fly) [Weather\Waves], January, page 18
Mountain Wave Comments (Weather to Fly) [Waves], February, page 16
Mountain Wave Parameters (Weather to Fly) [Weather\Wave], March, page 23
Wind, Convergence, and Shear (Weather to Fly) [Weather\Convergence], April, page 22
Convergence Along a Sea Breeze Front (Weather to Fly) [Soaring\Techniques\Convergence], May, page 20
Terrain Induced Convergence (Weather to Fly) [Weather\Convergence], June, page 24
Terrain-Channeled Convergence (Weather to Fly) [Weather\Convergence], July, page 18
Modified Convergence Lines: The El Mirage Shear Line (Weather to Fly) [Meteorology\Convergence\El Mirage], August, page 18
The Pilot Weather Briefing (Weather to Fly) [Weather\Briefings], September, page 18
A Contest Meteorologist's Day at the 2012 World Gliding Contest (Feature Article) [Competition\World; Meteorology], October, page 16
The "850-250 mb Differential Divergence"Chart (Weather to Fly) [Meteorology\Differential/Divergence], December, page 16
Guerin, Marianne; with Tim Gardner
The 2012 Air Sailing Sorts Class Contest (Feature Article) [Competition\Region 11\Air Sailing], December, page 19

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Hanke, Tim
Third Generation Glider Fan (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Fan\Kayla Hanke], January, page 51
Hansen, Poul
A Correction (Soaring Mail) [Magazine\People\Stig Oye], September, page 3
Hanson, Ginny
Keeping it in the Family (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\Solo\Colin Fuss], November, page 52
Instructor Rated (Soaring Milestones) [Training\CFI-G\John Goodman], December, page 54
Harden, Laurie
Commercial Rating Gained (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Commercial\Rustin Howard], April, page 55
Booth Receives Rating (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\David Booth], August, page 55
Harte, John
Father and Son Solo Day at Sandhill Soaring (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Jakub Simon; Youth\Solo\Nate Simon], June, page 54
Hasness, Rollin
Badges & Records (SSA and FAI Awards) [Awards\Badges], January, page 48
Badges & Records (SSA and FAI Awards) [Awards\Badges], February, page 43
Badges & Records (SSA and FAI Awards) [Awards\Badges], March, page 47
Badges & Records (SSA and FAI Awards) [Awards\Badges], April, page 48
Badges & Records (SSA and FAI Awards) [Awards\Badges], May, page 47
Badges & Records (SSA and FAI Awards) [Awards\Badges], June, page 50
Badges & Records (SSA and FAI Awards) [Awards\Badges], July, page 50
Badges & Records (SSA and FAI Awards) [Awards\Badges], August, page 50
Badges & Records (SSA and FAI Awards) [Awards\Badges], September, page 49
Badges & Records (SSA and FAI Awards) [Awards\Badges], October, page 46
Badges & Records (SSA and FAI Awards) [Awards\Badges], November, page 44
Badges & Records (SSA and FAI Awards) [Awards\Badges], December, page 42
Hatch, Doug
New Private Pilot at 83 (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Robert Mitchell], July, page 55
On Track at Saratoga (Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Pam Grandin], August, page 52
Herd, Jim
Piston Aviation Fuel in America (Feature Article) [Fuel\Motorgliders\Towplanes], April, page 26
Water and Salt (Soaring Mail) [Dehydration\Salt], July, page 7
Holden, Glen
Action on the Grid at 2012 Region 5 North Contest (Covers) [Competition\Region 5 North\Perry SC], July, cover
Holden, Glenn
ASG-29 sailplane towed by Super Decathlon (Centerfold) [Launch\Aero tow], July, pages 30,31
Holden, Glenn; with Pete Rendek, Jeff Duhaime and Chuck Coyne
(Photo Showcase) [Sailplanes; Towplane], February, pages 33,34
Honeycutt, Mark
Looking for Assistance (Soaring Mail) [Training\Retention], November, page 6

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Jaszlics, Ivan
Soaring Boring (Soaring Mail) [Magazine\Delivery], July, page 7
Jaudas, Stefan
Healthy Soaring (Soaring Mail) [Health\Weight], November, page 6
Johnson, Daniel L. (a.k.a. Daniel Johnson, Dan Johnson)
How Oxygenation Works (Soaring RX) [Safety\Oxygen], January, page 14
Cognitive Impairment in Pilots (Soaring Rx) [Safety\Medical\Neurological], February, page 12
Isotonic Volume loss (Soaring Rx) [Medical\Cold\Dehydration], March, page 20
What is Judgment? (Soaring Rx) [Medical\Judgment], April, page 16
Why Wear Sunglasses (Soaring RX) [Medical\Eyes\Sunglasses], May, page 15
Does Your Pulse Oximeter Mean What it Says? (Does Your Spouse?) (Soaring RX) [Medical\Oxygen], June, page 18
Fatigue, Exhaustion, and Somnolence (Soaring RX) [Safety\Pilot], July, page 36
Jet Lag and Night Shifts Mae Us Bad Pilots (Soaring RX) [Safety\Sleep], August, page 14
The Bad-Years Blimp (Soaring RX) [Health\Diet\Nutrition\Exercise], September, page 14
Tobogganing on the Invisible Hill (Soaring RX) [Safety\Landings], October, page 10
(Soaring Rx) [Safety\Tail Dolly\Panic], November, page 12
Confabulation: It's About Character (Soaring RX) [Safety\Character], December, page 32
Johnson, Tom
Your Club's Safety Culture (2012 Safety Program) [Safe\Clubs], March, page 10
Where to Fly: Minden, Nevada Soar the Superb Sierra (Feature Article) [Sites\Minden], April, page 38
Paul Spillane Solos at Coastal Soaring (Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Paul Spillane], May, page 54
The Tape Does Not Lie (2012 Safety Program) [Safety\Glider FBO\Video], August, page 9
New Private Pilot at Coastal Soaring (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Sean Connolly], August, page 54
Private Pilot Check Ride Completed (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Matt Barnett], August, page 54
Coastal Soaring Solo (Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Patrick Douglas], October, page 51
Another First Solo in Pensacola (Soaring Milestones) [Training\youth\First Solo\Kaitlyn Brown], October, page 55
Jones, Phil
Solo at Fifteen (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\Solo\Jacob Levin], January, page 51
Daughter Like Father (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\CAP\Solo\Julia Finestone], February, page 51
Another Glider Guider (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Brian Moor], February, page 52
Solo at Fourteen (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\First Solo\Jordan Levine], July, page 54

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Keck, Bill
A Hairy Story (Soaring Mail) [Safety\Cross-wind Landings], April, page 7
Kellet, James C. (a.k.a. J.C. Kellet, Jim Kellet, Jim C. Kellet, Jim Kellett)
The Virginia Soaring Association (Feature Article) [Clubs\Virginia], June, page 37
Kelly, Patrick
Mono Lake Northbound from Yosemite National Park (Covers) [Flights\Gordon Boettger\Duo Discus\Mono Lake], June, cover
Kiley, Aaron
Condor Tips (Soaring Mail) [Simulation\Condor], January, page 4
Kinne, Rodney D.
New CFI-G For Marshall Soaring Club (Soaring Milestones) [Training\CFI-G\Ron Van Houten], March, page 52
Klemperer, Walt
University of El Mirage Clarion Call (Soaring Mail) [Reunion\University of El Mirage], January, page 4
Solo at Bend Oregon (Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Don Thuren], March, page 55
Knauff, Thomas (a.k.a. Tom Knauff, T. Knauff)
Preventing Launching Accidents (Feature Article) [Safety\Launching], October, page 20
Knerr, Josh
Rick Barber returning to Bishop, CA in his ASW-15 GWZ (Covers) [Sailplanes\AW-15; Cross-country], February, cover
Kolstad, Ralph E. (a.k.a. Ralph Kolstad)
Civilian use of UAVs (Soaring Mail) [UAV\Maintenance\Hi-jack], August, page 7
Krapes, Dillon
Naval Glider Pilot (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Katie Berkey], November, page 52
Krebs, Peter
Sunrise Photo by Dennis Stehilk (Soaring Mail) [Magazine\Photo], December, page 4
Kressin, Ken
Soloed and Soaked (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\First Solo\Kenny Kressin], February, page 50
Kunz, Andy
Solo at 14-Years Old (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\Solo\Lena Kunz], November, page 48

L     (up to table of contents)

LaBerge, Lynda Lee
2012 WSPA Seminar (Feature Article) [Divisions\WSPA\Seminar], October, page 29
LaBerge, Phillip (a.k.a. Philip LaBerge)
Wayne Hutchens Solos (Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Wayne Hutchens], March, page 54
Another Glider Pilot in the Pipeline! (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\"B" Badge\Jeffrey Hepburn], June, page 54
LaSor, Fred
Speaking of Wave: Thoughts on Nature's Elevator (Feature Article) [Soaring\Waves], January, page 28
Latson, John
Soaring Youth in Texas (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\First Solo\Kyle Summers], October, page 49
Leflingwell, Chuck Coyne,Robert Talarczyk,Robb Hohmann, Rick
Dust Devils, Sky Designs, Flight, Long Day (Photo Showcase) [Photography\Soaring Scenes], July, pages 40, 41
Leslie, Gregg
Commercial Rating (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Commercial\Joe Manna], July, page 54
Linnekin, Dennis
Team Flying at the 2012 World Gliding Championships (Feature Article) [Competition\World\Team Flying], October, page 26
Livingston, John
A Dr. Dan Fan (Soaring Mail) [Magazine\Soaring RX], August, page 4
Lott, Brian K. (a.k.a. Brian Lott)
Virtual Visit (Soaring Mail) [Promotion\Education\DVD], April, page 7
Lowry, Elisabeth
Soaring100 Enthusiasts Celebrate 100 Years of Soaring Flight (Feature Article) [Events\Soaring100], January, page 35

M     (up to table of contents)

Mack, Jeffrey
Windy City Solo (Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Dave Galowich], July, page 54
MacKenzie, David A. (a.k.a. David MacKenzie)
A New Club's First (Soaring Milestones) [Training\A & B Badges\Greg Delp], September, page 54
Mackin, Christian
ASW-27s at California City, California (Centerfold) [Sailplane\ASW-27; Sites\California City], August, pages 30,31
Manley, Scott
Simulation-Based Flight Instruction at Clubs and Commercial Operations (The Condor Corner) [Simulation\Instruction], February, page 38
Using Glider Flight Simulation to Promote the Sport of Soaring (The Condor Corner) [Simulation\Promotion], April, page 45
The Winter Crop (The Condor Corner) [Simulation\Training\Students], June, page 45
Potpourri (The Condor Corner) [Simulation\Convention\Training; Safety], August, page 43
Oshkosh - KidVenture 2012 (The Condor Corner) [Simulation\Youth\EAA Convention], October, page 42
Manley, Scott; with Frank Paynter
A "Condor Christmas" (The Condor Corner) [Simulation\Gifts], December, page 34
Martin, Sue
Young Region V South Competitors (Soaring News) [Youth\Competition\Regional], August, page 8
Martin, Will
Not So Much a Fan (Soaring Mail) [Magazine\Content], November, page 6
Matsumoto, Yuko
Private Pilot Check Ride Passed (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Koki Tsuboi], May, page 53
Glider Rating Added in Hawaii (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Takahiro Miyasaja], October, page 53
Private Add On (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Aaron Dwyer], December, page 49
Matzke, Dan
Grand Tetons, Wyoming (Photo Showcase) [Sailplanes; Towplane], March, pages 40,41
ASH-26E under power (Centerfold) [Sailplane\ASH-26E], April, pages 30,31
McBee, Andy
Digital Magazine Fan (Soaring Mail) [Magazine\Format], December, page 4
Milne, Hugh
Curiosity Not Quenched (Soaring Mail) [Safety\Hydration], September, page 4
Minar, Woody
Glider Rating Earned (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Peter Dreis], February, page 54
Misson, Michael
High School Solo (Soaring Milestones) [Youth\First Solo\Michael Misson], November, page 51
More, Edwin
Pyrocummulus-Piqued Interest (Soaring Mail) [Magazine\Pyrocummulus], September, page 3
Muhlenberg, Barry
Two New Cloudniner Solos (Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Ethan Cooper\PJ Redmond], December, page 51
Murphy, Paul Gaines, Paul Andrew, Frank Konesky,Charles Peterson,Ron
(Photo Showcase) [Photography\Sailplanes and Scenery], June, pages 42,43
Murphy, Ron
Eagleville Solo (Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Cameron Mann], February, page 48
Glider Rating Added On (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Bob Davis], February, page 51
Murray, Lee
Soaring Snow-Birds (Feature Article) [Retirement], October, page 32
Myhra, Donald
CAP Solo in SoCal (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\First Solo\Mason Khoi Nguyen], August, page 53

N     (up to table of contents)

Naber, Gary
Solo at Fifteen (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\First Solo\Collin Anderson], February, page 49
Private Glider Rating Achieved (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Tom Trump], February, page 54
16-Year-Old Private Pilot At BRSS (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\Private\Collin Anderson], September, page 54
Commercial Glider Rating Reached (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Commercial\James Curry], December, page 49
Private Pilot Check Ride Passed (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Whit Gravely], December, page 49
Nadler, Dave
2011 USA 18-Meter Class Nationals at Hobbs, New Mexico (Feature Article) [Competitions\18-Meter Nationals; Sites\Hobbs], March, page 32
Neitzey, Shane
Happy 15-year-old Youth Member's First Solo (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\First Solo\John Westenhoff], August, page 52
Nelson, Marlene
Father & Son Solos (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Blaine Sells\Chris Sells], January, page 53
Like Father, Like Son (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Blaine Sells\Chris Sells], April, page 53
New Solo for Puget Sound Soaring (Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Riley Nielson], April, page 54
Newfield, Steve
Komet Glider Trailers (Soaring Mail) [Equipment\Trailer], November, page 7
Nixon, Hank; with John H. Cochrane (a.k.a. John Cochrane)
Reply to Participating (Soaring Mail) [Contests\Participation\Follow-up], August, page 6
Noss, John
Solo Flight Earns 'A' Badge (Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Bruce Zivic], October, page 54

O     (up to table of contents)

O'Leary, George
Solo at Age 14 (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\First Solo\Nick Chabert], December, page 50
O'Rourke, Merel R.
The Joys of Zero Sink "The Eagles" (Feature Article) [Soaring\Duration], July, page 22
Osbakken, Patricia
Aspiring Commercial Glider Pilot (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Greg Wright], November, page 52
Osborne, Paul
Commercially Rated (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Commercial\Bob Walker], December, page 55
Louisville Solo Flight (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Alex Gomex], December, page 55
Oshakken, Pat
Private Pilot Glider Check Ride Completed (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\John Strong], December, page 51

P     (up to table of contents)

Parker, Michael
Flying the ASH-31Mi Motorglider (Feature Article) [Sailplanes\ASH-31Mi], August, page 32
Paxton, Matt
Fourteen-Year-Old Solos (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\First Solo\Austin Kalasky], February, page 53
Solo Transition (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Don Jeffer], March, page 51
Paynter, Frank
First Annual In-Person Condor Regional Soaring Contest (The Condor Corner) [Simulation\Competitions], March, page 42
(The Condor Corner) [Simulation\Training\Cross-Country], May, page 44
(The Condor Corner) [Simulation\Monitor], July, page 42
Condor Cross-Country Training Program (The Condor Corner) [Simulation\Cross-Country], September, page 42
A Tale of Two First-Real-Life (RL) - Contest Winners (The Condor Corner) [Simulation\Contest], November, page 40
Paynter, Frank; with Scott Manley
A "Condor Christmas" (The Condor Corner) [Simulation\Gifts], December, page 34
Pearl, Richard
"Iron Thermal" Eagles Flock to Minden, Nevada (Feature Article) [Gatherings\Mototgliders\Minden], May, page 26
Perrin, Stefan
First 2012 Solo at Puget Sound (Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Kai Wang], August, page 53
Phillips, Gary
Third Class Medical Crisis (Soaring News) [Certificate\Medical\Towpilots], May, page 4
Pitsenberger, Jeanne
Soaring Since Sixteen (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Fritz Von Rohrscheidt], February, page 48
An "A" Badge for Tom Weidner (Soaring Milestones) [Training\"A"\Tom Weidner], February, page 50
Private Pilot Test Passed (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Bill Cooper], November, page 54
Glider Rating Added (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Joe Greenberg], December, page 52
Polinsky, Mitch
Truck-Mounted Campers - An Ideal Soaring Solution (Feature Article) [Campers\Truck], February, page 24
Powell, Boom
Karaoke Cure (Soaring Mail) [Medical\Hyperventilation], March, page 4
Four Newly Licensed Pilots (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Tom Reading\Joe Dewitt; Commercial\George Kickhofel\Bob Cummings], May, page 54

R     (up to table of contents)

Raymond, Eric
European Suggestion (Soaring Mail) [Safety\FLARM], January, page 4
Remde, Paul
Book Review: Locomotive to Aeromotive — Octave Chanute and the Transportation Revolution by Simine Short (Soaring News) [Literature\Review\Simine Short], January, page 6
Grid at World Gliding Championship in Uvalde (Covers) [Competition\World\Uvalde], September, cover
Dick Butler's Concordia 2012 World Gliding Championships Uvalde, TX (Centerfold) [Sailplane\Concordia; Competition\World\Uvalde], September, pages 30,31
Rendek, Pete; with Jeff Duhaime, Glenn Holden and Chuck Coyne
(Photo Showcase) [Sailplanes; Towplane], February, pages 33,34
Rent, Tom
New Minnesota Soaring Club Solo Pilot (Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Leo Chouinard], October, page 53
Solo Endorsement in Minnesota (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Vince Gennarelli], October, page 54
Added Rating in Minnesota (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Commercial\Dana Walsh], December, page 52
Dan Zimmerman Solos (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Dan Zimmerman], December, page 52
First Solo Flight (Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Jordan Gerrish], December, page 53
Reuter, Bob
A Soaring Contest First (Soaring News) [Competition\Region 2 North\Freedoms Wings], August, page 8
Rezmer, Marty
Competition Coverage Fan (Soaring Mail) [Magazine\World Soaring Contest], November, page 6
2012 World Gliding Championships Coverage (Soaring Mail) [Magazine\Competition Coverage], December, page 4
Ridenour, Ron
No Room for Complacency in Soaring (2012 Safety Program) [Safety\Checklists\Situational Awareness\Training], June, page 10
Scenarios when you "Just Don't Fly" (2012 Safety Program) [Safety\Pilot], July, page 14
(2012 Safety Program) [Safety\Accidents], November, page 8
Rigney, Dave
NFSS Glider Add-On (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Joseph Campisano], April, page 53
Rippstein, Robert
First Solo, Todd Cronin (Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Todd Cronin], August, page 52
Roberts, Wayne
Relative Risk (Soaring Mail) [Safety\Competitions], January, page 4
Rose, Ron
In the Condor Corner (Soaring Mail) [Simulation\Cross-Country\Instruction], November, page 4
Rudloff, Uwe
Addicted to Soaring (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Paul Cantwell], February, page 50
New Rating Achieved (Soaring Milestones) [Training\CFIG\Ted Sanders], February, page 50
Some Birthdays Really are Special (Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Jason Standish], February, page 55
Atmospheric Soloist (Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Al Jones], October, page 52
Zeb Shows Us How It's Done (Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Zeb Ochlman], November, page 50
Ryan, Bertha M. (a.k.a. Bertha Ryan, B.M. Ryan, B. Ryan)
Remembering the Past (Soaring Memories) [History], January, page 50
Remembering the Past (Soaring Memories) [History], February, page 47
Remembering the Past (Soaring Memories) [History], March, page 50
Remembering the Past (Soaring Memories) [History], April, page 51
Remembering the Past (Soaring Memories) [History], May, page 50
Remembering the Past (Soaring Memories) [History], June, page 44
Remembering the Past (Soaring Memories) [History], July, page 47
Remembering the Past (Soaring Memories) [History], August, page 47
Remembering the Past (Soaring Memories) [History], September, page 47
Remembering the Past (Soaring Memories) [History], October, page 34
Remembering the Past (Soaring Memories) [History], November, page 34
Remembering the Past (Soaring Memories) [History], December, page 46

S     (up to table of contents)

Schery, Stephen
Round Trip Travel Time in a Cross Wind (Feature Article) [Soaring\Cross Wind], January, page 40
Schneider, Paul
Chris Wallace, Private Pilot (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Chris Wallace], October, page 54
Schulze, Rolf
Cold Solo Celebration for Ralph Strahm (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Ralph Strahm], May, page 51
The Oldest, but not Boldest Tag Team (Soaring Short Stories) [Cross-Country\Badges], December, page 27
Sconier, Scott
High School Senior Receives Private Pilot Rating (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\Private\Tyler Stonier], September, page 53
Shaw, Joann Hartley
Forty-Four Years Crewing Experience and Counting (Soaring Short Stories) [Crewing], December, page 23
Sheppe, Rick
Private Pilot Check Ride (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Greg Hardon], November, page 51
Short, Jim
The Sport of Soaring (Front of the Grid) [Promotion], February, page 2
Youth Outreach at SOARING100 (Soaring News) [Youth\Promotion], February, page 8
Short, Jim; with Simine Short
A Special Thank You (Soaring Mail) [Awards\Eaton], April, page 6
Short, Simine; with Jim Short
A Special Thank You (Soaring Mail) [Awards\Eaton], April, page 6
Slocum, Jim
Solo at Fifteen (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\First Solo\Sydney Barnes], April, page 53
Smith, Bernald S. (a.k.a. Bernald Smith, B. Smith, B.S. Smith)
Who's Listening (2012 Safety Program) [Safety\Preparation], February, page 10
Congratulations! (2012 Safety Program) [Safety\Accident Rate], December, page 10
Smith, Peter
Happenings at Harris Hill, New York (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\Commercial\Evan Olson; Youth\Private\Michael Harrison], September, page 55
Snyder, Quay
Black Forest Solo (Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Deanna Neal], February, page 48
BFSS's Newest Private Pilot (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Deonna Neal], May, page 51
New Private Pilot and Successful CFIG at Black Forest (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Jeff Wright], June, page 54
Soldan, Rafael
Non-U.S. Citizen glider ownership (Soaring Mail) [Club News\Clarification], April, page 7
Unusual Attitudes (Photo Showcase) [Sailplanes; Burkhart Grob G-103A TWIN II ACRO], April, pages 40,41
Sorenson, Ken
Volunteers at the World Gliding Contest in Uvalde (Front of the Grid) [World Competition\Uvalde; Volunteers], October, page 2
Spielman, Bob
Transponders - All Cross-Country Glider Should have Transponders (Soaring Mail) [Equipment\Transponder], November, page 6
Mid Air (Feature Article) [Safety\Accidents\Mid Air], December, page 28
Stankey, Brad
15-Year-Old Solos at Bend, Oregon (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\Travis Linschied], March, page 55
Starr, Sterling V. (a.k.a. Sterling Starr, S.V. Starr, S. Starr)
(Soaring Mail) [Magazine\World Soaring Contest], November, page 6
Stehlik, Dennis
ASK 21/Piper Pawnee Windy City Soaring Association (Centerfold) [Launching], October, pages 30,31
Stephens, Matt
Private Pilot Check Ride (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\First Solo\Katie Domeyer], March, page 52
Private Add-On Rating (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Charlotte Richardson], March, page 54
Private Add-On Rating (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Dale Barkley], May, page 52
Private Add-on at Estrella (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Marc Forsyth], May, page 53
Thomas Sweeney Adds Glider Rating (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Thomas Sweeney], May, page 54
Two New Ratings at Arizona Soaring (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Jacob Fairbairn; Commercial\Jim Ward], June, page 54
A New CFI-G (Soaring Milestones) [Training\CFI-G\Dennis Stehlik], August, page 52
Commercial Rating Received (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Commercial\Tom Skelly], August, page 53
Eric Burn, Private Pilot (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Eric Burn], August, page 54
Private Check Ride Passed (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Rob Rinne], August, page 54
Glider Rating Added-On (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Arvid Nielsen], August, page 55
Private Pilot Check-Ride Passed (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Kent Leyde], August, page 55
Private Rating Achieved (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\Private\Jacob Fairbairn], August, page 55
A New CFI-G in AZ (Soaring Milestones) [Training\CFIG\Brian Fromme], November, page 53
Check Ride Completed (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Yoshi Takano], November, page 53
Fourteen-Year-Old Solo (Soaring Milestones) [Youth\Youth\First Solo\Spencer Pomerantz], November, page 53
NDAGC Member Gets Rating in AZ (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Masato Kawachi], November, page 53
Private Rating Reached (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Arturo Quintero], November, page 53
Solo at age 15 (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\First Solo\Alysha Jackson], November, page 53
Stetser, Howard
Solo at 14 (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\First Solo\Anja Riedel], May, page 53
Stojkovic, Branko
Debating Deviations (Soaring Mail) [Magazine\Article (X-C Techniques)], February, page 4
Stout, Aaron
A New Pilot at Yards Creek (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Michael Cuttitta], June, page 54
Striedieck, Karl H. (a.k.a. Karl Striedieck)
The 2012 National 15-Meter Championship (Feature Article) [Competition\15-Meter Nationals\Mifflin], July, page 26
Strong, Kurt
Sylvania Soaring Solo (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\John Strong], October, page 54
Stutzmann, R.J.
Solo Flight for Aaron Simms (Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Aaron Simms], October, page 54
Sadie Schwab Solos (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\Solo\Sadie Schwab], November, page 54
Solo Delayed (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Kathy Mroczka], November, page 54
Szemplinska, Maria
December Rocks! (Soaring Mail) [Magazine\Photos], February, page 4

T     (up to table of contents)

Tabery, Gena
The 2012 World Gliding Championship Why Uvalde? Why, Indeed! (Feature Article) [Competition\World\Uvalde], May, page 35
WGC 2012 Uvalde Legendar/Legend Air (Feature Article) [Competition\World\Uvalde\2012], September, page 22
Thompson, Bob
Life Altering Decisions - Another View (Feature Article) [Safety\Decisions\Risk Management], February, page 32
Lift Markers (Feature Article) [Soaring\Lift\CAFO], April, page 37
PyroCumulus (Feature Article) [Clouds\Fire-formed], July, page 21
Thorpe, Phyllis
Four Solo Flights at Fourteen (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\First Solos\Ben Henderson], April, page 53
Solo at 14-years-old (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\First Solo\Jackson Carroll], November, page 52
Trousdale, Dave
Jack Pelton, Soaring CEO (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Jack Pelton], October, page 50
Tyler, Al
SSA Convention — Reno (Thoughts from the Chairman) [Conventions], January, page 2
SSA's 80th Anniversary (Thoughts from the Chairman) [Promotion\80th Anniversary\LetsGoGliding], March, page 2
Let's Go Gliding (Thoughts from the Chairman) [Promotion\LetsGoGliding], April, page 2
32nd World Gliding Championships, Uvalde, Texas (Thoughts from the Chairman) [Competition\World\Uvalde; Timeline\Volunteers], June, page 2
Voluntary Cooperation (Thoughts from the Chairman) [Volunteers], July, page 2
The SSA Welcomes the World (Thoughts from the Chairman) [Competition\World\Uvalde], August, page 2
The 2013 Eagle Fund Campaign (Thoughts from the Chairman) [Contributions\Eagle Fund], November, page 2
Last Message from SSA President (Thoughts from the Chairman) [SSA Management], December, page 2

U     (up to table of contents)

Umphres, Phillip C. (a.k.a. Phil Umphres)
Bill Jokerst flies Olympia 11 during Soaring100 Ceremonies (Covers) [Events\Soaring100], January, cover
Underhill, George
First Solo in Minnesota (Soaring Milestones) [Training\FirstSolo\Vincent Gennarelli], December, page 53
Uyhazi, Don
New Commercial Pilot at PGC (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Commercial\Carmen Vecchione], February, page 53

V     (up to table of contents)

Vanderlinden, David
Private Check Ride Passed (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Dennis Ambrose], February, page 51
Varvayanis, Mark
Fueled his Concerns (Soaring Mail) [Fuel\Aviation; Reply by Jim Herd], June, page 6
Vihlen, Steve
A Big Family Event (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\First Solo\Preston Vihlen], February, page 48
Fifteen-year-old Preston Vihlen at the controls of a Schweizer 1-26A (Covers) [Sailplane\1-26A; Youth\Preston Vihlen], April, cover
Standard Libelle, Wolf River Airport (54M) (Centerfold) [Sailplane\Standard Libelle], June, pages 30,31
Voishan, John
Young Eagles Gather at Sierra Vista, Arizona (Soaring News) [Youth\Young Eagles], February, page 9

W     (up to table of contents)

Wager, Pat
Glider Rating Added (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Glider Rating\Patricia Wager], February, page 51
Wahl, John
Someone Special (Soaring Mail) [People\Fred Harris], January, page 4
Washburn, Pete
Solo on 14th Birthday (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\First Solo\Christian Reditsch], December, page 51
Watts, Jim
New Pilot for Tampa Bay Soaring (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Marino Diaz], November, page 50
Wawrzyniak, J.B
Two Brandywine Soaring Solos (Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solos\J.B. Wawrzyniak\David Corum], October, page 54
Wayman, Ian
Complicated Restoration (Soaring Mail) [Restoration\Schweizer SGU 2-22E], November, page 4
Weil, Monique
Check Ride Completed (Soaring Milestones) [Training\CFI-G\Terence Wilson], October, page 53
Whelan, Bob; with Tony Condon
Too Much Fun (Feature Article) [Gatherings\Camps\Cross-Country], February, page 20
White, David (a.k.a. Dave White)
A Sad Start (Soaring Mail) [Safety\Fatalities\Airline Safety Program], August, page 6
Wille, Chad
A Modest Proposal (Soaring Mail) [Magazine\Acronyms], February, page 4
Williams, John
More CAP Promo (Soaring Mail) [Youth\CAP], January, page 4
New Commercial Add-on Rating (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Commercial Add-on\Matt Towsley], January, page 54
New Private Pilot Add-on Rating (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private Add-on\Charlie Freeman], January, page 55
CAP Cadets Soar (Soaring Milestones) [Training\CAP\Solo\Roman Birchwale\Ashley Keenan\Sydney Blain\Adam Commo], February, page 52
Military Competency Instructor Exam (Soaring Mail) [Competency\Exams], March, page 4
Growing Soaring in America (Soaring News) [Promotion\Youth\CAP], May, page 6
CAP Summer Students (Soaring Milestones) [Training\CAP Cadets\Robert Toro\Jonathon Clark\Christian DiDominic\Michael Misson\Cyril Rojas-Wahl\Streve Donnelly\Tom Hayes\Katie Brechbuhl\Liz Clough\Cyril Sukrut Sonty\Jason Blanco], November, page 47
A New CFI-G at New England Soaring (Soaring Milestones) [Training\CFI-G\Matt Towsey], December, page 50
Sonty Solo (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\First Solo\Sukrut Sonty], December, page 53
Willis, Keith
Museum Artifact? (Soaring Mail) [History\Equipment\Steve Fossett], September, page 4
Wilson, Jack
The Weight and Balance Chart (Feature Article) [Maintenance\Weight & Balance], November, page 24
Wilson, Mark
SSA FAST Program in Action (Soaring News) [Promotion\FAST], September, page 6
Wilson, Terrence
Mathew Gast's First Solo (Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Mathew Gast], December, page 52
Windsor, Sam
Certificated at Sixteen (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\Private\Nicholas Windsor], April, page 52
Woods, Christopher (a.k.a. Chris Woods)
El Mirage An Old Film Student Becomes Nostalgic (Soaring News) [History\Sites\El Mirage], July, page 8
Worrell, Mike
First Glider Solo (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Jon Howell], October, page 52
Puget Sound First Glider Solo (Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Jon Howell], November, page 48
Helicopter Pilot Solos a Glider (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Rob Spitzer], December, page 48
Puget Sound Soaring Summer Solo (Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Randy Wiser], December, page 48
WSPA Board of Directors
Contribute to the "Sarah Fund" (Soaring News) [Contributions\U.S Team; WSPA], March, page 8
Wyman, Jack
Warren Eaton's Franklin PS-2 (Feature Article) [Restoration\Franklin PS-2; History\Warren Eaton], November, page 26

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Yanetz, Ramy
Safety Slogan Suggestions (Soaring Mail) [Safety\Slogans], January, page 4

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Zimmerman, Leigh
2012 Region 5 North Contest Perry, South Carolina (Feature Article) [Competition\Regional\Perry, SC], July, page 32

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Torgoen Swiss Professional Pilot Watches (Soaring News) [Equipment\Watches], January, page 6
CAP Celebrates 70 Years of Service (Soaring News) [CAP], January, page 8
SeeYou Version 4.2; Pictures Gallery; Instrument Panel (Soaring News) [Equipment\Computer Codes\SeeYou], January, page 8
Contests and Special Events (Soaring Calendar) [Calendar], January, page 46
Garret Gudgel, Private Pilot (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Garret Gudgel], January, page 51
High Flight Solo (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Scott Burger], January, page 51
Laurie Harden — Commercial Glider Pilot (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Commercial\Laurie Harden], January, page 51
Black Hills Action (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Commercial\CFI-G\John Barney], January, page 52
Louisville Soaring Solo (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Greg Lundberg], January, page 52
Moontown Solo (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Randy Stout], January, page 52
Final Glide (Soaring Milestones) [Obituaries\David Scott; Obituaries\Joseph Mathias; Obituaries\Robert Lamson; Obituaries\Rene Weber], January, page 53
New CFI-G for Black Hills Club (Soaring Milestones) [Training\CFI-G\Dan Christman], January, page 53
Solo at Siskiyou (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Scot Lee], January, page 53
14-Year-Old Solos at Sporty's Academy (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\First Solo\Adam Green], January, page 54
New Rose City CFI-G (Soaring Milestones) [Training\CFI-G\Steve Godbehere], January, page 54
Private Rating Earned (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Ben Fuller], January, page 54
ROTC Solo (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\First Solo\Nolan Dargert], January, page 54
Wurtsboro Solo (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Craig Belon], January, page 54
Central Indy Solo (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Tom Beckenhauer], January, page 55
New Seminole Lake Private Pilot (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Frank Ludwig], January, page 55
Contest Insurance Update (Soaring News) [Insurance\Contest], February, page 8
New SZD-54-2 Perkoz (Soaring News) [Sailplanes\SZD-54-2 Perkoz], February, page 8
Win a Quilt from the WSPA (Soaring News) [Prizes\Quilt], February, page 8
Pumpkins Away (Soaring News) [Contest\Drop], February, page 9
(Contributions) [Contributions\Eagle Fund], February, page 36
Contests and Special Events (Soaring Calendar) [Calendar], February, page 41
Warm Weather Flyer (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Frank Ludwig], February, page 48
Commercial Rating Add-On (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Commercial\Kevin Campbell], February, page 52
No Thanksgiving Turkeys at BFSS (Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Jeff Wright; Commercial\Andrew Svecz], February, page 52
Sailplane Solo (Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Chuck King], February, page 53
Second Generation Glider pilots (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\David Arnold\Alex Nadein], February, page 53
Solo at the Soaring Club of Houston (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\Solo\Hugh Short], February, page 54
Sundown Solo (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Huges Webb], February, page 54
New Private Glider Rating (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Rob Edwards], February, page 55
Correction (Soaring Mail) [Correction\Photos], March, page 6
Help Wanted (Soaring Mail) [Authors; Poets; Photographers], March, page 6
Transponder Code Assigned for Glider Use (Soaring Mail) [Equipment\Transponder], March, page 6
"1:1 Scale" Glider Displayed at AMA Convention (Soaring News) [Conventions\Displays; AMA], March, page 8
New Open-Class Gliders: Lange Antares 23-E and Schempp-Hirth Quintus M (Soaring News) [Sailplanes\Angares 23-E\Schempp-Hirth Quintus M], March, page 8
(Contributions) [Contributions\Eagle Fund], March, page 26
Contests and Special Events (Soaring Calendar) [Calendar], March, page 48
McHeffey Solo Flight (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Bill McHeffey], March, page 52
LESC Private Pilot Rating (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Peter Redweik], March, page 53
Tampa Bay Soaring Society Solo (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Scott Thomas], March, page 53
Cypress Soaring Solo (Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Bert Briones], March, page 54
First Solo for Pedro Azevedo (Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Pedro Azevedo], March, page 54
TSS Scholarship Solo (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\First Solo\Paul Todd], March, page 54
Final Glide (Soaring Milestones) [Obituaries\Ken Swanson; Obituaries\Betty Ruch; Obituaries\Harry Senn; Obituaries\Scratch Lee; Obituaries\Robert Klemmedson; Obituaries\Wallace Brown], March, page 55
Course Corrections (Soaring Mail) [Corrections\February\Batteries\Photographer], April, page 7
32nd FAI world Gliding Championship Update (Soaring News) [Competition\World\Uvalde\Teams], April, page 8
Standard Class Nationals Limited Handicap Waiver (Soaring News) [Competitions\Standard\Montague\Waivers], April, page 8
Transponder Code for Gliders (Soaring News) [Equipment\Transponders\1202], April, page 8
U.S. Rules Committee Policy Updates (Soaring News) [Competitions\Equipment\Tablets/cell phones], April, page 8
(Contributions) [Contributions\Eagle Fund], April, page 25
Contests and Special Events (Soaring Calendar) [Calendar], April, page 49
Add-On Ratings Earned at Seminole Lake Gliderport (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Commercial\Rick Niles\Vince Massimini\Gary Weave; Private\David Levin], April, page 52
New CFI-G for PGC (Soaring Milestones) [CGI-G\Rich Lanning], April, page 54
Final Glide (Soaring Milestones) [Obituaries\Earnest Shattuck; Obituaries\Jarritt McFarlan; Obituaries\Rolf Bahrengurg], April, page 55
SSA 80th Anniversary (Covers) [SSA\Anniversary\80th], May, cover
Holtz Joins SoaringNV (Soaring Mail) [FBO\Instructor\Russell Holtz], May, page 7
OLC Smiley Faces (Soaring Mail) [Contributions; Competition\OLC], May, page 7
Technical Drawings Protected (Soaring Mail) [FAA\Drawings\Preservation], May, page 8
(Contributions) [Contributions\Eagle Fund], May, page 42
Contests and Special Events (Soaring Calendar) [Calendar], May, page 48
Commercial Rating Added (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Commercial\Don Clobes], May, page 52
Cypress Soaring's Newest Pilot (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Mike Kalina], May, page 52
Final Glide (Soaring Milestones) [Obituaries\Rolf Bahrenburg; Obituaries\Maurice Wells; Obituaries\Lewis Hull; Obituaries\Samuel Harry; Obituaries\James Lowell Ross; Obituaries\Hans Vandervlugt; Obituaries\Charles Zichichi; Obituaries\William Russell], May, page 55
Richard H. Ball (Soaring News) [People\Richard H. Ball], June, page 9
Contests and Special Events (Soaring Calendar) [Calendar], June, page 52
Final Glide (Soaring Milestones) [Obituaries\Karen Greig; Obituaries\Paul Pencikowski; Obituaries\David Beltz; Obituaries\David Gilgen; Obituaries\Ernest Kampe; Obituaries\Gerald Kaufman; Obituaries\Richard Sacher; Obituaries\Cliff Robertson], June, page 55
Windward Performance DuckHawk Wins 15-Meter Nationals (Soaring News) [Competition\15-Meter Nationals; Sailplane\DuckHawk], July, page 8
OLC Plaque for Region 5 (Soaring News) [Awards\OLC Plaque], July, page 10
Two Michael Wallace Scholarship Grants Awarded for 2012 (Soaring News) [Scholarships\Youth\Jacqueline Justice\Ashley Keenan], July, page 12
Professional Woman Pilot of the Year (Soaring News) [Awards\99s\Neita Montague], July, page 13
STX 165 Mode C Transponder Available (Soaring News) [Equipment\Transponder], July, page 13
The Kolstad Century Badge Awards (Soaring News) [Awards\Kolstad], July, page 13
(Contributions) [Contributions\Eagle Fund], July, page 35
Contests and Special Events (Soaring Calendar) [Calendar], July, page 52
New Private Pilot Glider Rating (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Pedro Azevedo], July, page 54
Final Glide (Soaring Milestones) [Obituaries\Edward Brady; Obituaries\William Ordway; Obituaries\Alfred Hume; Obituaries\Thomas Hardy], July, page 55
Gabriel Engle Passes CommercialPilot GliderCheck Ride (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Commercial\Gabriel Engle], July, page 55
Windward Performance's Extraordinary new DuckHawk (Covers) [Sailpanes\DuckHawk], August, cover
Sunseeker Duo Nears Completion (Soaring News) [Sailplane\Sunseeker Duo; Eric Raymond], August, page 8
(Contributions) [Contributions\Eagle Fund], August, page 38
Contests and Special Events (Soaring Calendar) [Calendar], August, page 48
Better Late Than Never! (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Re-earned A & B Badges\Andrew Grimshaw], August, page 53
Final Glide (Soaring Milestones) [Obituaries\Thomas Hardy; Obituaries\Sabrina Jackintell; Obituaries\Sid Pinkston; Obituaries\Lance Chandler; Obituaries\Norbert Paas], August, page 54
Solo at Sixteen (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\First Solo\Patrick Frick], August, page 54
First Newly-Modified Australian Blanik L-13 Flies (Soaring News) [Salplanes\Blanik L-13], September, page 6
Contests and Special Events (Soaring Calendar) [Calendar], September, page 48
Final Glide (Soaring Milestones) [Obituaries\Henry Judkins; Obituaries\Fred Blair; Obituaries\Lance Chandler; Obituaries\Derek Mackie; Obituaries\Doug Stogner; Obituaries\Richard Newman; Obituaries\Louis Ladas], September, page 50
A New Certificate (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\Private\Spencer Hadden], September, page 51
A New Private Pilot (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Nikolay Stoyanov], September, page 51
Back Flying After 25 Years (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Tejvir Khruana], September, page 51
New Pilot at PSS (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Robert Shields], September, page 51
Private Check Ride Passed (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Matt Gonitzke], September, page 51
A New 17-Year-Old Private Pilot (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\Private\Lea Mattson], September, page 52
First Solo For Houston Club Member (Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Warren Smith], September, page 52
First Solo Soaking (Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Richard Smith], September, page 52
New Private Pilot For New England Club (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Deane Williams], September, page 53
Activity At Estrella, Arizona (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Commercial & CFIG\Leo Nagafuchi; Private\Garrett Laging; Private\Mel & Taylor Callen], September, page 54
Private Pilot Glider License (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\David Booth], September, page 54
Solo At 16 (Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Megan Crosby], September, page 54
(Contributions) [Contributions\Eagle Fund], October, page 36
Contests and Special Events (Soaring Calendar) [Calendar], October, page 48
Mark Johnson, Private Pilot (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Mark Johnson], October, page 49
Private Pilot in Oahu (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Alex Le Bon], October, page 49
A New Private Pilot at Bermuda High Soaring School (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Albert Brady], October, page 50
Private Pilot Rating Earned at Mile High Gliding (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Dino Valaoritis], October, page 50
Ready to Teach (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Commercial\Deonna Neal], October, page 50
Airborne at Evergreen (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Jennifer Hunt], October, page 51
New Commercial Pilot at Soar Truckee (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Commercial\Rick Hammer], October, page 51
New Private Pilot Rating (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\John Day], October, page 51
New Tennessee Glider Pilot (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\Private\Sydney Barnes], October, page 51
Tucson Soaring Club Solo (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Andrew Tubbiolo], October, page 51
Glider Rating Added in Minden (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Jesse Heard], October, page 52
Steve Grinstead Solos (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Steve Grinstead], October, page 52
"Glider Mom's" Solo Flight (Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Melia Levine], October, page 53
(Contributions) [Contributions\Eagle Fund], November, page 35
Contests and Special Events (Soaring Calendar) [Calendar], November, page 46
Newly Soloed (Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Andrew Seltzman], November, page 48
Solo at 14 (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\First Solo\Jeromy Nowicki], November, page 48
Two Brandywine Solos (Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\J.B.Wawrzyniak\David Corum], November, page 48
Jillian Dauscher, Private Pilot (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Jillian Dauscher], November, page 49
KC Eagle Soaring Club Solo (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Matt Wilk], November, page 49
Add-On at Black Hills Soaring (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Add-on\Janell Eckrich], November, page 50
Reese Fairchild Solo Flight (Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Reese Fairchid], November, page 50
Initiation Bath (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Oivia Pinon-Fischer], November, page 51
Spencer DeBerry, Private Pilot (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Spencer DeBerry], November, page 51
Glider Solo Accomplished (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Edward Pataki], November, page 52
Nicholas Harvey Solos at Minden (Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Nicholas Harvey], November, page 52
Spencer Karam Solos (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\First Solo\Spencer Karam], November, page 52
Adam Fleming Solo (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Adam Fleming], November, page 53
Rating Added-On (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Ray Crockett], November, page 53
Final Glide (Soaring Milestones) [Obituaries\Joachim Dochler; Obituaries\John Hardy; Obituaries\Robert Klemfuss; Obituaries\Gary Knapp; Obituaries\Allen Ormsbee; Obituaries\John Randall; Obituaries\Joe Reynolds; Obituaries\James Rizzo; Obituaries\Brad Stewart; Obituaries\K.R. Taylor], November, page 54
Successful Glider Rating (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Mark Sorg], November, page 54
Fifth Annual Sequatchie Ridge Badge and Record Camp, Jasper, TN (Soaring News) [Camps\Ridge\Jasper, TN], December, page 6
Maxwell Air Force Base, Ala (Soaring News) [Organizations\CAP; Sailplanes\TG-10B (L-23 Super Blanik)], December, page 6
OLC Champion 2012 - U.S. Pilots and Clubs are World-Beating (Soaring News) [Competition\OLC\Tuscon Soaring Club], December, page 8
U.S. OLC-Plus Champion (Soaring News) [Competition\OLC-Plus\Jim Payne], December, page 8
OLC World Champion (Soaring News) [Competition\OLC\World\Jim Payne], December, page 9
Speed-OLC World Champion (Soaring News) [Competition\Speed-OLC\Jim Payne], December, page 9
U.S. OLC-Plus Club Statistics (Soaring News) [Competition\U.S. OLC-Plus Club\Albuquerque Soaring], December, page 9
U.S. Speed-OLC Champion (Soaring News) [Competition\OLC\U.S. Speed\Jim Payne], December, page 9
(Contributions) [Contributions\Eagle Fund], December, page 44
Contests and Special Events (Soaring Calendar) [Calendar], December, page 47
A Montague Solo (Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Tony Edwards], December, page 48
Caesar Creek Solo (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\First Solo\Jacob Goebel], December, page 50
Rating Added (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Commercial\Jim Clark], December, page 50
Minden Solo at 15 (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\First Solo\Cole Pinther], December, page 51
Commercial Rating Added (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Commercial\Will Moore], December, page 52
Minden Solo at 15 (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\First Solo\Alexis Steele], December, page 52
"All In" After Solo (Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Lou Chouinard], December, page 53
Bryan Cotton Commercial Glider Pilot (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Commercial\Bryan Cotton], December, page 54
Gray Kent Solo (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Gray Kent], December, page 54
Modified Bucket Ritual (Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Dennis Cavagnaro], December, page 54
Perry Walker Solo (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Perry Walker], December, page 54
Final Glide (Soaring Milestones) [Obituaries\William Ree\Tony Neubert], December, page 55

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