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2010 Safety Program
Bernald S. Smith, 1 in 2000, January, page 10
Gene Hammond, Let's Quit Smoking, February, page 15
Richard Carlson and Ron Ridenour, Crew Resource Management for the Rest of US, March, page 12
Richard Carlson, Soaring Safety Foundation Annual Safety Summar Report - Fiscal Year 2009, April, page 16
Gene Hammond, Brain Surger Self-Taught, May, page 12
Gene Hammond, Flight at Critically Slow Airspeed, June, page 12
Richard Carlson, Evaluating Your Organization's Safty Culture, July, page 12
Ron Ridenour, Low and Slow Approaches, August, page 12
Ron Ridenour, Aeronautical Decision Making and Single-Pilot Resource Management, September, page 16
Ron Ridenour, Aeronautical Decision Making and Single Pilot Resource Management, Part II, October, page 14
Burt Compton, Airworthiness Directives: The Paperless FAA and You!, November, page 16
Ron Ridenour, Inoperative Instruments and Equipment on Sailplanes and Tow Planes, December, page 14

Clio's Wings
Raul Blacksten, Philip Wills, January, page 60
Raul Blacksten, Stan Hall, February, page 60
Raul Blacksten, Robert Kronfeld, March, page 60
Raul Blacksten, The Cocke Nighthawk, April, page 60
Raul Blacksten, The GAL-49 Hamilcar, May, page 60
Raul Blacksten, The First Lilienthal Medal Winner, June, page 60
Raul Blacksten, The Fafnir, July, page 60
Raul Blacksten, Edmund Schneider Grunau, August, page 60
Raul Blacksten, The Start of Gliding in Italy, September, page 60
Raul Blacksten, Charlie McAllister and the Yakima Clipper, October, page 60
Raul Blacksten, John J. Montgomery, November, page 62
Raul Blacksten, It's a Bird...It's a Plane...It's a... What the Heck IS That Thang?, December, page 62

Club News
Frauke Elber, Never Too Old to Soar Third Generation Pilots, January, page 46
Frauke Elber, Win a Quilt Contest, February, page 44
Frauke Elber, Club Cub Theft; Changes in Region IV Insurance Policies; Tidewater Welcomes the Cold, March, page 39
Frauke Elber, May, page 48
Frauke Elber, June, page 44
Frauke Elber, North Carolina Soaring Foundation is Formed, July, page 53
Frauke Elber, GHSA Education Center Fully Funded, August, page 51
Frauke Elber, Spokane Soaring Society's Pawnee Project, September, page 50
Frauke Elber, Club Happenings, October, page 40
Frauke Elber, November, page 46
Frauke Elber, Blue Ridge, KSA, Tehachapi, Sugarbush, December, page 47

Condor Corner
Scott Manley and Frank Paynter, The Purpose of Condor Corner, April, page 43
Scott Manley, What's the Problem, May, page 43
Blake Miller, In Search of the Henry Combs Perpetual Trophy, June, page 41
Frank Paynter, Condor as a Competition Trailer, July, page 45
Scott Manley, Why Glider Flight Simulation?, August, page 42
Frank Paynter, Parowan and Condor, September, page 44
Scott Manley, Glider Flight Simulation and the Curriculum, October, page 34
Frank Paynter, Simulated Cross-Country, November, page 43
Scott Manley, Features, Tips & Tricks, December, page 42

Contest Corner
John H. Cochrane, Thinking Out of the MAT Box, February, page 42
David MacKenzie and Jamine Acee, The Power of Positive Thinking, May, page 34
Don Ingraham, Seniors Turn 20 in Florida, August, page 34
Jeff Daye, 2010 1-26 Championships and World Class Nationals, September, page 36
John Cochrane, FLARM, October, page 38

SSA Eagle Fund, January, page 25
SSA Eagle Fund, February, page 36
SSA Eagle Fund, March, page 36
SSA Eagle Fund, April, page 36
SSA Eagle Fund, May, page 40
SSA Eagle Fund, June, page 38
SSA Eagle Fund, July, page 35
Eagle Fund, August, page 38
Eagle Fund, September, page 40
Eagle Fund, October, page 50
Eagle Fund, December, page 36

SSA Convention 2010, January, page 18

Jochen Ewald, HpH 304S, January
Bif Huss, Farewell Pass at Hilton Club Soaring Camp, Flying M Ranch, February
Tony Condon, Cherokee II built by Dean Gradwell in 1975, March
Juergen Klingenberg, Parachute-equipped instructor Tim MacJarret and member Chris Ryan, April
Steve Rander, Junior and Lark at Willamette Valley Soaring Club, May
Eric D. Zimmerman, Oak Smart's Last Landout, Dalhart, TX, June
Darren Liby, 2009 Zuni Pow Wow, Moriarty, New Mexico, July
Pete Rendek, Arizona Soaring Club Grob 103, August
Gus McCrea, George Powell moves to take-off position, September
John Steele, John Steele returning from Mount Timpanogos, October
Dick Otis, Bill Burner flying Skyline Soaring's Pawnee on Short Final, November
Leo Benetti-Longhini, Kevin Anderson flying his Schweizer 1-26B near Bean Mountain, TN, December

Feature Articles
HpH 304S Flight Test Results - Texas Soaring Association Johnson Carswell Memorial, January, pages 22,26
Alan Benfell, A Winter Project The FOO (Field Operations Officer) Cart, January, page 32
Remco van den Berg, 1st U.S. Libelle Gathering, Reno, Nevada, January, page 34
Pat Valdata, Soaring in Surprising Slovenia, January, page 38
Bob Thompson, Lift Markers, January, page 41
Matt Herron, If You Build It They Will Come, January, page 42
John Joss, Flying the 'ultimate powered sailplane', January, page 44
Bob Hanbury, Soaring The Morning Glory of Northern Australia, February, page 22
Dan Rihn, Wave Flying at Cal City, February, page 26
Steve Koerner, Doug Jacobs, Karl Striedieck, Tom Serkowski, Kempton Izuno, David Stevenson, Jim Payne, Al Tyler, Sergio Colacevich, Jim Price, and Erik Mann, Barron Hilton Cup, February, page 32
Brian Utley, The Measurement of Altitude, February, page 38
The 2010 Soaring Society of America Convention, March, page 14
Bill Collum, Sailplanes at the Convention, March, page 22
Bob De León, Texas-size Soaring and Fun at the 2009 Region 10 South Soaring Championships, March, page 32
Andy McQuigg, The 2009 Sports Class Nationals in Elmira, New York, March, page 40
Allen Silver, Practice-Practice-Practice (Emergency Bailout Procedures), April, page 22
John DeRosa, Glider Landout Survival Kits, April, page 27
Tim Hanke, 2009 Mifflin County Soaring Encampment, April, page 32
Tim Long, Cumberland Soaring Group - Fifty Years Young!, April, page 39
Leo Montego, In-Flight Fluid Management for Pilots, May, page 18
John DeRosa, Glider Pilot Relief Systems or What Goes In -- Must Come Out, May, page 24
Norbert Paas, The Journey of N12GT -- George Taylor's Duster, May, page 27
Mathew Martelli, My First Ridge Soaring, May, page 28
Ray Galloway, Contest Weather Forecasting, May, page 32
Bob Thompson, Aerial Gliding Photos and Soaring Magazine, June, page 24
Alfred Ultsch, Thermal Routes, June, page 32
Bob Thompson, Spring Fling, June, page 35
Wolfgang Schmelzer, Escape to Freedom, July, page 22
W.G. Hill, Like Swallows to Capistrano, July, page 24
Eric Redweik, Zuni Landout My First Zuni Flight, July, page 27
Jay McDaniel, Rewarding Soaring, July, page 32
Jay Campbell, Making a Tow Rope, July, page 39
Tony Way, Matching Tow Rope to Glider Fleet with Metal Links, July, page 42
John Joss, The World's Biggest and Costliest Glider, August, page 20
Ray Buhr, Go Fly Laps, August, page 22
Karel Termaat, The Plateau in Lift Curves of Modern Wings with Flaps, August, page 24
Michael Reid, Google Maps as a Tool for Cross-Country Preparation, August, page 32
Dave Newill, Is Our Future Electric?, September, page 23
Gary Fogel, William F. Crawford and the Crawford Powered Gliders of 1929-1930, September, page 28
Steve Rander, A Love Affair with the Alvord, September, page 32
Pat Costello, Renter Pilot Liability Insurance, October, page 20
Ron Ogden, Old Wheezer takes her Last Ride, October, page 22
Chuck Lohre, 18-Meter U.S. Nationals 2010, October, page 26
Mary Anne Doolittle Byrne, Region 10 Contest -- 2010, October, page 32
Tony Turiano, In the Bullpen with Bumpy, November, page 24
Gena Tabery, Standard and Open Class Competition/2010, November, page 34
Scott Fletcher, New Technology in Glider Batteries, November, page 40
SSA 2010 Regional and National Contest Winners, December, page 22
Bruce Bullock, It's Time to Send Your Glider Back to School!, December, page 25
Anne Mongiovi and Lee Murray, SSA at EAA Oshkosh 2010, December, page 26
Heidi DeBlock, Harris Hill Revisited, December, page 34

Final Glide
January, page 44
March, page 45

Flight Lines
Chuck Coyne, January, page 3
Chuck Coyne, Christmas Squawks, February, page 4
Chuck Coyne, Trailer Trash?, March, page 4
Chuck Coyne, Youth Tours at Convention, April, page 5
Chuck Coyne, Eyeball Engineering, May, page 5
Chuck Coyne, Brake Dancing, June, page 5
Chuck Coyne, Mr. Clean, July, page 5
Chuck Coyne, The Trailer Queen, August, page 5
Chuck Coyne, September, page 5
Chuck Coyne, October, page 5
Chuck Coyne, A Bit of Soaring History, November, page 6
Chuck Coyne, Magazine printing and mailing changes, December, page 6

Glider Gallery
Jochen Ewald, HpH 304S, January, pages 30,31
Bif Huss, ETA Motorglider at Flying M Ranch, Yerington, Nevada, February, pages 30,31
Kimberly Warren, Discus over Mifflin County, Pennsylvanis, March, pages 30, 31
Mark Adams, ASH-26E on short final at Ephata, Washington, April, pages 30, 31
Christian Mackin, ASW-27, Cinder Cone Dry Lake, California, May, pages 30, 31
Dave Postlethwaite, ASG-29 over Maipo Valley, Chilean Andes, June, pages 30,31
Lynne Healer, Bob Carlton in Salto over Marine Corp Air Station Cherry Point, NC, July, pages 30,31
Gus McCrea, Jim Vreher in Glasflügel II-101 Kestrel; Sierra Nevada, September, pages 30,31
John Steele, Ed Stern and his 1971 Salto, Cedar Valley, Utah, October, pages 30,31
James Galway, Sunrise on Valley Soaring Club's 1-34, Middletown, NY, November, pages 32,33
Brian Silcox, Sailplane over Rocky Mountain National Park, December, pages 32, 33

Photo Gallery
Pete Rendek, Grob 103 Acro over Maricopa, Arizona, August, pages 30,31

Baude Litt and John Yuhas, Soaring Photo Showcase, November, pages 38,39
Baude Litt, Glenn Holden, Ernst Heinen, Gerard Roberston, Dick Otis, and Maria Stemplinska, Soaring Photo Showcase, December, pages 40,41

New Rebate Program Announced, January, page 33

SSA and FAI Awards
Judy Ruprecht, Badges and Records, January, page 45
Judy Ruprecht, Badges & Records, February, page 53
Judy Ruprecht, Badges & Records, March, page 50
Judy Ruprecht, Badges & Records, April, page 53
Judy Ruprecht, Badges & Records, May, page 50
Judy Ruprecht, Badges & Records, June, page 53
Judy Ruprecht, Badges & Records, July, page 51
Judy Ruprecht, Badges and Records, August, page 52
Badges and Records, September, page 54
Cindy Brickner, Badges and Records, October, page 54
Cindy Brickner, Badges and Records, November, page 56
Cindy Brickner, Badges and Records, December, page 56

Safety Corner
Tom Knauff, Cataracts, January, page 11
Einar Enevoldson, A Recent Fatal Accident; Oxygen Delivery System, February, page 12
Matt Herron, Oxygen Fire, March, page 13
Jim Furlong, Right Hand Traffic Only, May, page 10
Jay Campbell, An Extension of the March Safety Corner -- Oxygen Fire, June, page 14
Tom Knauff, A Ten-Year Review of Glider Accidents, July, page 14
Tom MacJarrett, Lessons Learned, August, page 14
Tom Knauff, Preventing Launching Accidents, September, page 17
Burt Compton, A Crash, Then a Phone Call, October, page 16

Soaring Calendar
Contests and Special Events, January, page 54
Contests and Special Events, February, page 55
Contests and Special Events, March, page 54
Contests and Special Events, April, page 50
Contests and Special Events, May, page 52
Contests and Special Events, June, page 54
Contests and Special Events, July, page 46
Contests and Special Events, August, page 55
Contests and Special Events, September, page 55
Contests and Special Events, October, page 55
Contests and Special Events, November, page 56
Contests and Special Events, December, page 55

Soaring Mail
Bill Schweizer, A 1-26 Fan, January, page 4
Robert J. McInnis, Would Work with Wood, January, page 4
John Bojack, Program Letter Points, January, page 4
John Murphy, Spot On, January, page 4
Jim Hamilton, Knowing UFO, January, page 4
E.W. Mickey, Tow Talking, January, page 6
Mike Parker, Rocking Off, January, page 6
John E. Ogden, Last Tow at Hemet, February, page 5
Robert Michener, Rekindled Interest, February, page 5
Steele Lipe, Comment on Safety Corner, February, page 6
Gene Franklin, Motorglider Fan, February, page 7
Hal Brock, A Good Feeling, February, page 7
Bill Mullan, Drama Shots, February, page 7
Merrell Fankhauser, Those were the Days, March, page 5
Lee Cowee, VSA Booster, March, page 5
John Bojack, Program Letter Requirements, March, page 5
Charles H. Davis, II, Av Week Photo Contest, March, page 5
Bob Gibbons, HpH 304S Review, March, page 5
Hal Brock, March, page 5
Bob Harris, Oxygen Clarification, April, page 6
Bruce Rosenthal, Sink Rate versus Airspeed, April, page 6
Richard Friedman, Publicity How-To, April, page 6
Frauke Elber, Hot Lips, May, page 6
Nyal Williams, Remaining Legal, May, page 6
Woody Minar, Safety Enthusiast, May, page 6
Scott Manley, Digital Issues, May, page 6
Dianne Black-Nixon, Fundraising for the General Endowment and Other SSA Programs, June, page 6
Frauke Elber, Additional Fire Hazards, June, page 6
John Dezzutti, Big BG Fan, June, page 6
Jaime Londono, Unmanned Involvement, June, page 6
Aaron Kiley, Condor Fan, June, page 7
Dry Pilot, Flying Dry, July, page 6
Mike Folks, Soaring Photo Showcase Critiques, July, page 6
Boom Powell, Your Other 10 O'Clock, July, page 6
Tim Long, Thanks for the Coverage, July, page 6
Jeanne Pitsenberger, Corrections Noted, July, page 6
Ray Galloway, Corrections Noted, July, page 6
Dave Armbruster, Hazardous Oxygen Valves, August, page 6
Tim Long, A Thank You to Judy Ruprecht, August, page 6
John Dezzutti, BG-12/16's Number One Fan, August, page 6
Lew Adams, Perlan Project Fan, August, page 6
John Bentley, What a Place, September, page 6
Fred Matteson, Soaring Memories, September, page 6
Larry Tuohino, Man of Few Words, September, page 6
Val Vislobokov, All wet?, September, page 6
Dan Meyer, Bill's Solar Fans, September, page 6
Jack Spitznagel, September, page 8
James Allison, September, page 8
Paul Richard, September, page 8
Steele Lipe, September, page 10
Tom Strickland, Another Condor Convert, September, page 10
Nyal Williams, No Loose Rules, September, page 10
John Driessen, Impressed with Tom, October, page 6
James David, Badge Info Please, October, page 6
George Hach, Catheter Relief, October, page 6
Billy Hill, Zuni Gathering, October, page 6
Eric Moore, Chicken or the Egg, October, page 6
Matt Herron, Liked the August Issue, October, page 7
Mike Folks, On Final?, October, page 7
Carl Brainerd, Shuttle Fan, October, page 7
Woody Minar, What Could Go Wrong?, November, page 12
Theo Knapp, Condor Lag Time, November, page 12
Ed Holland, The Perfect End to a Journey, November, page 12
Dave Newill, Promotions 101, November, page 13
Bill Daniels, November, page 13
Tom Knauff, Gadgets, November, page 15
Andres Pietrosemoli Castagni, Comments for Bill Collum, December, page 10
Charles Vorsanger, Where?, December, page 10
Kirk Urbanczyk, Flarm Tech, December, page 10

Soaring Memories
Bertha Ryan, Remembering the Past, January, page 37
Bertha Ryan, Remembering the Past, February, page 52
Bertha Ryan, Remembering the Past, March, page 52
Bertha Ryan, Remembering the Past, April, page 52
Bertha Ryan, Remembering the Past, May, page 52
Michael Lundin, Presidential Commercial, June, page 46
Byron Smith, Solo at 14 and One-Half, June, page 48
Chris Dunmall, Two Achievments at Black Forest, June, page 50
Bertha Ryan, Remembering the Past, June, page 52
Bertha Ryan, Remembering the Past, July, page 50
Bertha Ryan, Remembering the Past, August, page 50
Bertha Ryan, Remembering the Past, September, page 49
Bertha Ryan, Remembering the Past, October, page 51
Bertha Ryan, Remembering the Past, November, page 50
Bertha Ryan, Remembering the Past, December, page 46

Soaring Milestones
Brett Wynkoop, A Solo at Yards Creek, January, page 49
Tom Albrecht, More Interested in Gliders, January, page 49
Phillip LaBerge, Adding-on in Georgia, January, page 49
Jay McDaniel, Impressive Nevada Solo, January, page 49
Rich Hehmann, Commercial Rating Earned, January, page 50
Bob Hey, Ready for the Big Ride, January, page 50
Rob Buck, From RC to PIC, January, page 51
Phil Jones, Three Solos by Sixteen, February, page 46
Phil Jones, Soloed Cadet, February, page 46
Lynn Alley, Two New Pilots in Utah, February, page 46
John Livingston, Too Happy to Stand, February, page 46
John Campbell, Banner Year at Mile High, February, page 46
Michael A. Lundin, Smooth September Solo, February, page 47
John Livingston, Bitten Hard Beginner, February, page 47
Tom Doyle, Solo at Fourteen, February, page 48
Billie Gunter, Late Summer Solos, February, page 48
Monique Weil, Another CFIG for Byron, February, page 48
Monique Weil, Dave Cunningham Scholarship Recipient Solos, February, page 49
Monique Weil, New CFIG for NCSA, February, page 49
Paul Corbett, Another Skylark Success, February, page 50
Tom Johnson, Solo Grandfather, February, page 50
Bruce Grider, Solo Fun at Fun Country, February, page 50
Jeanne Pitsenberger, A New CFI-G for Thunderbird Club, February, page 50
Frauke Elber, Second Solo, March, page 42
Barry Muhlenberg, Cloudnine Solos, March, page 42
Rob Brandt, LVVSA Soaks Another Solo, March, page 42
Ivan Manoogian, A Pleasant Valley Solo, March, page 42
John Whitney, Dave Gets His Ticket, March, page 42
Julie Engelken, Solo Goal at Fourteen, March, page 42
Tony Falanga, Authorized for Solo Flight, March, page 43
Tom Johnson, Season Solo Pilot, March, page 43
Phil Jones, Scooter Soloed, March, page 43
Jeanne Pitsenberger, Transitional Solo, March, page 43
Tim McClure, Solo Soaking, March, page 43
Frauke Elber, One Flight, Two Solos, March, page 43
Dave Dunteman, A Busy Day, March, page 43
Stephen Noyes, A Solo Cutup, March, page 44
Lane Bush, Record Setting Solo, March, page 44
Gary Naber, Blue Ridge Solo, March, page 44
Rich Hehmann, Private Pilot Rating Earned, March, page 44
Fred Woll, Doctor Solos a Schweizer, March, page 45
Vince Pangia, No Rain on This Solo Parade, March, page 45
Charles Waldo, Picture Perfect Private Pilot, March, page 45
James Watts, Power Pilot Earns Commercial Glider Rating, March, page 47
Frauke Elber, Sunset Solo, March, page 47
Tom Snyder, First Solo by First Student, March, page 47
Linda Sue Boehmer, Home Field Advantage, March, page 49
Phillip and Lynda LaBerge, Final Student of the Year, March, page 49
Don Uyhazi, New Private Pilot, March, page 49
Lee Cook, Recent SCSA Action, April, page 47
Russell Holtz, Recent SCSA Action, April, page 47
Lee Cook, Recent SCSA Action, April, page 47
James Watts, Soaring Doc, April, page 47
Tom Albrecht, Certificated Private Pilot, April, page 47
Doug Coon, Sr., Coon Gets Commercial Rating, April, page 48
Walt Connelly, Commercial Rating in Clermont, Florida, April, page 49
Quay Snyder, JL Solos, April, page 49
James Watts, Major Becomes Private, April, page 49
Brett Wynkoop, Three Happy to Solo at Yards Creek, April, page 50
R.J. Stutzmann, Adirondack Activities, April, page 51
Gary Naber, New Pilot in New Castle, April, page 51
Doug Coon, On to the Airlines, May, page 45
Ed Holland, Unrivaled Siblings, May, page 45
Julie Murphy, Eighth Grader Solos, May, page 45
Phillip LaBerge, Another Solo at Fourteen, May, page 46
Lane Bush, Frank Flowers -- Rose city's Newest Solo, May, page 47
Lee Pagni, Christmas Joy, May, page 47
Final Glide, May, page 47
Charles Waldo, Private Rating at Sixteen, June, page 46
Gary Moore, Fourteen-Year-Old Ditches School, Solos, June, page 46
Paul Corbett, Check Ride in Tehachapi, June, page 46
Aaron Stout, A Snowy Winter Solo, June, page 46
Gary Baughman, Boulder Youth Excels, June, page 46
Jeff Kukuk, Congratulations to David, June, page 47
B. Rosenthal, Proud in Prescott, Arizona, June, page 47
Final Glide, June, page 47
Lane Bush, Hanging in There, June, page 48
Charles Cook, Piedmont Soaring Solos Another, June, page 49
Byron Smith, Doctor Solos, June, page 49
Russell Holcombe, Brother Instructs Brother, June, page 49
Byron Smith, Solo to Private Pilot, June, page 49
John Earlywine, New Indiana Pilot, June, page 50
Warren Cramer, New Private Pilot, June, page 50
John Earlywine, Central Indiana Soaring Society, June, page 50
Kristen Marble, Junior Member Solos, July, page 48
Graig Bixby, Commercial Rating Earned, July, page 48
David Bradley, Solo at Sixteen, July, page 49
Ingrid Kjenslie, Japanese Students Solo, July, page 49
Final Glide, July, page 49
Robert Rippstein, Photog Get His Private Rating, August, page 46
Linda Sue Boehmer, Smooth Transition Solo, August, page 46
Scott Westfall, 14-Year-Old Solo, August, page 46
Peter Schulz, C.A.P. Success, August, page 46
Walter Kaz, Glider Rating Added, August, page 46
New Atlantic Soaring C.F.I.G., August, page 46
David Ashinsky, Solo at Sixteen, August, page 47
Ursula Howland, Big Sky Soaring Season, August, page 47
Jeanne Pitsenberger, Branch Solos a Blanik, August, page 48
Tony Condon, Lucky Leah Solos, August, page 48
Bill Scharrer, Wet and Happy, August, page 48
Paul Jurgens, August, page 48
Steve Shelton, New Solo, August, page 48
Wayne Crank, Shreveport Solo, August, page 48
Sam Windsor, High Soaring Solos a 14-Year-Old, August, page 49
Dave Dunteman, Two More from TSC, September, page 46
Fred Hermanspann, Traditional Solo Celebration, September, page 46
Chris Fenger, Added Rating, September, page 46
John Earlywine, Central Indiana Solo, September, page 46
John Earlywine, Birthday Solo, September, page 46
Phil Jones, Another Philly Solo, September, page 46
Warren Cramer, A New DFI-G, September, page 47
Mark Montague, New Rating in Nevada, September, page 48
Tony Condon, Another Solo in Wichita, September, page 48
Nic Morrey, Private License Check Ride Completed, October, page 46
Charles Cook, Piedmont Soaring Solos a 14-year Old, October, page 46
Joe Pierce, Private Pilot Rating Earned on 16th Birthday, October, page 46
Solo in a Grob, October, page 46
Mark Olinger, Solo Brothers, October, page 46
Linda Sue Boehmer, Biker Solo, October, page 46
Jay McDaniel, A Happy Day, October, page 48
John Earlywine, Brandon Folsom Solos, October, page 48
Rich Carraway, Youth Soaring Camp Success, October, page 48
Mike Carlson, Solo in Louisville, October, page 48
Jay McDaniel, Wet Solo Debut, October, page 48
Ron Murphy, Eagleville Gliderport Solos a 16-year Old, October, page 48
Dave Carton, Joseph Yudin Solos, October, page 48
Michael Lundin, Check Ride Completed, October, page 49
Tony Condon, Commercial Rated, October, page 49
Glider Add-On Rating Added, October, page 49
John Earlywine, She Soloed at Age 14, October, page 49
John Earlywine, Power Pilot Solos, October, page 50
Marlene Nelson, First Solo Celebration, October, page 50
Rich Carraway, Kipp Silber Solo, October, page 50
Paul Jurgens, Two Doctors, Two Ratings, October, page 50
Wade Carman, Chalking Up a Solo at Caracole Soaring, October, page 53
Mike Voie, Family's First Pilot, October, page 53
Final Glide, October, page 53
Phil Jones, CAP Cadet Solos, November, page 51
Graham Ramsden, Sugarbush Solo, November, page 51
Todd Dockum, CAP Cadet Solos at Fourteen, November, page 51
David Brunone, Brunone Solo, November, page 51
Dave White, Commercial Rating Added, November, page 51
Dave Carton, Solo in New England, November, page 51
Fred Blair, Happy in Houston, November, page 51
Phil Jones, Pennsylvania CAP Solo, November, page 52
Phil Jones, Private Pilot Rating, November, page 52
Phil Jones, Solo at CAP Academy, November, page 52
John Earlywine, Private Pilot Checkride Completed, November, page 52
Quay Snyder, Private Pilot at Sixteen, November, page 52
Loretta Sparks, Power, Glider, Helicopter Ratings, November, page 52
Tony Condon, Private Training Completed, November, page 52
Doug Lent, Solo Time in Truckee, November, page 53
Tom Albrecht, Another Private Pilot for Nutmeg, November, page 53
Tom Albrecht, Nutmeg Soaring Solo, November, page 53
John DeBenedette, Post-Solo Smiles, November, page 53
Phil Jones, Solo at Fifteen, November, page 53
Paul Zacharowicz, 16-Year-Old Receives Private Pilot Glider License, November, page 54
Mark Patterson, Solo at Fourteen, November, page 54
Tristan Armstrong, Back With a Glider Rating, November, page 54
Scott Fletcher, Family Ratings, November, page 54
Herb Kushner, Better Late Than Never, November, page 55
Cindy Brickner, Private Rating Reached at Caracole Soaring, November, page 55
D.J. Tengdin, Late Summer Solo, November, page 55
Tom Albrecht, Another Nutmeg Private Pilot, December, page 51
Phil Jones, New Pilot Receives Secret Handshake, December, page 51
Raul Boerner, A New Instructor for Black Forest, December, page 51
Chris Bennett, Brooke Sarna Solos, December, page 52
Dave White, Summer Solo in Texas, December, page 52
D.J. Tengdin, Check Ride Completed, December, page 52
David Siegert, A 2-33 Solo in Texas, December, page 52
Richard Andrews, Scholarship Winner Solos, December, page 52
Rollin Hasness, Two New in Spokane, December, page 53
Warren Cramer, New Private Pilot at Wurtsboro, December, page 53
Andreea, Two Seminole Lake Solos, December, page 53
E. Ritts Howard, Solo at Fourteen, December, page 53
John Earlywine, Another Rating Added, December, page 54
John Earlywine, Private Rating Earned in Indiana, December, page 54
John Earlywine, Mark the Date, December, page 54
Devesh Pandit, An Illinois Solo at Fourteen, December, page 54
Marlene Nelson, Runs in the Family, December, page 54

Soaring News
John H. Campbell, Summary of Junior Performances in 2009, January, page 7
Stuart Jackson, Carolina Soaring Association Winch Weekend at Triple Tree Aerodrome, January, page 7
Reiner Rose, The SSA-OLC has to be Even More Popular in the U.S., January, page 8
Scott Alexander, First Contest Announced by the Memphis Soaring Society, January, page 9
SSA Member Sets New World Records, January, page 9
Cindy Brickner, Life Limit Update on Lark Sailplanes, February, page 8
Cindy Brickner, Region 12 Soaring Council's SSF Flight Instructor Revalidation Clinic, February, page 9
SSA Group Insurance Plan Enhancement, February, page 9
2009 U.S. National Aerobatic Championship Results, February, page 9
Lee Murray, SSA's Contribution to the Boy Scouts Great Lakes Centennial Jamboree, February, page 10
Ralph Kolstad, Kolstad Youth Scholarship Update., February, page 10
Soaring Contributor is Honored, February, page 11
1-26 Artwork, February, page 11
Pat Costello, Enhancements to the SSA Group Insurance Program, March, page 6
Art Wallace, Apply for Soaring Scholarship, March, page 8
1-26 Association Election Results, March, page 8
Soaring Safety Foundation, Alert! Paper Pilot Certificates Expire March 31, 2010, March, page 9
Pat Valdata, Women Instructor/Role Models Wanted, March, page 9
Attention Cross-Country Instructors, March, page 9
Frauke Elber, A Free Soaring Film, March, page 10
Joel Carberry, Soaring Contributor Wins Joseph Lincoln Award, March, page 10
SSA Member Honored by the Smithsonian, March, page 11
Bernald S. Smith, Historic Action FAA/SSA MOA, April, page 8
Edward (Ward) Hindman, An On-line Glider Pilot Self-Briefing System, April, page 11
Leo Benetti-Longhini, Cobra Trailers, April, page 11
Sergio Colacevich, Alby's Voyage Resumes in 2010, April, page 12
Naviter See You Mobil on Oudie, April, page 14
Call for SSA Director Nominations, May, page 8
Stephen Northcraft, Input Requested on ADS-B Applications for Soaring Pilots, May, page 8
2010 OSTIV Meeting Planned, May, page 8
Rolf Schulze, The Winch is Back, May, page 8
Stephen Northcraft, Blanik Airworthiness Directive, June, page 8
Bill Vickland, The 1-26 Spitty Award Restoring Those Gaudy Little Birds with Mickey Mouse Paint Jobs, June, page 8
Neita Montague, 34th Women Soaring Seminar, June, page 8
Shawn Knickerbocker, New Glider Flying Handbook, June, page 10
Wave Camp Participants Celebrate, June, page 10
Mark Your Calendars for Philly, July, page 8
Bertha Ryan, National Soaring Museum - History Symposium and Hall of Fame Reunion, July, page 8
Anna-Laura Geusen, Anne Morrow Lindbergh Challenge Trophy, July, page 11
Ron Clarke, Arcus T Flight Impressions, July, page 11
New Jet Powered Sailplane Completes Test Flights, August, page 8
2010 Michael Wallace Scholarship Grant Awarded, August, page 8
Pat Costello, Tow Pilot Insurance Update, August, page 10
July Issue Correction, August, page 10
Ralph Kolstad, Kolstad Youth Scholarships Available, September, page 12
Jim Kellett, Soaring Outreach, September, page 12
Tidewater Soaring Society, September, page 12
Jim Kellett, More Outreach, September, page 12
Historic Torrey Pines, September, page 12
Burt Compton, No More AD Notices by mail, September, page 12
Paul Bowman, Getting the Word Out about Soaring, September, page 14
Historic Torrey Pines, October, page 8
Phyllis Wells, Women Receive WSPA Scholarships, October, page 8
Jim Short, Wright Brothers Soaring Record, October, page 11
Ken Renshaw, Penelope Bat: Her Odyssey with the Spirits of Nature, October, page 12
Bob Thompson, Soaring Exposure in Colorado, October, page 12
Jim Short, Manufacturer Responds about Blanik L-13 Groundings, December, page 12
Kolstad Youth Scholarships Increased to $5,000, December, page 12

Soaring Photo Showcase
Tim Larsen, Carolyn Russo, Glenn Holden, and Loren Swanson, April, pages 34,35
Dick Otis, Loren Swanson, Dirk Elber, and Neal Chism, Photography, May, pages 38, 39
Cam Martin, Bruce Sammeter, George Caldwell, Dan Teifke, and Baudouin Litt, Photography, June, pages 36,37

Soaring Tech
Bill Collum, A New Motorglider, January, page 12
Bill Collum, Electric Powered Sailplanes, February, page 16
Bill Collum, Convention Report, April, page 18
Bill Collum, Getting Out Alive, May, page 13
Bill Collum, The Perlan Project, June, page 20
Bill Collum, Solar Power - Part 1, July, page 18
Bill Collum, Solar Power -- Part Two, August, page 16
Bill Collum, Wing Rigger Review, September, page 20
Bill Collum, Anti-Collision Technology, October, page 17
Bill Collum, Gifts and Gadgets, November, page 18
Bill Collum, Solar Powered Aircraft, December, page 16

Thoughts from the Chairman
Phil Umphres, Go to the Convention, January, page 2
Phil Umphres, How Important is the SSA to Soaring, February, page 2
Phil Umphres, The SSA Board of Directors, March, page 3
Phil Umphres, Are you Going to be the Pilot who kills the sport of soaring?, April, page 2
Phil Umphres, Publicity for the Sport of Soaring, May, page 2
Phil Umphres, The SSA State Governors Program, June, page 3
Phil Umphres, SSA and the FAA, July, page 2
Phil Umphres, Appreciating Our Soaring Volunteers, August, page 2
Phil Umphres, Does your Club Support Youth Soaring, September, page 2
Phil Umphres, What Should SSA Do To Reduce the Number of Midair Collisions?, October, page 2
Phil Umphres, Funding SSA and its Programs, November, page 4
Phil Umphres, An End and a Beginning, December, page 4

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