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2011 Safety Program
Bernald S. Smith, January, page 12
Ron Ridenour, Scenario Based Flight Reviews for Pilots and Instructors, February, page 9
Ron Ridenour, Currency versus Proficiency, March, page 7
Richard Carlson, Soaring Safety Foundation FY2010 Safety Report, April, page 10
Bernald S. Smith, Gliding Closed in America, May, page 14
Stephen Dee, What's So Fun About Crashing, June, page 11
Bernald Smith, I., July, page 10
Ron Ridenour, Soaring Safety and Your Next Flight Review, August, page 10
Ron Ridenour, Sailplane Safety Premature Termination of the Tow (PT3), September, page 10
Richard Carlson, Sailplane Safety, October, page 12
Jim Herd, Analysis of Another Death - What Must We Learn, October, page 24
Richard Carlson, There Ain't No Silver Bullet, November, page 10
Ron Ridenour, A Safety Culture and the Membership of the SSA, December, page 10

Badges and Records
Rollin Hasness, SSA and FAI Awards, January, page 50
Rollin Hasness, SSA and FAI Awards, February, page 50
Rollin Hasness, SSA and FAI Awards, March, page 42
Rollin Hasness, SSA and FAI Awards, April, page 48
Rollin Hasness, SSA and FAI Awards, May, page 48
Rollin Hasness, SSA and FAI Awards, June, page 49
Rollin Hasness, SSA and FAI Awards, July, page 51
Rollin Hasness, SSA and FAI Awards, August, page 51
Rollin Hasness, SSA and FAI Awards, September, page 47
Rollin Hasness, SSA and FAI Awards, October, page 46
Rollin Hasness, SSA and FAI Awards, November, page 48
Rollin Hasness, SSA and FAI Awards, December, page 49

Jim Sprandel, Schweizer 1-26B owned by Curt Lewis and Joan Altman, August, pages 30,31
Frank Piermarini, PDPS PZL_BIELSKO SZD-50-3, Warner Springs, CA, October, pages 30, 31
Andy Blackburn, Duo Discus (KS), Logan, Utah, November, pages 30, 31
Lennart Edvinson, Jonker JS1, Ephrata, Washington, Region 8 Championships, December, pages 30, 31

Clio's Wings
Raul Blacksten, Charlie Spratt, January, page 62
Raul Blacksten, Large Gliders, February, page 60
Raul Blacksten, The Gliding and Soaring Bulletin 1936, March, page 60
Raul Blacksten, Einar Enevoldson, April, page 60
Raul Blacksten, 1937 Soaring Magazine, May, page 60
Raul Blacksten, Flexible Flying Machines, June, page 60
Raul Blacksten, Screaming Wiener/Li'l Dogie, July, page 60
Raul Blacksten, The Ruskies, August, page 60
Raul Blacksten, Elmira and Harris Hill, September, page 60
Raul Blacksten, Firsts, October, page 60
Raul Blacksten, Caesar's Gliders, November, page 60
Raul Blacksten, A True War Hero, December, page 60

Club News
Frauke Elber, January, page 48
Frauke Elber, February, page 40
Frauke Elber, March, page 40
Frauke Elber, Communications, Thermal Camp, X-C Camp, April, page 38
Frauke Elber, May, page 45
Frauke Elber, News from Clubs, June, page 44
Frauke Elber, Winch Demonstration; Master Pilot Award, August, page 41
Frauke Elber, November, page 40
Frauke Elber, PASCO Egg Returned; Bishop Encampment; 25th Annual X-C Camp, December, page 42

Condor Corner
Frank Paynter, January, page 43
Scott Manley, Features, Tips & Tricks - Round 2, February, page 42
Frank Paynter, Cross-Country Instruction the Condor Way, March, page 42
Scott Manley, Features, Tips & Tricks - Round 3, April, pages 40,41
Frank Paynter, May, page 38
Scott Manley, Features, Tips & Tricks - Round 4, June, page 39
Frank Paynter and Bruno Vassel, IV, Flying the Logan Scenery with B4, July, page 44
Scott Manley, Frequently Asked Questions, August, page 45
Blake Miller, Cross-Country Mentoring in Condor, September, page 45
Scott Manley, Glider Flight Instruction at Distance, October, page 42
Frank Paynter, Using an External PDA with Condor, November, page 44
Scott Manley, Attaining/Regaining/Maintaining Your Proficiency, December, page 44

Contest Corner
John Cochrane, Rules for 2011, April, page 44
John Cochrane, Gizmo Future, July, page 40
Corky Gill and Karin Schlösser, Region 3 Contest, Harris Hill, Elmira, NY, October, page 38
John Cochrane, Course Deviations, December, page 39

SSA Eagle Fund, January, page 38
SSA Eagle Fund, February, page 55
SSA Eagle Fund, March, page 53
SSA Eagle Fund, April, page 52
SSA Eagle Fund, May, page 44
SSA Eagle Fund, June, page 43
SSA Eagle Fund, July, page 50
Eagle Fund, August, page 44
Eagle Fund, September, page 44
Eagle Fund, October, page 45
2012 Eagle Fund Campaign "Planting Seeds", November, page 28

Jon Archer, Sailplanes waiting to launch, January
Mike Machat, Flight Level 460, February
John Machamer, Mike Higgins in his Discus 2B behind MASA Pawnee, March
Josh Knerr, Josh Knerr flies his K8b over Tehachapi, California, April
Ramy Yanez, Soaring an ASW-27 near the Golden Gate Bridge, May
Mark Nankivil, David Ochsner's restored 1957 Schleicher Ka-6B over Lawrenceville, IL, June
Maria Szemplinska, Tim Hanke Flying his Discus 2ax at Mifflin, July
Nic Sprandel, Volunteers Help Pilot at 1-26 Championships, August
Gordon Boettger, Soaring Along the Sierra Nevada, September
Chris Marble, Line workers conserve energy before launching, October
Chuck Coyne, Sunset on June 28, Day 7 of the 18-Meter Nationals at Hobbs, NM, November
Steven Rander, Socked in and Soaked in Oregon's Willamette Valley, December

Feature Articles
SSA Board Members, January, page 19
Victor Sparks, The Proper Handling and Cleaning of Canopies, January, page 28
Gary Paulin, The Caproni Calif A21J Jet-Powered Sailplane, January, page 34
Al Tyler, Serbia Outlanding Szeged 2010 WGC, January, page 39
Bob Thompson, Lift Markers, January, page 42
Paul Bikle, Fifty Years Ago: Wave Flight to 46,267 Ft., February, page 22
Cam Martin, Paul Bikle's Record Setting Schweizer 1-23E N91893 Serial #30, February, page 25
NASA, Paul Bikle: His Aerospace Career, February, page 27
Cam Martin, The Schweizer 1-23 Series America's Premier Production High Performance Sailplane 1948-1967, February, page 28
Rusty Lowry, eBay Glider or "Be Careful What You Look For, February, page 36
Jay McDaniel, Unplanned Flight Testing, February, page 38
Rob Palmer, On Tow: Ten Tips from a Tow Pilot, March, page 20
Tom Knauff, Preventing Landing Accidents, March, page 33
Pat Costello, Know Your Limits, April, page 14
Chuck Coyne, SSA Conference 2011, April, page 21
Oliver Dyer-Bennet, Carat/Harris Ranch Fly-In journal, April, page 26
Mark Mocho, 2011 OLC Symposium - Albuquerque, NM USA, April, pages 32, 33
Phil Umphres, SSA Announces an Important Change in Towing Rules, April, page 33
Graeme Porter, Is Gliding's Future with Youth?, May, page 9
Tim Hanke, Adirondack Soaring Club Mifflin County Soaring Encampment, May, page 24
Sterling Starr, Soaring for State Records, May, page 28
John Good, Flying at Uvalde, May, page 32
Brian K. Lott, The Undercover Pilot, June, page 7
Jim Short, Were Orville Wright's Soaring Flights of 1911 Just for Fun?, June, page 24
David MacKenzie, 2011 Seniors Championships, June, page 34
Sergio Colacevich, Sierra Nevada - Great Basin TherMaps, July, page 28
Catherine Houghton, WSPA Pilots Soar over Nevada, July, page 32
Karl Striedieck, The 2011 Sports/Club Nationals - Chilhowe Tennessee, July, page 36
Pat Costello, Claim Denied. No Insurable Interest!!, August, page 20
Erik Mann, 2011 Standard Class Nationals, August, page 22
Jim Sprandel, The 2011 1-26 Championships and PW-5 World Class Nationals, August, page 28
Robin Clark, Contest Report Region 5 North Perry, South Carolina, August, page 36
Rachel Conklin, Flying with 'Uncle Hank', August, page 38
Simine Short, Honoring a Century of Soaring with a National Landmark of Soaring, September, page 24
Gordon Boettger, 2200K Thirteen hours in the Sierra Wave, September, page 30
Dianna Fleming, What Really Happened - From the Front Seat, September, page 36
Jim Short, Soaring100 Sets October Schedule, September, page 39
Dave Nadler, Perspective - One Contest Pilot's View..., October, page 27
Anonymous, How I Spent My 45th Birthday, November, page 32
Jay Campbell, Replacing Mylar Gap Seals, November, page 35
Scott Alexander, The Arkansas Traveler Crosses the Mighty Mississippi, December, page 24
2011 Regional and National Contest Winners, December, page 27
Phyllis Wells, Women Soaring Seminar 2011, December, page 36

Flight Lines
Chuck Coyne, Plans for 2011, January, page 5
Chuck Coyne, First of year flights, February, page 6
Chuck Coyne, Ross Briegleb - past and current, March, page 4
Chuck Coyne, Soaring Magazine Changes and Additioins, April, page 4
Chuck Coyne, Restoration of the Briegleb BG-12/16, May, page 4
Chuck Coyne, It's Funny how Things work out, June, page 4
Chuck Coyne, Money for Nothing, July, page 3
Chuck Coyne, Winch for instruction and Demonstration, August, page 3
Chuck Coyne, Any Journey Needs a Goal, September, page 4
Chuck Coyne, Safety Starts on the Ground, October, page 3
Chuck Coyne, SSA Efforts with Minorities, December, page 3

Front of the Grid
Denise Layton, Unsung Heroes of Soaring, February, page 4
Dianne Black-Nixon, On Growth for the SSA, April, page 2
Bill Daniels, SSA Membership, June, page 2
Dan Bourgeois, Attracting Youth to Soaring, August, page 2
Denise Layton, SSA Conventions ... The Blood Sweat and Tears behind the Scenes, December, page 2

Glider Gallery
David Christi, Caproni Vizzola Calif A-211, January, pages 32, 33
Cam Martin, Rusty Lowry Soaring Schweizer 1-23H, Tehachapi California, February, pages 32,33
Richard Otis, Mark Gibson, and Neal Chism, Tow Planes, March, pages 28,29
Keith Smith, Silver Altitude, Silver Distance Landout, May, pages 30, 31

Safety Corner
Tom Knauff, Soft Release, April, page 46
Tom Knauff, Is Flarm the Answer, July, page 9

Martin Gomez, Tow Pilot's Guide for Evaluating Glider Pilots, March, page 21
Bill 'aka anonymous', Tow Lines, March, page 22
Bill 'aka anonymous', Two Girls on Tow, March, page 24
Martin Gomez, Who's Nervous?, March, page 25
Dan Nelson, All in a Day's Work, March, page 27
Greg Palmer, Tough Tow Ropes, March, page 30

Soaring Calendar
Contests and Special Events, January, page 56
Contests and Special Events, February, page 46
Contests and Special Events, March, page 46
Contests and Special Events, April, page 54
Contests and Special Events, May, page 54
Contests and Special Events, June, page 54
Contests and Special Events, July, page 54
Contests and Special Events, August, page 55
Contests and Special Events, September, page 49
Contests and Special Events, October, page 55
Contests and Special Events, November, page 55
Contests and Special Events, December, page 50

Soaring Mail
George Tamayo, PIC/AD Concerns, January, page 9
Gary Kemp, El Mirage Nationals, January, page 9
Dave Nadler, Is Our Future Electric?, January, page 9
Ralph Kolstad, Photo Compliments, January, page 9
Tom Rudolf, Symbolic Search, January, page 10
Jim Galway, A Happy Photographer, January, page 10
Dave White, Collision Avoidance Aids, February, page 8
Roger Bard, Widget Critic, February, page 8
David Britton, Cover Fans, February, page 8
Ernst Heinen, February, page 8
Mike Exner, Centerfold Concerns, February, page 8
David Newill, Impressive Images Suggested, March, page 6
Don Slotten, Giving Thanks, March, page 6
Frauke Elber, Remembering Charlie Spratt, March, page 6
Jim Herd, Congrats to Bill Collum, March, page 6
Sterling Starr, Fans of the 1-23, April, page 6
Chris Hodges, Looking to the Past, April, page 6
John Seaborn, Google Group for the 2012 Worlds Gaggle, April, page 6
Ralph Kolstad, Appreciates Bikle Coverage, April, page 6
P. Krebs, Pilotless Proficient?, April, page 6
Richard Ludwig, Letter from Lone Pine, April, page 7
William Schweizer, A Note from Bill Schweizer, May, page 6
John H DeRosa, Cockpit Widgets, May, page 6
Boom Powell, Another "Tow-er, May, page 6
Dianna Fleming, Tow and Photo Fan, May, page 6
Tony Way, Not the Water Knot!, May, page 7
Pete Rendek, Pattern Altitude Article Comments, May, page 7
Gennaro Avolio, Pattern Altitude Article Comments, May, page 8
Arthur Wallace, SSA's CFI-G Refresher Clinics Questioned, June, page 6
Raul Blacksten, Infallible Clio?, June, page 6
Rusty Lowry, More 1-23 Lore, June, page 6
Andrew Brayer, Talking About the Weather, July, page 5
John Joss, July, page 5
Shane Grieve, Testing Questions, July, page 5
Bob Spielman, Soaring Magazine Forecasts Future, July, page 5
Bob Thompson, A Gleeful Guy, July, page 6
Keith Smith, Stoked About The Centerfold Photo, July, page 6
Robert Craig, Ballistic Parachutes, July, page 6
John Joss, The Wing Thing, July, page 6
Pete Rendek, Pattern Patter, July, page 6
Lin Cositore, My Dad, My hero, July, page 7
Donald Hobel, More 1-23 Lore, July, page 7
Michael Lundin, It Takes a Community, August, page 6
John Wahl, Blogging A Libelle Rebuild, August, page 6
Brian Lott, Undercover Pilot Comments, August, page 6
John Cochrane, August, page 6
Simine Short, Likes What She Saw, August, page 6
Charles Klivans, West Coast Wave, August, page 6
Lee Cook, Lacking Aero?, September, page 6
Don Slotten, Soaring Beyond the Clouds, September, page 6
Bill Tappan, King of Sports?, September, page 7
Jim Dodson, Dreams Begin Young, October, page 4
Mitch Deutsch, Thanks for the Coverage, October, page 4
Tom Johnson, Where's the Site, October, page 4
Deane Williams, Incident Coverage?, October, page 6
Jim Herd, Ten Safety Suggestions, October, page 6
John Shmoldas, Gliding Munitions, October, page 10
Bill Daniels, Thanks!, October, page 10
Christopher Devins, Need for Diversity in Soaring, October, page 10
Mike Friend, Bring Back the 2-32, October, page 10
Tony Absi, Dubious of 2-33s?, November, page 6
Pat Ohlsson, Compass Rose Photo, November, page 6
Darrel Watson, Too Obtuse, November, page 6
Walt Klemperer, Facing Flight, November, page 6
Jim Densmore, Resources, November, page 6
John Gill, October Soaring Cover, December, page 4
Chris Marble, October Soaring Cover, December, page 4
Ross Briegleb, Wood Glider Safety, December, page 4
Bernard Eckey, Book Sales Up, December, page 6
John Crawford, PT3 Comments, December, page 6
Greg Swinderski, Polish Team Needs Rentals, December, page 6
Sergio Colacevich, Incident Coverage, December, page 6
Allan Rydberg, Strokes and Soda?, December, page 7

Soaring Memories
Bertha Ryan, Remembering the Past, January, page 47
Bertha Ryan, Remembering the Past, February, page 49
Bertha Ryan, Remembering the Past, March, page 49
Bertha Ryan, Remembering the Past, April, page 53
Bertha Ryan, Remembering the Past, May, page 47
Bertha Ryan, Remembering the Past, June, page 48
Add-on Rating for Army Reservist, June, page 51
Arron Stout, Private Pilot Checkride, June, page 52
Bertha Ryan, Remembering the Past, July, page 45
Bertha Ryan, Remembering the Past, August, page 50
Bertha Ryan, Remembering the Past, September, page 50
Bertha Ryan, Remembering the Past, October, page 41
Bertha Ryan, Remembering the Past, November, page 29
Bertha Ryan, Remembering the Past, December, page 48

Soaring Milestones
Jeanne Pitsenberger, A Great Day to Solo, January, page 51
Fred Blair, Dressed for the Occasion, January, page 51
Atlantic Soaring's Newest Commercial Pilot, January, page 51
Bill Tisdale, LVSA's Newest Pilot, January, page 51
Gerald McPeak, Private Rating Acquired, January, page 51
Jim Angelou, Yards Creek Solo for Michael Jackson, January, page 52
David Prather, Spencer Prather Solos, January, page 52
Bill Tisdale, Soloed Air Force Retiree, January, page 52
Tom Snyder, Commercial Rated, January, page 52
Jerry Gleiforst, Private Pilot add-on Completed, January, page 52
Lane Bush, A Rose City Soaring Solo, January, page 53
Jim Angelou, A Yards Creek Solo, January, page 53
Lane Bush, A New CFIG for Rose City Soaring, January, page 53
Jim Angelou, Gone Commercial at Yards Creek, January, page 53
Linda Sue Boehner, Airline Pilot Adds Rating, January, page 53
Loretta Sparks, Felicity Sparks Adds Ratings, January, page 54
Steve Noyes, Restored and Soloed, January, page 54
Jim Angelou, Nate Ballintyn Solos At 14, January, page 54
Tow Pilot Advances, January, page 54
Merl Raisbeck, Kyle's Busy Birthday, January, page 54
Merl Raisbeck, Back to Ground School?, January, page 54
SoCal Soaring Solo, January, page 55
A Solo Flight at 14, January, page 55
James Alexander, Soloed in A Classic, January, page 55
Gary Naber, New CFI-G, February, page 51
Jayne Ewing, Solo at 15, February, page 51
Gary Naber, Solo at Blue Ridge, February, page 51
Gary Naber, Solo at Sixteen, February, page 51
Transition from Power, February, page 51
Gary Naber, Soloed, Then Soaked, February, page 51
Christopher Bennett, A New Pilot from SCSA, February, page 52
Chris Ryan, Commercial Rating Earned, February, page 52
Stephen Nesser, Soloed Retired, February, page 52
Christopher Bennett, Private Pilot at Sixteen, February, page 52
All Treats - No Tricks, February, page 53
Joseph Grecco, Private Rating After 35 Years, February, page 53
Dan Thirkill, Certificates Earned at Morgan Field, February, page 53
Bernon Laughinghouse, Solo In A 2-33, February, page 54
Jayne Ewing, Solo At 14, February, page 54
Tony Condon, A New Private Pilot, February, page 54
Final Glide, February, page 54
David Siegert, Solo Doc, March, page 51
Phil Klander, Cold Solo, March, page 51
Rodney Kinne, Captain Gets Glider Wings, March, page 51
Tom Johnson, That's the Way to Start Retirement, March, page 51
Devesh Pandit, Newly Minted CFI-G, March, page 52
R.J. Stutzmann, Adirondack Soaring Club Congratulates Newest Member, March, page 52
Devesh Pandit, First Solo at Fourteen, March, page 52
Quay Snyder, Cadet's Commercial Rating, April, page 49
George Bortnyk, CGI-G Added On, April, page 49
Dave Dunteman, Fourteen-Year-Old Solos, April, page 49
Final Glide, April, page 49
Carol Maggiore, A New 16-Year-Old pilot, April, page 50
Uwe Rudloff, Solo in Indiana, April, page 50
Paul Corbett, Successful 16-Year Old Solo, April, page 51
Philip LaBerge, First Rating of the Year, April, page 51
A Solo at Age Fourteen, April, page 51
Bill Corbin, Commercial Rating Earned, April, page 51
Dave Dunteman, A Happy New CFI-G, April, page 51
Mark Harting, A Family of Fliers, May, page 49
David Reilly, Transition Check Ride Completed, May, page 49
Jay McDaniel, A U.S. Solo This Time, May, page 49
Rich Hehmann, Cold Solo Day, May, page 50
Byron Smith, Eagle Scout Solos, May, page 50
Byron Smith, Making the Transition, May, page 51
Jay McDaniel, Post Solo Soaking, May, page 51
Rich Hehmann, Solo in St. Louis, May, page 51
Rich Hehmann, Transition Solo, May, page 51
Bruce Rosenthal, New Pilot in Prescott, May, page 51
Rich Hehmann, Solo At Fourteen, May, page 52
Rich Hehmann, Private Rating Earned, May, page 52
Rich Hehmann, Soloed the Blanik, May, page 52
Rich Hehmann, Late Summer Solo, May, page 52
Rich Hehmann, John Rau Solo, May, page 52
Rich Hehmann, Private Glider Rating Achieved, May, page 53
F. F. Mackenzie, Solo in Wichita, May, page 53
Rich Hehmann, Commercial Rating Added, May, page 53
Lane Bush, Rose City Commercial Rating, May, page 53
Dave Dunteman, Glider Rating Added, May, page 53
June Blanton, Solo At 14, May, page 53
Fred LaSor, A New Commercial Pilot for SOARNV, June, page 50
Nathan Cook, Checkride Completed, June, page 50
Jim Kellett, Silver Badge, June, page 50
Lane Bush, Recently Soloed, June, page 51
John Jordan, New Soaring Pilot at Front Royal Virginia, June, page 52
Noelle Mayes, Bronze Badge Earned, June, page 52
June Blanton, Solo At Fourteen, June, page 52
Dave Rigney, NFSS Adds Another Pilot, June, page 52
John Jordan, Perfect First Solo, June, page 53
Jeanne Pitsenberger, First Glider solo, June, page 53
John Jordan, No Problem Checkride, June, page 53
David Siegert, Add-on Rating, July, page 48
James Lyne, Chuck Coyne, July, page 48
John Earlywine, Central Indiana Solo, July, page 49
Doug Glazier, Another CFI-G, July, page 49
Noelle Mayes, Solo At 14, July, page 49
Laurie Harden, Norway Newbie, August, page 52
George O'Leary, Solo at Fifteen, August, page 52
Quay Snyder, New Black Forest Private Pilot Glider Rating, August, page 52
Laurie Harden, New Rating in Nevada, August, page 52
David Huffman, First Glider solo, August, page 53
Gene Franklin, Solo at Silvercreek, August, page 53
Eston Hupp, Solo At Fourteen, August, page 54
Clare Rybczynski, New Pilot on his 16th Birthday, August, page 54
Laurie Harden, A Real Pilot Now, August, page 54
Jeanne Pitsenberger, Solo Gal at 14-Years-Old, August, page 54
Jim Angelou, Solos at Yard Creek Soaring, September, page 51
Mike McCarron, Solo in Saratoga, September, page 51
Gary Naber, Private Rating Reached at Age 16, September, page 51
Joan Burn, A BSA Solo at 15, September, page 51
John Earlywine, Solo in Indiana, September, page 51
Paul Jurgens, Glider Privileges Added at Sporty's Academy, September, page 51
Vernon Fueston, First Solo for an A&P, September, page 52
Stanislav Los, Checkride Completed, September, page 52
Gary Naber, A New CFI-G, September, page 52
Phillip LaBerge, Private Pilot Rating Reached, September, page 52
Tracy A. Wallace, Solo at Fourteen, September, page 52
Phillip LaBerge, Glider Rating Added On, September, page 53
Gary Naber, A Blue Ridge Soaring Society Solo, September, page 53
Peter Smith, Season's First Solo at Harris Hill, September, page 53
Mark Greenman, A 15-Year-Old Solos, September, page 53
John Earlywine, Central Indiana Solo, September, page 54
Mike Havener, A Solo Pilot at 15, September, page 54
Paul Jurgens, First Solo at Sporty's Academy, September, page 54
Pittsburgh Soaring Club Solo, September, page 54
Joseph Grecco, A Valley Soaring Solo, September, page 54
Jeff Brenhaug, Commercial Rating Earned, September, page 54
Dave Rigney, A Great Day to Solo, September, page 55
Bill Corbin, Owl Creek Solo, September, page 55
Anton Verhulst, Boy Scout Badges, September, page 55
Dave White, Solo at 16, September, page 55
Final Glide, September, page 55
Phil Jones, Northeast Region CAP Solo, October, page 48
John Earlywine, Solo at Sixteen, October, page 48
Uwe Rudloff, Park Forest Club's Newest Solo Member, October, page 48
Anthony Cirincione, A Great Summer Flying Day, October, page 49
Lane Bush, A Real Pilot Now, October, page 49
Doug Coon, Sr., Independent on Independence Day, October, page 49
Graham Lashley, New CFI-G for ECSC, October, page 49
Peter Smith, Commercially Rated at Harris Hill, October, page 49
Jacek Piterow - Private Pilot Glider, October, page 49
Paul Schneider, Senior Captain Re-Solos, October, page 50
Mike Carlson, Fourteen-Year-Old Louisville Solo, October, page 50
Neita Montague, Air Sailing Solo, October, page 50
Dei Wellman, Sooner Solo, October, page 50
Rollin Hasness, A Solo and First Glider Solo in Seattle, October, page 50
Tony Condon, Commercial Checkride Completed, October, page 50
Bruce Patton, Ready For a Jet, October, page 51
Phil Jones, Nick Ranieri Solo, October, page 51
Phil Jones, Cadet Taylor's Solo Flight, October, page 51
Marty Larson, A Black Hills 2-22 Solo, October, page 51
Justin McMasters, Third Generation Solo, October, page 52
Phil Jones, Cadet Campbell Solo's an L-23, October, page 52
Solo for Sam Schuler, October, page 52
Ron Murphy, Solo in Tennessee, October, page 52
Ron Murphy, Eagleville Soaring Solo, October, page 52
Joan Burn, Solo at Seminole Lake, October, page 53
Spencer DeBerry Solo, October, page 53
Devesh Pandit, A Hot Summer Solo, October, page 53
Dan Thirkill, Training Season in Utah, October, page 53
Gary Holmes, Soaked After Solo Flight, October, page 54
Phil Jones, Two Solo Flights in a Week, October, page 54
Lane Bush, New Rose City Pilots, October, page 54
Devesh Pandit, Solo Badge Flight, October, page 54
Dustin Olayvar, El Tiro Solo, November, page 50
Mark Greenman, Solo Cadet, November, page 50
Mark Greenman, Cadets Solo at Ephrata, November, page 50
Aaron Stout, A Transition Pilot's First Solo, November, page 51
Marlene Nelson, Check Ride Completed, November, page 51
Paul Schneider, Utah Soaring Solo, November, page 51
John Earlywine, Indiana Solo, November, page 51
Laurie Harden, Private Rating Reached, November, page 51
Rollin Hasness, Transitionary Solo, November, page 52
John Gilbert, Solo at Arlington Airport, November, page 52
Laurie Harden, Tim Dardner - Commercial Pilot Glider, November, page 52
Marty Larsen, Black Hills Solo, November, page 52
Rich Carraway, Fourteen-Year-Old Solo, November, page 52
Jay McDaniel, LVVS Youth Member Solos, November, page 52
Rich Carraway, Solo At Fourteen, November, page 52
Rollin Hasness, Solo in Spokane, November, page 53
Rich Carraway, Academy Bound, November, page 53
Laurie Harden, Commercial Rating Earned, November, page 53
David Cleveland, Utah's Newest Glider Pilot, November, page 53
Dave Rigney, First Soaring Solo, November, page 54
Jennifer Frerichs, A Texas Solo at Fourteen, November, page 54
Tony Condon, Bruce Latvala Becomes CFI-G, November, page 54
Tom Johnson, High School Solo, November, page 54
Bill Corbin, A New CFI-G at Colorado Soaring Association, November, page 54
David Cleveland, Private Check Ride Passed, December, page 51
Paul Pilipshen, LISA First Solo, December, page 51
Rich Carraway, Solo at Caesar Creek, December, page 51
Private Pilot in Prescott, December, page 51
Minden Transition, December, page 52
Scott Westfall, Flying Before Driving, December, page 52
Jay McDaniel, Father/Son Solo Glider Pilots at Jean, NV, December, page 52
Marlene Nelson, Puget Sound Solo, December, page 52
Phil Umphres, Solo at Texas Soaring Association, December, page 52
Mike Carlson, Louisville Soaring Club Solo, December, page 53
Joe Morelli, Private Pilot at 70, December, page 53
David Cleveland, New Pilot in Utah, December, page 53
David Cleveland, Rating Received at Cedar Valley Airport, December, page 53
Neita Montague, Challenging Check Ride, December, page 54
Woody Minar, Peter Dreis & Lee Bradshaw A Great Day for Red Wingers, December, page 54
New CFI-G at Sand Hill Club, December, page 54
Yuko Matsumoto, Rating Received, December, page 54
Bryan Riegal, 15-Year-Old Solo at Harris Hill, December, page 54
Jeanne Pitsenberger, "A" Badge Earned, December, page 55
Ken Kressin, Solo at 14, December, page 55

Soaring News
Li-ion Battery, January, page 14
Superdog Towplane Conversions, January, page 14
Right Angle Driver, January, page 14
Flarm in US Contest Rules For 2011, January, page 14
SSA At the AOPA Summit, January, page 15
SSA's Online Sailplane Directory Now Available, February, page 10
New SSA FAI Badge Administrator, March, page 8
Minden Proposes International Soaring Facility and Museum, March, page 8
Bruce Brown and Terry Good, Freedom's Wings Winter Condor Season, March, page 10
FAA Ruels for Soaring at Hemet Ryan, April, page 8
3D Aero Charts, April, page 8
Jeff Daye, 1-26 Association News, April, page 8
NSM's Annual History Symposium to Feature Six Presentations, April, page 9
Einar Enevoldson Elected to U.S. Soaring Hall of Fame, April, page 9
40th Ralph S. Barnaby Lecture to Feature Wright Historian Darrell Collins, April, page 9
Tom Knauff Releases Driver Training Accident Prevention Manual, May, page 13
Rolf Schulze, The Winch is Back, May, page 13
SSA Member E-Publishes The Fire Erzu of Qi' Lam, May, page 13
SSA Director Elections, June, page 13
Going to Air Venture This Year?, June, page 13
Update: World Gliding Championship - Uvalde, TX, June, page 13
WSPA News, June, page 13
SOARING 100 Debuts in Nags Head, June, page 13
Doug Armstrong, Record-Setting Duo, July, page 11
Nyal Williams, Central Indiana Soaring Society Scholarship Winner, July, page 11
Art Wallace, 2011 Michael Wallace Scholarship Granted, July, page 12
Chuck Coyne, Soaring Beyond the Clouds: Einar Enevoldson Reaches for 100,000 Feet, July, page 12
32nd World Glding Championships Website, August, page 8
Rolf Schulze, Air Show Winch Launch Demonstration, August, page 8
Three Scholarships Available: Women Soaring Seminar, Sept 22-25, September, page 8
Advanced Soaring Made Easy - Second Edition, September, page 8
SSA Member Honored as the 2011 Virginia Aviation Person of the Year, November, page 11
Call for Entries: 2011 Joseph C. Lincoln Memorial Award, November, page 11
The Master SSA Cross-Country Instructor Program, November, page 11
San Diego Couple Get Married During Glider Ride, November, page 12
1-26 Parowan Rendezvous, November, page 12
WSPA Scholarship Recipients for 2011, November, page 12
It's worth flying vintage: Online Contest OLC offers Vintage Glider Club Oldtimer Scoring, November, page 12
Incumbents Win Re-Election, December, page 11
Soaring Art, December, page 11
Tom Knauff, From the British Gliding Association, December, page 11

Soaring Photo Showcase
Mark Adams, Edwin Salkeld 2009 18-meter Nationals Ephata, Washington, April, pages 30,31
Charlotte Richardson, Laurie Harden, Scott Zivley, and Josh Knerr, April, pages 36,37
Jim Staniforth, Jerry Snedden, Joe Carter, Scott Lance, Scenes of the Sierra Nevada of California and Nevada, May, pages 36, 37
Doug Lawrence, Dave Raspet, Jeff Duhaime, Phil Jones, Rick Leffingwell, Sunset, November, pages 38,39

Soaring RX
Daniel Johnson, Embarrass Yourself Naturally, April, page 47
Daniel Johnson, Altitude and Brain Mush, May, page 15
Daniel L. Johnson, Desire, Reality, Safety, June, page 14
Daniel Johnson, Seeing, Yet Blind, July, page 16
Daniel Johnson, Noticing 3-D Status, Dynamically, August, page 16
Daniel Johnson, It Felt About Right!, September, page 17
Daniel Johnson, What is a Safe Medical Condition?, October, page 17
Daniel Johnson, Jeb Tries a Low Pass, November, page 18
Daniel Johnson, Breathing at High Altitude, December, page 21

Soaring Tech
Bill Collum, New Sailplane Material, January, page 16
Bill Collum, Web Tools, February, page 12
Bill Collum, Bill's Mail Bag, March, page 13
Bill Collum, Shape Shifting Aircraft - Part1, April, page 16
Bill Collum, Shape Shifting Aircraft - Part 2, May, page 21
Bill Collum, Composites, June, page 20
Bill Collum, Taurus Electro, July, page 24
Bill Collum, Joined-Wing Aircraft, August, page 12
Bill Collum, September, page 12
Bill Collum, From Frisbees to Flying Saucers, October, page 13
Bill Collum, Gifts and Gadgets, November, page 13
Bill Collum, Aviation Apps, December, page 13

Thoughts from the Chairman
Al Tyler, New Years' Greetings, January, page 4
Al Tyler, Maximize your Fun this Spring - Get Out and Fly!, March, page 2
Al Tyler, Spreading the Gospel, May, page 2
Al Tyler, Keeping the Faith, July, page 2
Al Tyler, Pilgrimage to Hobbs, September, page 2
Al Tyler, Rich Carlson, Safety Letter, October, page 2
Al Tyler, State of the Society; Major Concerns, November, page 2

Weather to Fly
Dan Gudgel, April, page 24
Dan Gudgel, Ridge Lift, May, page 18
Dan Gudgel, Gradients, June, page 18
Dan Gudgel, Elevated Heat Sources, July, page 20
Dan Gudgel, Thermal Development, August, page 18
Dan Gudgel, Thermal Forecasting, September, page 20
Dan Gudgel, Energy Diagrams, October, page 21
Dan Gudgel, Moisture Effects on Thermal Lift, November, page 22
Dan Gudgel, Mountain Waves, December, page 16

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