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1-26 Kicks
Marvin Willis, Gliders, Thunderstorms, and Farmers, March, page 14
Marvin Willis, A View from the Other End of the Rope, March, page 15
Marvin Willis, Laurie Willis, Gliderport Kid, November, page 18

Beginners' Corner
Bob Wander, Tests you Gotta Take Part 2: The FAA Knowledge Test, February, pages 12-13
Bob Wander, Test Your Gotta Take, Part Three: The Oral & Flight Test, April, pages 15-16
Bob Wander, Soaring Safety Foundation Web Site, August, pages 18-19

Book Review
C. Dennis Wright, "Real Men Land Out", by Dan Bryan, June, page 7

Editor, Contests and Special Events, April, pages 42-43
Editor, Contests and Special Events, May, pages 43-45
Editor, Contests and Special Events, June, pages 44-45
Editor, Contests and Special Events, July, pages 44-45
Editor, Contests and Special Events, September, page 47
Contests and Special Events, October, page 40
Contests and Special Events, November, page 40
Calendar - Contests & Special Events, December, page 42

Club News
Frauke Elber, People, People, People, January, pages 15-16
Frauke Elber, Winch Launching, February, page 10
Frauke Elber, Young Voices, March, pages 10-11
Joe Volmar, Time is Running Out, April, page 10
Frauke Elber, editor, Milestones, April, pages 10-11
Jeff Daye, April, pages 10-11
Charles Cook, First in Flight - First in Safety, April, page 11
Frauke Elber, Why Are There So Few Women In Soaring?, May, pages 12-13
Frauke Elber, Aller aux vaches, June, pages 10-11
Frauke Elber, What is in a Name?, July, pages 13-14
Frauke Elber, Soaring Fun Meets, August, pages 15-16
Frauke Elber, Growth and Retention in Clubs and SSA, September, page 13
Frauke Elber, Can a Ground Launch Club save Torrey Pines Gliderport?, October, page 15
Frauke Elber, An Article from the Skylines Newsletter (ELTs in Your Glider by Dave Weaver), November, page 15
Frauke Elber, Letter to a Friend, December, page 16

Richard Thornton, 2-33's in the snow at Tehachapi, January
Greg Crook, Ventus 2CM flown by Manfred Rinel over Minden, NV, February
C. Dennis Wright, SSA Headquarters, March
Richard Thorton, Colors of Spring, April
Mark LaCiura, ASW-20, piloted by Mark Grubb, over Tahachapi Wind Mill Ridge, May
Yasuhiro Yama, MDM-1 Fox over Watarese Rervoir in Gunma Prefecture, Japan, by Mr. Ueda, June
Réal LeBouëff, St. Aubin, July
Marshall Martin, ASH 26E at Torrey Pines, August
Pat Warren, Tom Archer over North Platte, Oregon, September
Hicham Hobeika, Racing over the sky in Ontario, Canada; Oxygen is Great Fun, October
Tom Lohre, Jim Price in his LS-4 over Caesar Creek, November
William Ditrich, PW-6U on wire/truck launch at Springfield, VT, December

Dennis Wright, Conventions - Picking a Spot Doesn't End the Worry, December, page 2

Executive Director's Column
C. Dennis Wright, Tours and Trades, January, page 2
C. Dennis Wright, Of Passions and Journeys, February, page 2
C. Dennis Wright, Of Birth Order and Thanks, March, page 2
C. Dennis Wright, An Update on the Building .. . Nearly Finished, April, page 2
C. Dennis Wright, Growing SSA Membership, May, page 2
C. Dennis Wright, Your Dues Dollars at Work, June, page 2
C. Dennis Wright, Glider Rides and Our Future, July, page 2
C. Dennis Wright, Airspace, the FAA, and You, August, page 2
C. Dennis Wright, Leap and the Net will Appear, September, page 2
C. Dennis Wright, Regions and Directors, October, page 2
C. Dennis Wright, SSA Conventions, Locations or Pick a Place ... Any Place, November, page 2

Feature Articles
Davis Straub, Hang Gliders - Getting high, going fast, going far, January, pages 18-20
Norm Miller, 2004 1-26 Championships, January, pages 21-23
Darrel Mullins, Soaring Architecture - Iowa State Sutdents Design Dream Gliderport, January, pages 24-27
Leo Montejo, Christmas and Wave Season, January, pages 28-31
2004 Regional and National Contest Winners, January, page 32
Brian Resor, Street Racing: A Story of How the OLC Injected New Life into Soaring at Moriarty, February, pages 16-19
Rhonda Bouck, Elation and Elevation, February, pages 21-22
W. John Seaborn and Garret Willat, 2004 U.S. Team Sponsored Junior Training and Development Camp, February, pages 24-30
Eric Hinz, CFI to CFI: An Opportunity For Your Organization, February, pages 32-33
Leo Benetti-Longhini, Connect the Dots, March, pages 15-18
Kevin Brooker, Heading Out, March, pages 19-21
Rolf Schulze, Torrey Pines Thrills, March, pages 23-26
Sterling Starr, The Fantastic 1966 Nationals, March, pages 28-33
Pat Costello, Glider Insurance Coverages, March, page 35
Alexis Glynn Latner, The 2005 SSA Convention, April, pages 18-24
Joachim H. Schneibel, Motorgliding - The Worst of Two Worlds?, April, pages 26-29
Richard Carlson, Rudy Kunda: A Chicago Soaring Pilot, April, pages 32-34
Tom Kuhfeld, Harry Meline' Primary Glider, April, pages 36-38
Denise Layton, The SSA Annual Awards, May, pages 16-19
Tom Knauff, How Far Can You Spit?, May, pages 20-23
Hirokazu Ichikawa, Flying the Japanese Wave, May, pages 26-28
Valeria Paget, Going After Records is a Team Sport, May, pages 32-34
Don Pollard, The Seniors 2005, May, pages 35-37
Chris Woods, People of Soaring: Bob "Glider Bob" Saunders, June, pages 20-21
Doug Jacobs and John Seaborn, World Gliding Championships- Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, June, pages 23-29
Pedja Bogdanovich, Soaring Society of Boulder Contest Monitor Program, June, pages 32-34
Richard H. Johnson, A Low Cost Total Energy Tube Design and Installation, June, pages 35-38
Pat Costello, Renter Pilot Liability Insurance, July, pages 17-18
Lee Kuhlke, How's Your Plumbing?, July, pages 20-26
Ron Clarke, Great Cross-Country in January, July, pages 28-29
Dave Fairchilds, A Greek Names Alpha, July, pages 33-36
Richard H. Johnson, A Flight Test Evaluation of the Sparrow Hawk Light Sailplane, August, pages 21-28
Dean Carswell, A Pilot Evaluation of the Windward Performance SparrowHawk, August, pages 25-26
Alan and David Nichol, A Day with Menip Gliding Club, August, pages 32-34
Ian Grant, Love With An Older Lady, August, pages 35-37
Jim Burch, Common Sense, August, pages 38-39
Greg Willis, Growing up at the Gliderport, September, page 15
C. Dennis Wright, Silver Distance Old School Style, September, page 18
Dave Nadler, A Report From Friedrichshafen, September, page 21
Bill Drury, Dieter Jaeger, Chris Ruf, Marfa Report: Update 2004, September, page 25
Darrel Mullins, Fertile Ground - in the High Desert of West Texas?, September, page 27
Garret Willat, Pilots View of the 1st Australian Junior Nationals, September, page 33
C. Dennis Wright, Eagle Fund - Building Excellence in Membership Service, October, page 18
Chuck Lohre, The 2005 Standard Class Nationals, October, page 21
George Constantin, The Outlandish 1, October, page 24
William B. Snead, Soaring the Endless Summer, October, page 28
Beverly Orndorff, A Flight from Yesteryear has Modern Legacy, October, page 33
Jim Short, First Things First The 2005 Eagle Fund Appeal, November, page 20
Chris Woods, The 2005 18-Meter National Soaring Championships A Pilot's Perspective, November, page 23
Sarah Kelly, Sex on the Run The tale of my Diamond Day in New Mexico, November, page 29
Chris Woods, People of Soaring Cole Franz, November, page 34
Dean Carswell, The 2005 Eagle Fund Campaign, December, page 18
Bill Daniels, High Performance Winch Launch - 40 Seconds to Freedom, December, page 21
Winch Safety & Training, December, page 23
Jim Furlong, The Tumbleweed Soaring Classic as seen by the Baker's Dozen, December, page 26
Chris Schrader, 2005 Junior Cross-Country Camp Harris hill, Elmira, NY, December, page 33

Glider Gallery
Joachen Ewald, Profe Banjo, April, pages 30-31
Marc Raff, LS-4, May, pages 30-31
Kristen Burhana, Speed Astir, June, pages 30-31
Peter F. Selinger, Condor IV, July, pages 30-31
Stan Scott, Duo-Discuss, August, pages 30-31
Brian Lockhart, Let L-13 Blanik, September, page 30
Ed Golden, Schweizer 2-33, October, page 30
John Abernathy, Jantar Standard SZD 41-A over Minnesota countryside, November, page 30

Final Glide, January, page 38
Soaring Moments, January, pages 38-40
Final Glide, February, page 37
Soaring Moments, February, pages 37-41
Final Glide, March, page 37
Soaring Moments, March, page 37
Final Glide, April, page 40
Soaring Moments, April, pages 39-41
Final Glide, May, page 42
Soaring Moments, May, page 42
Final Glide, June, page 39
Soaring Moments, June, pages 39-40
Soaring Moments, July, pages 38-39
Soaring Moments, August, pages 40-41
Final Glide, August, page 41
George Constantin, Starting Early, September, page 39
Mark Grant, Great Birthday, September, page 39
Rand Siegfried, Tenaya Elementary School Graduate Flies First Solo Flight in Sailplane, September, page 39
Frauke Elber, You're Never Too Old, September, page 40
Larrey Krengel, New Birdman, September, page 40
Dan Podkulski, Finally Soloed, October, page 42
Guinevere L. Burner, "Awesome" Solo, October, page 42
Fifteen-Year-Old Solos, October, page 42
Final Glide, October, page 42
Bruce Patton, Three 5 hour Duration Flights in one Weekend, October, page 43
Butch Waymire, First Solo, October, page 43
Mary Webster, First Solo, October, page 43
G. Alexander Hill, Melvin Gerald "Mel" Burkart, Master CFI, St.Louis, MO, October, page 44
CAP Cadet Solos, October, page 44
George Mauldin, Sean Mauldin's Milestone, October, page 45
Jim Arndt, Solo in Heber Valley, November, page 42
Paul Corbett, July 30, 2005, Skylark North Glider School, Tehachapi, CA, November, page 42
Final Glide, November, page 42
David Marco, Solo by Dad at 14, November, page 43
Thomas Marchese, You're Never Too Old, November, page 43
Trevor Gorton, First Solo, November, page 43
Harold J. Gallagher, Youngest Pilot in CCSC, November, page 44
Robert Spielman, Jacob's Solo, November, page 44
Harold Gallagher, Three New Students in one Day, December, page 44
Mark Grant, Spot Lander, December, page 44
Final Glide^Landes|Ross|Ruperto|Navarre|Maultsby, December, page 44
Bob Zimmerman, Takes Checkride, December, page 45
John H. Campbell, Above the Law, December, page 45
Mark Grant, Receives License, December, page 45
Dan Gudgel, Three Generations, December, page 46
Tom Conte, First Solo, December, page 46

Photo Gallery
Bob Caldwell, December 2005 Glider Gallery - Ventus 2ax, December, page 30

SSA Mail
Mark Rodrigues, Growing Soaring, January, page 3
Michael Rowe, Christopher Reeve, January, page 3
Thomas A. Pressley, TSA Exemption, January, page 3
John "Corky" Gill, Water Ballast, January, pages 3-4
Alan Duckett, Safety Corner, January, page 4
Tom Reesor, Thanks for the Memories, January, page 4
Al Allenback, Thanks for Great Story (Tapping into the Energy of Youth with the Civil Air Patrol, November 2004), February, page 3
John McMasters, Altostratus in Smithsonian National Air and Spacce Museum, February, page 3
Tim Ross, CAP is a Great Place to Start, February, page 3
Lee Kuhlke, A Different Idea, March, page 3
Norb Wethington, Needs Assistance with New Book, March, pages 3-4
Don Slotten, New Web Site, April, page 3
Lee Steorts, World Distance Award, April, page 3
Stephen Northcraft, Safety Reminder, April, page 3
Charmagne A. Williams, Thank You, May, page 3
Simine Short, A Creative Approach, May, page 3
John R. Hed, A Long History of Interest, June, page 3
Contest Correction, June, page 3
Rod Hug, Another Reader's Opinion, July, page 2
Terry Clausen, Kudos to Tom Knauff, July, page 3
Norman L. Donatt, Response to Safety Corner, July, page 4
Charles H. Davis, II, Tow Release Technique, July, page 5
John Murphy, Land Out Risks, August, page 3
Ülo Okapuu, Thank You for Recommendations, August, page 3
Raul Blacksten, Dear Glider Pilot and Friend, August, pages 3-4
Mark Keene, Soaring Volunteers of the Month, August, page 4
The FAST Program, August, page 4
Joe Salz, Angle of Attack, September, page 3
Tom Serkowski, Comments Regarding Safety Corner, September, page 3
John Joss, SparrowHawk, October, page 3
Kevin Brooker, 14th National Landmark of Soaring, October, page 3
Richard Johnson, Richard Johnson's Reply, October, page 3
Wayne Roberts, Thanks Charlie, October, page 3
Paul Moggach, Soft Release Technique, October, page 4
Bob Davenport, Former Adversaries Meet in Friendship, November, page 3
Harriet Hamilton, Patricia Hange, Thank You, SSA, November, page 3
Lee Cowie, Photos Tell a Story, November, page 3
Simine Short, Turkish World Air Games stamp, November, page 3
Tony Neubert, Memories, November, page 3
Duane Eisenbeiss, Maximum Rope Strength, November, page 4
Jim Skydell, A Beautiful Stamp ..., November, page 4
Dennis Johnson, Soaring Movies, December, page 3
Mark Weniger, The State of Gliding, December, page 3
Simine Short, Appreciates October Issue, December, page 4

SSA News
Jim Skydell, Mike Melvill to be Features Speaker at Convention Awards Banquet, January, page 9
V. Pajno, The Motorless Flight Symposium, January, pages 9-11
WSPA Awarded $2800 in Scholarships in 2004, January, page 11
Phyllis Wills, WSPA Offers New Scholarship, January, pages 11-12
Dean Carswell, Become a Soaring Instructor?, February, page 4
Intelligence Bill Means Changes for Glider Pilots, February, page 4
New Book ( Caged Metal Feathers ), February, page 4
Wanted: Glider Flight Instructor Candidates, February, page 4
New Product ( Peetot Pants ), February, pages 4-5
Seth Dye, Day of Soaring: Blue Ridge Soaring society hosts Virginia Aviation Conference Attendees, February, page 5
George Moffat, Karl Striedieck, and Karin Schlösser, See ya' at the airport!, by Charlie Spratt, February, page 6
Richard H. Johnson, Sailplanes 1965 - 2000, by Martin Simons, February, page 6
Bernald S. Smith, SSA, OSTIV & Technical Soaring, March, page 6
John Seaborn, Sailplane Grand Prix in St. Auban, March, page 6
Additional Contest Winners for 2005, March, page 6
C. Dennis Wright, Big Doings in Hobbs, March, page 7
John Seaborn, New U.S. Team eBulletin, March, page 7
John Seaborn, U.S. Team Online Archive Completed, March, page 7
Contest Results, March, page 7
Duane Eisenbeiss, World Distance Award - Update, April, page 5
SSA Staff, Call for SSA Director Nominations, April, page 5
Doug Easton, Get Involved in Growing Soaring, April, pages 5-6
Joyce Logan, My First Log Book & Acitivty Book, April, pages 6-7
Kevin Brooker, Bill Batesole, Allan MacNicol, Rick Roelke, and Rick Sheppe, Landmark Designated, April, page 7
Attitudes that Win - An extract from George Moffat's new book Winning II, April, pages 7-8
Susan J.M. Cabler, Big News About the Pawness as a Tow Plane!, May, pages 5-6
C. Dennis Wright, Book Review: North Star Over My Shoulder, May, page 6
Dick Johnson, Marfa 2005 Spring Thermal and Wave Camp Report, May, pages 6-7
Orion Kingman, ASA Cross-Country Weekend Review, May, pages 7-8
Are Non-SSA Members Using SSA Group Insurance? Sure They Are, May, pages 9-10
Oliver Dyer-Bennet, DG Service, June, page 5
New DG Team Announced, June, page 5
The Glider Gallery, June, page 5
V. Pajno, Sports Aviation Symposium, June, pages 5-6
SSA e-NEWS, June, page 6
One for Two... The MH EDS O2D2 Two Place Pulse-Demand "FADOC"® Oxygen System, June, pages 6-7
Editor, Corrections Concerning Award Winners, July, page 7
Editor, Volunteer of the Month, July, page 7
WSSS at Holloman AFB Air Show, Mark Rowe, July, page 7
Editor, Competition Rules Sub-Committee Nominations, July, pages 7-8
Jim Skydell, Exposing the Public to Soaring, July, page 8
Photograph Policy, July, page 8
SSA Growth and Promotion Committee, Fly A Sailplane Today, July, pages 8-10
Regional Director Nominations, August, pages 6-7
John Joss, Winning II, by George B. Moffat, August, pages 7-8
Dan Cole and Jay Pokorski, Region 5 North Soaring Competition, August, pages 8-10
Peter W. Smith, SSA Board Approves New Hall of Fame Selection Procedure, August, pages 10-12
Cindy Brickner, Airspace Protection in Action, August, page 13
Dale Masters, Never Skid Your Turns, But ..., September, page 3

SSA and FAI Awards
Judy Ruprecht, Badges and Records, January, pages 46-48
Judy Ruprecht, Badges and Records, February, pages 44-45
Judy Ruprecht, Badges and Records, March, page 44
Judy Ruprecht, Badges and Records, April, page 48
Judy Ruprecht, Badges and Records, May, pages 47-48
Judy Ruprecht, Badges and Records, June, pages 47-48
Judy Ruprecht, Badges and Records, July, pages 41-42
Judy Ruprecht, Badges and Records, August, pages 42-43
Judy Ruprecht, Badges and Records, September, page 41
Judy Ruprecht, Badges and Records, October, page 46
Judy Ruprecht, Badges and Records, November, page 46
Judy Ruprecht, Badges and Records, December, page 47

Safety Corner
George Thelen, By Design, January, pages 41-43
George Thelen and Casey Lenox, The Sun and Soaring Pilots, February, pages 47-49
George Thelen, Photography and Safety, March, pages 46-48
George Thelen, editor, Attempted Off-Field Motorglider Landing, April, pages 44-46
George Thelen, Dropped Wing on Take Off, May, pages 39-41
George Thelen, ed. and Richard A. Carlson, A Message from the Soaring Safety Foundation, June, pages 42-43
George Thelen, Ed. and Bob Morehardt, Dear Flabby, July, pages 46-47
George Thelen, Ed., Dear Flabby, July, pages 46-48
George Thelen, Ed. and Mike Moore, Dear Flabby, July, pages 47-48
George Thelen, Retrieve, September, page 44
George Thelen, Tunnel Vision, October, page 37
George Thelen, Ground Hog Day, November, page 37
George Thelen, Cloudy, December, page 39

Soaring News
Rob Dietrich, Sailplane Replacement Aviation Oxygen Cylinders Offered by Aerox, September, page 6
The Michael Wallace Memorial Scholarship Awards, September, page 6
Bob Wander, Thermals (Book by Rolf Hertenstein), September, page 7
Cindy Brickner, Grob 103 Service Information, September, page 7
Rich Carlson, Repair Notice, September, page 7
Dr. Joachim P. Kuettner, The Leading Edge; A Life in Gliding by Dick Georgeson and Anna Wilson, September, page 8
Bill Rushing, Youth Soaring at Sugarbush, September, page 9
Paddy Welles, Region 3 Contest; Harris Hill, Elmira, NY, September, page 10
Jeff Banks, Volunteer of the Month - Pete Brown, September, page 11
David Mackenzie, Region 2, Mifflin, Penn, May 15-21, 2005, October, page 6
Doug Jacobs, Call for Nominations, October, page 6
Bill Batesole, Mifflin, 2005, October, page 8
Graham Ramsden, Region 1 Soaring Contest, October, page 10
Nancy Kittridge, Volunteers of the Month: Andy Lumley & Judy Russell, October, page 11
New Contest Result Posting System, where to fly map in place on line, October, page 12
New Financial Software in Place, October, page 13
SSA Enters into Exclusive Agreement with OLC for Entire U.S., October, page 13
SSA Responds to Flight Publication Withdrawal Threat, October, page 13
Longer Repacks on the Horizon?, October, page 14
Editor, SSA Directors Elected, November, page 6
Jim Skydell, Region 12 Soaring Council (RESCO) Displays Sailplane at Regional EAA Air Show, November, page 6
Knut Kjenslie, 60 Minute on Soaring, November, page 6
Susan Dew, Region 9 Contest, November, page 7
Paul Remde, U.S. Region 7 Soaring Contest, November, page 8
David Mackenzie, Region 2 Contest, November, page 12
2006 SSA Convention and Registration Form, November, page 16
Dick Butler, VW Supports Soaring, December, page 6
Charlie Spratt, Region 4 South Soaring Contest, December, page 7
Cindy Brickner, AD Issued on Lycoming Crankshafts, 2005-19-11; Cranks after 1999..., December, page 7
Cindy Brickner, AD Issued on PW-5 and PW-6 Gliders, 2005-19-17, Control Rods, December, page 7
SSA, Adopt-A-Library Program, December, page 7
Preston Burch, The 2005 Region 4 North Soaring Championships, December, page 8
SSA e-Newsletter, December, page 11
Where in the World is Wright?, December, page 11
2006 SSA Convention Arlington, TX, December, page 12

Soaring Safety Article
Mel Burkart, R Yous Talk'n to Me?, September, page 37

Soaring Safety Foundation
Rich Carlson, 2004 Accident Summary, August, pages 45-46
First Flight, December, page 38

Soaring Safety Foundation Update
Bob Wander, Flight Instructor Recertification Clinics, February, page 14
Burt Compton, The SSA Master Instructor Program, February, page 14
Burt Compton, Wanted: Glider Flight Instructor Candidates, February, page 14
Pat Costello, CFIG Supervision of Student Pilots and Aviation Insurance Contracts, February, page 14
Burt Compton, SSF Activities at the 2005 SSA Convention, February, pages 14-15
Bob Wander, Life Support, February, page 15
Gene Hammond, The Emperor has no Clothes, February, page 15
Bernald Smith, Non-Flight Accidents, February, pages 15-16
Burt Compton, Editor, February, pages 15-16
Bob Wander, Soaring Safety Foundation, CFIG Recertification Clinics, April, page 12
Rich Carlson, The New Bronze Badge Written Test, April, pages 12-13
Gene Hammond, I don't have to..., April, page 13

Simine Short, February, page 3
Simine Short, Spring and the Soaring Season is Coming, March, page 4
Simine Short, Honoring Aviation Day, April, page 3
Simine Short, May, page 3
Simine Short, Cuba: Blanik L-13, June, page 3
Simine Short, July, page 3
Simine Short, August, page 3
Simine Short, 50th Anniversary Stamp, September, page 3
Simine Short, Polish Glider Stamp, October, page 3
Simine Short, Give the Gift of Gliding, December, page 3

The Gate
Charlie Spratt, The Pilots' Meeting, January, page 60
Charlie Spratt, Frustration Management, February, page 60
Charlie Spratt, Chillin' ... Soaring Style, March, page 60
Charlie Spratt, An Indomitable Spirit, April, page 60
Charlie Spratt, Here comes the Judge!, May, page 60
Charlie Spratt, Soaring Can be a Real Blast, June, page 60
Charlie Spratt, My Santiago Adventure, July, page 60
Charlie Spratt, Kids and Blue Water don't Mix, August, page 60
Charlie Spratt, Panel, September, page 60
Charlie Spratt, Bad Trailer, October, page 60
Charlie Spratt, Animals at the Gliderport, November, page 60
Charlie Spratt, The Troubadour of Soaring, December, page 60

Where in the World is Wright
Editor, February, page 6
Editor, March, page 7
Editor, April, page 9
Editor, June, page 7
Editor, July, page 11
Editor, August, page 12

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