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1-26 Kicks, Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs, Calendar, Club News, Contest Corner, Covers, Executive Director's Column, Feature Articles, Feature Photography, Glider Gallery, SSA and FAI Awards, Safety Corner, Safety Foundation, Safety Program, Sidebar, Soaring Mail, Soaring Milestones, Soaring News, The Gate

1-26 Kicks
Jo Shaw, One Measly Point, 1-26 Championships, Hobbs, NM, April, page 17
Marvin Wills and Tommy Thomason, An Ancient 1-26 Championship, June, page 14
Marvin Wills, We have a Great Sport, September, page 19

Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs
Lucy Anne McKosky, WSPA Seminar 2005: High Flight, New Friends, January, page 19
Pat Valdata, East-West Weekend Workshops Succeed for ESA, March, page 18
Pat Valdata and Peter Smith, What's Up at the National Soaring Museum, May, page 11
François Pin, The World Class Soaring Association, July, page 13
Patricia Valdata, 2006 Collegiate Soaring Association Update,John Campbell, September, page 22
Kathy Taylor, The Southwest Soaring Museum is Open for Business, November, page 40
Patricia Valdata, Twenty Years - Already?, December, page 13
Kathleen Winters, Arleen Coleson, Neita Montague, Memories of the WSPA, December, page 14

Contests and Special Events, July, page 41
Contests and Special Events, August, page 43
Contests and Special Events, September, page 42
Contests and Special Events, October, page 42
Contests and Special Events, November, page 46
Contests and Special Events, December, page 39

Club News
Frauke Elber, Club News - This and That, February, page 11
Frauke Elber, What Soaring Means to Me by Trace Lewis; Same Day Solo by Mike and Lukas Kennedy, March, page 13
Frauke Elber, Clubs and Chapters Report from Arlington by Dave Newill, April, page 11
Frauke Elber, Summer Adventures, May, page 8
Frauke Elber and Dave Newill, June News Updates, June, page 11
Frauke Elber and Robin McDaniel, Story Follow-up & The Pink Slip, July, page 10
Frauke Elber, News From the Youth Department, September, page 18
Frauke Elber/Val Brain, Introducing Cross-Country Soaring, October, page 16
Frauke Elber/Robin McDaniel, Odds and Ends, November, page 18
Frauke Elber, Managing an Incident/Accident at Gliderports, December, page 16

Contest Corner
John Cochrane, An Invitation to Contests, February, page 43
John Cochrane, Local Contest, April, page 40
John Cochrane, Safety Talk - Contest Finishes, June, page 13
John Cochrane, Sports Class Growing Pains, August, page 13
John Cochrane, Upwind and Downwind, October, page 18
John Cochrane, Circling in Psychological Sink, December, page 38

Ed Golden, 2-33 landing at Hinckley Airport, IL, January
Dave Menchen, A Gathering of Schweizers, February
Mark Coleman, First Solo! Tobey Cauffiel of Adrian Soaring Club, March
Jim Skydell, Chuck Griswold lands his Schempp-Hirth Discus at Santa Ynez, April
Réal Le Gouëff, Duo Discus with engine extended, May
Richard Thornton, June
Luitpold Staudigl, Sailplane on Tow near the Bavarian Alps, July
Trish Drury, Rand Baldwin in his LS-8 on Tow at Region 5N Contest Perry, SC, August
Greg Cook, Eric Mozer in his Schempp-Hirth Discus, September
Maria Szemplinska Neetka, Bill Batesole in his ASK-14 at Mifflin, October
Brian Lockhart, York Soaring Association Airfield, Arthur, Ontario, Canada, November
Steve Hines, Brad Edwards of Australia at the 1991 Worlds in Uvalde, December

Executive Director's Column
Dennis Wright, The Corner Office, January, page 2
Dennis Wright, The Corner Office - A Word About Photographs, February, page 2
Dennis Wright, The Corner Office - The Glider Pilot Population, March, page 2
Dennis Wright, The Corner Office: Re-Launch One More to Soar, April, page 2
Dennis Wright, Silent Wings, May, page 2
Dennis Wright, Prison Blues, June, page 2
Dennis Wright, Airports, Part 2, July, page 2
Dennis Wright, The Corner Office - Night Sweats, August, page 2
Dennis Wright, The Corner Office - Needle in a Haystack and One More to Soar, September, page 2
Dennis Wright, The Corner Office - Enhanced Conspicuity, October, page 2

Feature Articles
Ernest Williams, III, Hello Dolly, January, page 21
Vincent F. Cipriano, Survival, January, page 23
Guy Gosselin, A Timeless Sky, January, page 26
Karin Schlösser, 2005 Open Class Nationals and Region 8 Contest, January, page 34
Brian Collins, 1000K on a Perfect Soaring Day, February, page 15
Chris Woods, People of Soaring - Philippe Athuil, February, page 24
Jim Hendrix, Sidewiser: An Old but Good Idea, February, page 28
Susan McAllister, Sports Class National Championships, February, page 35
Scott Neumann, Bermuda Triangles A Pilot's Return to Soaring and his First National Contest, February, page 37
Jim Short, Endowing America's Junior Champions, March, page 20
Rusty Lowry, Common Factors in Tow Plane Mishaps, March, page 21
Jim Skydell, "Signs" and Soaring, March, page 24
Kempton Izuno, Into the Bowels of Darkness, March, page 26
Tom Brabeck, Metaphysical Soaring in Sedona, Arizona, March, page 34
John Sullivan, The 2005 SSA Annual Awards - Photos, April, page 19
Kevin Ford, 1-26 Championships, Moriarty, NM 2005, April, page 24
Dave Raspet, Andean Condors, April, page 32
Mike Abernathy, "Net Benefits" Improve Your Soaring Skills, April, page 34
Burt Compton, The Gathering of the Tribe, May, page 15
Alexis Glynn Latner, Being an Early Bird, May, page 16
Gene Hammond, Ground Damage is Still a Problem, May, page 21
Susan McAllister, A Grand Prix Experiment, May, page 24
Chris Woods, People of Soaring - Kerry Huffstutler, May, page 28
Richard H. Johnson, Condor Field WWII Glider Training Base Near 29 Palms, CA, May, page 33
Allen Silver and Darrin Silver, Chute Smarts, May, page 36
Jim Skydell, Is Conservative Safe?, June, page 16
Doug Levy, Soaring Adventures 2005, June, page 22
Gordon Boettger, The Hilton Experience, June, page 24
Pat Brown, How the Greater Houston Soaring Association, Inc. is Using the New LSA Rules, June, page 29
Dave Verret, Thoughts on Flying, June, page 32
Robin Clark, Spring Break A glider pilot takes rhe family skiing, June, page 36
Jim Skydell, Five Hundred Twenty-Five Extremely Dangerous Flights, July, page 14
George Constantin, Wooden it be Nice? It Sure Was!, July, page 20
Val Paget, Not Trailer Trash, July, page 25
Billy Hill, Headline:Fast Moving Fighter Jet Hits Glider, July, page 27
Ralph Kolstad, New Zealand Sailplane Grand Prix & 2006, July, page 32
Jim Rizzo, 2006 Seniors National Championship; A Family Reunion, August, page 20
Ed Stokes, Thanks for the Memories!, August, page 24
Pat Costello, Let's Get Airborne, August, page 29
Simine Short, Believe it or not - Winch Towing in St. Louis - in 1904, August, page 33
Richard R. Fucci, Freedom Flight, August, page 36
Leigh Zimmerman, World Gliding Championships, September, page 24
Richard Wyton, Vintage Wings Soar at Wurtsboro, September, page 28
Jim Short and Gary Wild, Pilot Impressions, September, page 29
Robert R. Powell, World's Largest ötow Planeö?, September, page 32
Dave Fairchild, First Flight, September, page 35
Pat Lawton, The Flying Bards of Mifflin, October, page 25
Tom Rent, Building an Ensign Sailplane Hangar, October, page 33
Tom Knauff, Preventing Stall Accidents, November, page 24
Doug Easton, Eagle Fund Drive, November, page 27
Glenn Holden, What's Wrong with this Photo?, November, page 28
Jan Scott from Karl-Erik Gutenwik, The Rotax Falke, November, page 32
Bob Whelan, Mind Games, November, page 36
Rick Sheppe, Back on the Map, December, page 19
Dave Fairchilds, Things to Do When There is No Lift, December, page 24
Jim Kellet, What Price Safety??, December, page 36

Feature Photography
2005 Regional and National Contest Winners, January, page 16
2006 Regional and National Contest Winners, December, page 33

Glider Gallery
Steve Hines, LS-4, January, pages 28,29
John Wolter, Scheibe Falke, February, pages 30,31
Leo Benetti-Longhini, Schleicher ASW-20B, March, pages 30,31
Ed Golden, Jim Short landing Ed Golden's new Ventus 2BX, April, page 30
Jonathan Tappan, Steve Pakura soars the cliffs at Torrey Pines, May, pages 30,31
Jochen Ewald, Michael Greiner in his ASW-28-18E, June, pages 30,31
Tim Larsen, Bruce Fox of Knoxville lands at Marfa, July, pages 30-31
Greg Cook, Steve Northcraft and his sailplane, August, pages 30,31
Abbi Elliott, Heinz Weisenbuehler soars over Hobbs, NM, September, pages 30,31
Yasuhiro Yama, Japan Glider Club at Itakura Gliderport north of Tokyo, October, pages 30,31
Maria Szemplinska Neetka, Tom Knauff at the Sports Class Nationals, Mifflin Co. Arpt, November, pages 30,31
John Sullivan, Sailplane over Fields in Pennsylvania, December, pages 30,31

SSA and FAI Awards
Judy Ruprecht, Badges and Records, January, page 46
Judy Ruprecht, Badges and Records, February, page 50
Judy Ruprecht, Badges and Records, March, page 45
Judy Ruprecht, Badges and Records, April, page 47
Judy Ruprecht, Badges and Records, May, page 42
Judy Ruprecht, Badges and Records, June, page 42
Judy Ruprecht, Badges and Records, July, page 43
Judy Ruprecht, Badges and Records, August, page 45
Judy Ruprecht, Badges and Records, September, page 43
Judy Ruprecht, Badges and Records, October, page 44
Judy Ruprecht, Badges and Records, November, page 41
Judy Ruprecht, Badges and Records, December, page 45

Safety Corner
George Thelen, Winter Projects:Air Tank for Sailplane Tires, January, page 39
Bruce Carmichael, The Spiral Dive (Sidebar to Izuno article) Aug '73 Soaring, March, page 29
George Thelen, Dear Flabby, March, page 40
George Thelen, Airspeed and Altitude, April, page 42
George Thelen, Parachute Save from Flight Levels (Part 1), May, page 45
George Thelen, Parachute Save from Flight Levels (Part 2), June, page 45
George Thelen, An Early Season Accident, July, page 46
George Thelen, Dear Flabby, August, page 39
George Thelen, New Mexico Retrieve, September, page 39
George Thelen, Anticipation/Commitment, October, page 39
George Thelen, Light Jet/Glider Mid Air, November, page 47
George Thelen, Ramifications - MidAir Collisions, December, page 48

Safety Foundation
Bob Wander, Spins, August, page 14

Safety Program
Rich Carlson, Landing: Keep Your Eyes on the Goal, March, page 16
Gene Hammond, Feeling Confident while Slipping, April, page 14
Bob Wander, Stalls, May, page 14
Rich Carlson, Current or Proficient, What's Your Skill Level?, September, page 21
Eric Greenwell, What Happened to my 50:1 Glider?, October, page 21
Bernald S. Smith, Winches, November, page 22
Bernald Smith, Potential Hazard Training, December, page 18

Cindy Brickner, Cascades vs. Exit Points, June, page 19
Cindy Brickner, SSA's Action on Transponders, July, page 24

Soaring Mail
Ed Byars, Thank You, Chris, January, page 3
Tom Traver, Civil Air Patrol Needs Assistance, January, page 3
Simine Short, Macedonia, January, page 3
Simine Short, Stamp Descriptions, January, page 3
Craig Loomiller, Observations of a First-Time Contest Pilot, January, page 4
Simine Short, Sail Flying, February, page 3
David White, The Memphis Belle, February, page 3
Gennaro Avolio, Soft Release, February, page 4
Dean Carswell, Winch Launch vs Aero Tow, March, page 3
Rolf Schulze, Winch Launch, March, page 3
Simine Short, Oleg Konstantinovich Antonov and the A-15 Sailplane, March, page 3
Jay Meinen, Choose Your Club Wisely, March, page 4
Hunter Heath, Importance of a Guest Ride, March, page 5
Simine Short, The Alleberg Gliding Center and the SF-30 Club Spatz, April, page 3
Jan Scott, Hello Dolly - Or Build a Better Mouse Trap, April, page 3
John Franklin, Sailplane Experiences, April, page 3
David L. Stanley, Feedback Appreciated on Sailplane Racing, April, page 4
Bill Daniels, Winch Launch, May, page 3
Jason Stephens, Soft Release Method, May, page 3
Simine Short, The "Zögling" Training Glider, May, page 3
Bob Whelan, Thank You, Kempton Izuno, May, page 4
Simine Short, The Da Vinci Code, June, page 3
Mike Abernathy, Net Benefits, June, page 3
Richard Johnson, Wind Noises, June, page 3
Shawn Knickerbocker, Cloud Flying, June, page 4
Simine Short, Hang Gliding in Indonesia, July, page 3
Jon Clarke, Looking for Information on Film The Sunship Game, July, page 3
Mark Eckhart, An Expression of Gratitude, July, page 3
Alexis I. DuPont, Tow Rope Break Load, July, page 4
Darren Braun, UV Rays Revisited, July, page 4
Tom Serkowski, No Listing, August, page 3
Gary Adams, Complaint about photos, August, page 3
Simine Short, 100th Anniversary of F.A.I., August, page 3
Tom Babeck, SOARING Magazine Improvements, August, page 4
Tom Reesor, Comments on Cloud Flying, August, page 4
Jack Wyman, Great Article, August, page 5
Chris Schrader, Thank You, John, August, page 5
Oats Schwarzenberger, Stamp Information, September, page 3
Jack Voge, Is Conservative Safe?, September, page 3
Ray Cornay, Traffic, Transponders and TCAS, September, page 3
Simine Short, SZD-38 Jantar, Poland's First GRP Sailplane, September, page 3
Charles Vorsanger, Insightful Articles, September, page 4
Tom Oldt, Thank You, September, page 4
Charles Klivanes, Great Memories Through Soaring, September, page 5
Dave Verret, Conservative Revisited, September, page 6
Alison Kouzmanoff, WGC Reports, September, page 6
Charles H. Davis, II, Silent Wings Museum, October, page 3
Simine Short, Glider Workshop and a DFS-Reiher Sailplane, October, page 3
Andrew Hall, "The Boy Who Flew With the Condors" Disney Episode, October, page 4
Martin Sobel, Traffic Avoidance, October, page 4
Dick Enright, Soaring Over the Alps, October, page 6
George O'Leary, Fast File Download Suggestion, October, page 7
David Jallen, Comments on UV Protection, October, page 8
Dean Carswell, Observe Regulations, October, page 8
Dianne Black-Nixon, To the Readers of Soaring Magazine, November, page 2
Simine Short, An American LS-6b, shown on a stamp from Turkey!, November, page 2
Shawn Knickerbocker, Current or Proficient, What's Your Skill Level?, November, page 4
John T. Miles, The Boy Who Flew with Condors, November, page 4
George Couser, Seeking a Broader Viewpoint, December, page 2
Richard Fucci, Photos Acknowledged, December, page 2
Simine Short, High Performance Sailplanes - A Collage, December, page 2
Harold Katinszky, More on Cloud Flying, December, page 3
Shawn Knickerbocker, CFI Flight Reviews, December, page 5
Steve Wilson, Good Times in Uvalde, December, page 5

Soaring Milestones
Mark Foster, First Solo, January, page 42
Dave White, Great Solo, January, page 42
Andy Brayer, Private License Achieved, January, page 42
Final Glide, January, page 42
Richard Enright, Fun at Any Age, January, page 42
Paul Corbett, First Solo Flight, January, page 43
David Beauregard, Last Solo Before Snowfall, January, page 43
Dave White, Father and Son Solo, January, page 43
John Schaffer, Solo Accomplishment, February, page 45
Peter Clanfaglione, First Solo, February, page 45
Peter Hoey, New Solo Student, February, page 45
Final Glide, February, page 45
Todd Knapp and Tim Welles, Junior Program, February, page 46
Mark Coleman, Solo and Success, February, page 46
Mark Wagner, All in the Family, February, page 47
Phil Klauder, Double First Solo, February, page 47
Pat Burkett, What Goes Around, Comes Around, March, page 43
Rick and Ginny Hanson, Soaring Teens!, March, page 43
Final Glide, March, page 44
Rob Buck, Solo at Sugarbush, March, page 44
Dave Dunteman, Solos at Age 14, March, page 44
Mark Coleman, New Tow Pilot Milestone, April, page 45
William Lodolph, Solo Accomplishment, April, page 45
Jeanne Pitsenberger, A Memorable Christmas Eve, April, page 45
Final Glide, April, page 46
Mary Goyne, First Solo, April, page 46
Cloudniners Soaring Club, Private Pilot Glider Certificate Received, April, page 46
Beaming After the First Solo, May, page 48
Michael Graves, Power Pilot Solos in a 2-33, May, page 48
Phil Klauder, All Smiles and Two New Private Pilots, May, page 48
2-33 Solo in November 2005, May, page 49
Caprock Soaring Club, May, page 49
Bill Tisdale, New Solo Student, June, page 48
Jack Sayger, Glider Solo, June, page 48
Michael Graves, Final Glide, June, page 48
Robert S. Prus, MD, First Glider Solo, June, page 48
Michael Graves, Final Glide, July, page 49
Mark Lindberg, Sailplane Solo, July, page 49
Tom Knauff, Congratulations, August, page 48
Paul Finestone, Young-at-Heart Pilot Recognized, August, page 48
John L. Papier, New Solo Pilot, August, page 48
Gary Katz, Solo Pilot, August, page 49
Dave White, New Commercial Glider Pilot, August, page 49
Dave White, Exciting Birthday Present, August, page 49
Final Glide, August, page 49
Nathan A. Kramer, 22 by Age 22, September, page 47
Carl Brainerd, Solo and Transition Rating in One Hawaii Vacation, September, page 48
Beverly Orndorff, Spousal Support, September, page 49
Harold Gallagher, Thirteen-year-old Solos Tow Schweizer Sailplanes, September, page 49
Phil Corbell, FAA Private Pilot License Obtained, October, page 48
Larry Krengel, New Addition to Club, October, page 48
George Simms, Flying Miss Daisy, October, page 48
C.P. Bud Lathrop, Newest Solo for Prescott Soaring Society, October, page 48
Larry Krengel, First Solo, October, page 48
Mark Grant, Fifty-Seven Minute First Solo, October, page 49
Mark Grant, Glider Rating Added, October, page 49
Jay McDaniel, Adventures of Troop 129, November, page 44
Gary Naber, New Private Pilot, November, page 44
Dave Goudge, Summer Day Solo, November, page 45
A Passion for Flight, November, page 45
Lisa Wolfes, Solo at Caesar Creek, November, page 45
Mark Grant, Sandhill Soaring Saga Continues, December, page 41
Dave Durakovich, Solo Pilot, December, page 41
Todd P. Brooks, Thank You, December, page 42
Klaus Esser, Faces of the Future in Soaring, December, page 42
Bob and Lynne Davis, Summer Shower, December, page 43
Phil Jordan, Believing is Seeing, December, page 43

Soaring News
Dr. Joachim P. Kuettner and Dennis W. Wright, Announcing the SSA/Kuettner 2000 km Downwind Prize, January, page 6
Jim Goebel and Steve McManus, Caesar Creek Soaring Club 2005 Youth Soaring Camp, January, page 7
Rich Carlson, SSF Programs Scheduled for 2006, January, page 7
New Zealand Grand Prix, Elite Pilots Announced for New Zealand Gliding Grand Prix, January, page 8
Ed Hollestelle, The LX7007 Pro IGC, January, page 9
Sarah Kelly, Sailplanes on Display for Chattanooga Aviation Enthusiasts, January, page 9
Cindy Brickner, AD Issued on Centrair Pegasus, February, page 6
Cindy Brickner, AD Issued on McCauley Propellers, February, page 6
Jim Sweeney, Windward Performance LLC's Sparrowhawk Sailplane wins Ace Award for Superior Quality, February, page 6
American Composite Manufacturers Association, Silent 2 Targa, February, page 6
Phyllis Wells, WSPA Offers Six Scholarships in 2006, February, page 7
John Bojack and Clyde Taylor, Region 5 South Contest Story, February, page 8
Where in the World is Wright?, February, page 9
Joel Carberry, 2005 Lincoln Award announced by H.H.S.C., March, page 7
Major Changes to SSA Web Site, March, page 7
Adopt-A-Library Program, March, page 7
Jan Scott, The Schleicher 75th Anniversary Book, Rhön-Adler, is now available in English on CD, March, page 8
Cindy Brickner, AD Issued on Puchacz Gliders, March, page 9
Cindy Brickner, AD Issued on Grob Twin Astirs, March, page 9
Cindy Brickner, AD Issued on Grob G103 Twin Astirs, Twin II, Twin II Acro, Twin III SL, March, page 9
Cindy Brickner, AD Issued on DG-500MB and DG-800B, March, page 9
Cindy Brickner, AD Issued on CECI Cylinders, March, page 10
Rick Agnew, Book Review: Master of the Wave by Terry Delore, March, page 10
Submitting Digital Photography, March, page 11
Cindy Brickner, AD Issued on PZL M26 Airplanes, 2006-03-17; Fuselage Frame, April, page 6
Cindy Brickner, AD issued on DG-100, -400, -500, -500M, 2006-02-12; Rudder Bearing, April, page 6
Jim Skydell, SSA Privacy Policy, April, page 6
Adopt-A-Library Program, April, page 6
Ian Cant and Anne Mongiovi, Soar Oshkosh, April, page 7
Ralph E. Kolstad, Youth Scholarships, April, page 8
Dave Nadler, Antares 20E 20-Meter Electric Self-Launch Supership, May, page 6
Editor, Brewer Award, May, page 6
Where in the World is Wright?, May, page 6
Rich Carlson, First Flight Proficiency Program, May, page 7
Editor, Salute to Volunteers, June, page 6
Call for Nominations, June, page 6
Ralph Kolstad, Kolstad Scholarship Funding, June, page 8
John DeRosa, Youth Participation, June, page 8
A Soaring Club's First Fifty Years, June, page 9
Cindy Brickner, TSA Wakes Up, Blinks, July, page 6
Jim Skydell, SSA Web Site now has a Search Engine, July, page 6
Jim Furlong, Sowing the Seeds of Soaring Dreams, July, page 7
Vladimir Urbanek, Blanik Celebrates their 50th Anniversary, July, page 8
Art Wallace, Kaitlin Styer Receives the Michael Wallace Scholarship Grant for 2006, August, page 8
Editor, Erratum, August, page 8
Dave Nadler, Maiden Flight Antares 18S, August, page 9
Editor, Correction, August, page 9
Richard Carlson, Soaring Safety Foundation Seeking Information, August, page 9
1-26 Association Sweepstakes Second Quarter Standings, August, page 9
Bill Drury, The New Good Old Days, August, page 10
Hank Nixon, Sailplane Racing Rules Poll and Election, August, page 12
Regional Director Elections, September, page 8
Bertha Ryan, An Evening with Jack Laister, September, page 12
Editor, Display at Recent Air Show, September, page 12
Editor, Dr. John H. Cambell Awarded the 2005 Dr. Mervin K. Strickler, Jr. Aerospace Education Leadership Award, September, page 13
Bob Gaines, Return to the Summer of 1946, September, page 13
Kai Gertsen, Region 6 North, at Sunny Ionia, September, page 14
Jim Skydell, Finding More Contest Tow Planes, October, page 10
Charlie Spratt, Book Review - The Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore Area, October, page 11
Diloren Sailplanes, New Sailplane in Final Stages, October, page 11
Mary Ann Doolittle Byrne, The Toughest Exams Happen at 10,000 feet, October, page 11
Duane Eisenbeiss, World Distance Award, October, page 13
Chuck Lohre, Region 6 South Regional Sailplane Contest Report, October, page 13
Jim Short, Use Caution when Importing a Sailplane, October, page 15
Billy Hill, Seven Days, Four Knights:2006 Region 9 Contest, November, page 10
Cindy Brickner, AD Issued on DG-1000S,2006-16-20; Elevator Control Rod End, November, page 10
Dianne Black-Nixon, Sporting License, November, page 10
New SSA Directors, November, page 10
John Bojack, Contest Report, November, page 14
Cindy Brickner, AD Issued on Grob Astir CS Gliders, December, page 9
Jeff Daye, Ben Mullen Memorial Eastern Division 1-26 Labor Day Fun Meet, December, page 10
Matthew Hyner, Book Review - Ascent by Bruce McGhie, December, page 10
Ralph Kolstad, Kolstad Scholarship, December, page 12
Val Paget, It's Time to Harvest Some Great Publicity, December, page 12

The Gate
Charlie Spratt, The Golden Age of the Gate, January, page 60
Charlie Spratt, Charlie's Early Influences in Soaring, February, page 60
Charlie Spratt, Charlie's Early Influences in Soaring, Part II, March, page 60
Charlie Spratt, Influences, Part III, April, page 60
Charlie Spratt, Memories of Littlefield, May, page 60
Charlie Spratt, Supporting the Soaring Addiction, June, page 60
Charlie Spratt, Napoleon, July, page 60
Charlie Spratt, Airport Bullies, August, page 60
Charlie Spratt, On the Road, September, page 60
Charlie Spratt, Relief in Sight, October, page 60
Charlie Spratt, A Family that Needs Our Support, November, page 60
Charlie Spratt, Teenagers, December, page 60

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