Soaring Magazine Index for 1994 organized by author

Soaring Magazine Index for 1994 organized by author

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Adams, Aland
A Pilot's View of Soaring Montana! [Techniques\Mountain Soaring], May, pages 29, 32-34
Adams, Mike
L'Hotellier Fitting Update [Maintenance and Improvements; Equipment\Hotellier Fittings], March, pages 29-30
More on Wedekind Safety Sleeve (SSA in Action) [Equipment\Hotellier Fittings; Maintenance and Improvements], December, page 11
Anderson, Bill
Sunlight through the Wings of a Baby Bowlus at a Vintage Sailplane Meet (cover) [Cover], November, cover
Antonio, Marco
(Brazilian Student Seeks to Correspond with) Friends of SSA (Letter) [Growth; Youth; Solicitations], October, page 6
Archey, Roger
Apollo 920 GPS at Region 11 Contest (SSA in Action) [Instruments\GPS], October, pages 11-12
Ard, William
(1993) Region 8 Contest (Livingston, MT) [Competitions\Regional; Soaring in Action], January, pages 10-11
An Invitation.. Soar Montana! [Sites; Techniques\Mountain Soaring], May, pages 32-33
Montana Soaring-the 1994 15-Meter Nationals at Livingston, Montana [Competitions\National], December, pages 25-30
Arnold, Marc
Stemme S-10 in Powered Flight (cover) [Motorgliders\Stemme S-10; Cover], January, cover
Atwell, Skip
Good Time at Wabash Valley (Soaring Association in Lawrenceville, IL) (Letter) [Sites], October, pages 2-3

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Baird, William
Youngest Member (of Southern Eagles, Jonathan Baird) Makes Solo Flight (on 14th Birthday) (Letter) [Launching\Ground Launch; Youth; Family], September, pages 3-4
Bardick, William
More Than Meets the Eye (Letter) [Publications; Patterns and Landings], June, pages 2-3
Barroll, Ken
World's Largest Glider (Boeing 747 "Spirit of Everett") (Letter) [Aerodynamics], November, page 15
Batch, Juan
Let's Always Keep It (the Low Pass a) Safe (Altitude) (Letter) [Patterns and Landings], August, pages 3-4
Beasley, T.R.
Wants (Computer Records) Information for Club (Letter) [Computers and the Internet; Solicitations], November, page 3
Benbough, Richard
Missing Bowlus-Nelson Motorglider (Letter) [Solicitations; Vintage Aircraft], November, page 9
Bender, John
What a (87th) Birthday! (Letter) [Seniors], July, page 2
Bernard, Ken
Great Vacation (at High Country Soaring) (Letter) [Sites], November, page 17
Wants Information on Evolution of Classes (Letter) [Competitions], November, page 17
Berry, James
Weather Service Company (Doppler Radar from Accu-Weather) Update (SSA in Action) [Meteorology], July, page 14
Beuttler, Debbie
Once Upon a Wave [Poems and Poetry], August, page 46
Blacksten, Raul
Frank Gross Restoration Award (for a Laister-Kauffman TG-4a) (SSA in Action) [Vintage Aircraft; Awards\Gross], August, page 17
One Score Years, Thirty Score Members: VSA Turns Twenty (SSA in Action) [Vintage Aircraft], October, pages 8-9
Blomquist, Del
A Letter (of Thanks for Retrieve Help) to Juliet Pappa from 144 (Letter) [Outlandings; Credits/Appreciation; Espirit de Corps], January, pages 3-4
Bourget, Charlie
12-Meter Sailplanes and the World Class Competition (Letter) [Competitions; Sailplane Production/Availability], December, pages 3-4
Bouten, Sheila
Roger McMakin Flying his Schleicher ASW-20 by Guadalupe Peak (cover) [Sailplanes\Schleicher\ASW-20; Cover], February, cover
Bradley, Dave
(Philadelphia Glider Council) Has Youth Program That Works (Letter) [Youth], December, page 2
Braxton, Sean T.
Thank You Turf Soaring (Letter) [Sites], November, page 17
Bremner, Doug
Takes Exception to (Jamieson's) Letter (Letter) [Launching\Aerotow], November, pages 14-15
Briegleb, Gus
Eugart Yerian [Obituaries], July, pages 15-16
Brome, Dent
Bob Fitch [Obituaries], June, page 13
Buell, Linn; with Jan Scott (a.k.a. J. Scott)
Foreign Soarin' The 21st International Vintage Glider Rally (at the Wasserkuppe) [Vintage Aircraft; International\Sites], March, pages 38-42
Burgess, Howard; with Sterling Dare
US Army Air Corps - "Glider Invitational" Lawrence-Maxim Airfield, North Carolina - 1942 [Humor; History], August, pages 36-37
Burr, Howard
SHA Western Workshop (SSA in Action) [Homebuilts & Homebuilding], December, pages 14-15
Burton, Tony
(Accident Analysis) News For Duster Owners (SSA in Action) [Safety\Accidents/Incidents; Sailplanes\Duster; Homebuilts & Homebuilding], February, pages 16-17
Not Suprised at Tie Score (for 1993 Standard Class Nationals) (Letter) [Competitions\National], June, page 2
Butler, B.J.
Had Great Soaring Vacation (at Seminole-Lake, FL and Walterboro, SC and did painting to prove it) (Letter) [Art; Sites], November, page 14
Byars, Ed
On Dive Brakes and Baseball Caps (Letter) [Preflight; Launching\Aerotow; Checklists; Medical Condition], October, page 3
Klaus Holinghaus [Obituaries], November, page 22
Byars, Guy Ford (a.k.a. Guy Byars)
A Computer Information (Bulletin Board) Service for the Soaring Society of America [Computers and the Internet], March, pages 35-37

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Campbell, John H. (a.k.a. John Campbell)
More Thanks (to Members) for (Their Youth Support) Effort (Letter) [Credits/Appreciation; Youth], April, page 3
Student Memberships (at $22/Year) Are Attractive (SSA in Action) [Soaring Society of America\Membership], June, page 11
SSA Announces "Cadet Youth Flight Scholarship" (SSA in Action) [Youth], July, page 16
BFSS (Black Forest Soaring Society) Hosts Explorer (Scout)s (Letter) [Youth], August, pages P. 2
SSA in Action: SSA Boosts AV-ED (by Getting Involved with Education Groups) [Aerospace Education], August, pages 15-16
Carswell, Dean
The Texas Soaring Association Training Seminars [Instruction\Ground Schools], February, pages 40-41
To Turn (After a Rope Break) - Now, Later or Ever? (Letter) [Launching\Aerotow], April, page 3
A Senior Flight Instructor's Comments (on the Puchacz) [Sailplanes\ZD 50-3 "Puchacz"], June, page 19
Texas Soaring Association's 1994 Training Seminar (SSA in Action) [Launching\Ground Schools], November, page 21
Carswell, Dean; with Richard H. Johnson (a.k.a. Dick Johnson, Richard Johnson, R.H. Johnson and R. Johnson)
Additional Spin Testing of the SZD-50-3 Puchacz Trainer [Aerodynamics\Flight Tests; Sailplanes\SZD 50-3 "Puchacz"], June, pages 17-20
Carter, John A.
More on a Take-Off Drill (Leave Access Cover in Cockpit Until Positive Control Check Completed) (Letter) [Preflight], April, page 2
Cassetta, Thomas
Say No Sometimes (to Instruction Flight for No Reason) (Letter) [Instruction], June, pages 3-4
Castillo, Jorge
Freedom at Ten Thousand Feet [Techniques\Mountain Soaring], September, pages 33-37
Cavanagh, Michael B. (a.k.a. Mike Cavanagh)
Right Brain vs Left Brain (GPS vs Pilotage) (Letter) [Instruments], January, page 2
Charlton, Linda
Voyage of the Mosquito (Repair Surprises and Trailering) [Trailers; Maintenance and Improvements; Preflight], June, pages 21-24
Cherne, Frank J., III (a.k.a. Frank J. Cherne)
Chad Poland (Letter) [Obituaries], December, page 9
Earl Butler (Letter) [Obituaries], December, page 9
anonymous with glider lapel pin (Letter) [Obituaries], December, page 9
Clark, Roy D., Jr.
(Sailplane Airspeeds) a Useful Addition (Letter) [Preflight], April, page 8
Clupper, Robert
On Sailplanes and Parachutes (Letter) [Parachutes], March, page 2
Cole, Jim
(1993) Region 4 (South) Contest (New Castle, VA) [Competitions\Regional; Soaring in Action], March, pages 12, 14
Coleson, Arleen (a.k.a. A. Coleson)
FAI Sporting License Renewal, Barograph Calibration, and Course Planning [Awards\Badge Requirements], January, page 49
Cameras and Film [Awards\Badge Requirements], February, page 48
For 1994 Soaring Awards [Awards\Badge Requirements], March, page 44
State Soaring Record Forms Revisited [Awards\Badge Requirements], April, page 44
Turnpoint Selection [Awards\Badge Requirements], May, page 42
What Do I Need to Fly for Badges? [Awards\Badge Requirements], June, page 40
Deadlines, Deadlines, Deadlines!! [Awards\Badge Requirements], July, page 50
Who is An Official Observer? [Awards\Badge Requirements], August, page 41
Camera Procedures [Awards\Badge Requirements], September, page 42
Silver Distance [Awards\Badge Requirements], October, page 44
Electronic Barograph Approval Procedures [Awards\Badge Requirements], November, page 44
Procedures for Use of the Electronic Barograph [Awards\Badge Requirements], December, page 46
Cone, John M.
Spoiler Annunciator (Letter) [Launching\Aerotow], August, page 2
Costello, Pat
Thanks for the Past Ten Years (Letter) [Credits/Appreciation; Insurance], December, page 9
Crawford, Don
Lorne Catlin [Obituaries], May, page 16
Crisp, Jim; with Simine Short
The First 'Real' United States Glider Stamp & WWII Troup Glider Flying Remembered by a Glider Pilot, Carrying Souvenir Glider Mail on First Day of Issue! [Stamps; History; Promotions; Aerospace Education], August, pages 25-28
Cross, Roy
Could It Be (Frank Zaic Wrote Modellers Frank Zaic Year Book)? (Letter) [History], July, pages 3-4

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Dare, Sterling; with Howard Burgess
US Army Air Corps - "Glider Invitational" Lawrence-Maxim Airfield, North Carolina - 1942 [Humor; History], August, pages 36-37
Darmstadter, Jay
Richard A "Old Dog" Wolthers [Obituaries], January, page 9
Davis, Robert
Walter A. Bearden [Obituaries], August, pages 16-17
Dehon, William B. (a.k.a. William Dehon, Bill Dehon)
Showing Off (in the Pattern) Can Be Hazardous (Letter) [Patterns and Landings], December, pages 2-3
Dirks, Wilhelm
Glaser-Dirks DG-800B (MWAE Engine is Quieter) (SSA in Action) [Sailplanes\Glaser-Dirks], May, pages 9-10
DG-800 Now LBA Type Certified (SSA in Action) [Sailplanes\Glaser-Dirks], June, pages by Wilhelm Dirks, pp. 9-10
The DG-303 Elan from Glaser-Dirks (Announced) (SSA in Action) [Sailplanes\Glaser-Dirks], July, page 17
Maiden Flight of the DG-800B (SSA in Action) [Sailplanes\Glaser-Dirks], October, pages 12, 14, 16
Disma, Hans
(Is the Russia 2) Another Phonix? (Letter) [Sailplanes\Russia AC-4; History], April, pages 3-4
Draper, Linda Mae
New Zealand (Sight-seeing) Tour Package Offered (SSA in Action) [International\Sites], May, page 10
DuPont, Stephen (a.k.a. Stephen Du Pont, Stephen du Pont, Steve DuPont, Stephen duPont, S. DuPont, Steve du Pont, Steve Dupont, Steve duPont, S. duPont, S. Du Pont, S. du Pont, Steve Du Pont)
Comment on "Safety Corner" (Compass Topic) (Letter) [Instruction], August, pages 2-3

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Soaring Magazine Policy for Letters to "Soaring Mail" (and Disclaimer) [Publications], January, page 2
Soaring Magazine Policy for Letters to "Soaring Mail" (and Disclaimer) [Publications], February, page 2
An Apology to the Readers of Soaring Magazine (Letter) [Errata; Publications], February, page 3
Soaring Magazine Policy for Letters to "Soaring Mail" (and Disclaimer) [Publications], March, page 2
Soaring Magazine Policy for Letters to "Soaring Mail" (and Disclaimer) [Publications], April, page 2
Soaring Magazine Policy for Letters to "Soaring Mail" (and Disclaimer) [Publications], May, page 2
Soaring Magazine Policy for Letters to "Soaring Mail" (and Disclaimer) [Publications], June, page 2
Soaring Magazine Policy for Letters to "Soaring Mail" (and Disclaimer) [Publications], July, page 2
Soaring Magazine Policy for Letters to "Soaring Mail" (and Disclaimer) [Publications], August, page 2
Elber, Frauke
SSA in Action: SSA At Aerospace Teacher Convention (NCASE) [Aerospace Education], August, page 16
Ellison, Norman H.
(1994) Region Eight Contest (Ephrata, WA) [Competitions\Regional; Soaring in Action], December, pages 16,18
Ewald, Professor; with Christof Reuter
Akaflieg Darmstadt and the D-41 [Sailplane Design; Sailplanes\Akaflieg Darnstadt D-41], September, pages 19-22

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Fagan, Carol Moe
Reunion Scheduled for Crystal Soaring (SSA in Action) [Sites], April, pages 12-13
Franklin, Steve
The 1994 National Motorgliding Championships [Competitions\National\Motorgliding; Poems and Poetry], October, pages 19-23
Friess, W. Alex (a.k.a. A. Friess); with Brian E. Thompson
Rensselaer's Third Sailplane-The RP-3, Progress Report [Sailplanes\Rensselaer RP-3; Sailplane Design], October, pages 27-29
Frisby, Phil
Misfortune Strikes South Africa Group (Letter) [International\Sites], October, page 2

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Glendening, John W. (a.k.a. Jack Glendening)
Help (with Cloudstreet Details) Being Asked For (Letter) [Solicitations; Meteorology], November, page 2
The Wrights and the Rudder (Letter) [Aerodynamics], December, page 4
Good, John F. (a.k.a. John Good)
Flying at Sugarbush [Sites], March, pages 24-28
Club Class an Experiment for the 1994 Contest Season (SSA in Action) [Competitions], May, pages 10-11
Graham, Mark S.
Remembers Caesar Creek (Forty Years Ago) (Letter) [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs], November, pages 9-10
Greenwell, Eric (a.k.a. E. Greenwell)
Wants Advice on Radio and Antenna (Letter) [Equipment\Radios], September, page 4
Griswold, Chuck
I'd Rather Do It Myself (Letter) [Growth; Instruments; Wave Flying], March, pages 3-4
Gritzo, Russ
One of Several Responses (to Assist Kalra and Indian Soaring) (Letter) [Credits/Appreciation], July, page 2
Grosse, Hans-Werner
Safety and Sport at the World Championships (Letter|Safety Corner) [International; Safety], December, pages 4,6,9
Guerrero, Jay
Cliff Oliver in a Cirrus Above the Clouds and Beneath a Star Burst Sun (cover) [Sailplanes\Cirrus; Cover], September, cover

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Halstead, Paul
Get Out of the Cold (Come to Seminole-Lake Gliderport, FL) [Sites], November, page 3
Harris, James R.
Assistance Requested (in Wave Training) (Letter) [Solicitations; Techniques\Wave Flying], February, pages 9-10
State of Mind [Poems and Poetry], August, page 46
Helmersson, Lars
Induced Drag of the AK-8 Project Clarified (Letter) [Sailplane Design; Aerodynamics; Sailplanes\Akaflieg Karlsruhe Ak-8], November, page 3
Herwig, Roland
Aviation Exploring Update (Scouts Can Fly) (Letter) [Youth], October, page 6
Herzberg, Dorthy
Turned on (by Cleveland Soaring Society) (Letter) [Promotions; Aerospace Education], August, page 4
Hill, William G. (a.k.a. Bill Hill, Billy Hill, W.G. Hill, William Hill)
Alberquerque Soaring, Swimming and Diving Club (At Moriarty Airport) (Letter) [Sites], January, page 2
An Open Letter to FAA Administrator David Hinson and the SSA Membership (About Airspace) (Letter) [SSA Membership; Airspace; Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)], November, pages 10-12
Hines, Steve
Bud Schumeier Launching his Siren PIK Motorglider (cover) [Cover], March, cover
Collage Featuring Les Horvath's Nimbus 3 Dumping Water Ballast at WSC91 (cover) [Cover], October, cover
Hitt, Dick
FAA Accident Prevention Seminar Held (at Bermuda High Soaring) (SSA in Action) [Federal Aviation Administration (FAA); Instruction\Ground Schools], January, page 5
Hockman, Skip
Genesis I Sailplane in Design News Magazine (SSA in Action) [Sailplanes\Genesis I; Publications], October, pages 16-17
Holliday, Mark
Spoilers and Tows Discussed (Letter) [Launching\Aerotow], June, page 4
Holoubek, Andy
The Crystal Squadron -(+2?) [Awards\Badge Flights; Cross Country Soaring], September, pages 31-32
Hudnut, David (a.k.a. Dave Hudnut)
The 1993 Eastern Sailplane Homebuilders Workshop (in Monterey, NY) [Homebuilts & Homebuilding], February, pages 28-31
Huffstutler, Mark
1993 Standard Class Nationals (Uvalde, TX) Contest Report [Competitions\National], April, pages 21-26

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Illiano, Arthur, Jr.
Has an Idea (for Spoiler Alarm) (Letter) [Launching\Aerotow], June, page 4

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Jacobs, Doug
Good-bye, Old Friend (Bob Fitch) [Obituaries], June, page 13
Jamieson, Chuck
Says No To Open Dive Brake (Letter) [Launching\Aerotow], August, page 3
Jansen, André; with Wolfgang Lieff
Project AK-8: German Students Pioneer New Ways in the Design and Manufacture of Gliders [Youth; Sailplanes\Akaflieg Karlsruhe Ak-8; Sailplane Design], June, pages 29-32
Jausch, Willi
Can You Recall (Hoedmaker's Gliding School in Germany)? (Letter) [International\Sites], May, page 4
Jenista, James M. (a.k.a. Jim Jenista)
Goodbye to an Old Friend (the Prue 160) (Letter) [Preflight; Safety\Accidents/Incidents], September, page 2
Johnson, Derek P. (a.k.a. Derek Johnson)
Auto Tow (with a Pickup Truck) [Launching\Ground Launch], August, pages 33-34
Johnson, Elsie F. (a.k.a. Elsie Johnson)
Plans Announced for Soaring Camps (at Andrews-Murphy, NC) (SSA in Action) [Instruction\Ground Schools], February, page 12
Correction Noted (Photo from Krosno KRO-3A, not a PW-5) (Letter) [Errata], October, page 6
Johnson, Richard H. (a.k.a. Dick Johnson, Richard Johnson, R.H. Johnson, R. Johnson)
A Flight Test Evaluation of the Stemme S-10 Motorglider [Motorgliders\Stemme S10; Aerodynamics\Flight Tests], January, pages 28-34
A Flight Test Evaluation of the Schleicher ASW-24W [Aerodynamics\Flight Tests; Sailplanes\Schleicher\ASW-24W], May, pages 35-38
(Note to R.F.Whelan's Letter) (Letter) [Aerodynamics; Sailplanes\Akaflieg Darnstadt D-41], November, page 4
Recommended Aerotowing and Release Procedures (Letter) [Launching\Aerotow], November, pages 6,9
Johnson, Richard H. (a.k.a. Dick Johnson, Richard Johnson, R.H. Johnson, R. Johnson); with Dean Carswell
Additional Spin Testing of the SZD-50-3 Puchacz Trainer [Aerodynamics\Flight Tests; Sailplanes\SZD 50-3 "Puchacz"], June, pages 17-20
Johnson, Richard H. (a.k.a. Dick Johnson, Richard Johnson, R.H. Johnson, R. Johnson); with Sharon R. Smith (a.k.a. Sharon Smith)
A Flight Test Evaluation of the SZD-50-3 Puchacz 2-Place Sailplane [Aerodynamics\Flight Tests; Sailplanes\SZD 50-3 "Puchacz"], April, pages 29-32
Jones, Ed
Zen and the Art of Soaring [Psychology], August, page 38
Jorgensen, Knut
On Chickens and Buzzards (Letter) [Safety\Accidents/Incidents; Birds], February, page 10

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Kalra, Parmeet
A Chance to Promote the Sport (Donate Old Issues to Those Less Fortunate) (Letter) [Soaring Society of America\Soaring Magazine\Reprints and Back Issues; Solicitations; Promotions; Aerospace Education], May, page 3
Kampa, Lawrence, Jr. (a.k.a. Larry Kampa)
He Found Montana (Letter) [Sites], November, pages 4,6
Oshkosh Had a Part of Glider History (Letter) [History], December, page 2
Kelly, Peter J., Jr. (a.k.a. Peter Kelly)
New Soaring Site (Lagoon Valley Soaring Williams, CA) Has Spectacular Soaring (SSA in Action) [Sites], August, pages 17-18
Kemp, Gary F. (a.k.a. Gary Kemp)
Insurance Changes Announced (Addition of Engine Tear Down Option) (SSA in Action) [Insurance], May, page 5
1994 Sports Class Nationals, Montague, CA [competitions\National], October, pages 24-26
Kenyon, Dick
Mark Bottino [Obituaries], August, page 17
King, Peter C. (a.k.a. Peter King)
Shock Absorbers.. Or Why The One to Worry About is Not on Your Trailer! [Maintenance and Improvements], June, page 33
Shock Absorbers.. Or Why The One to Worry About is Not on Your Trailer! [Trailers], June, page 33
Why Whisky Tango Didn't Go Over There [Sailplanes\Schempp-Hirth\Open Cirrus], December, page 35
King, Steven J.
Responds to (Striedieck) Low Pass Letter (Letter) [Techniques\Patterns and Landings], August, page 4
Kjenslie, Knut
An Older Pilot (Francis Kalinowski) Still Logs Lots of Hours (Letter) [Seniors], September, page 6
First Solo for All Ages (Three Generations at Seminole-Lake, FL) (Letter) [Family], November, page 14
Knarr, Orvis M. (a.k.a. Orv Knarr)
Remembering a Friend (Milton G. Johnson) (Letter) [Obituaries], May, page 4
Knauff, Thomas (a.k.a. Tom Knauff, T. Knauff)
The Invention of the Rudder [Aerodynamics; Instruction], September, page 30
Wedekind Safety Sleeve Available (SSA in Action) [Maintenance and Improvements; Equipment\Hotellier Fittings], November, pages 18-19
Koerner, Mike
SSA President's Report [Soaring Society of America\President], April, page 19
Kresse, Nikolai
Flying the Krosno (advertisement), by Derek Johnson [Sailplanes\Krosno], January, page 45
Kudinov, Aleksandr
The Russian Soaring Experience [International\Sites], June, pages 25-28

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Lambelin, Flore
(Youth) Willing To Trade (Homes) (Letter) [Solicitations; Youth], May, page 4
Larsen, Dick
In-Flight Emergency (with Sun-Block in the Eyes) Encountered (Letter) [Medical Condition; Pilot Comfort], July, page 4
Leavitt, John B.
A Question of (New Sailplane) Price (Letter) [Aerodynamics\Flight Tests; Commentary; Growth], March, page 3
Leuters, Carsten
He (German Pilot) Wants to Soar the West (Letter) [Solicitations], September, page 3
Lieff, Wolfgang; with André Jansen
Project AK-8: German Students Pioneer New Ways in the Design and Manufacture of Gliders [Youth; Sailplanes\Akaflieg Karlsruhe Ak-8; Sailplane Design], June, pages 29-32
Lincoln, Judy
For Fiscal Year Ending October 31, 1993 [Soaring Society of America\Annual Report], April, pages 15-19
Lindberg, Stephen J.
He Likes to Fly (14-Year Old Nels Lindberg) (Letter) [Youth; Family], December, page 9
Lindsay, Charles V. (a.k.a. Charles Lindsay, C.V. Lindsay); with Tim Sobol
Atmospheric Stability Analysis System (ASAS) Evaluation [Meteorology], July, pages 31-33
Lipe, Steele
Good (Cover) Photo (of a Low Pass), but Bad Example (Letter) [Publications], March, page 2
Logan, Lee
PW-5 (Price) Update (SSA in Action) [Sailplanes\PW-5; Sailplanes\World Class Glider], March, page 10

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Magyar, Andy
Where Are the Women? (Letter) [Women Soaring Pilots], August, page 2
Maier, Steve
Easy Going At Hobbs: 1993 Sports Class & Motorglider Championships [Competitions\National], March, pages 17-22
Malpas, William (a.k.a. Bill Malpas)
European Junior Gliding Championships Update (SSA in Action) [Youth], March, pages 9-10
International News, From France to Corsica Again (SSA in Action) [Cross Country Soaring], June, page 10
Let's Put a Little Engine on It? [Motorgliding], July, pages 25-30
Let's Go on Safari (for a New Experience and Soaring Promotion) [Promotions; Aerospace Education; Expeditions], October, pages 33-37
Mara, Jim
Says No to Saying No (to Instruction Flight for No Reason) (Letter) [Instruction], August, page 4
Keep It (the Cockpit) Simple (Letter) [Techniques\Patterns and Landings; Launching\Aerotow; Cockpit], November, pages 15-16
Marcus, Hal
Safety Lacking at Airshow (Flight with Tail Dolly Attached) (Letter) [Preflight], November, page 2
Marsch, Gerdo
(Dutch Youth) Needs a Helping Hand (Letter) [Solicitations; Youth], March, page 3
Marschark, Ryan
A Grateful (Young) PGC Member Responds (Letter) [Credits/Appreciation; Youth], February, page 10
Matson, Chuck
(Housing Development) Progress and Gliding Can Co-Exist (Letter) [Airports], February, page 9
Maupin, Janice
Jim Maupin [Obituaries], November, page 19
McCarthy, Jim
Wants to Know Where the (Mitchell) A-10 Silver Eagle Was (Letter) [Ultralights; Motorgliding], September, page 3
McKittrick, Andrew (a.k.a. Andy McKittrick)
SSA in Action: American Spirit to Fly Down Under (in Australia) [Sailplanes\American Spirit and Spirit XL], February, page 12
SSA in Action: American Spirit XL Racer Nears Completion [Sailplanes\American Spirit and Spirit XL], December, pages 15-16
McRae, Jack
Wilbur it is (, Not Wilber)! (Letter) [Errata; Aerodynamics], November, page 3
McVeigh, David
Questions Use of (Cover) Photo (of a Low Pass) (Letter) [Safety; Publications], March, page 2
Miller, Jeff
He (Howard Blossom) Gave his Child a Home (SSA in Action) [Seniors; People\Howard Blossom], December, pages 11-12
Moffat, George B., Jr. (a.k.a. George Moffat, G.B. Moffat, Jr., G. Moffat, George B. Moffat)
POST Problems and Solutions [Competitions\Post Tasks], April, page 39
Montague, Mark
Bob Barber Adorned with Multi-Colored Cap Awaiting a Tow on Asphalt in his Mosquito with Canopy Open (cover) [Cover], August, cover
Moore, Robert Lee (a.k.a. R.L. Moore)
Dezso "Dez" Kelemen [Obituaries], April, pages 11-12
Mooring, Elmer E., Jr. (a.k.a. Elmer Mooring, Elmer E. Mooring, Elmer Mooring, Jr.)
Mach 15 Glider (in Safety Corner)! Oops (on Sink Rate Units)! (Letter) [Errata], May, page 4
Morton, Mark
Georgia/Tennessee Race Series Concludes First Season (Letter) [Competitions\Non Sanctioned], February, pages 2-3
Moser, James R.
6th National Soaring Landmark (at Waynesboro, Virginia) Dedicated (SSA in Action) [History; Sites\Waynesboro, Virginia; Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs\National Soaring Museum\Landmark], January, pages 11-12

N     (up to table of contents)

Nady, Bob
Getting Approval to Operate at Existing Airports (Club & Chapter Chatter) [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs], February, page 19
SSA Eagle Program and Clubs (Club & Chapter Chatter) [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs], March, page 16
Welcome to a Brand New Club (Club & Chapter Chatter) [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs], April, page 13
Spin Experience Attracts Mythical Power Pilot (Club & Chapter Chatter) [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs], May, page 12
CAP and NSF Solo Eleven (Club & Chapter Chatter) [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs], June, page 14
Safety Sentinel for Your Club (Club & Chapter Chatter) [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs], July, page 16
Getting and Keeping New Members, Also Instructors, and Safety (Club & Chapter Chatter) [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs], August, page 21
Using SSA Rebate to Clubs Sepatately (Club & Chapter Chatter) [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs], September, page 10
Trying a New Location, Visiting Other Clubs When Travelling (Club & Chapter Chatter) [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs], October, page 17
Club/Chapter Sessions at Convention, Display of Brochures (Club & Chapter Chatter) [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs], November, page 21
Why We Like to Fly Gliders (Club & Chapter Chatter) [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs], December, page 23
Nesser, Stephen (a.k.a. Steve Nesser)
Watercolor of Red Tail Hawk in Flight with a Puchacz (cover) [Cover], May, cover
Newfield, Steve
Soaring for Growth: a Game of Stick and Rudder (Letter) [Growth; Instruction], October, page 6
Nichols, Steven (a.k.a. Steve Nichols)
Thanks for the (Schempp-Hirth Factory) Help (Letter) [Credits/Appreciation; Maintenance and Improvements], July, page 4
Some Thoughts on Landing in High Wind Conditions [Patterns and Landings], September, pages 23-25
Nicholson, Larry
Lithuania Was Fun (Letter) [International\Sites], November, page 6
Nicks, Oran W. (a.k.a. O. Nicks, O.W. Nicks, Oran W Nicks, Oran Nicks)
The PW-5 World Class Glider as a One-Design Configuration [World Class Glider; Competitions], November, pages 29-32
Nuse, George
Georgia Clubs Unite (Atlanta Soaring Club into Mid-Georgia Soaring Association) (SSA in Action) [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs], June, pages 10-11

O     (up to table of contents)

O'Mahony, Charles (a.k.a. Charles "Chuck" O'Mahony, Chuck O'Mahony, Chuck O'Mahoney)
Weather or Not [Conventions], May, pages 23-26
An Oversight Corrected (on Hatcher Trophy Craftsman) (Letter) [Awards\Hatcher; Errata], July, page 2
Preview of Paradise.. Soaring Style (Flying M Ranch in Nevada) [Sites], November, pages 23-28
Oldershaw, Paul
Another Tie Noted (in 1935 US Nationals) (Letter) [History; Competitions], June, page 2
Olshan, Neal H.
Shot From Up Top (Letter) [Wave Flying], February, page 3
Olson, Jack (a.k.a. J. Olson)
(Bottineau, ND) a Site for Soar Eyes [Expeditions], August, pages 29-32

P     (up to table of contents)

Palmer, Mark A. (a.k.a. Mark Palmer)
It Was a Great (Minden Summer Wave) Day! (Letter) [Wave Flying], May, page 3
Payne, James M. (a.k.a. Jim Payne, James Payne)
Limited Flying Qualities Evaluation of the American Falcon [Sailplanes\American Falcon; Pilot Reports], July, pages 18,20,22
Limited Flying Qualities Evaluation of the American Spirit [Pilot Reports; Sailplanes\American Spirit and Spirit XL], July, pages 19,21,23
Pennycuick, Colin
Bird's Eye View, Part 2 of 2 [Birds], January, pages 16-19
Petmecky, Philip A. (a.k.a. Philip Petmecky, Phil Petmecky)
Teaching Tow Emergencies [Launching\Aerotow], January, pages 36-38
Author Responds to (Carswell) Comments (on Author's Article) (Letter) [Launching\Aerotow], June, pages 4-5
Recruiting New Members and How to Keep 'em! [Growth], July, pages 39-41
Adding "E" mergency to Checklists (Letter) [Checklists], December, page 2
Pierson, Daniel (a.k.a. Danny Pierson, Dan Pierson)
Looking for Diamant Owners (to Celebrate Design) (Letter) [Solicitations], May, page 2
Piggott, Derek (a.k.a. D. Piggott)
Landings (with a Flexible Base Leg) [Techniques\Patterns and Landings], June, pages 15-16
Pliego, Guillermo Salinas
Mexico Has It All (at Francisco Lobo Airport in Monterrey) (Letter) [International\Sites], January, pages 2-3
Potter, John
He Found a Positive Welcome (at the Soaring Club of Houston) (Letter) [Promotions; Aerospace Education], July, page 2
Povenmire, King
(Safety Corner) Poetry Decision Questioned (Letter) [Poems and Poetry], November, page 2
Pruchnick, Kenneth
Objects to Foreign Printer (of Soaring Calendar) (Letter) [Publications; Commentary], February, page 10
Purtell, Dereesa
Grob 103 Twin III SL Launching Over Aspen, CO (cover) [Cover], June, cover
Purtell, Deressa
Soaring Photo Safari.. Aspen, Colorado Style! [Photography], June, pages 37-38

R     (up to table of contents)

Raisanen, Wally
GPS Advantages (Letter) [Instruments], January, page 3
Rambie, Margaret
Pilots Pelted-By Snow? in Uavlde? [Competitions\National], April, page 23
Ravel, Christian
The (1936 French) AVIA 41P [Sailplanes\AVAI 41P; History; Vintage Aircraft], April, pages 37-38
Reeter, Alan K. (a.k.a. Alan Reeter)
POST vs AST (Letter) [Competitions\Post Tasks], February, pages 4,9
Reichmann, Annette
Barron Hilton Cup Winners [Awards\Hilton Cup], April, page 11
Reinhardt, Manfred E. (a.k.a. Manfred Reinhardt, M. Reinhardt)
XXIV OSTIV Congress, Call for Papers (SSA in Action) [OSTIV], March, page 14
Renshaw, Kevin
Wetted Area and L/D [Aerodynamics], July, pages 35-38
Reuland, Bill
Has Magazines to Give Away (Letter) [Soaring Society of America\Soaring Magazine\Reprints and Back Issues], December, page 2
Reuter, Christof; with Professor Ewald
Akaflieg Darmstadt and the D-41 [Sailplane Design; Sailplanes\Akaflieg Darnstadt D-41], September, pages 19-22
Root, Bob
Caesar Creek's Fountain of Youth (Letter) [Seniors], September, page 2
Ruda, Brad
SSA '94 - a Chicago Affair [Conventions], May, pages 19-22
SSA '94 Temporary Postal Station [Conventions], May, page 21
Promoting Soaring - SSA '94 [Conventions; Promotions; Aerospace Education], May, page 22
Rueda, Fernando J. (a.k.a. Fernando Rueda)
Let's Find a Way (to Locate Thermals Like NASA Does Windshear) (Letter) [Techniques\Thermals and Thermaling; Meteorology\Wind Shear], January, page 2

S     (up to table of contents)

Santilli, Alcide (a.k.a. Al Santilli)
(1994) Region 9 Championships (Hobbs, NM) [Competitions\Regional; Soaring in Action], December, pages 19-20
Schuemann, Wil
Thoughts on (Revitalizing) Competition (Letter) [Competitions], July, pages 2-3
Schweizer, Paul A. (a.k.a. Paul Schweizer, P.A. Schweizer)
The Last Founder of SSA Has Died (Augustine Charles Haller) [Obituaries], August, page 16
Scott, Jan (a.k.a. J. Scott); with Linn Buell
Foreign Soarin' The 21st International Vintage Glider Rally (at the Wasserkuppe) [Vintage Aircraft; International\Sites], March, pages 38-42
Sebald, Les (a.k.a. L. Sebald)
Angel Flight? (Letter) [Photography], November, page 14
Seibels, Grenville J., II (a.k.a. Gren Seibels, G. Seibels, Gren J. Seibels, II, Gren J. Seibels)
The Rime of the Ancient Soaring Pilot [Poems and Poetry], August, page 50
Sharp, Ted E. (a.k.a. T.E. Sharp, T. Sharp, Ted Sharp)
Unusual Greetings (SSA in Action) [Soaring Society of America\Membership], January, page 9
Short, Jim
A Moratorium on (Importing) My Glider? [Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)], December, pages 31-34
Licensing Non-US Type Certificated Sailplanes in the Experimental Air Racing and/or Exhibition Categories [Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)], December, page 33
Short, Simine
A Century of Progress, 100 Years of Gliding and Soaring in Chicagoland: Part 1-Through 1938 [History], January, pages 20-26
A Century of Progress, 100 Years of Gliding and Soaring in Chicagoland: Part 2-To Present [History], February, pages 21-26
Another "Young Eagle" Launched (by Chicago Glider Club) (SSA in Action) [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs; Youth], August, page 20
Short, Simine; with Jim Crisp
The First 'Real' United States Glider Stamp & WWII Troup Glider Flying Remembered by a Glider Pilot, Carrying Souvenir Glider Mail on First Day of Issue! [Stamps; History; Promotions; Aerospace Education], August, pages 25-28
Siegel, Wolfgang
America's Oldest Glider (the Baker-McMillen CADET) Ready For Takeoff (Letter) [Vintage Aircraft], May, page 2
Silver, Allen R. (a.k.a. Allen Silver)
The Acid Mesh Problem Revisited [Parachutes], May, pages 27-28
Singleton, Billy J. (a.k.a. Billy Singleton, B.J. Singleton)
Soaring (Laisater TG-4A) Exhibit Donated to (Southern Museum of Flight, a Birminghanm, AL) Museum (Letter) [Museums], April, page 4
Use and Abuse of Checklists [Safety\Checklists], June, page 35
Slater, Edward
Help Preserve Torrey Pines (CA) (Letter) [Sites], June, page 2
Slingluff, Michael
Rotax Powered Super Dimona Receives US. Type Certificate (SSA in Action) [Motorgliders\Hoac HK-36R Super Dimona; Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)], January, pages 8-9
Smith, Sharon R. (a.k.a. Sharon Smith)
An Instructor's Viewpoint of the Puchacz [Training\Flight Instructors; Sailplanes\SZD 50-3 "Puchacz"], April, page 31
Smith, Sharon R. (a.k.a. Sharon Smith); with Richard H. Johnson (a.k.a. Dick Johnson, Richard Johnson, R.H. Johnson and R. Johnson)
A Flight Test Evaluation of the SZD-50-3 Puchacz 2-Place Sailplane [Aerodynamics\Flight Tests; Sailplanes\SZD 50-3 "Puchacz"], April, pages 29-32
Smith, Steve
Status Report from the SSA Contest Rules Committee (SSA in Action) [Competitions], November, pages 20-21
Smith, Tim
New Sailplane Desk Ornament (Model That Responds to Joystick) (SSA in Action) [Models], June, page 9
Smoak, William M.
Another Possible Member (My Ten-Year-Old Son) (Letter) [Family; Sailplanes\Cherokee], July, page 6
Snell, Ivan C.
Another Heart Touched (by Hugh Whitney and Leigh Egbert) (Letter) [Obituaries], November, pages 12,14
Snider, Phil
Bruce Fox in L-33 Solo with Sunburst Wings (cover) [Cover], July, cover
Sobol, Tim; with Charles V. Lindsay (a.k.a. Charles Lindsay and C.V. Lindsay)
Atmospheric Stability Analysis System (ASAS) Evaluation [Meteorology], July, pages 31-33
Spratt, Charlie, Jr. (a.k.a. Charlie Spratt)
Shaking Off the Snow, The 1994 Senior Nationals (SSA in Action) [Competitions\National\Seniors], July, page 9
Spreckley, Gillian
Observations of a Back Seat Driver [Competitions], February, pages 33-34
Stanford, Craig
Diane Stanford Flying Her Red and Yellow Schweizer 1-34R (cover) [Cover], December, cover
Starr, Sterling V. (a.k.a. Sterling Starr, S.V. Starr)
Thanks to SSA for Immediate Action (on FAA Moratorium) (Letter) [Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)], January, page 3
Montana Calls Competition Pilots (to 1994 15-Meter Nationals) (SSA in Action) [Competitions\National], June, page 6
Steckner, Michael
New Product Review - Lift/Director 100 Variometer (SSA in Action) [Instruments], June, page 11
Steinhauser, Joe
May 1951 Photo of a Schweizer 2-22, 1-23, and a Cinema Awaiting Tows at ChicagoLand Airport (cover) [Cover], April, cover
Stephenson, Cyndi
Young Eagles in Flight (by named SSA Pilots) (SSA in Action) [Youth], February, page 12
Call for Proposals on 1996 Contest Sites (SSA in Action) [Competitions\National], June, page 6
Stockwell, John
Says It's a Bum Rap (to Avoid Foreign Printers) (Letter) [Publications; Commentary], June, page 2
Striedieck, Eric
Sees Cover Shot (of a Low Pass) Differently (Letter) [Safety\Patterns and Landings; Publications], June, page 2
Striedieck, Karl H. (a.k.a. Karl Striedieck)
(1994) Contest Rules and Procedures Changed (SSA in Action) [Competitions], May, page 5
Attitude Problems (from No Elevator Control) [Safety; Patterns and Landings; Instruction; Equipment\Hotellier Fittings], July, pages 43-44
Swift, R.H.
Thanks for the Memories (of Military Gliding) (Letter) [History], November, page 2
Swinnich, James W. (a.k.a. James Swinnich)
Help Preserve Our Heritage (by Properly Documenting Your Activities) (SSA in Action) [National Soaring Museum], March, pages 11-12
Happenings at the National Soaring Museum (MacCready Presentation and 21st Ralph S. Barnaby Lecture by Stann Hall) (SSA in Action) [National Soaring Museum], June, page 6
(Scouting) Youth at the National Soaring Museum (SSA in Action) [National Soaring Museum; Youth], July, pages 9-11
Whitney and Soaring (Youth Scholarship Award) (SSA in Action) [National Soaring Museum; Awards\Youth; Youth], September, pages 9-10
The National Soaring Museum Director's Report to the SSA Membership (SSA in Action) [National Soaring Museum], November, pages 19-20

T     (up to table of contents)

Taylor, Irving
No Low Passes (Letter) [Patterns and Landings], November, page 15
Termal, Coren D.
Small Can Be Beautiful, The 7th Annual VSA Western Regatta [Vintage Aircraft], September, pages 27-29
Thelen, George
Spoilers-A Double-Edged Sword, by Bob Whelan (Safety Corner) [Launching\Aerotow; Safety\Accidents/Incidents], January, pages 41-43
Thelen Announces (Poetry) Competition (Letter) [Poems and Poetry], February, page 2
Flying Safety as a State of Mind (Inexperience, Hazardous Thoughts and Inspections), by Stan Hall (George Thelen) [Maintenance and Improvements; Safety], February, pages 42-44
Canopies (Opening on Tow), by Gary Reed and Garrett Calhoun (Safety Corner) [Safety\Launching\Aerotows; Canopies], March, pages 45-46
Positive Control Checks, by Bob Whelan (Safety Corner) [Safety\Preflight], April, pages 41-43
Living In.. a Vacuum (Tube)(, Airspace and Communications Ground School at Home)! (Safety Corner) [Airspace; Communications; Instruction\Ground Schools], May, pages 43-47
Lost in the Ozone-Again (by the Magnetic Compass), by Dan Gudgel (Safety Corner) [Safety\Instruction], June, pages 43-48
Pavlov's Dogs (Bad Habits and Good Habits) (Safety Corner) [Physiology], July, pages 47-48
Poetry Contest (A break from the normal routine) (Safety Corner) [Poems and Poetry], August, pages 45-50
The Nuts and Bolts of Soaring, by Elaine Cutri (Safety Corner) [Maintenance and Improvements], September, pages 43-48
Preaching to the Choir (About Incidents) (Safety Corner) [Safety\Accidents/Incidents; Physiology], October, pages 46-48
on Waves (Safety Corner) [Safety; Techniques\Wave Flying], November, pages 33-36
Glider Pilots Participate in the (FAA) '94 Poker Run, by Frank Reid (SSA in Action|Safety Corner) [Safety], December, pages 12,14
(Goodbye to) Niner!, by Chris O'Callaghan (Safety Corner) [Safety\Accidents/Incidents], December, pages 38-40
Thivierge, Jeanne
Happy Birthday to You (Luke Thivierge - Solo at 14)! [Youth; Family], July, pages 5-6
Thompson, Brian E.; with W. Alex Friess (a.k.a. A. Friess)
Rensselaer's Third Sailplane-The RP-3, Progress Report [Sailplanes\Rensselaer RP-3; Sailplane Design], October, pages 27-29
Thomson, Angus
Safety First (in Soaring Magazine Contents) (Letter) [Safety; Publications], March, page 2
Treager, J.C.
Limbach Changes Announced (SSA in Action) [Motorgliding], February, page 19

U     (up to table of contents)

Unwin, D.C.
Anyone Have a Motorglider for Rent? (Letter) [Solicitations; Motorgliding], December, page 9
Uster, Albert
The Development of the Moswey Series [Vintage Aircraft], October, pages 38-39

V     (up to table of contents)

Vinson, Mike
The 1993 Open Class National Championships, (Littlefield, TX), Consistency Pays Off [Competitions\National], February, pages 36-39
Volant, André
A Polish (Soaring) Trip is Possible (Letter) [International\Sites], March, page 4
Volmar, Joe (a.k.a. J.H. Volmar)
(Adrian Soaring Club) Air Show Zealots (SSA in Action) [Exhibits/Displays/Fairs], May, pages 5-6
(Adrian) Soaring Club Celebrates 60th Birthday (SSA in Action) [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs], July, page 15

W     (up to table of contents)

Waibel, Gerhard (a.k.a. G. Waibel)
Changes Highlighted in ASW-24B (SSA in Action) [Sailplanes\Schleicher\ASW-24B], October, pages 10-11
Walker, Carlton J., Jr.
A Soaring Experience - Holland Style (Letter) [International\Sites], October, pages 3-4
Wander, Bob
Attention SSA Chapters and Business Members (SSA in Action) [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs], March, page 15
A Sampling of the (Newcomer's Negative) Comments [Growth], April, page 34
Gliderport Hospitality, The Cold Shoulder, April, pages 33-35
Gliderport Hospitality, Ask Me About Soaring, August, pages 23-24
SSA at Oshkosh (SSA in Action) [Exhibits/Displays/Fairs], December, page 11
Wells, Phyllis
15th Annual Women's Soaring Seminar (at Black Forrest Glider Park) [WSPA], March, pages 31-34
Westbrook, Mick
Price (Question by Leavitt) Not the Point (Letter) [Aerodynamics\Flight Tests; Commentary], May, pages 2-3
Whelan, R.F.
One Question, One Quibble (with Ewald and Reuter Article) (Letter) [Aerodynamics; Sailplanes\Akaflieg Darnstadt D-41], November, pages 3-4
Whittcomb, Bob
A Fitting End to "Old Dog's" (Richard A. Wolthers) Story (Letter) [Obituaries], April, pages 4,8
Willat, Karen
Strobe Light No Answer (to Unmonitored Spoilers) (Letter) [Launching\Aerotow], February, page 2
Williams, Peter A. (a.k.a. Pete Williams, Peter Williams)
SLSPA-A Status Report (275 Members Strong) (SSA in Action) [Motorgliding], October, pages 17-18
Wills, Justin
Soaring and New Technology (GPS at Kiwiglide 94) (Letter) [Instruments], April, pages 2-3
Wilson, Jean
Some People Hear the Music (Every Time They Fly!) (Letter) [Physiology], July, pages 7-8
Woodward, Geoffrey D.
He's Upset (at Eric and William's Banter) (Letter) [Patterns and Landings], September, pages 2-3
Wyman, Jack
(1993) Region Six Contest (Ionia, MI) [Competitions\Regional; Soaring in Action], March, page 12

Y     (up to table of contents)

Yama, Yasuhiro
Japanese Women's Team Makes Debut (SSA in Action) [Women Soaring Pilots], March, page 10
My Dream to Fly Again (After Hang Gliding Accident) Comes True (SSA in Action) [Handicapped Accomplishments], September, page 11
Yancey, Bill
(Release by Bob Hupe in Minden from) Sailplane Prison (Without Lift in Kansas City) (Letter) [Sites], October, pages 5-6
Sailplane Prison (ie. Without Lift) (Letter) [Commentary], October, pages 5-6

Z     (up to table of contents)

Zaic, Frank A.
Fond Memories (of the Early Days of Aero Club Albatross) (Letter) [History], March, pages 2-3

None     (up to table of contents)

(Mike) Koerner Assumes Presidency of SSA (SSA in Action) [President and President's Report], January, page 5
New Version of the DG-500 Two-Seat Sailplane (SSA in Action) [Sailplanes\Glaser-Dirks], January, page 9
Builders Join Together on (Ultralight Cumulus) Motorglider (SSA in Action) [Motorgliders; Ultralights], January, pages 9-10
Best Fest '93 (at Atlanta, GA) (SSA in Action) [Exhibits/Displays/Fairs], February, page 12
Results Announced on Contest Rules Committee Election (SSA in Action) [Competitions], February, page 12
Handheld (II Morrow 920) GPS Now Shipping (SSA in Action) [Instruments], February, pages 12,15
(1993) Region 4 North, Fairfield, PA [Competitions\Regional; Soaring in Action], February, pages 15-16
Glider Flight Instructor Seminar Held (at Hobbs, NM) (SSA in Action) [Instruction\Ground Schools], February, page 17
International Vintage Sailplane Meet in USA in 1995 (at Elmira, NY) (SSA in Action) [Vintage Aircraft], February, pages 17-18
The Motorglider Market, An Assessment (SSA in Action) [Motorgliding], February, pages 18-19
OSTIV Prizes (SSA in Action) [OSTIV], February, page 19
Cambridge GPS at the '94 Standard Class Nationals (SSA in Action) [Instruments\GPS], February, page 20
Trimble Flightmate Pro (GPS) (Product Review) [Instruments\GPS], February, page 20
Hotel Whiskey (Multi-Seat World Record Holder ASH-25) Has Not Retired (SSA in Action) [International\Sites], March, page 5
World News, German Universities Announce Summer Camp (SSA in Action) [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs\Collegiate Soaring Association; International\Sites], March, page 5
(10,000m) Rope to Pull (Sail)plane into Stratosphere (SSA in Action) [Aerodynamics\Flight Tests], March, page 8
(MDM-1) "Quick Brown Fox" (SSA in Action) [Aerobatics; Aerodynamics], March, page 9
II Morrow's Apollo 920-Leader of the Flock (SSA in Action) [Birds; Ultralights], March, page 10
Some Marriages Are Nearer to Heaven (SSA in Action) [Culture and Tradition; Family], March, pages 10-11
Strong Trains German Parachute Riggers (SSA in Action) [Parachutes], March, page 11
1993 Kolstad Scholarship Winner Announced (Joe Walter) (SSA in Action) [Awards\Kolstad Scholarship and Awards], April, pages 9-10
1994 Kolstad Scholarship Winners Announced (Robert Paul Sabino and James R. Brown) (SSA in Action) [Awards\Kolstad Scholarship and Awards], April, pages 9-10
50 Years After D-Day (SSA in Action) [History], April, page 11
Icom's IC-A21 (Handheld Transceiver) (New Products) [Equipment\Radios], April, page 12
Gross Sky Ghost (Youth Achievement) Award Nominations Being Accepted (SSA in Action) [Youth], April, page 13
Recruitment Awards Given at (1994) Convention (SSA in Action) [Conventions], May, pages 6,9
Group Genesis and BRS Make Announcement (SSA in Action) [Sailplanes\Genesis I], May, pages 11-12
The National Soaring Museum: 25 Years of Flight and Still Climbing (SSA in Action) [National Soaring Museum], May, pages 13-15
EW Barograph and GPS Recorder (New Products) [Instruments], May, pages 14-15
Washington (State) Barograph Center Changes (to Airtech Instrument) (SSA in Action) [Instruments], June, page 9
FAI 1000 KM Diplomas (Now Total 244) (SSA in Action) [Awards\1000 Kilometer Flights], June, page 10
International News, An Ejection Seat for the Sailplane Pilot (SSA in Action) [Parachutes], July, pages 11,13
Call for SSA (1998) Convention Sponsor, Don Kawal (SSA in Action) [Conventions], July, page 13
Dresser Introduces New Tire (SSA in Action) [Maintenance and Improvements], July, page 13
Nutmeg Soaring Meet to be in (Springfield,) Vermont (SSA in Action) [Errata], July, page 13
Tow Launch System(s of San Antonio, TX New Features) Update (SSA in Action) [Ground Launch], July, pages 13-14
FAA Announces Action Plan (to Promote an Economic Upturn of Aviation) (SSA in Action) [Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)], July, pages 14-15
Sun Protection Apparel (New Products) [Medical Condition; Cockpit], July, page 17
From the FAI, Gliding, Three Men, One Record (SSA in Action) [Awards\Records and Record Flights], August, page 17
Electronic Battery Saver (New Products) [Equipment\Batteries], August, page 21
Sport Aviation (of IA) Offers Neat Camping Experience (SSA in Action) [Youth], September, pages 6,9
1994 Region 11 Soaring Championships Come to Crazy Creek [Competitions\Regional; Soaring in Action], September, pages 10-16
Ultralight Motorglider Mini Stratton D-7 (SSA in Action) [Ultralights; Motorgliding], September, page 17
Klaus Holinghaus Dies in Glider Crash in Swiss Alps [Obituaries], October, page 8
1994 National Standard Class Championships (Scoresheet) [competitions\National], October, page 21
Call For (Aviation Psychology) Papers (SSA in Action) [Psychology], November, page 18
Elder Statesmen of Aviation Elected (William S. Ivans and Richard E. Schreder by NAA) (SSA in Action) [National Aeronautic Association (NAA)], November, page 19
PW-5 Agreement Signed by FAI (SSA in Action) [World Class Glider], December, page 15
New Products: Protection for Your Sailplane (Solar Ventilators) (SSA in Action) [Trailers], December, page 23
New Products: Exercise Your Decision Making (with Competition Training System) (SSA in Action) [Computers and the Internet], December, pages 23-24
New Products: Soaring Innovations Introduces the Glide Navigator (SSA in Action) [Computers and the Internet], December, page 24

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