Soaring Magazine Index for 1993 organized by author

Soaring Magazine Index for 1993 organized by author

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Adams, Michael (a.k.a. Mike Adams M. Adams)
One Pilot's View of GPS (Letter) [Instruments], October, pages 9-10
Adams, Mike
L'Hotellier Fittings - Are They The Problem? [Equipment\Hotellier Fittings], April, pages 18-21
Allinson, Gail
Says Wander's Plan Works (Letter) [Growth], July, page 3
Anderson, Bill
Baby Bowlus at Vintage Sailplane Regatta at Hemet/Ryan (cover) [Cover], February, cover
Anderson, Ed
Solaire Announces World Class Plans (SSA in Action) [World Class Glider], July, pages 15-16
GAPA (PW-2 Ultralight) at Sun'N Fun (SSA in Action) [Ultralights], July, page 16
Antelman, Don
More on Control Quick Connects (Letter) [Hotellier Fittings], January, page 4
Archibald, Aaron
Come to British Columbia (Letter) [International\Sites], August, page 7
Auburg, Randy
(Crosswind) Tow Procedure Discussed (Letter) [Launching\Aerotow], May, page 7

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Barrett, Al
Rapture of the (Chilhowee) Ridge (Letter) [Techniques\Ridge Soaring; Esprit de Corps], January, page 3
Beardslee, Keith
Nice Plane (That Schweizer 1-35C) with Museum Ties (Letter) [National Soaring Museum], January, page 2
Beddow, Bruce; with Nikolai Kresse, Richard H. Johnson (a.k.a. Dick Johnson, Richard Johnson, R.H. Johnson and R. Johnson)
A Flight Test Evaluation of the Krosno KR-03A Two-Place Trainer [Aerodynamics\Flight Tests], February, pages 18-22
Bell, Doug
Survey of the (Single-Place) Used Sailplane Market - 1993 [Sailplane Production/Availability], December, pages 39-41
Bell, Gerry
Comment on (the Use of) Chutes (Letter) [Parachutes], February, page 2
Benedict, Norman S. (a.k.a. Norman Benedict)
Updating Primary Glider (Design) (Letter) [Sailplane Design], April, page 2
Bennis, Joseph
Collection of 15 Soaring License Plates (cover) [Cover], June, cover
Bigelow, David L.
Near Death Experience (Response) (Letter) [Techniques\Wave Flying], October, page 4
Bilaniuk, Oleska-Myron (a.k.a. O.M. Bilaniuk, O.M. (Alex) Bilaniuk, Oleksa-Myron Bilaniuk, Olexa-Myron Bilaniuk)
Soaring the Skies of Kiev (SSA in Action) [International\Sites], November, pages 8-9
Bird, Brian A.
Don't Use Tost Rings on Schweizer Hooks (Letter) [Release Mechanisms; Launching\Aerotow], April, page 3
Blacksten, Raul
Backsaver [Preflight], July, pages 35-37
Bobo, Jim
Useful Program Available (RAOB from SSA) (Letter) [Computers and the Internet; Meteorology], July, page 2
Booth, Bob, Jr.
Thanks to All (SSA and Wurtsboro) (Letter) [Credits/Appreciation], August, page 3
Brewer, Roger
Another (Jack) Olson Fan (Letter) [Seniors], June, page 3
Bruning, Hal
3rd Annual Senior National Soaring Festival (Seminole-Lake, FL) (SSA in Action) [Competitions\National\Seniors], July, pages 10-12
Burr, Howard
Tom Irwin [Obituaries], January, page 12
Burton, Tony
1993 Canadian National Soaring Contest (Announced for Saskatchewan) (SSA in Action) [Competitions\International], June, page 10
Byard, Jeff
A Flight to Remember (in a 1939 Bowlus Baby Albatross) [Vintage Aircraft], January, pages 20-21
Don Mitchell [Obituaries], May, page 9
Byars, Ed; with William C. Sproull (a.k.a. Bill Sproull)
The SSA Eagle Program: Year 1! Looking to the Future of Soaring [Growth; Soaring Society of America], September, page 44
Bybee, Walt and Alice
Randy King [Obituaries], February, pages 15-16

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Campbell, John H. (a.k.a. John Campbell)
(Junior) Team Named for European Contest (SSA in Action) [Youth], January, pages 15-16
EAA Young Eagles (SSA in Action) [Youth], February, page 17
Collegiate Soaring Says Thanks (Letter) [Collegiate Soaring], September, page 4
Junior Team Sweepstakes (Results) (SSA in Action) [Youth], October, page 21
Youth Aerospace Convention (26th NCASE in Orlando) (SSA in Action) [Youth], October, page 21
European Junior Contest (Winners) (SSA in Action) [International; Youth], November, pages 6-7
Carmichael, Bruce H. (a.k.a. Bruce Carmichael, B.H. Carmichael, B. Carmichael)
1992 Sailplane Homebuilder's Western Workshop (at Tehachapi, CA) Best Ever! [Homebuilts & Homebuilding], March, pages 38-41
Carswell, Dean
Discusses Auto and Winch Tow (Letter) [Launching\Winch; Launching\Autotow], September, page 2
Carter, John A.
GPS and the Sport of Soaring As We Know It (Letter) [Instruments], December, page 9
Cavanagh, Michael B. (a.k.a. Mike Cavanagh)
Bill Patterson and Doug Houston Soar the Titcomb Basin in the Wind River Range near Ganett Peak, Pinedale, Wyoming (cover) [Cover], April, cover
Chapa, Tammy
Requesting Crew Stories (Letter) [Solicitations; Crewing], June, pages 3-4
Chase, Bob
The 1993 SSA National Convention (in) Seattle, Washington [Conventions], June, pages 18-20
Cherne, Frank J., III (a.k.a. Frank J. Cherne)
Knows How to Make (Soaring's Future) It Work (Letter) [Youth], November, pages 3-4
Chilcoat, Rob
Needs to Locate (Kingman WWII) Veterans (Letter) [Solicitations], May, page 6
Clabes, John
FAA and BSA (Boy Scouts of America) Join Hands in New Venture (SSA in Action) [Youth], September, pages 9-10
Clark, Rolly
Thoughts on All the New Gadgets (& Sports Class Competition, (Need a Naked Class!)) (Letter) [Competitions], July, pages 4,6
Coleson, Arleen (a.k.a. A. Coleson)
Just for Fun Long Flights [Badges\Requirements], March, page 49
Official Observers, Silver Distance, and Diamond Goal Changes [Badges\Requirements], April, page 49
Pre-Season Reminders [Badges\Requirements], May, page 49
Official Observers, State Soaring Records - Sports Class [Badges\Requirements], June, page 49
Official Observers Take Note! [Badges\Requirements], July, page 45
Official Observers Take Note! [Badges\Requirements], August, pages 47-48
A Short Review of Code Changes [Badges\Requirements], September, page 48
Silver Distance [Badges\Requirements], October, page 47
1993-A Year of Change [Badges\Requirements], November, page 44
Colling, David
HP-18 Aileron Roll Control Problem is Solved [Aerodynamics; Maintenance and Improvements; Sailplanes\Schreder HP-18], May, page 41
Compton, Fritz
You Can't Fly That Glider Here!, February, pages 38-39
Coon, Lanny
Pins and the L'Hotellier Fitting (Letter) [Equipment\Hotellier Fittings], August, pages 8-9
Corbett, John
Had a Great Week of Soaring (at Turf) (Letter) [Instruction; Sites], July, page 3
Cox, Craig
Jim Cox [Obituaries], October, page 15
Crane, Stewart
An Open Letter to Jack Olson (Letter) [Seniors], March, pages 3-4
Cullis, Kevin J.
"Ditto" on Charlie (Spratt) (Letter) [Credits/Appreciation], January, page 3
Cunningham, Jim
A Unique Welcome to SSA (from Ted Sharp) (Letter) [Growth], February, page 3

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Dandridge, Peggy K.
Credit Where Credit is Due (Letter) [Art], August, page 4
Daniel, John
1993 Region One Championships (Sugarbush, VT) (Soaring in Action) [Competitions\Regional], September, pages 14, 16
Dibble, Norman
Wants Help Finding Bowlus Albatross (Letter) [Vintage Aircraft], July, page 9
Dickinson, Jim
Wants to Say Thanks (for Article and Cover) (Letter) [Publications; Credits/Appreciation], February, pages 4,6
Dodge, Grady
Thanks to Turf (from a 16 year Old Pilot) (Letter) [Credits/Appreciation; Youth], March, page 6
Donley, Dan
Had a Great Time in England (It's a Slingsby T-21, Peterson) (Letter) [International\Sites], September, pages 2-3
DuPont, Stephen (a.k.a. Stephen Du Pont, Stephen du Pont, Steve DuPont, Stephen duPont, S. DuPont, Steve du Pont, Steve Dupont, Steve duPont, S. duPont, S. Du Pont, S. du Pont, Steve Du Pont)
Experience is Important (Letter) [Patterns and Landings; Instruction], May, page 6
Durbin, Peter
Judging Circuit and Landing Angles (Letter) [Patterns and Landings], August, page 2

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Ebler, Franke
Women's Soaring Seminar (Letter) [WSPA], October, page 3
Oversight Correction (on Towplane Article Authors) [Launching\Towplanes; Errata], June, page 10
15-Meter Class Region 10 Contest Co-Champion [Errata], June, page 11
Eisenbeiss, Duane
Controversy-Not All Bad (Safety Corner, Good) (Letter) [Credits/Appreciation; Publications], July, pages 3-4
Erickson, Roger
(Sonia Erikson) Likes Soaring at Young Age (Letter) [Sailplanes\Cherokee], June, page 3
Evans, Kristopher Schweizer
A Fond Memory (of his first flight at age fourteen) (Letter) [Youth; Esprit de Corps], February, pages 3-4

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FAI through the IGC
World Class Winner Announced - The PW-5 [World Class Glider], June, page 16
Finegan, Michael S. (a.k.a. Mike Finegan)
SSA Organization Was Source of Help (wants help with N4622S History) (Letter) [Solicitations; Credits/Appreciation; Soaring Society of America\Governors], July, page 2
Fischer, Helmuth H.; with William Malpas (a.k.a. Bill Malpas)
1992/93 International Gliding Camp (South Africa) (SSA in Action) [Expeditions], April, pages 4,6
Fisher, Galen
The American Spirit is Here [Sailplanes\American Spirit and Spirit XL], January, pages 22-24
Fitzhugh, Gail
Is Tach Reading Enough (for Tow Van)? (Letter) [Launching\Autotow], May, pages 6-7
Fogel, Gary; with Ed Slater
Torrey Pines Listed As Historic Place (SSA in Action) [Sites], July, pages 12,14
Frank, Lou
'To Spin, or Not To Spin' (that is the question..) - a life-saving alternative, April, pages 35-36
Frost, Don
The FAA Designated Pilot Examiner [Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)], June, page 40
Frost, George H.
(Bellanca Scout) Wing (Wood Spar) Crack Reported (Letter) [Launching\Towplanes], December, page 2

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Gadowski, Paula
WSPA Breakfast (at Seattle Convention) Planned (SSA in Action) [Conventions; WSPA], January, page 16
Geiger, R.E.
Falsely Accused (of Recommending Procedures Contrary to Practice) (Letter) [Patterns and Landings], April, page 2
Gibson, John C. (a.k.a. John Gibson)
Three Comments on April Issue (Letter) [Techniques\Thermals and Thermaling; Aerodynamics; Instruction], August, pages 4,6
Glover, Richard
Youngster on the Ball (Letter) [Youth], February, page 6
Godman, Henry C.
Thanksgiving Turkeyfest in Alamogordo, New Mexico (SSA in Action) [Competitions\Non Sanctioned], February, pages 14-15
Good, John F. (a.k.a. John Good)
Help is Needed (to Compton, Fritz: You Can't Fly That Save Gliderport in PA) (Letter) [Solicitations; Airports], February, page 2
Gossfeld, Tim
Flight Test Report on the Cambridge L-Nav [Instruments], July, pages 29-30
Greenberg, Herbert J.
Winching in Bavaria [Launching\Winch; International\Sites], July, pages 31-32
Gregg, Jason
New POST Program (Letter) [Competitions\Post Tasks], June, page 8
Grogan, Mike
Kansas Thermal (Inquiry with Diagram from Dust Markers) (Letter) [Solicitations; Techniques\Thermals and Thermaling], September, pages 4,6
Gudgel, Dan
ASOS and AWOS Observations [Meteorology], October, pages 32-38
Are You Ready for METAR? (The Upcoming Meteorological Code Change) [Meteorology], November, pages 31-33

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Habercom, David S. (a.k.a. David Habercom)
Likes Red Cap (During Preflight), Too (Letter) [Preflight], June, page 6
Hall, Andrew J.
Has Thoughts on Auto Tow (Provides Safe Takeoff Profile) (Letter) [Launching\Autotow], June, pages 4,6
Haluza, Doug
Stick to Established (Pattern) Procedures (Letter) [Patterns and Landings], January, pages 2-3
Why Does Airspeed Increase When Entering a Thermal? [Techniques\Thermals and Thermaling], April, pages 31-34
Hammond, E. Gene (a.k.a. Gene Hammond)
A Letter from the President (State of and Future for SSA) [Soaring Society of America\President], May, page 18
Safety Pins [Equipment\Hotellier Fittings; Maintenance and Improvements; Safety\Preflight], December, pages 33-34
Hand, Ross W.
More on Nutmeg (Tradition and Chris Hand) (Letter) [Family; Esprit de Corps], June, pages 6-7
Handwork, Bertrand
The Way It Was [Instruction], July, page 38
The Way It Is [Instruction], July, page 39
Hanson, Perry W.
TAS, IAS, EAS (Debate and Flutter References) (Letter) [Aerodynamics\Flutter], October, pages 6-7
Hard, Jim
(1993) 1-26 Championships at Albert Lea, Minnesota [1-26 Association; Sailplanes\Schweizer\1-26], November, pages 19-25
Hearn, John B. (a.k.a. John Hearn)
Thanks for Excellent Article (by Reeter) (Letter) [Hotellier Fittings], January, pages 7,9
Needs to Clarify Wording (Letter) [Errata; Equipment\Hotellier Fittings], May, pages 4,6
Helvie, Bruce
One Way to Collect (Letter) [Commentary], January, page 3
Henderson, Bob; with John Roarke
1995 World Championships GPS Update (SSA in Action) [Instruments], December, page 14
Hill, William G. (a.k.a. Bill Hill, Billy Hill, W.G. Hill, William Hill)
Racing on the One Oh Six (Region 9 to be this June in Moriarty, CA) (Soaring in Action) [Competitions\Regional], April, pages 6-7
Team Flying and the Lowtime Race Pilot [Competitions], June, pages 36-37
A Breath of Fresh Air!, August, pages 35-37
(1993) Region Nine Championships (Tuscon, AZ) (Soaring in Action) [Competitions\Regional], September, pages 11-12, 14
Hines, Steve
(Cover) Photo Credit Announced (Letter) [Credits/Appreciation], April, page 2
Hoffman, Louis V. (a.k.a. Lou Hoffman)
Has Another View (on Spoiler Open Signal) (Letter) [Launching\Aerotow], January, pages 4,7
On Aircraft Flutter [Aerodynamics\Flutter], August, pages 38-40
Holloran, Tom
PC's Can Help Pilots, Not Just Scorers [Computers and the Internet], September, page 45
GPS: The First Year-Almost [1-26 Association; Sailplanes\Schweizer\1-26; Instruments], November, pages 26, 28-30
Horigan, Richard
Back To Basic Glides (Letter) [Sailplane Production/Availability; Instruction], June, pages 7-8
Horsnell, Graham
Impressions of Soaring in Italy, An Australian Perspective [International\Sites], May, pages 24-27
Hudson, Marty
(1993) Region 7 Meet (Vincennes, IL) (Soaring in Action) [Competitions\Regional], October, pages 12, 15
Huhmann, Sebastian
A Year Here (USA) for a Year There (Germany) (Letter) [Youth; Solicitations], May, page 4
Hurst, Jim
What Makes Caesar Creek Tick? [Clubs and Chapters], July, pages 22-25
Old Timers Alive and Well (at Caesar Creek) (Letter) [Seniors], August, page 6

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Illiano, Arthur, Jr.
Newcomer Has Suggestions (to Aid Understanding) (Letter) [Publications], February, pages 2-3

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Jamieson, Charles M., Jr.
Proposal on Spoiler Problem (Letter) [Launching\Aerotow], August, pages 3-4
Jenkins, Scott A.
On Winter's Tail, Part 1 of 2 [Meteorology; Cross Country Soaring; Techniques\Wave Flying], August, pages 22-29
On Winter's Tail, Part 2 of 2 [Cross Country Soaring; Techniques\Wave Flying; Meteorology], September, pages 34-39
Jenkinson, Brian
Good Job, Mike (Pins Mandatory in Germany) (Letter) [Equipment\Hotellier Fittings], August, page 10
Jenkyn, Skip
Thumbs Up for Cover of June Soaring (with License Plates) (Letter) [Soaring Society of America\Soaring Magazine; Literature\Humor; Promotion], October, page 9
Jennings, Maurice
Front View of Bill Hunt's 1-26 Properly Loaded onto an Open Trailer at the Caesar Creek Wright Memorial Glider Meet (cover) [Sailplanes\Schweizer\SGS 1-26; Cover], May, cover
Johnson, Derek P. (a.k.a. Derek Johnson)
South Carolina's New Soaring Operation (at Ridgeland) (SSA in Action) [Sites], February, page 17
Johnson, Elsie F. (a.k.a. Elsie Johnson)
Fall Mountain Soaring Camp (Andrews-Murphy, NC) (SSA in Action) [Expeditions], September, page 9
Johnson, Patti
Another Young Achiever Noted (Brannan Johnson Solos on 14th Birthday) (Letter) [Family], March, page 2
Johnson, Richard H. (a.k.a. Dick Johnson, Richard Johnson, R.H. Johnson, R. Johnson)
Erwin J. Reeves [Obituaries], December, page 10
Johnson, Richard H. (a.k.a. Dick Johnson, Richard Johnson, R.H. Johnson, R. Johnson); with Nikolai Kresse and Bruce Beddow
A Flight Test Evaluation of the Krosno KR-03A Two-Place Trainer [Aerodynamics\Flight Tests], February, pages 18-22
Joss, John
Human -- Nature Sierra Nevada survival time Again [Techniques\Mountain Soaring], December, pages 36-38

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Kaplan, John C. (a.k.a. John Kaplan)
Has Some Questions (for Haluza)? (Letter) [Techniques\Thermals and Thermaling], June, page 2
Karst, Max
Has An Idea For Hook Ups (Use Red Flag) (Letter) [Preflight], March, page 6
Kasnoff, Rick
Advanced Soaring Composites American Spirit (cover) [Sailplanes\American Spirit; Cover], January, cover
Keck, Bill
High Cost in Indonesia (Letter) [Growth], January, page 10
Kellerman, Richard
In Support of Safety Corner (Letter) [Credits/Appreciation], July, page 4
Kemp, Gary F. (a.k.a. Gary Kemp)
(1993) Region 11 South Contest (Minden) (Soaring in Action) [Competitions\Regional], November, pages 9-12
King, Peter C. (a.k.a. Peter King)
Goop! [Maintenance and Improvements], July, pages 33-34
Kjenslie, Ingrid
A Great Plus for Soaring (Letter) [Exhibits/Displays/Fairs], November, page 4
Another Dedicated Pilot (14 Year Old Phil Lomnes) (Letter) [Youth], December, page 4
Klemperer, Walter; with Elanor Klemperer Velarde
Thanks to All (Barnaby-Klemperer 100th AnnivCelebration) (Letter) [History; Conventions], June, page 2
Knauff, Thomas (a.k.a. Tom Knauff, T. Knauff)
Region 2 Seminar Announced (for March 6, 1993) (SSA in Action) [Instruction\Ground Schools], January, page 14
Teaching Landings [Patterns and Landings; Instruction], March, pages 24-29,32
New World Record Claimed (SSA in Action) [Records and Record Flights], September, pages 10-11
OSTIV Report (Fatalities and Flight Training) (SSA in Action) [Launching\Autotow; OSTIV; Instruction], September, pages 17-18
Kornychuk, Jan
Suggested Solution to Serious Problem (Letter) [Launching\Aerotow; Launching\Towplanes], October, page 3
Kover, Arthur J.
A First Off-Field Landing [Techniques\Outlandings; Oxygen], December, page 42
Kresse, Nikolai
First Flight of the FS32 [Sailplanes\FS32], April, pages 27-30
Kresse, Nikolai; with Richard H. Johnson (a.k.a. Dick Johnson, Richard Johnson, R.H. Johnson, R. Johnson) and Bruce Beddow
A Flight Test Evaluation of the Krosno KR-03A Two-Place Trainer [Aerodynamics\Flight Tests], February, pages 18-22
Krueger, R. (Hardy)
Auto Tows from Austraila (Letter) [Launching\Autotow], December, page 2
Kurtz, Jerald R.
Says Jump Training is Important (Letter) [Parachutes], November, pages 2-3

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La Touche, Y. David
Anatomy of an Incident (Letter) [Safety\Preflight; Safety\Accidents/Incidents; Equipment\Hotellier Fittings], August, page 2
LaCiura, Mark D.
Carbon Dragon Inflight above a Bright Yellow Waco Biplane at Mountain Valley Airport (cover) [Cover], March, cover
LaCroix, Frank
Youth Are Active at Nutmeg (Letter) [Youth], February, page 2
Lambie, Jack
The Near Death Experience [Techniques\Wave Flying], July, pages 26-28
Layne, Peter
Needs Some Information (on Mosquitos) (Letter) [Solicitations], June, page 8
Leonard, David
Walt Lefford in his LS-6 above the Clouds near Woodland Park, CO (cover) [Sailplanes\Rolladen-Schneider\LS-6; Cover], November, cover
Lindsay, Charles V. (a.k.a. Charles Lindsay, C.V. Lindsay)
Obtaining and Using Weather Maps [Meteorology], February, pages 34-37
Lineberry, Wes
Pins, Pins, Pins! (Letter) [Homebuilts & Homebuilding], October, page 7

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Macaulay, Mark A.
(1993) Region 10 Contest Completed (Brady, TX) (Soaring in Action) [Competitions\Regional], December, pages 17-18
Mahony, John
Salto in Production Again (by Frank and Waldenberger) (SSA in Action) [Sailplane Production/Availability], June, pages 12,15
Maier, Steve
Vince Hinds [Obituaries], May, page 14
Malpas, William (a.k.a. Bill Malpas)
World Soaring Records [Records and Record Flights], June, pages 28-33
World Motorglider Records [Records and Record Flights; Motorgliders], October, pages 19-20
Malpas, William (a.k.a. Bill Malpas); with Helmuth H. Fischer
1992/93 International Gliding Camp (South Africa) (SSA in Action) [Expeditions], April, pages 4,6
Marrion, Cy
Thanks to Greater Boston (Soaring Club and It's Instructors) (Letter) [Clubs and Chapters; Credits/Appreciation], January, page 2
Marske, Jim
Auto Tow Procedures (Using a Line Tension Meter) (Letter) [Launching\Autotow], June, pages 2-3
Masak, Peter C. (a.k.a. Peter Masak)
Another Way to Control Costs (Letter) [Growth], March, page 3
Design of Winglets for Sailplanes [Winglets], June, pages 21-27
Success at the 15-Meter Nationals in Pennsylvania [Competitions\National], October, pages 27-29
Massey, Dale M.
He Values his Ground Crew (Letter) [Crewing], May, page 2
Mathis, Ted
You Can, If You Try! [Airports], May, page 7
McIntyre, Mike
Any SZD-24 Foka Owners Out There? (Letter) [Solicitations], May, page 7
McKittrick, Andrew (a.k.a. Andy McKittrick)
Getting Into The Spirit [Sailplanes\American Spirit and Spirit XL], July, pages 46-48
McMann, Don
Silent Too Long (Thanks to Instructors, Stop Arguing in Soaring) (Letter) [Credits/Appreciation; Publications], April, page 2
McMaster, Roy
Soaring in Iceland? [International\Sites], February, pages 42-45
McMaster, Scott
Quantitative Evaluation of Piper Pawnee Tow Plane Letdown [Launching\Towplanes], April, pages 22,24-25
Meier, Bill
The New Airspace Changes [Airspace], April, pages 38-41
Mercer, J.G.
This One (TJ. Mercer Solos Three Gliders) Was Busy (Letter) [Family], February, page 4
Merkens, Mark J.
When It All Began (Unclear for Todd Merkins' Solo at 14) (Letter) [Family; Youth], October, page 3
Mesiarik, George A.
Info on 2-33 Canopy (from LP Aero Plastics) (Letter) [Sailplanes\Schweizer\SGS 2-33], June, page 4
Messner, Bob
Sugarbush Starts Them Young (Ten Year-Old Walter Brink) (Letter) [Sailplanes\Cherokee], December, page 3
Meyer, Lt. Col. Ernest
CAP Offers a Thank You to Turf [Civil Air Patrol], July, page 4
Michaud, David C. (a.k.a. David Michaud)
POST Task Opinion (Letter) [Competitions\Post Tasks], December, pages 3-4
1993 Little Guys Meet (Blairstown) (SSA in Action) [Competitions\Non Sanctioned], December, page 16
Midwinter, Stewart
Soaring, (Hang Gliding, and Paragliding) Which Flavor Do You Like? [Hang Gliding], January, pages 36-39
Millar, Russell
Andrea Burgess [Obituaries], April, page 4
Mockler, Dick
Pursues Hilton Cup in Texas (Letter) [Cross Country Soaring], December, pages 2-3
TSA Annual Labor Day Race (SSA in Action) [Competitions\Non Sanctioned], December, pages 14,16
Moran, Wally
(Father and Son Mike Moran) Proud of Nutmeg Soaring (Letter) [Family], January, page 4
Morelli, Piero (a.k.a. P. Morelli)
World Class: Present Status and Expected Future Developments [World Class Glider], December, pages 20-23
Mulkins, William D.
Chasing Ghosts [Techniques\Thermals and Thermaling], June, pages 38-39

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Nady, Bob
Value of Clubs to SSA Membership (Club & Chapter Chatter), September, page 17
Methods of Starting Clubs (Club & Chapter Chatter), October, page 15
Accident Prevention Counselors and the Wings Program (Club & Chapter Chatter) [Safety\Accidents], November, page 10
Newsworthy Items of Club Activities (Club & Chapter Chatter), December, page 19
Negrin, Alan
He's found the Joy (at Ephrata, WA) (Letter) [Esprit de Corps], January, pages 3-4
Rising from the Ashes (SSA in Action) [World Class Glider], December, page 16
Nemecek, Bob
The Baby Bowlus Remembered (Letter) [Sailplanes\Baby Bowlus; History], May, page 7
Newill, David B. (a.k.a. David Newill, Dave Newill)
Boy Scouts Earn (EAA Young) Eagle Certificates (Letter) [Youth], November, page 3
Nicks, Oran W. (a.k.a. O. Nicks, O.W. Nicks, Oran W Nicks, Oran Nicks)
Update on World Class PW-5 (Letter) [World Class Glider], October, page 2
Addendum: Report on Visit to Poland to Review PW-5 Progress and Plans [World Class Glider], December, pages 23-24
Nieboer, Geoffrey C.
The Way It Is [Instruction], July, page 39
Nuse, George
Likes This Sport of Soaring (Letter) [Esprit de Corps], July, page 9

O     (up to table of contents)

O'Hallaron, Neil
Bob Eaton [Obituaries], August, page 18
O'Mahony, Charles (a.k.a. Charles "Chuck" O'Mahony, Chuck O'Mahony, Chuck O'Mahoney)
Soiree in Seattle (to the 1993 Convention) [Conventions], May, pages 19-22
Open Class Finisher Dropping Water, the US Team Group Shot, and the WGC-93 Logo (cover) [Cover], September, cover
Twenty-Third World Gliding Championships Borlange, Sweden [Competitions\World], September, pages 20-33
Oliver, Cliff
Wing Dropping During (Aerotow) Launch (Letter) [Launching\Aerotow], February, page 3
Owen, Blanton; with Peter A. Williams (a.k.a. Pete Williams and Peter Williams)
The Great American High Country Safari 1991 & 1992 Style (Nevada, Idaho, Wyoming, and Utah) [Expeditions], January, pages 25-35

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Packard, Mike
(1992) Region 12 (California City Airport) Contest Report (Soaring in Action) [Competitions\Regional], January, pages 14-15
Patrick, John
Great Memories (After 50 Years of Flying) Are Recalled (Letter) [Esprit de Corps], July, page 6
Pennycuick, Colin
Bird's Eye View [Birds], December, pages 28-31
Peseckas, Vytas
The Flying Catamaran (Letter) [Aerodynamics\Flight Tests; Sailplanes\Design], August, page 10
Peterson, Dale
(British Two Seater, Open Cockpit) What is It? (Letter) [International\Sites; Vintage Aircraft; Solicitations], June, page 4
Petmecky, Philip A. (a.k.a. Philip Petmecky, Phil Petmecky)
(Inexpensive Flight) Computers Now Available (Letter) [Instruments], February, page 4
Using Casio's Altimeter Watches (Letter) [Instruments], April, pages 2-3
Comments on (Auburg's) Tow Plane Procedure (Letter) [Launching\Aerotow], July, page 6
Young Eagle Flights (Letter) [Youth], October, page 6
Petry, Frances
Loren V. "Pete" Petry [Obituaries], May, page 14
Phillips, Tom
Thermal Sounds [Techniques\Thermals and Thermaling], October, pages 31-32
Pierson, Daniel (a.k.a. Danny Pierson, Dan Pierson)
VSA Information (on Vintage and Classics) (Letter) [Vintage Aircraft], October, pages 2-3
Pla, Jose Eduardo
Sailplane Program in the Argentine School of Naval Aviation [Instruction; International\Sites], May, pages 33-37
Plapp, Dieter (Derek) (a.k.a. Dieter Plapp)
Why This Fatal Accident? (Involving Helmut Reichmann) (Letter) [Safety\Accidents/Incidents], February, page 2
Pratt, Tom
Howard Zothner [Obituaries], May, pages 12, 14

R     (up to table of contents)

Raisanen, Wally
Future Contest Procedures [Competitions], February, pages 40-41
Reeter, Alan K. (a.k.a. Alan Reeter)
How We Choose Champions [Competitions\Post Tasks], May, pages 28-32
Reid, Frank
A Review of the Gliderport Management System (SSA in Action) [Computers and the Internet], February, page 10
Reid, Jayne
Bermuda is High on Soaring! (Lancaster County, SC) [Sites], August, pages 32-34
Richard, Robert H.
1993 Region III Championships (Harris Hill) (Soaring in Action) [Competitions\Regional], December, pages 12,14
Riddle, Robert B.
(Overseas Delivery) Too Late! (Letter) [Publications], October, page 3
Roake, John
News from New Zealand (SSA in Action) [International\Sites], July, page 16
Roarke, John; with Bob Henderson
1995 World Championships GPS Update (SSA in Action) [Instruments], December, page 14
Rubus, Gary
Soaring: Russian Style [International\Sites], March, pages 14-22
Rueda, Fernando J. (a.k.a. Fernando Rueda)
Help! (Needs New Glider Cost Data) (Letter) [Solicitations], January, page 3

S     (up to table of contents)

Sallee, Lloyd A.
New Mexico Wing 1993 Soaring Encampment (at Hobbs, NM) (SSA in Action) [Civil Air Patrol], November, pages 12, 14
Salvatore, Eugene
A Call For a Change (in Preflight Preparation) (Letter) [Preflight], February, page 3
Sanderson, Larry
The Young Eagles Program, SSA Joins Forces with EAA [Soaring Society of America\President's Report; Youth], May, pages 38-40
Santos, Francisco Ferraz
Early Release a Problem (Letter) [Maintenance and Improvements; Release Mechanisms], March, pages 2-3
Saudek, Victor M. (a.k.a. Victor Saudek, Vic Saudek, V.M. Saudek, V. Saudek)
Reunion at Bishop - After Four Decades (SSA in Action) [Techniques\Wave Flying; History], February, page 12
Saunders, Bill
Remembering a Special Day (with my Daughter as PIC) (Letter) [Family], July, pages 2-3
Schweizer, Paul A. (a.k.a. Paul Schweizer, P.A. Schweizer)
Robert C. "Bob" Kidder [Obituaries], March, pages 9-10
Sailplane Fleet Update (Letter) [Sailplane Production/Availability], June, page 4
Catherine P. Jones [Obituaries], June, page 11
Schweizer, Paul A. (a.k.a. Paul Schweizer, P.A. Schweizer); with Clarence See (a.k.a. C. See)
Lee Woods [Obituaries], July, page 12
Schweizer, W. Stuart (a.k.a. Stu Schweizer)
Nominations Sought for (Gross Sky Ghost) Award (SSA in Action) [Youth], February, page 10
Schwenk, John
Soaring the Vivat, L-13 SEH Motorglider, Letter to Moravia Newsletter [Motorgliders], May, page 8
Scott, Jan (a.k.a. J. Scott)
Reimar Horten [Obituaries], November, page 6
Scull, Bill
Designed by Men for Men [Cockpit], March, pages 34-37
See, Clarence (a.k.a. C. See); with Paul A. Schweizer (a.k.a. Paul Schweizer and P.A. Schweizer)
Lee Woods [Obituaries], July, page 12
Selinger, Peter F. (a.k.a. Peter Selinger)
Glasflugel Innovations and Three Jubilees [Sailplane Production/Availability], April, pages 14-17
Racing Class - a New Departure? (SZD-56 and LAK-17) [Aerodynamics; Sailplane Design], August, pages 30-31
Senn, Harry V. (a.k.a. Harry Senn, H.V. Senn)
Has Information to Share (SOARCONT, RAOB, DUAT Plea) (Letter) [Federal Aviation Administration (FAA); Computers and the Internet; Meteorology; Competitions], July, page 2
Short, Jim
FAA Action Plan Seeks General Aviation Partnerships (SSA in Action) [Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)], March, pages 10,12
Identification Plate Exemption Extended (SSA in Action) [Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)], June, page 11
Private Tow Pilot Exemption Renewed (SSA in Action) [Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)], June, page 15
SSA Responds to Threatened Taxes and User Fees (SSA in Action) [Federal Aviation Administration (FAA); Soaring Society of America], August, pages 12, 15-16
Sigurdsson, Jon
The Soaring Was Great (in Poprad Aeroclub Slovokia) (Letter) [International\Sites], March, page 3
Silengo, Jon
Ron Murphy in his Rollanden-Schneider LS-4a over Val-Air Soaring in Durango, CO (cover) [Sailplanes\Rolladen-Schneider\LS-4; Cover], August, cover
Simons, Martin (a.k.a. M. Simons)
Help on Slingsby (T-53 Information) Whereabouts (Letter) [Solicitations], September, page 3
Singleton, Billy J. (a.k.a. Billy Singleton, B.J. Singleton); with James E. Toombs
The Pilot Proficiency Program [Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)], April, page 37
Slater, Ed; with Gary Fogel
Torrey Pines Listed As Historic Place (SSA in Action) [Sites], July, pages 12,14
Smith, Sharon R. (a.k.a. Sharon Smith)
Weekend Warriors (at Dallas Love Field Static Display) (SSA in Action) [Exhibits/Displays/Fairs; Promotion], January, page 16
Smith, Steve
POST Task Discussion (Letter) [Competitions\Post Tasks], August, pages 9-10
Smith, Ted
Keith Jackson [Obituaries], January, pages 12,14
Smolen, Jim
(1992) Region 6 North Contest (Ionia, MI) (Soaring in Action) [Competitions\Regional], January, pages 16-17
Sperr, Douglas C.
Time Exposure of Spinning an ASK-21 above Turf Soaring School (cover) [Cover], October, cover
Sprankle, Jack L. (a.k.a. Jack Sprankle)
Start Them Young Like Eric Sprankle) (Letter) [Family; Sailplanes\Cherokee], January, page 10
Spratt, Charlie and Crews and Pilots
A Flight Through Time - The (1993 Mifflin Co, PA) 15-Meter Nationals in Amish Country [Competitions\National], October, pages 23-27
Spreckley, Gillian
In Bohemia's Woods and Mountains (or Adventures in Budweiser Land) [International\Sites], February, pages 24-26
Sproull, William C. (a.k.a. Bill Sproull); with Ed Byars
The SSA Eagle Program: Year 1! Looking to the Future of Soaring [Growth; Soaring Society of America], September, page 44
Starr, Sterling V. (a.k.a. Sterling Starr, S.V. Starr)
"Silent Wings At War, Combat Gliders in World War II" by John L. Lowden (New Books Reviewed) [Book Reviews], March, page 10
1000KM in the Sky! (Over the Sierra and White Mountains) [1000 Kilometer Flights], March, pages 42-45
Frank, Lou: 'To Spin, or Not To Spin' (that is the question..) - a life-saving alternative, April, pages 35-36
DuPont, Steve: Advocate of Spins (Letter), July, pages 6,8-9
Gibson, John C: Three Comments on April Issue (Letter), August, pages 4,6
Frank, Lou: Additional Discussion on Spins (Letter), October, page 10
Steckner, Michael
Questions Some SSF Reasoning (on Rudder Waggle Signal) (Letter) [Launching\Aerotow], January, pages 9-10
Steenblik, Jan W.
Nine Net Diamonds over Petersburg (WV) (SSA in Action) [Sites; Badges\Flights], June, page 15
Stephenson, Cyndi
SSA Announces Convention Sites for 1994, 1995, 1996 (Chicago, IL, Reno, NV, and Huntsville, AL) (SSA in Action) [Conventions], November, pages 7-8
Sternthal, Abby
Is Such a (Motorglider) Thing Possible? (Letter) [Motorgliders], March, page 4
Striedieck, Eric
A Word on Crazy Creek (Letter) [Sites], November, page 2
Striedieck, Karl H. (a.k.a. Karl Striedieck)
POST Scoring (Letter) [Competitions\Post Tasks], August, pages 2-3
Has Thought on (Elevator Hookup) Problem (Letter) [Preflight], November, page 3
Swinnich, James W. (a.k.a. James Swinnich)
NSM: Preserving the History You're Creating [National Soaring Museum], December, page 26

T     (up to table of contents)

Tabery, Ronald S. (a.k.a. Ron Tabery)
Hybrid Task (of Speed-Only POST) for Soaring Championships (Letter) [Competitions\Post Tasks], December, pages 4,9
Taylor, Clyde
(1992) Region V South Soaring Contest (Cordele, GA) (Soaring in Action) [Competitions\Regional], February, pages 16-17
Taylor-Barrett, Jane
The Tehachapi Wind Fair (SSA in Action) [Exhibits/Displays/Fairs], May, pages 9-10,12
Thelen, George
Undershoot-Overshoot, by Nathan Lemmon (Safety Corner) [Patterns and Landings], January, pages 45-46
Tow the Line, by Dick Flanagan (Safety Corner) [Launching\Aerotow], February, pages 50-51
Auto Tow, by Walter Gleason (Safety Corner) [Launching\Autotow], March, pages 50-51
Disconnect (of Elevators) (Safety Corner) [Safety\Preflight], April, pages 44-46
Open Spoilers-Again (Back By Popular Demand) (Safety Corner) [Safety\Preflight; Safety\Checklists], May, pages 42-44
Auto Tow Revisited, by Karl Allmendinger (Safety Corner) [Launching\Autotow], June, pages 43-45
Another View, by Gary Quast and Cynthia Donovan (Safety Corner) [Safety\Hotellier Fittings], July, pages 41-43
Choices and Options (Safety Corner) [Maintenance and Improvements; Parachutes], August, pages 43-45
a Visit to Sauerkraut Soaring Club (Safety Corner) [Literature\Fiction; Literature\Humor], September, pages 40-43
Late in the Day (Safety Corner) [Physiology; Motorgliders], October, pages 39-40
Sensory Overload (Stall/Spin in a 1-35), Sterling Starr (Safety Corner) [Safety\Physiology], November, pages 35-39
Fuzzy Logic for Soaring (Safety Corner), December, pages 43-44
Thomas, Al
(1993) Region 11 North Contest (Montague, CA) (Soaring in Action) [Competitions\Regional], December, pages 11-12
Thomson, Helen
You're Never Too Young (2-1/2 Year Old Bryce Thompson) (Letter) [Sailplanes\Cherokee], December, page 3
Thomson, Jay
Small (Spoilers Open) Light Works Well (Write for Details) (Letter) [Instruments], October, pages 7-8
Toombs, James E.; with Billy J. Singleton (a.k.a. Billy Singleton and B.J. Singleton)
The Pilot Proficiency Program [Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)], April, page 37
Turner, Ralph
Like Father, Like Son (Letter) [Family], January, page 9

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Valdata, Patricia (a.k.a. Pat Valdata)
Just Like a Hawk [Esprit de Corps], July, pages 18-21
Velarde, Elanor Klemperer; with Walter Klemperer
Thanks to All (Barnaby-Klemperer 100th AnnivCelebration) (Letter) [History; Conventions], June, page 2
Voltz, Fredrick (a.k.a. Fred Voltz)
A Prestigious Group of Pilots (Letter) [Seniors], August, page 9

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Walker, Luan and John
1992 1-26 Championships (Midlothian, TX) [1-26 Association; Sailplanes\Schweizer\1-26], January, pages 40-44
Walker, Steve
Bill Bartell Flying a Schempp-Hirth Ventus at 150 mph through the Finish Gate at the Sailplane Enterprises Annual Spring Sports Class Soaring Contest (cover) [Sailplanes\Schempp-Hirth\Ventus; Cover], December, cover
Wallace, David
Kudos to Cygnet [Sailplanes\Cygnet], May, page 4
Walter, Joe
What a Contest (the 1-26 Championships) (Letter) [1-26 Association; Sailplanes\Schweizer\1-26], October, page 3
Wander, Bob
SSA at Oshkosh Airshow (93) (SSA in Action) [Exhibits/Displays/Fairs], November, page 16
Wangsholm, Arne
Wire Launching (Three References to BGA Material) (Letter) [Launching\Winch], September, page 4
Weeper, William
Another Solution to Asembly Interruptions (Letter) [Safety\Preflight], September, page 2
Wells, Millard
Drop Him (86 Year Old John Nowak) a Line (Letter) [Seniors; Solicitations], January, page 2
Wiley, Earl
Additional Column Requested (of Newly Licensed Pilots) (Letter) [Publications], October, page 4
Willat, Karen
Red Hats No Answer (Letter) [Preflight], October, pages 8-9
Williams, Peter A. (a.k.a. Pete Williams, Peter Williams)
Minden Remains Active (at Douglas County Airport) (SSA in Action) [Airports; Sites], February, pages 13-14
Williams, Peter A. (a.k.a. Pete Williams, Peter Williams); with Blanton Owen
The Great American High Country Safari 1991 & 1992 Style (Nevada, Idaho, Wyoming, and Utah) [Expeditions], January, pages 25-35
Wipotnik, Lou
25 Years (a CFI) Celebrated (with Obtaining CFIG) (Letter) [Credits/Appreciation], June, page 8
Womack, Jackie
Sports Class (Really, with All That Equipment)? (Letter) [Competitions], September, pages 3-4
Wright, Martha
Input on Barograph Theft (Needed) (Letter) [Solicitations], January, page 10

Y     (up to table of contents)

Yama, Yasuhiro
Takashi Kato in an Inverted Flight Pilatus B4 at the Japan Shk Sports Exhibition at Hondo Airport (cover) [Cover], July, cover

Z     (up to table of contents)

Ziomko, Michael
"Soaring Pioneers Commemorated" (Barnaby and Klemperer) [History], June, pages 34-35

None     (up to table of contents)

1993 European Women's Gliding Championship (SSA in Action) [Competitions\International], January, page 12
DG-500M Now FAA Type Certified (SSA in Action) [Sailplanes\Glaser-Dirks], January, page 12
New Youth Soaring Scholarship Announced (SSA in Action) [Youth], January, page 14
Official Scoresheet Corrected for 1992 Standard Class Nationals (SSA in Action) [Competitions\National; Errata], January, page 17
International Wrap Up, 1992 (South African, German, French, Sweden, French Teams Announced, Trophies and Championships Announced) (SSA in Action) [Competitions\International], February, pages 7,9-10
Wally Wallington (SSA in Action) [Obituaries], February, page 10
National Soaring Foundation Announces (Jack Gomez Memorial) Soaring Award (SSA in Action) [AwardsTrophies; National Soaring Museum], February, page 13
Cygnet in Europe [World Class Glider; Sailplanes\Cygnet], February, pages 28,32-33
Borgelt B-100 Flight Data Computer GPS Receiver Option (New Products) [Instruments\Flight Computers], February, page 48
Giltner, Sam: 25 Years for Region 5 North (at Chester, SC) (Letter) [Competitions\Regional], March, page 2
Sky Sailing, Caesar Creek Top Recruiters in 1992 (SSA in Action) [Promotion], March, page 7
Additional Airworthiness Notifications (Grob Airbrakes & Glaser-Dirks Airbrake Controls) (SSA in Action) [Sailplanes\Glaser-Dirks; Sailplanes\Grob; Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)], March, page 8
Schempp-Hirth Elevator Control Rod Service Bulletin (SSA in Action) [Sailplanes\Schempp-Hirth\Duo Discus; Maintenance and Improvements], March, page 8
Special (Membership) Anniversaries (SSA in Action) [Soaring Society of America\Membership], March, pages 7,9
Solaire Assists (US) Aerobatic Team (SSA in Action) [Aerobatics], March, page 12
Youth Camp (at Pocono Mt. Airport) Makes Plan (SSA in Action) [Youth], March, page 12
Fly and Make the World Turn (August 1993 WGAC in Venlo, Netherlands) (SSA in Action) [Aerobatics], April, page 4
1992 Kolstad Winner Announced (David Graham) (SSA in Action) [Youth; Awards\Kolstad Scholarship and Awards], April, page 9
Maiden Flight of the Duo-Discus (SSA in Action) [Sailplanes\Schempp-Hirth\Duo Discus], April, page 12
Paul A. Schweizer, Co-Founder of Schweizer Aircraft, Awarded Honorary Doctorate (SSA in Action) [Awards], May, page 9
Schempp-Hirth Duo-Discus (Described) (SSA in Action) [Sailplanes\Schempp-Hirth\Duo Discus], May, page 12
STS Handheld Update (SSA in Action) [Equipment\Radios], May, page 14
NiCad Inserts for Airband Handheld (SSA in Action) [Equipment\Radios; Equipment\Batteries], June, page 10
Maintenance Manual Available for L'Hotellier Control Connectors (SSA in Action) [Hotellier Fittings; Maintenance and Improvements], June, pages 10-11
The Harris Hill Junior Member Program (SSA in Action) [Youth], June, pages 11-12
Call for 1995 (National) Contest Sites (SSA in Action) [Competitions\National], June, page 12
Oshkosh '93 (Help Solicited) (SSA in Action) [Exhibits/Displays/Fairs; Solicitations], June, page 15
Wx/Block System Gel Coat Protection (New Products) [Maintenance and Improvements], June, page 41
COMAV/SAFECO Takes Over SSA Insurance Program (SSA in Action) [Insurance], July, page 10
Australia Says No to Foreign Soaring Operations (SSA in Action) [International\Sites], July, pages 14-15
(1993) Australian Nationals Results (SSA in Action) [Competitions\Internationals], July, page 15
Annual Meeting of SSA Trustees (SSA in Action) [Soaring Society of America\Trustees], July, page 15
Motorgliders in Competition with Pure Sailplanes (SSA in Action) [Motorgliders], July, page 15
Wanted-European Organizer! (SSA in Action) [International], July, page 15
Lincoln Competition Announced (SSA in Action) [Awards\Lincoln; National Soaring Museum], August, page 12
Maiden Flight of the DG-800 (SSA in Action) [Sailplanes\Glaser-Dirks], August, pages 16-17
18-Meter Class in Germany (SSA in Action) [International], August, page 17
Hans Werner-Grosse Strikes Again (SSA in Action) [Records and Record Flights], August, page 17
The "SWIFT" (The Missing Link?) (SSA in Action) [Hang Gliding; Ultralights], August, page 17
First Young Eagle Takes Flight (with Gene Hammond) (SSA in Action) [Youth], August, page 18
(1993) Region 5 North Contest (Chester, SC) (Soaring in Action) [Competitions\Regional Action], August, pages 18-19
International News (SSA in Action) [International\Sites], October, pages 16,17-18
Bermuda High Soaring Celebrates First Anniversary at New Location with Neighbor Day and Mamber Day (SSA in Action) [Sites], October, pages 21-22
American Spirit Soars Over Arizona (SSA in Action) [Sailplanes\American Spirit and Spirit XL], October, page 22
First American Spirit Customer Sailplane Takes to the Air (SSA in Action) [Sailplanes\American Spirit and Spirit XL], October, page 22
SSA '94 Convention - Almost Chicago (SSA in Action) [Conventions], October, page 22
Young Eagle Announcement (Jarrod Briscoe in Photo) (SSA in Action) [Youth; Errata], November, page 6
International News, Dutch and Italian National Championships (SSA in Action) [Competitions\Internationals], November, page 15
World Glider Aerobatic Championships (Results from Veno) (SSA in Action) [Competitions\International; Aerobatics], November, page 15
Rudder Waggle Signal Adopted (SSA in Action) [Safety\Checklists; Communications], November, page 16
SSA at Oskosh (SSA in Action) [Exhibits/Displays/Fairs], November, page 16
(1993) Region 6 South Contest (Caesar Creek) (Soaring in Action) [Competitions\Regional], November, page 17
Group Genesis Design Team a Unique Synergy of Knowledge and Experience (SSA in Action) [Sailplanes\Genesis I], December, pages 10-11
Pricing for Genesis I Standard Class Sailplane (SSA in Action) [Sailplanes\Genesis I], December, page 11
Wright BrosCollection from Sporty's (SSA in Action) [Promotion], December, pages 16-17

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