Soaring Magazine Index for 1983 organized by section

Soaring Magazine Index for 1983 organized by section

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Accent on Clubs, Covers, Feature Articles, Homebuilder News, Homebuilders Hall, Letters, Maintenance and Projects, SSA in Action, Safety Corner, Teaching Soaring, Washington Update

Accent on Clubs
Michelle Silver, Outlanding at Caesar Creek, January, page 51
Michelle Silver, Mid-Georgia Soaring Association Octoberfest, January, page 51
Michelle Silver, Recognizing Volunteers, February, page 49
Michelle Silver, The Bluenose Soaring Club's Astir, February, page 49
Michelle Silver, Bernoulli Soaring Association Cross country Flying, February, page 49
Michelle Silver, 18th World Soaring Championships Sweepstakes Club fund-raising, March, page 42
Michelle Silver, Denver Soaring Council Budget, April, page 40
Michelle Silver, North Florida Soaring Society Maintenance of Club Aircraft, April, page 41
Michelle Silver, Clubs Entering World Soaring Championships Sweepstakes, April, page 43
Michelle Silver, 18th World Soaring Championship fund donations, Texas Soaring Association. Chicago Glider Club, Caesar Creek Soaring Club, Northern Colorado Soaring Club, May, page 49
Michelle Silver, New Clubs: Kent State University Flying Club, North Carolina State University Soaring Club, The Western Carolina Soaring Club, May, page 49
Michelle Silver, Owning your Own Gliderport, June, page 42
Michelle Silver, El Tiro Gliderport, Tucson, Hilltown, Philadelphia, Richmond Airport, Michigan, June, page 42
Michelle Silver, Higher Performance Club Ships, June, page 42
Michelle Silver, Caesar Creek Soaring Club's Annual Wright Memorial Glider Meet, July, page 52
Michelle Silver, Blackhawk Soaring Club announces Trans-Iowa Trophy, July, page 52
Michelle Silver, Region 12 Soaring Council organization, July, page 52
Michelle Silver, Long Island Soaring Association Student Training Program, July, page 52
Michelle Silver, SSA Recruitment Safari Results, August, page 50
Michelle Silver, Colorado Soaring Association Sets Season Goals, August, page 50
Michelle Silver, Colorado Regional Soaring Groups Meeting, August, page 50
Michelle Silver, Aero Club Albatross 1-26 Mini-Contest, August, page 50
Michelle Silver, National Soaring Week Revisited, October, page 44
Michelle Silver, Welcome to New SSA Chapters, October, page 44
Michelle Silver, Octoberfests, etc., October, page 44
Michelle Silver, Membership Recruitment, October, page 44
Michelle Silver, Taos Soaring Festival, October, page 45

Gary Sauer, AS-W 19 above the Grand Tetons, January
W. Schuemann and A. Aldott, ASW-12, February
Wolfgang Obst, Coming Home Late, March
Christopher Woods, AS-W 22's over Arizona, April
George Uvegas, Springtime Takeoff at Hemet, May
Peter Selinger, Glasflugel 404, June
George Uvegas, World Championships Impressions, July
Laszlo Horvath, Schweizer 2-32 over Sedona, Arizona, August
I. Andresen, Nimbus 3s in Formation, September
G. Edwards, 1-26 Championship, October
F. Mennitto, Sky at 1983 World Championships, November
Christopher Woods, Kestrel 17 and AS-W 22 over Nevada, December

Feature Articles
Norm Daike, Heber Jeepers, January, page 20
The 1982 U.S. National and Regional Champions, January, page 22
Bill Kilborn, Florida"s Flying Seminole Ranch, January, page 32
W.F. Kelsey, The Bowlus Baby Albatross, January, pages 34-36
David Shapiro, Hunting the Wild Turkey, January, page 41
Wil Schuemann, A New Wing Planform with Improved Low Speed Performance, February, page 16
Jack Lambie, Caught Short in the Shearllne, February, page 27
Helen Georgeson, The Westerlies Are On!, February, page 30
Barry Schiff, Stall/Spin Awareness, February, page 33
Richard H. Johnson, A Flight Test Evaluation of the Grob 103 Twin II, February, page 36
Bill St. Clair, The Learning Season, March, page 20
Howard E. Burr, The Aircraft of Volmer Jensen, March, page 26
C.D. Norman, A Thermalling Turn Indicator, March, page 30
Kenny Danielson, Going Bananas, March, page 32
Jan Scott, Sailplanes on the Test Track, April, page 16
Richard H. Johnson, A Flight Test Evaluation of the AS-W 22, April, page 22
Gren Seibels, Up on the Tip, April, page 32
The 1983 SSA International Soaring Convention, May, page 6
Jan Scott, Shopping for Motorgliders, May, page 20
A Matter for Your Attention, May, page 23
B. Youngblood, Catching A Florida Wave, May, page 25
James Foreman, The Accident That Nearly Happened, June, page 22
S.J. Winckler and F.P. Bundy, Rensselaer's "Homebuilt" RP-2, June, page 26
M.K. Chen and J.H. McMasters, (Part I) From Paleoaeronautics to Altostratus - A Technical History of Soaring (Part II), June, page 30
Move over George!, Move over Karl, June, page 36
Mike MacHat, Rigged!, June, page 40
James Foreman, Zia: A Place in the Sun, July, page 20
Bob Phillips, Striedieck Wins 15-Meter Nationals, July, page 24
Douglas Lamont, Hobbs: A Preview, July, page 30
Tom Knauff, The World's Longest Record Flight?, July, page 44
Gren Selbels, Region Five: Booming Lift, Bitter Cold, July, page 46
David W. Harris, An Ordinary Day at the Field, August, page 22
Robert Grey, Cordele 9, Gnats 0 at Standard Class Nationals, August, page 26
John Williamson, Go For The Gold, August, page 32
L. Gardner, P. Williams, and S. Hodd, Nimbus 3's Dominate '83 Open Nationals, August, page 34
Ann Welch, Stewards and the International Jury, September, page 32
Pat Valdata, Going For It!, September, page 42
J. Bright, The Freedom Falcon, September, page 48
H. Lawrence and T. Knauff, Safety - No Shortage of Ideas, September, page 52
Jack Greene, The 1983 1-26 National Championship, October, page 20
James Foreman, A Parable: He Who Complaineth..., October, page 34
Connie Linke, How to Make Dreams Come True, December, page 22
Gary L. Stokes, The Christmas Cloud, December, page 26
William C. Feldbaumer, Let the Fastest Pilot Win!, December, page 30
Jack Benedict, A Bite-Size Cross Country, December, page 36

Homebuilder News
Komet design by Kevin Renshaw, January, page 14
Tom Knauff, Homebuilt design by Kevin Renshaw, January, page 14
Centauri design by Richard Harrington, January, page 14
Donald Moore's Un-Named design, January, page 14
Freedom in Spirit design revisions, Freedom in Spirit, homebuilt design by David Reece, January, page 15
Excelsior, Homebuilt design by Chad Wille, January, page 15
Salute, homebuilt design by Richard Winkel, January, page 15
Homebuilt design by David Reece, January, page 15
Blue Wren, Australian homebuilt design, January, page 16
Extremely Easy, Irv Culver self-launched sailplane design, January, page 16
Rob Sjostedt's un-named high performance design, January, page 16
Solitaire, design contest winner, update, January, page 16
SSA design contest winner, update, January, page 16
Northeast Monerai Newsletter started, February, page 14
Marske Pioneer, February, page 14
Mike MacHat, Built by P. and R. Chevalier, February, page 14
George Applebay, Zia Production to Begin, February, page 14
Testing continued on SSA Homebuilt Sailplane Design Contest Winner, March, page 19
Vernon Oldershaw Elected Regional Vice President, SHA, April, page 11
Marty Hollman, New officers elected. Condor Motorglider, Freedom in Spirit Design, SHAp Talk, Freedom Falcon, Homebuilders Workshop, April, page 11
Bob Blaine Elected Secretary/Treasurer SHA, April, page 11
Dick Schreder Elected President of SHA, April, page 11
Homebuilt aircraft design revisions, April, page 11
Jim McCulloch Elected Regional Vice President SHA, April, page 11
Marty Hollman, Condor Motorglider Crashes, April, page 11
Fifth Annual SSA Sailplane Homebuilders Workshop, April, page 12
Freedom Falcon, homebuilt self-launch sailplane, described, April, page 12
Otto Zauner's Homebuilt Sailplane, April, page 15
Solitaire (Rutan) plans developments, May, page 15
Hollman Condor Production Plans Put Off, May, page 15
Windrose design features, May, page 16
Blue Wren, Australian Homebuilt Nears Completion, May, pages 18-19
Harold Huber, Homebuilt Distance Badge Flights on the Rise, May, page 19
German Man-Powered ship first flight, June, page 14
Harry's Handy Hardware, June, page 15
Harold Huber, 1983 Sailplane Homebuilders Workshop, July, page 7
Harold Huber, SSA Homebuilt Design Contest to be an Annual Event, July, page 12
FAA Circular Certification and Operation of Amateur-Built Aircraft, July, page 12
"Composite Aircraft Design", by Marty Hollman, July, page 12
Monerai Wing Spar Safety Notification, July, page 12
SSA Homebuilt Sailplane Design Contest to be an Annual Event, July, page 12
Oliver Suddard, NASA Tests Volmer Jensen's VJ24W Sunfun, July, page 16
Blue Wren Progress, August, page 10
Solitaire Plans and Distributors, August, page 10
Harold Huber, Sailplanes Homebuilder's Workshop Update, August, page 12
W.F. Kelsey, Thermite, Australian ultralight, December, page 14
Harold Huber, 1983 East and West Coast Homebuilders Workshops, December, page 14
Harold Huber, Attention, Lost Monerai Builders!, December, page 14

Homebuilders Hall
Richard H. Johnson, At Last: an Instrument That Reads Drag!, October, page 28

Harold Huber, Buying a homebuilt, January, page 2
remembrance, January, page 2
W.F. Kelsey, Internationals fund contribution, January, page 2
Color for Visibility, January, page 2
Strength vs. Age in Composites, January, page 5
Peschges VP2C Variometer, January, page 5
Cockpit Computers, January, page 5
Aerotow Emergency Signals, January, page 6
David Shapiro, Let's Hear It for Repairmen, February, page 2
Harry Higgins, The Nitty-Gritty on Dusty Thermals, February, page 2
L. Lutton, The Model Award Message: The Real Thing is Even Better, February, page 3
T. Page, The Triumph of Procedure over Function, February, page 3
T. Willson, Motorglider Competition Rules, February, page 3
Richard H. Johnson, The Trials and Tribulation of Starting a X-C School, February, page 4
S. Connor, Avoiding Inadvertant Blanik Outlandings, February, page 5
John McMasters, Measuring High L/D's-Like Verifying the Holy Ghost?, February, page 6
Wil Schuemann, The Johnson Flight Test Evaluations, March, page 2
C. O'Mahoney, Southwest Pennsylvania is Beautiful, Too, March, page 2
Mil Schuemann, Reply to Wing Planform and Flow Control, March, page 3
B. Selen, Wing Planform and Flow Control, March, page 3
A Verbose Miasma, March, page 4
J. Angenieux, The Tail Waggle's Meaning - More Than Meets the Eye, March, page 4
R. Voltz, Mimi, Nous t'aimons, March, page 5
B. Mouton, How to Get More Technical Coverage, March, page 6
A. Leffler, International Team Selection, March, page 6
E. Wiik, Getting Glider Tax Down, March, page 6
T. Elmore, More on Safety Color Marking, March, page 6
D. Lowy, Accident Reports Accident Reports, March, page 6
R. Clark, Watch for Brass Wire!, April, page 2
Alex Strojnik, The Schuemann View on Spanwise Flow, April, page 2
W. Hinote, The Schuemann View on Spanwise Flow, April, page 2
V.M. Saudek, Spontaneous Upwelling is A Lot Better Than Sink, April, page 3
J. Bryan, Soaring's Subject Mix: Another View, April, page 3
R. Gannon, Harth/Hirth Confusion, April, page 3
C. Coury, Can Zoom Data Measure Climb Performance?, May, page 2
Harry Higgins, It's a Devil of a Hot Issue, May, page 2
H.Y. Loken, More on Kevlar, May, page 2
W.L. Graham, Old Designs: Bring 'Em Back to Life, May, page 2
M. McFarland, Is Soaring Already Too Big?, May, page 3
D. Schuetzbert, Young is the Best Time to Start, May, page 3
A. Brooks, A Call for Exchange of Inside Scoop, May, page 4
What Puts Us At Risk: Flying or Pilots?, May, page 23
Wallace A. Scott, It's Bouquet Time, June, page 2
T. Pratt, How Rugged is Broken?, June, page 2
L. Zink, Pow! She Let Loose, June, page 3
B. Helvie, Strobe Light for Cloudy Gaggles, June, page 3
B. Wells, Thermal Finding Instruments, June, page 4
Frank Gross, Postcard From Yesterday, July, page 2
J. Angenieux, All Right, Students, For Today's Exercise..., July, page 2
J. Vach, Soviet Soaring Stamps, July, page 3
J.C. Stiles, The One-Percent Rule: It's Alive and Well!, July, page 999
John Joss, An Appeal from the Heart, August, page 2
L. Neyland, And What Is The Ship-Du-Jour?, August, page 3
B. Brose, A Little Clarification, August, page 3
I. Prue, A Short Note of Wisdom, August, page 4
N. Pocock, Anybody Seen a Smoke Ring thermal, August, page 4
Tasso Proppe, Birds of a Feather Sometimes Aren't, August, page 4
G. Speight, A Bi-Polar MacCready Ring?, September, page 2
P. Teunisse, To See Our Sites as Others See Us, September, page 2
E. Replogle, Don't Grope Around Inside!, September, page 3
J.L. Butler, What's With All This Wig-Wagging?, September, page 4
P. Williams, More Suggestions on Accident Prevention, September, page 4
C. O'Mahony, Wisdom Recollected in Tranqulllty, September, page 4
Frank Conner, After 16 Years!, September, page 4
V.M. Saudek, Some Pattern Wisdom from a Veteran, October, page 2
G. Kemp, The Perils of Parochialism, October, page 2
W. Catto, Whatever Happened to Standard Class?, October, page 2
E. Whitehead, Training Safety Means Learning To Do It Right!, October, page 3
L. Stephens, Who'd Like to Swap for New Zealand Soaring?, December, page 2
V. Frye, A Plea for Accident Reports, December, page 2
P. Newgard, Watch Out When Adjusting Varies, December, page 3
Karl Striedieck, Collisions: Paint Won't Help the View, December, page 3
H. Nixon, Off-Field Landings Can't be Forbidden, December, page 3
R. Boulware, Virginia Honors du Pont Flight, December, page 3
H. Damron, Another Smoke Ring Sighted, December, page 4
Stephen DuPont, Remember, Pilots: It May Spin You, Unknown, page 999

Maintenance and Projects
Les Sebald, Annual Inspections, February, page 46
Les Sebald, Radios A Beam Antenna - for the Crew, March, page 39
Les Sebald, Variometer Systems - Some Checks, April, page 36
Les Sebald, Hotellier Control Rod Coupling Safety Link, June, page 44
Les Sebald, What About Safety?, June, page 44
Les Sebald, How to Protect Your Gold and Diamonds, July, page 50
Les Sebald, A Potpourri of Special Tips, September, page 56
Stephen DuPont, Variometers Misbehaving?, October, page 41

SSA in Action
Medical Certificates and Experimental Aircraft, January, page 8
Motor Gliders and Pilot Certification, January, page 8
Buck-a-Mile fundraising, January, page 9
Bernald S. Smith, An Insurance Alert, January, page 9
18th World Soaring Championships, Sweepstakes, January, page 9
Schweizer SGM 2-37 motorglider test flight, January, page 10
U.S. Team Member Eric Mozer, January, page 11
1984 SSA Calendar photo submissions, January, page 12
Accepts Kolstad Junior Soaring Award Contribution, January, page 12
T. Claude Ryan, in Memoriam, January, page 13
Reg Deconti, New DG-300 Announced, January, page 13
"The Story of Cowley" by Ursula Burton, January, page 18
No Medicals Required, February, page 8
SSA Directors Election Results, February, page 8
Motorgliders and Pilot Certification, February, page 8
Top Pilots Seeded, February, page 9
News from Hobbs, February, page 9
Meet the Team - Dick Butler, February, page 10
XVIIIth OSTIV Congress Call for Papers, February, page 11
Carbon Fiber Repairs, February, page 12
Kevan Corder, in Memoriam, February, page 13
Carle Conway, in Memoriam, February, page 13
John Dezzutti, Let's Be Careful Out There: Executive Director's Report, March, page 8
John Dezzutti, SSA Bronze Badge Announced, March, page 8
John Dezzutti, World Championships News, March, page 8
Michelle Silver, 1983 Women's Cross-Country Soaring Seminar, March, page 9
Douglas Lamont, Editorial Changes, March, page 10
J. Bell, SSA Sailplane Directory planned, March, page 10
Bernald S. Smith, 1983 International Soaring Convention Schedule, Reno, March, page 12
Michelle Silver, International Figures at SSA CFI Clinic, March, page 14
J. Bell, SSA/AIAA Design Contest, March, page 16
Michelle Silver, Taking a Friend to Launch-Join the SSA Recruitment Safari, March, page 16
Dick Butler, Flying Wing Design, Winner of SSA/AIAA Design Contest, with 3-view, March, page 17
J. Bell, Callisto, SSA/AIAA Design Contest Winner from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, March, page 17
Archer Martin, Nominate Someone for the Lincoln Award, March, page 18
VSA Seeks WWII Glider Information, March, page 37
N. Faulkner, "Practical Wave Flying" by Mark Palmer, March, page 37
V.M. Saudek, Harold Huber, in Memoriam, March, page 38
John Dezzutti, Attention: FAR's Revisited, April, page 4
Already in the Worlds, April, page 4
Michelle Silver, Soaring Youth Camps in Germany, April, page 4
The Soaring Symposium is Back, April, page 4
Wow! What a Job! Doug and Lianna Lamont, April, page 5
C. Valdez, Physiological Training, April, page 5
Michelle Silver, Meet the Team - Tom Beltz, April, page 6
SSA Membership Recruitment Safari, April, page 8
1983 SSA Women's Cross-Country Soaring Seminar, April, page 10
1983 Sailplane Directory Planned, May, page 12
Directory of U.S. Soaring Sites and Organizations, May, page 12
Meet the Team - Ray Gimmey, May, page 12
SSA Membership Recruitment Safari, May, page 12
Fifth Annual Women's Cross-Country Soaring Seminar, May, page 13
18th World Soaring Championships Sweep stakes Winner, June, page 6
Licensing Experimental Aircraft, June, page 6
Meet the Team - Karl Striedieck, June, page 7
Hobbs Update: Contestants Galore!, June, page 7
Meet the Team - George Moffat, June, page 7
Wave Soaring into the Stratosphere, June, page 8
Manufacturer's Airworthiness Directives AS-W 15 AD Note, June, page 8
Working Together - SSA and Business Members, June, page 8
New Region Eight 300km Trophy Race, June, page 9
Use of SSA Membership List, June, page 9
Gunter Voltz, Distance Prize: A Soaring Vacation in Nevada, June, page 10
On Approaching A Safe Arrival, June, page 11
SSA Membership Recruitment Safari, June, page 11
1984 Nationals Site Sought, June, page 11
B. Said, "Stalls, Spins and Safety" by Sammy Mason, June, page 16
Bernald S. Smith, Reno '83: Thank You All, June, page 19
John Dezzutti, Pilot Proficiency Program, July, page 4
A Little Identification, Please, July, page 7
Aerobatics, Anyone?, July, page 7
Connie Linke, Account of Record Flight Wins Lincoln Award: Lamonts Honored by Harris Hill Resolution, July, page 8
Lamonts Honored by Harris Hill Resolution, July, page 8
Robert Gannon, Account of Record Flight Wins Lincoln Award, July, page 8
SSA Membership Recruitment Safari, July, page 9
Vintage An Anniversary Safari, July, page 11
1000 km Across the Alps, July, page 11
How Can You Determine Whether the Center of Gravity is Within Limits?, July, page 12
SSA Membership Recruitment Safari, August, page 6
Ray Gimmey, in the Interest of Accuracy, August, page 6
Identity Quiz, Haller Hawk, August, page 6
Hobbs Bulletin, August, page 6
VSA News, August, page 6
To What Depths Should You Sink?, August, page 7
How Much Angle Do You Have in the Bank, August, page 9
Free Recruitment Poster, August, page 10
Region Eight Contest, August, page 12
Region Eleven South Contest, August, page 14
Region Nine Contest, August, page 17
How Much Speed Do you Need to Succeed?, September, page 6
How Many Ways Can the Start be Stopped?, September, page 6
Now Hear This: Everybody Check Your Listing, September, page 6
How Many Ways Can The Start Be Stopped?, September, page 8
Region 12 Diamond Banquet, September, page 8
Frank E. Connor, A High-Altitude High, September, page 8
B. Weathers, Region Eleven North Contest, September, page 11
Gene Hammond, Region Seven Contest, September, page 15
Board of Directors Summer Meeting, October, page 4
Regional Directors Elections, October, page 4
New SSA Governor for Maryland, October, page 5
Safety Notes from Here And There, October, page 5
Defeating The Wind When you Want To, October, page 6
How Can a Few Pounds Bend Your Bird?, October, page 6
Homebuilt Sailplane Design Contest, October, page 9
Practice Makes Perfect, October, page 9
Don't Be Surprised, October, page 10
SIB: Airworthiness Directives An AD on the Standard Cirrus, October, page 10
Burton Solomon, An AD on the Standard Cirrus, October, page 10
Call for Papers, October, page 10
Advertising News, October, page 11
Big Changes in Aeronautical Charts?, October, page 11
J. Harvey, Region One Contest, October, page 12
J. Brennan, Region Four Contest, October, page 15
S. Colton, Region Twelve North Contest, October, page 16
B. Leonard, Region Ten North Contest, October, page 40
Bob Grey, Region Five South Contest, October, page 40
Executive Director Resigns, December, page 6
John Dezzutti, Contest Numbers Again, December, page 7
New State Governor, December, page 7
John Dezzutti, Airspace Going, Going, December, page 7
1984 SSA Flight Instructors Revalidation Clinic, December, page 8
SSA Membership at a Record High, December, page 8
Glider Camp Solos 22 CAP Cadets in Hawaii, December, page 10
Soaring Monument Snaffled, December, page 10
Category One Pilots, December, page 10
Gene Hammond, How Close To The Ground Do You Want To Be Found, December, page 11
When You Hang Out The Trash and Garbage, What Does It Actually Do?, December, page 11
Joann B. Shaw, Records Galore!, December, page 12
J. Sinclair, Region Eleven Sports Contest, December, page 14
Bruce Carmichael, Book Review "Low Power Laminar Aircraft Design", by Alex Strojnik, December, page 14
J.L. Butler, Region Six Contest, December, page 16
J. Reinhardt and R. Schuetzeberg, Region Ten South Contest, December, page 20
J. Holbrook, Region Four South Contest, December, page 20

Safety Corner
S. Davies, It's the Breaks, The Brakes, That Is, April, page 45
Tom Knauff, Fan That Rudder, May, page 44
Stephen DuPont, I Know What It Says, but What Does It Mean?, July, page 53
T. Williams, Schweizer 1-34s - Hard Landings Can be Costly, August, page 44

Teaching Soaring
W. Torke, Teach Them To Be Adaptable, June, page 46

Washington Update
No Medicals Required, February, page 8

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