Soaring Magazine Index for 1984 organized by section

Soaring Magazine Index for 1984 organized by section

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Accent on Clubs, Covers, Feature Articles, Homebuilder News, Letter, Maintenance and Project, Maintenance and Projects, SSA in Action, Safety Corner, Turnpoints

Accent on Clubs
Bronze Badge #1, January, page 46

Ron Burda, 2-33 Over San Francisco, January
Harald Millgard, PIK-20 over Kebne Mountains in Sweden, February
Doug Shane, Solitaire in Flight, Mojave, California, March
Sander Veenstra and Les Horvath, Ventus B over Sedona, Arizona, April
William B. Dehon, Jr., Astir Looping Over Florida, June
Two Views Of The Standard Class Discus, July
Jeffrey Maki, 1-26 Over Torrey Pines, California, August
Roger Schert, Ka-6 on Runway at Ridge Soaring Gliderport, Pennsylvania, September
Jim Dingess, Grob G-103 and Schweizer 1-36 over Tehachapi, California, October
Schweizer 1-35 in Flight, November
Louis Stur, Cirrus and the Grand Tetons, December

Feature Articles
Richard H. Johnson, A Flight Test Evaluation of the Grob G-102 Club IIIB, January, page 18
Al Blackburn, Redlining on the Ridge, January, page 24
Bert Schmutzhart, Flying the SCH-1, January, page 28
Tom Knauff, PT3 - Premature Termination of the Tow, January, page 34
Terry Frazier, SOARATHON, February, page 14
William G. Hill, The Has-Been, February, page 16
Oran W. Nicks, Drag Awareness, February, page 20
Harald Millgard, The Wonderful Waves of Sweden, February, page 28
Robert Gaines, A Little ELAN, If You Please, February, page 30
Einar Enevoldson and Marta Bohn-Meyer, The Rutan Solitaire, March, page 24
Bob Said, Stalls - The Deeper, The Worse, March, page 32
Bob Said, The 1984 SSA International Convention, April, page 16
Richard H. Johnson, A Flight Test Evaluation of the 16.6-Meter Ventus, April, page 20
Peter Newgard, Total Energy: Problems and Solutions, April, page 31
Marie-Claude Pasquier and Patricia Valdata, Two Close Calls, April, page 38
Dr. Joachim P. Kuettner, The 2000 Kilometer Wave Flight!, May, page 14
George J. Thelen, Through the Hoops to Hobbs, May, page 20
James M. Payne, Spins, May, page 27
Richard Benbough, The Convertible Albatross, May, page 36
Virgil Paggen, Build and Fly Monerai, June, page 14
Wil Schuemann, Water, Water Everywhere, June, page 20
Frank R. Gross, The Cadet Glider, June, page 28
John Wolcott, How To Crash a Glider, July, page 12
Val Brain, Soaring and Stress, July, page 17
Dr. Paul MacCready, Soaring Aerodynamics of Frigate Birds, July, page 20
Dr. Scott A. Jenkins, First Glass At Estrella, July, page 24
Peter Riedel, The False World Record, July, page 30
Jim Foreman, Don't Forget Your OLK, July, page 34
Roger Clark, 509-Mile Task Highlights 1984 Open Class National Championship, August, page 20
Eric E. Durance, A Close One At Foster's Farm, August, page 28
William M. Berle, Airports Are Where You Find Them, August, page 32
Richard H. Johnson, A Flight Test Evaluation Of An LS-4a, September, page 14
Henry Combs, That Beautiful Mountain and Her Sinister Trap, September, page 20
Al Santilli, The 1984 1-26 Championships, September, page 26
Geoff Steele, Ancient Sailplanes Are Alive And Well, September, page 34
John Joss, The 1984 15-Meter Class U.S. National Championships, September, page 38
Bob Said, The 1984 Hilton Cup Soaring Camp, October, page 16
Sharon Austin, The 1984 Standard Class U.S. National Championships, October, page 28
Alex Strojnik, Improving The Constant-Chord Wing, October, page 36
Doug Jacobs, A Contest Pilot Reports On Flying The Discus, November, page 14
Stan Hall, Judging The Homebuilt Sailplane Design Competition, November, page 30
Edward Ward Hindman, Anatomy Of A Wave Flight, November, page 45
Catherine Cookson, The 1984 Women's Soaring Seminar, November, page 50
A.M.O. Smith, The Possibilities Of Laminar Flow Control, December, page 18
Bob Said, A Pilot Reports On Flying Windrose, December, page 24
James M. Payne, Low, Skidding Turns; Why The Fuss?, December, page 38

Homebuilder News
April, page 8
Sander Veenstra, April, page 8
Dick Schreder, April, page 8
Cindy Brickner, Sixth Year For SHA Workshops, July, page 6
Bob Said, Windrose Is Up And Going, August, page 18
SHA Workshops. Final Sandings, August, page 36
Larry Sanderson, Those Aussies Are Going For It!, October, page 12

Eric Coleson, Crosswind Landings; Faster Is Better, January, page 2
Stephen M. Herit, And Another (Accident Reports), February, page 2
Charles Coury, One for Accident Reports, February, page 2
Stephen DuPont, You Can Bank On These Words of Wisdom, February, page 2
Irv Prue, Standard Pattern Approach to Landing, February, page 3
Richard H. Johnson, A Word to The Wise, March, page 2
R.E. Schreder, Why Positive Control Checks Are Vital, March, page 2
Tony Alert Burton, It Might Happen To You!, March, page 3
Edward G. Kurdziel, One More Fan of Accident Reports, March, page 6
Garey Hudson, in Defense of AS-W 20's, April, page 3
Ivan Jasczlics, The Bank: What's Your Angle?, April, page 6
Karl Striedieck, Safety Note, AS-W 19/20, May, page 2
Dieter Althaus, Drag Probe Rake Design, May, page 3
Wm. C. Feldbaumer, More on TET Scoring, May, page 3
Eric Coleson, Crosswind Landings; Faster Is Better, June, page 2
Cass Sumrall, An Alternative to Contests, June, page 5
E. Douglas Whitehead, MD, An Open Letter, June, page 6
John Joss, Over the Top, July, page 2
Bernald Smith, Official Statement on Accident Reports, August, page 2
Bob Matheny, First of a Series?, August, page 3
Wally Scott, After All These Years., August, page 4
Walter Schneider, On Measuring Sailplane Performance, September, page 2
J.J. Sinclair, And Again., October, page 3
Geoff Drought, We Has Met The Enemy, And They Is, October, page 3
Lars Helmerson, More On Birds And Thermals, November, page 6
Richard Tuttle, A Friend Remembered - John Lendved, November, page 8
Walter von Oettingen, Another Libelle With An Unconnected Aileron, December, page 2

Maintenance and Project
Les Sebald, Hangar Talk, July, page 38

Maintenance and Projects
Stan Hall, Tips on the Use of Dacron Covering, January, page 42
Stan Hall, The Stits Procedure, February, page 46
Tom Cooper, Beating The High Cost Of Speed Rings, March, page 53
Richard H. Johnson, Sailplane Maintenance and Flight Improvement Suggestions, May, page 41
Microphone Amplifier Correction, December, page 3

SSA in Action
A Melding of Minds- The SSA CFI Revalidation Clinic, January, page 4
SSA Directors Election Results, January, page 4
Action in Hungary, January, page 8
The 1983 U.S. National and Regional Champions, January, page 14
A Technical Bulletin on the LS-4 and 4a, February, page 8
Magazine Staff Change, February, page 33
Eaglet Newsletter, February, page 34
Fourth European Motorgliding Meet, March, page 8
New Oregon State SSA Governor - Marty Howard, March, page 8
New Barograph Calibration Laboratory, March, page 8
Homebuilder News, March, page 12
Is This An SSA First-Ever in the World of Soaring?, March, page 16
That Sinking Sensation, March, page 36
The Fifteen-Meter LS-6, March, page 40
April, page 8
Sander Veenstra, April, page 8
Dick Schreder, April, page 8
Hilton Opens Cup Contest To American Pilots, April, page 9
Cross-Country Soaring, April, page 44
SSA XC/Racing Camp, May, page 6
Kolstad Scholars Named - Brad T. Weals and Steven Leonard, May, page 7
XC/Racing Camp Update, June, page 8
A New Standard Class Ship From Schempp-Hirth, June, page 8
An AD On 'Chutes, June, page 8
1984 Women's Soaring Seminar, June, page 9
An Important Question - Membership Questionnaire, June, page 9
Homebuilder News, June, page 27
Homebuilders Workshops And Design Contest, June, page 37
New Advisory Circular, July, page 8
An AD On Grob G-102's, July, page 8
Avoiding Control Attachment Problems, July, page 9
FAI Class Definitions, August, page 8
Nominations For SSA Board Of Directors, August, page 8
One You Won't See Soon!, August, page 9
Win a Trip to the 1985 SSA Convention in San Diego, August, page 9
New - and Bigger- From Glaser-Dirks, August, page 10
A Long One in Canada, August, page 11
A New Two Seater: Not Glass, Not European!, August, page 11
Around-The-World Non-Stop Airplane, August, page 16
Another Soaring Hall of Famer - Richard E. Schreder, August, page 17
SHA Workshops. Final Sandings, August, page 36
Homebuilder News, August, page 36
Another Way To Guard Against Bent Birds, August, page 41
NESCO Is Back With Us, August, page 41
Design Contest Judging Policy, September, page 6
With a Cloud of Dust and a Mightly Hi-Ho Schweizer!, September, page 6
Region 6 South Championships, September, page 12
An Emergency AD on PIKs, October, page 9
New SSA Officers, October, page 9
Hal M. Lattimore, New SSA Officers, October, page 9
Larry Sanderson, SSA Executive Director Welcomes Challenging Future, October, page 10
Larry Sanderson, Those Aussies Are Going For It!, October, page 12
Paul A. Schweizer Receives NAA Award, October, page 14
Region Three Championships, October, page 41
Candidates For SSA Board of Directors, November, page 10
An AD on AS-W 19's, November, page 11
July 1984 Accident Figures, November, page 19
Woodstock Wins Sailplane Homebuilders Association Design Contest, November, page 20
Microphone Amplifier Correction, December, page 3
Candidates For Region 1 Director, December, page 10
Soaring Accidents for August, 1984, December, page 11
Convention Menu A Soaring Feast, December, page 11
An AD on AS-W 15's, December, page 12
Another Approved Calibration Lab, December, page 12
Test Pilots Honor Veteran Soaring Pilot Who Helped Start It All On The Wasserkuppe, December, page 13
1984 Membership Drive Concludes, Soaring Society Hits New High, December, page 14

Safety Corner
Phillip Ramsden, Don't Camouflage Your Sailplane!, January, page 47
O.A. Benson, Flying Safety Is More Attitude Than Altitude, March, page 49
Jean-Paul Weiss, Bailing Out? Spoilers Out!, May, page 34
Gene Hammond, Sandy McAusland, Bruce Helvie, and Gernot Neubauer, The Case For Lighting Up, July, page 42
Ed Replogle, Games People Play, August, page 42

Gren Seibels, Let's Not Pass Up Any Bets!, January, page 16
Gren Seibels, What's Up?, March, page 42
Gren Seibels, Manners Aloft, April, page 42
Gren Seibels, Caution Signals, July, page 40
Gren Seibels, A Voice in The Wilderness, August, page 44
Gren Seibels, Onward And Upward, September, page 32
Gren Seibels, The Learning Curve, October, page 42
Gren Seibels, Nostalgia: Not What It Used To Be, December, page 32

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