Soaring Magazine Index for 1982 organized by section

Soaring Magazine Index for 1982 organized by section

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Accent on Clubs, Covers, Feature Articles, Homebuilder's Hall, Homebuilder News, Homebuilders News, Letters, Maintenance and Projects, Overseas News, SSA in Action, Safety Corner

Accent on Clubs
Michelle Silver, Color codes at Caesar Creek, "Norbies", Living with soaring. Big Brother in soaring, January, page 48
Michelle Silver, Insurance rates and club safety, Texas Explorer Post building and flying, February, page 48
Michelle Silver, Field ownership and improvements by clubs, March, page 43
Silver M., Club secretary, training camps and club contests, June, page 3
Ray M. Galloway, Soaring in North Carolina, July, page 38
Michelle Silver, Towtime costs. Birds of a feather. Pig and Pilot Roast, August, page 49
Michelle Silver, Soaring in North Carolina, Low costs at Wichita, September, page 45
Michelle Silver, Regional Soaring Council's Fall Report, December, page 54

Sandor A. (Alex) Aldott, Nimbus 2 flown by Al Leffler at Mt. Whitney, January
Wolfgang Obst, 1-26 and Larry Barrett in a loop, February
E. Ferorelli, The Appalachian Ridge, March
Karl Striedieck, Argentina contest site; Pampas, April
Zanonia over Torrey Pines, VSA Archives, May
Sandor A. (Alex) Aldott, 1-26 flown by Wally Scott, June
A. Schug, Komet IV painting, July
Pat Storch, Solitaire, by Burt Rutan, August
Wolfgang Obst, 1-35 and Ann Nielsen, September
Duncan Gillespie, Nimbus 2 and Sam Francis, Vermont, October
B. Anderson, Blanik over San Diego, November
Sandor A. (Alex) Aldott, Cover photo, December

Feature Articles
Grenville (Gren) Seibels, The Winter Complaint, January, page 14
Douglas Lamont, SSA's Golden Anniversary, January, page 17
The 1981 U.S. National and Regional Champions, January, page 22
Peter Roemer, Marty, Bruce, and I at Taos, January, page 28
Stanley Hall, Wing Torsion Testing, January, page 34
Frank Gross, The The Akron Condor, January, page 41
Leonard Roy McMaster, The ABC Flight Training Program and Soaring Achievement Award Program, February, page 14
John Robinson, Henry Stiglmeier, H. Fischer, With Their Heads in the Clouds, reprint, February, pages 15-19
Roy Bourgeois, Landing Out and The Law, February, page 21
Alex Strojnik, Building the S-2 Powered Sailplane, February, page 22
Tom Jewett, Big Bird's Big Flight, February, page 36
Marion S. Griffith, Jr., 645 Miles in a 604, February, page 41
George J. Vakkur, A Strip Map of the Appalachian Ridges, March, pages 16-17
Eddie Allen, En Avant! Eddie Allen and the American Machine at Clermont-Ferrend in 1922, March, page 27
Richard H. Johnson, 1-36 Sprite (Schweizer) A Flight Test Evaluation of the Schweizer 1-36, March, page 36
Martin Hollman, Hatching a Condor, March, page 40
George E. Williams, The Pink Maiden, April, page 17
Karl Striedieck, Argentina Previsited, April, page 22
Victor M. Saudek, Soarfing, April, page 26
James Foreman, You, Too, Can Fly the U-2, April, page 28
Donald W. Aitken, Sailplane Par Excellence, April, page 41
Gren Seibels, Over My Shoulder, May, page 22
Paul A. Schweizer, Schweizer Highlights Through the Years, May, page 25
H.E. Burr, Reflections on Early National Contests, May, page 31
John Dezzutti, SSA Today, May, page 36
P.B. MacCready, Understanding Speed-To-Fly and the Speed Ring, May, page 42
Alcide Santilli, Harland Ross, The Man I Knew, May, page 48
Michelle Silver, Clubs in SSA History, May, page 53
Bertha M. Ryan, An Overview of the Development of Soaring, May, pages 62-64
Richard H. Benbough, The Paper Wing Bowl us Sailplane, May, pages 84-85
Lloyd Licher, SSA's Growth Years, May, page 91
Wallace A. Scott, The Preparation and Execution of Long Distance Flights, June, page 14
Albert W. (Al) Blackburn, Practice Imperfect, June, page 22
Richard H. Johnson, A Flight Test Evaluation of the Ventus B, June, page 26
William Malpas, Revolting Pilots and the Speed Triangle, June, page 34
Eugart Yerian, The Memphis Mystique, July, page 17
John McMasters and Robert (Bob) Lamson, The Flight Research Institute: A History and Status Report, July, page 24
G. Worthington and T. Proppe, Flying the Wanderer, July, page 30
Cynthia Sutor, Release!, July, page 31
James L. Butler, The Air Data Nationals, August, page 14
T. Willson, Into Aladdin's Cave, August, page 17
Kevin Renshaw, Pacifying the Pacific D-8, August, page 22
Michelle Silver, A Visit to Vacaville and Warner Springs, August, page 26
Ron Ogden, My Barograph is for Sale, August, page 28
Gunter Voltz, The Joy of Being on a Committee, August, page 30
Frank M. Boykin, Soaring Above the Arctic Circle, August, page 32
Harner Selvidge, Footprints in Concrete, August, page 41
Ted E. Sharp, Experiences of the Treasurer, August, pages 41-44
Jim McCulloch, Pick a Soft Tree, September, page 17
Berthold J. Schmutzhart, Building the SCH-1, September, page 24
Robert Lee Moore, Big Martini's Triumph, September, page 28
D. Dwiggins, Wrong Before Wright, September, page 41
Robert (Bob) Blaine, Dear Fifinella, where are you?, October, page 27
Douglas Jacobs, 1982 U.S. National 15-Meter Class Championships, October, page 37
Michelle Silver, The Barron Hilton Cup Soaring Camp, November, page 15
Marion S. (Sherman) Griffith, II, The 49th U.S. National Open Class Soaring Championships, November, page 23
Patricia Valdata, The 1982 SSA Women's Soaring Seminar, November, page 32
Douglas Lamont, A Narrative Editorial, November, page 35
Douglas Lamont, Speaking of the Solitaire, December, page 12
Richard H. Johnson, A Flight Test Evaluation of the Nimbus 3, December, page 18
Jack Greene, The 17th 1-26 Championships, December, page 26

Homebuilder's Hall
Stanley Hall, in Defense of the Rectangular Wing for Simple Sailplanes, September, page 34

Homebuilder News
Mark Smith, Wanderer, January, page 12
Tim Weakley, Sierra Monarch, January, page 13
Burt Rutan, Design Entry - Solitaire, March, page 12
Sailplane Design Contest Status, May, page 75
Elton Ballas, New design ship from HP series, May, page 75
Elton Ballas's ship, May, page 75
John (Jack) Olson, The Snap-2, painting, May, page 77
C. Willie, Excelsior, photo and news, June, page 13
Richard Schreder, The HP-21 Introduced, August, page 11
R. Blaine, Aeolus, modified Pratt-Read, September, page 13
L. Dewart, Pacific D-8, October, page 11
Tim Weakley, Sierra Monarch, October, page 11
Arrow 3-view, December, page 46

Homebuilders News
Richard Schreder, HP-19 and HP-20 Three Views, February, page 12

Frank Conner, More on the 1-26 Championships, January, page 2
Tom Kreyche, Hang Gliders We're All Sharing the Same Thermals, January, pages 2,
M. Bradney, Australian Invitation, January, page 3
Charlie Spratt, A Letter From Charlie Spratt, January, page 3
Bernald Smith, Crash Flying and Oblique Cautions, January, page 3
Klaus Holighaus, Check Out Stories, January, page 4
Robert Lee Moore, Motorglider Competition Anyone?, January, page 4
John Bovee, Soaring Torrey Pines: Farewell and Hello Again?, February, page 2
David L. Bigelow, Separate Insurance for Competition?, February, page 5
Emil Kissel, Micrometeorological Collaboration, February, page 5
Eric (Herb) Mozer, Championships Story: The Intent Was Good, February, page 5
James Marske, A Self-Launched Monarch: Pros and Cons, February, page 6
D. Martin, "Junk Aircraft": in the Eye of the Beholder?, February, page 7
Erwin Hauer, Condor Sculpture: An Act of Advocacy, March, page 2
Thomas Knauff, Weak Links, Competition Crashes, March, page 3
Werner Ellenberger, A Must: Stick Forward on Winch Launch, March, page 3
Allan E. MacNicol, Get Your Badges the Old-Fashioned Way: Earn Them ... Alone, March, page 3
Edward J. Reeves, The U.S. Team Fund, March, page 3
J.S. (Rusty) Ruskiewicz, 3rd Day Paderborn Finishes, March, page 3
Bob Rodwell, in Behalf of the Bungee, March, page 4
Thomas Stoops, Help For Contest Organizers, March, page 4
Simine Short, First U.S. Soaring Airmail Postal Card,, April, page 2
Val Brain, To Relieve the "Messerschmidt Twitch," Use a Gaggle Mirror, April, page 3
William Nicolai, Emeralds. Sapphires, and Rubies: Carats in Front of Our Noses, April, page 3
Alexander Schleicher, The AS-W 20F Ad: A Comment from Alexander Schleicher, April, page 3
James D. Richardson, Selling Soaring: Aerobatics Without Noise, April, page 3
John Joss, Big Bird's Big Flight, April, page 3
Wilfred Schuemann, in the Thicks of Things, response, April, page 4
E. Coleson and T. Benson, Before You Slip Your CFI a "Norbie"..., April, page 4
Douglas W. Graham, Needed: A Safety Check For Fiberglass?, April, page 5
Robert Ward, Cockpit Ventilation Exhaust Location, April, page 6
Martin Simons, The Fafnir's Roots - More Information, April, page 7
Jerry D. Mullens, 2-32 (Schweizer) Four Days in a 2-32, April, page 8
E. Toner, Coming Soon: That Nifty $3000 Propane-Launched Glider, April, page 8
James Foreman, A Propane Launch? It's Been Tried, May, page 2
Sharon R. Smith, The Women's Soaring Seminar, May, page 2
Mitchell Deutsch, Tailcone Ice - A Potential Problem, May, page 3
Ray Reiffer, Why SSA Isn't Growing, May, page 3
Don Davis, Convention Sessions Battery Information Revision, June, page 2
D. David, Convention Session Battery Information Revision, June, page 2
Harry C. Higgins, Surface Tension and Thermal Poppers, June, page 2
P. Excala, A Spanish Invitation, June, page 3
Photo, June, page 3
Paul MacCready, Jr., Judging the Design Contest: Function, Si! Aesthetics, No!, June, page 5
A. Seidler, An Incident Over Torrey Pines, June, page 5
J.P. Kuettner, Forecast Handbook Authorship, July, page 2
William K. Cary, Soaring Women: The Only Ones Reaching Out, July, page 3
Edward Hindman, A "Soarfing" Explanation, July, page 3
Rose Parker, A "Sappemrube" Pin? Okay, but Leave the Diamond Be, July, page 3
Stephen DuPont, Designer, Protect That Pilot!, July, page 5
Stephen DuPont, Understanding Speed-To-Fly, July, page 5
E. Douglas Whitehead, X-C School - A Real Find, July, page 5
Robert Strock, LK-10 (Laister Kaufman) LK Stretch-Out, July, page 5
W. Tanner, An Old But Smart 1-26, July, page 6
David Shapiro, Behind the Fiberglass Curtain, July, page 6
F.P. Bundy, RP-1 CAPGLIDE (Rensselaer) Rensselaer RP-1 Progress Report, July, page 7
Noel Boykin, Deep in Our Hearts We Don't Want to Grow, July, page 9
Gerry Casey, A Piece of Lost History, August, page 2
J. Angenieux, Emergency Release: The French Method, August, page 3
R.I. Carvalto, PR Soaring Over Rio, September, page 2
Kevin Renshaw, Proof Loading and Spins, September, page 2
Michael Opitz, Using Spoilers During Takeoff, September, page 4
D.S. Kirbach, Landing Out and the Law, Cont'd., September, page 4
David S. Kirbach, Landing Out and The Law, Cont'd, September, page 4
Jack Greene, The Arithmetic of Start Gate Speeds, September, page 4
Mid Kolstad, Awards for Junior Soaring Pilots, September, page 5
Jack Laister, CF-10A Trojan Horse A Ridge-Soaring Giant, October, page 2
Jon Mead, The Air Data Nationals, October, page 2
P. Everson, The Anniversary Oddity Glider, October, page 2
P. Everson, XCG-16: The Anniversary Oddity Glider, October, page 2
Elemer Katinszky, For Safety: High Visibility Markings on White Fiberglass, October, page 3
Tim Weakley, How to Pop a Thermal from Auto Tow, October, page 3
Elemer Katinszky, For Safety: High-Visibility Markings on White Fiberglass, October, page 3
A. Barrett, Farewell to Skylark Elsinore, October, page 4
R.L. Moore, A Letter from Australia, October, page 4
Karl Tiefert, Glasflugel Repair Source, October, page 4
P.A. Schweizer, Officers Keeping History Straight, October, page 5
Robert Lee Moore, Motorglider Fuel Problem, October, page 5
R.L. Moore, Motorglider Fuel Problem, October, page 5
J. Shaw, N. La Riviere, B. Hopson, The SSA Women's Soaring Seminar, October, page 6
Val Brain, Explaining the Stall/Spin, October, page 7
Mid Kolstad, Kolstad Award, November, page 2
David G. Hmiel, Determining Weight and Balance, November, page 2
Tonk Mills, Lark I.S.-32 Landing Gear Problems, November, page 3
H. Mangels, Radio Frequencies: Respect Them Or Lose Them, December, page 2
J. Seufert, Problem Resolved, December, page 2
W. Krueger, Regional Contest Scoring, December, page 2
Alex Strojnik, Schweizer 1-26's are Homebuilts, Too, December, page 2
B. Feldbaumer, Scoring, December, page 2
P. Newgard, Hot Dust - Dust-Devil Power, December, page 3
Eric Greenwell, And Now, the Emulator, December, page 3
S. Phillips, Avoiding Monerai Ground Loops, December, page 4
Phillip Morris, U.S. Source for European Parts, December, page 4
R. Schulze and B. Berkson, Skylark: A Little Bit Survives..., December, page 5

Maintenance and Projects
Les Sebald, Straws (Weak Links), January, page 46
Les Sebald, A Fin-Mounted Antenna, February, page 46
Les Sebald, Wave Flying Tips, March, page 45
Les Sebald, Electrical Systems in Sailplanes, November, page 48

Overseas News
4th German Acrobatic Championships, January, page 11
Tonk Mills, Variable Geometry Homebuilt, January, page 11
Hannes Linke, Six Drum Winch, March, page 10
Hannes Linke, Marriage Announcement, March, page 11
Hannes Linke, The Helper for the Way Home, June, page 11
Hannes Linke, Photo and engine mounted, June, page 11
Hannes Linke, Barron Hilton Cup '82, August, page 8
Hannes Linke, The End of a Tradition, August, page 8

SSA in Action
John Dezzutti, Flight Instructor Revalidation Clinic, January, page 6
John Dezzutti, Executive Director's Report, January, page 6
January, page 6
John Dezzutti, Skylark Gliderport joins Phase II of Study, January, page 6
John Dezzutti, Executive Committee Meeting, January, page 6
John Dezzutti, 1982 Membership Handbook, January, page 6
Poll Favors New Scoring System, January, page 7
John Dezzutti, Director's Election Results, January, page 7
Region 2 Soaring Council Formed, January, page 7
World Aviation Community Honors S.A.C, January, page 8
R. Meyer, Fred K. Meyer in Memoriam, January, page 9
Academy of Model Aeronautics Award, First Winner, January, page 9
Hannes Linke, Overseas News, January, page 11
Nancy Zirkle, Dennis McLagan, in Memoriam, January
Elmira Community Soaring Committee Plans Anniversary Activities, February, page 8
Flight Instructor Revalidation Clinic, February, page 8
1982 Convention Program Announced, February, page 8
TSS Plans Ahead, February, page 9
Stephen Ptacek, 1982 Directory of Soaring Sites and Organizations, February, page 9
John McMasters, Technical Soaring, Vol. 7, No. 2, February, page 11
M. Dwyer, Call For Lincoln Award Entries, March, page 6
Carl Herold, The President's Report, March, page 6
Stephen Ptacek, SSA'ers Receive Aviation Week Laurels, March, page 7
Golden Anniversary Safari News, March, page 7
SSA'ers Receive Aviation Week Laurels, March, page 7
Burt Rutan, SSA'ers Receive Aviation Week Laurels, March, page 7
Einar Enevoldson, SSA'ers Receive Aviation Week Laurels, March, page 7
Fourth Annual Women's Soaring Seminar, March, page 9
Jack Laister, SSA'ers Sponsor Chinese Exchange Student, March, page 9
Roger Ruch, SSA'ers Sponsor Chinese Exchange Student, March, page 9
Karl Striedieck, Striedieck Checks Out Argentina, March, page 13
Mitchell U-2, photo, March, page 13
Jan Scott, Richard C. du Pont Commemorative Fliqhts Resumed, April, page 11
John Dezzutti, Directors Bill Sproull Elected, Executive Director's Report, April, page 11
Accident Reports Accident Reports, April, page 11
Fritz Compton, Reports Airport Utilization Committee Report, April, page 11
Bernald Smith, Hey, Be Careful Out There!, April, page 12
Michelle Silver, European Soaring Holidays for Young People, April, page 12
Douglas Lamont, Book Review, "Manbirds," by Maralys Wills, April, page 13
Douglas Lamont, Aerodynamic design Aerodynamics and Aesthetics, April, page 13
Ray M. Galloway, Edmund K. Gravely, in Memoriam, April, page 14
Jack Lambie, "Manbirds," by Maralys Wills, April, page 14
J. Conn, Leonard A. Wiggins, in Memoriam, April, page 14
Richard J. Hausman, Robert L. Thomas, in Memoriam, April, page 14
C.C. Cannon, John Schildberg, in Memoriam, April, page 14
S.J. Franklin, Ernie Terrell in Memoriam, April, page 14
Carl Herold, President's Report, May, page 5
J. Dezzutti and B. Ryan, 1982 SSA Convention Report, May, page 9
Photo, Convention report, May, page 9
Nancy Zirkle, Photo, Convention Report, May, page 10
Photo, Convention report, May, page 10
First Day of Issue Ceremony, Convention report, May, page 11
Marion S. Griffith, Jr., Receives 1000 km Diplome and National Record Certificate, May, page 14
John Brittingham, Receives Exceptional Service Award, May, page 14
Emil Kissel, Receives Exceptional Service Award, May, page 14
Doris Grove, Receives 1000 km Diplome and National Record Certificate, May, page 14
Bernard (Bernie) Paiewonsky, Receives Exceptional Achievement Award, May, page 14
Warren E. Eaton Trophy to Brian Utley for 1981, May, page 14
Simine Short, Receives Certificate of Appreciation, May, page 14
Rudy Mozer, Receives Exceptional Achievement Award, May, page 14
Paul MacCready, Jr., Receives the Klemperer Award, May, page 14
Marion S. Griffith, Jr., Receives Barringer Trophy for 1981, May, page 14
Marion S. (Sherman) Griffith II, Photo, on Convention floor, May, page 15
Report on Third Flight Instructor Revalidation Clinic, May, page 15
David Mockler, Received Kolstad Memorial Award, May, page 15
Dezzutti J., Board of Director's Meeting, Executive Director's Report, May, page 16
Leonard Roy McMaster, Book Review "Half Mile Up Without an Engine," by Robert Gannon, May, page 20
SRO at Heber Safari 'Port, May, page 20
Karl Striedieck, Factory A.D. Issued, May, page 20
Dezzutti J., Argentine World Contest Update, Executive Director's Report, June, page 8
John Dezzutti, National Soaring Week, June, page 8
Don Slotten, CFI Clinic Committee Report, June, page 8
Don Slotten, CFI Clinic Committee Report, June, page 9
The Celebration Goes On: The Golden Anniversary Trophy Race, June, page 9
John McMasters, Technical Soaring, Vol. 7, No. 3, June, page 10
Gunter Voltz, Distance Prize: A Soaring Vacation in Nevada, June, page 10
Nancy Lee Evans, Fourth Annual Women's Soaring Seminar, June, page 12
Design Contest Flyoff Set, June, page 13
Fourth Annual Women's Soaring Seminar, July, page 12
John Dezzutti, Pilot Proficiency Program, July, page 12
Not One, Not Two, But Three Homebuilders Workshops Coming Up, July, page 12
Donald Gurnett, New SSA State Governors Appointed (Iowa), July, page 13
George Worthington, First Ultralight X-C Contest, July, page 13
John Odegard, New SSA State Governors Appointed (N. Dakota), July, page 13
Lance Flynn, New SSA State Governors Appointed (Illinois), July, page 13
New SSA State Governors Appointed, July, page 13
Ray M. Galloway, New SSA State Governors Appointed (N. Carolina), July, page 13
1982 CIVV Meeting, July, page 13
Regional Directors, Executive Director's Report, July, page 14
Bronze Badge Proposed, July, page 15
1983 Internationals, July, page 16
Robert O. Buck, Hartford CFI Revalidation Clinic, July, page 34
Grenville (Gren) Seibels, Region 5 North Contest, 1982, July, pages 35-36
Thomas Knauff, "Soaring Accidents That Almost Happened," Stephen du Pont, July, page 36
Airworthiness, Standard Cirrus and Vega, July, page 36
Jake Van Dyke, VEGA (Slingsby) Airworthiness, July, page 36
B. Otto, 1983 International Soaring Convention An announced, July, page 37
Patrick Philbrick, Robert Stanley Winsor, in Memoriam, July, page 37
Michelle Silver, National Soaring Week Celebrations, August, page 6
Operations Manager Sought, August, page 6
Robert (Bob) Lamson, Technical Board Report, August, page 7
1983 World Championships in Hobbs, August, page 7
Shaws Honored at Hobbs, August, page 8
Albert W. (Al) Blackburn, Region 4 Non Contest, 1982, August, page 9
Weather Grounds Safari Pilots: Maybe Next Year,, August, page 9
George Lee Awarded 1981 Lilienthal Medal, August, page 9
Bronze Badge Program Approved, September, page 6
Eric (Herb) Mozer, Eric Mozer Appointed Chairman of Contest Board, September, page 6
Officers Elected for 1983, September, page 6
Ralph, S., Capt. Barnaby, 1982 Barnaby Lecture Announced, September, page 7
Directors-At-Large Elected, September, page 7
Job Referral Service Reactivated, September, page 7
N. Davis, 1983 International Soaring Convention News, September, page 8
Nancy Davis, 1983 International Soaring Convention News, September, page 8
Jake Van Dyke, Region 7 Contest, 1982, September, page 9
Frank Woodward, Region 8 Contest, 1982, September, page 11
R. Blaine, Aeolus, modified Pratt-Read, September, page 13
Alex Strojnik, Small-Span Homebuilt Considerations, September, page 13
Jack Gomez, Selected as Chairman of Hobbs '83 Committee, October, page 9
Hal Lattimore, Appointed Director of 18th World Soaring Championships, October, page 9
The 18th World Gliding Championships, October, page 9
John Dezzutti, Appointed Director of Administration for 18th World Championships, October, page 9
Eric (Herb) Mozer, Appointed 1983 International Team Manager, October, page 9
Marion S. Griffith, Jr., Appointed Deputy Director of 18th World Championships, October, page 9
National Soaring Week 1983, October, page 10
National Championships Results, October, page 10
Allen J. Smith, A. J. Smith Sets Power Speed Record, October, page 10
George Worthington, "Ultralight Airmanship," Book Review, October, page 12
George Worthington, "Ultralights Airmanship," by Jack Lambie, October, page 12
B.J. Wathers, Region 11 North Contest, 1982, October, page 12
B.J. Weathers, Region 11 North Contest, 1982, October, page 13
Harrison F. Wood, in Memoriam, October, page 14
Anne Buelna and Gary Kemp, Region 11 South Contest, 1982, October, page 14
H.M. Cohen, in Memoriam, October, page 14
Hugh M. Cohen, Robert F. Miles, in Memoriam, October, page 14
Robert Storck, Stanley W. Smith, in Memoriam, October, page 15
Martin Hollman, The 1982 SSA Sailplane Homebuilder Workshop, November, page 4
Nancy Davis, 1983 International Soaring Convention, November, page 9
Airworthiness Directive for LS-1f and LS-3a, November, page 9
Manufacturer's Technical Bulletins, November, page 9
Robert P. Grey, Region 5 South Contest, 1982, November, page 10
Australians Offer Prize, November, page 12
Nels Johnson, in Memoriam, November, page 12
Rieti, Italy, First European Championships Results, November, page 12
1st European Championships Results, November, page 12
Photo, Homebuilders News, November, page 44
John Dezzutti, European Motorglider Championships, December, page 6
John Dezzutti, Internationals Newsletters, December, page 6
John Dezzutti, Paul Radder Joins SSA Staff, December, page 6
John Dezzutti, Staff New Soaring Editors Sought, December, page 6
Michelle Silver, Chosen as alternate for U.S. International Team, 1983, December, page 6
Michelle Silver, U.S. Team Chosen for 1983, December, page 6
V. Barrett, 50th Anniversary Trophy Race Winners Announce, December, page 6
Bernald Smith, SSA Convention News, December, page 7
Advertising Policy Statement Revision, December, page 7
Super Cub Warning, December, page 8
Eric (Herb) Mozer, Standard Class Nationals Dates Changed, December, page 8
R. Mueller, SSA Flight Instructor Revalidation Clinic, December, page 8
NASA Sprite Checking Deep Stall, December, page 8
Modeler Wins SSA Award, December, page 9
David Cole and Robin Murphy, Region 4 South Contest, 1982, December, page 9
Dick Georgeson, New Zeatanders Claim New Record, December, page 9
James L. Butler, Region 6 Contest, 1982, December, page 11
James L. Butler, Region 6 Contest, 1982, December, page 46
Region 11 Sports Contest, December, pages 46-47
Region 9 East Contest, 1982, December, page 47
Region 12 South Contest, 1982, December, page 47
Region 9 West Contest, 1982, December, page 47

Safety Corner
John Lincoln, A Lesson I Hope Never to Forget, January, page 49
Robert N. Buck, Combating Distraction, February, page 47
Peter Williams, Critical Flutter Speed, April, page 46
Harry C. Higgins, Flutter, April, page 46
Stephen P. Lindenbaum, More Flutter, April, page 46
Robert S. Gaines, Spoilers Extended on Tow, June, pages 48-49
R.W. Duncan, Grow Old With Me, July, pages 46-47
Karl Strack, Cockpit Layout, September, pages 46-47
Derek Piggott, Those Racing Finishes, October, page 50
Thomas Knauff, Usually is not Enough, November, page 46
Emil Kissel, Safetying the Quick Connect, November, page 47
Phillip E. Markle, The Insidious Wave Rotor, December, page 48

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