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Book Reviews
Keith Sherwin, Man Powered Flight, February, page 11

January 1972, Cover, January
AS-W 12, February
C-70, March
Spring Soaring, April
Ruby Design, May
June 1972, Cover, June
Mountaintop Glide, June
Steve Parker, BS-1, July
Ka-6, August
LS-1, October
Dave Low, HP-11, November
Silent night, silent flight, December

Max Grassfield, Black Forrest Gliderport, Colorado, September

Foreign Scene
The Sigma flies, January, page 11
Aimai Knypstra, New speed records in Africa, July, page 14
The Libelle 201B, October, page 10
Geof Steele, The Libelle 201B, October, page 10

Herold's Hearsay
Nimbus II Flight testing completed, January, page 40
Spacing between thermal streets, February, page 38
Redline audio warning device, February, page 38
Notice of proposed certificate action, March, page 36
Control loss in spin, March, page 36
Sailplane tie downs, March, page 38
Instruments Airbrakes and whistles, April, page 37
Airbrakes and whistles, April, page 37
Flap settings for takeoff, April, page 38
Control loss in spin, May, page 36
Carl Herold, March winds at Boulder, May, page 36
Sailplane fatality investigations, May, page 37
Radio Equipment The best microphone, June, page 39
Aircraft having experimental certificates, August, page 37
National Achievement comparisons of US nationals 1959 to 1972, October, page 38
Geof Steele, More on The best of the standard class, November, page 38
Hard facing, November, page 38
More on the best of the standard class, November, page 38
John Luttrell, Hard facing, November, page 38
More on MacCready speed-ring error selector, November, page 39

January, page 2
XCG-16 Design Credit, January, page 3
John H. McMasters, Support for ultralight, January, page 4
Ultralight support, January, page 4
Harry N. Perl, XCG-16, January, page 4
Vincent J. Burnelli, XCG-16 design credit, January, page 4
Soaring clubs: New Zealand, January, page 7
Thermal's capacity, January, page 7
Correction, January, page 7
Soaring clubs, January, page 7
Soaring conditions, February, page 2
Tow hooks, February, page 2
Re: Blodget article, February, page 2
Stephan Horvath, Low-cost competition in Arizona, February, page 3
Tom Page, Engine conservation, February, page 3
Tom Page, Towing engine conservation, February, page 3
John Luttrell, White fiberglass plus haze equals hazard, March, page 2
White fiberglass plus haze equals hazard, March, page 2
Open-Cockpit Gliding Parachutes, March, page 2
Watch it!, March, page 2
Wave dynamics, March, page 3
Alcide Santilli, More on reverse thermals, March, page 3
Wally Scott, Offers "Flying at Marfa" booklet, March, page 3
Reverse thermals, March, page 3
Standing waves on Mars, March, page 3
Movies are better than ever, March, page 4
Request SSA give more complete reports, March, page 4
S. Horvath, Answer to request for improvement, March, page 4
L. Licher, Identity card discussion, March, page 4
Instruments - Batteries Batteries and cold weather, March, page 5
Safety inspections following accident, March, page 5
Reverse rotor, March, page 6
Rose Marie Licher, Want to fly the Flycycle?, March, page 6
More on safe seat ballast, March, page 6
Airspace, April, page 2
Hang glider safety, April, page 2
On a 13-meter class, April, page 2
18000 ceiling, April, page 3
Zoomies can be doomies, April, page 3
Tail inspection for safety, April, page 4
Towing Breaking and braking, April, page 4
Stephen Du Pont, Check those hairline cracks!, April, page 4
Powered sailplane?, May, page 2
W. Scott, Marfa report, May, page 2
Interested in slide library?, May, page 2
White fiberglass plus haze equals hazard, May, page 2
Launch: Watch it!, May, page 2
Reporting accidents, May, page 3
Reverse thermals, May, page 3
Anne and Gus Briegleb, Thank you, June, page 2
Bennett M. Rogers, Supersoarability, June, page 2
Spoiler warning device, June, page 2
Mountain Green sailwing, June, page 4
UFO's Request for report of UFO sightings, June, page 5
Using flaps for taxiing, June, page 5
Up the 13-meter homebuilt, July, page 2
Dennis Harmon, A homebuilder's plea, July, page 2
Bob Miller, Up the 13-meter homebuilt, July, page 2
For the record: re: Man-Powered Flight, July, page 2
James Indrebo, Flying IFR legally, July, page 3
"Man-Powered Flight" F 72, Reply to clarification of report, July, page 3
Marion Griffith, Flying IFR legally, July, page 3
California and Oregon Coming to Minden? Bring a glider, July, page 5
Richard Miller, Reply to re Thistledown, July, page 5
The new era, July, page 5
John Luttrell, More on fiberglass plus haze, July, page 37
More on fiberglass plus haze, July, page 37
Critique, August, page 2
Jack Lambie, Bird aerodynamics, August, page 3
Lloyd M. Licher, Bird aerodynamics, August, page 3
Is the AS-W 12 for everyone?, August, page 4
J. , August 1972, p. 5, p. 6 Kuettner, Thermal wave soaring correction, August, page 5
Spins and the 13-meter class, August, page 6
Battery meter caution, August, page 6
James Indrebo, Cloud, and IFR flying, September, page 2
September, page 2
Marion Griffith, Cloud and IFR flying: reply to, September, page 2
George R. Allen, Tern report follow-up, September, page 3
B.S. Smith, Region 11 Contest, September, page 3
Bernald S. Smith, Cartological cop-out, September, page 3
More on the BD-5B, September, page 3
Stephen Du Pont, A do-it-yourself landing-gear rememberer, September, page 4
Gill Airport: And lemonade besides!, September, page 4
2-32 spin recovery, October, page 1?
New information, October, page 2
Cumulus-induced "mountain" waves, October, page 2
Teen-agers; a peer purview, October, page 3
A successful youth group, October, page 4
Air explorer squadron 8, October, page 4
Do-it-yourself barographic orthodontia, October, page 4
Down-gust stall?, October, page 4
Winch advice sought, October, page 5
K. Striedieck, Best of the standard class? AS-W 15, November, page 6
Geof Steele, Best of the standard class? AS-W 15, November, page 6
Youth soaring survey completed, November, page 6
Getting 'em started, November, page 7
H.B. Fischer, Caution on duPont landing-gear rememberer, November, page 8
Good notice from the press, November, page 8
Something right and something wrong, November, page 8
Nancy Davis, Good. notice from the press, November, page 8
Belgian invitation, November, page 9
Remembering Ben Shupack, November, page 9
Slope soaring on clouds? It's being done, December, page 2
Soaring Signals, Standard American soaring signals, December, page 3
Scatter time, December, page 3
Tom Page, Standard American soaring signals answer, December, page 3
J.H. McMasters, MPA operational flexibility answer, December, page 5
Do-it-yourself indicator, December, page 5
Wright memorial meet, December, page 5
and spins youth, Clubs, December, page 6
S. duPont, Finish gate Finish gate speed: the numbers, December, page 6
Stephen Du Pont, MITSA'S VIP'S, December, page 7

SSA in Action
Lloyd M. Licher, CIVV report, January, page 37
Rose Marie Licher, Man-powered flight, February, page 4
MPA project, February, page 4
National feminine single-place 100-km speed record claimed by Gunn-Britt Floden, February, page 8
February, page 12
SSA special funds, March, page 5
Texas: first national soaring convention and report, Dallas, March, page 11
Texas Dallas and Report, First national soaring convention, March, page 11
Questionnaire re: official contest number, March, page 13
Airworthiness directive: improper engine-mount assemblies, March, page 13
March, page 13
Lloyd M. Licher, CIVV report, April, page 35
Want to fly a 20000 ft. ridge?, May, page 5
Museum fund, May, page 5
Diamond badge, May, page 6
June, page 8
Alex Aldott and Dita Aldott, Recognition for photography, July, page 7
L. Licher, Start gates, July, page 12
George Uveges, August, page 7
More on start gates, August, page 8
Emergency locator transmitters, August, page 12
August, page 12
Photo procedures, September, page 8
September, page 9
Instruments - Barograph Barograph calibrations, September, page 9
Wally Scott, II Claims Barringer trophy, October, page 5
US national feminine 100-km speed triangle record claimed by Gunn-Britt Floden, October, page 6
Edward Makula, Claims two world records, October, page 6
Gunn-Britt Floden, Claims national feminine 100-km speed triangle record, October, page 6
Airspace: FFA nixes glider cloud-flying rating, October, page 8
Tolerance on release points, October, page 8
F.A.R. Part 61 amended, October, page 8
FAA nixes glider cloud-flying rating, October, page 8
Region Four Contest, Fredrick Maryland Municipal Airport, October, page 9
Region four contest, October, page 9
Region four contest: Frederick Municipal Airport, Maryland, October, page 9
Waverly West: region nine contest, October, page 9
Region 9 contest, October, page 9
George Coder Texas, South region ten contest, October, page 9
Sterling Starr, Region Seven Contest, Salem, Illinois, October, page 10
Second national soaring convention, November, page 10
November, page 11
Hugh Heartland, OSTIV plaque and Klemperer award received by Paul Bikle, November, page 11
Gale Abels, Gypsy soaring camp, November, page 12
George Uveges, Gypsy soaring camp, November, page 12
North region ten contestStrother Field, Kansas, November, page 14
Ontario Bockton, XXIV Canadian national soaring championships, November, page 14
Regional soaring weather forecasts?, December, page 8
Sailplane design competitions news, December, page 8
Wright Brothers, December, page 8
Region Five Standard Class Contest: Cordele, Georgia, December, page 11
Richard Divelbiss, Region Six Contest, Ionia, Michigan, December, page 12
Leo P. Buckley, Jr., Region four south, December, page 14

Safety Corner
Stephan Horvath, January, page 39
Adverse yaw, January, page 39
Stephan Horvath, February, page 37
1971, Accident summary, February, page 37
Too much too soon: proper training, February, page 37
Number one killer: spins and stalls, February, page 37
Thoughts on wheel brakes, February, page 38
Hang glider safety - a myth exposed, March, page 37
Stephan Horvath, March, page 37
Stephan Horvath, On spinning the 2-32, April, page 39
Ridge soaring - Basic rules and precautions, May, page 38
Stephan Horvath, May, page 38
Stephan Horvath, June, page 40
Anxiety, friend or foe?, June, page 40
Stephan Horvath, July, page 37
Emergency plan in case of accident, July, page 37
Bill Allen, Accident report, July, page 37
Deadly critters, August, page 38
Stephan Horvath, August, page 38
Stephan Horvath, September, page 36
John Karlovich, Recommended precautions, September, page 36
Commercial Operations, Recommended precautions, Karlovlch, J, September, page 36
Start-gate accidents, October, page 40
Resigns as editor of Safety Corner, December, page 38

Terrain effects: Using the Weather
John Aldrich, March, page 39

Using the Weather
John Aldrich, September, page 34
John Aldrich, November, page 41

Top commercial instructor, April, page 99

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