Soaring Magazine Index for 1971 organized by section

Soaring Magazine Index for 1971 organized by section

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Herold's Hearsay, Letter, SSA in Action, Safety Corner, The Foreign Scene, letters

Herold's Hearsay
C. Herold, August, page 34
C.D. Herold, September, page 40
C.D. Herold, October, page 35
C. Herold, Caution; student, handle with care, November, page 38
C. Herold, December, page 37

J. Marske, Does "Open" = "Unrestricted"?, January, page 4
R. Carpenter, Magnificent obsession. Part II, January, page 5
J. Marske, Does "Open" = "Unrestricted"?, January, page 6
G. Abels, Water ballast and safety, February, page 4
J. Faust, A different drummer for SSA?, February, page 4
R. Wister, Tilting tailfeathers, Si!, February, page 5
S. DuPont, Tilting tailfeathers, No!, February, page 5
D. Kohga, Japanese sailplanes, April, page 4
H.R. Parnell, Jr., Airspace: a view from the other side of the fence, April, page 4
M.E. Henderson, A can of worms, April, page 5
H.R. Parnell, Jr., Airspace; a view from the other side of the fence, April, page 18
L.E.[B?] Holland, More on battery charger, May, page 3
L. Harrison, June, page 2
V. Saudek, The Nader principle in hang gliding, August, page 2
V. Jensen, First controlled hang glider?, September, page 2
A. Ide, From Silver C #2000, September, page 2
B. Palmer, Powered parawing, October, page 2
J.S. Hamilton, Airspace: everybody's job, November, page 2
S. DuPont, A retractable venturi, November, page 3
M.E. Wald, Safety point, December, page 4

SSA in Action
C. Nearing, January, page 6
February, page 6
B.M. Ryan, February, page 6
March, page 6
G. Parcell, April, page 6
E. Scurr, - the spirit of the symposia, May, page 4
June, page 4
J. Olson, July, page 4
October, page 4
A.B Fuchs, October, page 6
November, page 6
December, page 6

Safety Corner
I. Prue, July, page 35
I. Prue, September, page 39
I. Prue, March, page 38
I. Prue, April, page 37

The Foreign Scene
May, page 15
June, page 11
transl., by Hannes Linke, July, page 9
August, page 13
September, page 6

PRO and CONtests,, various authors, March, page 4

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