Soaring Magazine Index for 1970 organized by section

Soaring Magazine Index for 1970 organized by section

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Letter, SSA in Action, Safety Corner

K. Strack, Alpine soaring, January, page 5
Moffat says it ain't so, February, page 1
J. Firth, Too much, too soon?, February, page 4
R.F. Gray, NZ/US photo exchange, February, page 4
G.B. Moffat, Jr., Moffat says it ain't so, February, page 4
P. Riedel, Peter Riedel for motorgliders, February, page 5
G.B. Moffat, Jr., Moffat says it ain't so, February, page 14
T. Lewis, Langewiesche on the reason for bottom rudder while turning, May, page 4
J. Olson, Snap II, May, page 5
L.R. Schnier, SSA and the FAA, July, page 4
H. Smith, Jr., A question of aerodynamics, July, page 5
M. and V. McRiley, Explorimenting in Mexico?, August, page 4
R.H. Miller, Tilting tail feathers, August, page 4
M. Simons, Sailplane identified, August, page 5
W.A. Prescott, Say it with music, October, page 5
J.M. Foreman and Richard Miller, You, too, December, page 4

SSA in Action
October, page 6
D. Rathbone, October, page 6
November, page 8
W. Allen, November, page 8

Safety Corner
M. Coverdale, February, page 26
M. Coverdale, May, page 29
M. Coverdale, July, page 30
M. Coverdale, August, page 28
M. Coverdale, October, page 35
M. Coverdale, January, page 29
M. Coverdale, September, page 36
M. Coverdale, November, page 32
M. Coverdale, December, page 31

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