Soaring Magazine Index for 1969 organized by section

Soaring Magazine Index for 1969 organized by section

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Book Reviews, Letter, Letters, Record, Safety Corner

Book Reviews
C.C. Conway, Jr., "New Soaring Pilot" by Ann and Lorne Welch, and Frank Irving, March, page 6
Carle Conway, The Joy of Soaring, October, page 10
R.H. Johnson, "Theory of Modern Cross-Country Gliding" by Fred Weinholtz, November, page 9

M.L. Goldman, Soaring in Israel, January, page 4
E.H. Replogle, Wortmann airfoil corrections, January, page 5
John Ryan, defends Phoebus, February, page 5
J. Wolfe, Wolfe at the drafting board, March, page 4
E.J. Gardyan, The splendor of natural aerodynamics, March, page 4
I. Prue, The friendly wave, May, page 4
W.C. Keller, Soaring in Iran, May, page 4
G. Peter, Economics, June, page 4
R.E. Tresslar, No standard class nats, July, page 1
D. Gaines, Helmets and power lines, July, page 4
R.R. Thesslar, So standard class nats, July, page 4
J. Baer, That ol' downwind turn, July, page 5
B. Wentorf, Audio Varios, August, page 4
W. Daniels, More Pioneering, August, page 5
M. Simons, Class system suggested, October, page 4
B.H. Carmichael, Still more Pioneering, October, page 5
S. DuPont, Gulls demonstrate vortex ring theory?, November, page 4
E.J. Gardyan, More bird watching, November, page 5

E. Morgan, A.C. Heublien, M. Smith, M., J.E. Grambart, E.F. Knight, M. Greenwald, and M.E. Maurer, Impurist arguments win a few, lose a few, December, page 4

Record claim for Brieglebs, September, page 5

Safety Corner
M. Coverdale, March, page 28
M. Coverdale, June, page 31
M. Coverdale, November, page 29
M. Coverdale, December, page 27
M. Coverdale, January, page 29
M. Coverdale, February, page 28
M. Coverdale, April, page 30
M. Coverdale, May, page 30
M. Coverdale, July, page 30
M. Coverdale, August, page 28
M. Coverdale, September, page 29
M. Coverdale, September, page 32
M. Coverdale, October, page 24

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