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Accident summary (Safety Corner) [Safety], February, page 37
Handicap nationals [Competitions], July, page 11
1972, January
Cover (Cover) [Sailplanes\Icarus; People\Taras Kiceniuk, Jr.; Ultralight Flying], January, Cover
1972, June
Cover (Cover) [Hang Gliders], June, Cover

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72, "Man-Powered Flight" F
Reply to clarification of report (Letter) [Mountain Soaring], July, page 3

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Abels, Gale
Gypsy soaring camp (SSA in Action), November, page 12
Aldott, Dita; with Sandor A. "Alex" Aldott (a.k.a. Sandor A. Aldott, Sandor A. (Alex) Aldott, Alex Aldott, S.A. Aldott, Sandor (Alex) Aldott, S.A. "Alex" Aldott, "Alex" Aldott, S. "Alex" Aldott, S.A."Alex" Aldott, Sandor A. "Alex" Aldott and A.S. Aldott)
Recognition for photography (SSA in Action), July, page 7
Aldott, Sandor A. "Alex" (a.k.a. Sandor A. Aldott, Sandor A. (Alex) Aldott, Alex Aldott, S.A. Aldott, Sandor (Alex) Aldott, S.A. "Alex" Aldott, "Alex" Aldott, S. "Alex" Aldott, S.A."Alex" Aldott, Sandor A. "Alex" Aldott, A.S. Aldott); with Dita Aldott
Recognition for photography (SSA in Action), July, page 7
Aldrich, John
Valley-slope circulations: Using the Weather [Meteorology], February, page 40
(Terrain effects: Using the Weather) [Meteorology; Meteorology], March, page 39
More about terrain effects: Using the Weather [Meteorology], April, page 36
(Using the Weather) [Meteorology; Meteorology], September, page 34
A do-it-yourself adiabatic chart: Using the Weather [Meteorology], October, page 41
(Using the Weather) [Meteorology; Meteorology], November, page 41
Alexander, Byron
Accident report, July, page 37
Accident reports Accident report [Safety], July, page 37
Allen, Bill
Accident report (Safety Corner), July, page 37
Altitude indoctrination [Safety; Training; Physiology\Altitude], December, page 33
Allen, George R.
Two for the homebuilder [Sailplanes\Tern; Homebuilts], August, page 30
Tern report follow-up (Letter) [Homebuilts\Tern], September, page 3
and, eds; with E. Byars and W. Holbrook
Proceedings of the 1971 symposium on competitive soaring [Literature], April, page 11
and, Report; with Texas Dallas
First national soaring convention (SSA in Action) [Conferences and Conventions], March, page 11
and, report; with Texas: first national soaring convention
Dallas (SSA in Action) [Conferences and Conventions], March, page 11
Armitage, John
Inspection problems in glass sailplanes [Construction\Sailplanes; Safety], September, page 36

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Backstrom, Al; with Bruce H. Carmichael (a.k.a. Bruce Carmichael, B.H. Carmichael and B. Carmichael)
The long and the short of it [Sailplanes\Epb-1; Sailplanes\S-34; Design], July, page 22
Baer, Joseph
Soaring abroad - France [International\France], August, page 16
Bikle, Paul
12th Australian national gliding championships: Waikerie [International\Australia], March, page 14
13th world gliding championships-Vrsac, Yugoslavia [Competitions\World], October, page 12
Bikle, Paul F. (a.k.a. P.F. Bikle, P. Bikle)
13th world gliding championships - Vrsac, Yugoslavia [International\Yugoslavia], October, page 12
Blick, Prof. E.F.
Bird aerodynamics [Aerodynamics; Birds], June, page 26
Bockton, Ontario
XXIV Canadian national soaring championships (SSA in Action) [International\Canada], November, page 14
Bonotaux, Leon A.
The Mojave petroglyphs, December, page 35
Briegleb, Anne and Gus
Thank you (Letter) [Sites\El Mirage], June, page 2
Buck, Robert 0.
Soaring symposium, 1972:West Virginia Morgantown [Soaring Symposia], April, page 7
Buckley, Leo P., Jr.
Region four south (SSA in Action) [Competitions\Regional], December, page 14
Burnelli, Vincent J.
XCG-16 design credit (Letter), January, page 4
Butler, John; with Paul A. Kurbjun
Warning device: things that go bump in the night, Butler, J [Instruments], March, page 32
Butler, Richard
The best of the standard class [Sailplanes\Cirrus; Sailplanes\Alexander Schleicher\AS-W 17; Sailplanes\LS-1; Sailplanes\Libelle], September, page 28
Byars, E.; with W. Holbrook and eds and
Proceedings of the 1971 symposium on competitive soaring [Literature], April, page 11

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(Cover) [Sites\Calistoga, California; Sailplanes\C-70], March, Cover
Carmichael, Bruce H. (a.k.a. Bruce Carmichael, B.H. Carmichael, B. Carmichael); with Al Backstrom
The long and the short of it [Sailplanes\Epb-1; Sailplanes\S-34; Design], July, page 22
Ceelen, Ary
South African nationals [International\South Africa], April, page 13
Cole, Curtix J.; with John H. McMasters (a.k.a. J.H. McMasters, John McMasters and J. McMasters)
A review and status report [Human-Powered Flight], February, page 18
Colton, Sylvia
Vrsac collage [Sailplanes\Schweizer SGS 1-26; Yugoslavia], October, page 31
Conn, Joe
[Safety]August, page 39
convention, Texas: first national soaring; with report and
Dallas (SSA in Action) [Conferences and Conventions], March, page 11

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Dallas, Texas; with Report and
First national soaring convention (SSA in Action) [Conferences and Conventions], March, page 11
Davis, Nancy
Good. notice from the press (Letter), November, page 8
Dick, Helen
How you have it - now you don't [Records\Flights], September, page 8
Region twelve contest [Sailplanes\Schweizer SGS 1-26; Competitions\Regional], November, page 14
Divelbiss, Richard
Region Six Contest, Ionia, Michigan (SSA in Action) [Competitions\Regional], December, page 12
DuPont, Stephen (a.k.a. Stephen Du Pont, Stephen du Pont, Steve DuPont, Stephen duPont, S. DuPont, Steve du Pont, Steve Dupont, Steve duPont, S. duPont, S. Du Pont, S. du Pont, Steve Du Pont)
Check those hairline cracks! (Letter), April, page 4
A do-it-yourself landing-gear rememberer (Letter) [Safety], September, page 4
Finish gate Finish gate speed: the numbers (Letter) [Techniques\Wave Soaring], December, page 6
MITSA'S VIP'S (Letter) [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs], December, page 7

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Elliot, James
Midwinter awards banquet [Awards], March, page 36

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Fischer, H.B.
Caution on duPont landing-gear rememberer (Letter) [Landing Gear], November, page 8
Floden, Gunn-Britt
Claims national feminine 100-km speed triangle record (SSA in Action), October, page 6
Fremont, California
Ka-6 crash; cross-country flight: Blanik crash [Safety], September, page 37

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Gehrlein, Lawrence
Learning to thermal on the ground [Simulation; Training], December, page 36
Golladay, Derr
Composites: some thoughts on composite bonding [Construction], July, page 28
Goodhart, Nick
"Sigma" project report, Licher, January, page 12
Gotcher, J.W.
Economics of soaring in the Alps [International\Austria; Literature], March, page 15
Grassfield, Max
Black Forrest Gliderport, Colorado (Covers) [Sailplanes\Schweizer SGS 1-34; Sites\Black Forest], September, Cover
Gravance, Robert
New world multiplace out and return record claim [Records\Flights], September, page 8
Griffin, Kevin
Region eleven contest [Competititions\Regional], August, page 11
Griffith, Marion
Flying IFR legally (Letter) [Techniques\Cloud Flying], July, page 3
FAA-SSA interview [Airspace; Federal Aviation Agency], August, page 12
Cloud and IFR flying: reply to (Letter), September, page 2

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Harmon, D.A.; with L.L. Linville
Soarability - the performance ratio [Performance Calculations], December, page 26
Harmon, Dennis
A homebuilder's plea (Letter) [Homebuilts], July, page 2
Harmon, Dennis; with Larry L. Linville
Why the Dingus? [Sailplanes\Dingus; Homebuilts], March, page 30
Hearsay, Herold's
Atmospheric pressure hazards for pilots [Physiology\Altitude; Safety], June, page 39
Heartland, Hugh
OSTIV plaque and Klemperer award received by Paul Bikle (SSA in Action) [People\Paul Bikle; FAI; Awards], November, page 11
Herman, James
Region One Contest [Competitions\Regional], August, page 9
Herold, Carl
March winds at Boulder (Herold's Hearsay) [Meteorology; Sites\Colorado], May, page 36
Herold, Carl D. (a.k.a. C.D. Herold, C. Herold)
Information services Wave alert system [Meteorology], March, page 38
Holbrook, W.; with E. Byars and eds and
Proceedings of the 1971 symposium on competitive soaring [Literature], April, page 11
Horvath, Stefan (a.k.a. S. Horvath)
Answer to request for improvement (Letter) [Safety], March, page 4
Horvath, Stephan
(Safety Corner) [Safety], January, page 39
Low-cost competition in Arizona (Letter) [Competitions], February, page 3
(Safety Corner) [Safety], February, page 37
(Safety Corner) [Safety], March, page 37
On spinning the 2-32 (Safety Corner) [Techniques\Wave Soaring; Safety; Sailplanes\Schweizer SGS 2-32], April, page 39
(Safety Corner) [Safety], May, page 38
(Safety Corner) [Safety], June, page 40
(Safety Corner) [Safety], July, page 37
(Safety Corner) [Safety], August, page 38
(Safety Corner) [Safety], September, page 36
Serious accidents [Safety], October, page 40
Howell, Betsy
Now you have it-now you dont, September, page 8
Hurst, Arthur E.
Concept 70 revisited [Sailplanes\Concept 70], March, page 22

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Indrebo, James
Flying IFR legally (Letter), July, page 3
Cloud, and IFR flying (Letter) [Airspace], September, page 2

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Jacoby, N.
Electro-optical sensing [Instruments], February, page 29
Electronics Electro-optical imagery [Instruments], February, page 29
Jacoby, Ned
Turn on, tune in... and take off [Instruments\Thermal Detection Systems], February, page 29

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Karlovich, John
Recommended precautions (Safety Corner) [Safety; Trailers], September, page 36
Kern, George
The SST [People\Herman Stiglmeier; Trailers], August, page 32
Kiceniuk, Taras, Jr
Flight of Icarus [Sailplanes\Icarus], September, page 34
Klein, Elena
Ultralight Hawaiian style [Sites\Hawaii; Ultralights], March, page 16
39th US soaring championships, Minden, Nevada [People\Ray Gimmey; Competitions\National], November, page 16
Knypstra, Aimai (a.k.a. A. Knypstra)
New speed records in Africa (Foreign Scene) [International\Africa; Records\Flights; People\Walter Neubert], July, page 14
Kuettner, Dr. Joachim P.
Cloudstreet waves [Meteorology\Wave Soaring], June, page 33
Kuettner, J. , August 1972, p. 5, p. 6
Thermal wave soaring correction (Letter) [Techniques\Wave Soaring], August, page 5
Kurbjun, Paul A.; with John Butler
Warning device: things that go bump in the night, Butler, J [Instruments], March, page 32

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Lambie, Jack
Bird aerodynamics (Letter) [Birds], August, page 3
LaPointe, Art; with James L. Nash-Webber (a.k.a. J.L. Nash-Webber, J. Nash-Webber and Dr. James L. Nash-Webber James Nash-Webber)
Symposium and workshop: soaring technology: Technology '72 [Symposia], September, page 32
Licher, Lloyd M. (a.k.a. L.M. Licher, L. Licher)
Performance report [Sailplanes\Sigma], January, page 11
Report on British Sigma [Sailplanes\Sigma], January, page 11
CIVV report (SSA in Action) [FAI], January, page 37
Rules motorgliding competition: CIVV report [Motorgliders], January, page 37
Identity card discussion (Letter) [FAI], March, page 4
SSA directors' meeting [Soaring Society of America\Directors], March, page 34
CIVV report (SSA in Action) [FAI], April, page 35
Start gates (SSA in Action) [Instruments; Awards\Flights], July, page 12
Bird aerodynamics (Letter) [Aerodynamics; Birds], August, page 3
Rules and regulations More on start gates [Awards\Flights], August, page 8
Directors meeting, July 1972, Minden, Nevada, [Soaring Society of America\Directors], November, page 40
Licher, Rose Marie
Man-powered flight (SSA in Action), February, page 4
Want to fly the Flycycle? (Letter) [Human-Powered Flight], March, page 6
Lincoln, Joseph C. (a.k.a. J.C. Lincoln)
40th US national soaring championships. Liberal, Kansas, Part II [Competitions\National], April, page 3
Lincoln, Joseph C., ed.
On quiet wings [Literature], March, page 7
Linville, L.L.; with D.A. Harmon
Soarability - the performance ratio [Performance Calculations], December, page 26
Linville, Larry L.; with Dennis Harmon
Why the Dingus? [Sailplanes\Dingus; Homebuilts], March, page 30
Locke, G.
Foreign First-of-a-kind flight breaks records [Sailplanes\Skylar 4; Records\Flights], July, pages 14,40
Locke, George
First of a kind flight breaks record [International\Great Britain], July, page 14
Low, Dave
HP-11 (Cover) [Cover; Sailplanes\HP-11; Teton Range], November, Cover
Luenger, Hans
Project BETA [Homebuilts; Sailplanes\Beta; Construction], June, page 32
Luttrell, John (a.k.a. J. Luttrell)
White fiberglass plus haze equals hazard (Letter), March, page 2
Some thoughts on composite bonding, Golladay, D, July, page 28
More on fiberglass plus haze (Letter), July, page 37
Slingsby HP-14 fittings, August, page 13
Inspection problems in glass sailplanes, Armitage, J, September, page 36
Hard facing (Herold's Hearsay), November, page 38

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MacIntyre, Ross
Championships decide New Zealand world team [International\New Zealand; People\John Luttrell], April, page 12
Makula, Edward
Claims two world records (SSA in Action), October, page 6
McMasters, John H. (a.k.a. J.H. McMasters, John McMasters, J. McMasters)
Support for ultralight (Letter) [Sailplanes], January, page 4
Use of energy-storage devices in a man-powered aircraft [Human-Powered Flight], August, page 22
MPA operational flexibility answer (Letter) [Mountain Soaring; Human-Powered Flight], December, page 5
McMasters, John H. (a.k.a. J.H. McMasters, John McMasters, J. McMasters); with Curtix J. Cole
A review and status report [Human-Powered Flight], February, page 18
mi, 569
World out and return distance record [Records\Flights], March, page 18
Miller, B.
The shape of things to come [Pedal-Soarer; Aerial Bicycle], May, page 32
Miller, Bob
Up the 13-meter homebuilt (Letter) [13-Meter Ciass], July, page 2
Miller, E.[R.?]
Pitch control: The Shape of Things to Come [Aerodynamics; Sailplanes\Construction], March, page 30
Miller, Richard H. (a.k.a. Richard Miller, R.H. Miller, R. Miller)
Supersoarer: The shape of things to come [Sailplanes], March, page 18
The new era in soaring, conclusion: the shape of things to come [Sailplanes], March, pages 18,
Pendulum stability: The Shape of Things to Cone [Construction\Sailplanes], March, page 19
Rudder centeroid: The Shape of Things to Come [Construction\Sailplanes], March, page 20
New era in soaring [Literature], March, page 27
Directional control: The Shape of Things to Come [Sailplanes\Libelle; Construction\Sailplanes], March, page 31
Aerial bicycle: The Shape of Things to Come [Construction\Sailplanes], March, page 32
Pedal-soarer: The Shape of Things to Come [Construction\Sailplanes], March, page 32
Unconventional designs Light-wind soarer [Sailplanes], April, page 27
part II The new era in soaring and super-soarability, April, page 27
The shape of things to come [Sailplanes\Thistledown; Passenger/Pilot Polarity], May, page 29
Reply to re Thistledown (Letter), July, page 5
Minghelli, Edward G.
New world multiplace out and return record claim, September, page 8
Montes, Dore J. (a.k.a. D.J. Montes)
Economics of soaring in the Alps, Gotcher, J. W, March, page 15
Mrazek, Col. J.E.
The fall of Eben Emael - Prelude to Dunkerque [Literature], June, page 13

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Nash-Webber, James L. (a.k.a. J.L. Nash-Webber, J. Nash-Webber, Dr. James L. Nash-Webber James Nash-Webber); with Art LaPointe
Symposium and workshop: soaring technology: Technology '72 [Symposia], September, page 32

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Operations, Commercial
Recommended precautions, Karlovlch, J (Safety Corner), September, page 36

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Page, Tom
Engine conservation (Letter) [Launching\Aerotowing], February, page 3
Towing engine conservation (Letter) [Launching\Aerotow; Techniques\Wave Soaring], February, page 3
Standard American soaring signals answer (Letter) [Safety\American Soaring Signals], December, page 3
Parker, Steve
BS-1 (Cover) [Sites\Odessa, Texas; Sailplanes\BS-1], July, Cover
Perl, Harry N.
XCG-16 (Letter) [XCG-16], January, page 4
Pines, 26th annual: Torrey
Local Pacific midwinter soaring championships [Competitions\Local], June, page 11
Putnam, Jon
Eastern 1-26 championships, Elmira, New Hampshire [Sailplanes\Schweizer SGS 1-26], November, page 32

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Ret, Dr. Albert F. Perna, Lt. Col. USAFR,
The glider gladiators of World War II, [Literature], June, page 13
Rogers, B.
The AS-K 14 vs the SF-27M [Motorgliders\Alexander Schleicher\AS-K 14], March, page 10
Rogers, Bennett M.
The magnificent Mojave [Sites\Mojave Desert], January, page 16
The AS-K 14 vs the SF-27M [Sailplanes\Alexander Schleicher\AS-K 14; Sailplanes\SF-27M], May, page 10
Supersoarability (Letter) [Techniques\Wave Soaring], June, page 2
The O&rographic record [People\James Smiley; People\William C. Holbrook; Record\Flights; People\Roger Frank; Records\Flights; People\Karl Striedieck], December, page 16

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Santilli, Alcide (a.k.a. Al Santilli)
40th US national soaring championships, Liberal, Kansas [Competitions\National], January, page 24
How to reach waves via thermals [Meteorology\Wave; Techniques\Wave Soaring], January, page 24
More on reverse thermals (Letter), March, page 3
Saudek, Victor M. (a.k.a. Victor Saudek, Vic Saudek, V.M. Saudek, V. Saudek)
Dedication [Archives and Museums], July, page 10
The lady Marie [People\Frank Hutchinson; History\American; Homebuilts], December, page 37
Scanlan, T.
Two for the homebuilder [Sailplances\SG-1], August, page 31
Scanlan, Thomas W.
The long and the short of it, Carmichael, B, July, page 22
Schellenbaum, R.[or K.?]L.
Getting it all together [Sailplanes\Cherokee; Construction\Sailplanes; Homebuilts], April, page 20
Southern California Hang Gliding Associationmeets [Hang Gliders], June, page 5
Schuemann, Wil
CIVV report, Licher, L. M, January, page 37
Schweizer, Paul A. (a.k.a. Paul Schweizer, P.A. Schweizer)
Two for the homebuilder, August, page 31
Scott, Wallace A. (a.k.a. Wally Scott, W. Scott)
Offers "Flying at Marfa" booklet (Letter) [Sites], March, page 3
Marfa report (Letter) [Meteorology], May, page 2
Scurr, Erica
Middle America soaring [Sites], December, page 22
Seagars, Earl
Humor The Mojave cave petroglyphs [Literature], December, page 34
Seibels, Grenville J., II (a.k.a. Gren Seibels, G. Seibels, Gren J. Seibels, II, Gren J. Seibels)
South Carolina Bermuda High [Sites], April, page 16
Region 5 contest [Competitions\Regional], July, page 9
Senn, H.
Homebuilt wind tunnel for instrument calibration [homebuilts; Instruments], April, page 22
Senn, Harry V. (a.k.a. Harry Senn, H.V. Senn)
Homebuilt wind tunnel for instrument calibration [Wind Tunnel], April, page 22
Sherwin, Keith
Man Powered Flight (Book Reviews) [Literature; Human-Powered Flight], February, page 11
Signals, Soaring
Standard American soaring signals (Letter), December, page 3
Simons, Martin (a.k.a. M. Simons)
Déjà Vue [Windspiel; Akaflieg Darmstadt; People\Robert Kronfeld; Sailplanes\D-38; People\Dr. Kupper; International\Austria], February, page 33
Déjà Vue, February, page 35
Smith, Bernald S. (a.k.a. Bernald Smith, B. Smith, B.S. Smith)
Cartological cop-out (Letter), September, page 3
Region 11 Contest (Letter) [Competitions\Regional], September, page 3
Snead, Bill
Lap racing [Competitions], December, page 28
Starr, Sterling V. (a.k.a. Sterling Starr, S.V. Starr, S. Starr)
Region Seven Contest, Salem, Illinois (SSA in Action) [Competitions\Regional], October, page 10
Steele, Geof
The shape of things to come. Miller, R, May, page 31
Libelles dominate nationals, Gimmey wins [Sailplanes\Libelle], September, page 6
The Libelle 201B (Foreign Scene) [Sailplanes\Libelle 201B], October, page 10
Best of the standard class? AS-W 15 (Letter) [Sailplanes\Alexander Schleicher\AS-W 15], November, page 6
More on The best of the standard class (Herold's Hearsay), November, page 38
Stevens, Ross M., Jr
Flying the Caproni A-21 [Sailplanes\A-21], March, page 25
Striedieck, K.
Best of the standard class? AS-W 15 (Letter) [Sailplanes\Alexander Schleicher\AS-W 15], November, page 6

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Texas, George Coder
South region ten contest (SSA in Action) [Competitions\Regional], October, page 9

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Uveges, George (a.k.a. G. Uveges)
(SSA in Action) [Photography], August, page 7
Gypsy soaring camp (SSA in Action) [Soaring Camp], November, page 12

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Vrsac, Yugoslavia, Bikle, P.
13th world gliding championships [Sailplanes\Schweizer SGS 1-26], October, page 12
Vrsac, Yugoslavia, Bikle, P. , October 1972, p. 26, p. 27
13th world gliding championships [Sailplanes\Schweizer SGS 1-26], October, page 26

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Weimer, Holly
Soaring and youth - why not? [Youth], December, page 30
Williams, Thomas
Report: Third Annual Motorglider Competition - Germany [Competitions\International\Germany; International\Germany; Motorgliders], September, page 10
Wolters, R.
Region I championships [Sailplanes\Schweizer SGS 1-26], February, page 13
Region 4 Championships [Sailplanes\Schweizer SGS 1-26], February, page 14
Wolters, Richard
Letter from the Blue Ridge, February, page 13
the art and technique of soaring [Literature], March, page 13
Worthington, George
Is the AS-W 12 for everyone? [Sailplanes\Alexander Schleicher\AS-W 12], June, page 19
Wright, J.C. "Red Dog" (a.k.a. J.C. Wright, J.C. "Red" Wright)
Third US national standard class soaring championships, Marfa, Texax [Competitions\National], September, page 12

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youth, and spins
Clubs (Letter) [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs; Youth], December, page 6

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(Letter) [Sailplanes\Duster], January, page 2
Letter to ed [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs], January, page 2
XCG-16 Design Credit (Letter) [XCG-16], January, page 3
Ultralight support (Letter) [Mountain Soaring], January, page 4
Correction (Letter) [Sailplanes\Caproni A-21j], January, page 7
Soaring clubs (Letter) [Clubs\Australia; Clubs\New Zealand; International\Australia; International\New Zealand], January, page 7
Soaring clubs: New Zealand (Letter) [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs], January, page 7
Thermal's capacity (Letter) [Meteorology\Thermals], January, page 7
Ultralight coverage in soaring [Ultralights], January, page 10
World soaring championships [Competitions\World; International\Yugoslavia], January, page 10
The Sigma flies (Foreign Scene) [Sailplanes\Sigma], January, page 11
Anyone for a $15,000 Spar? [Construction\Sailplanes], January, page 13
Carbon spar research tests [Sailplanes\Kestrel], January, page 13
Kestrel [Sailplanes\Slingsby\Kestrel], January, page 13
Research test [Carbon Spar], January, page 13
El Mirage Dry Lake [Sites\El Mirage], January, page 20
Best competition pilots of 1971 [Competitions], January, page 22
Crystalaire [Sites\Crystalaire], January, page 32
Pearblossom [Sites\Pearblossom], January, page 32
Aronson's Air Service [Sites\Aronson's Air Service], January, page 34
Rosamond [Sites\Rosamond], January, page 34
Holiday Haven [Sites\Holiday Haven], January, page 35
Tour of soaring sites [Sites\Tehachapi], January, page 35
Adverse yaw (Safety Corner) [Techniques\Wave Soaring], January, page 39
Nimbus II Flight testing completed (Herold's Hearsay) [Sailplanes\Nimbus II], January, page 40
Pilot seeding: 1972 world championships [International\Canada], January, page 40
AS-W 12 (Cover) [Sailplanes\Alexander Schleicher\AS-W 12], February, Cover
Re: Blodget article (Letter) [Safety], February, page 2
Soaring conditions (Letter) [Sites\Florida], February, page 2
Tow hooks (Letter) [Techniques\Wave Soaring; Safety], February, page 2
MPA project (SSA in Action) [Human-Powered Flight], February, page 4
National feminine single-place 100-km speed record claimed by Gunn-Britt Floden (SSA in Action) [Sailplanes\Schweizer SGS 1-34; Records; Women], February, page 8
New directors elected [Soaring Society of America], February, page 8
President Mike Monroney re-elected [National Aeronautic Association], February, page 11
(SSA in Action) [Federal Aviation Agency], February, page 12
Airworthiness directive from FAA: loose rudder fittings [Sailplanes\Schweizer SGS 1-23H], February, page 12
Ka-6 Airworthiness directive from FAA: Faulty welds [Sailplanes\K-6], February, page 12
US Certificate granted [Sailplanes\/Blanik], February, page 12
Man powered flight - a review and status report [Mountain Soaring], February, page 16
Hangin' in there [Ultralight Flying], February, page 17
Man-powered flight: MBA's [Human-powered flight\Puffin], February, page 18
Number one killer: spins and stalls (Safety Corner) [Techniques\Wave Soaring; Safety], February, page 37
Too much too soon: proper training (Safety Corner) [Safety; Training], February, page 37
Redline audio warning device (Herold's Hearsay) [Instruments; Safety; Warning Device], February, page 38
Spacing between thermal streets (Herold's Hearsay) [Meteorology; Techniques\Thermal Soaring], February, page 38
Thoughts on wheel brakes (Safety Corner) [Trailers], February, page 38
Lte [Currency Law], March, page 2
Open-Cockpit Gliding Parachutes (Letter) [Parachutes], March, page 2
Watch it! (Letter) [Landing Gear], March, page 2
White fiberglass plus haze equals hazard (Letter) [Construction\Sailplanes], March, page 2
Nimbus landing while on tow?, March, page 3
Reverse thermals (Letter) [Meteorology], March, page 3
Standing waves on Mars (Letter) [Meteorology\Waves], March, page 3
Wave dynamics (Letter) [Dynamics of Flight; Meteorology], March, page 3
Movies are better than ever (Letter) [Movies], March, page 4
Request SSA give more complete reports (Letter) [Safety], March, page 4
Instruments - Batteries Batteries and cold weather (Letter) [Instruments\Batteries], March, page 5
SSA special funds (SSA in Action) [Soaring Society of America\Funds], March, page 5
Safety inspections following accident (Letter) [Sailplanes\Alexander Schleicher\AS-W 17], March, page 5
More on safe seat ballast (Letter) [Ballast; Minimum Weight; Safety], March, page 6
Reverse rotor (Letter) [Meteorology\Wave Soaring], March, page 6
(SSA in Action) [Federal Aviation Agency], March, page 13
Airworthiness directive: improper engine-mount assemblies (SSA in Action) [Launching\Aerotow\PA-18], March, page 13
Questionnaire re: official contest number (SSA in Action) [Competitions], March, page 13
Hi-ho, Kimo Savy [People\Karl Striedieck], March, page 18
Control loss in spin (Herold's Hearsay) [Techniques\Wave Soaring], March, page 36
Notice of proposed certificate action (Herold's Hearsay) [Federal Aviation Agency], March, page 36
Hang glider safety - a myth exposed (Safety Corner) [Hang gliders; Safety], March, page 37
Sailplane tie downs (Herold's Hearsay) [Safety; Tiedowns], March, page 38
Spring Soaring (Cover) [Cover], April, cover
Airspace (Letter) [Airspace], April, page 2
Hang glider safety (Letter) [Hang Gliders; Safety], April, page 2
On a 13-meter class (Letter) [13-Meter Ciass], April, page 2
18000 ceiling (Letter) [Airspace], April, page 3
Zoomies can be doomies (Letter) [Techniques\Wave Soaring; Safety], April, page 3
Tail inspection for safety (Letter) [Sailplanes\Alexander Schleicher\AS-W 17], April, page 4
Towing Breaking and braking (Letter) [Launching\Aerotowing; Techniques\Wave Soaring], April, page 4
Airbrakes and whistles (Herold's Hearsay) [; Warning Device], April, page 37
Instruments Airbrakes and whistles (Herold's Hearsay) [Safety; Instruments], April, page 37
Flap settings for takeoff (Herold's Hearsay) [Techniques\Wave Soaring], April, page 38
Top commercial instructor (letter) [People\Bernie Carris], April, page 99
Ruby Design (Cover) [Cover], May, cover
Interested in slide library? (Letter) [Photography; Slide Library], May, page 2
Launch: Watch it! (Letter) [Safety], May, page 2
Powered sailplane? (Letter) [Motorgliders\BD-5], May, page 2
White fiberglass plus haze equals hazard (Letter) [Safety], May, page 2
Reporting accidents (Letter) [Safety], May, page 3
Reverse thermals (Letter) [Techniques\Thermal Soaring], May, page 3
Museum fund (SSA in Action) [Archives and Museums], May, page 5
Want to fly a 20000 ft. ridge? (SSA in Action) [Sites\Alaska], May, page 5
Diamond badge (SSA in Action) [Awards], May, page 6
Control loss in spin (Herold's Hearsay) [Safety], May, page 36
Sailplane fatality investigations (Herold's Hearsay) [Safety], May, page 37
Ridge soaring - Basic rules and precautions (Safety Corner) [Techniques\Ridge Soaring; Safety], May, page 38
Mountaintop Glide (Cover) [Cover], June, cover
Spoiler warning device (Letter) [Instruments; Safety; Warning Device], June, page 2
Mountain Green sailwing (Letter) [Sailwing], June, page 4
UFO's Request for report of UFO sightings (Letter) [Vector I], June, page 5
Using flaps for taxiing (Letter) [Techniques\Wave Soaring], June, page 5
(SSA in Action) [Airspace], June, page 8
Radio Equipment The best microphone (Herold's Hearsay) [Instruments], June, page 39
Anxiety, friend or foe? (Safety Corner) [Physiology; Safety], June, page 40
For the record: re: Man-Powered Flight (Letter) [Human-Powered Flight], July, page 2
Up the 13-meter homebuilt (Letter) [Homebuilts], July, page 2
California and Oregon Coming to Minden? Bring a glider (Letter) [Sites], July, page 5
The new era (Letter) [Thistledown], July, page 5
SSA ultralight committee explores subject [Ultralights; Soaring Society of America], July, page 12
Smirnoff sailplane derby [People\A.J. Smith; People\John Ryan; People\Wally Scott; Competitions\Smirnoff; People\Paul Bikle; People\Ross Briegleb], July, page 16
Emergency plan in case of accident (Safety Corner) [Safety], July, page 37
More on fiberglass plus haze (Letter) [Construction\Sailplanes; Safety], July, page 37
Ka-6 (Cover) [Sailplanes\Ka-6; Cover], August, cover
Critique (Letter) [Soaring Society of America\Soaring Magazine], August, page 2
Is the AS-W 12 for everyone? (Letter) [Sailplanes\Alexander Schleicher\AS-W 12], August, page 4
Battery meter caution (Letter) [Instruments\Batteries], August, page 6
Spins and the 13-meter class (Letter) [Techniques\Wave Soaring; 13-Meter Ciass], August, page 6
More on start gates (SSA in Action) [Techniques\Wave Soaring; Instruments], August, page 8
(SSA in Action) [Archives and Museums], August, page 12
Emergency locator transmitters (SSA in Action) [Instruments], August, page 12
Radar: glider visibility thereon: Random Gusts [FAA\Air Traffic Control; Radar; Airspace], August, page 13
Slingsby HP-14 fittings [Hang Gliders; Safety], August, page 13
Aircraft having experimental certificates (Herold's Hearsay) [Licenses\Sailplane], August, page 37
Deadly critters (Safety Corner) [Safety], August, page 38
(Letter) [Techniques\Cloud and IFR flying], September, page 2
More on the BD-5B (Letter) [BD-5B], September, page 3
Gill Airport: And lemonade besides! (Letter) [Sites], September, page 4
39th US soaring championships, Nevada Minden [Competitions\National], September, page 6
Swedish and Polish pilots new world champs [Competitions\World; International\Yugoslavia; People\Jan Wroblewski; People\Goran Ax], September, page 7
Photo procedures (SSA in Action) [Photography], September, page 8
US women's national distance record [Records\Flights; Women], September, page 8
(SSA in Action) [Archives and Museums], September, page 9
Instruments - Barograph Barograph calibrations (SSA in Action) [Instruments], September, page 9
MIT student clubs [Clubs\Massachusetts Institute of Technology], September, page 33
LS-1 (Cover) [Sailplanes\LS-1; Cover], October, cover
2-32 spin recovery (Letter) [Safety; Sailplanes\Schweizer SGS 2-32], October, page 1?
Cumulus-induced "mountain" waves (Letter) [Meteorology; Wave Soaring], October, page 2
New information (Letter) [Safety], October, page 2
Teen-agers; a peer purview (Letter) [Youth], October, page 3
A successful youth group (Letter) [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs; Youth], October, page 4
Air explorer squadron 8 (Letter) [Youth], October, page 4
Do-it-yourself barographic orthodontia (Letter) [Instruments], October, page 4
Down-gust stall? (Letter) [Techniques\Wave Soaring], October, page 4
Wally Scott, II Claims Barringer trophy (SSA in Action) [Awards\Barringer], October, page 5
Winch advice sought (Letter) [Landing Gear; Launching\Winch Towing], October, page 5
US national feminine 100-km speed triangle record claimed by Gunn-Britt Floden (SSA in Action) [Women], October, page 6
US national feminine 100-km speed triangle record claimed by Gunn-Britt Floden: SSA to action [Records\Flights], October, page 6
World multiplace speed triangle record and world multi- place out-and-return distance records claimed by Ed Makula: SSA to action [Records\Flights], October, page 6
Airspace: FFA nixes glider cloud-flying rating (SSA in Action) [Federal Aviation Agency], October, page 8
F.A.R. Part 61 amended (SSA in Action) [Federal Aviation Agency], October, page 8
FAA nixes glider cloud-flying rating (SSA in Action) [Airspace], October, page 8
Standard class state records: SSA to action [Records], October, page 8
Tolerance on release points (SSA in Action) [Techniques\Wave Soaring], October, page 8
Region 9 contest (SSA in Action) [Competitions\Regional], October, page 9
Region Four Contest, Fredrick Maryland Municipal Airport (SSA in Action) [Sites], October, page 9
Region four contest (SSA in Action) [Competitions\Regional], October, page 9
Region four contest: Frederick Municipal Airport, Maryland (SSA in Action) [Competitions\Regional], October, page 9
Waverly West: region nine contest (SSA in Action) [Competitions\Regional], October, page 9
The Libelle 201B (Foreign Scene) [Sailplanes\Libelle 201B], October, page 10
National Achievement comparisons of US nationals 1959 to 1972 (Herold's Hearsay) [Competitions], October, page 38
Start-gate accidents (Safety Corner) [Techniques\Wave Soaring; Safety], October, page 40
Youth soaring survey completed (Letter) [Youth], November, page 6
Getting 'em started (Letter) [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs; Youth], November, page 7
Good notice from the press (Letter) [Publicity], November, page 8
Something right and something wrong (Letter) [Competitions; Soaring Society of America], November, page 8
Belgian invitation (Letter) [International\Belgium], November, page 9
Remembering Ben Shupack (Letter) [People\Ben Shupack; Obituaries], November, page 9
Second national soaring convention (SSA in Action) [Conferences and Conventions], November, page 10
(SSA in Action) [Archives and Museums], November, page 11
North region ten contestStrother Field, Kansas (SSA in Action) [Competitions\Regional], November, page 14
Table of scores 39th US soaring championships [Competitions\National], November, page 26
The Swingwing [Construction; Homebuilts; Sailplanes; People\Irven Culver; VJ23], November, page 30
Hard facing (Herold's Hearsay) [Construction\Sailplanes; Skids, Tail Or Hose], November, page 38
More on the best of the standard class (Herold's Hearsay) [Sailplanes], November, page 38
More on MacCready speed-ring error selector (Herold's Hearsay) [Instruments], November, page 39
List of weather-related articles appearing in SOARING Magazine: Using the Weather [Meteorology], November, page 41
Silent night, silent flight (Cover) [Cover], December, cover
Slope soaring on clouds? It's being done (Letter) [Meteorology; Techniques\Wave Soaring], December, page 2
Scatter time (Letter) [Safety], December, page 3
Do-it-yourself indicator (Letter) [Instruments], December, page 5
Wright memorial meet (Letter) [Sailplanes\Schweizer SGS 1-26], December, page 5
Regional soaring weather forecasts? (SSA in Action) [Meteorology], December, page 8
Sailplane design competitions news (SSA in Action) [Competitions\Design], December, page 8
Wright Brothers (SSA in Action) [History\American], December, page 8
Region Five Standard Class Contest: Cordele, Georgia (SSA in Action) [Competitions\Regional], December, page 11
Resigns as editor of Safety Corner (Safety Corner) [People\Stephan Horvath], December, page 38

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