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Arnold, L.R.
Twelve hours in a TG-3 [Flights\Record], July-August, page 11

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Ball, R.H.
A practical electric variometer [Instruments\Variometers], March-April, page 3
Barnaby, R.S.
International position of American motorless flight [Competitions; OSTIV], January-February, page 2
The first world championship soaring contest [Competitions], March-April, page 17
Burr, H.E.
The snowbird 1950 [Competitions], January-February, page 7
The 18th National [Competitions], July-August, page 2

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Carmichael, Bruce H. (a.k.a. Bruce Carmichael, B.H. Carmichael, B. Carmichael)
Some effects of altitude [Flights\Altitude], January-February, page 2
An analysis of Johnson's flight [People\R.H. Johnson; Sailplanes\Ross-Johnson 5; Records\Flights], September-October, page 14
Carsey, J.
Gliding and our bid for good will [Editorial], July-August, page 1
Carsey, J.D.
You and soaring [Publicity], May-June, page 2
Dr. W. B. Klemperer (Editorial) [Awards], September-October, page 1
Observations [Editorial], November-December, page 1
Comey, R.J.
So you want to buy a glider! [Sailplanes], May-June, page 14
Compton, F.
Soaring records [Flights\Record], May-June, page 8
Soaring sites [Sites], May-June, page 8
N.S.S. Approves New Records [Records], September-October, page 6
Coverdale, W.H., Jr.
FAI awards (Cover) [Awards\FAI], May-June, Cover
FAI awards [Awards], May-June, page 9
Soaring meets and contests [Competitions], May-June, page 11

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Dawydoff, A.
Suzanne Melk [Obituaries], March-April, page 15
Stove-pipe glider [Sailplanes\Emouchet], July-August, page 18

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Graves, J.D.
The 10th annual west coast contest [Competitions\Local], November-December, page 8

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Hiscocks, R.D.
"Wing profiles"Part II [Aerodynamics], November-December, page 4

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Ivans, William S., Jr. (a.k.a. W.S. Ivans, W.S. Ivans, Jr., Bill Ivans)
8 miles high [Flights\Altitude; Flights\Record], January-February, page 3

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Jacoby, B.
A vortex possibility of the Sierra wave [Meteorology\Wave], March-April, page 11
Johnson, Richard H. (a.k.a. Dick Johnson, Richard Johnson, R.H. Johnson, R. Johnson)
The development of the Ross-Johnson 5 sailplane [Sailplanes\Ross-Johnson 5], July-August, page 19
We break 500! [Flights\Record; Records\Flights; Sailplanes\Ross-Johnson 5], September-October, page 3

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Kissel, E.
Soaring waves at Warm Springs airport [Meteorology\Wave], July-August, page 10
Knight, E.
4th midwest contest [Competitions], July-August, page 9
Krohne, E.
Give the crews a break [Crewing], January-February, page 11

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Lippisch, A.M.
The performance of sailplanes in circling flight [Aerodynamics; Dynamics of Flight; Meteorology\Convection], July-August, page 13

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Nelson, T.
VHF radio for gliders [Radio Equipment], March-April, page 9
A practical sailplane hangar [Construction\Hangars], September-October, page 22
Fun with the Hummingbird [Sailplanes\Hummingbird], November-December, page 2

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Raspet, A.
Progress report [Aerodynamics; Birds; Meteorology], January-February, page 6
The role of the sailplane in aerodynamic research [History; Scientific Uses of Gliders], May-June, page 10
Systematic improvement of the drag polar of the sailplane RJ-5 [Aerodynamics; Sailplanes\Ross-Johnson 5], September-October, page 17
Raspet, A.; with M. Swartzberg
The Peravia barograph [Instruments\Barographs], March-April, page 6
Reeves, E.J.
The Soaring Society of America [History\American; Publicity; Soaring Society of America], May-June, page 3
Gold and diamonds discovered at Odessa [Flights\Award; Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs], September-October, page 7
Ryon, D.C.
United we fly [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs], May-June, page 7

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Schultz, A.B.
(Letter) [Medical Aspects of Flight], January-February, page 14
Shenstone, D.A.
(The Canadian scene) [Canada], January-February, page 11
(The Canadian scene) [Canada], March-April, page 16
Canadian Scene -- Observations on the Behavior of Sationary Thermals (The Canadian scene) [Meteorology\Convection; Canada], July-August, page 22
Canadian Scene (The Canadian scene) [Canada], September-October, page 24
Canadian Scene "L'Affaire Mu" (The Canadian scene) [Sailplanes\Mu 13D; Canada], November-December, page 16
Swartzberg, M.; with A. Raspet
The Peravia barograph [Instruments\Barographs], March-April, page 6
Sweet, F.J.
Gliding and soaring - and how it's done [Publicity], May-June, page 4
Symons, R.F.
Two up to 38,650 [Flights\Record; Flights\Altitude], July-August, page 12

None     (up to table of contents)

Scribner crashes [Safety], January-February, page 13
Pacific coast midwinter championships [Competitions], March-April, page 10
Condensed report of SSA directors meet [Soaring Society of America\Directors], March-April, page 12
Harris Hill During the 18th Nationals (Cover) [Competitions], July-August, Cover
18th national - Statistics Final standings of the 18th National [Competitions], July-August, page 4
Election results and minutes of annual directors meeting [Soaring Society of America\Directors], July-August, page 6
3rd annual Wright memorial meet [Competitions], July-August, page 8
Chicagoland soaring meet [Competitions\Local], July-August, page 10
FAI Award -- First Half 1951 [Awards], July-August, page 21
Spain in '52 [Competitions], July-August, page 21
News from Clubs and Members [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs], July-August, page 23
A Look at the Odessa Records Camp (Cover) [Records], September-October, Cover
Odessa records camp [Records; People\R. Watkins; People\J.S. Charles; People\H. Klitgord; People\W.J. Krohne; People\W. Wiberg; People\E. Yerian], September-October, page 2
Ted Nelson and Harry Perl in the Hummingbird over the hills near Warm Spring Gliderport, CA (Cover) [Sailplanes], November-December, Cover
19th National goes to Texas [Competitions], November-December, page 7

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