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Cover, Editorial, Letter, The Canadian scene

W.H. Coverdale, Jr., FAI awards, May-June
Harris Hill During the 18th Nationals, July-August
A Look at the Odessa Records Camp, September-October
Ted Nelson and Harry Perl in the Hummingbird over the hills near Warm Spring Gliderport, CA, November-December

J.D. Carsey, Dr. W. B. Klemperer, September-October, page 1

A.B. Schultz, January-February, page 14

The Canadian scene
D.A. Shenstone, January-February, page 11
D.A. Shenstone, March-April, page 16
D.A. Shenstone, Canadian Scene -- Observations on the Behavior of Sationary Thermals, July-August, page 22
D.A. Shenstone, Canadian Scene, September-October, page 24
D.A. Shenstone, Canadian Scene "L'Affaire Mu", November-December, page 16

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