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Arnold, L.R.
Check 'em! [Safety], March-April, page 7

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Ball, R.H.
Radio for Gliders [Radio Equipment], January-February, page 6
Bierens, J.
Sailplane N909D [Sailplanes\Construction], May-June, page 6
Bikle, Paul F. (a.k.a. P.F. Bikle, P. Bikle)
Civil air regulations for glider pilots [Civil Aeronautic Authority], March-April, page 18
Paul Bikle joins Diamond C elite [People\Bikle, P.F.; Awards\Flights], November-December, page 9
Bowers, P.M.
Super-duper towplane [Launching\Airplane Towing], July-August, page 11
Briegleb, W.G.
Use of the rudder [Training], May-June, page 30

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Carmichael, Bruce H. (a.k.a. Bruce Carmichael, B.H. Carmichael, B. Carmichael); with G. Storer
Quickie modification of 1-19 primary accomplished at Mississippi State [Aerodynamics; Sailplanes\Schweizer SGS 1-19; People\Bradley, D.], November-December, page 6
Carsey, J.D.
Aviation and American youth [Youth], March-April, page 2
Billions for the top, but what for popular goodwill? [USA], May-June, page 1
Industry, publication, aviation enthusiasts support SSA's appeal [Competitions], May-June, page 2
From deep in Texas to deeper at Cuatros Vientos [Competitions\World], July-August, page 2
The president's message [History; Soaring Society of America], September-October, page 21
Avigator radios used by US team at internationals [Radio Equipment], September-October, page 25
The president's message [History; Soaring Society of America], November-December, page 15
Carson, V.
Frustration [Literature], May-June, page 35
Coverdale, W.H.
America goes to Spain Aboard the S.S. Exochorda (Cover) [Cover], July-August, Cover
Coverdale, W.H., Jr.
Some thoughts on contest flying [Competitions], July-August, page 20

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Dure, J.D.
Turning errors of vertical gyro instruments [Instruments], May-June, page 20

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Entz, P.H.
Members! Members! Members! [Soaring Society of America], May-June, page 4

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Fleming, B.
Canada's national [Canada], September-October, page 13

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Haddaway, G.E.
Congratulations, SSA [CNAO], March-April, page 11
Harris, V.W.
The UMG III glider [Sailplanes\UMG III], January-February, page 18
Heberling, F.; with M. Swartzberg
Canopies for sailplanes [Sailplanes\Construction], May-June, page 23
Hirth, W.
Twelve commands for soaring pilots [Literature], May-June, page 31
Hoinville, F.
Australian ace reports from Spain [People\Hoinville, F.; Competitions\World], July-August, page 7

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Ivans, William S., Jr. (a.k.a. W.S. Ivans, W.S. Ivans, Jr., Bill Ivans)
322 miles [Awards\Flights; Competitions\Flights], November-December, page 2

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Johnson, Richard H. (a.k.a. Dick Johnson, Richard Johnson, R.H. Johnson, R. Johnson)
Dick Johnson's story [Competition Flights], September-October, page 10

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Klemperer, W.B.
Karl-Eric Ovgard [Sailplanes\Kirby Kadet; Obituaries; Safety], March-April, page 1
US soaring enthusiasts visit Austria, Yugoslavia [Sailplanes\Kirby Kadet; Austria; Yugoslavia], November-December, page 9
Krohne, E.
Morning flight [Literature], May-June, page 26
Kuettner, J.
On the possibility of soaring on traveling waves in the jetstream [Meteorology], May-June, page 9

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Lane, F.B.
Germany starts back [Germany], January-February, page 4
Loufek, J.E.
West coast soaring championship [Competitions\Local], July-August, page 10

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Matteson, F.H. (a.k.a. F. Matteson)
Our club "works" [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs], May-June, page 16

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Perl, H.N.
Military Gliders of World War II [Military; Training; History\American], January-February, page 12

R     (up to table of contents)

Raspet, A.
Artificial Horizon Notice from OSTIV [Instruments], January-February, page 3
The sailplane in aerodynamic research [Aerodynamics; Scientific Uses of Gliders], March-April, page 3
Unsolved - the problem of Leonardo da Vinci [Human-Powered Flight], May-June, page 18
Reeves, E.J.
A summer's tale [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs; Crewing], January-February, page 10
SSA to send six top performers to Spain [Competitions], May-June, page 2
California (Spiraling with E.J.) [Sites], September-October, page 23
Washington State (Spiraling with E.J.) [Sites], November-December, page 12

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Setz, W.
The 1952 world soaring championships [Competitions\World], July-August, page 4
Shenstone, D.A.
(The Canadian scene) [Mu 13D; Canada], January-February, page 21
Soaring Association of Canada holds annual general meeting [Canada], March-April, page 16
Smith, C.J.
The EASC winch [Launching\Winch Towing], March-April, page 24
Spurgeon, J.
Flattopping the TG-2 [Sailplanes\Schweizer TG-2], January-February, page 17
6th annual mid-winter championships, Torrey Pines, San Diego [Competitions], March-April, page 8
American youth on the wing [Youth], May-June, page 21
American youth on the wing [Youth], May-June, page 27
Stevenson, W.
Rx for Dayton's towing bug [Launching\Airplane Towing], March-April, page 15
Storer, G.; with Bruce H. Carmichael (a.k.a. Bruce Carmichael, B.H. Carmichael and B. Carmichael)
Quickie modification of 1-19 primary accomplished at Mississippi State [Aerodynamics; Sailplanes\Schweizer SGS 1-19; People\Bradley, D.], November-December, page 6
story, picture
Youth flew at the 19th [Competitions; Youth], September-October, page 6
Guys, gals and gliders [Competitions], September-October, page 8
Swartzberg, M.; with F. Heberling
Canopies for sailplanes [Sailplanes\Construction], May-June, page 23
Sweet, F.J.
Report of the fifth session of the Conference of National Aviation Organizations [CNAO], March-April, page 20

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Todd, R.
19th National - Crewing for a champion [Competitions], November-December, page 3

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Waghorn, M.M.
News of clubs and members [Australia], May-June, page 32
Webster, D.D.
NAA invites SSA members to fuller participation in benefits [National Aeronautic Association], July-August, page 17
White, R.T.
American participation In the internationals? [Competitions], March-April, page 10
Wiberg, W.
I musta done it wrong [Safety], January-February, page 2

Y     (up to table of contents)

Yerian, E.
19th National Color of the contest [Competitions], September-October, page 10

None     (up to table of contents)

KIM-2 Stahanovec [Sailplanes\Kim-2; USSR], January-February, page 16
19th US national soaring competition to be in Texas [Competitions], March-April, page 9
Annual mid-winter directors' meeting [Soaring Society of America], March-April, page 12
19th National - Rules and Regulations Results of poll [Competitions], March-April, page 14
The Olympia Eon [Sailplanes\Olympia], March-April, page 26
Aeronautics Commission to send Johnson to international [People\Johnson, R.H.; Competitions; Mississippi Aeronautics Commission], May-June, page 5
America was there! [Competitions\World], July-August, page 1
Fifth mid-west soaring contest [Competitions\Local], July-August, page 8
Paul Schweizer and 1-24; Doug Bradley, Youngest Contestant (Cover) [Sailplanes; Competitions], September-October, Cover
The 19th national [Competitions\National], September-October, page 2
19th National - Statistics Here's your complete contest at a glance [Competitions], September-October, page 3
Northeastern states contest [Competitions], September-October, page 14
Technical conference held at the nationals [Aerodynamics], September-October, page 15
Youth must fly! [Youth], September-October, page 28
Gehrleins; Girl, glider , tetrahedron (Cover) [People], November-December, Cover
Soaring places and faces, picture story [Sites], November-December, page 4
$1,000 distance award offered at Elmira [Awards; People\Gehrlein, L.], November-December, page 8
'52-'53 SSA governors appointed [Soaring Society of America], November-December, page 10
Mid-winter meeting to be in New York [Soaring Society of America], November-December, page 10
Opinions invited [Youth], November-December, page 20

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