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Ardelt, E.M.
The "Denver Pioneer" utility glider [Denver Pioneer; Gliders], March-April, page 10

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Bonnell, C.J.
Soaring in a post-war world, September-October, page 1

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Collins, L.
Pre-power flight training [Training], May-June, pages preceding 1
Corcoran, S.R.
Powered gliders [Gliders], September-October, page 8

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Darling, D.L.
Night flight [Night Soaring], March-April, page 11
Dawydoff, A.
Cadet UT-1 glider [Cadet UT-1; Gliders], January-February, page 8

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Hall, A.
Thermal soaring a utility [Record Flights], May-June, page 1
Hoff, N.J.; with S.E. Mautner
Sandwich construction in gliders [Construction of Gliders], September-October, page 4

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Illaszewicz, J.
Gliding instruction in Europe [Training], March-April, page 6
Why singleplace glider training was used in Europe [Training], July-August, page 4

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Klemperer, W.B.
Theory of soaring flight, part 5 [Kirby Kadet; Theory of Soaring Flight], March-April, page 5
Theory of soaring flight, part 6 [Kirby Kadet; Theory of Soaring Flight], May-June, page 6

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Leonard, P.
A "one design class" contest sailplane [Gliders], November-December, page 3

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Martz, E.V.
C.F. McReynolds [Training], September-October, pages preceding 1
Mautner, S.E.; with N.J. Hoff
Sandwich construction in gliders [Construction of Gliders], September-October, page 4
Off the deep end [Civil Aeronautics Board], March-April, page 8
The chicken or the egg? [Training], May-June, page 11

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Noyes, E.F.
Tactical uses of gliders [Gliders; Military Uses of Gliders; Pick-Up Launching], July-August, page 1

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Quarterman, E.A.
Thermals and helicopters [Dynamics of Flight; Helicopters], November-December, page 10

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Raspet, A.
The temperature gradiometer for soaring [Thermal Detection Systems; Instruments], January-February, page 1
19th motorless flight conference [Conferences and Conventions], July-August, pages preceding 1
Glider-tug performance studies [Performance Calculations], November-December, page 4
Robinson, J.B. (a.k.a. J. Robinson)
Blind flying in icing conditions, March-April, page 3
Soaring over Mt. Whitney [Cross-Country Soaring], March-April, page 7
Ruble, F.W., Jr.
I learned to fly a glider [Training], March-April, page 1

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Saudek, V.H.
In the good old days [Bird Flight], July-August, page 6
Schweizer, E.
The TG-3A [2-12], May-June, page 8
Schweizer, Paul A. (a.k.a. Paul Schweizer, P.A. Schweizer)
The new Schweizer utility glider [Gliders; 1-19], September-October, page 10
Adapting the "one design class" to gliding and soaring [Competitions; Gliders; 1-26], November-December, page 1
Shenstone, B.S.
How the Olympic sailplane came about, from Aeronautics [Gliders; Meise; Olympia], May-June, page 3
Smith, S.
Cumulus sailplane [Cumulus SG-5], July-August, page 10
Stanley, R.M.
Vee tail [Construction of Gliders], January-February, page 6

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Tuntland, P.
Silver C in the high Sierras [Award Flights], January-February, page 4

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Zrzywoblocki, Z.
Applying jet-propulsion to gliders [Gliders], July-August, page 7

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To the old timers [Training], January-February, pages preceding 1
Sandwich construction in gliders [Mautner, S.E.], September-October, page 4
[Competitions]November-December, page 3
The Philadelphia Glider Council exhibits its gliderport [Sites; Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs], November-December, page 8
Stretching out to the things which are before, I go forward [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs], November-December, page 12

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