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Barnaby, H.S.
The LNE-1 [Pratt-Read LNE-1], November-December, page 2
Bonnell, C.J.
Glider glossary [Literature], January-February, page 7
Boyer, T.M.
New editor [Soaring Society of America\Soaring Magazine], January-February, page 17
Cargo gliders in the Army [Gliders; Military Uses of Gliders], July-August, page 2

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Chapman, R.N.
The TG-4A [TG-4A], January-February, page 10
Airplane towing rules [Airplane Towing], May-June, page 6
Czerwinski, W.
Utility gliders and their design [Aerodynamic Design; Gliders], March-April, page 8
The Robin [Gliders; Robin], May-June, page 8

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Dawydoff, A.
Elmira, 1945 [Competitions], September-October, page 2

H     (up to table of contents)

Hammond, W.B.
A training aid [Training], January-February, page 4
Heimgartner, T.H.
Swiss glider constructions [Switzerland], July-August, page 8
Hoefner, O.
No field? No fly! [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs; Sites], May-June, page 12
Horsley, T.
Standing wave, from Aeronautics [Great Britain; Meteorology], March-April, page 12

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Illaszewicz, J.
High altitude and distance [Cross-Country Soaring], May-June, page 11

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Klemperer, W.B.
Contributions of gliding and soaring to aviation [History], March-April, page 4
Theory of soaring flight, part 7 [Kirby Kadet; Theory of Soaring Flight], March-April, page 14
Theory of soaring flight, part 8 [Kirby Kadet; Theory of Soaring Flight], May-June, page 14
Theory of soaring flight, part 9 [Kirby Kadet; Theory of Soaring Flight], November-December, page 3

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Lange, K.O.
Thermals at low altitudes [Meteorology], September-October, page 10

M     (up to table of contents)

Masaki, M.; with H.T. Nagamatsu
General glider performance [Performance Calculations], November-December, page 8
Moe, End man on the rope,
[Literature; Military Uses of Gliders]July-August, page 11

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Nagamatsu, H.T.; with M. Masaki
General glider performance [Performance Calculations], November-December, page 8

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Petry, L.V.
Gliding and airline piloting [Powered Aircraft], January-February, page 5

R     (up to table of contents)

Raspet, A., ed.
The 1945 motorless flight conference [Conferences and Conventions], November-December, page 1
Robinson, J.B. (a.k.a. J. Robinson)
Two-place glider training [Training], March-April, page 1
Rowley, E.H.
A design for power soaring [Gliders], November-December, page 14
Rush, R.H.
The commercial cargo glider [Gliders], May-June, page 2

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Savage, Z.; with H. Vernon
The glider tow [Winch Towing], November-December, page 16
Schultz, A.B.
The Midwest utility [Gliders; Midwest], March-April, page 6
Shenstone, B.S.
The DFS Reiher [Canada; Reiher], July-August, page 5
The DFS Reiher, continued [Canada; Reiher], September-October, page 4
Shupack, B., ed.
We must cooperate, May-June, page 1
The value of glider time, July-August, page 1
Opportunity for research, September-October, page 1
Simpson, J.A.
The Soaring Association of Canada [Canada], January-February, page 1
Simpson, J.A. and R.
A glimpse of the future [Record Flights], September-October, page 8
Storer, J.H.
Soaring birds [Bird Flight], January-February, page 13

T     (up to table of contents)

Tracy, W.
Arizona soaring [Sites], November-December, page 13

V     (up to table of contents)

Vernon, H.; with Z. Savage
The glider tow [Winch Towing], November-December, page 16

None     (up to table of contents)

Welcome Canadians [Canada], January-February, pages preceding 1
Gliding and airline piloting [Petry, L.V.], January-February, page 5
CG 10-A [CG 10-A], January-February, page 8
The Hamilcar was essential [Great Britain; Military Uses of Gliders; Gliders], March-April, pages preceding 1
CG-13 snatch [Pick-Up Launching], March-April, page 10
Australian tragedy [Australia; Safety], March-April, page 16
At last - a school [Training], March-April, page 20
The commercial cargo glider [Rush, R.H.], May-June, page 8
The CG-17 [Gliders], September-October, page 9
The XCG-16 [Gliders], September-October, page 9
Randall K. Chapman [Obituaries], September-October, page 13
Moswey III [Moswey III], November-December, page 4

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