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Barringer, L.B.
Gliders for transport [Airplane Towing; Gliders], January-February, page 3

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Charles, J.S.
A new national altitude record [Record Flights], September-October, page 1
Corcoran, S.R.
Development of the TG-1A glider [TG-1a], September-October, page 3

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Dawydoff, A.
Total energy variometer [Instruments], January-February, page 7
14th national soaring contest! [Competitions], July-August, page 3
Du Pont, R.C.
American soaring techniques today [Techniques of Soaring Flight], May-June, page 1
du Pont, Richard C.
[Obituaries]September-October, pages preceding 1
DuPont, R.C.
Lewin B. Barringer [Obituaries], March-April, pages preceding 1

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Gale, C.
R.C. DuPont [Obituaries], September-October, page 5

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Hammond, W.B.
A training glider for high schools [Training], November-December, page 9
Harrison, L.P.
Atmospheric Instability Atmospheric turbulence [Meteorology], May-June, page 9
Atmospheric turbulence [Meteorology], September-October, page 9
Atmospheric turbulence [Meteorology], November-December, page 7
Hull, L.
Philadelphia glider conference [Conferences and Conventions; Training], March-April, page 5

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Jensen, V.
The J-14 two place [J-14], May-June, page 12

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Kelsey, W.F.
Super Albatross [Super Albatross], March-April, page 3
Klemperer, W.B.
Theory of soaring flight [Kirby Kadet; Theory of Soaring Flight], March-April, page 1
Theory of soaring flight, part 2 [Kirby Kadet; Theory of Soaring Flight], May-June, page 7
Theory of soaring flight, part 3 [Kirby Kadet; Theory of Soaring Flight], July-August, page 5
Theory of soaring flight, part IV [Kirby Kadet; Theory of Soaring Flight], November-December, page 5

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Maxey, L.A.
Cumulonimbus! [Cloud Flying], January-February, page 6
Experiment in high aspect ratio [Aerodynamics], September-October, page 11
Mitchell, I.
The CG-4A [CG-4A], November-December, page 1
Mitchell, L.
The Maxton tactical demonstration of gliders [Air Shows and Demonstrations; Military Uses of Gliders], July-August, page 1
The CG-4A [Military Uses of Gliders], November-December, page 1
Food for thought [Military Uses of Gliders; Training], May-June, page 6

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Pinto, L.S.
A South American duration record [South America], November-December, page 4

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Sargent, H.J.
Trophy honors Major Barringer [Herbert J. Sargent. Jr. Memorial Trophy], May-June, page 5
Schultz, A.B.
On soaring flight [Dynamics of Flight], January-February, page 11
Schultz, A.U.
Glider pick-up [Pick-Up Launching], January-February, page 1
Setz, W.
Lewin B. Barringer [Obituaries], March-April, page 8

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Wiggin, B., compiler
The Power House [Meteorology], March-April, page 9
Wiggin, B.L., compiler
The Power House [Meteorology], January-February, page 8
The Power House [Meteorology], July-August, page 7
Wood, A.D.
Plywoods [Literature], May-June, page 13

None     (up to table of contents)

Gus Briegleb's two-place [BG-8], July-August, page 9
Captain Barnaby, United States Navy [Barnaby, R.S.], July-August, page 11
Meet Jack Laister [Laister, J.W.], July-August, page 12

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