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Abrams, H.
Report from Herb Abrams [Safety], November-December, page 13

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Barnaby, R.S.
Too low and too slow [Safety; Techniques of Soaring Flight], May-June, page 4

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Dawydoff, A.
Airhopper log [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs; Training], May-June, page 10

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Haynes, B.C.
Hazard of wind shift in landing [Civil Aeronautics Board; MeteorologySafety], January-February, page 1
Holsclaw, W.C.
Only sissies need motors, Lazarus Ode to the Swoose [Literature], November-December, page 12
Huffaker, E.C.
On soaring flight [Bird Flight; Meteorology; Theory of Soaring Flight], May-June, page 5
On soaring flight [Bird Flight; Theory of Soaring Flight], July-August, page 6
On soaring flight [Bird Flight; Theory of Soaring Flight], September-October, page 9
Huffaker, K.C.
Storms on soaring flight [Meteorology], May-June, page 5
Hunsicker, A.
Orville Wright [Literature], January-February, pages preceding , 1

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Leonard, P.
PR-G1 spreads its wings [Pratt-Read PR-G1], March-April, page 2

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Matlin, C.A.
The fifth annual western meet, July-August, page 9
Matlin, D.A.
The fifth annual western meet [Competitions], July-August, page 9
Mitchell, L.
Silent wings to victory [Military Uses of Gliders; Training], July-August, page 1

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Raspet, A.
Engineering The belly-slider glider [Aerodynamics; Gliders; Construction of Gliders], January-February, page 2
Slope soaring [Ridge Soaring], September-October, page 1
A critique of the paper "Soaring over the Open Sea" [Dynamic Soaring; Dynamics of Flight; Hydrodynamics; Theory of Soaring Flight; Meteorology; Bird Flight], November-December, page 5

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Santilli, A.
Determination of wind velocity of flight [Dynamics of Flight], May-June, page 3
Satin, A.
Cover photo explained in a timely article [Construction of Gliders], May-June, page 2
Cover photo explained in a timely article, May-June, page 8
Schultz, A.B.
Downwind turns and downwind flight [Dynamics of Flight], March-April, page 4
Shupack, B.
The Polytech glider [Construction of Gliders], September-October, page 4
Stiglmeier, Herman
Goal and return - Maricopa [Cross-Country Soaring], November-December, page 6

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Wiggin, B., compiler
The Power House [Meteorology], January-February, page 5
The Power House [Meteorology], March-April, page 5
The Power House [Meteorology], May-June, page 9
The Power House [Meteorology], September-October, page 5
The Power House [Meteorology], November-December, page 7
Woodcock, A.H.
Soaring over the open sea [Hydrodynamics; Dynamic Soaring; Bird Flight; Dynamics of Flight; Hydrodynamics; Meteorology], November-December, page 1
Woodcock, H.A.
Soaring over the open sea [Meteorology], November-December, page 1

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Simplified certification procedure [Civil Aeronautic Authority; Licenses, Sailplane], January-February, page 3
Soaring records [FAI; Record Flights], January-February, page 4
The Grunau Baby II [Grunau Baby II], January-February, page 10
First military gliding unit [Military Uses of Gliders; South Africa], January-February, page 11
A practical method of pilot selection [Medical Aspects of Flight; Training], March-April, page 1
Genevieve Warren Eaton [Obituaries], May-June, pages preceding , 1
Army Air Forces glider training program [Training], May-June, page 1
"Kirby Kadet" secondary glider [Kirby Kadet; Gliders], May-June, page 2
The RAF 34 - a new airfoil section for airplane design [Aerodynamic Design], July-August, page 5
Warren J. Merboth, Golden C #5 [Award Flights; Merboth, W.J.], September-October, page 3

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