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Abernathy, Mike
Sidebar: Here is my Memory of a Happy Day in September (Feature Articles) [Soaring\Colorado Mountains], May, page 34
Abernathy, Mike; with Matthew Murray
Cloud Street: A Soaring Adventure (Feature Articles) [Techniques\Cross-Country\Photography], July, page 34
Acee, Janine
Region 3 2007 Contest Report (Soaring News) [Competitions\Regionals\Region 3], February, page 7
Acheson, Guy
Glider Aerobatics, the Cure for Winter Blues (Feature Articles) [Training\Aerobatics], September, page 26
Albrecht, Tom
Nutmeg Encampment (Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Tom May], October, page 46
A Long Time for Len (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Flight Test\Len Herman], December, page 45

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Baldwin, Rand
Solo 15-Year-Old in Alabama (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\First Solo\Dylan Joffrion], October, page 46
Baldwin, Todd
Twenty Year Dream (Soaring Mail) [Training\Commercial Operator\Estrella], August, page 9
Black-Nixon, C. Dianne (a.k.a. Dianne Black Nixon, Dianne Black-Nixon, C. Dianne Black Nixon)
Matching Challenge Update (Soaring Mail) [Contributions\Soaring Society of America\Matching], June, page 5
Blacksten, Raul
Clio's Wings by Clio, the Muse of History - Glider Names (Clio's Wings) [History], January, page 60
Clio's Wings by Clio, Soaring Personalities (Clio's Wings) [History], February, page 60
Glider Evolution (Clio's Wings) [History], March, page 60
Movies That Soared Above the Rest (Clio's Wings) [History\Movies], April, page 60
Potpourri Soaring (Clio's Wings) [History\Miscellaneous], May, page 60
Klemp (Clio's Wings) [History\Wolfgang Klemperer], June, page 60
Gus (Clio's Wings) [History\Gus Briegleb], July, page 60
Well, I Swan! (Feature Articles) [Training\Glider Transition], August, page 25
Hawley (Clio's Wings) [History\Hawley Bowlus], August, page 60
Barnaby (Clio's Wings) [People\Ralph Barnaby], September, page 60
Schweizer Brothers (Clio's Wings) [People\Schweizer Brothers], October, page 60
Franklin PS-2 (Clio's Wings) [Sailplanes\Franklin PS-2], November, page 60
Warren Eaton (Clio's Wings) [People\Warren Eaton], December, page 60
Blair, Fred
Two Solos in Texas (Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Matthew Martelli; Training\First Solo\Sean Ishimoto], August, page 52
Bowden, Bob
Marfa Musings (Soaring Mail) [National Soaring Museum\Landmark\Marfa], June, page 5
Bradley, Perry
June Cover Questioned (Soaring Mail) [Magazine\Cover], August, page 5
Bramlette, Cliff
Disiree Bramletter Awarded the Michael Wallace Scholarship Grant for 2008 (Soaring News) [Awards\Disiree Bramlette], July, page 8
Brickner, Cindy
Gimli Glider Retired (Soaring News) [History\Gimli], April, page 7
Instructors Intents (Soaring Mail) [Instruction], July, page 5
FAR and Rides for 2008 (Soaring News) [Regulations\Rides], August, page 12
The Feds are Getting Tougher! (Soaring News) [Regulations\Pilot Certificates\Aircraft Registry], October, page 7
Britton, David
C.A.P. Solo (Soaring Memories) [Training\First Solo\Matt Shoupe], November, page 47
Brown, Pat
Two Houston Solos (Soaring Milestones) [Solo\Bill Wright\Philippe Heer], May, page 45
Burkart, M.G.
Another LOA (Soaring Mail) [Bureaucracy\Letter of Agreement], November, page 5
Burton, Tony
SOARING Improves (Soaring Mail) [Magazine\Content], May, page 5
Byrne, Mary Anne Doolittle
First Flight (Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Flight\Nikki Pullen], October, page 47

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Caldwell, Bob
(Glider Gallery) [Sailplanes\Schempp-Hirth\Ventus 2a; Mountains], May, pages 30,31
Callaway, Jim
Wally's Best (Feature Articles) [History\Wally Scott; People\Wally Scott; History\Records], March, page 33
Campbell, Jay
Region Five World Class and Sports Class (Soaring News) [Competitions\Regionals], December, page 12
Cannon, Walter
A Tale of Three Schweizers (Feature Articles) [History\Schweizer Sailplanes], February, page 19
Cant, Ian
The Dust Devil Dash (Club News) [Clubs\Events], November, page 10
Carlson, Richard (a.k.a. Rich Carlson)
SSF Fiscal Year 2007 Annual Safety Report (2008 Safety Program) [Safety\Annual Report], April, page 39
Airspace in the New Century Revisited (2008 Safety Program) [Safety\Airspace], July, page 46
Carswell, Dean
The Remarkable Jonker JS1 (Feature Articles) [Sailplanes\Jonker JS1], July, page 26
Case, Brian; with Roderick F. Read, Jr., Todd Schultz, Bob Thompson and Todd Smith
Soaring Photo Showcase (Soaring Photo Showcase) [Photography], August, page 44
Chism, Neal
(Soaring Photo Showcase) [Sailplanes; Lenticular Clouds], September, pages 36,37
Christner, Kevin
Soaring Back (Feature Articles) [Competitions], March, page 18
Clarke, Michael
Accelerating the Issue (Soaring Mail) [Magazine\Correction], October, page 5
Clarke, Ron
The Soaring Season Starts with the Seniors (Feature Articles) [Competitions\Seniors], May, page 22
Senior's Story (Soaring Mail) [Competitions\Seniors], July, page 6
Cochrane, John H. (a.k.a. John Cochrane)
Goodbye Rolling Finish (Contest Corner) [Competitions\Rules\Finish], February, page 42
Start Anywhere (Contest Corner) [Competitions\Rules\Start], March, page 41
MAT Strategy -- Wind and Options (Contest Corner) [Competitions\Techniques\MAT], July, page 38
Colacevich, Sergio
Alby's Voyage Would you like to fly with an albatross? (Feature Articles) [Techniques\Cross-Country; Birds\Albatross], September, page 24
Cole, Daniel
Announcement of a Change to the U.S. Team Selection Policy (Soaring News) [Competitions\U.S. Team], February, page 7
Collins, Brain
Soloing: A Team Effort Always! (Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Bob Hunsaker], February, page 39
Collum, Bill
Batteries (Soaring Tech) [Equipment\Batteries], January, page 17
Soaring Tech (Soaring Tech) [Technical\Aerodynamics], February, page 15
21st Century Motorgliders (Soaring Tech) [Motorgliders], March, page 13
Spot Satellite Messenger (Soaring Tech) [Equipment\Spot; Safety], April, page 14
SSA's 2008 Convention (Feature Articles) [Soaring Society of America\Conventions], April, page 23
XCSoar - Flight Software Examined (Soaring Tech) [Software\Cross-Country], May, page 13
The Sinha Deturbulators (Soaring Tech) [Performance\Turbulators], June, page 19
Dri Wash 'N Guard (Soaring Tech) [Maintenance\Cleaners], July, page 19
Reply to Soaring Tech Correction (Soaring Mail) [Magazine\Aerodynamics], August, page 7
Future Tech -- Part 1:Flying Wings (Soaring Tech) [Sailplanes\Design], August, page 18
Future Tech -- Part 2: Control Systems (Soaring Tech) [Sailplanes\Control Systems], September, page 17
Future Tech -- Part 3: Advanced Materials (Soaring Tech) [Structures\Materials], October, page 14
Inexpensive Gifts and Gadgets for the Holiday Season (Soaring Tech) [Equipment], November, page 14
Compton, Burt
Give a Better Glider Ride! (Feature Articles) [Public Relations\Glider Rides], March, page 24
The history of Marfa Contests (Feature Articles) [History; National Soaring Museum\Landmark], May, page 19
Richard H. "Dick" Johnson 1923 - 2008 (Feature Articles) [People\Richard H. "Dick" Johnson], October, page 19
Safety Officer -- A Job Description and Training Guide (2008 Safety Program) [Safety\Management], November, page 49
Conlon, Ray
Still Going Strong (Soaring Mail) [Soaring\Future], June, page 5
Conte, Tom
It Looks OK to Me (Feature Articles) [Safety\Maintenance\Tow hook], September, page 34
Cook, Bob; with Michael Sazin
Soaring Tech Correction (Soaring Mail) [Magazine\Aerodynamics], August, page 5
Cook, Greg
Sam Whiteside flying his Jantar Standard 2 above Carson Valley (Covers) [Sailplanes\Jantar\Standard 2], October, cover
Cornay, Ray
Formation Flight (Soaring Mail) [Magazine\Safety], May, page 5
Costello, Pat
Caution! Pilots and Insurance -- Are You Approved to Fly? (Feature Articles) [Insurance], June, page 28
Coyne, Chuck
(Flight Lines) [Magazine\SOARING\Editor], April, page 4
(Flight Lines) [Training\Editor], May, page 4
2008 SSA Convention Redux (Feature Articles) [Conventions\Soaring Society of America 2008\Albuquerque], May, page 26
(Flight Lines) [Training\Recurrent], June, page 4
(Flight Lines) [Clubs], July, page 4
Wanted SOARING Writers and Photographers (Flight Lines) [Magazine\Writers; Photography], August, page 4
(Flight Lines) [People\Johnson; Training\rudders], September, page 4
(Flight Lines) [Magazine\Feature], November, page 4
(Flight Lines) [FAI Badges], December, page 4
Tell Us Your Story (Soaring News) [Magazine\Articles], December, page 11

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Davis, Ray
Aerobatic Championships (Soaring Milestones) [Competitions\Aerobatic; People\Andy Davis], January, page 46
Dee, Stephen (a.k.a. Steve Dee)
Density Altitude Dilemmas (2008 Safety Program) [Safety\Density Altitude], March, page 37
Getting it Right the First Time (2008 Safety Program) [Safety\Staying focused], October, page 49
Densmore, Jim
Telling Tall Tales (Soaring Mail) [People\Chuck Mahony\Ron Marvin], October, page 5
DeRosa, John
SOARING and Glider Rides (Soaring Mail) [Training\Rides], May, page 6
Dezzutti, John (a.k.a. J. Dezzutti)
Ridge Lift Lessons (Safety Corner) [Safety\Ridge soaring], November, page 43
DiMatteo, Joseph
This Nighthawk Really Soars (Soaring Milestones) [First Solo\Youth\Andrew DiMatteo], May, page 44
Dvorchak, Shad
A spectacular sunset during JABOG (Glider Gallery) [Sailplanes\Sunset], February, pages 30,31

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Earlywine, John
Checkride Completed (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Checkride\Jim Sprandel], October, page 46
Special Election Results (Soaring News) [Soaring Society of America\Elections\Jay McDaniel; Soaring Society of America\Elections\John Dezzutti; Soaring Society of America\Elections\Dennis Fisher], March, page 7
Matching Challenge Program Announced (Soaring News) [Soaring Society of America\Contributions], April, page 7
Elber, Frauke
Club Activities Across the Country (Club News) [Clubs\Hollister; Clubs\Texas Soaring; Clubs\Blue Ridge; Clubs\Central California; Clubs\Northern California; Clubs\Harris Hill], January, page 12
Caprock Soaring Club Web Page; Sometimes You Just Gotta Say Yes to Something New (Club News) [Clubs\Caprock; Calendar], February, page 12
Let George Do It - And He Did! (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Wing Runner\George Postletbwaite], February, page 39
Things to do in 2008 (Besides Flying in Contests) (Club News) [Clubs\Activities], March, page 9
Club Happenings (Club News) [Clubs\Waves; Equipment], April, page 10
Assorted News and Notes (Club News) [Clubs\Leadership; Transponders; Parts], May, page 12
Assorted News and Notes -- John Godfrey (Club News) [Competitions\Regionals\OLC], June, page 18
Assorted News and Notes -- Neita Montague (Club News) [Sites\Air Sailing Gliderport], June, page 18
An Association-owned Gliderport (Club News) [Sites\Central Indiana Soaring Society], July, page 17
Youth in Soaring (Club News) [Youth\Hanna Marlette; Youth\Sylvia Szafarczyk; Youth\Kristin Hein; Youth\Amelia Adams; Youth\Corey Sullivan; Youth\Desiree Bramletter], August, page 16
Blue Ridge Soaring Society Hosts Boy Scout Troop (Club News) [Clubs\Boy Scouts\Everglades Club\X-C], October, page 10
Miscellaneous Club Happenings (Club News) [Clubs\Miscellaneous; Scholarships; Displays; Waves], December, page 17
Ewald, Jochen
(Glider Gallery) [Sailplanes\Diana 2], April, pages 30, 31
TFK-2 Carat (Glider Gallery) [Sailplanes\TFK-2 Carat], October, pages 30,31
Standard Class flying wing SB 13 (Covers) [Sailplanes\Braunschweig SB 13], November, cover

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Fairchilds, Dave
The Aging Pilot:Part 4 of 4 (Feature Articles) [Safety\Aging Pilots], January, page 26
A Response (to Cindy Brickner) (Soaring Mail) [Training], September, page 6
Farley, Brady
Soaring Forever (Soaring Milestones) [Clubs\Smokey Mountain Soaring], February, page 39
Farr, Janie
Never Give Up (Soaring Milestones) [Training\License\Janice Farr], March, page 43
Farris, John
Tow Pilot Checkout Procedure Available (Soaring News) [Training\Tow Pilot Checkout], October, page 7
Feldbaulmer, Bill
Free Tow Offer (Soaring Milestones) [Awards\Free Tow], December, page 44
Fletcher, Scott
One Day, Two Solos (Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Jeff Seiden\Greg Hart], July, page 51
Carolina Soaring Association Receives 501(c)3 Status (Soaring News) [Clubs\Non-Profit Exemption], December, page 9
Jason Stephens Wins Third Straight Aerobatic Glider National Champion Title (Soaring News) [Competitions\Glider Aerobatics], December, page 9
Flinesone, Paul
Soaring Awareness (Soaring Milestones) [Public Relations\Philadelphia Glider Council; People\Lewis Hull], January, page 47
Fogel, Gary
Assistance Needed (Soaring Mail) [Sites\Torrey Pines], April, page 5
Ford, Kevin
Winter Solos (Soaring Milestones) [Solo\Mike Preis; Solo\Art Sanders; Solo\Wolfgang Spieker], May, page 44
A New CFIG in Illinois (Soaring Milestones) [Training\CFIG\Mara Morgenstern], July, page 51
Friend, Michael
The PIK-27 -- A New Finnish Tow Plane (Feature Articles) [Equipment\Tow Plane], April, page 34
Fucci, Richard
More Freedom Flights (Soaring News) [Physiology\Disabled], February, page 7
Air Force Academy Visit (Soaring Mail) [Academy\Air Force], May, page 5
Fuller, Rick
Act Locally to Enhance Flight Safety (Soaring News) [Safety\local\mid-air], September, page 9

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Ganszauge, Mika
Olli Teronen at Finnish Standard Class Nationals (Covers) [Sailplanes\Schempp-Hirth\Discus], March, cover
Garavaglia, Gary
First Solo via PSS (Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Michael Batalia], July, page 50
Gerhard, William
Lackin' in Latin (Soaring Mail) [Magazine\Latin], November, page 5
Gertsen, Kai
Region 6N, Ionia, Michigan (Soaring News) [Competitions\Regionals; Sites\Ionia, MI], January, page 6
Good, John F. (a.k.a. John Good)
2007 Region 9 Soaring Contest, Parowan, Utah, July 1-7 (Soaring News) [Competitions\Regionals; Sites\Parowan, UT], January, page 8
The 2008 World Gliding Championships (Feature Articles) [Competitions\World], December, page 23
Graham, Scott
Newest Pilot in Command (Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Scott Bonzer], January, page 46
A Little Wind Didn't Phase Him (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Tim Daly], April, page 42
The Perfect End to a Perfect Weekend (Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Mike Beierschmitt; Social], June, page 41
Graves, Mike
From Tow Pilot to Glider Pilot (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private Glider\Stan Blanton], January, page 47
Griffith, Sherman
Flying with Dick Johnson (Feature Articles) [People\Richard H. "Dick" Johnson], October, page 23
Grimm, Dylan
Hitting the Nail (Soaring Mail) [Safety\Basics], October, page 5
Guy, Peter M.
Rand Baldwin in his LS-8 finishing at Uvalde (Covers) [Sailplanes\Rolladen-Schneider\LS-8], August, cover
Rolladen Schneider LS-8 in 2006 Standard Class Nationals (Glider Gallery) [Sailplanes\Rolladen-Schneider\LS-8], August, pages 30,31

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Hammond, E. Gene (a.k.a. Gene Hammond)
Ground Launching, A New Idea? (2008 Safety Program) [Training\Ground Launch], June, page 43
Some Things Never Change (2008 Safety Program) [Safety\Accidents; Launch/towing], August, page 47
Harms, D.J.
Solo in a 2-22 (Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Youth\Dakota Harms], November, page 48
Harris, D.J.
Solo at Fourteen (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\First Solo\Dakota Harms], July, page 52
Hebda, Derek
Left Tendencies (Soaring Mail) [Airplanes\Characteristics], April, page 5
Hight, Michele
Recognizing -- And Breaking -- The Chain of Events (Feature Articles) [Safety\Risk Management], October, page 27
Hill, G. Alexander
Master CFI Accreditation (Soaring Milestones) [Instruction], May, page 44
Hill, William G. (a.k.a. Bill Hill, Billy Hill, W.G. Hill, William Hill)
Introspection (Why We Fly) [Philosophy\Competition], December, page 35
Hodges, Chris P.
Thanks for the Info (Soaring Mail) [Magazine\News; Paper License], December, page 5
Hoffman, Paul
He Liked July SOARING (Soaring Mail) [Magazine\Color photos], August, page 5
Holden, Glenn
Chris Ruf on tow in his Mosquito (Covers) [Sailplanes\Mosquito], April, cover
Holmes, Russell
Insure Your Safety (Soaring Mail) [Safety\PIC Responsibility], March, page 4
Horner, Arch
More Marfa Musings (Soaring Mail) [National Soaring Museum\Landmark\Marfa], June, page 7
Hudson, Bob
First Solo in Albuquerque (Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Mary Hawkins], January, page 46
First Solo (Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Youth\Kevin Bielek], March, page 43
Hughes, Rob
Oxygen Clarification (Soaring News) [Equipment\Oxygen], October, page 7

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Ingraham, Don
The Mall Experiment (Feature Articles) [Public Relations], June, page 37

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Johnson, Alice and Ira
A Short Biography of Richard H. Johnson (Feature Articles) [People\Richard H. "Dick" Johnson], October, page 20
Johnson, Daniel L. (a.k.a. Daniel Johnson, Dan Johnson)
Medical Self-Certification Update (Soaring News) [Regulations\Medical], December, page 10
Johnson, Don
34 years, 11 months, 3 days Is it a record? (Soaring Milestones) [Pilot History], September, page 51
Johnson, Richard H. (a.k.a. Dick Johnson, Richard Johnson, R.H. Johnson, R. Johnson)
Marfa 2008 Spring Thermal -- and Wave Camp Report (Feature Articles) [Camps\Marfa], June, page 32
Jones, Phil
Four Soar Solo in Kuztown (Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Lucas Smozski, Dan Hines, Liam Morrissey, David Furlong], November, page 47
Joss, John
Burt Compton and ASK-13 at Marfa Landmark Dedication (Covers) [Sailplanes\Schleicher\ASK-13; Sites\Marfa], May, cover
The Ghosts of Marfa (Feature Articles) [History; National Soaring Museum\Landmark], May, page 16
Military Test-Pilot Training (Soaring Mail) [Training\Military], August, page 5

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Kangas, John
New Gliderport (Soaring News) [Sites\King Mountain, Idaho], August, page 12
Katz, Gary
Completes Checkride (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Checkride\Bob Walker], February, page 39
First Certified Light Sport Pilot in Louisville (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Light Sport\Steve Miller], February, page 40
Louisville Soaring Club/CAP Memebers Travel North to Take Check Rides (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Check Rides; People\Paul Osborne; People\David Katz], March, page 43
Kaufman, Jacob
A Happy Grantee (Soaring Mail) [Contributions\Youth], November, page 5
Kellet, James C. (a.k.a. J.C. Kellet, Jim Kellet, Jim C. Kellet, Jim Kellett)
Society Representative Selected (Soaring News) [Education], February, page 7
Transponder Responders (Soaring Mail) [Equipment\Transponders], August, page 9
Second Region IV Club signs letter of agreement with air traffic control (Soaring News) [Bureaucracy\Letters of Agreement], September, page 12
Kelly, Sarah
Fourth Generation Pilot (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\First Solo\John "Jacob" Banarhall], December, page 44
Kjenslie, Knut and Ingrid
News at Seminoloe-Lake Gliderport (Soaring News) [Sites\Seminole-Lake Gliderport], July, page 9
Knauff, Thomas (a.k.a. Tom Knauff, T. Knauff)
Why Checklists? (Feature Articles) [Training\Checklists], March, page 20
Koptonak, John
Danielson Soaring Association (Glider Gallery) [Sailplanes\Schweizer\2-33], November, pages 30,31

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Lance, Scott
Drama, Disappointment, and Determination in the High Desert (Feature Articles) [Techniques\Cross-Country], September, page 38
Lanning, Rich
From the Archives (Soaring News) [History\Book], March, page 7
Larson, John
Another Texas Soaking (Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Youth\John Rainwater], July, page 50
LaSor, Fred
Challenging GA Pilots (Soaring Mail) [General Aviation\Transition], August, page 7
Lathrop, C.P. (Bud)
Rite of Passage (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private Glider\Coury Clark], June, page 41
Lawrence, David L.
Lord, If You're up There (Feature Articles) [Flight Test\Mississippi State Raspet Lab], August, page 32
Layton, Denise
Planning Ahead (Flight Lines) [People\Dick Johnson], October, page 4
Lent, Doug
Safety Corner Comments (Soaring Mail) [Airport Patterns], July, page 5
Lewis, Trace
Paul Hansen landing in Beloit, WI (Covers) [Sailplanes\Schweizer\1-26], December, cover
Liebling, S.M.
Sisters Soar High in Houston (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Rides], May, page 44
Lohre, Chuck
Report on the 2008 Region 6 South Glider Contest at the Caesar Creek Soaring Club (Soaring News) [Competitions\Regionals], September, page 13
Looft, Fred
New Private Pilots (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private Glider\Ian Jones\Mike Volkert], October, page 46
Lowry, Rusty
Use of Glider in Military Test Pilot Training (Feature Articles) [Training\Military], June, page 33
Lundin, Mike
Soaring Adds Up (Soaring News) [Publicity\Math Horizons], July, page 9

M     (up to table of contents)

MacIlveen, Bob
Enjoyed each Page (Soaring Mail) [Magazine\Beginner Comments], December, page 7
Mackin, Christian
Jim Skydel flying at Carocole Soaring (Covers) [Sailplanes\Schleicher\ASW-28], July, cover
Manoogian, Ivan
First Solo (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Peter Wendell], April, page 42
Successful Solo (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Brian Crawford], April, page 42
Marco, David
More on Transponders (Soaring Mail) [Equipment\Transponders], August, page 9
Marske, Jim
Likes Soaring Tech (Soaring Mail) [Magazine\Comment], October, page 5
McCarthy, Jim
Six Inches Short - Confessions of a Macho Man (Feature Articles) [Safety\Training], August, page 38
McDaniel, Jay
Completed Checkride (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Checkride\Matt Brewer], February, page 40
Soaring in the Reno, Nevada Airspace? (Soaring News) [Air Space], July, page 8
McDonald, Greg
I'm Gonna Miss this Place Called Alice (Feature Articles) [Training; Sites\Alice Springs], November, page 26
McGrath, Pat
Milestone Memories (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Memories], August, page 53
McKeage, Chris
Soaring Article Ideas (Soaring Mail) [Magazine\Article Ideas], December, page 7
Moffat, George B., Jr. (a.k.a. George Moffat, G.B. Moffat, Jr., G. Moffat, George B. Moffat)
Marfa in the Sixties (Feature Articles) [Competitions; History; Sites\Marfa, TX], January, page 28
Francis Bundy A Soaring Life (Feature Articles) [Obituaries\Francis Bundy], May, page 37
George Moffat's Response (Soaring Mail) [National Soaring Museum\Landmark\Marfa], June, page 7
Remembering Dick (Feature Articles) [People\Richard H. "Dick" Johnson], October, page 22
Montague, Neita; with Bob Spielman
From Reno to the Black Rock Desert (Feature Articles) [Techniques\Cross-Country\Gerlach Dash 2007], July, page 32
Moos, Joan
Short Wings Over Chilhowee, Benton, Tennessee (Feature Articles) [Competitions\1-26 Championships], February, page 26
Muhlenberg, Barry
A Proud Father (Soaring News) [Training\Military], July, page 10
Mullins, Darrel
CFIG Harry (Soaring Milestones) [Training\CFIG\Harry Davis], December, page 44
Murray, Lee
SSA Presene at EAA Airventure (Soaring News) [Events\EAA Air Adventure], October, page 8
Murray, Matthew; with Mike Abernathy
Cloud Street: A Soaring Adventure (Feature Articles) [Techniques\Cross-Country\Photography], July, page 34

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Naber, Gary
Off to the Air Force (Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Michael Robertson], November, page 47
Nadler, Dave
2008 18-Meter Nationals (Feature Articles) [Competitions\Nationals\Mifflin,PA], November, page 20
Nankivil, Mark
Ka-6E flown by Bruce Patton (Glider Gallery) [Sailplanes\Ka-6E], March, pages 30,31
Blue and white Condor IV (Covers) [Sailplanes\Vintage\Condor IV], September, cover
Soaring Grunau Baby IIb (Glider Gallery) [Sailplanes\Grunau Baby IIb], September, pages 30,31
Newill, Anne Mongiovi, Lee Murray, Dave
SSA at Oshkosh (Feature Articles) [Conventions\Oshkosh], December, page 28
Newill, D.B.
Chute Re-Packing Update (Soaring News) [Equipment\Parachutes], August, page 14
Newill, David B. (a.k.a. David Newill, Dave Newill)
Trans Atlantic Tow -- 65 years ago (Soaring Mail) [History\R.G. Seyes\F.M. Gobeil], September, page 5

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O'Leary, George
Private Pilot at 16 (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\Private\Taka Iguchi], December, page 45
O'Mahony, Charles (a.k.a. Charles "Chuck" O'Mahony, Chuck O'Mahony, Chuck O'Mahoney)
My Introduction to Gliding (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Memories], August, page 52
Otis, Dick
Skyline Soaring Club has a very busy operation (Covers) [Clubs\Skyline Soaring, Ft. Royal, VA], January, cover
Club member landing (Glider Gallery) [Clubs\Skyline Soaring, Ft. Royal, VA], January, pages 30,31

P     (up to table of contents)

Paget, Val
Putting the Spotlight on Soaring (Soaring News) [Publicity\EAA; Publicity\New York Times; Publicity\Videos], January, page 4
Soaring into the Spotlight (Club News) [Publicity], September, page 15
Parker, Michael
World Records the Easy Way (Feature Articles) [Records\World\Ultralight], March, page 26
Paul, Wayne
An HP-14 Accident That Almost Happened Distractions = Danger (Feature Articles) [Safety\HP-14], April, page 28
Pearson, Cynthia
First Solo (Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Andrew Pearson], January, page 46
Pitsenberger, Jeanne
Solo in a 2-33 (Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Frank Hall], December, page 45
Pontius, Dave
New Illini Glider Club Flight Instructor (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Flight Instructor\Eric Fortner], November, page 48

Q     (up to table of contents)

Quinn, Paul
Listen to Your Instructors (Soaring Mail) [Training\Instructors], January, page 2

R     (up to table of contents)

Ramirez, Brian Case, Todd Schultz,Neal Chism,Chris
(Soaring Photo Showcase) [Sailplanes], October, pages 36,37
Ramm, Darryl
Safety Corner Comments (Soaring Mail) [Magazine\Safety], December, page 5
Rander, Steven
Willamette Valley Soaring Club (Glider Gallery) [Sailplanes\SZD 51-1 Junior], December, pages 30, 31
Read, Roderick F., Jr.; with Todd Schultz, Bob Thompson, Todd Smith and Brian Case
Soaring Photo Showcase (Soaring Photo Showcase) [Photography], August, page 44
Reinhardt, Manfred E. (a.k.a. Manfred Reinhardt, M. Reinhardt)
Invitation to Attend the Marfa Landmark Ceremony (Feature Articles) [History; National Soaring Museum\Landmark], May, page 20
Resor, Brian
Online Soaring Popularity is Surging for Participants and Spectators (Feature Articles) [Competitions\OLC], July, page 23
Richer, Paul
Glider Theft in the UK (Soaring Mail) [Crime\Theft], February, page 4
Rigney, Dave
Robyn Draughn - Private Pilot, Glider (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Robyn Draughn], July, page 50
Licensed at Sixteen (Soaring Milestones) [Training\License\Youth\Robyn Draughon], August, page 52
NFSS Member Solos at 14 (Soaring Memories) [Training\Youth\First Solo\Jake Kaufman], December, page 44
Rippstein, Bob
Private Pilot Glider Exam Completed (Soaring Milestones) [Training\License\Robert Haisley], March, page 43
Congratulations to Gene DeLongis (Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Gene DeLongis], March, page 44
Wet Sweater Solo (Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Jim Galway], July, page 50
Dan and Daughter get Rated (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private License\Kevin and Rachel Conklin], November, page 47
Ritts, E.
One Day and Four Check Rides (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Ratings\Rick Murphy, Rob Spencr, Catherine Cluett, Dan Moore], November, page 48
Robison, Lewis M.
There Were Glider in Marfa in the 1950s (Soaring Mail) [History\Marfa], March, page 4
Rudolf, Tom
Assistance Needed (Soaring Mail), February, page 4
Rupp, Eric
A Run for the Border! (Feature Articles) [Techniques\Cross-Country], August, page 34
Ruprecht, Judy
Badges & Records (SSA and FAI Awards) [Awards\Badges], January, page 50
Badges & Records (SSA and FAI Awards) [Awards\Badges], February, page 50
Badges & Records (SSA and FAI Awards) [Awards\Badges], March, page 50
Badges & Records (SSA and FAI Awards) [Awards\Badges], April, page 40
Badges & Records (SSA and FAI Awards) [Awards\Badges], May, page 50
Badges & Records (SSA and FAI Awards) [Awards\Badges], June, page 50
Badges & Records (SSA and FAI Awards) [Awards\Badges], July, page 53
Badges & Records (SSA and FAI Awards) [Awards\Badges], August, page 42
Badges & Records (SSA and FAI Awards) [Awards\Badges], September, page 41
Badges & Records (SSA and FAI Awards) [Awards\Badges], October, page 42
Badges & Records (SSA and FAI Awards) [Awards\Badges], November, page 40
Badges & Records (SSA and FAI Awards) [Awards\Badges], December, page 38
Ryan, Bertha M. (a.k.a. Bertha Ryan, B.M. Ryan, B. Ryan)
Remembering the Past (Soaring Memories) [Magazine\History], September, page 22
Remembering the Past (Soaring Memories) [Magazine\History], October, page 44
Remembering the Past (Soaring Memories) [Magazine\History], December, page 37

S     (up to table of contents)

Salz, Joe
More Transponder Squawks (Soaring Mail) [Equipment\Transponders], July, page 5
Sandman, Jeffery P.; with Peter R. Sandman
The Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore Area (Soaring Photo Showcase) [History\Lakeshore, Michigan], November, pages 34,35
Sandman, Peter R.; with Jeffery P. Sandman
The Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore Area (Soaring Photo Showcase) [History\Lakeshore, Michigan], November, pages 34,35
Sazin, Michael; with Bob Cook
Soaring Tech Correction (Soaring Mail) [Magazine\Aerodynamics], August, page 5
Schneider, Paul R.
Flying Doctor (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private Glider\John Ackerson], October, page 46
Schultz, Todd; with Roderick F. Read, Jr., Bob Thompson, Todd Smith and Brian Case
Soaring Photo Showcase (Soaring Photo Showcase) [Photography], August, page 44
Sheble, John
First Solo (Soaring Milestones) [Training\David Lea Brown], April, page 42
Short, Jim
VSA Adds Color to Bungee Cord (Affiliates & Divisions) [Organizations\VSA], April, page 45
Smith, Bernald S. (a.k.a. Bernald Smith, B. Smith, B.S. Smith)
Winch Launching Revisited (2008 Safety Program) [Safety\Launch\Winch], February, page 36
Things to Consider -- ICU (2008 Safety Program) [Safety\Transponders], May, page 41
Transponders Required? (Soaring News) [Equipment\Transponders], June, page 9
RTCA????? (Feature Articles) [Organizations\RTCA; Equipment\ADS-B], July, page 40
Woodworking 101 (2008 Safety Program) [Safety\Performance], September, page 45
Why? (2008 Safety Program) [Safety\Yearly Review], December, page 41
Smith, Todd; with Roderick F. Read, Jr., Todd Schultz, Bob Thompson and Brian Case
Soaring Photo Showcase (Soaring Photo Showcase) [Photography], August, page 44
Solo, Shenandoah
(Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Rob Chapman; Training\First Solo\Jeanne Pitsenberger], August, page 52
Spielman, Bob; with Neita Montague
From Reno to the Black Rock Desert (Feature Articles) [Techniques\Cross-Country\Gerlach Dash 2007], July, page 32
Sprague, Duane
An Existing Alternate Tow Plane (Soaring Mail) [Equipment\Tow Plane\Pik 27], September, page 5
Spratt, Charlie, Jr. (a.k.a. Charlie Spratt)
Things I Miss About Soaring (Soaring Mail) [People\Charlie Spratt], November, page 5
SSA Staff
Call for SSA Director Nominations (Soaring News) [Management\Directors], July, page 10
Stanley, Pat
New Commercial Glider Operation Opens in Minden (Soaring News) [Sites\Commercial Operators\Minden], July, page 12
Strack, K.J.
Policy Should be Adhered to (Soaring Mail) [Training\Tow], March, page 4

T     (up to table of contents)

Tabery, Gena
2007 Region 10 Championships (Feature Articles) [Competitions\Regionals], June, page 24
Thelen, George
Aero Retrieve Gone Wrong (Safety Corner) [Safety\Aero Retrieve], January, page 43
Mountain Flying (Safety Corner) [Safety\Mountain Flying], February, page 45
Formation Flying (Safety Corner) [Safety\Formation], March, page 47
Bob's First Flight of the Year (Safety Corner) [Safety\First Flight], April, page 49
Low Pattern/New Ship (Safety Corner) [Safety\Pattern], May, page 47
The First 4 Minutes of the Flight (Safety Corner) [Training\Takeoff], June, page 47
Back to Basics (Safety Corner) [Safety\Controls], August, page 49
Tempus Fuget (Time Flies) (Safety Corner) [Safety\Proficiency; Maintenance; Equipment], September, page 47
Tow Plane/Glider Mid-Air (Safety Corner) [Safety\Mid-Air], October, page 39
Lack of Oxygen (Safety Corner) [Safety\Oxygen], December, page 47
Thompson, Bob
Memorable Flights: Soaring Over the Scenic Southwestern Colorado Mountains (Feature Articles) [Soaring\Colorado Mountains], May, page 29
Thompson, Bob; with Roderick F. Read, Jr., Todd Schultz, Todd Smith and Brian Case
Soaring Photo Showcase (Soaring Photo Showcase) [Photography], August, page 44
Tuohino, Larry
OCSA Produces Two New Glider Pilots (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Checkride\Tony Davis; Training\Checkride\Sam Brown], February, page 41

U     (up to table of contents)

Ultsch, Alfred
Rules of Thumb for Cross-Country Soaring (Feature Articles) [Techniques\Cross-Country Soaring], October, page 32
Umphres, Phil
IRS Penalties Against the SSA Waived (Soaring News) [Management\Financial], February, page 6
Previous SSA Employee Pleads Guilty (Soaring News) [Soaring Society of America\Management], March, page 6
Consent Order Extered in Lawsuit Against Sellers of "1-800-Skyride" Gift Certificates (Soaring News) [Legal\Lawsuit], November, page 8

V     (up to table of contents)

Vanada, Dan
Solo in Colorado (Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Youth\Aaron Vanada], March, page 43
Verret, Dave
Flying with a Good Friend (Why We Fly) [Philosophy], November, page 36
Viblen, Steve
Reply to June Cover Questioned (Soaring Mail) [Magazine\Cover], August, page 5
Vilden, Steve
Ryan Vilden flying a Discus in Germantown, TN (Covers) [Sailplanes\Schempp-Hirth\Discus A], June, cover
Voorhees, Harlow
Cascading Problems (Soaring Mail) [Magazine\Safety], December, page 5

W     (up to table of contents)

Waldo, Charles
Three Family Solos in a Day (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Jim, Chuck Jr., Chuck Sr. Waldo], October, page 47
Wander, Bob
Recurrent Training (Soaring Safety Foundation) [Safety\First Flight Program], January, page 41
New Book Available (First Look) [Training\Book], May, page 1
Weitzel, Holger
Coming to America (Soaring Mail) [Sites], June, page 7
Wells, Phyllis
2008 WSPA Scholarship Winners (Soaring News) [Assocations\Scholarships], September, page 13
Weniger, Marc
Landing Out - A Multi Aircraft Perspective (Feature Articles) [Training\Outlandings], February, page 32
Westbrook, Mike
Calendar Support Juniors in 2009 (Soaring News) [Team\Junior; Support], December, page 11
Whipple, Ron
Transponder Troubles (Soaring Mail) [Equipment\Transponders], July, page 5
White, David (a.k.a. Dave White)
Buckets 'o Fun (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Commercial License\Britt Thurman\Jordan Schultz], November, page 48
White, Ty
Air Sailing Sports Class Regionals 2008 (Soaring News) [Competitions\Regionals\Air Sailing], November, page 7
Whitney, John
New Solo Pilot (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Dave Charbonneau], January, page 47
Willat, Garret
2008 Region 12 Contest (Soaring News) [Competitions\Regionals], October, page 7
Wolfe, Gale
Pilot John "Corky" Gill (Glider Gallery) [Sailplanes\Schempp-Hirth\Discus 2CT], June, pages 30,31
Woll, Fred
Cindy Benson celebrates Commercial License (Soaring Milestones) [Training\License\Cindy Benson], March, page 44
Woods, Bob
Comment on Safety Corner (Soaring Mail) [Safety\Airplane wake], January, page 2
Woods, Christopher (a.k.a. Chris Woods)
Perpetual Flying Weather (Feature Articles) [Competitions\15-Meter and Open Class Nationals; Sites\Hobbs, NM], January, page 32
Woodward, Ralph
Centerfold Sailplane ID (Soaring Mail) [Magazine\Glider Gallery], September, page 7

Y     (up to table of contents)

Yama, Yasuhiro
Lilienthal Glide 2007 (Covers) [Sailplanes\Antares], February, cover
Lilienthal Glide 2007 (Glider Gallery) [Sailplanes\Schleicher\ASH-25], July, pages 30,31

None     (up to table of contents)

SSA Foundation, U.S. Team Committee agree on Roberson/Woods Trust funding for Year 2006 (Soaring News) [Competitions\US Team\Funding; Robertson Trust], January, page 4
U.S. Teams Chosen for 2008 World Gliding Competitions (Soaring News) [Competitions\US Team], January, page 4
Dick Butler inducted into the Alabama Aviation Hall of Fame (Soaring News) [Awards\Honors; People\Dick Butler], January, page 9
The 2008 SSA Convention [Conventions\Schedule], January, page 14
2007 Regional and National Contest Winners (Feature Articles) [Competitions\Regional and National Champions], January, page 21
Generous Support Received for the Annual Eagle Fund [Contributions\Soaring Society of America], January, page 24
Soaring Calendar [Calendar], January, page 49
Current Developments from Stemme (First Look) [Sailplanes\Stemme], February, page 1
Our Department Contributors [Magazine\SOARING], February, page 3
Generous Support Received for the Annual Eagle Fund [Contributions\Soaring Society of America], February, page 10
WSPA Announces New Scholarship [Training\Awards; Affiliates & Divisions\WSPA], February, page 38
Final Glide (Soaring Milestones) [Obituaries\Bob Judson; Obituaries\William Wentz; Obituaries\Jack Knoodle; Obituaries\Robert Burt; Obituaries\Jerry Daugher; Obituaries\James Debrey; Obituaries\John Rogers; Obituaries\Robert Clack], February, page 40
Owner of the Original Glider Rides Named Member of Pacific Air Forces' Civilian Advisory Council (Soaring Milestones) [Organizations\Civilian Advisory Council], February, page 40
Windless Checkride (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Checkride\Karl Parsons], February, page 40
Soaring Calendar [Calendar], February, page 48
Our Department Contributors [Magazine\Soaring], March, page 3
Continued Insurability Ensuring the SSA Group Insurance Plan Will Always Work For You (Soaring News) [Soaring Society of America\Benefits\Insurance], March, page 6
SSA Appoints New SOARING Magazine Editor (Soaring News) [Magazine\Soaring; People\Chuck Coyne], March, page 7
Board of Directors 2008 [Soaring Society of America\Management], March, page 8
Generous Support Received for the Annual Eagle Fund [Contributions\Soaring Society of America], March, page 10
Contests and Special Events (Soaring Calendar) [Calendar], March, page 39
Adam Reinhart makes first solo (Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Adam Reinhart], March, page 44
Caprock Soaring Club Commercial Licenses (Soaring Milestones) [Training\License\Lyndol Askew\Bryan Rose], March, page 44
GlidePlan - Take Control of Your Cross-Country Planning (First Look) [Techniques\Cross-Country\Computer program], April, page 1
Our Department Contributors [Magazine\SOARING], April, page 3
2008 Flight Instructor of the Year (Soaring News) [Awards\Instructors], April, page 7
Region 11 and 12 Directors Resign (Soaring News) [Soaring Society of America\Management], April, page 7
Generous Support Received for the Annual Eagle Fund [Contributions\Soaring Society of America], April, page 8
The 2007 SSA Annual Awards (Feature Articles) [Awards\Annual], April, page 17
(Final Glide) [Obituaries\Francis Bundy; Obituaries\Daniel Hightower; Obituaries\Peter Beaty; Obituaries\Gerald Whittemore; Obituaries\Arnold Fountain; Obituaries\Mark Burns; Obituaries\Bill Hearst; Obituaries\Edward Oliver; Obituaries\Thomas Weston; Obituaries\Robert Gilhooly; Obituaries\Stephen Chris; Obituaries\James Russell Perkins], April, page 42
Contests and Special Events (Soaring Calendar) [Calendar], April, page 46
Our Department Contributors [Magazine\SOARING], May, page 3
An SSA Alert (Soaring News) [Safety\NTSB], May, page 8
The United States Soaring Hall of Fame (Soaring News) [Awards\Hall of Fame\Nominations], May, page 8
Generous Support Received for the Annual Eagle Fund [Contributions\Soaring Society of America], May, page 10
Contests and Special Events (Soaring Calendar) [Calendar], May, page 39
(Final Glide) [Obituaries\Chuck Whitchurch; Obituaries\T.P. Ferrato; Obituaries\Michael Baker; Obituaries\James L. Debrey; Obituaries\L. Gordon Hicks; Obituaries\Harry Hughes; Obituaries\K.L. Dixon; Obituaries\George Harper; Obituaries\Robert Schenbeck; Obituaries\Charles Burnett; Obituaries\Charles VanBreeman], May, page 45
Our Department Contributors [Magazine\SOARING], June, page 3
Women Soaring Society's 2008 Seminar (Soaring News) [Seminars\Women], June, page 9
SSA Display at EAA Oshkosh (Soaring News) [Displays\Oshkosh], June, page 15
Generous Support Received for the Annual Eagle Fund [Contributions\Soaring Society of America], June, page 16
Contests and Special Events (Soaring Calendar) [Calendar], June, page 45
Our Department Contributors [Magazine\SOARING], July, page 3
Anti-Mold Mask and Cannula Storage Case (Soaring News) [Equipment\Oxygen Mask Storage], July, page 11
First Look (Soaring News) [Equipment\Battery Charger], July, page 11
Generous Support Received for the Annual Eagle Fund [Contributions\SSA], July, page 14
Contests and Special Events (Soaring Calendar) [Calendar], July, page 49
Texas Upgrade (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private add on\John Craparo], July, page 50
Final Glide (Soaring Milestones) [Obituaries\Estelle MacKenzie; Obituaries\Woodbridge Brown; Obituaries\John Prodan; Obituaries\Marion Smith; Obituaries\Karl Hamner; Obituaries\Jack Howey; Obituaries\Ernest Williams], July, page 52
Our Department Contributors [Magazine\Soaring], August, page 3
Generous Support Received for the Annual Eagle Fund [Contributions\SSA], August, page 11
Chairman's Challenge Nets $50,000+ (Soaring News) [Contributions\Dianne Black-Nixon], August, page 13
SSA Member Authors a Novella (Soaring News) [Literature\Dan Matzke], August, page 13
U.S. Team/Clear Nav Raffle Winner! (Soaring News) [Competitions\World Team\Prize], August, page 13
Contests and Special Events (Soaring Calendar) [Calendar], August, page 46
Our Department Contributors [Magazine\Soaring], September, page 3
Insurance Addendum (Soaring Mail) [Insurance; Proficiency], September, page 6
In Memoriam Richard H. ("Dick") Johnson (Soaring News) [Obituaries\Richard Johnson], September, page 9
SSA Repays Foundation Loan Early (Soaring News) [Soaring Society of America\finances], September, page 9
Final Glide (Soaring Milestones) [Obituaries\Richard Johnson; Obituaries\Albert Uster; Obituaries\Ed Johnson; Obituaries\Dave Wiley; Obituaries\Robert Hausner; Obituaries\Charlie Bangert; Obituaries\Robert Johnson; Obituaries\Jack Perine; Obituaries\John Piechota; Obituaries\Nils Kade; Obituaries\Richard Case], September, page 52
Contests and Special Events (Soaring Calendar) [Calendar], September, page 53
Our Department Contributors [Magazine\Soaring], October, page 3
Final Glide (Soaring Milestones) [Obituaries\Claude Leibensberger; Obituaries\Shigeyuki Honda; Obituaries\Allen Messer; Obituaries\Walter Gleason; Obituaries\Stanislaus Wolczak; Obituaries\Rick Weldon; Obituaries\Bernard Rischke; Obituaries\Donald Santee], October, page 48
Contests and Special Events (Soaring Calendar) [Calendar], October, page 52
2009 Eagle Fund - Your Donation Will Help Improve the SSA [Contributions\Eagle Fund], November, page 38
Contests and Special Events (Soaring Calendar) [Calendar], November, page 52
American Pilot Wins OLC World Championship (Soaring News) [Competitions\OLC; Champion], December, page 9
Trophy Design for 18-Meter Class Sought (Soaring News) [Awards\18-Meter Class], December, page 10
New Tennessee State Record Keepter (Soaring News) [Management\Record Keeper], December, page 11
2008 Regional and National Contest Winners (Feature Articles) [Competitions\Champions], December, page 20
Another Eagle's Nest Teen Solo (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\First Solo\Claire Johnson], December, page 44
Final Glide (Soaring Milestones) [Obituaries\Philip Entz; Obituaries\Clyde Cotterell; Obituaries\Bernard Rischke; Obituaries\Charles Hudson; Obituaries\William Valencheck], December, page 45
Contests and Special Events (Soaring Calendar) [Calendar], December, page 52

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