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Akar, Mathilde
Mike Barenbrug in his ASW-20 in South Africa (Covers) [Sailplanes\ASW-20], July, cover
Albrecht, Tom
Solo Activity at Nutmeg (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private License\Anthony Loux\Bruce Stobbe], November, page 47
Alexander, G.
Master Ground Instructor Rating (Soaring Milestones) [Instructors\Ground\Paul Jurgens], August, page 47
Anderson, Noel
Collision Avoidance (Soaring Mail) [Safety\Collisions], August, page 3
Auvermann, Christoph
Auction Slated (Soaring Mail) [Memorabilia], May, page 6

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Bamberg, Mike
Risk Management Tools for Soaring Pilots (Safety Program) [Safety\Risk Management], August, page 38
Barringer, Lewin
20,000 Pilots a Year (Feature Articles) [History\Soaring Magazine], July, page 2
First Anniversary (Feature Articles) [History\Soaring Magazine], October, page 2
Benetti-Longhini, Leo
JS1 Revelation Winds South African Nationals after Maiden Flight and Public Debut (Soaring News) [Sailplanes\JS1 Revelation], March, page 8
A South African Gem - The JS1 Revelation (Feature Articles) [Sailplanes\JS1], May, page 28
Spectacular Soaring in the Rainbow Nation (Feature Articles) [Flights\South Africa], July, page 26
Black-Nixon, C. Dianne (a.k.a. Dianne Black Nixon, Dianne Black-Nixon, C. Dianne Black Nixon)
Update to the Membership (Soaring News) [Soaring Society of America\Membership], February, page 7
FAA Update (Soaring News) [Regulations\User Fees], June, page 9
Blacksten, Raul
Clio's Answers (from Clio's Wings, Page 60) (Clio's Wings) [History], January, page 39
Clio's Wings by Clio, the Muse of History (Clio's Wings) [History], January, page 60
Clio's Answers (from Clio's Wings, Page 60) (Clio's Wings) [History], February, page 18
A Little of This, a Little of That (Clio's Wings) [History], February, page 60
The U.S. Nationals (Clio's Wings) [History\U.S. Nationals], March, page 60
Notes From All Over (Clio's Wings) [History\Soaring's Firsts], April, page 60
This Month's Subject: England Swings Like a Glider Do (Clio's Wings) [History\England], May, page 60
This Month's Subject: Euroglide (Clio's Wings) [History\Europe], June, page 60
Climbs in Other Climes (Clio's Wings) [History], July, page 60
The Sky of Oz (Clio's Wings) [History], August, page 60
Segelfliegen (Clio's Wings) [History], September, page 60
Boys and Their Toys (Clio's Wings) [History\Sailplanes], October, page 60
White Wings in the Great White North (Clio's Wings) [History\Canadian Soaring], November, page 60
Vol a Voile Français? (Clio's Wings) [History\Français], December, page 60
Boettger, Gordon
Thank you (Soaring Mail) [Scholarships\Kolstand], April, page 2
Borelia, Barry
Error Questioned (Soaring Mail) [Safety\Transponder], March, page 2
Brickner, Cindy
Bruce Markovich in his PIK-20 over California's Gold (Glider Gallery) [Sailplanes\Eiri-Avion PIK-20], January, pages 28,29
Knauff's Preventing Accidents (Soaring Mail) [Safety\Accidents\Stall], February, page 4
NPRM Published on Repair Stations Standards (Soaring News) [Regulations\NPRM], February, page 8
AD Issued on SZD-50-3, Puchacz; 2007-06-08; Rudder Pedals (Soaring News) [Regulations\AD Notes], May, page 9
Brown, Pete
Response (Soaring Mail) [Soaring Society of America\Finances], May, page 5
Burton, Tony
Article Origin (Soaring Mail) [Magazines\Articles], October, page 3
Byars, Ed
Sailplane racing (Soaring Mail) [Competition\Race vs Task], March, page 3

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Campbell, Jay
Successful Checkride (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private License\Matt Brewer], November, page 48
Campbell, Sally
Region 5 South Contest Perry, SC (Covers) [Sailplanes\Competition; Art], October, cover
Carlson, Mike
The Student is a Glider Pilot Now (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Barry Curry], April, page 49
Carlson, Richard (a.k.a. Rich Carlson)
Four Simple Steps to Improve your Proficiency (Soaring Safety Foundation) [Training\Proficiency], May, page 48
Which Approach? Which Pattern? (Safety Program) [Safety\Patterns], November, page 39
Carmichael, Bruce H. (a.k.a. Bruce Carmichael, B.H. Carmichael, B. Carmichael)
Dr. Paul MacCready Student of Nature - Conserver of Nature (Soaring Mail) [People\Paul MacCready], November, page 2
Carswell, Dean
Flying the Diana 2 (Feature Articles) [Sailplanes\SZD 56-2 Diana], March, page 22
Progress Report: Recovery of Misappropriated SSA Funds [Soaring Society of America\Secretary], April, page 7
SSA Board of Directors Fall Meeting (Feature Articles) [The Soaring Society of America\Management], December, page 18
Carter, Gary
An Afternoon at the Lake with Hotel Kilo (Feature Articles) [Cross-Country\Landouts], June, page 36
Clayton, Harry L.
Safety Corner (Soaring Mail) [Safety\Minden Collision Comments], February, page 2
Cochrane, John H. (a.k.a. John Cochrane)
Thermal Detectors (Contest Corner) [Competition\Instrumentation], March, page 39
Thermal Detectors (Contest Corner) [Competition\Future Instrumentation], April, page 39
Collins, Brian
First Solo, Last Day (Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Ted Hopper], February, page 44
One More Enters the Elite Group (Soaring Milestones) [Training; People\Zach Bowen], February, page 44
Airsickness How to Hack It in a Glider (Feature Articles) [Medical\Air Sickness], March, page 28
The 2006 Civil Air Patrol National Flight Academy (Feature Articles) [Training\Youth], September, page 23
Collum, Bill
New Magazine Department (Soaring News) [Magazine\SOARING\Soaring Tech], December, page 6
Compton, Burt
Emergency Response Plan (Safety Program) [Safety\Accident Rescue], March, page 14
Soaring Accident Rates (Safety Program) [Safety\Accident Rates], April, page 13
Attention SSA Master Cross-Country Instructors (Soaring News) [Instructors\SSA Master], August, page 9
Compton, Kathie
First Solo at Marfa Gliders (Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Trey Allison], November, page 48
Cook, Greg
Jerzy Zieba finishes at the 2006 Contest at Hobbs, NM (Covers) [Sailplanes\Diana], September, cover
Corbell, Paul
Overcoming Airsickness (Soaring Mail) [Training\Airsickness], July, page 4
Corbell, Philip T. (a.k.a. Phil Corbell)
New CFI's (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Instructors\Ivan Manoogian], January, page 43
A Family Affair (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\Heather Smith], June, page 48
Cornwell, Tom
Family Time (Soaring Milestones) [Soaring\Families], July, page 45
Costello, Pat
Renter Pilot Liability Insurance (Feature Articles) [Insurance\Liability], June, page 19
Cotton, Bill
Comments on "Early Season-Rocky Mountain Thunderstorms" (Soaring Mail) [Safety\Thunderstorms], December, page 3
Cousineau, Kevin L.
Wild Horses and Capricious Winds (Feature Articles) [Instructors\Jim Kennard; Horses; Landouts], January, page 21
Cynar, Kenneth J.
Glider Rating Earned at Ridge Soaring (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private\Tom Adams\Louis Rosner], April, page 48

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De Paep, J.J.
Soaring: The Effects on a Youth (Soaring Milestones) [Youth], February, page 45
Deane, Peter
2007 Standard Class Nationals, Hobbs, New Mexico (Feature Articles) [Competition\Standard Class], November, page 21
Decker, Chet
Cross-Country (1936 National Soaring Champion) Reprint (Feature Articles) [History\Cross Country], June, page 26
Dee, Stephen (a.k.a. Steve Dee)
Avoiding Motorglider Mishaps (Safety Program) [Safety\Motorgliders], July, page 38
A First Time Occurrence? (Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Self Launch\Evan Bialk], September, page 47
Motorglider Certification and Training (Safety Program) [Safety\Motorgliders], October, page 36
Deerinck, Chuck
Comment on Stall Accidents (Soaring Mail) [Safety\Stall Accidents], September, page 4
Depinay, Richard
Transponders Are Necessary (Soaring Mail) [Equipment\Transponders], January, page 2
Dixon, Thomas (a.k.a. Tom Dixon)
We Are the World (Soaring Mail) [Contributions\Eagle Fund], January, page 4
Special Report from the Review Task Force (Soaring News) [Soaring Society of America\RTF], April, page 5
Drake, Taylor
Catch a Wave and You're Sittin' on Top of the World (Feature Articles) [Flights\Wave], July, page 22

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Earlywine, John
License after 21 Years (Soaring Milestones) [Training\License\Keith Snavely], January, page 43
Inspired (Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Ashley Sprandel], September, page 48
Eaton, Warren; with Arthur Lawrence
To All who Believe in the Future of Motorless Flight in America (Feature Articles) [History\Gliding and Soaring Bulletin], July, page 18
Ecklund, Phil; with Dave Nadler
Roger Buchanan at Seminole Lake Gliderport in Antares (Covers) [Sailplanes\Antares 20E Motorglider], August, cover
Correction for Photographic Information (Soaring News) [Magazine\Correction], March, page 7
U.S. Junior Team Members (Soaring News) [Competition\International\US Team\Junior; People\Chris Saunder; People\Mike Westbrook; People\Kathy Fosha], March, page 8
Cars (charitable Auto Resources) (Soaring News) [Donations], August, page 6
SSA Member Wins Nobel Prize (Soaring News) [Awards\Nobel\Oliver Smithies], December, page 6
Ehrisman, John
New Flying Interest (Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\John Kennelly], April, page 48
Elber, Frauke
Student Design Project by Keith Fong (Club News) [Launch Equipment\Winch], January, page 15
Equipment Upgrade Debates by Pedja Bogdanovich & the SSB Team [Equipment\Sailplanes], March, page 10
Articles from öskylinesö (Club News) [Clubs\Newsletter Articles], April, page 10
Recent Happenings at Various Clubs (Club News) [Clubs\Newsletter Articles], May, page 13
Have Sailplane will Travel (Fly) (Club News) [Trophies\Cross Country], June, page 14
Ground Launches and Saving Money (Club News) [Launch\Ground], July, page 16
Borrowing and Scavenging - Proper IFR Procedures by Phil Thorndyke (Club News) [Safety\Cockpit cleanliness], August, page 12
Focus on Youth in Soaring (Club News) [People\Harrell; People\Liberto; People\Piotrowski; People\Anaiya; People\Postlethwaite], September, page 12
Soaring by the Numbers by Wolf Elber (Club News) [Operations\Cost], October, page 10
On the Road with the WSPA (Soaring Milestones) [Soaring Society of America\Division], October, page 46
Learning from Others by Chris Groshel (Club News) [Training\Club Operations], November, page 11
Solo at Garner Gliderport (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Jacqueline Hawthorn], November, page 48
Two New Glider Pilots (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Glider License\Travis Beach\John Cabeen], November, page 48
The Fostering of Cross Country Soaring (Club News) [Training\Cross-Country\Trophies], December, page 11
Enevoldson, Einar
Flight 066, Halfway Up (Feature Articles) [Records\Altitude; Gliders\Perlan], June, page 28
Epp, Bob
2007 Seniors Contest (Feature Articles) [Competition\Seniors], June, page 22
Ewald, Jochen
Antares 18S self-launch motorglider (Covers) [Sailplanes\Antares 18S], January, cover

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Fairchilds, Dave
The Aging Pilot Part 1 - Things Change (Feature Articles) [Safety\Aging], October, page 23
The Aging Pilot Part 2 (Feature Articles) [Safety\Aging], November, page 16
The Aging Pilot Part 3 (Feature Articles) [Safety\Aging], December, page 21
Feller, Bob
A Summer Day at the Gliderport (Glider Gallery) [Commercial Operation\Erwinna, PA], August, pages 30,31
Freeman, Craig
Winch Construction Using the K.I.S.S. Method (Feature Articles) [Launch\Winch], February, page 19

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Gallagher, Harold J.
A Family Story (Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solos\Peter and Peter Jr Mersino; Training\First Solos\Jennifer and Andrea Mersino], November, page 46
Garza, David Carlos
Transponders (Soaring Mail) [Equipment\Transponders], December, page 3
Grant, Mark
2 Pilots End Season on High Note (Soaring Milestones) [Training], February, page 46
Advanced Ratings (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private License\Tom Stoltz], September, page 47
Rocket Launches (Soaring Milestones) [Launch\Rockets], October, page 47
Graves, Michael
Great Accomplishment (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private License\Chris Graves], September, page 46
Greenwald, Mike
Great Reading (Soaring Mail) [Competition\Rules], August, page 3
Gregg, Ron
Book Review: Soaring Beyond the Basics (Soaring News) [Literature\Training], February, page 12
Groberman, Jeffrey
Gliding in Hope, British Columbia (Feature Articles) [Sites\Hope, BC], November, page 32
Guy, Pete
This Dramatic Photo was Captured by Pete Guy (Glider Gallery) [Sailplanes], October, pages 30,31

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Hain, Jerry
Birthday Solo - Well Worth the Wait (Soaring Milestones) [First Solo\Claire Hain; Youth], August, page 48
Hammond, E. Gene (a.k.a. Gene Hammond)
Three C's Promote Safety - Safety Article Reprint (Safety Program) [Safety\Three Cs], June, page 45
Haynes-Lamont, Margaret
Junior Program (Soaring Milestones) [Youth\Zeke Flaton], July, page 45
Heater, John
Thanks to George (Thelen) (Soaring Mail) [Safety\Mid-Air], April, page 2
Heinen, Ernst
All Smiling Faces (Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Jim Barker\Stan Swim], March, page 35
Hill, William G. (a.k.a. Bill Hill, Billy Hill, W.G. Hill, William Hill)
Response to Letter (Soaring Mail) [Safety\Transponder], May, page 6
The Little Big Man (Feature Articles) [Obituaries\Alcide Santilli], September, page 18
Hindman, Edward E. (a.k.a. Edward Hindman, E.E. Hindman, E. Hindman)
OSTIV - An Introduction and Call for Papers [Announcement\OSTIV], December, page 10
Hoadley, Bill
Schweizer 1-34 returning from wave, Boulder, CO (Glider Gallery) [Sailplanes\Schweizer 1-34], July, pages 30,31
Holland, Ed
The Pleasures of Instructing (Soaring Mail) [Training\Instructing], July, page 4
Holzwarth, Dick
2007 U.S. Sports Class National championship (Feature Articles) [Competition\Sports Class], September, page 14
Howard, Beverly
Airsickness (Soaring Mail) [Health], June, page 3

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Illiano, Arthur, Jr
Nostalgia (Soaring Mail) [History\Models], July, page 3
Izuno, Kempton
SSA 2007 Memphis Convention (Feature Articles) [Soaring Society of America\Convention], May, page 16

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Jackson, Bob
Region 4 North 2006 Contest Report (Soaring News) [Competition\Regional], February, page 10
Jacobs, Doug
U.S. Team Committee Election News (Soaring News) [World Team\Committee\Rick Walters], March, page 8
The Perry XC/Racing Camp: Flying the Palmetto State (Soaring News) [Training\Cross-Country; U.S. Team XC/Racing Camps], August, page 7
Call for Nominations (Soaring News) [Management\US Team], December, page 6
Johnson, Ben
Evelyn's Blanik Solo (Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Evelyn Gorman], December, page 46
Johnson, Daniel L. (a.k.a. Daniel Johnson, Dan Johnson)
Photo Gallery (Feature Articles) [Soaring Society of America\Convention], May, page 18
The Dark Side of Dehydration (Feature Articles) [Safety\Dehydration], December, page 25
Johnson, Richard H. (a.k.a. Dick Johnson, Richard Johnson, R.H. Johnson, R. Johnson)
A Flight Test Evaluation of the SZD 56-2 Diana Racing Class Sailplane (Feature Articles) [Sailplanes\SZD 56-2 Diana; Flight Test], March, page 17
A flight Test Evaluation of the Sinha Wing Performance Enhancing Deturbulators (Feature Articles) [Aerodynamics\Deturbulators], May, page 35
How to Avoid a Midair Collision - A New Approach (Feature Articles) [Safety\Mid Air Collision], August, page 15
Elmira to Lewisburg - Reprint Aug/Sep 1940 (Feature Articles) [History\Cross Country], September, page 21

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Kantz, William
Water, Water Anywhere (Soaring Mail) [SOARING\Article; Mann], November, page 2
Katinszky, Harold A. (a.k.a. Harold Katinszky)
Solo at 29 Palms (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\Meagan Francis], January, page 42
The Same Old Tricks (Soaring Milestones) [First Solo\Ocean Island House], August, page 48
Katz, Gary
CAP Cadet Solos (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\First Solo\David Katz], September, page 47
First Glider Sports Rating (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Glider Sports Rating\Steve Miller], December, page 48
Keene, Mark
The 2006 Standard Class Nationals (Feature Articles) [Competition\Standard Class Nationals; Sites\Uvalde], February, page 23
Kellerman, Richard
Region 4 South Soaring Championships (Soaring News) [Competition\Regional; Sites\New Castle, VA], January, page 11
Kellet, James C. (a.k.a. J.C. Kellet, Jim Kellet, Jim C. Kellet, Jim Kellett)
Informative Article (Soaring Mail) [Soaring Society of America\Soaring Magazine; Johnson], October, page 3
Klauder, Phil
Book Review: In Love with Flying by Ken Ford (Soaring News) [Literature\Non-Fiction], December, page 9
Kolstad, Ralph E. (a.k.a. Ralph Kolstad)
Kolstad Scholarship Winners (Soaring Mail) [Awards\Scholarships], July, page 6
Thank you (Soaring Mail) [Contributions\Kolstad], October, page 3
Krebs, Peter
SSA Foundation Financing the Soaring Society (Soaring Mail) [Soaring Society of America\Finances], May, page 4
Kronquest, Stephen
Finger Lakes Soaring Club Pilot Heads for USMC Aviation (Soaring Milestones) [Military\USMC\Shannon Donlon], August, page 46

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Lanning, Rich
The Soaring Pilot's Manual by Ken Stewart (Soaring News) [Literature\Training], November, page 6
Larson, Johan
Gliding in Movies and TV (Soaring Mail) [Soaring Society of America\Soaring Media\List], February, page 2
Lawrence, Arthur; with Warren Eaton
To All who Believe in the Future of Motorless Flight in America (Feature Articles) [History\Gliding and Soaring Bulletin], July, page 18
Lazaga, Mario
Solo Celebration (Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Paula Johnson], December, page 46
Liles, Danny
First Solo, Grandson-Pilot, Grandfather-Tow Pilot (Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Logan Orrell], November, page 47
Lisoski, Derek
Black-browed Albatross in Antarctica (Covers) [Bird], May, cover
Lloyd, Jim
Thanks for the Memories (Soaring Mail) [History\People\Brieglebs], December, page 2

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MacJarrett, Tom
Blanik Solo (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\RJ Stutzmann], October, page 47
Mann, Erik
Water, Water Anywhere (Feature Articles) [Performance\Water], September, page 33
Martin, Cam
75th Anniversary of SSA (Soaring Mail) [Soaring Society of America], January, page 2
Mason, Debbie
Bryan's öblanik Shirtö (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Bryan Mason], April, page 49
Matthews, Jeff
Question about Stall (Soaring Mail) [Training\Stalls], September, page 3
McDaniel, Jay
Keeping it Fun at All Levels (Soaring News) [Crewing], June, page 12
McGhie, Bruce
Beating the Odds (Soaring News) [Training\Quadriplegic], June, page 9
McMaster, Juntin
First Solo (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\First Solo\J.T. McMaster], November, page 46
McPeak, Gerald
What a Way to Celebrate a Birthday (Soaring Milestones) [Training\First solo\Youth\David McPeak], September, page 49
Meassick, Steve
First Light Sport Aircraft - Glider is Approved (Soaring News) [Sailplanes\Light Sport Aircraft], October, page 7
Medley, Bob
Chris Fleming instructs Ron Clark in West Texas (Covers) [Training], November, cover
Minner, Charlie "Lite"
Call for SSA Volunteers (Soaring News) [Soaring Society of America\Volunteers], February, page 9
Montague, Neita
Women Soaring Pilots Association Asking for Bids (Soaring News) [Seminar\Bid Request; WSPA], August, page 6
Moore, Chad
Thermal Detectors (Soaring Mail) [Instruments\Thermal Detector], August, page 3
Muhlenberg, Barry
First Solo - Slightly Chilled (Soaring Milestones) [First Solo\Glendon Bartlett; Youth], August, page 46
Murray, Phyllis
Sailplane on Tow at Taos, New Mexico (Covers) [Sailplanes], April, cover
Myers, Darin
Gliders at the Paris, Texas Airshow (Soaring News) [Air Shows], November, page 6

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Nadler, Dave; with Phil Ecklund
Roger Buchanan at Seminole Lake Gliderport in Antares (Covers) [Sailplanes\Antares 20E Motorglider], August, cover
Neetka, Maria Szemplinska
Wing runner Heather Smith launches Bob Epp at Hobbs (Glider Gallery) [Competition\Crew], December, pages 30,31
Newill, David B. (a.k.a. David Newill, Dave Newill)
How I Built an ASK-21 of my Own Over a Weekend (Feature Articles) [Construction\Sailplane Model], April, page 26
Nuss, Dave
The Thrill of the Solo (Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Jim Martin], December, page 49

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O'Flynn, Patrick; with John and Rory and Riley
Our Family's Soaring Adventure (Feature Articles) [Soaring\Family], February, page 33
Orndorff, Beverly
Undaunted Pilot (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Private License\Michael Shulman], September, page 47
Otis, Richard
Sailplane in Flight from a Pawnee Tow plane (Glider Gallery) [Sailplanes], April, pages 30,31

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Paget, Val
Beyond the Rating (Feature Articles) [Training\Badges], March, page 25
First Solo (Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Kirsten Hein], March, page 35
Patton, Bruce
Birthday Solo at Tampa Bay (Soaring Milestones) [First Solo\Joe Burley], August, page 46
Petersen, Charles
Need Assistance (Soaring Mail) [Information], July, page 6
Pitsenberger, Jeanne
Another Solo at Shenandoah Valley Soaring (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Alec Bateman], January, page 42
First Solo (Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Nelson Trinkle], January, page 42
First Solo (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Michael Shulman], June, page 48
Bob's Schweizer Solo (Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Bob Lacovara], December, page 46
Pixton, David, et al
Interim Report of the SSA Future Restructuring Task Force [Soaring Society of America\Governance], September, page 8
Powell, George
1-26 Championships Parowan, Utah 2006 (Feature Articles) [Competition\1-26 Championships; Sites\Parowan, UT], January, page 26
Pressley, Thomas A.
Solos in Littlefield (Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solos\Bryan Theall\Dereck Topham], November, page 46
First Solo (Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Adam Reinhart], December, page 48

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Raspet, August
Human Muscle - Powered Flight (Feature Articles) [History\Physiology], October, page 32
Rea, Marita
Historic Solo (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Father & Son\Scott & Sam Saunders], January, page 43
Resor, Brian
A Glider Pilot's Marriage Proposal (Feature Articles) [Romance; See You], January, page 24
Rich, Dr.
Book Review: The Soaring Pilot's Manual by Ken Steward (Soaring Mail) [Literature\Training], July, page 10
Rider, Jim
Preventing Stall Accidents (Soaring Mail) [Training\Stalls], October, page 3
Riley; with John and Rory and Patrick O'Flynn
Our Family's Soaring Adventure (Feature Articles) [Soaring\Family], February, page 33
Rory, John and; with Riley and Patrick O'Flynn
Our Family's Soaring Adventure (Feature Articles) [Soaring\Family], February, page 33
Ruf, Chris
Chris Ruf in his Mosquito H6 over Marfa (Glider Gallery) [Sailplanes\Mosquito H6], March, pages 30,31
2007 Region 5 North Perry Contest Report (Soaring Mail) [Competition\Regional\Perry], July, page 11
Ruprecht, Judy
Badges & Records (SSA and FAI Awards) [Awards\Badges], January, page 44
Badges & Records (SSA and FAI Awards) [Awards\Badges], February, page 48
Badges & Records (SSA and FAI Awards) [Awards\Badges], March, page 48
Badges & Records (SSA and FAI Awards) [Awards\Badges], April, page 45
Badges & Records (SSA and FAI Awards) [Awards\Badges], May, page 57
Badges & Records (SSA and FAI Awards) [Awards\Badges], June, page 43
Badges & Records (SSA and FAI Awards) [Awards\Badges], July, page 43
Badges & Records (SSA and FAI Awards) [Awards\Badges], August, page 49
Badges & Records (SSA and FAI Awards) [Awards\Badges], September, page 49
Badges & Records (SSA and FAI Awards) [Awards\Badges], October, page 48
Badges & Records (SSA and FAI Awards) [Awards\Badges], November, page 50
Badges & Records (SSA and FAI Awards) [Awards\Badges], December, page 39
Ryan, Bertha M. (a.k.a. Bertha Ryan, B.M. Ryan, B. Ryan)
Familiar Names; Unfamiliar Accomplishments (Feature Articles) [History\Hall of Fame], October, page 18

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Sailplanes, Jonkers
Flutter Analysis of the JS1 Revelation (Soaring News) [Technical\Flutter Analysis\JS1], December, page 7
Sample, Todd
Winch Launch (Soaring Mail) [Launch Equipment\Winch], July, page 3
Sarment, David
John Sullivan Soaring over Michigan (Glider Gallery) [Sailplane\Ventus 2 CXM], November, pages 30,31
Schulze, Rolf
Back to the Future:Wild West Winch Fest (Soaring Mail) [Launch Equipment\Winch], September, page 3
Shade, Michael
Grob Systems Ceasing Operations (Soaring Mail) [Manufacturer Representatives\Grob], May, page 4
Shaw, Jo
1971 Retrieve Story (Soaring Mail) [Sailplanes\1-26\Crewing], February, page 5
Old and Slow? Not the 1-26 Association (Affiliates & Divisions) [Associations\1-26], March, page 40
Sheppe, Rick
Team Work (Soaring Mail) [Management\Clubs], December, page 2
Correction Noted (Soaring Mail) [Magazine\People\Paul MacCready], December, page 4
Short, Jim
Vintage Sailplanes and SSA's 75th Anniversary (Affiliates & Divisions) [Vintage Sailplanes], July, page 34
Short, Simine
January 2007 Stamp Feature (Soaring Mail) [Stamps], January, page 2
Happy Birthday, Mr. Chanute (Soaring Mail) [Stamps], February, page 2
Yugoslavian Stamp - Zlin Z-22 (Soaring Mail) [Stamps\Yugoslavia], March, page 2
The Stamps of San Marino (Soaring Mail) [Stamps\San Marino], April, page 2
Hungary Revisited (Soaring Mail) [Stamps\Hungary], July, page 3
North Korean Soaring Stamp (Soaring Mail) [Stamps\North Korea], August, page 3
Ferber No. f Glider stamp (Soaring Mail) [Stamps\Ferber glider], September, page 3
Paul MacCready and the Palau Soaring Stamp (Feature Articles) [History\People\Paul MacCready], October, page 14
Dutch Soaring Stamp (Soaring Mail) [Stamps\Model Glider], November, page 2
Austrian Soaring Stamp (Soaring Mail) [Stamps\Holiday flight], December, page 2
Sill, Philip
Fourteen-year-old Solos (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\First Solo\Sarah Sill], November, page 48
Skydell, Jim
Thank You for Your Generosity (Soaring Mail) [Soaring Society of America\Donations], May, page 4
Editor of SSA eNews Seeks Submissions (Soaring News) [Soaring Society of America\Publications], May, page 8
Slotten, Don (a.k.a. D. Slotten)
Some Background and an Invitation (Soaring Mail) [History\Recordings], February, page 2
Smith, Bernald S. (a.k.a. Bernald Smith, B. Smith, B.S. Smith)
Safety Program Starting the Year Off Right (Soaring Safety Foundation) [Safety\First Flight], January, page 18
100 of Us Will Have Accidents in 2007! Who? (Soaring Safety Foundation) [Safety\Accidents], February, page 18
Ground Non-Flight Damage - Is your Canopy Insured (Safety Program) [Safety; Insurance\Canopy], September, page 38
Last Flight (Safety Program) [Safety\First Flight], December, page 38
Smith, Peter W.
National Soaring Museum Celebrates SSA's 75th Anniversary with Special Event (Affiliates & Divisions) [Museums\SSA Anniversary], May, page 51
Snead, Bill
Racing Sailplanes (Feature Articles) [Competition\Racing], August, page 26
Society, El Paso Soaring
What an Accomplishment (Soaring Milestones) [Training\10,000 Aero Tows\John Hardy], September, page 47
Sorenson, Ken
Posted on SSA Web Page (Soaring News) [Competition\SRA/SSA Poll], February, page 9
Spratt, Charlie, Jr. (a.k.a. Charlie Spratt)
To My Soaring Friends (Soaring Mail) [People\Charlie Spratt], March, page 2
SSA Staff
Call for SSA Director Nominations (Soaring News) [Soaring Society of America\Directors], May, page 12
Stiglmeier, Henry
Soaring in a Thundercloud (Feature Articles) [History\Thunderclouds], July, page 32
Strandjord, Eric
Minnesota Soaring Club (Club News) [Clubs\Minnesota Soaring Club; Safari], February, page 14
Striedieck, Karl H. (a.k.a. Karl Striedieck)
Competition (Soaring Mail) [Competition], June, page 4

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Templeton, John
Soar Parowan, Utah in 2007... (Soaring News) [Competition\Parowan], March, page 8
Thelen, George
Is it Over? (Safety Corner) [Safety\Aging Pilots], January, page 47
Region 13 Contest (Nostalgia) (Safety Corner) [Safety\History], February, page 40
Training Accident (Safety Corner) [Safety\Training], March, page 44
Frozen on the Controls (Safety Corner) [Safety\Control Problems], April, page 37
Soaring Signals (Safety Corner) [Safety\Signals], April, page 38
Dear Flabby (Safety Corner) [Safety\Fitness], May, page 43
Go - Or No Go (Safety Corner) [Safety\Decisions], June, page 49
Crewless and Clueless (Safety Corner) [Safety\Crew], July, page 47
Safety Parachutes (Safety Corner) [Equipment\Parachutes], August, page 41
Early Season - Rocky Mountain Thunderstorm (Safety Corner) [Safety\Thunderstorms], September, page 41
So Long Al (Safety Corner) [Safety\Memorial\Al Santilli], October, page 42
Dear Flabby (Safety Corner) [Safety\Future\Members\People\Parachutes\Crosswind], November, page 43
Communications for a New Season (Safety Corner) [Safety\Communications], December, page 43
Tuohino, Larry
Newest Pilot (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\First Solo\Alex Sanders], September, page 46

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Umphres, Phil
Special Report from Phil Umphres, SSA Treasurer [Soaring Society of America\Treasurer], April, page 6
SSA Needs Your Support Give to the 2007 Eagle Fund Campaign (Feature Articles) [Soaring Society of America\Contributions], November, page 14

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Verret, Dave
Thoughts on Flying - On Aerobatic Flight (Feature Articles) [Techniques\Aerobatic Flight], February, page 29
Thoughts on Flying - On Flight Instructors (Feature Articles) [Instructors\Elmer Udd, Mary Campbell, Steve Lowry], August, page 33

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Wallace, At
Two Students Receive Michael Wallace Scholarship Grants for 2007 (Soaring News) [Awards\Scholarships\Kyle Heffelfinger, Anthony Loux], August, page 6
Weil, Monique
NCSA Boasts New Pilots (Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Ben Hirashima], September, page 46
Notable Solo Flights (Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Joy Pierce], October, page 46
Notable Solo Flights (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\First Solo\Marissa Anaya], October, page 46
Students in Transition (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Transition\Sandy Widerkehr\Lisa Corsetti], November, page 47
Weitzel, Holger
Children explore sailplanes at Ridge Soaring Gliderport (Covers) [Youth], June, cover
Welles, Tim
Cross-Country Racing Camp (Soaring News) [Training\Competition], February, page 10
U.S. Junior Team Heading to Italy (Soaring News) [Competition\U.S. Junior Team], April, page 5
Welliever, Robert J. (a.k.a. Robert Welliever)
Bluebird (Feature Articles) [History\Homebuilding], December, page 33
Whelan, Bob
Paranoia as a Virtue (Feature Articles) [Safety\Traffic Patterns], November, page 26
White, Brad
Soaring near sunset in central Nevada (Covers) [Scenery\Sunset], December, cover
Whitten, Joni
Double Congratulations ... Student and Instructor (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Tom Cooke], December, page 48
Whybra, Mel
Question on Article and Response by Tom Knauff (Soaring Mail) [Training\Stalls], June, page 5
Willat, Garret
Region 12 Soaring Championships (Soaring News) [Competition\Regional; Sites\Warner Springs, CA], January, page 10
Williams, Nyal
Terrific Solo Jacob! (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Jacob Johnson], December, page 48
Williams, Terri
Student Pilot (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Youth\Mathew Williams], June, page 48
Willis, Marvin
Guest Article: Come on Darlin' Let's Go Watch the Glider Races by Fred Steadman (1-26 Kicks) [Soaring Society of America\Divisions], August, page 36
Winter, Fred
2007 15 Meter Nationals (Feature Articles) [Competition\15 M Nationals\Mifflin County], October, page 26
Winters, Kathleen C.
Anne Morrow Lindbergh: First Lady of the Air (Soaring News) [Literature\Lindbergh], January, page 10
Wolf, Tom
Custom Glider Trailer Project (Feature Articles) [Construction\Trailer], April, page 21
Wolter, John
Two Grobs near Friedrichshafen, So. Germany (Glider Gallery) [Sailplanes\Grob 109 Motorgliders], February, pages 30,31
Woods, Christopher (a.k.a. Chris Woods)
Perpetual Flying Weather (Feature Articles) [Competition\15-Meter and Open Class Nationals; Sites\Hobbs, NM], January, page 32
Wrightman, Henry N.
Our National Program - Reprint April, 1939 (Feature Articles) [History\Soaring Magazine], August, page 2
Contributions by Members - Reprint September, 1939 (Feature Articles) [History\Soaring Magazine], September, page 2

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Yama, Yasuhiro
Bruno Gattenbrink flies the Eta in the Lilienthal Glide 2007 (Glider Gallery) [Sailplanes\Eta], September, pages 30,31
Yuhas, Jon S.
Gerry Wild in the Beltzville Club 1-26 on Tow (Covers) [Sailplanes\Schweizer SGS 1-26B #315], March, cover

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SSA Regional Directors 2007 [Soaring Society of America\Management], January, page 20
Final Glide (Soaring Milestones) [Obituaries\Edward Lowman; Obituaries\Stephen Siedhoff; Obituaries\Calvin Stevens; Obituaries\C. Villeneuvie; Obituaries\Steve Smith; Obituaries\Jack Laister], January, page 42
Soaring Calendar [Calendar], January, page 46
John Wolter over Italian Alps (Covers) [Sailplanes\PIK-20E], February, cover
Club Members Take First Solo (Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Dave Van Hammen\Scott Antila], February, page 44
Final Glide (Soaring Milestones) [Obituaries\C.W. Shaw; Obituaries\Tor Jenson], February, page 44
A Successful Season at Windy City Soaring (Soaring Milestones) [Clubs\Windy City Soaring Association], February, page 45
SSA Computer System: A New Era (Soaring News) [Soaring Society of America\Office; Volunteerism\Doug Easton], March, page 5
Meet Two of Your New Directors-at-Large (Soaring News) [Soaring Society of America\Management; Directors\Phillip C. Umphres; Directors\Wallace D. Berry], March, page 7
2006 1-26 Sweepstakes Results (Club News) [Competition\1-26 Sweepstakes], March, page 10
Generous Support Received for the Annual Eagle Fund [Soaring Society of America\Contributions], March, page 12
Final Glide (Soaring Milestones) [Obituaries\Shirley Sliwa], March, page 35
Soaring Calendar [Calendar], March, page 42
Generous Support Received for the Annual Eagle Fund [Soaring Society of America\Contributions], April, page 8
Helpful Hints for Chapters [Soaring Society of America\Chapters], April, page 11
The 2006 SSA Annual Awards (Feature Articles) [Awards\Annual], April, page 15
Magoo at the Bat (Feature Articles) [Literature\Fiction], April, page 29
Soaring Calendar [Calendar], April, page 42
Blanik Solo (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Dan Loveday], April, page 48
Final Glide (Soaring Milestones) [Obituaries\William Bryan; Obituaries\Joe Volmar], April, page 48
Schweizer 2-33 Solo (Soaring Milestones) [Training\Solo\Dave Reilly], April, page 49
SOARING - The Takeoff (1937 Reprint) (Feature Articles) [75th Anniversary of the Soaring Society of America], May, page 2
2006-2007 Eagle Fund (Soaring News) [Soaring Society of America\Donations], May, page 8
Report your Change of Address to the FAA (Soaring News) [Soaring Society of America\Members], May, page 8
AD Issued on Cesna 172, 182, and 206; 2007-05-10; Crew Seats (Soaring News) [Regulations\AD Notes], May, page 9
National Soaring Foundation Transfers Funds to NSM (Soaring News) [Finances], May, page 10
The U.S. Southwest Soaring Museum is a New SSA Affiliate (Soaring News) [Soaring Society of America\Affiliates], May, page 10
Our Hobbs Office Building (Soaring News) [Soaring Society of America\Building], May, page 11
We Fondly Remember (Soaring News) [History], May, page 12
Three Modern Sailplanes (1937 Reprint) (Feature Articles) [Sailplanes\Minimoa\Wolf\H-17], May, page 24
Soaring - Photos (1937 Reprint) (Feature Articles) [Sailplanes], May, page 36
Generous Support Received for the Annual Eagle Fund [Soaring Society of America\Donations], May, page 46
Soaring Calendar [Calendar], May, page 53
SOARING - Soaring for Sport (1937 Reprint) (Feature Articles) [Soaring Society of America\Magazine\1937], June, page 2
Online Contests (Soaring News) [Competition\Online], June, page 11
Generous Support Received for the Annual Eagle Fund [Soaring Society of America\Contributions], June, page 16
Soaring (Glider Gallery) [History\Sailplanes], June, pages 30,31
Soaring Calendar - Contests and Special Events (Calendar) [Soaring Calendar], June, page 40
Final Glide (Soaring Milestones) [Obituaries\William Bryan; Obituaries\Charles Lewis; Obituaries\Russell McAnerny; Obituaries\Willard Wiley], June, page 48
Generous Support Received for the Annual Eagle Fund [Soaring Society of America\Contributions], July, page 8
Preventing Glider Accidents (Soaring Mail) [Safety\New Product (DVD)], July, page 10
WSPA Asking for Bids (Soaring News) [Seminar\Bid Request], July, page 12
Letter to the SSA Membership from the Executive Committee (Soaring News) [Soaring Society of America\Exec Comm Report], July, page 14
Helpful Hints for Chapters [Soaring Society of America\Chapters], July, page 33
Contests and Special Events (Calendar) [Soaring Calendar], July, page 41
Generous Support Received for the Annual Eagle Fund [Soaring Society of America\Contributions], August, page 10
Contests and Special Events (Calendar) [Soaring Calendar], August, page 44
Final Glide (Soaring Milestones) [Obituaries\Alcide Santilli; Obituaries\Ken Kolstad; Obituaries\Don Richards; Obituaries\Bob Wallace; Obituaries\Paul Kingsland], August, page 46
Matt Riesterer Solos Diamond Motorglider on his 14th Birthday (Soaring Milestones) [First Solo\Matt Riesterer; Youth], August, page 46
SSA Director Nomination - Region 4 (Soaring News) [Soaring Society of America\Director Nomination\Jim Kellet4], September, page 5
SSA Director Nomination - Region 2 (Soaring News) [Soaring Society of America\Director Nomination\Dianne Black-Nixon], September, page 6
SSA Director Nomination - Region 9 (Soaring News) [Soaring Society of America\Director Nomination\Charlie 'Lite], September, page 6
SSA Director Nominations (Soaring News) [Soaring Society of America\Governance], September, page 6
Correction (Soaring News) [Soaring Society of America\Soaring Magazine], September, page 7
SSA Director Nomination - Region 10 (Soaring News) [Soaring Society of America\Director Nomination\Phil Umphres], September, page 7
WSPA Seminar (Soaring News) [Affiliate\WSPA; People\Monique Weil], September, page 7
Generous Support Received for the Annual Eagle Fund [Soaring Society of America\Contributions], September, page 10
Contests and Special Events (Calendar) [Soaring Calendar], September, page 44
Landmark of Soaring (Soaring News) [History\Landmarks of Soaring; Marfa], October, page 6
Generous Support Received for the Annual Eagle Fund [Soaring Society of America\Contributions], October, page 8
Helpful Hints for Chapters [Soaring Society of America\Chapters], October, page 11
Preliminary Speakers List [Soaring Society of America\Convention], October, page 12
Contests and Special Events (Calendar) [Soaring Calendar], October, page 39
Final Glide (Soaring Milestones) [Memorials\Paul MacCready; Memorials\Michael Baldwin; Memorials\Harold W. Ross], October, page 47
SSA Regional Director Elections (Soaring News) [Soaring Society of America\Governance], November, page 4
The 2008 SSA Convention [Conventions\Albuquerque], November, page 8
Contests and Special Events (Calendar) [Soaring Calendar], November, page 41
Final Glide (Soaring Milestones) [Obituaries\Bruce Stephens, Hardy Leder, Melvin Williams, Hans Ager, John Daly, Charles Bangert], November, page 48
The 2008 SSA Convention [The Soaring Society of America\Convention], December, page 14
Eagle Fund [The Soaring Society of America\Contributions], December, page 17
Awesome Solo Robert! (Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Robert Tarnoczy], December, page 47
Congratulations Juniors (Soaring Milestones) [Training\First Solo\Rachel Conklin\Kevin Conklin\Kevin Keeping\Robert Tarnoczy], December, page 47
Contests and Special Events (Soaring Milestones) [Soaring Calendar], December, page 51

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