Soaring Magazine Index for 1996 organized by section

Soaring Magazine Index for 1996 organized by section

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Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs, Affiliates, Chapters, and ClubsSoaring Safety Foundation, Club & Chapter Chatter, George Thelen, Headquarter Happenings and Buzz, Letter, SSA in Action, Safety Corner, Soaring Safety Foundation, Soaring in Action, cover

Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs
George Thelen, A Stall-Spin Bedtime Story, by William Bentley, January, page 46

Affiliates, Chapters, and ClubsSoaring Safety Foundation
George Thelen, A Stall-Spin Bedtime Story, by William Bentley, January, page 46

Club & Chapter Chatter
Bob Nady, An Accident at Our Club, January, page 14
Bob Nady, Espirit de Corps, February, page 12
Bob Nady, Winter Ground Schools, April, page 9
Bob Nady, Local Activities, May, page 11
Bob Nady, Ground School, Auto Tows, Feature Article, Reciprocating Memberships, July, page 17
Bob Nady, Community Aviation Day Participation, Sponsoring Safety Seminars, August, page 15
Bob Nady, History, Badge Camp, & Youth, September, page 11
Bob Nady, Expeditions at Home and Away, October, page 19
Bob Nady, More about Birds, November, page 20
Bob Nady, The NSF Equipments, December, page 19

George Thelen
George Thelen, In the Hot Seat (Lightning Strike), October, pages 46-48

Headquarter Happenings and Buzz
Bob Wander, February, page 11
Bob Wander, March, page 16
Bob Wander, SSA GrowBook, April, page 12
Bob Wander, November, page 19
Bob Wander, December, page 20

Michael S. Finegan, A Proposal to Pick Up from the Past, January, page 2
W. Stewart Tittle, Thanks Extended to Soaring Friends, January, page 2
Vytas Peseckas, More on the LAK 12, January, page 2
Richard Kaleta, A Great Idea for More Exposure, January, page 2
Gerald Downs, Jeremy's Big Day, January, page 3
Jack Gibbert, Past SSA State Governor Takes a Wife, January, page 4
Sebastian Huhmann, German Glider Pilot Wants Help, January, page 4
Walter Setz, Rex Spurs Memories, January, page 4
Tom Elmore, The Sultan's Tent, January, page 6
Gunter Voltz, Russia AC-4 Now Has Trailer, January, page 6
James M. Jenista, Attribution Given To J. Livingston Seagull, January, page 999
Robert Clipper, A Challenge to Open Up to Others, February, page 2
Oran W. Nicks, American-Made World Class Gliders, February, page 2
Emil Kissel, Garden Barometer, February, page 2
Tim Hanke, Attention Soaring Contributors, February, page 2
Derek Piggott, Using the Reichmann Method, February, page 2
Uwe Kleinhempel, An Invitation to Visit Golden, BC, February, page 3
Clyde Chamberlin, Aunt Lucile - My First Passenger, February, page 3
Tim Mara, ELT's for Sailplanes, February, page 3
Pat McGrath, Jr., Enlighten Me, Please, March, page 2
D.J. Phillips, Lasham Not Mentioned, March, page 2
Julian M. West, Thermals or Wave?, March, page 2
Lew Neyland, We'll Miss You, Eric and Arleen, March, page 2
Emil Kissel, GPS for the Common Pilot, March, page 4
George Taylor, Is the ASW-20 the Messerschmitt of Sailplanes?, March, page 4
Jerry Owens, New Pilot Takes to the Skies, March, page 4
Les Sebald, Grob 103 Rudder Pedals, March, page 4
Dean Forney, Scholarship Recipient Solos, March, page 6
Guy E. Acheson, GPS Mapping Programs?, March, page 6
Dean Carswell, New Phone Numbers (for Britain), March, page 6
Red (Farren H.) Smith, More Memories Recalled, March, page 6
Duane Eisenbeiss, Open Letter to SSA Board of Directors, March, page 999
Gunter Voltz, A Family Affair, April, page 2
Dave Mercer, Invitation to Canadian Nationals (at Red Deer, Alberta), April, page 2
George Moffat, Change of Numbers, April, page 2
Julian Flack, More on Cobra Trailer Bolts, April, page 2
Marcia Crowell, Magazines Available, April, page 2
Richard McIver, Take the Time You Need, April, page 3
Fernando Rueda, A Note on History, April, page 3
Larry Manofsky, Wave Possibilities?, April, page 3
R.B. Richards, Word for DG Owners, April, page 3
Marvin Willis, Liked Charlie's Article, May, page 2
Wally Kahn, Lasham Left Out, May, page 2
Douglas Tomlinson, Needs Help with (Towplane Tow Hutch) Mod, May, page 2
John W. Glendening, Information from Net, May, page 2
Justin Wills, Comment from Wills, May, page 3
George Nuse, Badge and Record Camp, May, page 3
Jan Scott, Tow Plane Statistics, May, page 3
Wayne Ginter, Soaring and Mountaineering, May, page 4
Gunter Voltz, Russia and Trailer Ready for Huntsville, May, page 4
Richard Franks, What About Ultralights?, May, page 4
Konrad Nierich, Low Cost Glider Tow, June, page 2
K.J. Strack, Keeping Hand in Lap, June, page 2
Grant Davis, Careful with Surfing, June, page 2
David M. Cahoon, Launch Crew Checklist, June, page 2
Peter King, And a Response (to 'Keeping Hand in Lap'), June, page 2
Carl Rohmann, A Reply (to 'Enlighten Me, Please'), June, page 3
Gennaro W. Avolio, Has Other Comments (regarding Knauff articles) ,, July, page 2
Lew Neyland, 1-26 Roll of Honor (Inductee), July, page 2
Vic Saudek, Where are We Headed?, July, page 2
William M. Jones, Pre-Landing Box: Concept for Traffic Patterns, July, page 3
Bob Davis, Clinic Well Attended, July, page 3
R.W. Long, Birds and Thermals, July, page 3
Hartley L. Falbaum, More on Topic of 'To..Or Not To.....,', July, page 6
John McCoy, More on Cylinder Failures, July, page 6
Svend Jensen and Fritz Gasuser, Remember Old Guys Too, July, page 8
John H. Campbell, Clarification on Youth Winners, July, page 8
Charles H. Davis, II, History Worth Seeing, August, page 2
Fred Thompson, Free Rides, August, page 2
Jack Wyman, Franklin Glider History, August, page 2
Pedro de la Serna, Journey in the Andes, August, page 2
Jim Payne, Author Responds (to Wants More Detail), August, page 3
Tony Burton, Wants More Detail, August, page 3
James F. Powers, Easter Sunday, August, page 3
F.S. Kalinowski, What a Sight, August, page 4
Craig Hilling, Congratulations, Justin!, August, page 4
Robert Vanderbei, Questions Projections, August, page 4
Ron Martelet, Let Me Help, August, page 4
Len Gelfand, Appreciates Safety Idea, September, page 2
Hartley Falbaum, Landout Checklist, September, page 2
Fernando D'Anna, A year Here for a Year There (Cordoba, Argentina), September, page 2
Jeffrey W. Wohmart, Boyhood Dream Accomplished, September, page 3
Tibor "Ted" Branczeisz, Emergency Training (for Leaving Clouds), October, page 3
Dale Masters, Enjoyed July Issue, October, page 3
Ernest K. Meyer, Thanks Turf Soaring School, October, page 3
Andy Holoubek, The Crystal Squadron, October, page 4
Lloyd G. Kaufman, Experience West Texas Hospitality, November, page 3
Sergio Colacevich, More on Pivotal Altitude, November, page 3
Clem Bowman, Hats Off to a Champion (John Byrd), November, page 3
Walter Leu, Sheer Determination, November, page 3
Tom Janousky, Thumbs Up for Sky Sailing, November, page 3
Chester Chang, Sr., Another One Bitten by the Bug, November, page 3
Beverly Howard, Take Care with Modifications, December, page 3
John W. Brink, An Interesting Flight, December, page 3
Roelof C. Cadee, Agrees/Disagrees (with 'Low Altitude Releases') ,, December, page 3
Mike Schuster, Launch Failures, December, page 4
Hasso Schroder, What an Experience, December, page 4
David D. Hinckley, A Great Way to Let the Public Know, December, page 4
Mary Ripberger, A Successful Bean Field Landout, December, page 6

SSA in Action
SSA Board Elects Officers and Directors-at-Large for 1996, January, page 9
GNSS (GPS) Flight Recorders Not Yet Approved by FAI, January, page 9
Hammond Elected SSA President for 1996, January, page 9
Board Minutes Available, January, page 9
SSA Now on the Internet, January, page 10
Gren Seibels, Or What's Heaven For? by William B. Dehon, January, page 10
SSA Now on Internet, January, page 10
Sixth World Glider Aerobatic Championship, January, page 10
Tom Knauff, 1,000th Bronze Badge Issued, January, page 11
Larry Sanderson, Announcing the 1996 International Aviation Art Contest, January, page 13
A Winner: Caesar Creek (Region 6 1995 Contest), February, page g
Don Kawal, Call for (future) SSA Convention Sponsors, February, page 4
Frank Reid, SSA Governors Appointed in Region V, February, page 4
"Damn the Torpedoes - Full Speed Ahead," (at Buzova Gliderport, Ukraine) by Oleksa-Myron Bilaniuk, February, page 8
Val Brain, Glider Pilot's Manual by Ken Stewart, February, page 10
Elsie F. Johnson, Out of the Weather, February, page 10
Bob Wander, February, page 11
Billy Singleton, Certificates of Appreciation, February, page 999
Val Brain, BGA Instructor's Manual by the BGA, February, page 999
Carl Burson, Symons Wave Memorial Fees to Increase, March, page 9
Nancy Graham, New Badge and Record Secretary Appointed, March, page 9
Bernald Smith, Hawaii Beckons, March, page 9
Ed Neffinger, News from Apeks on World Class (Glider), March, page 9
James W. Swinnich, National Soaring Museum Holds Youth Encampment, March, page 9
Jack Lambie, Bruce Carmichael's Personal Aircraft Drag Reduction, March, page 12
Richard Kellerman, 1995 Region II Spring Seminar, March, page 14
Bob Wander, March, page 16
Kolstad Scholarship Winners Announced, March, page 17
Jim Short, Perspective, March, page 17
Lorry Charchian, New SSA Governor Appointed, March, page 999
John H. Campbell, SSA at (National Congress on Aviation and Space Education NCASE, April, page 4
John Campbell, Youth Scholarships Available (including Bultman Award), April, page 4
Donald Anders Talleur, The Pilot's Outline Guide to Basic Aerodynamics by William M. Jones, April, page 4
Erik Mann, 1995 Region II Competition Pilots' Seminar, April, page 6
Virtual (1996) Convention, April, page 6
Raul Blacksten, Franklin Wins Gross Award(,) Baby (by) Stoia Wins Moswey Again!, May, page 6
Ron Clarke, The 1996 Reader Survey- What You, Our Readers, Told Us, May, page 6
Sharon Smith, New SSA Governor of Louisiana Appointed, May, page 6
Nancy Graham, SSA Needs Volunteers for Oshkosh, May, page 6
Karl Striedieck, Contest Rule Changes Are Approved, May, page 6
Jim D. Burch, Glider Towing Accident Prevention, May, page 7
Jim Dobberfuhl, Blanik Meet Announced, May, page 8
Ed Neffinger, Apeks and Xian Form Partnership, May, page 9
Judy Lincoln, Distance Award Winners Announced (for 1995), May, page 9
Peter Selinger, Std Libelle Winglets Now Available, May, page 10
Gren Seibels, Cloud Dancing by Robert F. Whelan, May, page 10
Edgar D. Seymour - Joins Soaring Hall of Fame, May, page 999
Sweepstakes Winner Announced, June, page 5
Ron Clarke, Changes Ahead, June, page 5
Fran Koerner, New Trophy Announced, June, page 5
Pat Costello, Glider Insurance, June, page 5
Judy Lincoln, New Procedures for Barringer Trophy and Hilton Cup Claims, June, page 6
Bill Ray, Accipiter Aviation, Inc. Changes Ownership, June, page 8
John "Corky" Gill, The Tradition Continues, June, page 8
Tom Knauff, New Product EW View for Windows, June, page 10
Jaye Fish, NSM - 100 Years of Lilienthal and Chanute, June, page 10
Patrick L. McLaughlin, New Product XCP-180 Oxygen System, June, page 10
Steven A. Sutnick, New South Florida Glider Operation, June, page 11
Dick Johnson, 1996 Marfa Thermal and Wave Camp Report, June, page 11
Yasuhiro Yama, 13th Japanese National Gliding Championships, June, page 11
Jim Short, FCC Proposes Dropping Aircraft Radio Station Licenses, June, page 12
Bernald Smith, Hawaii Beckons (for Barnaby Lecture), June, page 12
Sharon Smith, Texas Governor Appointed, July, page 10
Larry Sanderson, SSF Looking for a Pro, July, page 10
Janell Sullivan, Lincoln Award Call for Entries, July, page 10
Carla Page, Gross/Seymour Inducted in(to) Hall of Fame, July, pages 11-12
Sharon Smith, So You Want to be a Cyberpilot, July, page 999
Joining Forces (AirScapes & Soaring Centre), August, page 6
Oshkosh '96 (shows 'Learning to Soar: an Introduction to Sailplane Flight by Roger Gomoll), August, page 6
Mark Kennedy, Changes Noted for Contest Reports, August, page 6
Larry Knauer, Blue Bayou Benefit, August, page 6
Janell Sullivan, Lincoln Award Call for Entries, August, page 7
James W. Swinnich, Get to Know the NSM, August, page 9
Knauff Wins Award, by FAA, Flight Standards, August, page 9
World Air Games, August, page 9
Jim Short, Ground Launches by Derek Piggott, August, page 9
C. See, Pawnee PA-25 Installation, August, page 10
Peter Kelly, (Doc Mays) Memorial Contest (at Vacaville, CA), August, page 10
Candidates for SSA Board of Directors, August, page 11
Jim Short, "Ground Launches" by Derek Piggott, August, page 999
Bob Wander, The Art of Thermaling Made Easy, August, page 999
Ron Clarke, Classified Ad Rates to Change, September, page 4
Sporting Code Changes Effective October 1, 1996, September, page 4
James W. Swinnich, NSM Announces Plans, September, page 4
Aero-Union Ltd, PZL Kits in United States, September, page 4
Gren Seibels, Attention All Cockpit Potatoes, September, page 4
SSA Member (Ludwig (Lou) Wipotnik) Receives Award, September, page 6
Jim Kellett, New Venture with CAP, September, page 6
Pete Williams, New Management for Glaser-Dirks Announced, September, page 6
Harold Kosola, More on Pawnee (STC), September, page 7
Stemme USA, Soaring Adventure (to the Himalayas), September, page 7
Airscapes, IncCompletes CAP Glider Encampment, September, page 9
Nancy Graham, Growth in Soaring, September, page 10
Bob Wander, SSA, San Juan Capistrano, and You, September, page 12
Civil Air Patrol Soars in Hobbs, October, page 6
Gren Seibels, Attention All Cockpit Potatoes, October, page 6
National Air and Space Museum "Explainers" Help Visitors Investigate "How Things Fly", October, page 7
44th Ukranian Gliding Chapmionships, October, page 9
Erica Scurr, Young Pilots Featured at the Women Soaring Pilots Seminar, October, pages 11-15
Sebastion Huhmann, Six Weeks Soaring in the Land of Opportunities, Impressions of an 18 year old German Glider Pilot, October, page 15
World Class Soaring Association, October, page 16
Armand Mendeiros, The Other Perspective, October, page 16
Lincoln Award Announced, October, page 17
Sporty's Announces Scholarship Program, October, page 17
Second Annual Peter Karlson Memorial Youth Camp, October, pages 18-20
SSA Opposes Proposed Flight Restrictions Over Rocky Mountain National Park, October, page 20
Jim Short, FCC Tentatively Removes Radio Licensing Requirement, October, page 21
Major General (George B. Harrison) Visits Hobbs, October, page 999
NASA Astronaut Taking Sixth Journey Into Space, October, page 999
Bob Oehl, New Soaring School (Keystone Heights Airpark), November, page 7
Rules Committee Members (Elected), November, page 7
Pete Williams, Auxiliary Powered Sailplane Association News, November, page 7
Cadet Youth Flight Scholarship Contest, November, page 9
Heads Up, Heads Up, Blanik L-13 Owners, November, page 9
Dave Hudnut, The 1996 Sailplane Homebuilders Workshop, November, page 9
Call for (Aviation Psychology) Papers, November, page 9
Project AK-8 - a Progress Report, November, page 11
Simine Short, National Landmark of Soaring Program (Ninth Landmark), November, page 11
Jim Brown, Second Annual Peter Karlson Memorial Youth Camp, November, pages 12-15
Another Lincoln Award Winner, by, November, page 15
Jay Moreland, Utah is Diamond Country!, November, page 15
Norm Dalke, Soaring the Turtle Mountains (North Dakota), November, page 16
John H. Henderson, Southern Eagles Conduct Winch Clinic, November, page 16
James W. Swinnich, NSM Encampment, November, page 17
Mark Kennedy, Opportunity for Publication of Technical Papers, November, page 18
Nancy Graham, Changes in US. Postal System Mailing Procedures, November, page 20
Marion Griffith, Jr, JAR-22 Study Group Coming to Texas, November, page 20
Jacky Clairbaux, World's Dates Changed, December, page 9
Oran Nicks, Sailplane Development Panel Report, December, page 9
Dave Treinis, New Videos, December, page 9
Nancy Graham, Changes in US. Postal System Mailing Procedures, December, page 9
Greg Crook, Introducing the Genesis 2, December, page 9
Richard Thornton, SSA/SHA Homebuilder's 1996 Workshop, December, page 10
Jim Kellett, 16th Richard C. DuPont Sailplane Regatta, December, page 11
Jim Kellett, VSA Promotes Soaring, December, page 11
Byars Elected Chairman of SSA Board of Directors for 1997, December, page 12
Larry Sanderson, Board Selects Directors-at-Large, December, page 12
Larry Sanderson, Members Elect Regional Directors, December, page 12
Jim Hogue, Pilot Report on the PW-5 World Class Glider, December, page 12
Ed Neffinger, World Class Update, December, page 14
Val Paget, The Safety Net, December, page 15
Mark Kennedy, Opportunity for Publication of Technical Papers, December, page 15
David Newill, Teenagers Like Soaring, December, page 16
Morris Technologies, New Product: Seat Belt Harness, December, page 16
1996 Montague Contest, byPeter Kelly, December, page 18
Emily Siroky, Sailplane Distributor Appointed, December, page 999

Safety Corner
George Thelen, Asking the Wrong Question, January, pages 43-44
George Thelen, Training for the Unexpected Spin in Your Future, by Beverly Howard, January, page 45
George Thelen, A Stall-Spin Bedtime Story, by William Bentley, January, page 46
George Thelen, Good? or Lucky.., February, page 43
George Thelen, Oh, No! Wrong Again?, March, page 44
George Thelen, Life in the Fastlane, April, page 43
George Thelen, Wondrous Stories, May, pages 45-46
George Thelen, Safe Glider Design, June, pages 43-44
George Thelen, Sergio on Spins, July, pages 44-46
George Thelen, Head in The Clouds, August, pages 42-44
George Thelen, Are You Airworthy?, September, pages 40-43
George Thelen, Safety Alert!, November, pages 44-45
George Thelen, Corrections, December, pages 43-44

Soaring Safety Foundation
George Thelen, Training for the Unexpected Spin in Your Future, by Beverly Howard, January, page 45

Soaring in Action
Cindy Brickner, Region 12 1995 Contest, January, page 11
Good, John: The Sixth Annual Seniors Soaring Championships, June, pages 26-28
Brian Lalor, Region 3 (1995) Contest Report, July, page 999
Region 6 South (1996) Contest, September, page 9
1996 Region Four North Contest Report, October, page 10
Knut Kjenslie, Senior Championship Contest Correction, October, page 10
Ty White, 1996 Region 11 Championships, November, page 18
Bob Hurni, The 1996 1-26 Championships @ Ionia, Michigan, November, pages 25-29
Region 3 (1996) Soaring Contest, December, page 17
Jack Wyman, Region Six North (1996) Soaring Contest, December, page 18

John Neel, Schempp-Hirth Ventus "OF" Piloted by Bill Bartell Over a Deep Blue Sky, January
Robert Gaines, Bowlus Baby Albatross Piloted by Owner and Pilot Jim Stoia on December 28, 1995 Over Manning, SC, April
Jeff Richards, ASW-25 "Hotel-Wilco" Piloted by Heinz Weissenbuehler Soaring Over Harris Hill and the Region 3 Competition Start Grid, May
Bill Jack Rogers, Durango Soaring Club's Blanik on Aerotow Behind Pawnee in Front of the Mountains of Colorado, June
Ronald L. Poe, Schweizer 2-33 at Sunset over Willamette Valley in Oregon Piloted by Bruce Pearson, October
James E. Densmore, Jr., Schweizer 1-34 Piloted by Mike Thompson on Runway Behind a Yellow Super Cub Piloted by Keith Butler at Mineral County Airport in Creede Colorado, December

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