Soaring Magazine Index for 1995 organized by section

Soaring Magazine Index for 1995 organized by section

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Club & Chapter Chatter, Headquarter Happenings and Buzz, Letter, SSA in Action, Safety Corner, Soaring in Action, cover

Club & Chapter Chatter
Bob Nady, Club Red Tape and the Enthusiasm of a New Member, January, page 20
Bob Nady, Synergism and Flying at a New Field, February, page 17
Bob Nady, What Clubs are Doing, Problems, March, page 18
Bob Nady, New IA Club on General Aviation Airport, April, page 21
Bob Nady, Convention Innovations, May, page 18
Bob Nady, Pooling Rsources to Do Something New, June, page 19
Bob Nady, Ode to the Venerable 2-33, July, page 20
Bob Nady, Newsletters and Their Editors, Vital Communications Links, August, page 10
Bob Nady, Club Members Knowing Club Constitution and By-Laws, September, page 11
Bob Nady, Club Volunteerism, Attracting Youth, and Organization, October, page 16
Bob Nady, New Mexico Wing of CAP Summer Glider Encampments, November, page 26
Bob Nady, Birds We Share the Air With), December, page 19

Headquarter Happenings and Buzz
Bob Wander, What's SSA Done for Me Lately? Speaker Support Audiovisual Program, June, page 18
Bob Wander, Preserving Airspace at Hobbs, and Recent ABC and CBS TV Publicity, July, page 19
Bob Wander, Leaders with Initiative: Chuch O'Mahony, Mark Winders, and George Thelen, August, page 10
Bob Wander, Leaders with Initiative: Gene Hammond, Roger Gomoll, Ron Clarke, and all the 26 Board of Directors, September, page 11
Bob Wander, FIRC Schedules and Their Value to Glider Instructors, October, page 16
Bob Wander, Downsizing the Government and the SSA Possible Role, November, page 25
Bob Wander, Soaring's Position to be Sent to FAA by SSA and SSF, December, page 19

Jason J. Piper, History of (Phoebus s/n 732) Sailplane Wanted, January, page 2
Jamie Alexander, A 1-25, or a 2-33 (Photo)?, January, page 2
Pete Williams, (Sailplane Operations - A) Power Pilot's Briefing Available, January, page 2
Frank Wicks, When a Rudder is Not Needed, January, pages 2-3
Bob Wander, NTSB in Attendance At Gliding Seminar, January, page 3
Bret Willat, Word from an Operator (on Pilot Responsibility), January, page 3
Bill Rogers, Check Out for Sun Damage, January, page 3
Edward Slater, Thanks to (Sheriff's Search and Rescue) Volunteer Group, January, pages 3-4
Richard S. Klarich, Thanks to CSA (Colorado Soaring Association) for Hosting (a Collegiate) Event, January, page 4
Walter Setz, Has Refresher of (Military Gliding) Memories, January, pages 4,6
Nina Galen, Has Trade to Offer (Cottage at Martha's Vineyard), January, pages 6-7
Chuck Jamieson, Still says his way (Spoilers never open) is Best, February, page 2
Roland Laning, Had a Great Vacation (at Sundance Aviation, Moriarty, NM), February, page 2
Shawn Kinckerbocker, Another Young Eagle (Chad Knickerbocker) is Taking to the Skies, February, pages 2-3
Ron Ridenour, Soaring Spans the Gap (Jason Allind Solos at 14), February, page 3
Richard Hutchinson, Modern Maturity (Alex Gray, 70+ Years), February, page 3
Lee Bradshaw, More on the Rudder and the Yaw String, February, pages 3-4
Greg R. Stanfield, Hurling Alert, February, page 4
Rexford Cullen, These Boots Were Made for Flying, February, page 4
Dick Housman, Granson Has Own Opinion, February, page 4
David MacVeigh, Has No Complaints (of Mallettec Minivario), February, page 4
Stan Jenkins, Seeks Advice on Sailplane Purchase, February, pages 4,6
Fredrick Voltz, World Classy (That Russia AC-4)!, February, page 6
Steven A. Sutnick, Member (Bill Willis) is Missed, February, page 6
Peter Myers, GPS Wanted for World Class Soaring, March, page 2
James R. Brandt, Accolades to HHSC (Harris Hill Soaring Club), March, page 2
David R. Haag, Thanks for Help (from Jim Short's Article and Needs List of Imported Gliders), March, pages 2-3
David S. Habercom, Error Reported on Price of PW-5, March, page 3
Homer C. Cooper, Call to C(hina) B(urma) I(ndia WWII) Veterans, March, page 3
Ray Richards, Needs Assistance (with L-19 Noise Abatement), March, page 3
David L. Nye, Not Fair (for Willat) to Lump Them (Handicapped Pilots) All Together, March, page 3
Rexford G. Cullen, He Disagrees with Operator's (Willat's) Conclusion, March, pages 3-4
Gunter Voltz, From Russia with Love, March, page 4
Hanno Ix, Concerned About Electromatic Currents (from Radio Antenna Coax Cable), March, page 4
Bill Whelan, A Bermuda High Soaring Experience, March, page 4
Harold Shevers, Jr., Aviation Exploring Moves Forward (with Conference at Oklahoma City), March, page 4
Roy K. Hennig, More on Adverse Yaw (and The String The Wrights Used), April, page 2
David Habercom, World Class is World Class, April, page 2
L.G. Smith, His Experience (at Grand Prairie and Hobbs, TX, and Eagle Nest) Has Been Good, April, pages 2-3
Stephen DuPont, Wants It (Aircraft Specification Units) Done One Way, April, page 3
Dan Ernst, Feels (Handicapped) Characterization Was Unfair (by Willat), April, pages 3-4
Jessica Stearns, A Soaring Experience (at South Jersey Soaring Society), April, pages 4-5
Terry Morgan, Two Brothers Make It a Family Sweep, April, page 5
Jim Hurst, You Like Winter Sports? Try Soaring (Caesar Creek Style), April, pages 5-6
Roy McMaster, New Turnpoint Numbering System (for Computer Indexing), April, pages 7-8
Charles Vorsanger, What is An Ideal Tow Vehicle?, April, pages 8-9
Tim Hanke, A Joint Effort Was Involved (in 1994 Region 3 Results Error), April, page 9
Richard A. Brown, April Fools, April, page 9
Bruno Cerceo, Thanks for the Support and Memories (30 years of Philadelphia Soaring Club), April, page 9
Grenville Seibels, II, Thanks to You All (Team USA at Omarama), April, page 9
Karl H. Striedieck, Towing and Spoilers, April, page 9
Patrick R. Veillette, Stall/Spin (with Laminar Airfoils) Needs to be Understood, May, page 2
Dirk D. Kretschman, He Enjoyed Grandma's Story, May, page 2
Don Frost, The Aerow Tow, May, pages 2-3
Val Brain, Less Noise (and More Good Neighboring) - Better (Community) Relations! (Send Your Stories), May, page 3
Lars Ericsson, Radio Controlled Glider Meet Planned (for June 15-18, 1995), May, page 3
Gary B. Gammal, A Unique Combination (Your DC 3 and My DG-500M), May, page 3
David S. Habercom, Undecided about GPS (for World Class Soaring), May, pages 3-4
Paul W. Souder, An Old Eagle Remembers (Early Ohio Soaring, and Plans his own launch method for Flight by Human-Powered Kite), May, page 4
Paul W. Souder, An Old Eagle Remembers (Early Ohio Soaring, and Plans his Own Launch Method for Flight by Human-Powered Kite), May, page 4
Gene Waggy, A General Maintenance Alert (for Aircraft with Major Repairs), June, page 2
Chip Garner, Let's Examine GPS Options Closely, June, page 2
David Malloy, This One is Special (Mike Petruska solos on 14th Birthday), June, pages 2-3
Derek Johnson, Soaring Centre of South Carolina Telephone Number Changed, June, page 3
Tom Johnston, Another Soaring License Plate, June, page 3
Derek P. Johnson, Ground Roll Control (with Airbrake), June, pages 3-4
Fredrick Voltz, Russia AC-4 (Wanted in World Class), June, pages 4,6,9
John Barney, Diamant on Display (at Reading Museum), June, page 4
William Ard, Wants Russia 126 in World Class, June, page 4
Jerome K. Layton, Sewing (Magazine for Someone Interested in Flying Gliders)?, June, page 9
Peter Ryder, World Class and the Russia 126M, June, page 9
William Davis, Feels Transition Pilots Are Unfairly Targeted, June, pages 9-10
Roger Gomoll, Soaring to be Represented (at Oshkosh 1995), June, page 10
Richard H. Johnson, A Pilot's View of the Stemme S-10, June, page 10
Peter H. Urschel, Encounter with Undesirable Stick Forces (Loose Spanwise Aileron Tape), June, page 10
Brad White, Looking Reality in the Eye (from Gliding to Power to Soaring to Hang Gliding to Paragliders and On), July, page 2
Donald G. Hobel, Plight of Power Pilots is Alarming (from FAA Persecution), July, pages 2-3
Jochen Ewald, Handy Device is Illustrated (to Lift Glider Tail Section), July, page 3
Hugh D. Colton, GPS Can Draw the Spectators, July, pages 3-4
T. Guy Spencer, Jr., Commendations on Study of Stall/Spin (and a Warning About Pivotal Altitude), July, page 4
Jay D. Campbell, A Weekend to Remember (He Flies and his Son, Jeff Campbell, Solos at Bermuda High), July, page 4
Benone Costea, Call to IS Model Glider Owners, August, page 2
Jim Neffinger, Contact Information Provided for Apeks, August, page 2
Jim Brown, Sees Reaching Youth As Key To Success, August, page 2
William Hannahan, Need New (Towplane) Towhook, September, page 2
Joe Stuart, Another Comment on Ground Handling Systems, September, pages 2-3
Simine Short, The Times They Are a Changing (Joseph P. Steinhauser Photo Tribute), September, page 3
Ed Jones, (Loose Elevator Spanwise Tape) Shake(s) Your Tail, September, pages 3-4
Ed Replogle, Another in Favor of Richard Carr's Letter (Really an Article Against GPS Use), September, page 4
Collette Mortimer, What's The Sport All About?, September, page 4
Martha Jacobs, Can You Provide This (Translation of Segein ueber den Alpen) Information?, October, page 2
Tim Hanke, Youth Support Needed for Contests, October, page 2
Dave Hudnut, (Len) Niemi Will Be Missed, October, page 2
Brian Hollington, Has Some Questions about Promotion, October, pages 2-3
John Lucas, Solo Success (Four Solos the First Day for Five Hours at Seminole-Lake) is Noted, October, page 3
Stephen DuPont, Hang Gliding (Pivotal Altitude) and Spins Discussed, October, page 4
Juan Batch, Why Call It Thermal Wave? (I Call It Airmass Wave), November, page 2
Jim O'Reiley, Great Day at Torrey Pines, November, pages 2-3
Richard H. Johnson, The Honor System Personal Best Distance Task, November, pages 2-3
Jack Wyman, Restoration Project (of a Franklin PS-2) Has Good Results, November, page 3
Tim Hanke, Correction of (New York State) Record Distance Noted, November, page 3
G.M. (Mike) Crump, Another Youngster (10 Year-Old Christine Crump) Takes to the Air, November, pages 3-4
Scott A. Jenkins, Praises for the Gatekeepers (Operators Like Willat), November, page 4
Gus Ponder, Where There's a Will There's A Way (to Get Back Into The Air!), November, pages 4,6
Marvin Holland, Room For The Young and The Old, November, page 6
G. Thomas Phillips, Another Young Pilot Licensed (at 16 - Curtis Phillips), November, page 6
K.J. Strack, The Culprit (Sunscreen on Forehead) is Identifed, November, page 10
Mitsuru Marui, Needs Help on Finding Damaged Gliders, November, page 11
Terry Judge, Tow Line (Retrieve by Glider) Turmoil, November, page 11
Bob Greenblatt, Says We Need to Limit Radio Usage, November, page 11
Pedro de la Serna, Fly Like a Swift, November, pages 11-12
Mike Noel, More on Spoilers, November, page 12
David L. Nye, A Day (at Turf) to Remember, November, page 12
Lisa Nichols, Keeping It in The Family (Third Generation Soars as Bobby Nichols Solos at 14), November, page 12
David Rojko, New Converts to Soaring, December, page 2
Jay Darmstadter, Teacher-Student, Student-Teacher?, December, page 2
David Noyes, News on Replacing Bolts on Cobra Trailers, December, pages 2-3
Nicholas Yu, Introduced to Soaring Through the CAP, December, page 3
Sharon Johnson, Soaring Lesson Remembered (Let Nature Do What It Does Best), December, pages 3-4
T. Guy Spencer, (Len) Niemi Will Be Missed, December, page 4
Walt Plankey, Thanks for the Great Memories (Instructor Retires), December, page 4
Peter Masak, Flight Test Results (of Scimitar 1) Positive, December, page 4

SSA in Action
Cyndi Stephenson, New Rules Committee Members Named, January, page 9
Bernald Smith, (Pilot Safety) Seminar at Reno95 (Convention), January, page 9
Bernald Smith, More Plans on Reno95 (Convention), January, pages 9-10
Dave Hudnut, 1994 Eastern Sailplane Homebuilders Workshop (at Kutztown, PA), January, pages 10-11
David Habercom, World Class Soaring Association Self-Launches, January, pages 11-12, 14
Peter Masak, Scimitar Has Maiden Voyage, January, pages 14-15
Diamant 30th Anniversary a Success (location unknown), January, page 16
Robert L. Harris, Central Jersey Soaring Club at Work, January, pages 17-18
Peter Bacque, Young Eagles Fly in Virginia, January, page 18
Breathing New Life into Soaring (in Spartanburg, SC), January, page 18
New Product Announcement (Private Pilot Written Computer Tutorial), January, page 19
Tom Knauff, SSA Announces Special Award for Bronze Badge Number 1,000, February, pages 8-9
Genesis I Completes Successful First Flight, February, page 9
Drew Pearce, Young Eagles (Scouts) Fly at Soar Hollister, February, pages 9-10
James Carr, Thank You, Sandhill (Soaring as Vultures and Sandhill Fly Together), February, page 10
Paul A. Schweizer, More on proud history of NSM, February, pages 10-12
CBS This Morning (from Bermuda Hi), February, page 18
Oran Nicks, Update on World Class Glider Status and Plans, March, pages 5-6
Jim Short, Historic Reunion (of Military Gliding with LK CG-10A)) at Monument Dedication, March, pages 6,8-9
Ed Hollestelle, Filser Electronics (GPS) Goes (with IBM Compatible PC) RAM, March, page 9
Jim Short, Support and Service for Glasflugel Sailplanes, March, pages 9-10
Jim Short, Importing a Used Sailplane? Caveat Emptor, March, page 10
Jim Short, FAA Renews Exemption for (Aircraft External) ID. Plate, March, pages 10-11
John Campbell, New SSA Youth Grant (from Bultman Trust Fund), March, page 14
DG-500 Elan Orion, March, pages 14-15
Pete Williams, MSC to Host 1995 Open Class and Auxiliary-Powered Nationals (at Minden), March, page 15
Round GPS Unit Introduced (by Morrow), March, page 15
Jan Scott, For the First Time Ever (International Vintage Sailplane Meet in US.), April, pages 11-12,14
Ten 1994 Record Flights Recognized by NAA, April, page 11
A Poem by Kelley Sargent, April, page 14
John Campbell, Update on the Cadet Program, April, pages 14,16
Harry Irvine, VSA Announces Western Regatta (for 1995 at Hemet), April, page 17
Alex Portalatin, Computer Design Disk Available, April, page 18
Neal Holshan, A View of the SZD-59 Acro, April, page 18
LBA Airworthiness Directive for Schempp-Hirth Sailplanes, April, page 21
World Air Games Launches Homepage, Nov '96, p9. anon.: SSA and CompuServe, April, page 21
Karl Striedieck, 1995 (Contest) Rules Changes Approved at Reno (Convention), May, page 5
James W. Swinnich, The National Soaring Museum Director's Report (Johann G. Kuhn and Joseph P. Steinhauser are 1995 Inductees for Soaring Hall of Fame), May, pages 5-6
DG-800S Now LBA Type Certified, May, pages 6,8-9
Management of SLSPA Restructured, May, page 6
1995 Version of 1930's-Style "Primary Glider" Introduced (the US Aviation Super Floater), May, pages 9-10
A New Name on the Gliding Scene (DG-505 ELAN ORION from Slovenia), May, page 10
Pete Williams, (Power Pilot's) Briefing Available on Sailplane Operations, May, page 10
Anne Wilson Kind, OCSA Hosts Wave Experts (Dr Morton Wurtele and Jack Ehrenberger), May, pages 10-11
Dennis Johnson, Soaring (Safari) in Kenya, May, pages 11-12
Bernald Smith, Flash News from IGC (on GPS Concept Approval Only), May, page 12
Bill Evelyn, My "Soaring Safari" (in Kenya), May, pages 12,14
Lucille F. Wilson, For a Time the Chair Was Empty, May, pages 14-15
John Campbell, Wanted: Young Contest Pilots, May, page 15
Jan Scott, Tribute to (Klaus) Holinghaus Available, June, page 11
Jim Neffinger, World Class Manufacturing Agreement Made (with Apeks International), June, page 11
Margarett Roy, 1995 WSPA (17th Annual) Seminar (Dates for Sugarbush, VT), June, page 11
Cyndi Stephenson, Contest Board Solicits Proposals (for 1997 Nationals), June, page 11
James L. Cole, Jr., NAA Requests Nominations for (Wright Brothers) Memorial Trophy, June, page 11
Harry J. Baker, The Rebel Yell (is Heard as Alabama Pilots Do Wave at Minden), June, pages 11-12
Jan Scott, VSA Introduces Glider Cards, June, page 12
Bob Hurni, Schweizer Recognized by 1-26 Association, June, page 12
Irn Jousma, Contest Board Announces Club Class Opportunity, June, pages 12,14
Klaus Holinghaus, The Design of the Ventus 2, June, pages 15-17
Mike Nancy and Greg Lichina, In Memory of a Glider Pilot (Larry Lichinda - The Blue Feather Fly-In Trophy), June, pages 17-19
Mike Nancy and Greg Lichina, In Memory of a Glider Pilot (Larry Lichina - The Blue Feather Fly-In Trophy), June, pages 17-19
New (Contest Gate) Radio Given in Memory of Jim Cox, June, page 19
Cyndi Stephenson, SSA Needs Your HE.L.P. (Your Lapel Pins), July, page 6
Bob Wander, Growing Soaring (by Using Greeters, Guest Registers, and Business Cards), July, page 6
Paul A. Schweizer, World Class Situation Clarified, July, pages 6,8-9
Roger Gomoll, Soaring Activities to be Part of Oshkosh, July, page 6
Gary Kemp, News from SSA Insurance Committee (Senior Medical/Health Statement Dropped), July, page 6
Ted Burris, The Loomis Collection (of Photos at the National Soaring Museum), July, pages 9-11
Kathleen Winters, The World Distance Award Revisited, July, pages 11-12
Test Flight of Ventus 2cT Reported, July, pages 12,14
Solaire Announces Aerobatic Ties, July, page 14
Mike Bird, A Very Relaxed Occasion (the 1995 Senior Nationals at Seminole-Lake), July, pages 14-17
Gerry Whitmore, The Vultures Soar with the Eagles (by Making 30-Min Video, Soar Like an Eagle), August, page 4
Frank Reid, New SSA State Governors Appointed (for North Carolina and Florida), August, page 4
Gerhard Waibel, A New Racing Class Glider, The ASW-27, August, pages 4-5
Ray Kleber, News from Model Builders (Schweizer Models Soon Available), August, page 6
Bob Wander, New Products Now Available (Written! Computer Program and Transition to Single Seat Gliders), August, page 6
Ken and Mid Kolstad, Kolstad Winners Both Awarded Full Grant, August, page 6
Tom Knauff, New Product-Solarcell by Solarflex Systems, August, pages 6,8
Ed Hollestelle, New Product from Germany (LX 4000E Filser Final Glide Computer), August, pages 8-9
Ron Baker, Gympie Gold Rush Vintage Glider Rally (in Queensland, Australia), September, page 6
SSA Member Missing in Chechnya, September, page 6
Freedom's Wings Licenses Another Pilot (Robert Calzonetti), September, page 10
Aircraft Design Winner Sails into World Championships, September, page 12
Schweizer Brothers Receive FAA Award, October, page 6
Bernald Smith, Richard H. Johnson 1995 Barnaby Lecturer, October, page 6
Wilhelm Dirks, News of DG-500/20 with Elan Winglets and 17M Wingtip Extensions Winglets, October, pages 6, 8-9
David Habercom, WCSA Holds Meeting; PW-5 Progress Noted, October, page 6
Dan Armstrong, SHA Meeting Due on West Coast (at Tehachapi, CA), October, pages 9-10
Dave Newill, "Soaring for Youth" a Big Success (by Central Indiana Soaring), October, pages 10-11
Huffstutler Named Chairman of US. Team Committee, October, page 11
The Badge Lady is Leaving!, October, page 16
James W. Swinnich, Update from the National Soaring Museum, November, pages 13-14
Tom Knauff, New Publicity Program (for Badges and Records) Begins, November, page 14
Jim Short, FAA Publishes NPRM 95-11 Proposing New Glider Pilot Certification Rules, November, page 14
Mark Huffstutler, US. Team Committee Begins Planning, November, pages 14-15
Gene Hammond, SSA Volunteers Promote Soaring at Oshkosh, November, page 15
Jimmy Brown, Peter Karlsson Memorial Youth Camp, November, pages 16-17
Erica Scurr, 17th Annual Women Soaring Pilots Seminar, November, pages 17-18
European (3rd) Junior Gliding Championships, November, pages 23-25
Bill Vickland, Fred Cuny, Missing and Presumed Dead, December, pages 6,8
David Habercom, University Survey Raises World Class Stakes, December, pages 8-9
Bernald Smith, IGC Looking for New Logo Design, December, page 9
Dave Hudnut, Report on Eastern SHA Workshop 1995 (Harris Hill, NY), December, pages 9-11
Bret Willat, Historic Flight(s) Made by 14-Year-Old (on 14th Birthday - Garret Willat), December, pages 11-12, 14-15
Pete Williams, First Impressions of the Nimbus 4DM, December, pages 15-16
Derek Johnson, PW-5 Over South Carolina, December, pages 16-17
Sharon Smith, SSA Now on The Internet, December, page 19

Safety Corner
George Thelen, Monkeys Can Fall From Trees, January, pages 41-43
Angus Thomson, The Art of Going Safely in Dangerous Places, Part 1, February, pages 29-32
George Thelen, Which Way Does The Wind Blow? (Towplane Upset), February, pages 40-41,43
Angus Thomson, The Art of Going Safely in Dangerous Places, Part 2, March, pages 33-36
J.F. Crawford, More Than a Handful (Loose Canopy on Tow), March, pages 44-46
George Thelen, Lettuce Teach You Soaring Safety, by Lane Cobb, April, pages 43-45
George Thelen, Soaring Safety Seminar (at Reno 95 Convention), by Tom Knauff, May, pages 39-44
George Thelen, You Gotta Make Up Your Mind, June, pages 45-48
Gene Hammond, Sailplane Safety: The New Rudder Waggle Signal, by Tom Knauff, July, pages 39-40
George Thelen, Safety from the Land O' Lakes (Second Half of the Soaring Safety Seminar at Reno95), by Bob Wander, July, pages 41-43
George Thelen, Unconnected or Disconnected (Do a Positive Control Check)?, August, pages 43-44
George Thelen, Our Aging Fleet, by Bill Ray, September, pages 41-44
Gene Hammond, Sailplane Safety (Why I Failed The Practical Test, Confidence and Complacency, and Practice Makes Perfect), by Steve Wasilowski, Harris Hill News, and Stephen du Pont, October, pages 40-41
George Thelen, At The End of My String (Believe Waveoffs and Use Radios), October, pages 42-44
George Thelen, Unconnected Revisited, November, pages 41-42
George Thelen, Taken For a Ride (Low Weight in Front Seat, Canopy Blew Open), December, pages 42-44

Soaring in Action
Jim Smolen, Region 6 North Contest (Ionia, MI) - 1994, January, pages 18-19
Cindy Mildenberger, 1994 Region 3 Soaring Conterst - Dansville, New York, February, pages 15-16
Ed Byars, Region 4 (South)- New Castle, Virginia (1994), February, pages 16-18
John Murray, Region 6 South Contest Report (1994, Waynesville, OH), March, pages 15-16
Jim Meiklejohn, 1994 Region 4 North - Fairfield, PA, March, pages 16-17
John Boyce, Region One Competition to Fly Again (in Springfield, Vermont), April, page 19
Eric Moser, Region Five North Championships-Chester, SC April 16-21, 1995, July, pages 17-18
Sandy Bassett, Region 5 South Championships May 7-12, 1995 at Cordele, Georgia, August, page 9
Doug Bell, 1995 Region 9 Soaring Championships (Estrella, AZ), September, pages 8-9
Ty White, 1995 Region 11 Championships (Crazy Creek, Middletown, CA), October, pages 12,14-15
R.T. Allemann, The 1995 Region 8 Soaring Championships (Ephrata), November, pages 19-20
Howard Banks, (1995) Region 4 North Contest Report (Fairfield, PA), November, pages 20-21
John Boyce, Region One (1995) Soaring Championships (Springfield, VT), November, pages 21-22
Curtis McNay, (1995) Region 10 North Championships (Hutchison), November, pages 22-23
Ed Byars, New Castle '95 Region 4 South, December, page 17
Jack Wyman, Region 6 Johann G. Kuhn Memorial Soaring Championships (Ionia, MI), December, pages 17-18

John Heiney, Harold Stephens Flies a Schempp-Hirth Jantar Standard Invertedabove Hemet, CA, January
Eric M. Eknes, The Early Morning Sun Backlights a Polish Krosno KRO-3a at Andrews-Murphy Airport in North Carolina, February
May Voltz, Russia 126 AC-4 Sailplane on the Grass before Darkening Clouds, March
Chuck O'Mahony, Collage from Omarama, NZ 24th WGC of Launch Grid, Balloon Release, Nearby Mountains, the US. Team Marching, etc., April
Mark Montague, Alex Burnette's Schleicher ASW-20 as a Street Display During the Reno Air Race Festivities, May
Andy McKittrick, American Spirit XL in Flight Over the Mountainous Terrain of California City, CA, June
Connie Indrebo, Parachutist Lands in a Field of Yellow Flowers at Crazy Creek Gliderport as a Schleicher ASW-24 Passes by, July
Guy Westgate, Inverted Polish SZD-50-1 "Puchacz" Rolling Background, August
Real Le Goueff, Astir CS Nose with Panorama of Clouds Above, September
Carla Page, Flight Line at IVSM at Harris Hill in Elmira, NY with National Flags in the Foreground, October
Tom Tyson, Hans Obermayer in Ventus 2 on the Turf at Omarama, NZ, November
Sergio Jurado, Sequence of a Red-Suited Parachutist, VJ., Jumping From a Yellow Schweizer 2-33, December

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