Soaring Magazine Index for 1991 organized by author

Soaring Magazine Index for 1991 organized by author

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Adams, Aland
So You Want To Buy A(Used) Fiberglass Sailplane? [Maintenance and Improvements], May, page 30
Adams, Allan
Help Asked for Youth in Soaring (to form Club) (Letters) [Solicitations], July, page 5
Adams, Mike
Compass Input and the Computer Debate [Computers and the Internet; Instruments], October, page 28
Aleshire, Stewart
NDH (in Your Logbook May Be Only) = NDDH??? [Maintenance and Improvements], April, page 31
Allinson, Gail
The Twelfth Annual Women's Soaring Seminar [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs\WSPA], January, page 20
Amiri, A.R.
The First Glider Simulator [Computers and the Internet], September, page 40
Anderson, W.L.
A 1-26'er Responds (Letters) [Sailplanes\World Class Sailplane; Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs\1-26 Association; Sailplanes\Schweizer\SGS 1-26], March, page 7
Arnold, Hans
Some Memorable Moments (Black Forest & the Wasserkuppe) [History; Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs], March, page 39
Arrington, Dale C.
Loops and (G-Load) Limits (Letters) [Aerobatics], May, page 7
Aull, Louis
The Loss of a Soaring Friend (Bob Grey) (Letters) [Obituaries], June, page 2
Austin, Patricia D.
What Soaring is All About (Letters) [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs\Freedom's Wings], August, page 2

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Bailey, Robert W.
Getting Back into the Air [Physiology\Medical Condition], February, page 43
Banks, Howard
Region Four North Contest (1990 at Fairfield, PA) (SSA in Action) [Competitions\Regional], April, page 12
Batch, Juan
Double Release Failure [Launching\Aerotow], April, page 33
Baur, Paul
A Point Made From Germany (Letters) [Sailplanes\Production/Availability], November, page 9
Beck, Ed
A Very Unusual Soaring Photograph ("Circular Rainbow") (SSA in Action) [Meteorology\Halos], December, page 14
Benbough, Richard H.
Needs Registration Number (of Howard Morrison's Bowlus Baby Albatross) (Letters) [Solicitations; History], November, page 11
Bender, John
A Gathering of Eagles (Letters) [Physiology\Medical Condition], June, page 3
Benedict, Norman S. (a.k.a. Norman Benedict)
Survival Kit Recommendation (Use WWII Zippo Lighter) (Letters) [Equipment\Cockpit], October, page 3
Beuby, Mary
In Memoriam: William C.Beuby (SSA in Action) [Obituaries], August, page 12
Bilaniuk, Oleska-Myron (a.k.a. O.M. Bilaniuk, O.M. (Alex) Bilaniuk, Oleksa-Myron Bilaniuk, Olexa-Myron Bilaniuk)
Soaring in the Ukraine [International\Sites], March, page 26
Armenian not American (Letters) [Errata], May, page 7
Blacksten, Raul
Assistance Needed (Senior Albatross Photos, Details) (Letters) [Restorations; Solicitations], August, page 8
Nighthawk Part 1 [History], November, page 23
Nighthawk Part 2 [History], December, page 23
Blair, Fred C.
A Bad Dream Comes True [Meteorology; Parachutes], April, page 22
Bliedon, Ira
Look at Their Faces (Letters) [Saiplanes\Cherokee], September, page 2
Brain, Val
The Graying of Gliding [Physiology\Medical Condition], April, page 25
Clarification on Age Discrimination (Letters) [Physiology\Medical Condition], October, page 3
Brewer, William S.
Proposal for Manufacturing (Letters) [Sailplanes\Production/Availability], November, page 11
Broome, Dent
In Memoriam: Raymond A. Young, Jr. (SSA in Action) [Obituaries], May, page 11
Buchner, Marc
More Expansion on Newton's Laws (Letters) [Aerodynamics], July, page 5
Buell, Linn
18th International Vintage Glider Rally (Keiheuvel, Belgium) [Vintage Aircraft], June, page 23
Burns, Ray
Whatever Happened to..(1985 Kolstad Winner Gordon Boettger)?? (Letters) [Awards\Kolstad Scholarship and Awards], July, page 10
Bushnell, Bill McElwee with Jeff
A Do-Able (Briegleb BG-12) Project [Homebuilts & Homebuilding], March, page 32
Byard, Jeff
The Life and Times of a TG-2 [Sailplanes\Schweizer\TG-2; History], June, page 18
Byars, Ed
Region 4 S Contest New Castle, Virginia, September 15-20, 1991 (SSA in Action) [Competitions\Regional], December, page 12
Byars, Guy Ford (a.k.a. Guy Byars)
Soaring Radiation Hazard [Physiology\Medical Condition], June, page 29

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Campbell, John H. (a.k.a. John Campbell)
SSA Youth Survey [Youth], January, page 33
Knauff and Grove Youth Scholarship (1990 Winner is Catherine Cico) (SSA in Action) [Youth], March, page 11
The Collegiate Soaring Association [Collegiate Soaring], November, page 33
New (Robert Beverley Evans) Inter-Collegiate Trophy (SSA in Action) [Awards; Collegiate Soaring], December, page 16
Carmichael, Bruce H. (a.k.a. Bruce Carmichael, B.H. Carmichael, B. Carmichael)
Highlights of the 1990 (Tehachapi, CA SHA) Western Workshop [Homebuilts & Homebuilding], February, page 20
Remembering Ray (Parker) [Obituaries], August, page 24
Carswell, Dean
Revise Pilot Training (Letters) [Instruction], April, page 3
Instructors Need Experience (Letters) [Instruction], November, page 3
Celliers, Peter
(Celstar GA-1) Medals Clarified (Letters) [Aerobatics; Sailplanes\Celstar GA-1], March, page 4
Charlton, Linda
Canopy Latches Can Open (Letters) [Safety\Accidents/Incidents], June, page 8
Chizick, Jim
Looking for a Benefactor (to Donate Bickle's Schweizer 1-23E to NSM) (Letters) [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs\National Soaring Museum; Solicitations; Sailplanes\Schweizer\1-23], January, page 3
Cirlani, Giovanni M.
Questions About (Only 2-g) Loops (Letters) [Aerobatics], March, page 2
Clapham, L.B., Jr.
Adds to (Museum of Flight) History (Letters) [Museums], March, page 2
Coan, Steve
Instruction (in Loops) Will Help (Letters) [Aerobatics], June, page 6
(1989 WAC) Medals Re-Clarified (Letters) [Aerobatics], July, page 11
Coleson, Arleen (a.k.a. A. Coleson)
Great Circle Distance Constant (FAI Awards) [Awards\Badges\Requirements], January, page 49
Check Your Courses, Required Documents, & Deadlines (FAI Awards) [Awards\Badges\Requirements], February, page 49
EW. Barographs (FAI Awards) [Instruments\Barographs; Awards\Badges\Requirements], March, page 46
New Record Tasks & Badge & Record Documentation (FAI Awards) [Awards\Badges\Requirements], April, page 45
New Badge and Record Book & Diamond Goal Flights (FAI Awards) [Awards\Badges\Requirements], May, page 46
Motorglider Rules Changed, Electronic Barograph Permit Extension, & World Distance Award (FAI Awards) [Awards\Badges\Requirements], June, page 49
Checklist Questions (FAI Awards) [Awards\Badges\Requirements], July, page 48
Badge and Record Book by Jackie Payne (SSA in Action) [Book Reviews], August, page 11
Soaring Awards (FAI Awards) [Awards\Badges\Requirements], August, page 44
Kolstad Scholarship Grant (FAI Awards) [Awards\Badges\Requirements], September, page 46
Suggestions & Reminders (Cameras, Barographs, Observation Zones, Diamond Goal) (FAI Awards) [Awards\Badges\Requirements], October, page 46
Barograph Calibration Laboratories, Foreign Pilots Badge & Record Claims, & Record Deadlines (FAI Awards) [Instruments; Awards\Badges\Requirements], November, page 46
Seasons Greetings! (FAI Awards) [Awards\Badges\Requirements], December, page 47
Conway, Paul
A Wave Check-Out Ride [Techniques\Wave Flying], August, page 29
Costello, Pat
An Insurance Failure Strikes the SSA.. but All is Not Lost [Insurance], July, page 32
Cox, James W.
Board vs Competition Pilots (Letters) [Soaring Society of America\Board of Directors Meetings], June, page Jun
Crane, Sam
In Memoriam: Robert P. Grey (SSA in Action) [Obituaries], May, page 11
Cruce, Marion C.
Loops, Technology and the 1-26 (Letters) [Aerobatics; Aerodynamics; Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs\1-26 Association; Sailplanes\Schweizer\SGS 1-26], May, page 6
Deja Vu (July 27, 1970 at Llano, CA Again)? (Letters) [Awards\Badges\Flights], December, page 6
Currie, Michael
Father and Son Duo (Marc and Michael Currie) (Letters) [Family], October, page 9

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Damron, Hugh
He Remembers (Ray Parker) Too (Letters) [Obituaries], November, page 2
Daniel, John
1991 Region 1 Contest (Sugarbush, VT) (SSA in Action) [Competitions\Regional], December, page 12
Darran, Walt
Self-Policing is Needed (Letters) [Soaring Society of America\Membership], March, page 6
Soaring and Ballooning Share Experiences (Letters) [Growth], April, page 8
Dellinger, Scott
Report from the Younger Set (Letters) [Youth], April, page 4
Deutsch, Michell
Good Publicity (Letters) [Publicity], October, page 7
Diaz, Ernie
Yet Another View on Air Brakes (Letters) [Launching\Aerotow], February, page 6
Doyel, John
The Odyssey of 3617Q (a Schweizer 1-36) Continued (Letters) [History], November, page 6
Dreeben, Dan
Favors Intentional Rope Break (Letters) [Launching\Aerotow], November, page 10
DuPont, Stephen (a.k.a. Stephen Du Pont, Stephen du Pont, Steve DuPont, Stephen duPont, S. DuPont, Steve du Pont, Steve Dupont, Steve duPont, S. duPont, S. Du Pont, S. du Pont, Steve Du Pont)
On Age and Safety (Letters) [Physiology\Medical Condition], January, page 6
Thermals and Sailplane Cost Response (Letters) [Sailplanes\Production/Availability; Credits/Appreciation; Techniques\Thermals and Thermaling], May, page 7
Comments on (Masak) Test Report (Letters) [Aerodynamics], June, page Jun
Sitting Duck (Letters) [Safety], August, page 7
Thoughts on Electronic Drag Reduction (Letters) [Aerodynamics], August, page 9
More Comments Concerning Directors and Wing Loading (Letters) [Wing Loading], September, page 4

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Ecklund, Phil
Experienced Some (Bent Pushrod) Problems (Letters) [Maintenance and Improvements; Trailers], March, page 5
Correction Noted (for Joe Robertson) (Letters) [Obituaries; Errata; People\Joe Robertson], November, page 4
Ekdahl, Carl
Questions (Striedieck's) Percentages (Letters) [Wing Loading], April, page 2
Ellenberger, Richard
(Notes to Gibson and Lindenbaum:) Have Newton's Laws of Motion Been Repealed? (Letters) [Aerodynamics], April, page 8
Elmore, Tom (a.k.a. T. Elmore)
The Odyssey of (Schweizer 1-36) 3617Q [Sailplanes\Schweizer\SGS 1-26; History], July, page 36

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Fair, Erik
The Sailplane Connection [Hang Gliding], February, page 16
Fletcher, J.M.W.
Older Pilot Still Feels, Flies Young (Letters) [Physiology\Medical Condition], July, page 9
Can You Identify? WW II Glider Pilots (Letters) [History], August, page 2
Flora, C.C.
Double Release Failure Debated (Letters) [Launching\Aerotow], July, page 12
Ford, Scott S.
SSA Member Provides Informative Program (to Florida Aero Club) (SSA in Action), August, page 12
Forrester, R.C., III
Another View (of Politicizing Soaring than Azar's) (Letters) [Commentary], February, page 6
Fourcher, Fred
The Golden Rays of a Sunset are Reflected in the Glossy Contours of a Flberglass Wing (Covers), June, cover
Frank, Lou
The Senior National Championships (Seminole Lake, FL) [Competitions\National\Seniors], August, page 20
Franklin, Tom
To Build Sailplanes in North America (Letters) [Business Members; Sailplanes\Production/Availability], June, page 4

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Gallagher, Jim
Attention Pilots Interested in Self-Launching Sailplanes (80-hp Engine in Old Two-Seater) (Letters) [Motorgliding; Solicitations], October, page 10
Garwin, Gregory
Region Eight Soaring Championships, July 1-7, 1990, Ephrata, WA (SSA in Action) [Competitions\Regional], January, page 11
Gayda, Juergen
(German - USA) Exchange Wanted (Letters) [Solicitations], April, page 2
Gibson, John C. (a.k.a. John Gibson)
(Saudek's) Facts Explained (Letters) [Aerodynamics], January, page 2
Lift and Stability (Response to Miner) (Letters) [Aerodynamics], August, page 4
Gilbert, Tom
Thanks to Sponsors and Friends at Sports Class (Letters) [Credits/Appreciation], October, page 11
Gillian, Robert
Senior Pilot Still Very Active (Letters) [Physiology\Medical Condition], July, page 2
Gleeson, John
We Have a First Here (A Find by Glider) (Letters) [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs\Civil Air Patrol], August, page 8
Glendening, John W. (a.k.a. Jack Glendening)
Get-Home-Itis [Motorgliding], August, page 41
Graybill, John O.
A Four-Diamond Flight for the Crystal Squadron (Llano, CA) [Awards\Badges\Flights], September, page 28
Greenwell, Eric (a.k.a. E. Greenwell)
Panel Member Responds (Letters) [Wing Loading], November, page 10
Gregg, Jason
Settled in Quick (Letters) [Espirit de Corps], June, page 6
Griswold, Chuck
Thanks to George Thelen (and Others) (Letters) [Credits/Appreciation], October, page 9
Gross, Mal
NAA Corner (NAA Corner) [National Aeronautic Association], February, page 13
NAA Corner (NAA Corner) [National Aeronautic Association], June, page 17
NAA Corner (NAA Corner) [National Aeronautic Association], October, page 19

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Hammond, E. Gene (a.k.a. Gene Hammond)
Congrats to New Director (Bob Nady of Region 7) (Letters) [Soaring Society of America\Officers and Board of Directors], February, page 4
What Revisions?(to new edition of "The Joy of Soaring") (Letters) [Book Reviews], March, page 6
In Memoriam: Falk Hoffman (SSA in Action) [Obituaries], December, page 22
Hardenbrook, Chris
New Concept in Soaring: Fun [Espirit de Corps], October, page 30
Harrison, Guy
Our Busy (SSA) President (Letters) [Soaring Society of America\Board of Directors Meetings], May, page 9
Hatamoto, Hitoshi
Japanese Canopy Cover Shared (Letters) [Cockpit], August, page 4
Held, Jon
Survey on High Altitude Damage (to Fiberglass) (Letters) [Maintenance and Improvements], December, page 9
Herd, Bob
St. Louis Soaring Association Gets the Gold(den Anniversary Award)! [History; Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs], January, page 28
Correction is in Order (Letters) [Errata], April, page 8
Higgins, Harry C. (a.k.a. Harry Higgins)
In Memoriam: Joseph M. Robertson (SSA in Action) [Obituaries], August, page 12
Hildebrand, Robert
Thanks (to Mark L. Boettger) for Help to CSA (Letters) [Credits/Appreciation; Collegiate Soaring], April, page 3
Hill, William G. (a.k.a. Bill Hill, Billy Hill, W.G. Hill, William Hill)
An Ephrata (WA) Soaring Season [Sites\Ephrata], May, page 29
The Seven Day Regionals (Region 8 1991 at Ephrata, WA) [Competitions\Regional], December, page 37
Hines, Steve
Collage of High Performance Fiberglass Ships and WSC 91 Uvalde, TX logo (Covers), July, cover
Eric Mozer, in a Ventus C, Flies Past the Finish Gate during the 15-Meter Nationals (Covers), October, cover
Hobel, Donald G. (a.k.a. Donald Hobel)
One Member Takes Action (Contacts Congressmen) (Letters) [Sailplanes\Production/Availability], August, page 8
Hobel, Donald S.
Good Idea for Growth (Community College Course) (Letters) [Growth; Instruction\Ground Schools], December, page 4
Hodge, Ronald R.
More Soaring in Ukraine (Letters) [International\Ukraine; International\Sites], May, page 3
Hoffman, Louis V. (a.k.a. Lou Hoffman)
A View along the Sierras just West of Lone Pine, CA from a Libelle (Covers), January, cover
Holland, Melody
Different Angle on Old Problem (Just Smile) (Letters) [Growth], October, page 12
Houston, David
Thinks Landout Experience Vital (Letters) [Safety\Accidents/Incidents; Techniques\Outlandings], July, page 4
Howell, Mickey and Betsy
Soaring - a Family Affair (14-Year-Old Maggie Howell Solos) (Letters) [Family], June, page 2
Hudnut, David (a.k.a. Dave Hudnut)
A Return to Harris Hill: Notes from the 1991 SHA Workshop [Homebuilts & Homebuilding], December, page 44
Hudson, Marty and Joe
A Family Affair (14-Year-Old Mitch Hudson Solos) (Letters) [Family], June, page 4
Hudson, Mitch
Low Tow and Tow Rope (Length)s (Letters) [Launching\Aerotow], January, page 6
Hull, Lew
50th Anniversary for Philadelphia Glider Council (SSA in Action) [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs], July, page 16
Hutz, Hans
First Flight - First Solo, Memories from Yesteryear (Stuttgart 1953) [History; International\Sites], May, page 47

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Jacobs, Martha
Need Some Summer Help (from a Brit)? (Letters) [Solicitations], February, page 3
Jamieson, Charles M.
Towing Angles Discussed (Letters) [Launching\Aerotow], September, page 3
Jaszlics, Ivan
Politics versus Progress or 9 lb Wing Loading (Letters) [Wing Loading], October, page 2
Jenko, S.O.
Elaborates on (Early Days) Talk (Letters) [Homebuilts & Homebuilding], May, page 7
Johnson, Aaron
(Youth) Needs Useful Input (on Sailplane Specs) (Letters) [Youth; Solicitations], December, page 2
Johnson, J. Earle
Ka-7 or K-7? (Letters) [Maintenance and Improvements], December, page 2
Johnson, Richard H. (a.k.a. Dick Johnson, Richard Johnson, R.H. Johnson, R. Johnson)
Battery Powered Sailplane Strobe Light Evaluation [Safety\Collision Avoidance], February, page 40
Wax and Gel Coat (Letters) [Maintenance and Improvements], September, page 4
Commends WSC91 Issue (Letters) [Credits/Appreciation], December, page 9
Jones, Albert L.
More on Gibson Letter (Letters) [Aerodynamics], July, page 11
Jones, Charles (Red)
Thanks to Instructor (Letters) [Instruction; Credits/Appreciation], May, page 3
Jones, Ralph
One Solution to (Focused Sunlight) Problem (Letters) [Humor], March, page 5
It Sometimes Backfires (Letters) [Publicity], April, page 5
Joss, John
Agrees with (Logbook) Documentation (Comments by Aleshire) (Letters) [Maintenance and Improvements], July, page 4

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Karlin, Lynn
John Mahoney flying the Redtail Salto over Bluehill, Maine last Fall (Covers), March, cover
Kawal, Don
1991 National Soaring Convention (Albuquerque, NM) [Conferences, Conventions, and Meetings], May, page 22
Kemmerer, Thomas
(West German) Looking for Pen Pal (Letters) [Solicitations], April, page 8
Kennedy, Mark
15-Meter National Championships, Soaring is Alive and Well in Hobbs [Competitions\National\15-Meter Class], October, page 33
Killing, Fredo P. (a.k.a. Fredo Killing)
Velvet Over Panel Causes Problem (Letters) [Equipment\Cockpit], January, page 5
Kissel, Emil
More Youth Photos (Letters) [Youth], January, page 6
Kjenslie, Ingrid
Winner Recognized (Letters) [Competitions\Champions], November, page 11
Koerner, Mike
Gliders Wanted (for WSC91) (SSA in Action) [Solicitations], January, page 18
Gliders Wanted (for WSC91) (SSA in Action) [Solicitations], February, page 9
Urgent! Urgent! More Sailplanes Needed for (1991) World Championships (SSA in Action) [Solicitations], April, page 11
Kolotilin, Bert
New LAK Distributor (SSA in Action) [Sailplanes\Lak-12], May, page 11
Kolstad, Ken and Mid
(1991) Scholarship Available (Letters) [Awards\Kolstad Scholarship and Awards], January, page 2
Korius, Z.
Lithuanian Plant Falls Victim (Letters) [International\Sites], August, page 3
Kruse, Jochen
His Condor IV, the Seventh built by Schleicher, Inflight (Covers), December, cover
Kuettner, Joachim P.
High Altitude Flutter: Red-Line Airspeed, True or Indicated? (Letters) [Aerodynamics\Flutter], October, page 7

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La Ciura, Mark D.
Pawnee Towplane over CA, "The Tow Pilot and his Ever-Faithful Towplane are the Forgotten Heroes of Most Soaring Contests" (Covers), May, cover
ASW-20 Flying over Windmills in the Tehachapi Valley, CA (Covers), November, cover
La Com, Wayne
A Painful Lesson (Open Canopy) [Safety\Accidents/Incidents; Techniques\Outlandings], March, page 22
Lathrop, Gayle
Credit Where Credit is Due (Jo Shaw Wins Virginia M. Schweizer Trophy) (Letters) [Errata], March, page 7
Leiserowitz, Bill
Likes (Microsoft Flight) Simulator (Letters) [Computers and the Internet], December, page 2
Leu, Walter
Difficult to Spot (Color) (Letters) [Safety\Collision Avoidance], February, page 3
In Defense of Older Pilots (Letters) [Physiology\Medical Condition], April, page 3
Lincoln, Judy
For Fiscal Year Ended October 31, 1990 [Soaring Society of America\Annual Report], March, page 13
Another Voice on Wing Loading (& Directors-At-Large) (Letters) [Soaring Society of America\Board of Directors Meetings], August, page 9
Lindenbaum, Steve
Of Wings and Things (Winglets) (Letters) [Modifications; Winglets; Aerodynamics], January, page 3
Technology Revisited (Letters) [Aerodynamics], May, page 3
Lindsay, Charles V. (a.k.a. Charles Lindsay, C.V. Lindsay)
Using Weather Radar Observations [Meteorology], January, page 40
Weather Warnings [Meteorology], February, page 26
Contact Pan Am for Weather Information (Letters) [Meteorology], April, page 2
(Public) TV Weather Programs [Meteorology], July, page 28
Using Forecast Made for the General Public [Meteorology], November, page 40
Ludowitz, John
Museum of Flying (Santa Monica, CA) [Museums], January, page 36

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Magish, John J.
Just Do It.. The Wave in Retrospect [Techniques\Wave Flying], February, page 37
Maier, Steve
The 1990 Standard Class Nationals (Hobbs, NM) [Competitions\National (US)], April, page 14
Mara, Tim
Used Parachute Sale (after LS_1 bailout) [Safety\Accidents/Incidents], January, page 24
Marsh, Colin
On Age and Flying (Letters) [Physiology\Medical Condition], August, page 6
Martin, Doug
1991 Region III Soaring Contest (Harris Hill, NY) (SSA in Action) [Competitions\Regional], December, page 19
Masak, Peter C. (a.k.a. Peter Masak)
SSA in Action: Reports Reduction in Drag, [Aerodynamics], February, page 9
Technology (of Winglets) Praised (Letters) [Aerodynamics; Winglets], March, page 3
Mathias, John
Question on Belt Installation (Letters) [Cockpit], July, page 4
Matthews, Rick
Elaborates on Belts (Letters) [Cockpit], February, page 2
Matzke, Dan
A Schweizer 2-32 low over Crystal, CA (Covers) [Sailplanes\Schweizer\SGS 2-32], August, cover
Maupin, Jim
Sailplane Development and Some Comment on Costs [Sailplanes\Production/Availability], August, page 39
McCormick, Steven
Response (on Meniere's Disease) is Gratifying (Letters) [Physiology\Medical Condition], February, page 8
McKinley, A. Colin (a.k.a. Colin McKinley)
Input Concerning "Flying and Age" (Letters) [Physiology\Medical Condition], April, page 3
McLemore, Fred
Insurance - Another View (Letters) [Insurance], November, page 3
McVarland, William
Call for Motorglider Kit (Letters) [Homebuilts & Homebuilding], March, page 6
Meline, Harry R.
A Site Preserved (Stanton Airfield for Minnesota Soaring) (Letters) [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs], January, page 6
Miller, Doris
The National Soaring Foundation, What It is and What It Does [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs\National Soaring Foundation], July, page 26
Miller, Steve
In Memoriam: Earl Hopkins, Sr. (SSA in Action) [Obituaries], August, page 12
Mills, Tonk
In Memoriam: Dr. Charles Henning (SSA in Action) [Obituaries], October, page 14
Miner, Kay
Comments on Gibson (Jan '91) Letter (Letters) [Aerodynamics], April, page 7
Moore, Bob
The Aging Pilot (Letters) [Physiology\Medical Condition], September, page 2
Morgan, Tom
Mosquito Pilots and Owners (Letters) [Solicitations], March, page 7
Munro, Gordon J.
Questions At-Large Process (Letters) [Soaring Society of America\Board of Directors Meetings], March, page 4
A Response to an At-Large Response (Letters) [Soaring Society of America\Board of Directors Meetings], August, page 9

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Naebe, Joe
Attention LK and LP Owners (Letters) [Solicitations], August, page 3
Neffinger, Ed
Soaring Down Under Tocumwal Aerodrome, NS.W., Australia [International\Australia], May, page 35
Nelson, Erik
Cambrai, 1989 (First Junior European Championships) [International; Youth; International\Sites], June, page 33
Nicks, Oran W. (a.k.a. O. Nicks, O.W. Nicks, Oran W Nicks, Oran Nicks)
World Class Report, Results of Phase 1 Design Competition [Sailplanes\World Class Sailplane], June, page 26
Nowakowski, Cas
Opening of Astir Canopy in Flight (Letters) [Safety\Accidents/Incidents], October, page 2

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O'Callaghan, Chris (a.k.a. C. O'Callaghan)
Laments 9-Pound Vote (Letters) [Wing Loading], June, page 10
Let Me Set the Record Straight (versus Ekdahl on Wing Loading) (Letters) [Wing Loading], June, page 11
O'Mahony, Charles (a.k.a. Charles "Chuck" O'Mahony, Chuck O'Mahony, Chuck O'Mahoney)
US Soaring Team with U.S. Flags for WSC91 in Uvalde, TX (Covers), September, cover
The 22nd World Soaring Championships [Competitions\World], September, page 9
Then..and...Now, a View of Laughlin Air Force Base (TX) By One Who Was There [History], September, page 11
Ohnigian, Steve
Also Lost Canopy (Letters) [Safety\Accidents/Incidents], May, page 6
Oliver, Cliff
In Memoriam: Leslie Neal (SSA in Action) [Obituaries], April, page 13
Orengo, Peter (a.k.a. Pete Orengo)
Soaring is the Best (Letters) [Espirit de Corps], May, page 2
Flight of Sundiver (My Schweizer 1-23D) (Letters) [Espirit de Corps; Sailplanes\Schweizer\SGS 1-23D], July, page 3

P     (up to table of contents)

Payne, James M. (a.k.a. Jim Payne, James Payne)
Thank You From Team USA (Letters) [Credits/Appreciation], November, page 11
Petmecky, Philip A. (a.k.a. Philip Petmecky, Phil Petmecky)
New Proposal for Contests (Score Other Classes with Sports Comparison) [Competitions], July, page 6
Wingloading and Directors-At-Large (Letters) [Wing Loading], August, page 6
Trouble with (Battery Operated 35mm) Cameras (Letters) [Photography], October, page 10
Philbrick, Patrick (a.k.a. Pat Philbrick)
1991 Region 12 Soaring Contest (California City) (SSA in Action) [Competitions\Regional], December, page 21
Phillips, Gary
Likes Article and Safety Corner (Letters) [Techniques\Patterns and Landings; Launching\Aerotow], July, page 3
Piggott, Derek (a.k.a. D. Piggott)
Basic Exercise Notes for Gliding Instructors by Ken Stewart (SSA in Action) [Book Reviews], January, page 13
Flying the DG500M [Sailplanes\Glaser-Dirks\DG-500], June, page 37
Pina, Niccolo D. Della
A Dream Come True (14-Year-Old Niccolo D. Della Penna Solos) (Letters) [Youth], October, page 3
Plapp, Dieter (Derek) (a.k.a. Dieter Plapp)
Flying, Age and Crashes (Letters) [Physiology\Medical Condition], October, page 11
Goals Achieved (Letters) [Awards\Badges\Flights], December, page 2
Powell, George
Wild Ride in a (Fabric Wing) 1-26 (Letters) [Maintenance and Improvements; Safety\Accidents/Incidents; Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs\SGS 1-26 Association; Sailplanes\Schweizer\SGS 1-26], July, page 8

R     (up to table of contents)

Raisanen, Wally
You Guessed It - More on Wing Loading (Letters) [Wing Loading], August, page 8
Following the Rules (on Wing Span) (Letters) [Competitions; Wing Span], October, page 4
Rambie, Margaret
Team Work Works for Uvalde (TX) [Competitions\World\Sites\Uvalde, TX], March, page 36
Rao, Sridhar V. (a.k.a. Sridhar Rao)
Economics and Sailplane Manufacturing (Letters) [Sailplanes\Production/Availability], July, page 11
Ray, Bill
In Memoriam: Steve Sherry (SSA in Action) [Obituaries], February, page 10
Reeter, Alan K. (a.k.a. Alan Reeter)
Procedure Needed for New Rules (Letters) [Competitions], June, page 3
Reinholt, Craig
Appreciates Cascade Soaring (Letters) [Sites], July, page 10
Roberts, Donald (a.k.a. Don Roberts)
The Beat Goes On! a Cygnet-World Class Update [Sailplanes\World Class Sailplane], December, page 35
Roberts, Donald and Eric
(USA) Bid for the World (Class Design) [Sailplanes\Design; Sailplanes\World Class Sailplane], October, page 20
Robinson, David L.
The Last Tow [Sites], June, page 42
Rosen, Arthur R. (a.k.a. Arthur Rosen)
Liked the Saiplane Purchase Article (by Adams) (Letters) [Maintenance and Improvements], July, page 5
Advancements (In Avionics and Design) Needed (Letters) [Growth], November, page 4
Roshner, Art
Age Gap but No Generation Gap (Letters) [Physiology\Medical Condition], July, page 2
Rueda, Fernando J. (a.k.a. Fernando Rueda)
Needs Some Help (pre-WWII Glider 3-Views) (Letters) [Models; Solicitations], March, page 4
Ruscutti, Tom
1991 US Standard Class National Championships (Mifflin Co., PA) [Competitions\National\Standard Class], September, page 32
Ryan, Bertha M. (a.k.a. Bertha Ryan, B.M. Ryan, B. Ryan)
In Memoriam: Paul Bikle-A Giant of a Man (SSA in Action) [Obituaries], April, page 11
The World Distance Award (SSA in Action) [Awards\World Distance Award], December, page 10
Paul Bikle - The Man; The Legend (1916-1991) [Obituaries; People\Paul Bikle], December, page 27

S     (up to table of contents)

Sanderson, Larry
Perspective: SSA's Ever Changing Faces [Soaring Society of America\President's Report; Growth], January, page 39
Perspective: How Do Items Get on the Agenda? [Soaring Society of America\President's Report; Soaring Society of America\Board of Directors Meetings], July, page 40
Saundby, Peter
Early Variometers (Dunt Indicators) (Letters) [Instruments\Barographs; History], March, page 5
Savage, Mark
Against Practicing Double Release Failure (Letters) [Launching\Aerotow], July, page 10
Schweizer, Paul A. (a.k.a. Paul Schweizer, P.A. Schweizer)
In Memoriam: Emil A. (Moe) Lehecka (SSA in Action) [Obituaries], January, page 12
Update on the US Sailplane Fleet (Letters) [Growth; Espirit de Corps], October, page 2
Scott, Jan (a.k.a. J. Scott)
Gliding in Australia by Allan Ash (SSA in Action) [International\Australia; Book Reviews], January, page 13
Sebald, Les (a.k.a. L. Sebald)
Old Pilots Can Still Fly (Letters) [Physiology\Medical Condition], June, page 10
Seibel, Steve
Thanks to Wichita and Kansas Soaring Associations (Letters) [Credits/Appreciation], August, page 8
Selinger, Peter F. (a.k.a. Peter Selinger)
ASW-27 - Successor to the ASW-20 [Sailplanes\Schleicher\ASW-27], August, page 33
ASH-26E - The 18-Meter Sailplane with 18-Meter Span [Sailplanes\Schleicher\ASH-26E], November, page 37
Senn, Harry V. (a.k.a. Harry Senn, H.V. Senn)
Handbook of Soaring Meteorology by Charles V. Lindsay (SSA in Action) [Book Reviews], January, page 14
Sharp, Corwin
Calling All 1-23 (Owner)'s (Letters) [Sailplanes\Schweizer\SGS 1-23; Solicitations], December, page 3
Sharp, Ted E. (a.k.a. T.E. Sharp, T. Sharp, Ted Sharp)
Plug for Kolstad Scholarship (Letters) [Awards\Kolstad Scholarship and Awards], December, page 4
Short, Jim
Gliding, a Handbook on Soaring Flight 6th edby Derek Piggott (SSA in Action) [Book Reviews], August, page 11
Thanks for Strong Effort (on FAA Drug Rule) (Letters) [Credits/Appreciation; Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)], December, page 4
Short, Simine
The Internationals, Combining Soaring and Philately! [International; Stamps; History], July, page 19
Silver, Allen R. (a.k.a. Allen Silver)
How to Care for Your Expensive Cushion [Parachutes], February, page 30
Security Update (Letters) [Parachutes], May, page 2
Before You Buy a Parachute [Parachutes], August, page 27
Smith, Bernald S. (a.k.a. Bernald Smith, B. Smith, B.S. Smith)
Bungee Launch in the 90's (1991 IGC Meeting Report) (SSA in Action) [International Gliding Commission (IGC)], June, page 14
Smith, Janet Hider
Women Invited to Australian Event (Letters) [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs\Seminars; International\Australia], July, page 6
Smith, Sharon R. (a.k.a. Sharon Smith)
WSPA Seeks (1991) Seminar Bids (SSA in Action) [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs\WSPA], January, page 17
Smolen, Jim
Region 6 North (1990) Contest (Ionia, MI) (SSA in Action) [Competitions\Regional], January, page 12
Souder, Paul W.
A Unique Sailplane (XHPK-1, Human Powered Kite) (Letters) [Ultralights; Homebuilts & Homebuilding], October, page 4
Sowder, Paul W.
More Comments on More Comments (SSA in Action) [Commentary], December, page 4
Speicher, Ray
Symposium (on Design and Construction) Proposed (Letters) [Sailplanes\World Class Sailplane; Homebuilts & Homebuilding], February, page 4
Spencer, T. Guy, Jr. (a.k.a. T. Guy Spencer)
Appreciates (CFIG) Clinics (Letters) [Instruction\Ground Schools], January, page 5
Spratt, Charlie, Jr. (a.k.a. Charlie Spratt)
Region 10 (1990) Contest Report (Uvalde, TX) (SSA in Action) [Competitions\Regional], March, page 11
Steckner, Michael
Remembers Audette and Flights (Letters) [History], July, page 2
Steinberger, Mike
My Favorite Lesson (Thermaling) (Letters) [Techniques\Thermals and Thermaling; Instruction], March, page 2
OSTIV Membership is Available (Letters) [OSTIV], December, page 8
Stephens, Robert D.
Comments on (Logbook) Damage History (Letters) [Maintenance and Improvements], July, page 11
Stevens, Edmund G.
Interested in (Henry Combs') Long Flights (Letters) [Techniques\Cross Country Soaring], January, page 8
Stewart, Bill
Practical Wave Flying revised edby Mark Palmer (SSA in Action) [Techniques\Wave Flying; Book Reviews], June, page 12
Striedieck, Karl H. (a.k.a. Karl Striedieck)
Call for Consideration (POST change) (Letters) [Competitions\Post Tasks], February, page 4
Guess What? 9-lb Wing Loading (Letters) [Wing Loading], June, page 11
From Wiener-Neustadt to Lithuania [International\Sites], August, page 36
To POST - That's the Answer (Letters) [Competitions\Post Tasks], December, page 3
In Memoriam: Rudolf Kaiser (SSA in Action) [Obituaries], December, page 11
Strojnik, Alex
Old is Relative (Letters) [Physiology\Medical Condition], December, page 4
Swanson, Mike
1991 Region 11 (South) Soaring Contest (Vacaville) (SSA in Action) [Competitions\Regional], July, page 14
Swift, Gary
1-26'ers Need Response (Letters) [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs\1-26 Association; Sailplanes\Schweizer\SGS 1-26], May, page 8

T     (up to table of contents)

Tarleton, L.C.
Needed Some Help (Letters) [Instruction], August, page 4
Thelen, George
Letters (on Age and Spin Training) (Safety Corner) [Safety\Stalls/Spins; Physiology\Medical Condition; Sailplanes\Blanik L-13], January, page 45
More Letters (on Stall/Spin Accident) (Safety Corner) [Safety\Accidents/Incidents; Safety\Stalls/Spins], February, page 46
Accident Reporting (Safety Corner) [Safety\Accidents/Incidents], March, page 43
Clear the Area, by E. Douglas Whitehead (Safety Corner) [Techniques\Checklists; Techniques\Patterns and Landings], April, page 41
a Visit to Squawking Eagle (Safety Corner) [Safety; Humor; Commentary], May, page 41
Where to Go on Tow (or Gone Fishin'), by Brian Shoemaker (Safety Corner) [Safety; Launching\Aerotow], June, page 45
Wires, by Dick Carter (Safety Corner) [Techniques\Outlandings], July, page 42
Ergonomics, by Robert Vanderbei & Vic Saudek (Safety Corner) [Safety\Cockpit], August, page 47
Spoilers, by Don Antelman (Safety Corner) [Equipment\Hotellier Fittings; Safety\Accidents/Incidents], September, page 42
The Top Ten (Safety Rules Broken) (Safety Corner) [Safety], October, page 44
Motorgliders (Safety Corner) [Motorgliding], November, page 43
You Light Up My Life (Safety Corner) [Meteorology\Lightning], December, page 45
Tinkham, Bob
In Defense of At-Large Process (Letters) [Soaring Society of America\Board of Directors Meetings], June, page 8
Tolleson, Lana
Uvalde (TX) at the Ready (1991) World Soaring Championships Here We Come [Competitions\World; Sites\Uvalde], July, page 17
Treinis, Dave
A Big Thank You (for Tom Stowers Soaring Safari) (Letters) [Credits/Appreciation; Expeditions], November, page 2
Tudor, Larry
Ultralight Soaring with Grob 103 above Hobbs, NM during Hobbs Hang Gliding Festival in July 1990 (Covers), February, cover

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Vinson, Mike
Jurado Wins 1990 Sports Class Nationals in Littlefield [Competitions\National (US)], March, page 17
The Turtle sticks his Neck Out [Crewing; Retrieves], April, page 47

W     (up to table of contents)

Waibel, Gerhard (a.k.a. G. Waibel)
The ASW-24E Motorglider [Sailplanes\Schleicher\ASW-24; Motorgliding], February, page 32
West, Stephen
Sailors of the Wind (SSA in Action) [Poems and Poetry], January, page 17
Wieland, Aladar
He Can Identify (VOCSOK) (Letters) [History], January, page 10
Willet, Karen
Call for Articles (SSA in Action) [Publications], May, page 11
Williams, Peter A. (a.k.a. Pete Williams, Peter Williams)
Minden is Alive and Well (Letters) [Sites\Minden], August, page 3
Wills, Justin
Thanks to Uvalde (Letters) [Credits/Appreciation], November, page 2
Wilson, Ned
Age and Flying: Another View (Letters) [Physiology\Medical Condition], April, page 4
Border to Border [Expeditions], May, page 15
1991 National Open Class and Motorglider Contest [Competitions\National (US)], November, page 26
Wren, John
Comments on Pilot Training (Letters) [Instruction], April, page 5
Wright, Ronald
Moni Organization Reactivates (Letters) [Motorgliders\Moni Motorglider], January, page 3
Uvalde Update & Changes in the 1991 US National Sites and Dates [Competitions\World], January, page 35

None     (up to table of contents)

FAA Project Updates (AD's and Propeller Problems) (SSA in Action) [Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)], January, page 11
Ghost Writers in the Sky (SSA in Action) [Book Reviews], January, page 13
New "Affordable" Two-Seat Training Sailplane Headed for USA (SSA in Action) [Sailplanes], January, page 15
WSPA Names (1990) Trophy Winners (SSA in Action) [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs\WSPA], January, page 15
Glider Pilot on Japanese (Prime Time) TV. (SSA in Action) [Publicity], January, page 16
Proposed FAA Dimona (Service Life and Fuel Tanks) Update (SSA in Action) [Motorgliding; Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)], January, page 17
SSA Membership Elects Five New Regional Directors (SSA in Action) [Soaring Society of America], January, page 18
Six will serve one year terms as Director-at-Large (SSA in Action) [Soaring Society of America], January, page 18
European Rallye Announced (SSA in Action) [International\Sites], February, page 9
Schreder Trailer is Back in Production (SSA in Action) [Trailers], February, page 9
Motorglider Pilot (Don Pollard) Recognized (SSA in Action) [Awards], February, page 10
Poland Invites American Pilots (SSA in Action) [International\Sites], February, page 10
The 1991 Officers and Directors of the Soaring Society of America (SSA in Action) [Soaring Society of America], February, page 12
Can You Identify? (SSA in Action) [Sailplanes], February, page 14
AIN Plastics Catalog 91 (New Products) [Maintenance and Improvements], February, page 45
DG-500 Now Certified by LBA (SSA in Action) [Sailplanes\Glaser-Dirks\DG-500], March, page 9
Regulatory Flash! Annual Flight Review Under Scrutiny (SSA in Action) [Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)], March, page 9
Solicits Nominees for Lincoln Award (SSA in Action) [Awards\Lincoln Award], March, page 9
Celstar GA-1 Awarded Type Certificate (SSA in Action) [Sailplanes\Celstar GA-1], March, page 10
Gliders Featured at Canadian Aviation Hall of Fame (SSA in Action) [Museums], March, page 10
Can You Identify? (SSA in Action) [Sailplanes], March, page 12
Julian Audette Flying his Schweizer 1-23G over Cook's Airfield, Pincher Creek on April 13, 1962 (Covers), April, cover
Call for Contest Sites 1992 & 1993 (SSA in Action) [Competitions\National (US)], April, page 11
Junior National Champion (for 1990 is Sean Franke) (SSA in Action) [Youth], April, page 11
USA Junior World Team (SSA in Action) [Youth], April, page 11
Supervisor Sun Goggles Exceed All ANSI Standards for Sunglasses (New Products) [Cockpit], April, page 40
Vintage Sailplane (4th Western) Regatta Scheduled (for Hemet, CA) (SSA in Action) [Vintage Aircraft], May, page 11
WSPA Announces XIII Seminar (at Turf Soaring) (SSA in Action) [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs\WSPA], May, page 11
In Memoriam: Alan James Yarmey (SSA in Action) [Obituaries], May, page 12
Re-alignment Discussed (SSA in Action) [Soaring Society of America], May, page 12
NSF Announces Annual Meeting (SSA in Action) [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs\National Soaring Museum], May, page 13
SSA Board of Director Report (SSA in Action) [Soaring Society of America], May, page 13
Tow Launch Systems, USA (New Products) [Launching\Ground Launch], May, page 38
Certification (LBA) for DG-500M (SSA in Action) [Sailplanes\Glaser-Dirks\DG-500], June, page 12
Russian Gliding Experience Available (SSA in Action) [International\Sites], June, page 12
Central Ohio Soaring Association Promotes Soaring (in Shopping Mall) (SSA in Action) [Exhibits/Displays/Fairs], June, page 13
Waiver of Rules Sought (for Motorgliders) (SSA in Action) [Competitions; Motorgliding], June, page 14
Banners for Oshkosh Available (SSA in Action) [Publicity], July, page 14
News from Tampa Bay Soaring Society (Soaring at Sun-N-Fun) (SSA in Action) [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs; Exhibits/Displays/Fairs], July, page 14
Lilienthal (Centennial) Celebration (in Germany) Soon (SSA in Action) [History], July, page 15
An Integrated Camera Barograph System (New Products) [Instruments; Photography], July, page 37
Articles Still Needed for Special April Issue (SSA in Action) [Publications], August, page 11
Candidates for Regional Director (SSA in Action) [Soaring Society of America], August, page 13
DG Information 2/91, DG-600/18 Evolution (SSA in Action) [Sailplanes\Glaser-Dirks\DG-600], September, page 5
Volunteer Help Wanted (to Deliver Sailplane to NSM) (SSA in Action) [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs\National Soaring Museum], September, page 5
DG-600M Now Type Certified (by LBA) (SSA in Action) [Sailplanes\Glaser-Dirks\DG-600], September, page 6
Famous Site (Black Forest) Records 10,000th Flight (SSA in Action) [Sites\Black Forest], September, page 6
Region 11 North June 16-22, 1991 (Siskiyou Co, CA) (SSA in Action) [Competitions\Regional], September, page 6
The 1991 World Soaring Championship Poster [Competitions\World; Posters], September, page 38
Junior World's (1991 in Sweden)Results (SSA in Action) [Youth], October, page 14
SSA at Oshkosh (Volunteers Thanked) (SSA in Action) [Credits/Appreciation], October, page 14
Soaring with the Schweizers by William Schweizer (SSA in Action) [Book Reviews], October, page 14
1991 Region V North Soaring Championships (Chester, SC) (SSA in Action) [Competitions\Regional], October, page 15
1991 Region 10 West Soaring Championships (Littlefield, TX) (SSA in Action) [Competitions\Regional], October, page 17
Press Release PZL Krosno KR-03A Trainer Receives US Type Certificate (SSA in Action) [Sailplanes\PZL Krosno], October, page 17
Photo-Pod-The Remote Wingtip Camera (New Products) [Photography], October, page 43
Attention Clubs, Sites, and Business Members - New Directory..Coming! (SSA in Action) [Publications], November, page 12
Results of Instructors' Questionnaire (SSA in Action) [Instruction], November, page 12
SSA Members Elect 9 New Directors (SSA in Action) [Soaring Society of America], November, page 12
Six Selected to Serve One Year Term as Director-At- Large (SSA in Action) [Soaring Society of America], November, page 12
Oral History Project Begun (by VSA) (SSA in Action) [Vintage Aircraft], November, page 16
VSA (Gross) Award Goes to Byard (SSA in Action) [Vintage Aircraft; Awards], November, page 16
(1991) Region 6 South Contest Report (Caesar Creek) (SSA in Action) [Competitions\Regionals], November, page 17
WSPA Announces XIV Seminar (at Caesar Creek) (SSA in Action) [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs\WSPA], November, page 17
Air Sailing Sports Class Contest '91 (SSA in Action) [Competitions\Local], November, page 18
In Memoriam: William Frank Kelsey (SSA in Action) [Obituaries], November, page 19
Parachute Changes of Interest to Soaring Pilots (SSA in Action) [Parachutes], November, page 20
Drug Awareness Working Group (DAWG) Succeeds (SSA in Action) [Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)], November, page 21
Can You Identify? (SSA in Action) [Sailplanes], November, page 22
SSA Films (Undergoing Restoration at NSM) (SSA in Action) [Soaring Society of America; Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs\National Soaring Museum], December, page 10
SSA Offices to be Closed (SSA in Action) [Soaring Society of America], December, page 10
(Dresser) Tire and Rubber CoAdds New Line (SSA in Action) [Maintenance and Improvements], December, page 11
Bowlus SP-1 on Display (SSA in Action) [Restorations], December, page 11
Special Issue of Magazine (Directory of Soaring Sites) Update (SSA in Action) [Publications], December, page 11
SSA Board Meets in Hobbs (SSA in Action) [Soaring Society of America], December, page 17
Crazy Creek Soaring Up and Going (SSA in Action) [Sites\Crazy Creek], December, page 18
In Memoriam: Thomas Page (SSA in Action) [Obituaries], December, page 18
Solaire Distributor for SZD Sailplanes (SSA in Action) [Sailplanes], December, page 18

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