Soaring Magazine Index for 1990 organized by author

Soaring Magazine Index for 1990 organized by author

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Adams, Malcolm
Bi-Annual Surprise (Outlanding) (Letters) [Techniques\Outlandings], February, page 3
Adams, Mike
Glider Release Mechanisms [Launching\Release Mechanisms], April, page 30
Adams, Mike; with George Thelen and Eric Greenwell (a.k.a. E. Greenwell)
Tow Hooks Revisited (Safety Corner) [Launching\Release Mechanisms], March, page 40
Aleshire, Stewart
Great Grandad is Proud (of Kurtis Rodriquez and John Newman)! (Letters) [Family; Youth], March, page 11
A New Badge Needed (Letters) [Humor], October, page 3
Help! Help! 25 Gliders Needed (SSA in Action) [Solicitations], February, page 10
Amundson, Wally
History Expanded (on Robert Fischer & his 1-23H Soaring Across the Entire US) (Letters) [Sailplanes\Schweizer\SGS 1-23; History], March, page 8
Austin, Patricia D.
Heart-Pounding Silence at 3,000' [Promotions; Aerospace Education], August, page 20
Azar, Joseph A.
This One Cares (about Funding Sources) (Letters) [Commentary], September, page 2

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Baeggli, Hans H.
Recognizes Sailplane (HB-369 as a SPYR 5, not SPRA 5) (Letters) [History], May, page 4
Bael, Marty
(1990) Region III Contest (Danville, NY) (SSA in Action) [Competitions\Regional], December, page 11
Balazs, Eugene
Mission Accomplished (Letters), December, page 6
Beard, Jonathan
Can You Help Me (Brit to Find a Flying Job)? (Letters) [Solicitations], February, page 2
Beltz, Tom
Support for SSA's Stand on Wing Loading (Letters) [Wing Loading], July, page 5
Benbough, Richard H.
Paper Wing Albatross Reborn (Letters) [History], June, page 9
Bennett, Kevin
Likes Masak Winglets ( on a Ventus B) (Letters) [Aerodynamics\Winglets; Modifications], November, page 3
Biesemeyer, Ralph
In Memoriam: Philip A. Mortensen (SSA in Action) [Obituaries], February, page 11
Blacksten, Raul
Changes at VSA (Blacksten is Archivist) (Letters) [Vintage Aircraft], August, page 3
Blanchard, Richard
Likes (Neyland's Call) Idea [Reprints and Back Issues], September, page 4
Blomquist, Del
Thermals Forever (poem to Walt E. Mooney) (SSA in Action) [Literature\Poems and Poetry; Obituaries], May, page 11
Border, Jim
Running Wings the Hard Way (Letters) [Safety; Crewing], November, page 6
Bottino, Mark D.
Agrees with Authors (Marske and Schweizer) (Letters) [Growth], December, page 7
Boyer, Keith
A Slow Cross Country Flight (with a Grob 109B) [Techniques\Cross Country; Motorgliders\Grob 109B], December, page 41
Brain, Val
The 400 Blows: Analysis of 400 (British) Accidents Reported in "Sailplane and Gliding" [Safety\Accidents/Incidents], May, page 35
Brown, Bud; with Jerry Finch
In Memoriam: Michael Wayne Jenkins (SSA in Action) [Obituaries], February, page 9
Buck, R.N.
More Than Age (Letters) [Physiology\Medical Condition], November, page 10
Burgess, James H. (Howard)
Proposal for New Tow Hook Release (Letters) [Launching\Release Mechanisms], June, page 3
Burgette, Paul S.
(Tow) Pilot to (Glider) Pilot (Letters) [Launching\Aerotow], February, page 5
Burke, C.T.
Call for Trailer Article (Letters) [Trailers; Solicitations], November, page 9
Burton, Tony
Long Wave (Along Rock Mountains in Alberta, Canada) Explained (Letters) [Techniques\Wave Flying], June, page 3
Byars, Ed
Asks For Consideration for Charlie Spratt (Letters) [People\Charlie Spratt], May, page 3
Wing Loading Revisited: Yet Again (Letters) [Wing Loading], June, page 4
More "Hue-In and Cry-In" Please! (Letters), September, page 4
The New Castle 1000 km Club [Awards\1000 Kilometer Flights; Competitions\Regional], December, page 26
Byrd, John
Safety Stressed in Thermaling (Letters) [Safety\Collision Avoidance; Techniques\Thermaling], October, page 4

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Campbell, John H. (a.k.a. John Campbell)
(1989) Intercollegiate Champions (Penn State Soaring Club Team & Individuals) (SSA in Action) [Collegiate Soaring], May, page 11
Carpenter, Ed
Schweizer Aircraft Issue Praised (Letters) [Credits/Appreciation], March, page 2
Chapin, Vern
Bad Day at Black Rock (near Charnita, PA) [Techniques\Cross Country; Techniques\Outlandings], April, page 39
Chapman, C.J.
How Accurate is Your Variometer System? [Instrumentation], April, page 16
Chester, Robert G.
More on the Bowlus-Mitchell Flying Wing (and the Mitchell Wing B-10) (Letters) [History; Ultralights], February, page 4
Cislo, Tim
John Ross Soars Above Kaena Point, Oahu in Honolulu Soaring Club's Schweizer 2-32 (note Horizon Curvature) (Covers), January, cover
Bill Devitt Soars over Central Oahu in a Schweizer 2-32 (Covers), September, cover
Clark, Bob
More Youth in Soaring (Meggan and Valerie Clark) (Letters) [Sailplanes\Cherokee], July, page 3
Clark, Rolly
Reflections on a Summer's Soaring (Wing Loading, Auxiliary Powered Sailplanes, and Growth) (Letters) [Motorgliders; Wing Loading; Growth], February, page 3
Cleveland Soaring Society
In Memoriam: Ted Pawski (SSA in Action) [Obituaries], August, page 9
Cole, Curtis
L-I-F-F-T, a Checklist for Between Tows (Letters) [Safety\Checklists; Launching\Aerotow], August, page 3
Coleson, Arleen (a.k.a. A. Coleson)
FAI Awards & Badges;State Record Rule Changes (FAI Awards) [Awards\Badges\Requirements], January, page 51
FAI Awards & Badges (FAI Awards) [Awards\Badges], February, page 51
Have You Notched Your Barograph? (FAI Awards) [Awards\Badges\Requirements], March, page 46
The 1% Rule (Example) (FAI Awards) [Awards\Badges\Requirements], April, page 50
FAI Sporting Licenses - Who Needs Them? (FAI Awards) [Awards\Badges\Requirements], May, page 50
Suggestions & Reminders (1%, Film, Barograph, Deadlines) (FAI Awards) [Awards\Badges\Requirements], June, page 50
Electronic Barographs (FAI Awards) [Awards\Badges\Requirements], July, page 50
Soaring Awards (FAI Awards) [Awards\Badges], August, page 50
Kolstad Scholarship Grant (FAI Awards) [Awards\Kolstad Scholarship], September, page 50
It's a Small(er) World After All (FAI Awards) [Awards\Badges\Requirements], October, page 49
Fall Practice (Barographs & Photography (FAI Awards) [Awards\Badges\Requirements], November, page 50
Details, Details! (Declaration & Marking Camera Lens) (FAI Awards) [Awards\Badges\Requirements], December, page 48
Conti, Peter E.
Sunny Side Up (Concern for No Spoiler Approaches) (Letters) [Patterns and Landings; Physiology; Instruction], March, page 9
Cook, Bob
Hawk, HAWK [Birds], July, page 19
Cooper, J. Duncan
Attention Schreder Owners! (Letters) [Solicitations], March, page 8
Crandall, Harry
Hospitality Down Under (Australia) (Letters) [International\Sites], February, page 2
Crawford, J.F.
Another View on Airbrakes (Than DuPont's) (Letters) [Launching\Aerotow], August, page 4

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Davis, Don
Soaring in Russia - One Man's Opinion (Letters) [International\Sites], February, page 7
Dehon, William B. (a.k.a. William Dehon, Bill Dehon)
An Incident in the Hills of West Virginia [Literature\Fiction], June, page 19
More to it Than Age (Letters) [Physiology\Medical Condition], November, page 9
Deutsch, Mitch
The Phoenix Rises From the Ashes (Atlanta Soaring Club) [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs; Hangars and Accessories], February, page 44
Dole, Winston R.
Similarities Noted (Variometers: Three Generations Ago and Now) (Letters) [Instrumentation; History], November, page 12
Doyel, John
The Test (Driving to the Airport) (Letters) [Physiology\Medical Condition], November, page 13
DuPont, Stephen (a.k.a. Stephen Du Pont, Stephen du Pont, Steve DuPont, Stephen duPont, S. DuPont, Steve du Pont, Steve Dupont, Steve duPont, S. duPont, S. Du Pont, S. du Pont, Steve Du Pont)
Solution to Spoilers Out (Separate Brake Lever) (Letters) [Launching\Aerotow; Cockpit], March, page 10
Idea for Adjusting Polars (Letters) [Instruction], June, page 9
Mid-Airs, Mid-Airs, Mid-Airs (Letters) [Safety\Collision Avoidance], July, page 2
Durbin, Trish
Cat Among the Pigeons [Sailplanes\Celstar GA-1; Aerobatics], February, page 20
Author's Response (to "Cat Among the Pigeons" Complaints) (Letters) [Commentary; Aerobatics], July, page 2
Dyer-Bennet, Oliver
Two DG-600's in Close Formation (Covers), June, cover

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Edgett, Alan
Hemet (California) [Sites\Hemet], April, page 22
Edwards, Willie
Attention to Detail (Letters) [Literature\Fiction], January, page 3
Elmore, Tom (a.k.a. T. Elmore)
On Trailer Hitches (Letters) [Trailers], January, page 3
Accent on Clubs Revisited (& 2-22 Aileron Gap Seals) (SSA in Action) [Sailplanes\Schweizer\SGS 2-33; Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs; Aerodynamics], November, page 17
Erlenwein, Susan D.
Sunflower Soaring Championships (1989 Open & Auxiliary Powered Nationals, Hutchinson, KS) [Competitions\National], January, page 14

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Fahmi, Kareem
First Breath of Spring (for Bronze Duration) [Awards\Badges\Flights], June, page 25
Fahrner, Steve
Comments on Proposed Rule Changes (Letters) [Competitions\Rules], November, page 10
Faliu, Jean-Renaud
More About Panel Displays and Looking Out (Letters) [Cockpit; Instrumentation; Safety\Collision Avoidance], March, page 2
Felske, Mike
Looking for Help (in Developing a Standardized Training Ciriculum)! (Letters) [Instruction], February, page 3
Finch, Jerry; with Bud Brown
In Memoriam: Michael Wayne Jenkins (SSA in Action) [Obituaries], February, page 9
Fitch, Bob
In Memoriam: Jack Greene (SSA in Action) [Obituaries], May, page 15
Fletcher, Dave and Jill
A New Club Hangar for WSSA-The Hard Way [Hangars and Accessories], October, page 34
Fletcher, Jack
(Military CG-4A Restoration) Glider Project Announced (Letters) [Restorations], March, page 10
Fleugel, James
In Memoriam: John Stetson Fleugel (SSA in Action) [Obituaries], May, page 13
Foreman, Steve
(Kolstad Winner Responds) (Letters) [Awards\Kolstad Scholarship and Awards], November, page 8
Fraser, David
Partial title (Centers) (Letters) [Aerodynamics], November, page 11
Fronius, Doug
1990 VSA Western Regatta (Hemet, CA) [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs\Vintage Aircraft], October, page 19
Fuller, Thomas J.
Questions Safety Practice (Aerobatics in 1-26s) (Letters) [Aerobatics; Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs\1-26 Association; Sailplanes\Schweizer\SGS 1-26], September, page 2

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Gaddy, Ed
Opening a Glider Operation [Sites], October, page 22
Gallagher, William E. (Bill) (a.k.a. Bill Gallagher William Gallagher)
1990 NSM Hall of Fame and Exhibit Opening [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs\National Soaring Museum], August, page 34
Gibbons, Robert C.
Performance Modification for Older Wooden Sailplanes [Modifications], December, page 37
Ginn, Edmund C., Jr.
Eagles (Boy Scouts) First Flight [Youth], August, page 28
Good, John F. (a.k.a. John Good)
Errol Shirtliff (HP-14) and Karl Striedieck (LS-4) near Nelson, New Zealand from Good in a DG-300 (Covers), April, cover
Gossfeld, Tim
Leave Sports Class Alone (Letters) [Competitions\Classes], April, page 3
Goucher, Lois
Appreciation Expressed (Letters) [Credits/Appreciation], May, page 3
Green, Ken; with Chris Hadfield, Chuck Louie, Rick Husband and Nate Jones
Is Ground Effect Worth It? [Aerodynamics], February, page 33
Greene, Jack
In All of Soaring, There is Nothing So Hazardous as the First 30 Seconds of Every Flight [Launching\Aerotow], March, page 34
Greenwell, Eric (a.k.a. E. Greenwell)
Perspective: (Training Needs) [Instruction], February, page 32
Greenwell, Eric (a.k.a. E. Greenwell); with George Thelen and Mike Adams
Tow Hooks Revisited (Safety Corner) [Launching\Release Mechanisms], March, page 40
Greer, Alan B. (a.k.a. Alan Greer)
Going to the Top (Writing Your Congressman) (Letters) [Credits/Appreciation], August, page 3
Word from Motorglider World Championships (Issoudun, France) (Letters) [Motorgliders; International], November, page 4
Start Them Young on a Soaring Path (Letters) [Growth], December, page 2
Gries, Jurgen; with Rick Oberst
A Bright Red Schweizer 1-35 in a Vertical Climb in the Southwest (Covers), February, cover
Groenewald, Kurt
An Experience of a Lifetime (in Kimberley, South Africa) [International\Sites], February, page 38
Gross, Mal
NAA Corner (NAA Corner) [National Aeronautic Association (NAA)], June, page 15
Sport Aviation -- The Key to the Future of U.S. Aviation (NAA Corner) [National Aeronautic Association (NAA)], October, page 16
Grove, Doris (a.k.a. D. Grove)
Open Class Alive and Well (Letters) [Competitions\National], April, page 5
Grove, Elizabeth
1990 United States Open Class Soaring Championships (Mifflin Co, PA) [Competitions\National], November, page 34
Grubb, Mark
Winter Wonderland, a snow covered Grob 103 on the ramp at Skylark North, Tehachapi, CA (Covers), December, cover

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Hack, William D.
A Tribute to Flying Father's on Father's Day [Family], June, page 44
Hadfield, Chris; with Chuck Louie, Ken Green, Rick Husband and Nate Jones
Is Ground Effect Worth It? [Aerodynamics], February, page 33
Hard, Jim
Check Those (Discrepancy) Logs (Letters) [Safety\Cockpit], October, page 2
Hardy, Tom
Soaring in Argentina Recommended (Letters) [International\Argentina], June, page 2
Harmening, Ed
In Memoriam: Chuck Harris (SSA in Action) [Obituaries], January, page 6
Hartwell, Jim
Soaring in the USSR (Letters) [International\Sites], October, page 6
Haworth, Dennis
The Soaring Bug [Crewing], April, page 24
Hennig, Roy K. (a.k.a. Roy Hennig)
Thanks Ekatarina! [Competitions\Seniors], June, page 20
Hill, Katherine T.
The Birthday Gift [Literature\Fiction], June, page 23
Hill, William G. (a.k.a. Bill Hill, Billy Hill, W.G. Hill, William Hill)
Should Soaring Become a Contact Sport? [Safety\Collision Avoidance], April, page 28
Collision Avoidance [Safety\Collision Avoidance], May, page 32
Murphy, Mother Nature and Me (Wave over Boulder, CO) [Communications; Techniques\Wave Flying], August, page 25
Hines, Steve
Book Review: Aerial Photogrpahy by Harvey Lloyd (SSA in Action) [Literature], October, page 14
Hinote, Bill
Camera Comment (on Ricoh Quality) (Letters) [Photography], January, page 4
Hoffman, Louis V. (a.k.a. Lou Hoffman)
Can Someone Help (on Libelle Towhooks)? (Letters) [Solicitations; Launching\Release Mechanisms], April, page 2
Hoke, Michael J.
New Rules for New Electronic Barographs (FAI Corner) [Awards\Badges\Requirements], July, page 43
Hopp, Bud
Resco (Region 12 Soaring Council) - a Success Story [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs], September, page 32
Horton, D.E.
Another Youngster Solos (Letters) [Youth], November, page 8
Horvath, Laszlo "Les"
The Case of the Phantom Mountain (Letters) [Commentary], April, page 2
Hudnut, David (a.k.a. Dave Hudnut)
The 1990 Eastern Workshop at Bryan, Ohio [Homebuilts], November, page 29
Hughes, David R. (a.k.a. David Hughes, Dave Hughes)
Youth in Soaring Through the Civil Air Patrol [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs\Civil Air Patrol], March, page 27
Antelope Soaring Club's 1-26E 'Over the Top' above Mohave Desert in California (Covers), July, cover
Hurni, Bob
1989 Silver Anniversary 1-26 Championships, (Tucson, AZ) [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs\1-26 Association; Sailplanes\Schweizer\SGS 1-26; Competitions\1-26], January, page 24
Husband, Rick; with Chris Hadfield, Chuck Louie, Ken Green and Nate Jones
Is Ground Effect Worth It? [Aerodynamics], February, page 33

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Iglesias, Lilia
Watercolor Painting "Otto Lilenthal's Attempt" (Berlin 1893) (Covers) [Art], March, cover

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Jackson, Ann O.
Catching the Wind [Youth], March, page 20
Jacobs, Doug
Wingloading Revisited (Letters) [Wing Loading], March, page 10
Perspective (on Making Things Happen) [Promotions; Aerospace Education], May, page 48
Jaderborg, Eric
Thought on (Growth) Proposal (by McEwen) (Letters) [Growth], April, page 4
Jenista, James M. (a.k.a. Jim Jenista)
In Memoriam: Dick McKnight (SSA in Action) [Obituaries], July, page 10
Joffray, Donald M.
A Red-Tailed Hawk and a Soaring Thing [Birds], April, page 45
Johnson, Chet
Likes the 1-34 (Letters) [Sailplanes\World Class Sailplane], December, page 3
Johnson, Derek P. (a.k.a. Derek Johnson)
Don't Kill the Tow Pilot [Launching\Aerotow], June, page 33
Longer Ropes-A Response (Letters) [Launching\Aerotow], November, page 2
Johnson, Richard H. (a.k.a. Dick Johnson, Richard Johnson, R.H. Johnson, R. Johnson)
A Flight Test Evaluation of the Grob 103C Twin III [Sailplanes\Grob 103C Twin III; Aerodynamics\Flight Tests], March, page 49
Correction on Airfoil Design (Letters) [Sailplanes\Grob 103C Twin III], May, page 9
Flight Testing of Sailplane Stall Warning Systems [Aerodynamics\Flight Tests; Techniques\Stalls/Spins; Instrumentation], July, page 25
Jones, Nate; with Chris Hadfield, Chuck Louie, Ken Green and Rick Husband
Is Ground Effect Worth It? [Aerodynamics], February, page 33

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Katinszky, Harold A. (a.k.a. Harold Katinszky)
In Memoriam: Patrick McAtee (SSA in Action) [Obituaries], October, page 11
Kellett, J.C.
Things to Come [Promotions; Aerospace Education], March, page 32
Kelsey, William Frank (a.k.a. Wm. Frank Kelsey, Frank Kelsey, F. Kelsey)
Mystery Plane (Super Albatross) Revisited (Letters) [Sailplanes\Super Albatross; History], February, page 2
Kemp, Gary and Nancy
Garfield Flats [Crewing; Retrieves], October, page 23
Kennedy, Mark
Perspective (on Making People Feel At Home) [Promotions; Aerospace Education], September, page 49
Killing, Fredo P. (a.k.a. Fredo Killing)
How Cheap Can We Be And Still Remain Professionals? (With Unpaid Staffs) (Letters) [Competitions\National], August, page 4
King, Peter C. (a.k.a. Peter King)
Hello Dolly [Hangars and Accessories], June, page 27
King, Randy
Another Youngster Reports (Letters) [Youth], October, page 6
Kissel, Emil
More on "Stalking the (Mountain) Wave" (Letters) [Literature\Book Reviews], April, page 2
Knapp, Gary
Recognized (1-26) #248 [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs\1-26 Association; Sailplanes\Schweizer\SGS 1-26], August, page 2
Knauff, Thomas (a.k.a. Tom Knauff, T. Knauff)
Writer Upset (on Open Class letter) (Letters) [Competitions\National], April, page 5
Koerner, Ralph
Total Energy Reconsidered [Instrumentation], February, page 25
Kohls, Mildred P.
In Memoriam: Charles Kohls (SSA in Action) [Obituaries], January, page 6
Kolstad, Mid and Ken
Kolstad Scholarship Update (Letters) [Awards\Kolstad Scholarship and Awards], November, page 8
Kupps, Bob
The Third World Glider Aerobatic Championships (Hockenheim) [Aerobatics], March, page 15

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Laister, Jack
The First Intercollegiate Glider Championships (Purdue University in 1936) [History; Collegiate Soaring], December, page 23
Lang, Rob
Once More.. with Feeling (Flying the Standard Austria) [Sailplanes\Standard Austria; History; Restorations], March, page 42
Laumann, Curt
Blanik Owner Needs Assistance (with Sticking Flaps) (Letters) [Sailplanes\Blanik L-13], November, page 2
Lee, James L.
From the "We Get Letters Department" of the 1-26 Association (Letters) [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs\1-26 Association; Sailplanes\Schweizer\SGS 1-26], May, page 6
Leibe, Barrett
(Computer and Final Glide) Program Available (Letters) [Computers and the Internet; Instrumentation], November, page 11
Licker, Mark D.
Choice of Words Criticized with Editor's Note (Letters) [Commentary], May, page 2
Liebenberg, Paul
More Thoughts on Motorgliding and Motorgliding Safety (Letters) [Motorgliders], February, page 6
Lincoln, John C., II
The Surgeon [Crewing], August, page 30
Lincoln, Judy
Perspective: ($10 Dues Increase Justification) [Growth], January, page 50
Drug Testing in Soaring [Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)], February, page 30
For Fiscal Year Ended October 31, 1989 [Soaring Society of America\Annual Report], May, page 19
Perspective: (Wing Loading Issue Evolution) [Wing Loading], August, page 46
Perspective: (Publications Changes) [Publications], November, page 49
Regulatory Updates (Transponder Over ARS As and St Louis TCA Change) (SSA in Action) [Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)], December, page 10
Lindsay, Charles V. (a.k.a. Charles Lindsay, C.V. Lindsay)
Personal Computer Soaring Weather Briefing [Computers and the Internet; Meteorology], June, page 30
Using the Upper Winds [Meteorology], September, page 24
Using Weather Observations and Terminal Forecasts [Meteorology], October, page 41
(Telephone) Numbers for DUAT (Letters) [Meteorology; Computers and the Internet], November, page 4
Linke, Hannes
Offer to Fly in Russia (SSA in Action) [International\Russia], May, page 12
Louie, Chuck; with Chris Hadfield, Ken Green, Rick Husband and Nate Jones
Is Ground Effect Worth It? [Aerodynamics], February, page 33

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Makula, Jerzy
Questions (Celair GA-1) Ad Claim (Letters) [Errata; Aerobatics], September, page 3
Marske, Jim
Homebuilders (1990 Eastern) Workshop Announced (for Bryan, OH) (SSA in Action) [Homebuilts], June, page 12
SHA Seeks New Members (Letters) [Growth; Homebuilts], August, page 6
Maupin, Jim
Complaint on Wrapper (Letters) [Publications], March, page 11
(Sjostedt Sierra Six) Homebuilt Does Well (in Competition) (Letters) [Homebuilts], April, page 2
McCormick, Steven
Doctor, Doctor! (I've got Meniere's Disease) (Letters) [Physiology], June, page 5
McDonald, Judy
A Yuletide Soaring Poem (SSA in Action) [Literature\Poems and Poetry], December, page 16
McQuigg, Andy
The ASW-24 Pilot Report [Sailplanes\Schleicher\AS-W 24], January, page 43
Miltner, Harry
Goodbye Vi! (Vi Blalock) (Letters) [Obituaries], September, page 3
Montagne, Stan
In Memoriam: Fred Frauens (SSA in Action) [Obituaries], October, page 12
Morton, Mark
More About Flutter (Letters) [Aerodynamics\Flutter], July, page 4
Mosk, Yale
Hello Dolly! a Better Mousetrap! (Letters) [Hangars and Accessories], October, page 9
Mueller, Charles
Maintain Airspeed (Letters) [Patterns and Landings], December, page 2
Myers, Brian D.
Thanks for the (Military Glider) Response (Letters) [Credits/Appreciation], March, page 9
Myers, Joel N.
Accu-Weather Introduces New (Lightning) Graphics and Data (SSA in Action) [Meteorology\Lightning], February, page 9

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Nelson, Wade H. (a.k.a. Wade Nelson)
An Aerobatic Ride at Estrella (Letters) [Aerobatics], January, page 3
Soaring Club of Houston Update [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs], December, page 35
Nesse, Bill
Safety Links Discussed (Letters) [Launching\Aerotow; Launching\Release Mechanisms], May, page 4
Newill, David B. (a.k.a. David Newill, Dave Newill)
Starting the 90's Right, SSA 90 at Indy! [Conferences, Conventions, and Meetings], May, page 39
Neyland, Lew
New X/C Trophy (for Landing in Colorado) Announced (Letters) [Awards], May, page 2
Call For Some (Soaring Article) Repeats (Letters) [Reprints and Back Issues], June, page 3
Nichols, Mark
Just Another Day in Paradise (Sequatchie Valley, TN) (SSA in Action) [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs], July, page 11
Nicks, Oran W. (a.k.a. O. Nicks, O.W. Nicks, Oran W Nicks, Oran Nicks)
The World Class Sailplane, Technical Consideration from Concept to Design Competition [World Class Sailplane], May, page 29
Nowicki, Tom
Concerned with Polybag (Letters) [Publications], October, page 6
Update Seminoles Celebrate First Anniversary in New Nest (SSA in Action) [Sites], October, page 12

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Oberst, Rick; with Jurgen Gries
A Bright Red Schweizer 1-35 in a Vertical Climb in the Southwest (Covers), February, cover
Ohlheiser, Richard (a.k.a. Dick Ohlheiser)
An Old Buzzard Goes for the Gold (Distance in a Pilatus B-4) [Awards\Badges\Flights], April, page 42
Olson, Murray
Help, Anyone? (Schweizer TG-3A Available) (Letters) [Sailplanes\Schweizer\TG-3a; History], October, page 2
Ott, John
High Flights (Soaring Club, Colorado Springs, CO) Live Up to Its Name [Techniques\Wave Flying], September, page 28

P     (up to table of contents)

Palmer, Mark A. (a.k.a. Mark Palmer)
Critical of (Schweizer's Recent) Action (Letters) [Commentary], March, page 9
Pardue, Larry
1-26 Defender (Letters) [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs\1-26 Association; Sailplanes\Schweizer\SGS 1-26], December, page 3
Park, Robert M. (a.k.a. Robert Park, Bob Park)
Proper Reporting (on Apartheid) Questioned (Letters) [Commentary], December, page 7
Patterson, Bill
A Sailplane crosses over a road as it lands at Crowley Field, Alberta, Canada during Alberta Soaring Council's Summer Encampment (Covers), November, cover
Payne, James M. (a.k.a. Jim Payne, James Payne)
(1990) Rules Committee Report (SSA in Action) [Competitions\Rules], May, page 10
Payne, Jim and Jackie
Thanks for (Motorhome Repair) Help (Letters) [Credits/Appreciation], October, page 2
Penn, Robert
Sixteen Contestants Fly 1000 Kilometers in Possible World Record Contest Task (SSA in Action) [1000 Kilometer Flights], November, page 15
Petmecky, Philip A. (a.k.a. Philip Petmecky, Phil Petmecky)
The First Solo Cross Country, Lesson One - Safe Altitude Circles [Techniques\Cross Country; Instruction], May, page 23
The First Solo Cross Country Flight, Lesson Two - Constructing a Flight Profile [Techniques\Cross Country; Instruction], June, page 36
The First Solo Cross Country Flight, Lesson Three - Turnpoint Photos [Techniques\Cross Country; Instruction], July, page 40
The First Solo Cross Country Flight, Lesson Four - Flight Bands and/or Speed-To-Fly [Techniques\Cross Country; Instruction], August, page 42
The First Solo Cross Country Flight, Lesson Five - Selecting a Cross-Country Task [Techniques\Cross Country; Instruction], September, page 18
The First Solo Cross Country Flight, Lesson Six - Polar Adjustments and Speed to Fly in Sink [Techniques\Cross Country; Instruction], October, page 17
Petru, Mark
L-23 Super Blanik in Flight above Clouds (Covers), May, cover
The L-23 "Super Blanik" (Czech) Glider [Sailplanes\Blanik L-23], May, page 26
Piggott, Derek (a.k.a. D. Piggott)
A New Version of the Dimona Motorglider, The Rotax Powered Super Dimona [Motorgliders], September, page 41
Plage, W.R.
A 78 Year Old Responds (Letters) [Physiology], November, page 2
Popperl, Hans
The Story of OE-0409 Mg19A "Steinadler" [Sailplanes\Mg19A; History], July, page 15
Powell, George
Poets Remembered (Jack Greene & Walt Mooney) (Letters) [Literature\Poems and Poetry; Obituaries], August, page 2
Great Time at (Las Vegas Club's) Fun Event (Letters) [Competitions\Non Sanctioned; Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs], October, page 6
Puchtler, Bert
Concerned About Flutter (Letters) [Aerodynamics\Flutter], March, page 6

R     (up to table of contents)

Raisanen, Wally
Wants Input for Rule Changes (Letters) [Competitions\Rules], September, page 3
Questions Sportsmanship (Letters) [Spoilers; Launching\Aerotow], October, page 10
Ray, Bill
The Unlikeliest Place Ever! (Letters) [Safety\Preflight; Birds], September, page 6
Read, Roderick F., Jr. (a.k.a. Roderick Read)
In Memoriam: Roderick F. Read, Sr. (SSA in Action) [Obituaries], May, page 14
Reda, Helmut
Thanks for the (Hadfield et al Ground Effect Study) Effort (Letters) [Aerodynamics], May, page 6
Reeter, Alan K. (a.k.a. Alan Reeter)
The 1989 15-Meter Nationals (Uvalde, TX) [Competitions\National], January, page 33
Answer to Standardization (Question by Felske) (Letters) [Instruction], May, page 4
Reid, Don
CAP Cadets Soar at Elmendorf AFB (Alaska) (SSA in Action) [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs\Civil Air Patrol], September, page 9
Reinhardt, Manfred E. (a.k.a. Manfred Reinhardt, M. Reinhardt)
Call for (OSTIV XXII Congress) Papers (SSA in Action) [OSTIV], June, page 15
Replogle, E.H.
Replogle Barograph Finds New Home (SSA in Action) [Instrumentation], May, page 10
Robinson, Dick
Needs (Cessna) Tow Hook Help (Letters) [Launching\Release Mechanisms; Solicitations; Launching\Aerotow], June, page 3
Roden, Frank
SSA in Action: Rolladen-Schneider Introduces LS-6c-175 (SSA in Action) [Sailplanes\Rolladen-Schneider\LS-6c-17.5], August, page 8
Rozzoni, Renard R.
New Mexico Gold (Distance in a 1-26) [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs\1-26 Association; Sailplanes\Schweizer\SGS 1-26; Awards\Badges\Flights], March, page 22
Rubotsky, Ken
Ameriglide (Minden 1990) [International], October, page 26
Rueda, Fernando J. (a.k.a. Fernando Rueda)
Memories II (of the Zoeglin 33 in 1941 Argentina) [History; Sailplanes\Zerglin 33], April, page 37
Ruskiewicz, J.S. (Rusty)
Questions Answered (about Egypt) (Letters) [International\Sites], February, page 7
Russell, Michael A.
Truckee Trainee [Techniques\Cross Country], April, page 35

S     (up to table of contents)

Sandburg, Gene
Reference on Flutter (August 1977 Soaring) (Letters) [Aerodynamics\Flutter], August, page 4
Sandell, John
Safety-(in a Small Thermal) Vortex (Letters) [Safety\Stalls/Spins], March, page 3
Sanderson, Larry
Perspective: And The Volume Goes Up.. on Regulatory Issues and Soaring Safety [Publications; Soaring Society of America\President's Report], October, page 40
Saudek, Victor M. (a.k.a. Victor Saudek, Vic Saudek, V.M. Saudek, V. Saudek)
(Southern California Soaring Association at Hawthorne, CA) Air Fair Report (SSA in Action) [Exhibits/Displays/Fairs], May, page 14
Facts of Life, Lift and Drag, Part I [Aerodynamics], June, page 41
Facts of Life, Lift and Drag, Part II [Aerodynamics], July, page 36
Stability and Control, Chapter 3 [Aerodynamics], August, page 40
Schueckler, Jim
Another (Flying) Group to Join (Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association) (Letters) [Solicitations], March, page 5
Schuemann, Wil
Questions "Safety Corner" Conclusions (Letters) [Weight and Balance], March, page 4
Schweizer, Paul A. (a.k.a. Paul Schweizer, P.A. Schweizer)
Is the US Sailplane Fleet Shrinking? [Growth], September, page 14
The Floyd J. Sweet Story [History], November, page 26
Schweizer, W. Stuart (a.k.a. Stu Schweizer)
Schweizer Responds (to Palmer letter) (Letters) [Errata; Commentary], June, page 5
Scott, Jan (a.k.a. J. Scott)
Behavior Explained (Erratic Pilot Had Tumor) (Letters) [Physiology], February, page 2
In Memoriam: Wolfgang Hutter (SSA in Action) [Obituaries], July, page 11
Scott, Wallace A. (a.k.a. Wally Scott, W. Scott)
A Response to the "Hue-In and Cry-In" (Letters) [Competitions; Association], July, page 8
The Sea Breeze Front at Uvalde, Uvalde Weather at the 1989 15-Meter Championships [Meteorology\Sea Breeze Front or Shear Lines], July, page 21
Seaman, Richard (a.k.a. Dick Seaman)
Flutter Questions Answered (Letters) [Aerodynamics\Flutter], May, page 3
Sebald, Les (a.k.a. L. Sebald)
Dive Brakes at Issue (Letters) [Launching\Aerotow], January, page 2
Selinger, Peter F. (a.k.a. Peter Selinger)
Nimbus 4, New 'Albatros' from Kircheim [Motorgliders\Schempp-Hirth\Nimbus 4], August, page 16
Serkowski, Tom
Contests (Date Publication) and (Pitch-Up of) Flapped Ships (Letters) [Aerodynamics], April, page 3
Sharp, Corwin
Litigation or Stress (Limiting Schweizer Loops) (Letters) [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs\1-26 Association; Sailplanes\Schweizer\SGS 1-26; Aerobatics], December, page 2
Sharp, Ted E. (a.k.a. T.E. Sharp, T. Sharp, Ted Sharp)
Ameriglide with Ham Radios (SSA in Action) [Communications], June, page 12
Sheppe, Rick
Total Energy Revisited (Letters) [Instrumentation], May, page 2
Silver, Allen R. (a.k.a. Allen Silver)
Parachute Update (Security and National Canopies) (Letters) [Parachutes], November, page 9
Slater, Michael Paul
Her First Flight (Poem) (SSA in Action) [Literature\Poems and Poetry], April, page 12
Smith, Bernald S. (a.k.a. Bernald Smith, B. Smith, B.S. Smith)
The Sawing Society of America (SSA in Action) [International Gliding Commission (IGC)], May, page 16
Perspective: (SSA Hull and Liability Insurance) [Insurance], June, page 40
SSA Instructor Poll (Results and WDA Views) (SSA in Action) [Awards\World Distance; Instruction], December, page 13
Smith, Sharon R. (a.k.a. Sharon Smith)
Tehachapi Turns The 11th Annual Women's Soaring Seminar [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs; WSPA], February, page 14
Speicher, Ray
Wait and See Not Me (to Design the World Class) (Letters) [World Class Sailplane], March, page 4
Spinhayer, Reggie
In Memoriam: Henry Stouffs (SSA in Action) [Obituaries], November, page 15
Stanfield, B.L.
Alternative Source of Energy (SSA in Action) [Humor; Crewing], December, page 15
Steils, R.T.
Excited About One Design (Letters) [World Class Sailplane], August, page 6
Stephenson, Cyndi
1991 and 1992 National Contest Sites - Call for Proposals (SSA in Action) [Competitions\National], June, page 10
Stevens, Edmund
Wants Help for New Pilots (to Avoid Accidents) (Letters) [Instruction], December, page 3
Striedieck, Karl H. (a.k.a. Karl Striedieck)
Support for SRA/Spratt (Letters) [People\Charlie Spratt], October, page 4

T     (up to table of contents)

Teague, Bill
Questions Longer Towrope (Letters) [Launching\Aerotow], September, page 4
Thelen, George
Center of Gravity, Part 1 (Safety Corner) [Weight and Balance], January, page 48
Visiting Complacency (Safety Corner) [Physiology], February, page 49
Competition Safety (Safety Corner) [Safety; Competitions], April, page 48
Center of Gravity, Part 2 (Safety Corner) [Weight and Balance], May, page 45
Crosswind) Takeoff (in a Hurry), by Dan Shallbetter (Safety Corner) [Physiology; Safety\Accidents/Incidents], June, page 47
Pilotless Aircraft (Aerotowed!) (Safety Corner) [Launching\Aerotow; Safety], July, page 45
Age and Flying (Safety Corner) [Physiology\Medical Condition], August, page 48
The Theory and Practice of (FRP) Chip Repair [Maintenance and Improvements], September, page 35
Just Say No? (to Unsafe Practices), by Roy Poole (Safety Corner) [Safety], September, page 46
(L-13) Gliders-In the Long Term, by Tom Cooper and Irving Prue (Safety Corner) [Maintenance and Improvements], October, page 46
Belts (Safety Corner) [Cockpit], November, page 44
Is All's Well That Ends Well? (Safety Corner) [Physiology], December, page 46
Thelen, George; with Eric Greenwell (a.k.a. E. Greenwell) and Mike Adams
Tow Hooks Revisited (Safety Corner) [Launching\Release Mechanisms], March, page 40
Thompson, Dale
In Memoriam: Dale F. Dye (SSA in Action) [Obituaries], June, page 12
Thornton, Richard
Pawnee Towplane at Work Towing a Schweizer at Fantasy Haven (Covers), October, cover
Tittle, W. Stewart (a.k.a. Stewart Tittle)
Oregon SSA Governor Introduced (SSA in Action) [Soaring Society of America], August, page 8

V     (up to table of contents)

Vine, Dick
Aerotow vs. Winch Launch; Another View [Launching\Aerotow; Launching\Winch], September, page 2
Separate One-Design from Olympics (Letters) [World Class Sailplane], October, page 8

W     (up to table of contents)

Webster, Bob
The Infallible Gear Warning System or the Coffe Cup Cure for Crunched Composites [Cockpit], August, page 23
Wemple, Don
From the "We Get Letters Department" of the 1-26 Association (Letters) [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs\1-26 Association; Sailplanes\Schweizer\SGS 1-26], May, page 6
Wilhoite, Wallace
Simulated Soaring (with Microsoft Flight Simulator) (Letters) [Computers and the Internet], January, page 2
Williams, Peter A. (a.k.a. Pete Williams, Peter Williams)
SLSPA Incorporation (SSA in Action) [Self Launching Sailplane Pilot's Association (SLSPA)], January, page 6
US Team to Enter 1990 1st World Motorgliding Championships (SSA in Action) [Competitions\World\US Team], January, page 6
Jerry Wenger Chacks Coolant Level of Rotax Engine in his Nimbus 3DM (Covers), August, cover
Are Self-Launching Sailplanes the Wave of the Future? [Motorgliders], August, page 37
Littlefield-1990, The 3rd US National Auxiliary-Powered Soaring Championships [Competitions\National], November, page 39
Willis, Marvin
Eagle's Nest (Odessa, TX) and the 1-26 Championships [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs\1-26 Association; Sailplanes\Schweizer\SGS 1-26], December, page 18
Wishard, Armin
Soaring in East Germany [International\Sites], October, page 37
Womack, Jackie
Sailplane Prices (Letters) [Homebuilts], November, page 3

Z     (up to table of contents)

Zack, Greg
Daedalus (Human Powered Aircraft) Update (SSA in Action) [Homebuilts], April, page 11
Zuzak, Kaya
Magical Day (the First and Last at UCSD) (Letters) [Growth; Collegiate Soaring], January, page 3

None     (up to table of contents)

(1989) Region 6 North Contest (Ionia, MI) (SSA in Action) [Competitions\Regional], January, page 6
New SSA State Governor Named (SSA in Action) [Soaring Society of America], January, page 6
Region 11 Soaring Championships July 1-5 1989 (Minden, NV) (SSA in Action) [Competitions\Regional], January, pages 9-Jan
Results of Election for SSA Directors (SSA in Action) [Soaring Society of America], January, page 12
Attention, Are You Ready.. for FAA Required Drug Testing? (SSA in Action) [Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)], January, page 13
Stalking the Mountain Wave (by Ursulia Weise) (SSA in Action) [History\International; Literature\Book Reviews; Techniques\Wave Flying], February, page 9
Can You Identify (SSA in Action) [Sailplanes], February, page 10
New Trophy Announced (for Washington State) (SSA in Action) [Awards], February, page 10
1990 European Club Class Gliding Championships Opened to Non-Europeans (SSA in Action) [International], February, page 11
New Board Member (SSA in Action) [Soaring Society of America\Board], February, page 11
Opening of "World Class" Glider Design Competition Announced (SSA in Action) [World Class Sailplane], February, page 11
WGC 1993 (SSA in Action) [International], February, page 11
Pure Flight - Transition to Soaring (30 minutes) with Cliff Robertson (SSA in Action) [Video Tapes], February, page 13
ILEC SB-9 Electric Back Up Variometer (New Products) [Instrumentation], February, page 29
Important! Change in Sporting License Procedures (SSA in Action) [Awards\Badges\Requirements], March, page 12
Maiden Flight of the DG-600 M (SSA in Action) [Sailplanes\Glaser-Dirks\DG-600], March, page 12
Nancy Batson Crews Inducted (into Alabama Aviation Hall of Fame) (SSA in Action) [Awards], March, page 12
Soaring Pilot Scholarship (1989 Winner is Adam Goucher) (SSA in Action) [Youth], March, page 12
Kolstad Scholarship Winner (for 1989 Michael Ondeck) Named (SSA in Action) [Awards\Kolstad Scholarship and Awards], March, page 13
The $40 POST (in Northern Illinois) (SSA in Action) [Competitions\Non Sanctioned; Competitions\Post Tasks], March, page 13
Can You Identify? (SSA in Action) [Sailplanes], March, page 14
1989 U.S. National Champions [Competitions], March, page 18
Soaring the High Sierra (38 minutes) (Advertisement) [Video Tapes], March, page 25
(Seven) German Youth Gliding Camps Announced (SSA in Action) [Youth], April, page 11
Calling All CFI's (for Collegiate Soaring Help) (SSA in Action) [Instruction; Collegiate Soaring; Solicitations], April, page 11
Tampa Bay Soaring in Action (at FAA Accident Prevention Seminar) (SSA in Action) [Instruction\Ground Schools], April, page 11
Third Annual Western VSA Regatta Planned (for Hemet, CA) (SSA in Action) [Vintage Aircraft], April, page 11
Claybourn (1989) Award Winner (is Charles Shaw) (SSA in Action) [People\Charles Shaw; Awards\Claybourn], April, page 12
Need a Challenge? (New Executive Board Announced for 1990) (SSA in Action) [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs\1-26 Association; Sailplanes\Schweizer\SGS 1-26], April, page 12
From Drought to Dreariness: The Region 6 (1989) South (Waynesville, OH) (SSA in Action) [Competitions\Regional], April, page 13
New Glider Unveiled, Red Wing Soaring Offers New Aircraft (the F-105 (G)) (SSA in Action) [Humor], April, page 14
History in Wood Carvings (by Wilhelm Molik) (SSA in Action) [History; Art], April, page 15
New Barograph Developed (Micro Processor Controlled) (New Products) [Instrumentation], April, page 34
US Designed Self-Launcher (S R Aircraft ARIA) Introduced at (Indy '90) Convention (SSA in Action) [Motorgliders], May, page 10
Can You Identify (SSA in Action) [Sailplanes], May, page 11
Youth Competition Medallion (SSA in Action) [Awards; Youth], May, page 11
Changes at NSM (Executive Director Needed) (SSA in Action) [Solicitations; Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs\National Soaring Museum], May, page 12
NAA Recognizes Two (SSA) Members (Bill S. Ivans and Floyd Sweet) (SSA in Action) [National Aeronautic Association (NAA)], May, page 12
Director Announces Appointments (SSA in Action) [Soaring Society of America], May, page 13
Site of the 1989 National Soaring Championships in Argentina (SSA in Action) [International], May, page 13
FAA Makes Drug Testing Announcement (SSA in Action) [Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)], May, page 15
SSA Life Memberships Temporarily Discontinued (SSA in Action) [Soaring Society of America\Membership], May, page 16
A Review of Ed Kilbourne's "Cloudbase" (Music Cassette) (SSA in Action) [Art], June, page 11
Georgia SSA'ers on the Move (SSA Governor Jim Culp's Soaring Seminar) (SSA in Action) [Instruction\Ground Schools], June, page 11
Oshkosh Bound (bumper sticker available) (SSA in Action) [Commentary], June, page 12
Region 9 Election Results (SSA in Action) [Soaring Society of America], June, page 12
SSA Board Minutes Available (SSA in Action) [Soaring Society of America], June, page 12
SSA Winter Board Meeting (1990 at Indianapolis, IN) (SSA in Action) [Soaring Society of America], June, page 14
Soaring Pilot (and SSA Member) Named as (California Wing) Commander (Ernest C. Pearson) (SSA in Action) [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs\Civil Air Patrol], June, page 14
1-26 Cross Country Sweepstakes (SSA in Action) [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs\1-26 Association; Sailplanes\Schweizer\SGS 1-26], June, page 17
Can You Identify (SSA in Action) [Sailplanes], June, page 17
Your 1990 Board of Directors (SSA in Action) [Soaring Society of America], June, page 18
Emergency Strobe (New Products) [Retrieves], June, page 35
1989 Hilton Cup Winners Announced (SSA in Action) [Awards], July, page 10
New Election Procedures for Directors (SSA in Action) [Soaring Society of America], July, page 10
Update on Publication ( New Editions of "New Soaring Pilot," "FAR's For Glider Pilots," and "Transition to Gliders") (SSA in Action) [Literature\Book Reviews], July, page 10
Hey Rocky, Watch me Pull a Rabbit out of my Hat! [Competitions\World], July, page 12
A New Final Glide Computer (New Products) [Computers and the Internet; Instrumentation], July, page 18
The Mountain Wave (Advertisement) [Video Tapes], August, page 9
Update on 1990 Women's Soaring Seminar (at Bermuda High) (SSA in Action) [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs; WSPA], August, page 9
World Class Update (82 Applications Submitted) (SSA in Action) [World Class Sailplane], August, page 10
Team Selection Process Clarified (SSA in Action) [Competitions\World\US Team], August, page 11
Author (Vic Saudek) Offers Further Explanation (SSA in Action) [Errata; Aerodynamics], August, page 12
FAI - Its Role in Sport Aviation NAA Corner [National Aeronautic Association (NAA)], August, page 14
Can You Identify [History; Sailplanes], August, page 15
Accurate, Lightweight Anenometer (New Products) [Instrumentation], August, page 45
Good Weather (in Houston, TX) for Bronze Day (SSA in Action) [Awards\Badges\Flights], September, page 9
Moravia Inc. Introduces New Motorglider (L-13 SE "Vivat" (SSA in Action) [Motorgliders\Blanik L-13], September, page 9
The New Grob 103C Twin III SL (SSA in Action) [Motorgliders; Sailplanes\Grob 103C Twin III], September, page 9
Update on Tost Tow Release (SSA in Action) [Launching\Release Mechanisms], September, page 10
(1990) Region V North Soaring Contest (Chester, SC) (SSA in Action) [Competitions\Regional], September, page 11
Can You Identify? (SSA in Action) [Sailplanes], September, page 12
Changes at Limbach (SSA in Action) [Motorgliders], September, page 12
A New 2-1/4" Winter Altimeter (New Products) [Instrumentation], September, page 40
(Albuquerque) '91 Convention Update (SSA in Action) [Conferences, Conventions, and Meetings], October, page 11
1991 European Youth Championships Announced (SSA in Action) [Youth], October, page 11
Region Six South Championships, June 25-30, 1990 Caesar Creek Soaring Club, Waynesville, Ohio (SSA in Action) [Competitions\Regional], October, page 11
Sweepstakes Winner (1989) Displays Sailplane (SSA in Action) [Competitions\World\US Team], October, page 11
(1990) 17th Annual South Region Five Soaring Championships (Cordele, GA) (SSA in Action) [Competitions\Regional], October, page 13
Atlanta Soaring Club Promotes Soaring (SSA in Action) [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs], October, page 13
Lilienthal Memorial Competition 1991 (SSA in Action) [Awards], October, page 15
US Team Identified (SSA in Action) [Competitions\World\US Team], October, page 15
Azuresoft Introduces the Complete Briefer DUAT Decoder Software for PC's (New Products) [Meteorology; Computers and the Internet], October, page 45
Region 11 North Contest, August 12-17, 1990, Siskiyou County Airport, Montague, California (SSA in Action) [Competitions\Regional], November, page 15
Reminder for (XXII OSTIV Congress) Technical Papers (SSA in Action) [Technical Soaring; OSTIV], November, page 15
The World is Coming to Minden (in 1991) and we need your help (SSA in Action) [International], November, page 15
Winter Instruments Without Certification (SSA in Action) [Maintenance and Improvements; Instrumentation], November, page 15
Fall 1990 SSA Board Meeting (SSA in Action) [Soaring Society of America], November, page 18
New Soaring Club (Atlantic Soaring) Forms in Maryland (SSA in Action) [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs], November, page 18
Russian Teenager Solos While Guest of SSA Members (Betty and Roger Ruch) (SSA in Action) [Youth], November, page 18
Can You Identify? (SSA in Action) [Sailplanes], November, page 19
Regulatory Updates (AD's and Driving Convictions) (SSA in Action) [Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)], November, page 20
Elections for Regional Director (SSA in Action) [Soaring Society of America], November, page 21
Meal on the Go - a Vast Improvement in Portable Food (New Products) [Cockpit], November, page 47
(1991) World Soaring Championships Update (New Location) (Letters) [International], December, page 7
In Memoriam: Fred MacFawn (SSA in Action) [Obituaries], December, page 10
The Soaring Bug Bites Again (SSA in Action) [Growth], December, page 11
Can You Identify (SSA in Action) [Sailplanes], December, page 12
SSA Insurance Program Update (Ohio General Out, Global Insurance In) (SSA in Action) [Insurance], December, page 12
A Soaring Coincidence (SSA in Action) [Publications], December, page 13
The World Class Enters Judging Phase (SSA in Action) [Sailplanes\World Class Sailplane], December, page 13
NSM has a New Director (Dr. Charles R. Smith) (SSA in Action) [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs\National Soaring Museum], December, page 16
New Data Back Camera Announced (Minolta Fredom 50) (New Products) [Photography], December, page 45

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