Soaring Magazine Index for 1989 organized by section

Soaring Magazine Index for 1989 organized by section

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Affiliates and Divisions, Covers, FAI Badges, Letters, New Products, SSA in Action, Safety Corner, Travelog

Affiliates and Divisions
The NSM, a Century of Soaring History, Expanding to a Second Century, January, page 44

Vic Haynes, Lift is Where You Find It, photo of Longs Peak, Colorado, May 1988, January
Glen Stiles, An ASH-25 in Front of Storm Clouds at the 1988 Open Class Nationals, February
John Serafin, Ray Temchus, a C5 Quadraplegic, Soars in a Grob 103, March
G.G. Bawtinhimer, A Nimbus 3D on a Bright, Sunny Day Ready for Flight; photo by Gary G. Bawtinhimer, M.D., April
A nose-mounted Nikon captures Dr. Douglas Whitehead soaring above Sierra Nevada in an ASW-20, May
Vic Haynes, Spring in Boulder looking wesward to Runway 26, June
Derek Piggott, Grob Twin III over West German Village, July
Bill Reaves, Klaus Holighaus, Dropping Water Ballast While Finishing, Sails to Victory in the 1986 15-M Nationals, August
John Wolter, Two Grob G-109 Motorgliders with the World's Smallest Twin Engine Motorplane, the French "Cri-Cri", September
Roland Winklehner, Roland's ASW-20 CL over the French Alps, October
Richard Thornton, About to Launch Runway Scene at Skylark North in Tehachapi, CA, November
Steve Hines, Painting of Three Schweizer Brothers above a 1-35, December

FAI Badges
A. Coleson, FAI Badges and Awards, January, page 51
A. Coleson, FAI Badges and Awards, February, page 51
Arleen Coleson, Timing Speed Flights, March, page 52
Arleen Coleson, Deadlines!, April, page 52
Arleen Coleson, Badge and Record Forms, June, page 52
Arleen Coleson, Remember (1% Rule, Notch, Diamond Goal limits), July, page 52
Arleen Coleson, Badge Requirements, August, page 52
Arleen Coleson, Kolstad Scholarship Grant (Requirements and Deadlines), September, page 52
A. Coleson, FAI Badges and Awards, October, page 50
Arleen Coleson, Fall Practice (Notching & Photography), November, page 50
A. Coleson, FAI Badges and Awards, December, page 50

Paul Sampson, Sorry, Charlie Dobkins (1-26 Nationals Author), January, page 2
Rudy Brozel, Total Energy Probe Testing: a Response, and Explanation, January, page 2
Rev. Thomas E. Lejsek, Help for Youth (Civil Air Patrol), January, page 3
Phil Surridge, More on Compensation, January, page 3
Albert Stirling, Question on Spins, January, page 3
Vernon Meyer, Don't Forget the Little Guys! (Hinckley Soaring), January, page 4
Mark L. Langenfeld, Hang Gilding Excellence (Great Flights During Drought), January, page 4
Dave Woods, Wave Camp #5 California City, California, January, page 4
Harold A. Katinszky, More on Back Support (Pillow), February, page 2
Steve Hudson, Growth (of Fault Line Flyers) Discussed, February, page 2
Lew Neyland, Credit Where Credit is Due (Old Goat Winner is Pat DeNaples), February, page 2
Wayne Krebs, Jim's the Boss (of Calistoga Soaring), February, page 2
C. Kenneth Kolstad, Thanks from Kolstad Youth Scholarship Fund to the Friends of Walter Bogie of Leesburg, VA and Ronald Day of Wakefield, MA, February, page 3
Oran Nicks, Gliders and Airspace, February, page 3
Robert Keyes, Sad Response (by SSA Directors to an Unspecified Issue), February, page 4
Jack Fletcher, Thanks, Robert (Welliever for Your Article), February, page 4
Walter Weir, Eye Danger (of Fiberglass Catalyst) Outlined, February, page 4
Les Sebald, Thoughts on Transponders, March, page 2
David Andrews, Safety Device(s in Cockpit), March, page 3
Carl Osojnak, A Graph for (an Engine for the Woodstock,) "Bucky", March, page 4
Joseph D. Cain, Glider Basics to First Flight to Solo, 4th edition, by Tom Knauff, March, page 4
C. Biemond, Strobe Discussed, March, page 5
Alcide Santilli, Stall/Spin Illustration, March, page 5
James Dean, Examine Single (World) Class Concept, March, page 6
Edre Maier, Call for Member Involvement (Guided by Directors), March, page 6
Dietrich Loeper, Reader Upset (No Hidden Jokes, Need Credentials of Authors), March, page 6
(Special Use Airspace Review by FAA), March, page 7
Jack Greene, That Simple Little Tube - Some Comments from "Turbulent" Jack, April, page 2
Gary Sauer, Offers New Service (for Back Issues of Soaring), April, page 2
Chip Garner, A Word on Motorgliders, April, page 3
Kareem Fahmi, Avoidance Discussed, April, page 3
R.W. Carter, Safety Corner Comments, April, page 4
Bekir Arpag, Attracting Youth to Soaring (with Models), April, page 4
Dick Sager, A Word of Caution (Spins and the 2-33), April, page 5
Robert M. Park, Questions (Meddling) Inspections, April, page 5
Jon P. Salisbury, Disillusioned (with Risks of Competition), April, page 5
Jack Fletcher, Use of SAE Class H11 Bolts, April, page 6
Stuart Faber, Spins Discussed (Including Over-the-Top Spins), April, page 6
Phil Cammack, Needs Help!(Wants Glider Frequencies on Charts), April, page 6
William Stockton, Sexism in Soaring?, May, page 2
Ray Conlon, Likes (Scholarship) Idea, May, page 2
Bruce Helvie, Likes Safety (of Cockpit Mirrors and a Strobe Light), May, page 2
Les Sebald, Congratulations (for 747 glide)!, May, page 3
Doug Jacobs, Call for Gliders (to Borrow by French Team), May, page 3
Charles Person, Wants More Information (in the Form of Soaring Developments), May, page 3
Edward Warmoth, Issues Raised, with ed note, May, page 3
Theodore Griggs, III, Questions Raised (as to Taste), May, page 3
Bert Schmutzhart, Map (of Austria) Criticized, May, page 3
Mike McIntyre, RC. Inquiry (for Sailplane Details), May, page 4
Roland Sprague, A Girl Named Heidi, May, page 4
Howard Trampenau, Dad Comments (on Langenfeld's Letter and the Sensor 510C), May, page 4
Jack Fletcher, Transition Check Needed (per FAA AC 61-94), May, page 4
Lauren Zuckerman, Comments on (Nicks letter on IMC) Flight, May, page 4
John H. Campbell, Scholarship Update, May, page 5
Australian Gliding, Aussies Up Price, June, page 2
Michael Greenwald, More on Mid-Airs, June, page 2
J.C. Kellett, Questions Means to End (to Get Publicity), June, page 2
Ken Kochanski, Scenes from a (Petersburg, WV 1989) Wave Camp, June, page 3
Byron Blakeslee, Youth and R/C Models, June, page 3
Doug Jacobs, Error Corrected, June, page 3
Peter A. Williams, Contest Flight Safety Emphasis Needed, June, page 3
Steve Fahrner, Contest Rules Comments, June, page 4
Bill McClure, Thanks! Soaring Magazine, June, page 6
Richard H. Johnson, (Orange) Paint Identified, June, page 6
S. Carpenter, Trying to Comply, June, page 7
S. duPont, Warning Device Discussed, June, page 7
J.J. Neils, Homebuilder Wants Help!, June, page 7
W.R. Tucker, Anyone Remember?, June, page 7
Al Dresner, Chute Alert, July, page 2
Diane McCormack, Woman Pilot Feels Slighted, July, page 2
Scott A. Jenkins, Nittering Neigh-Bobs, July, page 2
Jack Fletcher, Call For Alertness, July, page 3
Vic Saudek, Ask Authors for More Background, July, page 3
Jason Gregg, More on Wing Loading, July, page 3
Tina Embich, Critical of Mailing Wrapper, July, page 3
Wally Raisanen, View on Wing Loading, July, page 4
Ray Speicher, More on Mid-Airs, July, page 4
Robin Edwards, Going Out of Your Way (for Speed Made Good), July, page 5
Terry McElligott, More on Club Libelle, July, page 6
Ray Speicher, Shares 1-20 Photo, July, page 6
Bob Michener, Update on Marske Pioneer (N4SS), August, page 2
Robert J. Welliever, New Computer Network, August, page 2
Jim Jenista, Safety and Motorgliders (Reply to Garner), August, page 2
Chris Wills, More on History of the Weihe, August, page 3
Jerome K. Layton, Training Youth to Soar (with Auto Tow), August, page 4
Terry Cubley, Aussie Seeks Sailplane, August, page 4
Bruce Helvie, Mirrors Pictured, August, page 5
Peter L. Krasnoff, Disagrees on Criticism, August, page 5
Trish Turbin, Writer Questions (Finnistere) Article, August, page 5
Robert H. Bruce, Reply to "Trying to Comply", August, page 5
Rick Valley, Rigger Response, September, page 2
John Stevenson, Grob Owner Gripes (about Wing Spar Pin AD), September, page 2
Gary Sauer, Update on Project (of Soaring Back Issues), September, page 3
Tony Beck, Wing Loading Proposal Discussed, September, page 3
Val Brain, Contest Rules Criticized, September, page 4
Jo Shaw, (Finnistere) Story Appreciated, September, page 4
Tom Hardy, Call for Blanik (Aileron Ball Bearings) Check, September, page 4
Christiane K. Howard, A Soaring Line, September, page 5
Byron L. Webber, Thought for (a) New Product, September, page 5
James H. Burgess, Another Check List, September, page 5
Jack Fletcher, Safety Phrase, September, page 5
O.A. Benson, Another View Shared, September, page 5
Bill Scull, Thoughts on Scanning, September, page 6
Dereesa Purtell, Wait and See? (on Olympics), September, page 6
Brian Shoemaker, Cameras, Cameras, Cameras, October, page 2
John Gleeson, Help for Hawaii (CAP), October, page 2
Bert Bowe, Question on Accident Reporting, October, page 3
Wayne Garner, Jr., Concept 70 Correspondence, October, page 3
S. duPont, Mid-Air Thoughts, October, page 3
Gene Hammond, SSF Response (to Bowe about Publishing NTSB Glider Reports), (ednote),, October, page 3
Bryan Swansburg, Wants to Hear on (Towplane) Tow Hooks, October, page 3
Harry Lusk, Writer Shares Poem (High Flight by Magee), October, page 4
David Cole, Pros and Cons of 9 lb Wing Loading, October, page 4
Robert J. Mudd, Satisfied with Grob, November, page 2
Walter E. Martin, White Hats Revisited, November, page 2
Kenneth M. MacDowell, Questions FAA Motives, November, page 2
J.C. Treager, More on Limbach (Powered Motorgliders), November, page 2
Val Brain, More on Signals, November, page 3
John Joss, Comments on Log Book, November, page 4
Steve Coan, Likes "Bluebird", November, page 4
Charles M. Jamieson, (Open Dive Brake) Safety Issue Discussed (and Wrapper), November, page 4
Charles M. Jamieson, Clarifies Misstatement (for Experimentals), November, page 4
Don Taylor, (Indy '90) Convention Progress, November, page 4
T. Guy Spencer, Jr., Camera (and Film) Comments, November, page 5
Peter Masak, Wing Loading and Competitiveness, November, page 6
Robert H. Bruce, Push for Action (on Signals and Publications), November, page 7
Paul S. Burgette, Safety Questions (CCCLRU Checklist for Towpilot), November, page 7
Jim Gronachan, Wash It (Your Canopy) First, December, page 2
Jan Driessen, Super Soaring Sunday Extended, December, page 2
Dave Noyes, Likes Hungarian Plane, December, page 2
Karl H. Striedieck, Contest Comments (Film and POST), December, page 2
Steven D. Linn, Update on Communications, December, page 3
John C. Gibson, Stability Discussed, December, page 3
B.D. Myers, Needs WWII Glider Information, December, page 3
Mark Huffstutler, Ode to the Open Class, December, page 3
Tom Knauff, Team Selection Process Questioned, December, page 4

New Products
Peter Masak, Sailplane (Inflight) Bug Wiper System, February, page 40
Precision Wheel Weighers for Aircraft, March, page 28
Azure Technology Introduces "Fly and Try" Program for Portable Loran-C, April, page 23
Ultrasuede HP (Fabric for Interiors), May, page 41
Battery Life Extending Solar Charging System, June, page 29
Rome Energy Introduces the Latest Solar Electric Power Modules, July, page 44
New (6 Drum) Winch System Announced, September, page 45

SSA in Action
In Memoriam: David H. Scott, January, page 6
New News of College Soaring (CSA is Now Tax Exempt), January, page 6
Bernald S. Smith, IGC (CIVV) (Special Meeting in October 1988), January, page 6
Jack Wyman, 1988 Region Six Contest (Ionia, MI), January, page 8
NSM Trustees, NSM Expansion Progress Report (in Photos), January, page 9
George Moffat, The Robert Robertson Memorial Team Fund, January, page 10
Contest News for Competitors Under Age 25 (Entering European Junior Championships in Camrai, France), January, page 10
Northern California Site Reports Business as Usual, January, page 10
Bernald S. Smith, OSTIV (XXII) Congress Reminder, January, page 10
B.S. Smith, B.M. Ryan, and C.D. Herold, Possible New Soaring Badge (Cumulative Distance), January, page 11
Good News for Centrair Owners, February, page 6
New Youth Scholarship (from Soaring Pilot Magazine), February, page 6
In Memoriam: Tom Smith, February, page 6
New Soaring Club (Post Mills) Formed in Vermont, February, page 6
Rick Lafford, (1988) Region 3 Championships (Danville, NY), February, page 7
Eric Mozer, Contest Board Calls for New Camera, February, page 7
Pete Williams, SLSPA Update, February, page 8
Call to Sailplane Dealers (Company Information Needed), February, page 8
In Memoriam: Mervin L. Hicks, February, page 8
In Memoriam: Lynda G. Beran, February, page 8
Introduction to Soaring (14 minute) Video Tape Now Available, February, page 9
Dale Fletcher, Information Requested on Local Awards, February, page 9
Virginia M. Schweizer Trophy Announced, February, page 9
Sweden to Bid for 1993 World Gliding Championships, February, page 9
It's That Time Again (for Calendar Photos), February, page 9
Tom Heinsheimer, Sailplane LAK-12, February, page 10
Roger Brewer, Soaring Expo '89 (in Seattle), February, page 10
US Soaring Team Prepares for World Championships, February, page 10
1988 Region Four South (New Castle, VA), March, page 9
Kolstad Scholarship Winner (for 1988) Announced (Sean Franke), March, page 10
John Murray, Schleicher Achieves Further Breakthrough (with Motor Installation for the ASW-24), March, page 10
HB-23 Hobbyliner Address, March, page 10
Send Us Your Best (Calendar Photos), March, page 11
1-26 Association on the Move (with New 1989 Executive Board), April, page 8
IGC Bulletin (Bill Ivans elected President of Honour), April, page 8
Marshall Claybourn (1988) Memorial Award (to Ed Thornton), April, page 8
SSA Member Named (Story Musgrave for STS -33), April, page 8
DG-600 Now Type Certificated by LBA, April, page 8
Blue Wren Update, April, page 9
Frank Reid, Auto Tow Week at Bermuda High Soaring, May, page 6
Can You Identify?, May, page 6
Gren Seibels, In Memoriam: George Squillario, May, page 7
SSA Announces New In-House Computer, May, page 7
Butler Procedure Approved (to Inspect and Treat Canopies), May, page 8
Self-Sustaining Motorglider (Badge) Rules Revised, May, page 8
D. Fronius, Second Annual Western Vintage Sailplane Regatta, May, page 8
Entry Method (for Combined 1989 Open and Motorglider Nationals and Region 10 Meet) Defined, May, page 8
John Campbell, National Intercollegiate Champion (Ohio State University Soaring Association), May, page 9
Steve Coan, Stemme S-10 (Motorglider Introduced), May, page 9
Promotion Copies of Soaring (Available), May, page 10
John Campbell, Sports Class Matures, May, page 10
50th Anniversary Schweizer Soaring Regatta (at Harris Hill), May, page 10
John H. Campbell, Promotion Idea (Check Logo), May, page 11
B.S. Smith, SSA Hull & Liability Insurance Plan Improvements, June, page 8
W. Eierman, Update on Security, June, page 8
Camp Plans Announced, June, page 8
Can You Identify?, June, page 8
M Reinhardt, Ostiv Announcement, June, page 9
D. Taylor, Indy '90, June, page 9
Gail Davis, Glider Aerobatics Needs Attained, June, page 10
W.G. van Breukelen, In Memoriam: Tom Stoops, June, page 10
Frank Reid, (1989) Region V North (Chester, SC) Soaring Contest - The Season Begins, July, page 7
Pete Williams, Flight Safety and the Motorglider, July, page 9
Post Mills Soaring Club Off and Running, July, page 10
("Soaring -in Harmony with the Wind") Video Garners Award, July, page 10
Bob Grey, In Memoriam: Ed Barnes, July, page 10
Gail Davis, Aerobatic Team Needs Help (Going to Worlds in Germany), July, page 10
Running on Empty Wins Gold Medal, July, page 11
Corwin Sharp, In Memoriam: Herbert Salisbury, August, page 6
John Campbell, In Memoriam: Richard Bultman, August, page 6
Terry Cubley, Australian's Welcome Foreign Pilots, August, page 6
Bernald S. Smith, More Insurance Rate Reductions, August, page 6
Anthony Wiederkehr, Intercollegiate Soaring Contest (at Caesar Creek), August, page 7
New Florida SSA Governor, August, page 7
Can You Identify?, August, page 8
Ezequiel Szafir, New Wings Made in Argentina, August, page 9
Maiden Flight of the DG-500 Elan Trainer, August, page 10
Schweizer Wins 1988 Lincoln Award, September, page 8
Phyliss Wells, Club Gains 86 New Members, September, page 8
Mark A. Palie, In Memoriam: Paul Jefferson Begley, September, page 9
Can You Identify?, September, page 9
Bob Grey, (1989) Region 5 South (Cordele, GA) Soaring Championships, September, page 9
Barry Goodfellow, In Memoriam: Douglas A. Pawley, September, page 10
Larry Kreuger, National Parachute Testing Required, September, page 10
Tom Dixon, In Memoriam: Louis S. Stur, September, page 10
1990 SSA Calendar Soon to be Available, September, page 11
Michael Haynes, In Memoriam: A.B. Crank, October, page 7
Harold Banks, (1989) Region Four North (Fairfield) Contest, October, page 7
New Association Formed (Franconia Soaring), October, page 7
Chris Garbacz, 1989 Region One Contest (Sugarbush, VT), October, page 8
1989 Region Eight Competition (Ephrata, WA), October, page 10
Can You Identify?, October, page 12
Alan Greer, Thanksgiving in Florida, November, page 9
Steven D. Linn, Soaring and Radio Communications, November, page 9
New Officers for 1990, November, page 10
Call for Subscribers for Technical Soaring, November, page 10
(1989) Region 10 West Championships (Littlefield, TX), November, page 10
Patricia Cook, In Memoriam: Frank Newberry, November, page 11
R. William Reisert, In Memoriam: Stephen G. Orbin, November, page 11
Ameriglide, Help! We Need Your Assistance, November, page 12
K. Bodeker, Looking for Slides, November, page 12
Unusual Glider Crash (in Poland), November, page 12
Candidates for Regional Elections, November, page 13
Finishing Touches (Sign for SSA Offices from Ralph and Dot Koerner), November, page 14
Can You Identify?, November, page 14
Bernald S. Smith, IGC Report (from Frankfurt), December, page 7
Larry Krueger, Changes at National Parachute, December, page 7
In Memoriam: Rex Yates, December, page 7
No Contest Rule Changes Proposed, December, page 7
Joel Flamenbaum, (1989) Region III Soaring Championships (Harris Hill, NY), December, page 9
New (Composite Airframe) Service Announced, December, page 9
David Selbeihleit, The 1989 Ridge Soaring Wave Camp, December, page 9

Safety Corner
George Thelen, Another High Speed Pass, by Rolf Schultze, January, page 49
George Thelen, Borderline Hysterical, February, page 49
George Thelen, Downburst, by Bruce Patton, March, page 49
George Thelen, Safety Corner: Interview with Charlie (Westerinen After Aerotow Failure), April, page 50
George Thelen, Standard American Soaring Signals, May, page 50
Ed Crawley and R. John Hansman, Improve the Crashworthiness of Your Sailplane, June, page 19
George Thelen, (Admonitions to) Infrequent Flyers, June, page 51
George Thelen, Aero Retrieves, July, page 49
George Thelen, I'm Getting Signals, August, page 46
George Thelen, Tempus Fugit (Time Flies), September, page 48
George Thelen, Don't Get Upset, October, page 49
George Thelen, Leave Your EGO at Home, November, page 48

Norma Ravnsborg, Have Glider Rating, Will Travel - Travelog (of Southern California), January, page 43
Norma Ravnsborg, Have Glider Rating, Will Travel - Travelog (of Winter Vacation Destinations), February, page 46
Norma Ravnsborg, Have Glider Rating, Will Travel - Travelog (of the Is: ID, IL, IN, and IA), March, page 47
Norma Ravnsborg, Have Glider Rating, Will Travel - Travelog (of KS, LA, MD and MA), April, page 48
Norma Ravnsborg, Have Glider Rating, Will Travel - Travelog (of MI, MN, NH, and NC ), June, page 44
Norma Ravnsborg, Have Glider Rating, Will Travel, July, page 45
N. Ravnsborg, Travelog: Have Glider Rating, Will Travel, August, page 49
Norma Ravnsborg, Have Glider Rating, Will Travel - Travelog (of SC, TN, and TX, September, page 46
Norma Ravnsborg, Have Glider Rating, Will Travel - Travelog (of VA, WA, St Louis, Albuqerque, and Orange County, October, page 34

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