Soaring Magazine Index for 1988 organized by section

Soaring Magazine Index for 1988 organized by section

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Covers, Feature Articles, Letters, SSA in Action, Safety Corner

Yvonne Sanderson, Grob 109-B over the Statue of Liberty, January
Vince Miller, Sailplane Over Wester Cascades in Washington, February
Fred Foucher, Point of View, April
Gary Barnett, Sailplane in Field of Flowers, May
Jack Olson, Watercolor, St. Ignatius, June
Chris Woods, Gabriel Chenevoy of France in Flight, July
Craig West, In Flight Over San Francisco Bay, August
Richard Thornton, Schweizer 2-33 Prepared For Takoff at Skylark North, September
Chuck Lohre, 1-26 in Sunset, October
Bill Patterson, Discus Over Colorado Autumn Colors, November
Nancy Blank, Lark Over El Paso, December

Feature Articles
Steve Maier, Dreams Do Come True, January, page 14
Bill Hill, Soaring the West Slope, January, page 16
R. Overlock Howe, England and its Gliderports, January, page 23
Gren Seibels, Red Wright Remembers, January, page 26
Norbert Paas, Mine Gold on the Ground & Diamonds in the Sky, January, page 32
Derek Johnson, One Man's View From the Back Seat, January, page 40
Patricia Valdata, The Ups and Downs of a World Record, February, page 14
Gren Seibels, Red Wright Remembers, Part II, February, page 17
Bill St. Clair, A Leech's Story, February, page 22
Richard H. Payson, A Letter to my Brother Hal, February, page 33
Derek Johnson, Turns Discussed, February, page 34
Edward R. Thornton, Diamond Goal on Saturday and Trying To Catch Walker, Shaw and Baldwin on Wednesday, February, page 36
Dugald Steward, Manipulating the Learning Curve, February, page 40
Robert J. Welliever, The Dowager Queen, March, page 12
Trish Durbin, Soaring for Diamonds, Crewing for Peanuts, March, page 15
Larry Sanderson and Judy Lincoln, Airspace; Glider Access Denied, March, page 17
David A. Woods, High Sierra Outlanding, March, page 21
Lori McCarron, Silver Saga, March, page 23
Robert W. Weien, Soaring Safety, An Alternative View, March, page 33
Gren Seibels, Red Wright Remembers, Part III, March, page 39
Michael L. Shakman, Learning Mountain Flying in the French Alps, March, page 45
Bob Whelan, Great Moments in History, April, page 10
Andy Holoubek, The Back Seat Perspective, April, page 15
Bob O'Dell, World Sailplane Aerobatic Championships, April, page 19
Terry Frazier, The Winston Challenge; Soar America, April, page 29
Pat Costello, Insurance, Will It Be There When Needed?, April, page 32
Ray Burns and Gordon Boettger, A National Commitment to Soaring, April, page 36
Peter F. Selinger, Standard Twins, April, page 40
Eric Striedieck, The Calistoga Soaring Center; 20 Years of Soaring Excellence, April, page 43
George Thelen, The Ground Effect Trap, April, page 49
Dave Puckrin, World Aerobatic Competition '88, May, page 10
Terry Frazier, Convention '88, May, page 13
Pat Costello, FBO Free-Lance Flight Instructors Insurance, May, page 19
Harry Miltner, David C, May, page 21
Judy Lincoln, Technical Foul, May, page 24
Gary Kemp, Fatigue and Decision Making, May, page 28
Dan Gudgel, Emergency Situation; Double Release Failure, Landing-On-Tow, May, page 29
Mark Kennedy, "Grounded"; The SSA Responds to a Call for Action, May, page 31
Richard H. Johnson, A Flight Test Evaluation of the AS-H 25, May, page 34
Billy Hill, A Racing Summer, May, page 43
Glen D. Stone, Duffy and his LS-4, June, page 13
Trish Durbin, New Contest Site in Sight, June, page 17
Charles Conway, Soaring Expo '88, Museum of Flight, June, page 21
Jim Payne, Wiener Neustadt; a Scouting Report, June, page 24
Norma Ravnsborg, Encourage Youth to Soar, If Your Dare, June, page 27
SSA Staff, View From the Hill; How Congress Looks at NPRM 88-2, June, page 33
Bill McElwee, Holy Mountain, June, page 40
Harry V. Senn, Do Thermals Rotate?, June, page 42
Larry Sanderson, The 3rd Hitachi Masters of Soaring; a Story of People, July, page 7
Judy Lincoln, That's What Friends Are For, July, page 12
Vince Hinds, NSF Scout Jamboree, July, page 14
John A. Armor, Grey Line Harmony, July, page 16
Bob Walker, Do-It-Yourself Glide Calculations, July, page 20
Bill McClure, I Broke the $100-a-Day Soaring Habit, July, page 23
Bob Riddle, If There's a Will, There's a Way, July, page 33
Alan Meyer, Ready To Fly, July, page 36
Patricia Valdata, Women Soaring Pilots Association, July, page 38
Hans Tormolen, What Are Thermals? The Hans Tormolen Theory, July, page 40
Andy Holoubek, Sunday Prelude, July, page 42
Robert Welliever, Thanks, Nellie, July, page 44
Judy Lincoln, Notice 88-2; The Final Rule According To Boz, August, page 10
Walter Snell, As I Remember, August, page 15
Jan Driessen, Why Soar Montague, August, page 19
Carl Osojnak, Bucky, August, page 23
Terry Hurley, The Old Man and the Sky, August, page 25
Juan Maldelbaum, Inshallah at Djebal Rassas, August, page 28
Fred C. Blair, A Dream Come True, August, page 31
Jack Greene, A Simple Little Tube with a Hole at One End, August, page 33
Joseph Jagr, The Last Black Forest Adventure, September, page 13
Robert Grey, 15-Meter Nationals, September, page 17
Terry Frazier, The Eagle Has Landed; Confessions of a PR Pilot, September, page 20
Mark Kennedy, 4th Sports Class Nationals, September, page 24
Dr. D.A. Pubus, Discus Flight Analysis, September, page 31
Don Barnard, I Remember When, September, page 36
David Woods, Lap Races, Tehachapi, September, page 39
Craig Shaber, Ode To a Dream, September, page 41
R.D. Whipple, Silent Wings, September, page 44
Clem Bowman, Anatomy of a Crash, October, page 13
Terry Frazier, The Eagle Has Landed; Confessions of a PR Pilot, Part II, October, page 15
Val Brain, Visibility Blackout, October, page 22
Gordon Glover, Fat City and Other Fantasies, October, page 25
Robin Mayr, Keep the Dream Alive, October, page 28
Howard Burr, The New Zealand Glider Homestay Experience, October, page 32
Charles Coyne, First Annual West Coast Vintage Sailplane Regatta, October, page 36
William Gallagher, NSM Breaks Ground for New 12,000 Square Foot Expansion, October, page 39
Bob Hohanshelt, The Odd Couple, October, page 43
Pete Williams, The Buzzin' Dozen; The First US National Auxiliary-Powered Soaring Championships, November, page 14
F.P. Bundy, Flight No. 7000, November, page 20
George McManus, 1-26 Nationals, The Contestant's Tale, November, page 23
John Latson, 1-26 Nationals, The Towpilot's Tale, November, page 24
Paul Sampson, 1-26 Nationals, the Retriever's Tale, November, page 25
Ron Almquist, 1-26 Nationals, Another Contestant's Tale, November, page 25
Charlie Spratt, 1-26 Nationals, the Start Gate Officials Tale, November, page 25
Peter Reidel, Perestroika and a Soaring Dream, November, page 33
Bill Sproull, Perspective, November, page 38
SSA Staff, Proposal for a New Single-Type Glider Class, November, page 46
Charles Franklin, The Uncle Wally Stories, November, page 47
Donald Santee, SHA Western Convention and Workshops, December, page 11
Gary Kemp, The MAD Pilot, December, page 15
Phil Petmecky, Houston Soaring Association's Summer Vacation, December, page 22
Bob Walker, Do-It-Yourself Glide Calculations, December, page 25
Terry Michaud, A New Crew's Perspective, December, page 33
Rick Leffingwell, It's All Relative, December, page 34
Kareem Fahmi, A Little 1-26 Named Snoopy, December, page 39
Robert Welliever, The Kid, December, page 45

John C. Johnson, It's Over, January, page 2
Phil Petmecky, More on Basic Communication, January, page 3
Bill Bartell, Apologies! Apologies!, January, page 3
Ann Neilsen, Back to Basics, January, page 3
Larry and Jane Barrett, Taking Responsibility, January, page 3
John Gibson, Basic Stability, January, page 4
Jerome Layton, Simplification Please!, January, page 5
Jay Moreland, Any Advice Out There?, January, page 5
Charlie Stanton, Getting Caught on Top, February, page 2
Gordon Casamajor, Amen! Tom Cooper, February, page 2
John Good, Unjustly Accused!, February, page 3
Len Yerger, You're Never Too Old!, February, page 3
William Malpas, An Open Letter to Paul Schweizer, March, page 2
Paul Schweizer, An Informative Response, March, page 2
Catherine Hehir, Requesting Help for an Existing University Club, March, page 3
Robert Morse, Looking for an Honest Man, March, page 3
Norman S. Benedict, New Study Being Formed, March, page 3
Bob Harris, More Encouragement, March, page 4
Barty Bivens, Attention Libelle Pilots, March, page 4
Steve Sampson, Request for Higher Safety Standards, April, page 2
Lou Rehr, History Repeats Itself, April, page 2
Don Davis, The Future of Soaring is Now, April, page 2
Jimmy Kramer, Old #43 Still Going Strong, April, page 3
Deborah Blackmon, Attention Owners of Pioneer Chutes, April, page 3
Rosalie Pryor and James Dean, Geared Up and Ready To Go in '88, April, page 4
Anne Neilsen, A Concerned Instructor, April, page 4
Jon Stark, Play By the Rules, April, page 4
Donald Edam, Up There (Poem), April, page 4
Phil Petmecky, Rudder Wag a Standard Signal?, April, page 5
Walter Setz, SSA and the Olympics, April, page 5
Gene Hammond, Utilizing Common Sense, April, page 6
Phil Petmecky, An Enclosure Disclosure, April, page 6
Larry Manofsky, Regulations Reviews, April, page 6
Mark and Alice Palmer, Regulations Are For Everyone, May, page 2
Bruce Jackson, Hoping for Restoration of Vital Program, May, page 2
Fred Fourcher, A Clearer Message, May, page 2
Jack Ferguson, Interesting Explanation, May, page 3
Michael Pohlig, Congratulations, Bob Harris!, May, page 3
Bob Park, Thanks, Paul Bikle, May, page 3
Bill Prescott, One of Your Guys, May, page 3
Danny Inskeep, You're Never Too Young, May, page 4
David Howard, Hats Off To Good Instructors, May, page 4
Mike Koerner, Case Closed!, May, page 4
Dan Pierson, Attention Diamant Owners, May, page 5
Jim Payne, Correction, Please!, May, page 54
George Davies, CSA Expresses an Opinion, June, page 2
T. Darryl Hickey, The Controversy Continues, June, page 3
Arleen Coleson, Determination Procedures, June, page 3
Bob Harris, World Record Rebuttal, June, page 3
Dick Ohlheiser, Adhere to the Rules, June, page 3
Tony Burton, Laughable Precision, June, page 3
Robert Greenblatt, Safety Should Be Promoted, June, page 3
Bob Michener, Soaring Safaris in Colorado?, June, page 4
Hal Lattimore, Fifteen Meter Contest Fire, June, page 4
Jack Fletcher, Simple Language, Please, June, page 4
Paul Lindgren, Cockpit Safety?, June, page 4
Phil Ramsden, Pre-Flight Education, June, page 4
Peter Mazur, Some Variety Requested, June, page 5
Fletcher Platt, Emphasize Safety, June, page 5
Norman Benedict, Future Aerial Towing, June, page 6
F.A. Chardon, Franklin PS-2 Information, June, page 6
J.C. Treager, Limbach Engine Alert, June, page 6
Jerry Finch and Stan Stoy, Interested in "World" Class?, June, page 6
J.S. Fennig, An Opposing View, June, page 7
James Dean, Appropriate Training, June, page 7
Richard Sager, More Details, Please, June, page 7
Glenn Schemmer, Training Camp Sparks Enthusiasm, July, page 2
Les Sebald, New Rope Vendor, July, page 2
Warren Dion, Precious Energy, July, page 2
Bob Gaines and Bob Grey, Atlanta '88, July, page 2
Phil Petmecky, Attention Blanik Owners, July, page 3
Warren Dion, Our Apologies, July, page 3
Dan Dreeben, Another Safety Idea, July, page 3
Bob Harris, Window Information, July, page 3
Lew Neyland, Thanks! Bill Hill, July, page 22
Tom Elmore, Confusion Explained, November, page 2
Bernald Smith, Carl Herold, and Bertha Ryan, Thanks For the Help, November, page 2
Bob Janco, Hot Seat Explained, November, page 2
Jack Olson, Northwest Adventure, November, page 3
Joseph Wolfe, An Answer to Management, November, page 3
Alex Strojnik, Si Siamo Pronti!, November, page 4
Fred Daams, A Facelift For An AS-W 12 or An Old Girl, November, page 5
William Schmidt, Want Proceedings Published, November, page 5
William Carmody, New Club Location, December, page 2
John Joss, More on Mode C, December, page 2
John Firth, Thank You, Jack Greene, December, page 2
George McManus, Shakespeare Revisited, December, page 2
Tom Hardy, Any Comments?, December, page 3
Lars Helmersson, Ailerons in a Spin, December, page 3
Phil Petmecky, Making a Better Impression, December, page 3
David Andrews, Safety Conscious, December, page 4
Dean Ginther, Early Impressions, December, page 6
Jack Fletcher, Should FAA Toughen Up Its Act?, December, page 6

SSA in Action
Sailplanes Perform at Reno Air Races, January, page 7
What is OSTIV?, January, page 7
Credit Where Credit is Due, January, page 7
SSA Attends AOPA Convention, January, page 7
Year of the Member Summary, January, page 8
Records Program Expanded, January, page 10
Directors-At-Large for 1988, January, page 11
Kolstadt Scholarship Winner Announced, January, page 11
Meet Our New President, January, page 11
SSA Directors Election Results, January, page 11
Associate Membership, January, page 11
Hilton, Soaring, the Olympics and Honors, January, page 12
The 1987 US. National & Regional Champions, January, page 30
New Ship Flown, February, page 4
Another New Ship Flown, February, page 4
New "World" Class To Be Proposed, February, page 4
Focus on Atlanta '88, February, page 5
Attention Photographers, February, page 5
Directory of Soaring Sites and Organizations, February, page 6
The National Soaring Museum's National Landmark and You, February, page 6
National Soaring Museum Announces Its 1988 Exhibit Focus, February, page 6
Congratulations Lenox Flight School, February, page 7
15th Internationale Segelflug Oltimer-Rallye, February, page 8
Emergency Airworthiness Directive, Grob G-103 and G-103A, February, page 8
Our Apologies, February, page 8
George Thelen, Thank You Soaring Safety Foundation, March, page 6
Marianne at Minden, March, page 6
Correction, March, page 6
Region Four South Soaring Championships, March, page 7
1987 Region 12 Soaring Contest, March, page 9
Team Manager Named for 1989 Internationals, March, page 10
New Book Reviewed, March, page 10
Joachim Kuettner OSTIV Award Announced, March, page 10
In Memoriam; Galen Asher, March, page 10
1-26 Association News, March, page 11
A Helpful Idea!, March, page 11
Pardon, MrMerboth!, March, page 11
Marshall Claybourn Memorial Award, March, page 11
Dutch Pilot Dies; Kees Musters, March, page 11
Correction, March, page 11
In Memoriam; John Carver, April, page 8
US Team Activities, April, page 8
1-26 Champion Status Clarified, April, page 8
Balloons First! Glider Next?, April, page 8
CFIG Clinics, April, page 8
1st US. National Auxiliary Powered Sailplane Championships Scheduled, April, page 9
The 86/87 Hilton Cup, April, page 9
In Memoriam; Larry Lachina, May, page 6
New Discus K, May, page 6
Eskilstuna International Open, May, page 6
German Youth Gliding Invite, May, page 6
Maiden Flight Announced, May, page 7
Technical Soaring, May, page 7
Another NPRM, May, page 8
First Annual Western Vintage Sailplane Regatta, May, page 8
Kolstadt Scholarship for 1987, May, page 8
Records and Badge Camp Planned, May, page 9
Club News, May, page 9
George Thelen, Human Emergency Locator Transmitter Can Save Lives, May, page 42
Oshkosh Air Show, June, page 8
Oskosh Air Show, June, page 8
Self-Launching Sailplane Pilot's Association Formed, June, page 8
Atlanta Soaring Club Goes 'Round the Bend, June, page 8
In Memoriam; Mark Devereaux, June, page 8
New 1-26 Association Regional Records, June, page 8
Soar Hawaii Entertains Special Guests, June, page 9
Attention University Soaring Clubs, June, page 9
Voyager Manuscript Published, June, page 9
Soaring's Contribution to the Wasserkuppe Museum, June, page 9
We Appreciate Your Advice, June, page 10
CIVV Approves "World" Class; Rejects FAI Statutes, June, page 10
ID Info, June, page 10
New Division of SSA; Women Soaring Pilot's Association, June, page 11
Franconia Soaring Altitude Challenge, June, page 12
Soaring on Campus, June, page 12
Pilot's Cushion Absorbs 97% of Shock and Molds to Body, June, page 20
North Region 5 Black Friday, July, page 4
George Thelen, Security Parachute Update, July, page 4
New FAX Capacity, July, page 4
Call For Nominations for SSA Board of Directors, July, page 5
George Thelen, Security 350 Replacement, July, page 6
Subscription Rate Increase, July, page 6
SSA Technical Board Role, World Class Sailplane Concept, July, page 6
10th Annual Women's Soaring Seminar, July, page 6
Of Champions, Speed and Friends, July, page 13
The George Hurst Level Winder, July, page 46
Over 1,000 Visit Opening of NSM's 1988 Exhibit, August, page 5
Self-Launching Sailplane Pilot's Association Update, August, page 6
1987 Lincoln Award Announced by HHSC, August, page 6
In Memoriam; Walter W. Bogie, August, page 7
Breakthrough in Self-Launching Sailplane Technology Announced, August, page 7
The Fortieth Annual Wright Memorial Glider Meet, August, page 8
In Memoriam; Alden G. Wilson, August, page 8
Installation of Laminated Kevlar Bands on Phantom Round Reserves, August, page 8
Alternate Means of Compliance, August, page 8
Equations Corrected, August, page 9
George Thelen, Soaring Safety Foundation; All Spins Are Not Equal, August, page 39
New Products; Wing Sticks, August, page 45
In Memoriam; Virginia Loeb, September, page 7
SLSPA; a Growing Organization, September, page 7
George Thelen, Aussie Air Show and Gliding Symposium, September, page 7
Fly in Ranches, September, page 7
In Memoriam; Melvin Heter, September, page 7
XXI OSTIV Congress, September, page 8
1988 Region Nine Championships, September, page 9
Region 11 Soaring Championships, September, page 10
Wings Like Eagles; The Story of Soaring in the United States, September, page 11
Elder Statesman of Aviation Winners Announced, October, page 8
Help Wanted!, October, page 8
The 1988 Region 1 Contest, October, page 9
In Memoriam; Ray Schor, October, page 9
Apologies to the British, October, page 11
Sweepstakes Drawing, October, page 11
Glider Mail, October, page 11
Perspective; Double Your Vote, October, page 35
Travelog; Have Glider Rating, Will Travel, October, page 41
Charge Your Batteries with Sunshine, October, page 49
Candidates for Regional Director, November, page 6
What is TWITT?, November, page 10
1988 Region Seven Soaring Championships, November, page 10
Sky Soaring Inc, November, page 10
Region 8; The Contest That Tried but Couldn't, November, page 11
In Memoriam; Pete Espenlaub, December, page 7
Symons Wave Memorial, December, page 7
2,000th Aero Tow Celebrated, December, page 7
SHA Member Reports on Test Flight of Australian Blue Wren, December, page 8
Schempp-Hirth Turbo-Family Completed, December, page 8
New Threat to Fiberglass Sailplanes, December, page 9
Team Being Formed for 65,000' Altitude Record Attempt by Motorglider, December, page 9
Travelog, Have Glider Rating, Will Travel, December, page 19

Safety Corner
Derek Johnson, Slips and Skids and Things, January, page 43
Gene Hammond, Preflight Duties, January, page 44
George Thelen, Radio Required, February, page 47
George Thelen, Thank You Soaring Safety Foundation, March, page 6
George Thelen, IFR Interstate Flight Rules, March, page 48
Paul Schweizer, Some Thoughts on Maintenance and Safety, April, page 46
George Thelen, Human Emergency Locator Transmitter Can Save Lives, May, page 42
George Thelen, FAA Identification Information, May, page 48
George Thelen, Letter From Paul Elliott, June, page 47
George Thelen, Security Parachute Update, July, page 4
George Thelen, Security 350 Replacement, July, page 6
W.C. Bryan, Some Thoughts on Landing, July, page 49
George Thelen, Soaring Safety Foundation; All Spins Are Not Equal, August, page 39
George Thelen, Tow Ropes, August, page 44
George Thelen, Aussie Air Show and Gliding Symposium, September, page 7
George Thelen, Limits, September, page 48
George Thelen, Low Time Pilots, Low Price Sailplanes, October, page 45
George Thelen, Is Your Gear Too Near?, November, page 41
Val Brain, Collision Avoidance, December, page 20

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