Soaring Magazine Index for 1977 organized by section

Soaring Magazine Index for 1977 organized by section

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Accent on Clubs, Covers, Herold's Hearsay, Homebuilder's Hall, Letter, Looking Backward, Potomac Pipeline, SSA in Action, SSA in-action, Safety Corner, Sunny side, Teaching soaring, The SSA goes to Washington, The Sunny side

Accent on Clubs
Brian Utley, February, page 42
Minnesota Soaring Club Monorail, February, page 42
New Jersey: Aero Club Albatross, February, page 42
Marian Fleming, February, page 42
Growth and statistics, April, page 50
Marian Fleming, April, page 50
Tucson Soaring Club, April, page 50
Brian Utley, April, page 50
Shelley Hoose, November, page 50
Shelley Hoose, December, page 50

George Uveges, Pik-20, January
Gerald R. Foster, February
Sunny Vegso, 2-32, February
Don Monroe, March
J-4 Javelin, 2-32, April
Jon Kubly, Nugget, May
Dan Pierson, May, page 34
View window, June
Hannes Linke, Kestrel, July
Sandor A. Aldott, July
Lawrence M. Lansburgh, Nugget, Fremont, CA, August
Fremont, California 2-32, August
George Uveges, Mitchell Wing; George Worthington: Bishop, CA, September
George D. Worthington, September, page 48
Laszlo Horvath, 2-33 Estrella Airport, Arizona, October
Sandor A. Aldott, Kestrel, November
Bishop, CA, December

Herold's Hearsay
Carl Herold, February, page 40
Carl Herold, October, page 40

Homebuilder's Hall
The mean aerodynamic cord, January, page 44
Stan Hall, January, page 44
February, page 36
Stan Hall, March, page 38
Low-temperature-cure structural adhesive, March, page 38
Resurrected Dart 17, March, page 38
Stan Hall, May, page 44
More on plastic canopies, May, page 44
C. McNay, A homebuilt philosophy, June, page 30
Walter Stander, Statistics on the empty weight of sailplanes, July, page 41
Stan Hall, August, page 40
P.W. Hanson, Flutter, August, page 40
Gary Sunderland, The MOBA-2C, a design case history, September, page 48
Stan Hall, September, page 48
Balancing act, November, page 45
Stan Hall, November, page 45
John Sinclair, John Sinclair's fiberglass seat, December, page 46

James L. Nash-Webber, MPA developments, January, page 2
Dick Georgeson, In defense of tail skid, January, page 3
K. Striedieck, Tail skids vs tail wheels, January, page 3
C.C. Forrester, In defense of tail skid, January, page 3
George A. Caldwell, Japanese motorgllder, January, page 4
Symbol A new SSA symbol?, January, page 4
Pitot tube icing, January, page 6
Hal Myers, New glider design handbook, January, page 7
P. Morelli, New glider design handbook, January, page 7
Dore J. Montes, Soaring the Andes, February, page 2
Atmospheric Instability Effects of wind gradients, February, page 3
John Luttrell, MacCready's Gossamer Condor, February, page 3
Bernald S. Smith, A threat to soaring: insurance costs answer, February, page 4
A threat to soaring: inflating insurance costs, February, page 4
Richard Maryott, Flutter, IAS and density altitude, February, page 5
Polish record, February, page 6
Soaring in the USSR, February, page 6
James L. Nash-Webber, Hand up for MIT soaring association, February, page 7
Soaring economics, March, page 3
Making kit transceiver is easy, March, page 3
Glider tows with FBO'S?, March, page 4
A home built box-top Netto?, March, page 6
Wind gradients and slope soaring, March, page 6
John H. McMasters, and now, 16m = 15m, March, page 6
Growth and low-cost soaring, April, page 3
J. McMasters, An MPA prediction, April, page 3
James L. Nash-Webber, Flutter, TAS and IAS, April, page 4
Larry Haig, Why the Eaglet lost a prop blade, April, page 4
Dick Maryott, Flutter, IAS and density altitude, April, page 5
Insurance, May, page 3
Is silent flight too noisy?, May, page 3
Twin Blanik motorglider, May, page 4
Mohawk soaring club reopens soaring site, May, page 4
Massachusetts Club reopens soaring site, May, page 4
Medical exams for glider pilots, May, page 5
Better than dirty movies and girlie mags, June, page 2
Variometer time constants, June, page 3
Low-cost soaring? be honest, June, page 3
Geof Steele, Let's return to the original standard class, June, page 4
More on airport noise, July, page 2
James L. Nash-Webber, Flutter speed, continued, July, page 3
Bob Russell, Winching to beat the fuel crunch, July, page 3
The Mitchell Wing kit, August, page 2
The real noise culprit, August, page 3
Compressibility and density effects in flutter, August, page 4
Coping with outlandings, August, page 5
Stephen Du Pont, Instruments - Altimeter In-fllght altimeter setting without radio, September, page 3
Stephen Du Pont, 123.3 - the yakking frequency?, October, page 2
First thermal flight?, November, page 2
News from Australia, November, page 3
Restricted airspace, November, page 3
Women pilots, December, page 3
Frequencies are reserved, December, page 3

Looking Backward
Ted Sharp, February, page 14
Ted Sharp, June, page 10
Ted Sharp, August, page 8
Ted Sharp, October, page 8
Ted Sharp, December, page 10
Ted Sharp, April, page 15

Potomac Pipeline
David Scott, February, page 14
David Scott, March, page 14
David Scott, June, page 45
David Scott, August, page 9
David Scott, December, page 12

SSA in Action
Region three sports classic contest, January, page 7
P.A. Schweizer, Region three sports classic contest:, January, page 7
January, page 7
Region nine contest, January, page 9
Arnold Skopil, Do-it-yourself motor Nimbus, January, page 9
February, page 10
Director election winners, February, page 10
Gustav Scheurer, Region 3 instructor - safety symposium, February, page 11
James Short, Region 3 instructor-safety symposium, February, page 11
Marion Cruce, Homebuilt transceiver, February, page 13
David Scott, February, page 14
Ted Sharp, February, page 14
Gren J. Seibels, "Soaramerica", J. Joss, Ed., February, page 15
Forrest Blossom:New SSA executive director, March, page 8
First women's soaring club?, March, page 9
Ann Welch, Gliding, March, page 10
John Luttrell, New concept in man-powered flight. Condor, March, page 12
Resumes of experience with FAA sought, March, page 14
David Scott, March, page 14
J. Gomez, Roy Schlemeyer, March, page 15
April, page 10
6th annual SSA national soaring convention, April, page 10
Exceptional Service Award Winner: Larry Wood, April, page 14
Exceptional Service Award Winner: Ray Shamblen, April, page 14
Exceptional Service Award Winner: Charles Shaw, April, page 14
Paul Tuntland Memorial Award winner: Oran Nicks, April, page 14
Exceptional Service Award winner: J[G.?]erry Rhine, April, page 14
Warren Eaton Award Presented posthumously to John Williams, April, page 14
Barringer Memorial Trophy, April, page 14
Awards presented at 6th annual SSA national soaring convention, April, page 14
New SSA governors appointed, April, page 15
Robert F. Miles Appointed state governor of Kentucky, April, page 15
Forrest Blossom begins duties of executive director, April, page 15
George R. Allen Appointed state governor of Idaho, April, page 15
Bertha M. Ryan Appointed State Governor of California, April, page 15
Ted Sharp, April, page 15
Thomas K. Sherwood, III Appointed state governor of Massachusetts, April, page 15
Herbert H. Hast, Jr. Appointed state governor of Colorado, April, page 15
R.L. Yelverton Appointed state governor of Mississippi, April, page 15
William B. Cleary, President's report, April, page 16
Don Monroe, acting executive director,Executive director's report, April, page 17
Military airspace curbs urged, April, page 46
Hal Myers, Static stability and control of sailplanes, April, page 46
J. Nash-Webber, Static stability and control of sailplanes: Piero Morelli, April, page 46
Forrest Blossom, National Soaring Week, May, page 5
S. Starr, Nationals entry clarification, May, page 8
Sterling Starr, Nationals entry clarification, May, page 8
SSA instructor program revised, May, page 9
C.T. McKinnie, SSA instructor program revised:, May, page 9
Vermont Northeastern sites to reopen, May, page 10
National Soaring Museum Administration building destroyed by fire, May, page 12
New soaring operation: Milford, New Jersey, May, page 42
June, page 6
Museum suggestions sought, June, page 6
Women contestants chosen for 3rd international feminine gliding competition, June, page 6
William B. Cleary, President's Interim report, June, page 8
Resigns position as director of development, June, page 9
Ted Sharp, June, page 10
Soaring school innovations, June, page 10
Robert H.[N.?] Buck, The CIVV report, June, page 14
P.A. Schweizer, Larry Lawrence, June, page 45
David Scott, June, page 45
W.G. Hill, Dan Grupp, June, page 46
M. Shoen, Dean McMillan, June, page 46
Benner dominates Smirnoff derby, July, page 6
Thomas Smith, Competing at the Hahnweide, July, page 7
Geof Steele, Competing at the Hahnweide, July, pages 7,
Tom Brandes killed in practice flight, July, page 7
Safety bulletin for HP sailplanes, July, page 8
Dynamic soaring flights made, July, page 9
Ada Dankowska breaks record, July, page 9
Region Five North contest, July, page 35
Gren Seibels, Region Five North Contest, Chester, South Carolina, July, page 35
John Joss, "Illusions", Richard Bach, July, page 36
V. Saudek, Harland C. Ross, July, page 37
Forrest Blossom, Executive director reports on trip, August, page 6
August, page 6
USAF "releases" airspace, August, page 7
Memorial fund established, August, page 8
Ted Sharp, August, page 8
R.[B.?] Ferguson, Region eight contest, Ephrata, Washington, August, page 9
David Scott, August, page 9
Franklin K., August, page 9
Region eight contest, Ephrata, Washington, August, page 9
Pemberton Drinker, Region one sports class contest, August, page 38
Don K. Wemple, Sports Class John Williams Memorial sports class meet, Elsinore, California, August, page 39
Don Davis, Soaring poems, September, page 5
National championship results, September, page 5
September, page 5
Out-and-return record official, September, page 5
Christopher Woods, "El Mirage", a new soaring film, September, page 6
Harry V. Senn, Stan Smith Wins final Diamond award:, September, page 6
Altitude record disclaimer, September, page 7
Claims US 15-meter distance record, September, page 7
Bill Ivans Claims US National Unlimited Class record, September, page 7
Moffat wins European championships, September, page 9
20th annual huit jours d'anger coupe d' Europe won by G. Moffat, September, page 9
Operations manager appointed, September, page 9
L.A. Bonotaux, Robert Stanley, September, page 10
J.P. Hutchinson, Winner, 15-meter class, region four contest, Fairfield, PA, September, page 11
J.R. Hutchinson, Region four contest: Fairfield, PA, September, page 11
J. Price, Winner: Region ten sports class contest, Texas:, September, page 42
John Price, Region ten sports class contest, September, page 42
Winner: Region eleven contest sports class, September, page 43
Region eleven contest, September, page 43
Paul Kelias, Winner: standard class, region eleven contest, September, page 43
James Indrebo, Winner: 15-meter class, region eleven contest, September, page 43
Region 12 contest, El Mirage, CA, September, page 44
Winner: standard class, Region 12 contest, EL Mirage, CA, September, page 44
Winner: CA region 12 contest. El Mirage: unlimited class, September, page 44
Mike Adams, Winner: region 12 contest, 15-meter class, El Mirage, CA, September, page 44
Nominations due for regional directors, October, page 6
October, page 6
Bernald S. Smith, SSA group insurance update, October, page 6
A new Schleicher two-seater: AS-K 21, October, page 7
Ted Sharp, October, page 8
Carl Herold, "Sierra Sierra", by John Joss, October, page 11
William B. Cleary, President's report, October, page 12
Forrest Blossom, Reports Executive director reports, October, page 13
November, page 7
I. Kramar, Women's 3rd international gliding competition, Oerlinghausen Flugplatz, West Germany, November, pages 6,8
Irene Kramar, Pelagia Majewska, Women's 3rd international gliding competition, Oerlinghausen Flugplatz, West Germany, November, page 8
New Rocky Mt. wave site, November, page 8
Tommye and Russ Peterman, Region ten contest, Georgetown, Texas, November, page 12
Tommye and Russ Peterman, Bill Snead: Winner, standard class, region ten contest, November, page 12
Robert Grey, South region five contest, Cordele, Georgia, November, page 12
December, page 5
Richard H. Johnson Awarded Paul Tissander Diploma, December, page 7
Ted Sharp, December, page 10
Donald Slotten, "Oral test guide for glider pilots" by Charles T. McKinnie, December, page 11
F. Herbert, Wodi Harro, December, page 12
David Scott, December, page 12
New York Harris Hill: Region three contest, December, page 13
Arthur E. Hurst, Winner: region one championships, December, page 13
Region one contest, December, page 13
Winner: region nine contest 15-meter class, December, page 14
Winner region nine contest standard class, December, page 14
Winner, unlimited class. Region nine contest, December, page 14
Region nine contest, December, page 14
R. Ferguson, Winner, 15-meter class: region eight contest, August, page 9
R. Ferguson, Winner, sports class, region eight contest, August, page 9
T. and R. Peterman, Winner: unlimited class, region ten contest, November, page 12

SSA in-action
J.P. Hutchinson, Winner: standard class, region four contest, Fairfield, PA, September, page 11

Safety Corner
Will Hayes, January, page 47
S. duPont, Judging glider approaches, February, page 39
Will Hayes, February, page 39
Stephen Du Pont, February, page 39
W.O. Bank, Psychological preparation for critical performances, April, page 48
Habitual safety, July, page 46
Fiberglass catalyst eye hazard, September, page 53
Don't forget the rudder, November, page 52
John Joss, Variometer failure, December, page 48

Sunny side
S. Vegso, SSA convention booth, February, page 45

Teaching soaring
Richard Sayer, May, page 31

The SSA goes to Washington
Val Brain, November, page 16

The Sunny side
S. Vegso, February, page 45
Directory of US soaring sites, March, page 44

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