Soaring Magazine Index for 1976 organized by section

Soaring Magazine Index for 1976 organized by section

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1976, Accent on Clubs, Cover, Herold's Hearsay, Homebuilder's Hall, Homebuilder'sHall, Letter, Potomac Pipeline, SSA in Action, SSA to action, Safety Corner, Using The Weather

J.Emott Caldwell, Good finish, 404, January, page 19

Accent on Clubs
Summary of club data, January, page 43
Brian Utley and D. Fletcher, January, page 43
Brian Utley and D. Fletcher, March, page 40
May, page 17
Brian Utley and D. Fletcher, May, page 17
Club safety awareness, May, page 17
Brian Utley and D. Fletcher, August, page 44
The Philadelphia glider council, August, page 44
Brian Utley and D. Fletcher, September, page 49
Soaring sites - a club that bought its owl, September, page 49
Soaring sites - Fairfield, Delaware, September, page 49
Brian Utley and D. Fletcher, November, page 48
Winter activities, November, page 48
New Jersey Soaring Council formed, November, page 48

George Uveges, January
Woodson K. Woods, February
HP-18, March
K-8, April
Don Knypstra, Salto, Bishop, California, May
Dawn Flight, June
2-33, July
George Lee and Ingo Renner, August
Harry Miltner, September
Open Class, October
1-35, October
X24-B, November
2-33's, December

Herold's Hearsay
Sportsman competition and handicapping, July, page 39
Towplane performance, July, page 40
Growth of Society membership, October, page 47
Sportsman Class contest, November, page 46
Tabulation of contest results, December, page 42

Homebuilder's Hall
C.W.A. Oyens, From the Netherlands, January, page 40
Refinishing metal surfaces, February, page 30
Pilatus B-4 wings available, February, page 31
Vector I status report, February, page 32
Sumner Davis and R.W. Whelan, Flutter - a case history, March, page 34
Sailplane weight estimation in design, November, page 32

Stability and control, March, page 4

Ultralight flying wing, January, page 2
How the Minimoa got its name, January, page 2
George Moffat, Something wrong with the system?, January, page 3
The cost of soaring: another look, January, page 4
Safety on the ridge, January, page 5
C.W.A. Oyens, From the Netherlands, January, page 40
C.F. Harms, "Instructors have fun too!" Teaching soaring, January, page 41
Enforcing FAR's; whose ox is gored?, February, page 3
On centering thermals, February, page 3
Permissible launch altitude: figuring it the easy way, February, page 5
B.S. Smith, Insurance answer, February, page 6
Netto vario in circling climb, February, page 6
Insurance, February, page 6
Stephen A. Wallis, Real-time experience: the only teacher, February, page 7
Soaring stamps, February, page 8
The joy of soaring, March, page 2
A seeding alternative, March, page 3
Icarus motorglider follow-up, March, page 3
Flight training in a rigid wing ultralight, March, pages 5,
What's a world championship with no defending champion?, April, page 2
Stan Hall, Puzzling polars, April, page 3
Canadian motorgliding regulations, April, page 5
A forefather of meteorology?, April, page 5
Libelle rudder flutter fix, May, page 3
Flutter with mass balance, May, page 3
J.C. Wright, Farewell to a good friend, May, page 4
For a US soaring stamp; write!, May, page 4
A computer conquest of Mt. McKinley?, May, page 5
Ultralight flying wing, June, page 2
Placement for best wave lift, June, page 3
Jim Marske, News of the Monarch, June, page 3
Wing and trailer resonant "flutter"?, June, page 5
Stephen Du Pont, Flexible Braunschweig tube attachment, July, pages 3,,
Needed: a better club class definition, July, page 3
Flutter; checks and fixes, July, page 5
Bankers are human, July, page 6
Glider loan help, July, page 6
J. McMasters, Seminar sailplanes, August, page 2
Yaw string, August, page 3
John Luttrell, Fiberglass repair problems, August, page 3
Sportsman contests, August, page 4
Robert N.[H.?] Buck, Defining the club class, September, page 3
Larry Haig, Eaglet self-launch update, September, page 4
MPA update, October, page 2
Club class definition, October, page 3
Duster's demise - a flutter case history, October, page 4
Takeoff Advantages of a fixed tail wheel, November, page 3
Wanted: a design handbook, November, page 4
Foot-launch freedom November 1976, November, pages 4,5
Instruments - Transponders Solar cells to power glider transponders?, November, page 5
Solar cells to power glider transponders?, November, page 5
Increasing airspeed on final; wind gradient vs ground turbulence, December, page 3
Gus Briegleb, Pioneer lifting-body glider, December, page 3
Helping young people, success story, December, page 5
Lower cost, the real reason for a club class, December, page 5

Potomac Pipeline
Guidelines: Biennial flight reviews, February, page 13

SSA in Action
F.B. Compton, Airport use by sailplanes:, January, page 6
Actions required for: KA-2B, January, page 7
Robert N.[H.?] Buck, Flying know-how, January, page 8
Club Libelle ATC'd, January, page 8
C. McNay, North region ten contest, January, page 10
Hew Soaring Society directors, February, page 9
New clubs formed in Mississippi, February, page 10
Bequest bidding results, February, page 11
Lincoln award announced, February, page 11
1975 Kolstad award winner, February, page 12
SSAr to head C.I.V.L., February, page 12
Team fund - world championships, March, page 8
Action required for Kestral, March, page 9
Javelin in production, March, page 11
Ernest Schweizer, Receives Exceptional Achievement Award, April, page 6
Edward G. Minghelli, Receives Exceptional Achievement Award, April, page 6
Receives Exceptional Achievement Award, April, page 6
Richare H. Ball Receives Exceptional Achievement award, April, page 6
Douglas Lamont Receives Exceptional Service Award, April, page 6
Joseph C. Lincoln Posthumously awarded Eaton Trophy, April, page 6
5th annual SSA soaring convention, Denver, Colorado, April, page 6
Receives Exceptional Achievement Award, April, page 6
Winner of Lewin B. Barringer Trophy, April, page 6
Receives Exceptional Service Award, April, page 6
Babbs Nutt Receives Exceptional Achievement Award, April, page 6
Eaton trophy awarded posthumously to Joseph C. Lincoln, April, page 6
Barringer trophy awarded to Wallace A. Scott, Sr., April, page 6
High Sierra Soaring, Bishop, California open again, April, page 7
Homebuilding in a factory, April, page 7
Bernald S. Smith, Do something about insurance, April, page 8
A new US 15-meter racer, April, page 9
Dan Halacy, With wings as eagles, April, page 10
P. Halacy Maines, With wings as eagles, April, page 10
Lloyd M. Licher, SSA executive director's report, April, page 15
Claims out and return record, May, page 7
Bernald S. Smith, New insurance benefits, May, page 8
Mosquito debut, May, page 9
James L. Nash-Webber, "Technical Soaring" resumes publication, May, page 10
J. Ryan, H. Drew, and Bernald S. Smith, American Soaring Handbook, Chapter VIII, May, page 12
Stephen Du Pont, Safety monograph: . Smith, B. S, June, page 9
Contest rules additions, June, page 9
Actions required for: SF-26A, M-100, ASW17, June, page 9
Bernald S. Smith, Safety monograph, June, page 9
J. Firth, Beginning gliding, by Derek Piggott, June, page 10
John Ryan elected director, June, page 10
Sunny Vegso, Director of Development, July, page 10
A 1015-mile O&r, July, pages 10,
Wally Scott ,Winner, Smirnoff derby, July, page 11
S. Starr, July, page 14
391 miles in a 1-26, August, page 6
"Soaring meteorology for forecasters" now available, August, page 7
George Lee and Ingo Renner win at Finland, August, page 7
Region one championships, Warren, Vermont, August, page 7
Judith R. Hutchinson, Region four contest, Frederick, Maryland, August, page 8
SSA 1976 Soaring Directory, September, page 7
Flight sessions group, September, page 8
Action required on: Rhonlerche II and Schweizer 2-33, September, page 8
The Lincoln Prize, September, page 9
Tom Page Receives Soaring Hall of Fame Award, September, page 9
New two-place sailplane, September, page 10
Gren Seibels, North American 1-26 Championships, September, page 12
Region eleven contest winner, September, page 13
Region eleven contest, September, page 13
Region eleven contest winner, September, page 13
Region seven contest winner, September, page 15
Region seven contest winner, September, page 15
Region seven contest winner, September, page 15
Region seven contest, September, page 15
SSA executive director resigns, October, page 8
DG-100 ATC'd, October, page 10
Connie Linke, Region twelve contest, California City Airport, CA, October, page 12
Lloyd Hunter, Region three championships, Dansvllle, NY, October, page 13
SSA Convention; 1977, Tucson, Arizona, November, page 7
Tom Elmore, Region five, south, contest, November, page 8
Lawrence Wood, State of the Society, December, page 8
Airworthiness directives Action required: Caproni A-21, December, page 33
Joe Emons, Richard Divelbiss, Winner, region six contest, Ionia, Michigan!, December, page 35
Soarsierra, Joss, J. and J. George, eds., December, page 35
Flying, America's soaring book, G. Seibels, ed., December, page 35
A. Knypstra, 1976 Western region sports class contest. El Mirage, CA, December, page 36
?. Ferguson, Region eight contest, Ephrata, Washington, August, page 9
R.[E.?] Divelbiss, Region six contest, Ionia, Michigan, December, page 35

SSA to action
L. Licher, 15-meter record claim, October, page 10

Safety Corner
NTSB accident report, January, page 44
Wayne Krebs, Entering thermals, January, page 45
Richard Schreder, How to enjoy accident-free soaring:, February, page 34
William O. Bank, That common cold, March, page 36
SSA Safety Committee, March, page 37
Stephen Du Pont, SSA safety committee chairman, March, page 37
In thermaling, low is no!, April, page 44
Duane Russell, Safety seminar report:, May, pages 43,
Stephen Du Pont, A philosophy of safety, June, page 43
Gustav Scheurer, Lessons to be learned, July, page 42
S. DuPont, Landing out in sailplanes, September, page 52
Stephen Du Pont, Landing patterns and right-of-way, November, page 39
Marijuana and soaring, December, page 41

Using The Weather
Charles V. Lindsay, February, page 36
Charles V. Lindsay, March, page 42
Charles V. Lindsay, May, page 45
Charles V. Lindsay, June, page 40
Charles V. Lindsay, November, page 43
John Aldrich, February, page 36
"Aviation Weather" revision available, February, page 37
John Aldrich, March, page 42
John Aldrich, May, page 45
John Aldrich, June, page 40
John Aldrich, November, page 43

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